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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 16, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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statues come down in the middle of the night. this is new video from baltimore. >> here in philadelphia the statue of former mayor frank rizzo is vandalized as called for its removal grow. we're live for what mayor kenney's office is saying. >> i'm rahel solomon keeping an eye on things this morning. good morning ladies. it's kind of foggy out there. >> it sure is. and what happens when we get fog or rain as we all know now, the commute really gets congested early. in fact it started in the 4:00 hour with a couple of accidents out there. it's kind of a mess right now. >> that's absolutely it you can't see it and it comes up on you like that because it's so patchy there are some places where it is totally clear. in center city, philadelphia the visibility is pretty much perfect certainly by comparison, but you know, even just a couple of blocks away or maybe about a
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mile away toward boat house row, towards the schuykill where you've got that river bed, you've got really dense fog in spots and the countryside is just littered with this fog. it's really settled in here. the shore as well has gotten in on that. but storm scan is quiet. let's look at the visibilities. philly international is about the best we're finding. mount pocono is not looking too bad. keep in mind these are observation sites. since we started early this morning at 4:30 that visibility has dropped off. the sun will be up in about 15 minutes or so and once it does rise it's going to help do its part to scour that cloud cover away. but it's going to need a bit of time. we will clear out for more sun than anything for the rest of the day. and 90 in the sunshine meisha, find a pool near you. >> 90.
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you kind of forget as we march forward to the first day of school it's still 90. 90 today. all right katie. thank you so much. so yes, we are looking at that fog in a lot of our camera shots. this one seems like the fog is lifting above the trees here. this is approaching oaks but heads up visibility issues are going to start to slow you down as we push more into that 6:00 hour. then we're looking at the schuykill. headlights moving in the eastbound direction. this is at glad win. both directions visibility going to play a part here. in fact on the schuykill earlier is where we saw an accident with a tractor-trailer and a vehicle that has since been cleared. just a heads up put those fog lights on. can't even see the vehicles. you can barely see some headlights no you can't even see it. 95 south at cottman give yourself some extra team there. visibility issues a huge problem. we have an accident in delaware that right line is compromised.
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and we're going to start to get some residual effects because of this. more to come especially with construction in about 10 minutes. >> this morning reaction from republicans and democrats alike are pouring in after trump once again blamed both sides for violence. >> i think there's blame on both sides and i have no doubt about it. >> reporter: president trump again tuesday insisting the fault needs to be shared for the violence this weekend in charlottesville, virginia. >> you had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent. >> reporter: reaction from both sides of the aisle was swift and strongly worded. >> our commonwealth and our country need to heal and that means you need to call out the violence creators. >> racism, bigotry, anti-semitism in any form is unacceptable. >> reporter: former kkk leader david duke among the few
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supporting mr. trump tweeting in part thank you president trump for your honesty and courage to tell the truth about charlottesville and condemn the liftest terrorists. the president leaves and heads back to new jersey to continue his working vacation. >> meantime the woman killed in charlottesville saturday will be remembered today at a memorial service. 32-year-old heather heyer was killed when a man plowed his car into counter protesters. heyer's family says she onspoke out against discrimination. james alex fields faces second degree murder charges. and overnight crews in baltimore began tearing down four remaining confederate statues. this is video of one of those statues being taken down. other cities are considering a similar move after last
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weekend's violence in charlottesville. >> and there's a statue here in philly getting a lot of attention has nothing to do with the confederacy. >> we're talking about the statue of frank rizzo. trang do is live outside the municipal building. >> reporter: good morning. i just spoke to the south philly man who started the petition to keep the statue in place. he says it has now surpassed 7,000 signatures. he wants a meeting with mayor kenney who has reignited efforts to remove the statue. nearly 40 years since frank rizzo held office, his legacy continues to be the subject of heated debate among philadelphiians. that debate is turning to the statue of the former mayor. >> memorials shouldn't just be
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about what happened in past. that's not really what they're for. statues are about who we choose to honor today and the stories we choose to up lift. >> councilwoman-at-large helen gim over the decision to remove a monument to confederate general to robert e. lee. they're troubled that the african-american community was targeted even brutalized during rizzo's tenure from the late '60s to 1980. all around the country we're fighting to remove the monuments to slavery and racism. philly, we have work to do. take the rizzo statue down. >> i never remember my dad being anything but a fair person. if you broke the law no matter what color you were, he made sure that philadelphia was protected. >> reporter: reached by phone in
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florida, frank rizzo's son a former councilman himself called the effort misguided. >> frank rizzo is not in the same -- shouldn't be in the same conversation as a confederate general. >> reporter: nearly 7,000 people agreed by wednesday morning lending their names to a petition to keep the statue in place. those wanting to bring it down also making their voices heard, taping a political message to the statue tuesday night and pelting it with eggs. and mayor kenney spokes woman released this statement last night we think now is a good time to have the conversation. we need to figure out the proper forum for the conversation but now is the right time. giving some background on this statue it was erected in 1998 using private funds. it is owned by the city and the city will have to decide its fate. i'm trang do, cbs3, eyewitness news. >> okay, trang.
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thank you. >> this morning a tense barricade situation ends without incident. police say they wrp responding to a call from a woman who claimed a man was inside her home and threatened to open fire if police were called. >> when police arrived on location, they saw a 43-year-old female on the second floor roof of the house. she was on the roof hiding from a 46-year-old male that she had just served a protection order on. >> the suspect did eventually surrender and no one was hurt. >> a break-through in that case of a deadly hit-and-run in center city last week. police say they have found the vehicle involved in that crash. police located the jeep parked at a business. police say the vehicle struck and killed 53-year-old ann broderick. an anonymous tip led them to the vehicle. a source tells eyewitness news
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the jeep's owner may not have been driving. >> a second lawyer is asking the court to be removed from bill cosby's defense team. the lead defense attorney asked to leave earlier this month. cosby has asked a judge to delay the hearing later this month while he gets a new attorney. >> are you feeling lucky? you might want to go out and buy yourself a power ball ticket. >> because tonight's jackpot is one of the largest in history. tonight's jackpot of $430 million is up for grabs. if you take the cash option, you will walk away with $273.4 million before taxes. >> lump sum. thank you. >> don't forget your friends.
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>> still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, a farmer who is feeling the brotherly >> it's a beautiful sight in the middle of tragedy.
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welcome back to cbs3 eyewitness news. >> the flooding has forced local officials to enlist the aid of elephants to get stranded tourists to safety. flooding and land slides has already killed more than 200 people.
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millions of people have been forced from their homes but thanks to these elephants many others have been rescued. that's incredible. >> when you think of india, you do think of elephants. it's interesting seeing them helping people. >> gentle giants. >> that's exactly what i was going to say. >> how is the weather here? >> okay. at the moment the sun is literally rising as we speak but there's so much fog it's skewing any hint you would hope to see. it's hard to make out fog on a satellite but high pressure is our story today. we do stay dry and eventually that sunshine is going to help scour out the cloud cover. meanwhile we will got a category 1 in hurricane gert right now it's staying out to sea. here is your first glimpse of what the visibility will be like for the upcoming solar eclipse.
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of course as we've been talking about, we're at about 75% to 80% of the actual eclipse that we'll be able to see. but at the moment the way it looks that it will pan out, there's a system that's likely to be forming over the midwest back to the central plains but it won't be here yet. so i expect at this point that monday is going to stay clear, for the most part pretty good visibility for us. make sure if you don't have your eclipse glasses, you go out and find a pair. you can't see squat outside. if i didn't tell you where we were, you would have no clue. it's completely skewed. another view if you didn't have the label you would never know it. so poor and dense with that visibility. so just keep that in mind. fog lights are a requirement in a lot of the countryside moving forward we're going to keep it pretty toasty here the next couple of days.
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more storms arriving on friday. >> all right katie thank you so much. speaking of that fog take a look outside. new jersey definitely a lot of fog out here. 42 at the ac expressway. turn on those fog lights we're going to need them today as we're already seeing some problem areas out there. volume is not an issue here as well this is also in new jersey. 295 at route 168 in both directions looking okay. you can see that fog everywhere and we are going to be dealing with, it's going to be a little bit of a storm for us on this morning commute. the good news is congestion levels so far pretty good. dense fog but overall we're still traveling around okay there. we did have an accident in delaware that has now since been cleared so we're looking good. and we looked just past here around 95 and those surrounding areas and you can see all green. ac expressway construction crews still out there.
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january, back over to you. >> this could catch on. a european airline looks like it's putting a limit on how much passengers can drink before a flight. >> low cost irish airline wants airlines to enforce a 2-drink limit. the company says the arrest of drunken passengers are on the rise and hope this will curb some of those problems. this is why they say you can't have anything nice. >> for years a chester county farmer has used his land for more than just his own business. >> our ukee washington shows us the story of brotherly love. >> reporter: we went to a farm in west chester to see how much can be done on just a little land. >> we got a lot of peppers out here to pick. >> reporter: most of peppers, eggplant, tomatoes and more are destined for here, the shelves
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of the produce market. but not these. this part of this farmland is growing vegetables specifically for the chester county food bank. >> this, the wealthiest county in pennsylvania and it's hard to believe that there are people that need food. >> reporter: since 1996, pete has set aside part of his farmland soly for hunger outreach. this year 3 acres out of 200. >> these are sweet peppers. >> reporter: food bank executive director says this kind of farming is exactly what the food bank needed. >> there wasn't much access to fresh produce. food banks have been known as the domain of canned corn and peanut better. >> reporter: larry estimates pete is supplying hundreds of pounds of food a year. >> fresh vegetables. >> reporter: pete says he has another motive.
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saving chester county farmland. >> i want to show people what two acres or a building locality can produce other than a house. >> reporter: sometimes pete gets a thank you. >> that's why we do this. >> reporter: to find out more about our brotherly love stories, check out our website, i'm ukee washington. cbs3 eyewitness news. >> how a popular show "game of thrones" is affecting which dogs are ending up in shelters.
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>> welcome back, everyone. we're looking ahead to an upcoming weekend that does look progressively better and better. it should stay humid on saturday but mainly it's quiet.
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there may be a hit or miss thunderstorm on saturday we should see sunshine throughout the weekend and the highs are typical of august into the upper 80s. >> katie, thank you. looking at headlines across our region. >> the reading eagle reports on a public meeting last night about spending route 422. penn dot wants to add lanes in one direction. >> the potstown mercury police say the teacher used a burner phone to text and call a 16-year-old victim. she's facing several charges the case remains under investigation. >> the news journal profiles a newark contractor who made a historic find in a trash bin. along with a newspaper from
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1882, he found three bibles belonging to one of the first families in the area. >> game of thrones fans are adopting siberian huskies. >> animal shelters are seeing an increase of huskies being returned. in the series the main characters have husky-like dogs which apparently led to people adopting the breed. >> it's a fantasy. people like the fantasy without looking into what the reality of owning one of these dogs is like. they are very high energy. and they're not super trainable because they get very bored with training. >> this is a sad reminder that the pets will still be there even after people move on to the next popular show. >> you have to be a responsible
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pet owner. >> make informed decisions. >> coming up in the next half hour, new video from overnight as confederate statues coming down in baltimore. this as calls heat up to remove similar statues across the country. >> former barack obama weighs in and his message is one for the history books. >> and we're looking outside. fog is the travel story of the morning. pack your patience and take it easy. i'll have updates coming up. stay right where you are.
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>> good morning, everyone. i'm jan carabeo in for jim donovan. >> and i'm rahel solomon. it's just about 6:30. here's what you know to start your day in a minute today
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august 16, 2017. >> i think there's blame on both sides and i have no doubt about it. >> president trump faces growing backlash this morning for his latest response to the violence in charlottesville. >> overnight baltimore officials moved quickly to remove confederate monuments in that city. vandals target a statue dedicated to frank rizzo. >> meanwhile a petition to keep the statue in place gain momentum overnight. >> tonight you have another chance at one of the largest jack pots in power ball history. more than $430 million is up for grabs. >> 40 years after elvis presley's death, his legacy lives on. his fans gather at his graceland mansion to honor the king. >> speak the truth i should
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speak the truth to you. >> daniel craig, will you return as james bond? >> yes. >> all right. the late show breaking bond news overnight. daniel craig confirms he will be back at agent 007 for the fifth time. >> we did report earlier it's going to be his last time. got to enjoy it now. >> didn't he say it last time it was his last time? >> we don't mind. we don't mind. >> not at all. as long as he clears up the subject. because people got very upset about that initially. yes, i'm very happy with this. i love him as james bond. so looking forward to that. but you know, you walk out the door today and it is definitely a mixed bag. you clearly can see center city behind me here. this, my friends, is a scene of an anomaly. we have a lot of fog out there, especially true for the outlying suburbs into the western
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counties outside the philly and out towards the shore points. it is a thick and dense fog. but the closer you get to the urban corridor, it gets a little bit more patchy. you've got to be careful. this could come up on you quickly. the sun is obviously up at this point but i don't think it's going to immediately at the drop of a hat disappear. the fog, that is. we need a little bit of time here, the advisory is posted until 8:00 a.m. for pretty much all of us but that fog is patchy depending where you are. for the most part at its worst it's a half a mile or under. we're currently in the upper 60s, low 70s across south jersey, 72 in dover and as the day progresses we're going to heat up easily as soon as this fog lifts out of here region wide you've got fantastic pool weather with full sunshine, a little bit of humidity and certainly the heat.
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meisha, indication right now is that the eclipse viewing weather will be clear. >> that is great news. a lot of people are looking forward to that. thank you so much katie. we're talking about fog this morning and there is very little escape. some places we don't have a lot of fog but for the most part we're seeing substantial backups here in jersey. this is 42 freeway northbound on creek road as you approach 295 why is backed up? because we have a collapsed sewer grade blocking the right lane. they're pretty substantial, heads up if you have to head out to 42 and if you cannot give yourself a couple of extra minutes at home before walking out the door, you certainly want to add in a couple of extra minutes at your commute. i would probably add at minimum an extra 40 minutes or so and it's growing. also 95 south at cottman we were looking at this earlier we couldn't even see movement.
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the fog is starting to i would say get a little bit better and we're still very slow on the vine. >> president trump is headed back to his golf club in somerset county, new jersey after a brief stay at manhattan's trump tower. where he held a combative news conference where he once again blamed both sides. even some republicans have done demed the remarks. former president obama has weighed in has become the most liked tweet in history. he posted this image of himself along with a quote from nelson men dell la. the tweet has been liked almost 3 million times. >> overnight crews in t baltimore began tearing down
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four remaining confederate statues. t other cities are considering a similar move after last weekend's violence in charlottesville but people who want the monuments to stay say that statues are pieces of history that should remain visible. >> reporter: a confederate statute may soon be bound for the history bin if a recent petition succeeds. >> i think it's about time it should come down. 109 years is long enough. >> reporter: just over 10 miles away is a giant state-owned carving of confederate icons. georgia democratic gubernatorial candidate wants it gone. >> it is 2017 and now is the sometime for us to have a conversation about removing the last vestiges of that type of
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hatred. >> reporter: that's the same sentiment that led a campaign. tony was a defender of slavery. >> it belongs in a museum. >> reporter: and houston mayor is also considering removing his city's confederate statue. >> i do think it's important for us to review our inventory and to make the most appropriate decision. >> reporter: but some say removing these items won't change attitudes in the country. >> it's history, that's all it is. if we talk about racism, racism isn't a symbol. it's a person. >> i don't think we should try to hide our history. we ought to try to teach it and make people understand we've learned to overcome a lot of mistakes. >> the unrest down south has sparked new debate over the statue of the late frank rizzo right here in philly a large
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sign with a message "shame on president trump" that's taped to the statue. eggs were also thrown at it. people who want the statue taken down say rizzo treated the african-american community unfairly. >> i never remember my dad being anything but a fair person. if you broke the law, no matter what color you were, he made sure that philadelphia was protected. >> it's about healing our own sins, about confronting our own path and moving forward. >> supporters set up a petition to keep the statue in place. it already has more than 7,000 signatures. rizzo served two terms as mayor between 1972 and 1980. meanwhile a spokeswoman for philadelphia mayor jim kenney released a statement saying we think now is a good time to have
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that conversation about the statue's future. we need to figure out the proper forum in a serious, structure way but now is the right time. >> authorities are offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of an attempted arson suspect. he was caught on surveillance video leaving the underground garage of the police department's 12th district. he poured flammable liquid but was unsuccessful lighting it. >> you've got multiple people in that building doing work throughout the night. an underground fire could have had devastating results. at this point our fire department union, the philadelphia fraternal order of police and the atf have all put up $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of this individual. >> now police aren't sure if the suspect is homeless. some residents in that area say they're working to install more surveillance cameras.
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>> an update now police say the man you see here in that light blue shirt is the same man caught on video urinating on a synagogue. he surrendered to police last night. video showed the man sunday morning outside the congregation. police have not released the suspect's name. >> if you thought amazon prime had fast delivery, just wait to hear what amazon is doing for its customers. >> plus all the talk about the solar eclipse. we wondered how would it impact the animals at the zoo. find out how we can expect them to react. >> and a philly classic is making a comeback. see how one local businessman wants to bring horn and harder back to life. >> this morning on the 40th anniversary of his death, we are remembering elvis presley.
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see how his fans are honoring the king of rock and roll at graceland next.
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welcome back. a lot of people are hitting the road. they'll be looking for the best seats to watch the solar eclipse. >> and that means higher gas prices. those increases will happen along the eclipse's path of totality. those are the areas where the moon will completely cover the sun. the path runs from the northeast to the southwest and those are the areas where people will flock to come monday. idaho and utah have already seen big gas prices in the last week. meantime wildlife experts at the philadelphia zoo will be watching the eclipse and the animals there. zoo keepers say animal behavior may change depending how dark it gets and if the temperature drops. nocturnal animals may start to wake up and start moving while animals sleep at night may start getting ready for bed. >> animals are very attentive to their environment. and primates and other animals
6:44 am
are pretty smart so i can imagine them being interested in something that is different. they'll recognize it as this is not something part of our normal experience. >> a team of researchers actually observed animals during a different type of eclipse back in 1984. some cham panzes climbed to the top of their enclosures. the philadelphia zoo will be open on monday so you can watch the animals during the eclipse. >> our eclipse coverage continues later today on eyewitness news with advice for pet owners. should you walk your dog during the eclipse or maybe keep them inside. how to keep our furry friends safe during the eclipse. >> you already have your eclipse glasses? >> indeed i do. i have a stack something like 30 of them sitting in the weather office to pass around the neighborhood. so it's cool. we've got our special government-approved cbs3 solar eclipse glasses that we will be
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passing out around the community all week long, stick with us for the details on where we'll be doing that. for now, even minus the eclipse glasses, the visibility is really poor anyway so that is also thanks to mother nature who is settling this very large shroud of fog around the area. it's patchier the closer you get to the urban areas. but a place like the countryside for example and down towards the shore, we've got really dense fog and there are a ton of pictures that came in this morning from the eyewitness weather watchers. in williams town the visibility may not be as poor as we've seen in other places but that's going to reduce your visibility traveling by car. meanwhile around the neighborhood from phil, he is out in the chestnut hill area, yes the low-lying cloud cover is there. another one from ed conner, a beautiful view of a spider web and also out in west chester
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finding the fog. this is a picture from high above. very quickly we go to one more observation. 66 is the value coming in from helen this morning who is also reporting. beautiful new profile picture she mentioned she wants to see the sun as do we all. here's gert still a category 1 hurricane, still expected to stay out to sea as it makes a right-hand turn it might even strengthen as it moves away but let's talk about the dew points back here on dry land. it's really going to be muggy, especially come friday. we're talking insuffer rabl humidity levels as more showers and storms work their way in. friday is a mess of a day. soupy, steamy, showery, stormy and then it starts to clear out. the weekend is still pretty warm, upper 80s, but at least we're getting the benefit of sunshine all weekend long and for now eclipse day does look clear. >> all right. that's what i think everyone
6:47 am
wants to know right now. speaking of things that are not clear this morning because of all the fog we've been talking about all morning long, yes it is going to slow you down. these slowdowns are because of a collapsed sewer grade. you will have to maneuver around this and it is going to be slow moving. give yourself 40, 45 minutes there. schuykill after you come off the boulevard bumper-to-bumper conditions, i would factor in extra time as well. we have a disabled vehicle here as well pulled up to the far right shoulder. 95 south to the betsy ross bridge and when they slipped that camera around, give yourself extra time here as well. that seems to be the theme. and we have an accident out there as well in conshohocken. when you look around we're
6:48 am
starting to see some yellow to let you know you're traveling a little less than posted speed but we can expect that at this hour. >> this morning elvis presley fans were at graceland paying homage to the king of rock and roll. >> elvis's daughter greeted thousands of fans last night. former body guards remembers how elvis made every show unique. >> there were only two songs set. the first one to get him on stage and the last one when he was telling me he's ready to go home. he would do anything in between, all for his fans. >> for first time in nearly four decades, fans did have to pay a $30 fee to participate in the vigil. fans were allowed to watch from across the street free acharge. >> back here at home, it's a philly classic that's making a comeback and to do it the brand
6:49 am
is going back to the basic. >> we're talking about horn and hardarg. the business revolutioned the business. one local family hopes it will be the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning. >> reporter: a familiar name with a whole new look. but to understand this coffee's inspiration, you have to go way back. in fact, the original is gone. here at 8th and chestnut, this is all that remains. simply a sign of a bygone era. it's the memories that are still fresh. >> i used to go with my grandmother. >> probably the only restaurant i knew until i was a teenager was the automat because that's where we went. >> reporter: founded in 1888 by philly natives, the restaurant used coin operated glass and
6:50 am
chrome vending machines to dispense food and drink. the technology revolutionized the food industry. >> it really was a precursor to fast food, if you will. it was inexpensive, high quality in a very clean, quality environment. >> the automat became the place to see and be seen. by the early 1950s there were dozens of auto mats in philly. they became even more popular in new york with close to 150 restaurants between the two cities. today you can still find some of the original signs and other memorabilia at the philadelphia history museum. and on this menu in the upper right-hand corner, what would become known as the business's specialty. >> they gained their reputation through the coffee. >> after 20 minutes if there was any coffee left they dumped it. >> not only was it fresh, h and h introduced the first fresh
6:51 am
coffee to philly. by the 1990s, the recipe was no where to be found. for more than five years now alexandria has worked to recreate that strong yet smooth coffee blend. first by tracking down where the beans came from and the time consuming part. >> i had an easy job. i had to taste coffee and blend them together again. >> this is the result. the original blend now called the liberty roast. the blend brought to the 21st century. >> it's humbling to be involved in something that's a part of so many people's lives. >> so horn and hardart, they're working on more blends. coffee is the focus for now but will the automat ever make a comeback? everyone asks but for no the answer is no but never say
6:52 am
never. >> i think it's so interesting that it's a classic brand, a classic taste, but now they have k cups so it's a new take on it. >> they revolutionized the business back then and now they're catching up with the 21st century technology. >> to find out about the coffee and where to buy it, log on to our website. >> there's lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> gale, always good to see you. >> how do you know there's a lot coming up today? you are absolutely right today. we have a lot of news to talk about. >> reporter: i had the fallout after president trump doubles down on his original comments blaming both sides. we'll talk with john dickerson about how this impacts his presidency. and the afl-cio joins us why he pulled out of the manufacturing council and boston globe spotlight reporter will be here at studio 57.
6:53 am
he's got the shocking story out this morning. the investigation on the thousands of people who say they are children of catholic priests. plus the eye-opener which means your world in 90 seconds. we'll see you 7:00 in a couple of minutes from now. back to you guys in philadelphia. >> looking forward to it. >> always good to hear john dickerson's take on things. >> for people who buy something and want it right away, amazon is launching instant pickup points. as of right now amazon has five pickup points set up on college campuses. it plans to expand services to other parts of the country by the end of the year. >> a barber in california is gaining recognition all around the world. >> meet the 23-year-old jp, an international star. he competes in what's known as barber battles. these are not your regular
6:54 am
haircuts. they're also works of art. professionals barbers cut and snip and shape amazing images and win prizes and trophiys, but his haircuts are one of a kind. >> i just did a cut that no one has ever done. it's a droplet and at the bottom is a splash and it looks real. >> it sure does. his instagram account has 82,000 followers with most of them from brazil, chile, morocco. >> it is a work of art. >> i love my hairdresser but she can't do that. >> we'll be right back. >> summer fest continues this friday in the poconos. join us from jim thorpe to outdoor adventures around the area. it all starts this friday morning at 5:00 a.m. right here
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on cbs3.
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president trump is leaving new york city today to return to his golf course in new jersey. meanwhile he's getting criticized for saying the violence in charlottesville is quote the result of both sides.
6:59 am
>> the statue of philadelphia mayor frank rizzo is clean again. vandals egged it and hung a sign that said shame on president trump. >> and get your tickets ready. the drawing for the $430 million power ball jack pot is tonight. >> and that's three to go. get a last check on weather and traffic. >> producer jen listen up. i have $5 for you. so don't leave. >> still some dense fog. it's starting to lift it's a matter of time but a dense fog advisory until 8:00 a.m. for most of us. >> fog still out there. 42 northbound slow moving take it easy and add extra time. >> thank you meisha. >> cbs this morning is next. >> remember to join us starting at 4:30 a.m. have a great day.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, august 16th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." baltimore moves quickly overnight to remove them. they're working to remove the controversial cymbal. >> the defind president trump reverts to blaming both sides for the violence in charlottesville. this morning critics including senior republicans say there is no moral equivalency between racists and americans defying hate. >> plus thousands of people reportedly have evidence that their biological fathers were catholic priests. first on "cbs this morning," a


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