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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 18, 2017 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, august 18th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." spanish police kill five suspected terrorists after a second car attack on pedestrians. they say it's connected with the rampage in barcelona that kill at least 13 people and injured more than 100. the victims include people from 24 different countries including the united states. president trump was quick to condemn the spain attack but his tweet also revived a debunked sory about an american general. plus, maryland removes another statue linked to white sprems overnight while a major considers a monument at stone
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mountain. also we have weather for monday and the solar eclipse and what nasa will watch from 50,000 feet up. but we begin today with "eye opener," yore word in 90 seconds. >> all of a sudden people were screaming from behind. >> a massive manhunt is under way following a deadly terror attack in spain. >> police say they killed five people in the counterterror raid. >> people around the world should know we're resolved to find you and bring you to justice. >> the republican senator calls into question the president's confidence. >> the president has not yet been able to demonstrate the ability nor some of the confidence that he needs to demonstrate in order to be successful. >> the president is also facing
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criticism with tweets defending icons. >> do they get frustrated by the tweets? >> absolutely. >> they look at what he's done supporting, no doubt. >> the captain of the uss fitzgerald has been relieved of duty after the horrifying crash that killed several sailors. >> all that -- >> amore schuler dropped in on judge judy. how's that. >> -- and all that matters -- >> he's questioning the man with the nuclear alarm codes is stable. >> that's what senator corker said, yeah. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> when we hear about london or paris, stockholm and now barcelona, you can almost start to become numb to it, like this is becoming something normal.
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we think it mustn't become normal. it's tragic. i want to ask to the rest of the world's outpouring of love and we're thinking of the victims and the families right now on what must be an unimaginable day. an unimaginable day is right. welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose is off, so jeff glor is with us here this morning. glad to have you here. police in spain say one group is behind two terror attacks in two popular tourist areas. people paused to remember the victim of the dedsly attacks, afterward the public erupted in 'plaus to show solidarity for those killed and in injured. >> the death toll is now 14 after a woman died this morning of her injuries in cambrils.
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the rest were killed when a man mowed down people. the victims came from two dozen different countries. >> police have killed five suspects and arrested three others but the drive e of the van in barcelona is still at lancht debora patta is in barcelona with new eyewitness accounts, but seth doane is in cambrils after the second car attack last night. seth? >> reporter: good morning. we were stopped at a number of police check points on our way down here, all part of the massive manhunt to try to find at least one terrorist still on the run. police say the terrorists had planned a wave of attacks. gunfire was heard from inside a cambrils bar early this morning. outside police had shot dead five attackers after they drove a car into pedestrians in this coastal resort community.
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six civilians and a police officer were wounded. fitz roy davis witnessed it and captured the images on his cell phone. >> they were yelling at the guy and shots were fired. he then fell down and then within two seconds stood back up. he then stepped over the fence, charged the police again, and the police then gave some more shots and then he fell down again. >> reporter: this eyewitness said he saw suspects wearing suicide vests. we were worried, so we hid, he said. those vests were detonated by the bomb squad and determined to be fake. they say it was linked to the incident in barcelona which happened eight hours earlier. the trucker jumped the curb in the busy las ramblas harming
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pedestrians. they were left bloodies along streets popular with tourists. it zig zagged for seven blocks apparently trying to hit as many people as possible. this man has been linked to the hiring of the vehicle and was questioned by police, but the driver remained at large and the spanish media report it could be his brother, moussa. they say there could have been a terrorist cell of at least eight people use gas canisters. now police are theorizing an explosion wednesday which leveled a house and initially reported as a gas explosion may be linked to these other attacks. we're now learning that one of those who had been wounded in the attack here in this town has now died. isis has claimed responsibility, but cbs is learning it's more than just isis that has prompted
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this attack. gayle? >> thank you. we want to go from there to barcelona, f 2 miles north. it's spain's second largest city and a destination for tourists from around the world. deborah patton is there talking to survivors. debora, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. incredible scenes at barcelona where they've turned out chanting and clapping, i am not afraid in open defiance against thursday's attack. packed with tourists, there was carnage seen on wednesday. pods were strewn across the street as people ran panicked in all directions. native new york er david was
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there with his sister celebrating her birthday. they were there as the terrorist van appeared. >> upon impact you saw bodies and people sprinting. that was the definition of fear. >> reporter: his biggest concern was for his sister. he recorded this video as they made their escape. >> i told her you and i are one person now, you do as i do, listen to me, don't go never without me. >> reporter: a man was skateboarding down the road when people began runs a sing and screaming for their lives. >> she was like 6 or 7 and she was screening her eyes out in pain. >> >> reporter: searle said he
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cannot block out what he saw. he said people will not be defined by fear or death. during the thursday's attack, many people were separated from each other, including a 7-year-old australian boy who's still missing. his mother was injured and his family is pleading for his whereabouts. >> thank you. extra police officers are on patrol this morning in new york city in the wake of those attacks in spain. cbs news national security analyst fran townsend was security adviser to george w. bush. good morning. >> good morning. >> law enforcement officials telling cbs news this morning it was more than an inspired malicious attacks. what does this mean? >> if you look, they have the house that blew up with these gas canisters, probably put
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together for a car bomb. you had in cambrils last night another car attack, people injured. you've got five debt there. they were wearing suicide belts. you can see as you look at the chronology. this was a fairly large kreshlgs pretty good plans, although the execution was not so good. so i think this looks like as you're hearing from law enforcement now, much more controls than merely inspired. this wasn't somebody who got out and decided to take a car and ram it into a crowd. >> is this the way to to it nowing fran? get in a car and mow people down? there's a story from the "washington post" that people are upset there weren't barricades to prevent this. >> we're seeing more and more areas that are restricted.
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there are no areas -- >> times square. >> correct. you're going to see more and more of this. once somebody gets a car and decides to use it as a weapon, it's almost impossible to prevent them. >> this could easily have been much worse. >> that's right. if these guys hat suck elffully explode -- i don't want to minimize it. using the car as a weapon, imagine if the car had exploded. >> this seems to be similar to the ones in france a few years ago. the guys in france had assault weapons. these did not. do we know why? >> it's interesting. i skpexpect that the cells will comprised of spaniards and moroccans. you've got the cross a body of water. the spanish between 2015 and
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2013 have arrested 126 extremists. they're going to want to understand the composition of the cell, their travel patterns, communications and how they got them to coordinate. >> well, they have people in custody. this has got to be an advantage. >> it is, definitely. the president tweeted the u.s. will do whatever is needed to help. wednesday the president waited to respond after a man crowded his car into a crowd in virginia. he james both sides. margaret brennan is at the golf club in new jersey as the president gets ready for an important national security meeting. margaret, good morning. >> good morning. amid all that fallout, chief of
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staff john kelly will go with trump to camp david and try to focus on one testify most difficult questions of them battled presidency. will troops go our stay. defense secretary james mattis and top national security advisers will press him whether to draw or add to the troops in afghanistan. last month the president rejected a plan approved by his national security team and began to confer an idea of sending over 5,000 contractors rare than troops. >> 16 years is enough. we have another trillion particulars in health care costs
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that we're going to owe for the afghan war, so let's bring it to a close. >> the president has been silent but he was swift to attack. he said study what general pershi pershing did to terrorists. >> shot each man with a bullet that was covered with pig's blood. >> that kind of incendiary commentary led members of his own party like senator bob corker to respond. >> he has been able to demonstrate the stability nor some of the confidence he needs to demonstrate in order to be successful.
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>> those are zoord remarks from an otherwise quiet bob corker. norah, there's a lot of requests for the president changing course. >> that's right. thank you so much. the navy is punishing nearly a dozen american servicemembers for their role between the cash between the "uss fitzgerald" and a cargo ship off the sea of japan. they collided with a filipino container troop in june. it punched a 17 seven sailors closest o the impact drowned but 28 from the same compartment made it out alive. not the captain and two top
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seniors were relieved of their duties. gary rehm was laid to rest at arlington national cemetery on tuesd tuesday. we're going to bring you the eclipse news on monday at 1k. chief meteorologist lonnie quinn with our local station is here with a look at how it will all go down. good morning. >> good morning. this is going go a heck of an ordeal. we all know that the earth revolves around the sun and that the moon reinvolves around the earth but at least twice a year they fall boo some sort of alignment. the total solar eclipse, that's where it blocks out the sun.
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when you look up, the a sudden moon look like they're about the same size and when the sun hits the move and casts a shadow on the earth, you get a couple of kinds of shadows. that's a partial shadow where you still see a portion of the sun. but a select few of you are going to get to see the umbra. that's the nature's big event. that's where the moon blocks out the sun. it's called totality. on monday it goes from oregon to south carolina. so south carolina, you're going to get a bona fide 100% solar eclipse. if you go to places like portland, oregon, 99.7 percent. if you go to the south.
7:18 am
97%. the further away from that line theet it goes down. everybody in this country is going to see something on monday. get out there and check it out. what's the weather going to be like? what we've done is put together a map showing you where we believe the cloud cover is going to be. of course, cloud cover is going to make this a problem. it looks like the best viewing will be around the pacific northwest. as you make a push toward nebraska, it looks like you'll have a big deck of clouds. the tennessee valley, looks good. south carolina, it becomes an item. along the coast. monday would be for quite a bit of cloud cover.
7:19 am
i've put together the lieflt. oregon, it looks great for you. the totality will be 1 to 1 1/2 minutes. literally you'll go from daytime to night tooimt. et will be great. the difficult spots would be charleston, iowa, st. joseph, missouri, columbia as well. let's go over to skis. >> thank you very much. we'll not be in the select
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hackers are targeting hospitals to steal medical records and sell them for big
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america's largest confederate monument is one of
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georgia's biggest tourist >> good morning, i'm rahel solomon, there has been arrest in the latest spray painting of the frank rizzo statue across from philadelphia city hall. crews scrubbed the statue clean for the third day in a row. the suspect allegedly spray painted the phrase, black powder on the statue, now calling for the removal of the treatment of african-americans. >> now, we send to ever katie with a check on today's forecast, looks like already seeing rain in certain parts. >> actually little wet weather roll over our own broadcast sent another last hour or so. but, now, we are seeing some scattered, but locally heavy thunderstorms rumble through, especially parts every new jersey, and over new york city , in a matter of minutes, too, so this is essentially how the radar may look at any time today. you're going to see some breaks for sunshine along the
7:27 am
way, too, get get the instability going for locally strong if not severe thunderstorms specially towards night fall, cold front passage, don't cool off behind the front do, clear out, back to less humid conditions through the weaken, and nice looking forecast with the eclipse, monday. >> thank you so much. speaking of not so great conditions, rain obviously coming down here, 42 freeway northbound at creek road, visibility clearly an issue now we travel on northbound toward 295-6789 accident academy road southbound at grant avenue. your alternate frankford avenue and also another accident in ardmore, heads up, very slow, out there, rahel, over to you. >> meisha, thank youment next update is at clock 55, up next on cbs this morning, the battle over the confederate rat icon carved on
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what do you think of the comparison of washington and lee that the president is making? do you think that is on any firm ground? >> the difference is that general washington founded the country. he was and did everything as the first president because he knew everything was watching him, as he was founding the country, and he laid the cornerstone for fighting and also the way he behaved in office, and by contrast general lee was an open rebellion of what washington built and for the purposes of keeping the institution which is
7:31 am
part of america's original sin. that's the way i feel about that comparison. >> that, of course, is our john dickerson on stephen colbert's couch. i love how he -- >> i don't think he was expressing an opinion. he expressed a fact. >> i love that he expressed the fact. i think it's great he laid it. there is a big difference, peple, and he just laid it out very, very nicely. >> just a minor points. >> just a little nugget. >> crack open your history books. >> looked forward to seeing john dickerson here. welcome back to "cbs this morning." three organization are holding events at the mar-a-lago club. >> that's right. american cancer society and others have agreed to hold events. the american cancer society
7:32 am
cited its values. that's a being deal because they've for many years have had their gala right there. here's look at this morning's headlines from around the globe. "the new york times" reports on conflicting statements. white house chief strategist steve bannon said there's no military solution. he said with drawing troops from south korea in exchange for a nuclear freeze should be considered. defense secretary james mattis and secretary of state rex tillerson agree with dunford. >> research shows they may have found a cure for peanut allergy. it eases how kid reese respond who are allergic. 80% who were treated were able
7:33 am
to eat peanuts and nearly all of them are able to eat them now. and "the baltimore sun" says the statue of richard taney has been remove. there are 180 confederate symbols on display in the united states. more than a half dozen in four states have been taken down following saturday's violence in virginia. proposals have been made, and one of them is georgia's monument. manuel bojorquez, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the entire carved surface three acres and larger than mt. rushmore. it features three confederates. there are now renewed calls to change that. across the country confederate
7:34 am
statues are being pulled down, hoisted up, a driven away. but at georgia's stone month, removing a memorial is a bit more come pli capabilitied. when you look at that carving, what do you see? >> i see three white men on horses fighting a battle that ended years ago. >> they were individuals that wanted to maintain and keep a way of life that treated african-americans as nonrepublicans. >> how can you remove it? >> the same way it was placed there. using stone cutters. >> it's where white supremacists clashed with counter protesters in 2017.
7:35 am
it's become the most limitvisit attraction including a light show. john bankhead is with the park. >> do you see that happening in the future? >> no, i don't. >> reporter: bertram hayes-davis is a nephew. >> because of this issue as artwork, it apieces a lot of people to look at it and i think it should remain where it is. >> reporter: one person urging people to move past it is civil rights icon andrew young who feels there are bigger battles. still, this remains a big rally for hate groups. someone wanted a permit to burn a cross on top of the montana in
7:36 am
october. init was denied it's all about profit. hackering can sell correct it carts fehr 10 to 15 cents each. but a credit card can sell for $500. ree reena ninan has more. here's a preview. >> reporter: from here at eerie county medical center, the level one trauma center, their entire system was hacked. the medical industry is new number one har dead for hackers. with this 550 bed facility in buffalo. >> all the screens were black.
7:37 am
all the computer screens were turned off. >> that's all ominous. all black? >> they were essentially unplugged from the system. >> dr. jennifer pew runs the e.r. she was on staff the morning hackers sent this ransomware message to unlock hospital data being held hostage. they went back to pen and paper for six weeks until the systems were back on line. >> i think it's disgusting. they're attacking some of the most vulnerable members of society by coming after a hospital. >> this is a form of terrorism. these are criminals. we denieded not to pay the ransom and this is going to affect us. it's going take a long time to
7:38 am
get things back to normal. >> the u.s. has not paid ransom to terrorists. do you think that should be the same for the hospitals? >> reporter: reg harnish is one who gets them back online. >> it's scary. imagine clinicians, nurses, staff come in and instead of things being available. it's all wrong. imagine that all the data in the emr was wrong and yu didn't know what was wrong. >> you can see reena's full report on monday night, "cbsn on assignment," and you can see it on cbs and cbsn. we're not talking about the path of totality, but nasa
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good evening. parts of america went out. there was a great swath of shadow up to 190 miles wide cut across the continent from the coast of oregon to greenland. it was the last total eclipse of the sun untull the year 2017. >> there you go. the year 2017. legendary cbs anchor walter kron kick lead the coverage in 1979. on monday a total eclipse will travel coast to coast for the first time in 99 years. nasa scientists will use specially equipped aircraft to get an up close view. david begnaud is live with a
7:44 am
special ambitious experiment. david. >> reporter: there are two aft craft that will flying 50,000 feet above the clouds and turbulencele you have two guys on board, the pilot in the front and the journalist in the back. they've taken the nose this. it's go time for nasa's strat s stratospheric air force science team they're going on an atmospheric research ride. their ride is a 1960s air force jet called a bomber jet. during monday's total eclipse, these same planes will serve the very same purpose. >> you're not wearing the moon
7:45 am
suit but you'll wear the glasses. >> yes. >> reporter: he's one of four nasa flight crew members who will be chasing the eclipse over missouri, illinois, and kentucky at 460 miles per hour. >> my job is to calibrate and initialize the camera payload that will be used to look at the eclipse. that includes focusing in. >> you don't get a plane ride. >> unfortunately i don't. >> reporter: amir csapi will be leading it. >> during a regular day the sky is so bright you can't see the corona but during a total eclipse, it becomes visible. it will lead to a better understanding of flares. >> which affects the public how? >> they can cause black jouds of
7:46 am
radio communications. it can cause power outages by knocking out power grids. >> the best way to understand what erupts off the sun's corona to photograph it over long periods of time. but gronld base cameras will only have two minutes of total eclipse time because two of these planes will be flying tandem, it will give these scientists an unprecedented look at it. >> when we stitch together the onner is evacuations from both o the airplanesing we'll be getting 30 photographs a second. that's about 29,000 photographs between two airplanes. >> monday we'll be showing you live images. norah, where they will be at 50,000 feet, it will be 30 times
7:47 am
darker than on the ground. >> did you know that? >> did not but now i to because david tells us things we did not. >> at some point you reach a articulator level where you can't reach any dark. >> you see the stars. >> this will be the most heavily studied event. contributing scientist michu kaku will have more. up next, what comedian amy schuler was doing in judge
7:48 am
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7:52 am
sister and i sat in on the cases for the day because we love her. everybody does. she had hinted at the appearance on instagram several months ago and the other day -- can you mack if you're watching the show and you're thinking, is that amy shuler? yes, it is her. >> it is indeed. you see the ceremonial first pitch. ahead, the cancer survivor who threw the ball explains why it was so hard not to laugh. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills. yep... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? for my pain... i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap. here ya go. awesome, thank you. thank you. that's... not your car. your car's ready!
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good morning, upping ' jim jim donovan, investigators trying to figure out what caused early morning fire in a montgomery county hospital. authorities say the fire broke out in the base many of abington lansdale hospital about 2:00 this morning, and that's the former central montgomery medical center, in hatfield township. we're told that the fire was contained to the basement, and there were no. let's sends it right over to katie for a look at today's forecast. >> today looks pretty volatile , jim. we do have frontal boundery needs to cross through, colds front, so until it gets here we will see mix of some sun as well as some gray skies, and some thunderstorms. and as we look in the live neighborhood network you can see how the skies are trying to brighten up. clouds are moving, or somewhat swiftly, you can even see them moving through the camera shot here, 73 degrees, the current
7:57 am
temperature there, but as the day progresses again some showers, as well as even locally strong severe thunderstorms roll through, especially takes place later today and tonight with passage of the cold front in the clear not cooling down, sunshine all weekends, all eclipse day long >> that's the blessing, so get it out of the way now, that way the day of the eclipse it will be good. katie, thank you so much. still very, very bus which all of the rain coming down, i can tell you guys right now give yourselves extra time. first of all yikes. look at the schuylkill. bumper to bumper conditions there. do have overturned vehicle here, wissahickon, henry avenue at herman lane. heads up on that, cinnaminson, new jersey, accident here, route 73 southbound fork landing road, jim, over to you >> 8:25 is our next
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it is friday, august 18th, 2017. welcome back to "cbs this morning." ahead, the latest on spain's deadly attacks on terrorists. and we're one, two, three days away from the total eclipse. have you heard about it? scientist mao chi michu kaku hao talk about. he's giddy. but first here's your eye oyi " opener" at k89 k89. >> terrorists are still on the
8:01 am
run. >> they say, i'm another afraid. >> this was more than an inspired isis attack. this was a fairly large cell. it had to have been in place for a while. pretty good planning. this looks much more directly controlled than merely inspired. >> john kelly will focus on what may be the most important decision of the president's sitting as president. >> everyone is going to see something on monday. check it out. people in barcelona paused for a minute of silence to remember the victims of the attack. >> people intend to make a show in barcelona that terrorism will not define them. they will come back on the streets. will defy terrorists.
8:02 am
good morning to you. i'm gayle king with norah o'donnell. jeff glor is here because charlie is off. it's always good to have you, jeff. yesterday, there were attacks in spain. at least 13 were killed in barcelona and more than 100 were injured. the victims come from at least two dozen countries. one american was hurt here, and law enforcement sources tell cbs news there's intelligence that indicates this may have been an actual isis cell and not just an isis-inspired attack. >> a man driving a van drove on the sidewalk in baspain's large tourist city. the same terror cell is blamed for a second attack in cambrils. that's about 60 miles from
8:03 am
barcelo barcelona. seth doane is there where a woman died a few hours ago. >> reporter: good morning. police say they shot and killed five suspected terrorists and with that may have saved a much growing number of casualties from that. they were wearing suicide vests that wound up being fake but eyewitnesses said they saw those vests, they hid, and they were worried. answer police say this is linked to the attack in barcelona which unfolded just about eight hours earlier at 5:00 p.m. saturday when the van jumped the cub la r in las ramblas in barcelona. they took off of foochlt authorities say this may have been part of a large cell that consisted of eight people.
8:04 am
they found gas canisters. that's making them look at an incident closer. on wednesday a house was leveled at as explosion which was initially reported as a gas explosion but may have been related to these attacks. jeff? >> thank you very much. he told the people of barcelona be tough and strong, we love you. more republicans are criticized mr. trump for blaming white supremacists and counter protesters in charlottesville last weekend. tim scott said the president is damaging his own position. >> his comments on monday were strong, his comments on tuesday started erasing his comments on monday that were strong. we want to see more clarifying and moral authority. there's no question about that. >> scott says he'll keep working with the president if he wants to take up issues that make the country better.
8:05 am
cbs news chief correspondent and "face the nation" anchor john dickerson joins us at the table to continue the discussion. always good to see you. you have senator scott there and senator bob corker say in words that i think took many by surprise that he doesn't think the president has demonstrated the stability or confidence to be successful in this job. this is a big deal why? >> two things. who's saying the remarks and the nature of them. first, senator corker is not a hot head and he's not in the category of criticizing the president for everything he does. neither does senator scott. it's rare. they golf together. it's about the stability and ability. whether it's possible for him to fit the natural impulses into that job. if this isn't solved, says
8:06 am
senator corker, the country's in grit peril. >> have they share thad view? >> they have shared the view. but it's always been off the record or they've said, you know, we hope things challenge or maybe general kelly, chief of staff. to come out and say it in public at not toss off a remark, it's carefully considered. >> the president's isolation grows. he's now insulted more republicans, i think, this week than democrats on his twitter feed. even within his own white house staff the isolation grows. what does that mean for the consequences of the rest of his presidency. can hoe stay in office for the next three years? >> you've got republicans who would have to remove him from office. as the president is quite isolated as you point out and that's going to have impact, there are a lot of people who believe he's the victim of a
8:07 am
pile john started by the media and now joined by some people. there are some who say it's a dangerous world out there and while we find the behavior of the president optional, he's still the president, still some we don't like. we must rally behind him. and then there's the second group that says we must stay in the white house, we must support him because who knows what he'll do if there aren't people to check him. >> you look at the polls p a decisive amount support what he said about charlottesville. an overwhelming majority disagree. >> right. that's where somebody like senator corker matters. he's breaking out of the usual trajectory of where things duo. at the moment people are pretty much sorting is where you sit is where you stand. >> let's talk about sun stance
8:08 am
in terms of the situation this week in afghanistan. big deal. >> big deal. there is a big deal of the policy. after 16 years does america still have interest in afghanistan and is america willing to commit itself to a war-weary nation? but also it's making a decision within the advisers the president has. there are on obviously some conflicts within the administration. he has said in these arguments or it's been reported. why are we still there. on the other hand, he's taken a strong line against terrorism. this a complex mod toll be made and whether he can make it effectively is one of the things that somebody like bob corker would worry about. >> on sunday jock dinnerson will speak with republican senator tim scott o south carolina and
8:09 am
democratic senator tim kaine virginia. prince diana was 20
8:10 am
millions of americas will cram into small towns to watch monday's total eclipse. c b cbs's miku is next. plus we'll have questions. you're watching "cbs this morning." ?
8:11 am
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8:14 am
okay, people. brace yourself if umbra. >> i'm going to see it first. >> no, i'm going to see it first. >> let's hit the road you big louis. >> ka numb bra and umbra are great words. just like the simpsons people are waitle for the total solar
8:15 am
eclipse to begin. it will block out sunlight and create a shadow from coast to coast for the first time in 99 years. it begins around 1:00 p.m. eastern 10:00 a.m. pacific. 14 states from oregon to south carolina will witness the total eclipse before it ends around 3:00 p.m. in the east and noon in the west. cbs science contributor me eor kaku kaku is with us. he's giddy. >> i'm a physicist and this is about as close as a scientist can get to a spiritual experience. you feel like you're at one with the universe. cosmic forces right there in your sunglasses. >> i just got goosebumps. >> i know. it did give me goosebumps.
8:16 am
lonnie quinn said for him it's like christmas morning. he's coming in on his day off because he's excited. you said it's on your bucket list. so for those of us who may not be as excited, what should we be looking for? how do we wrap our brains about what's happening here? >> we're wit financing a cosmic coincidence. it's 400 miles bigger and the moon going in front of the sun. it's a cosmic coincidence. h here you are to witnesset in your own backyard. >> what have scientists learned? >> they worked it out 2,000 years ago wu the beginning of astronomy, that's where astronomy began to understand why we have eclipses.
8:17 am
now we want to know about the atmosphere. the corona. it is too hot for its own good. it's about a million degree, the atmosphere of the sun, but the surface of the sun is only 10,000 degrees. there's a nobel prize waiting for someone who can figure out why the atmosphere is much hotter than the surface of the sun which was responsible for solar flairs, gigantic solar flairs could knock out satellites and power systems. this is very powerful. it could influence sunlight. >> you already have your sunglasses. you say you cannot look at it directly. >> you may suffer retinol damage. goat your certified glasses. and then for 2:42 you'll commune
8:18 am
with the universe. >> can't wait to talk to you after. >> and during. >> cbs will bring it to you on monday, 1:00 p.m. eastern, 10:00 a.m. central. >> anyone in the continental u.s. will see a partial eclipse or total eclipse. >>ly be watching. thank you very much. the people of charlottesville launch a new talk. there they are, they're in our total green room. they discuss what they believe is missing in our conversation about racism. and it was a ceremonial first pitch that missed the strike zone by a whole lot. we'll take you to the pitcher and the photographer. >> watch it hit him in the --
8:19 am
>> norah. norah o'donnell. the long lasting scent of gain. now available in matching scents across your entire laundry routine. maritakisteps each day.o, and she does it in any shoes she wants, with lasting comfort. only dr. scholl's stylish step has insoles that are clinically proven to provide all-day comfort. dr. scholl's. born to move. you brush your teeth diligently... two times a day right? but 80% of bacteria aren't even on teeth. eughty purschunt?! colgate total's different. it fights bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums.
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8:22 am
this month marks the 20th anniversary of the death of princess diana. she was just 20 years old when she married prince charles, wu there were signs of trouble already in the relationship even before she walk down the aisle at st. paul's cathedral in london. cbs news will broadcast an on kour of o core of our the-hour special. it's the leaf, death, and the woman who became a princess. here's a look.
8:23 am
at a dinner at buckingham palace, prince charles asked diana to become his wife. >> they were really strangers. they were only together 12 times before he proposed to her. >> 12 times? >> 12 times. >> it was apparent the newly engaged couple didn't know each other well in this awkward televised moment. >> i suppose you're in love. >> whatever love means. >> whatever love means. >> whatever love means. >> whatever love mean. i mean why go there. >> diana moved into buckingham palace to become a princess but her prince never seemed to be around. >> diana never could understand this. why aren't we spending time together? so she was kind of left to her own devices. >> during that time diana found a bracelet in his dresser drawer he made for camilla. >> so she confronted him and he
8:24 am
said, yes, i made this for her and i'm going to give it to her. of course understandably she was very angry. >> her weight dropped 14 pounds. >> she was having an episode of bulimia. she was throwing up the night before her wedding. >> and charles, he was crying. >> there were tears streaming down his face and his val said, senior, what's wrong. he said, is it possible to love two women at the same time. >> and they would be married. >> it airs tomorrow night. i'm still struck she was only 20 years old when she got married, that they had only seen each other 12 times and he was 12 years older. >> and he was in love with
8:25 am
another woman. poland springs, the this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> good morning, i'm rahel solomon there is year's dinner en blanc was record setter, organizers say 6300 book took part last night in franklin square, the largest dinner en blanc in the country. the picnic requires all a fen december to wear all white and bring their own dinner and furniture. better last night than tonight >> so true. heavy thunderstorm storms working their way across the delaware valley, primarily in new jersey at the moment. a lot of lightning within the largest cluster over parts of burlington county out toward ocean county, even though it is a little more localized at this hour, that's thousand will generally stay, for the better part of the day, it is drenching at the moment. so, you'll really need to, you
8:26 am
know, slow down, if you have traveled through any of. that will looking at the flashflood watch going into effect at 2:00 p.m., towards good portion of the region, that's not from this morning, showers or storms, rather, what comes in its wake, just compounds the possibility of flashflooding while we've got heavy drenching downpours, gusty winds, freak went lightning with thunderstorms that fire up out there. >> this frontal boundery does clear out later tonight. so by the weekends all clear, meisha. >> because every all of the rain coming down, i can tell you, really posing problems for us outside. we do have accident here in new jersey 295 southbound the ramp, mt. holly, willingboro, the ramp is closed heads up on that will plus two things happening here. so weaver disable tractor-trailer here, sumneytown pike at broad street, plus overturned vehicle, and reports are northbound lanes are being blocked right now, as women. 202 dekalb pike northbound near twp. line road. cardboard on the highway here, 202 northbound, the ramp to schuylkill eastbound, see the cars kind of swerve around it, rahel, back over to you. >> thank you, our next update is at 8: 55, ahead on cbs this morning, talk with a teenage
8:27 am
here may have thrown the worse ceremonial first pitch i
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he's never been in the hunt. it's one thing on stage, air conditioning, broadway lights. it's another authentic, you know, when people are shouting obscenities out of a window at you because they don't get it. ♪ this is a dawning of the age of aquarius, aquarius, a aquariaquariu aquarius ♪ well, you knew that was james corden. there he was with the big afro
8:31 am
wig. no, he has the long win. who has the big afro wig. >> you can say this about james co cordon and lin-manuel mir ran december, they have a good time. there's a great podcast called still podcasting from "the new york times" are the ones that -- hello, you two. >> hi, guy. >> hi, gayle. >> they're the ones behind the podcast. they're going to join us at the table to continue the discussion they have really, really provocative things to say. >> right now the philadelphia "enquirer" has an update on the myln and the epipen. they'll pay over $465 million.
8:32 am
their price was raised from $94 in 2007 to $608 last year. it costs less than $10 to make the injector. >> the portland press herald of maine says the poland spring water doesn't come from springs. it seeked money in damages. a similar case was settled in 2003. the lawsuit claims they're bottling common groundwater. a spokeswoman said it is 100% spring water and it meets all federal standards. there's a rally cat custody battle brewing between a cardinal and feral cat. the group is caring for the cat. they say finding the right home is the most important thing. but a cardinals official says
8:33 am
the team has been assured the cat will be returned. my goodness. >> i like your sports calling. it has a rhythm. >> as gayle knows if something else doesn't work out in the news, i'm working on a plan. they take a look at critical issues in their popular podcast called still processing. they discuss a wide range from climate change to kanye west. this week's episode was especially phone yant as they discuss the violence in charlottesville. >> and every time these things come up, i get down because it forces me to remember how little people understand about the history of this country, that they want to fight for. >> willfully don't understand. >> they join us at the table to discuss. welcome to you both.
8:34 am
>> hey, everybody. >> jenna, with you. you're a v.a. graduate. >> yes. >> i wonder what it was like. >> so disturbing. i saw the people with the tiki torches down the lawn we graduated from. very scary. >> they said, we have nothing to do with that. these are not our people, these are not our beliefs. yet you look at it and say you're not surprised. why were you not surprised? >> charlottesville is a town that has described itself as a liberal arts haven but it's dark and has predicated itself on exclusion and removal of black citizens throughout its entire history. and the kkk was there. it's still very rooted. >> that i was not surprised to fear. wesley, i thought you made an
8:35 am
interesting observation. when you looked at the tape, it was whites against whites, and for many people, i received calls that said who's here. that struck you as well. >> yeah. the objects of these clashes tend to be in this country. it's easy to distinguish who's on what side. law enforcement turning on black people. >> when you think about it, sit-ins. >> this is a civil rights action. refreshingly it involves civil rights people. if we're going to get closer to resolving it, i do think white people have to play a majorly important part. we're not talking about passing legislation. we need to figure out how to dispel them or enlightle them
8:36 am
about what isn't actually happening to them. >> he says getting white players to join that would be helpful. >> it's a big deal. >> it matters. yeah, it matters. >> baseball players are saying things, you know, a few. for anybody in baseball to take a stand on this seems like a big deal. >> kevin durant saying he's not going to go to the white house. kits can relate to them. >> norman lear said he's not going to the white house and neither is carmen de lavallade. i think in his mind he thinks he has done that, wesley. >> yeah, but he also equated them with the white supremacists. it's also the degree where he doesn't seem to have the
8:37 am
capacity to empathize with anybody. >> to the exteblt he's willing to double down on the culture wars, the more he feels threatened. do you sense that? and what does that portend? >> whose culture are we talking about, though, right? what does that mean when we say american culture? that's an interesting authentic to look at, right? >> i think when people look at american culture, there's a generation of people who still think of it as white culture. so there's no culture that would think of it at just black culture. there's a lodge lot of language we have to unpack. i really honestly think -- i mean any time something like this happens, we have to have a real conversation about it. that's not really it. there's always a black person involved in one of these dialogues and i think we should take a vacation from having a
8:38 am
conversation and let white people talk it out. >> it's important too. i'm glad the white people went to protest the protest and the rally, but it's easy to show up and hold a sign. it's a lot harder to repeal voting and disproportionate -- >> you want people to react. >> yes. >> on a local level, a lot of the things you can change, you can change at city hall, at your state house. i think it can't just be fighting white supremacists in person. i think it has to be dismantling a system and institution of white supremacy and that runs throughout the government. >> wesley morris, jenna -- >> that's it? we're done? >> sorry, guys. but you can come back any time.
8:39 am
really good to see you guys. >> congratulations. thank you. still more and more tax m, don't every year south jes
8:40 am
but gets less and less back thanks to steve sweeney and chris christie. here's the sweeney-christie record eight years of underfunded schools. huge tax breaks for themselves and their rich friends while we pay more. and homestead rebate funding for seniors cut in half next year. don't believe the fake news from his wealthy donors. steve sweeney stands with chris christie, not with south jersey.
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you might say it was the pitch hurt around the world. people have now seen this
8:43 am
ceremonial first pitch wednesday night from boston's fenway park. we all have the same reachlkts the pitcher and his photographer had a reunion of sorts. >> reporter: the 17-year-old was on the mound in massachusetts thursday night at a came bring charity game. but this time he was aiming at the photographer of purpose as he perched behind home plate. jordan's pitches last night were far better than his throws at fenway park. that was the ceremonial >> it just slipped out of my hands. as soon as i saw where it was going, i just thought, uh-oh. >> reporter: jordan hit a very
8:44 am
unintended target. the photographer captured this image. >> i was in shock at first, i covered my face so i didn't laugh. he said he was okay. he said i didn't quite get him, i wasn't that accurate. he tweeted thank the lord it was a bit outside. he has history of throwing out to fenway park five times now, an inspiration to fans and players alike. when he was just two he was diagnosed with a bone and soft tissue cancer that affected children and teenagers. >> did you ever think you'd be where you are today? >> no, did not. my first term for survival was five years. it's been 13 years. >> i think it's to inspire others. even in one of the most
8:45 am
embarrassing moments of his life, he's laughing about it. he's joking about it. >> at some point did you laugh? >> i did. i didn't want to go back up to my seat because everyone sitting around me was having an absolute ball about it. >> no pun intended. >> no. >> demarco morgan, cbs news, massachusetts. >> it's good he can laugh about it and the guy who got hit is talking a little higher. >> he's fine. >> he's fine. he just talks leak this. everybody is talking about the total eclipse. they're so excited they can't help be but break out in song ♪ i need you more tonight i need you more than ever ♪ >> you guys were not good. >> we were not good, but we were having fun. >> super spontaneous. >> the good thing is how much
8:46 am
charlie was involved. >> please cut to charlie. >> he's like i don't know these two women. i'm not listening to them. >> are they still here? up next we'll look at everything that happened. i want to keep watching this. >> you can see charlie in the
8:47 am
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♪ you think you've seen everything? ♪ let's talk about that when you get here. ♪
8:49 am
the united states virgin islands. well,ite besen a fun week. >> i think so too. >> jeff, was it good for you? >> i just want to hear you sing more is all i want. >> your wish is our command. that does it for us. as we leave you, let's look back at all that mattered this week. have a great weekend. >> i think both sides are to blame. >> president trump put himself in a politically complicated decision to appear to defend the alt-right. >> you had a group on the right
8:50 am
who was violent but also on the left. >> we don't know what kicked off the violence but it's clear elements from both sides have shown up for a fight. >> people have come together to stand. >> it's a message wall. look what we found. a beautiful memorial in honor of heather heyer. >> police say there is a group of twists two behind two attacks. >> hundreds of bars loanians have turned up clapping and chanting i am not afraid. >> do you think it's made the situation better or worse? >> i think worse. >> just over there north korea has thousands of pieces of artillery pointed at the south. record amounts of coca mea s s coindication could be heading to the u.s. justin thomas winning his
8:51 am
first victory. >> taylor swift winning her first civil suit against a radio host she says groped her. >> i would just like to point out i have remained silent and i would like my gold star. >> patty's not cueing correctly. >> come monday, this telescope was pointed directly at the eclipse. >> you definitely want to get the right glasses for that one. >> save your asses. >> save your what? >> glasses. >> or save both. >> where are you going for the eclipse? >> should i go to your house at bell fort? >> oh, that would be the perfect place. >> norah, we're all invited. >> just show up. >> then i actually start to -- >> do you do anything that's sexual? >> i never have sex on the first
8:52 am
season. ♪ i feel good >> guess who we found right here in yellow? >> i'm here. i'm back. i'm really glad to be back. >> we sent a posse to find you. >> did you miss me? >> i did. >> gayle, did you know charlie would open the show and say gayle and norah are still off?% >> gayle and norah are still there. ♪ every now and then i fall apart and i need you more tonight ♪ ♪ and i need you more than ever ♪ >> charlie, any vacation you have upcome dog you want to forfeit it so we can all make being together last? >> no. >> okay. we tried. ♪ nothing i can do it's a tellal eclipse of the heart ♪ . >> charlie's like, oh, god, go away, go away, leave me alone.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
good morning, i'm jim donovan, suspect is in custody in the latest vandalism over the frank rizzo statue across from city hall, clean up crews scrubbed the statue this morning, after that suspect allegedly painted black powder on it. people who want to see the statue come down allege that rizzo treated the african-american community unfairly even brutally at times. 11,000 people have signed an on line petition to keep the statue where it is. now, we turn katie for a lock at the forecast. >> not idea one, at least initially, pretty heavy thunderstorms working their way through specially the garden state, more specifically, ocean and burlington counties, where you've got this big cluster of drenching lane fall, and frequent lightning. this is a bit of a precursor,
8:56 am
sign every things later on to come for the rest of the region. and you are going to find some scattered, but locally drenching thunderstorms fire up, throughout the course of the day. now, up for summer fest, going to be taking our crews up to the poconos it, does, unfortunately, like like stormy weather up that way, as women. meanwhile the cold front that comes with the larger system as whole, needs to cross through, and once that does later today, tonight, with tow ten shale for severe wept err, in the clear for couple of days, and perfect timing for the weekends and the eclipse, meisha. >> sure is, katie, thank you so much. still looking pretty busy specially on the vine, westbound direction jump on to the schuylkill where we're seeing the bulk of the backups , there plus bridge inspections here girard point, this is tomorrow, between eight a.m. and 4:00 p.m. maybe going to slow you down just a little bit. just a reminder: airport line is shuttle bussing, between 30th street and airport, because of track work. just a heads up on that. be sure to check the schedules on line, overall though seeing your typical morning delays, right now, jim, back over to
8:57 am
you. >> thank you shall meisha, that's "eyewitness news" for now, joining us for " eyewitness news" today at noon, i'm jim donovan. make it a great day.
8:58 am
8:59 am
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>> announcer: fake news alert, it seems to be all over politics, but what about your health. >> in the world of medicine this may be one of our greatest enemies. >> real or fake >> announcer: can you tell the difference. he had dreams of becoming a skateborder. his special message from a sports message. >> and sugar substitutes, you thought they were just in your sodas? they are hiding in every day food. >> welcome our colleague, breast surgeon, dr. kristi funk join us! >> the funkster is in the house! >> and dr. "b"! >> so, this is a digital age that we are all living in. that's no news. but con


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