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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 11, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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tonight, taylor swift holds nothing back as she takes on the man that groped her. >> i was inside the denver courtroom. we'll tell you why today's testimony had taylor rolling her eyes. >> chris pratt where he's stepping out a week after splitting from anna faris. >> moms and their twins. an update on beyonce's babies. plus celine's little gentleman and is mariah's daughter a mini me in the making? ♪ the hardest thing i'll ever have to do ♪ >> then is nick lachey considering a return to reality tv with his wife and kids? >> it's a lot of fun to have three in the house. and, jessica simpson, four outfits, three days and countless style secrets. >> pushup bra.
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>> now for august 11, 2017 this is "entertainment tonight." we are inside the courtroom today with taylor swift as she continues the case with the former radio dj she says groped her. >> this is day five of taylor's trial. sophie has the latest from denver. >> i don't have any comments about this case. >> taylor swift's former body guard greg dent was the first witness to take the stand this morning. he was present at the meet and greet where taylor claims the former dj groped her. he testified, when he went to put his arm around her, his hand went under her skirt. he said he didn't take any immediate action because he generally takes his cues from taylor who did not indicate she was in any major distress. at times the questioning did get to be repetitive.
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taylor did seem to get visually annoyed by this. she did roll her eyes and sighed to herself. the photographer on hand for the 2013 photo op, she was standing 5 feet away from taylor and mueller's attorney asked did you see mr. mueller's hand, the flesh on his hand make contact with the plaintiff's butt? she said yes. everyone is talking about how well taylor did on the stand yesterday. here's the question, how has taylor been getting from the hotel to the courthouse without being photographed? it's believed taylor and her family are traveling in a large van from an underground garage at the hotel to an underground restricted garage at the federal building adjacent to the courthouse. a lot of windows are blacked out and there's a black curtain behind the driver. >> this trial is expected to go
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into next week. let's talk about chris pratt and anna faris. chris is making his first public appearance since the shocking split, and here is what we know now. less then a week after announcing his separation from wife of eight years anna we learn learned chris is confirmed to be at the teen's choice awards this sunday as a nominee. no word yet on his plus one. we hope he brings his son jack with him. the last time he was at the award show was 2004. >> we're all very excited and grateful to be working, so yeah, it's good. >> he's up for two awards, choice movie ship with is alcohol co-star and choice movie oo actor for his role in "star
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wars". >> do you need a -- >> no, i do not. >> also on the guest list this weekend, miley cyrus is hoping to score a trophy for malibu. >> chris will get a little bit of a break from any film promotion. his other films won't begin until the beginning of next year. >> monday is the premiere of bachelor in par advise. we finally will hear what led up to that moment in the pool with corrine and demario. we have seen the new promo for par advise, but now corrine is weighing in. the encounter that caused production to be shutdown was in the a hot tub, in the a pool, and was much later in the day. demario says, quote, i'm glad footage of the day is being show. chris harrison says it will be addressed, and then the show will move on. >> it's a huge melting pot and it's combustible. you don't know what you're going to get.
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♪ almost paradise >> what are the secrets to surviving paradise and possibly finding love in the process. >> i'll just play it by ear. >> first up embrace the love triangles. this season they're plenty. >> the bachelorette is at the center of one. >> and joe joe fletcher's runner up is in the middle of another. >> i love the idea of falling in love. >> i like to have a lot of fun. i can be really immature too. >> bring on the men. >> the runner up and paradise alum seem to have mastered number two. don't get stuck in the past. >> i got engaged last season. it didn't work out. i'm here to try again. >> tip number three go after what and who you want. >> i'm not going to sit back and wait for that time to grab a
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guy. >> jasmine is like a t rex. >> it seems jasmine is stirring up a lot of drama. >> you want to see good tv i'm about to give you good tv. >> never ever pull a chad. >> last season he got drunk, tried to fight his castmates and threatened cost chris harrison when producers sent him packing after less than 24 hours. >> this is my life. >> you know things will get emotional on night two of the premiere. there will also be tiers of jea as we see a couple tie the knot. >> time to get you up to speed on more headlines. first it's celeb kids know and
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tell. mariah took her kids roc and roe out on the town in miami after her concert. looks like miss monroe is a diva in training. mariah tried to control her daughter who was having none of it. you go, monroe. mariah's guy brian tanaka took the kids on the dance floor at the sugar factory. despite the goodies, monroe was just not in the mood having photographers around. mom to be serena williams was there. she spent time with mariah and the kids. the tennis star was wearing a '50s jacket. kelly rowland was at the bash. >> she's going to be an amazing mother. >> at the premier of true and the rainbow kingdom, kelly told us she's been hanging out with beyonce's twins. rumi and sir carter. >> adorable. you couldn't expect anything less. kelly, beyonce, and jay z exercised together earlier this week.
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>> everybody goes hard. it's a whole bunch of us that go and work out. we have a really good time. soul cycle and an incredible mental work out. >> celine dion hit the road with her 6-year-old twins nelson and eddie. there was a celebration outside her paris hotel as the diva checked out after her sold out concert tour. ♪ >> the family now headed on a vacation. the boys were dressed in identity cal preppy t shirts. seems like they dress chic like their mom. we're calling them budding fashionistas. >> up next salma hayek in the kitchen. then bringing up beckham. >> i can't do what most 18-year-olds do. the flafr, model and singing sensation. what live is really like for david and victoria's kids.
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one year after their proposal are jojo and morgan ready to walk down the aisle? >> woodky harrelson hocks up with another oscar winning in "the glass castle." he worked with jennifer lawrence in the "the hunger games" and newberry plays a straight laced daughter in a dysfunctional family. >> come on, baby, take him down! >> woody introduced brie, j-law, and emma to each other. there's a lot of similarities. kind of dazzling people. >> >> now there's a group text message. >> i want to get into that group. >> no, you don't. >> i just have been lucky to get to know th
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as mom and dad pose in the background with jesse tyler ferguson. >> david and victoria getting major parents points there. what's it like being part of this famous family? it's our look at growing up beckham. ♪ i'll tell you what i want >> me and my wife, we are very hands on. our family, our children always come first. simple as that. >> how would you best describe growing up beckham? >> i feel like it has ups and downs. i feel like i get opportunities most people my age don't get. i can't do what most 18-year-olds do. i can't go out and party all the time like i -- i have to work. >> yeah, actually all those beckham boys are working. brooklyn is a photographer who just put out his first book. romeo got paid $58,000 for one day of work. cruz is a bieber in the making. he just put out his first music video.
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♪ >> those boys have a lot of energy. then a little girl comes into the mix and she sweetens the whole house up. >> the proud parents post everything on social media. there is a downside to being so famous. >> the paparazzi always tracking you down. >> it's just a black lens. i get such anxiety from it. >> really. >> i hate it. ♪ >> growing up beckham comes with a few rules. >> for us, we want to kids to be happy, healthy, treat others as you want to be treated yourself, be kind, give back. >> selma hayek just posted this. there's ryan in the background. the two are co-starring in the hitman's bodyguard. selma captions the photo
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when your friends invite you had for dinner and you end up doing all the work. >> nick lachey gushing over his son. >> my daughter holds him a little too tight. >> then jessica simpson's eye popping fashion. her look caught our attention. wait until you hear about the jaw dropping price tag. >> a young and the restless star's loss of his son. how's trying to help other parents. >> i'm still angry. >> i looked at my son's body and people say how could you do that? >> closed captioning provided by --
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right now we have got your friday fashion fix. jessica simpson's style code? if you got it, flaunt it. four looks, three days. jessica's toned legs on display, along with a couple of other things. how does the mom pull it off? >> pushup bra. you think they're big now? you should have seen them some time ago. i have been every size ♪ these boys are made for walking ♪ >> jessica posted her favorite look, this maxi by gucci, saying good lord, i love this dress. ♪ jessica rocked the mini skirt and crop top, but the lesson here is accessories are everything. those sunglasses cost a cool $2600. that clutch shaped like a mouth is about $600. with this look, jessica teased new music is on the way. captioning, the record label,
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11-11 is coming soon. #staytuned. can't way for that. as for the secrets to keeping that body. >> a lot of pushups. got keep these things up. >> do you have any diet secrets? >> running around with my kids. that is a diet in and of itself. ♪ it's all because of you >> 98 degrees is back. they have a new project in the works, but we wanted to know about the newest thing in nick's life, being on daddy duty again. ♪ i do cherish you >> congratulations on the baby. >> thank you. >> how are the two older ones adjusting? >> my daughter dotes on him and and loves on him and hugs him, sometimes a little too tight. >> do you think you would ever do the reality thing with your family? >> no. >> definitely not. >> it's one thing when you're
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young and in this business but when you have a family your sole purpose is to look out for your kids. >> nick has come a long way. he posted the side by side throe back photo that shows his evolution. in fact, all the guys from 98 degrees have gone from boys to men. drew lachey has two kids. justin jeffre ran for mayor of cincinnati. but lost. justin has three kids as well. >> are any of your kids musically inclined? do you see them following in your foot steps. >> unfortunately, yes. >> unfortunately? >> yes. i was hoping for medicine maybe, law. >> my daughter is transitioning into becoming a model all of a sudden, so trying to stand back as an experienced person in the business and watch her do her thing is tough. ♪ it's the hardest thing i ever had to do ♪ >> now, 20 years after their debut, 98 degrees released a new holiday album. it's called "let it snow."
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they're also starting a new tour in november, but they're leaving the families at home. >> having your family on the road is tough. >> it's tough for them, it's tough for us. >> is it a distraction? >> you don't want to say your family is a distraction. you're either short changing your family or short chamging your fans. >> the tour 98 degrees at christmas runs through the december 23rd. >> it's every parent's nightmare. >> that was kristoff st. john getting emotional after talking about his son. julianne was found dead in a rehab facility. now they're talking about the lawsuit just settled over his death and the surveillance that captured his final moments. >> when you see the surveillance and no one checks on your child, knowing why you brought him
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there, does it still infuriate you to this day? >> i'm still angry. i watched it the first time. i will never watch it again. >> when i watch that video and i saw my son talking to me on the phone and he hung up the pay phone and went into his room and they didn't check on him, and just time went by, i couldn't help but think, my son was dying at that moment. >> julianne who battled mental illness and drug abuse was supposed to be on suicide watch in the facility, instead, he was found face down with a plastic bag on his head in his room. >> his parents first spoke to "e.t." in 2015. >> that call was the worst call i ever had in my life. i knew -- i knew that julian had died. >> the couple filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the facility claiming, quote, widespread and pervasive negligence.
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saying the staff failed to check on their son and doctored paperwork to cover it up. all charges the company denies. the family settled out of court and used the funds to set up a foundation in julianne's name. >> it feels like blood money, it does, even though we are fighting the cause with it. i can't go back in time, but certainly the check felt very heavy. i believe that this corporation -- they're going to do business differently now. >> well, we know they've already taken out the plastic bags and a lot of actually mental facilities have taken over that policy due to my son's death. >> our "e.t." cameras met julian when he was just three years old. he was out with his dad at the soap opera digest awards. >> i will fight for the rest of my life until something is done, because there are other kids that are left in these facilities and they have no
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voice and no one to speak out for them. >> kristoff has two daughters, they are also coping with this loss. for father's day, he got tattoos with their initials. coming up, exclusive details on the wedding for the bride to be.
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>> travel consideration provided by -- . >> monday we're with tv's funniest families. monday, we are with tv's funniest family. why the cast of "black-ish" has a new reason to celebrate. >> oh! we're out of time, but we have one more thing for you to check out before we go. >> have a great weekend.
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by by. >> what do you get when you bring several ladies of the bachelor together? lots of wedding talk. >> right after we got engaged we were like, we are going to get married! >> it's been over a year since joe joe got engaged. is she ready to walk down the aisle? >> i was like, maybe we should start thinking about it now. i'm kind of getting the wedding bug a bit, but it's not something we are going rush into. >> meantime it was the thought of wedding planning that contributed to the breakup of lauren bushnell. >> what do you think did ultimately went wrong? >> i don't know if anything went wrong. it came to a point obviously you're engaged so the next step is marriage. when it came to talking about
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why he didn't intervene in what he's calling a violation of her body. >> then inside jen and justin's hairy relationship. why they're stronger than ever after two years of marriage. >> give me three things great about justin. >> only three? >> number three, in the wake of chris pratt and anna faris' split kristen bell sounds off on her secrets to a successful celebrity marriage. >> i love my husband and love my marriage. but it is very hard. >> plus, your "insider" bonus. are you ready to gtl again? it's time to return to the jersey shore. why is the cast reuniting? >> who doesn't want to get together and drink for two weeks? >> i came to get a love bite from carnie. i'm cooking with carnie wilson. does the singer know her way around the kitchen? >> i always say i never got to be 300 pounds from eating apples. >>th


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