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tv   Eyewitness News at 8  CBS  August 20, 2017 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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police say a man pulled a gun on them in a north philadelphia neighborhood and then officers opened fire. we will tell you what police say led up to this shoot being thousands of people taking to boston streets, in protest of a free speech rally, some feared would be a repeat of charlottesville, i'm kennett craig in boston with reaction from both side, coming up next and get this, no one hit the jackpot in last night's power ball drawing but there could be a million-dollar winner here in our region. we will have last night's winning numbers and tell you just how much is up for grabs in the next jackpot. it is a whole lot. today is sunday august 20th, good morning, i'm jan carabao. lets get over to meteorologist
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matt peterson with the eyewitness weather forecast. good sunday morning. just a glorious day. >> fantastic, already. usually out on the sky deck, it is a little hit or miss. >> hot, humid, raining. i will goat out right now. >> see ya. >> they are talking about how nice it is. just a fantastic way to start off our sunday. we have sunshine bound ant across entire delaware valley. temperatures are comfortable as well. we were at 69. we were just below that 70 range in philadelphia for last couple of hours but with our new observation just coming in we have hit 71 here in center city. overall lots of 60's north of the city, trenton coming in at 67. sixty-six in allentown. still 58 in the poconos and then the 70's from philadelphia back down toward the shore but with a northwesterly breeze we are seeing all day long our dew points are low. even though our temperatures
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here this morning are warmer then we might like the humidity is not a factor for us, here. sixty's for the most part for those dew points and should remain on the lower side throughout the day-to-day. storm scan three is a clear scene for us, here as well. we had a little bit of fog that developed yesterday morning, and nothing like that here this morning. we are looking at just quiet, clear conditions, cross the board gannon storm scan three. we will see sunshine warmest around 75 degrees by 9:00 this morning. all the way to 87 for our high temperature today. jan, we will break down our forecast for the eclipse and talking about shower, thunderstorm chances in the middle of the week as well. >> all important eclipse forecast, thanks, matt, now back to you. we are following breaking news this morning. philadelphia police are at a center city 7-eleven right now after a worker was reportedly attacked there. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh just arrived on the scene. what have you learn. >> reporter: very violent morning outside of a very busy
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area in center city. take a look at 7-eleven right by city hall at corner of 13th and market streets. police source is telling me that the worker inside was stabbed in the head and the neck. this all happened around 6:30 this morning when a man walked into this store, demanded cigarettes and then for some reason started arguing with the man, hopped over the counter charging at the man and stabbed him again at least two times, once in the right side of the head and once in the right side of the neck. i can tell thaw victim is in stable condition at hahnemann hospital but that suspect is still at large. police have been inside reviewing surveillance video. they are getting ready to clear the scene right now but again, this victim is at hahnemann hospital right now recovering from several stab wounds. meantime the suspect whom police do not know and have not identified at this point is still at large but they
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still have surveillance video and reviewing those photos to track him down. this is a developing story and we will bring you latest details as we have them on air and on line at cbs live from center city i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> what a frightening scenario thanks, anita, keep us up to date. this morning a man is in the hospital after a police involved shooting in north philadelphia this shooting happened just after is 11:00 last night, bicycle officers were on patrol near 2500 block of north alder street. they spotted a man with the gun in his hand there so police officers chased him, police say man point aid gun at one of the officers during that chase and that is when an officer then opened fire hitting him twice, he was taken to the hospital, he was in critical condition at last check. meantime lanes are back opened on the new jersey turnpike this morning, crews have temporarily closed those lines after a deadly crash, crash happened around 11:30
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last night in run meet. two cars were heading north when the crash happened. one person was killed, two other people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. they closed all of the lanes thereafter the wreck, they are again, reopened this morning, the cause of the crash is still under investigation. new this morning one person is hospitalize after a fire in montgomery county this fire broke out around 5:20 this morning in the 2600 block of lemont avenue in abington. police were able to get this fire under control just after 6:00 this morning. no word on the injuries, or a person who was taken to the hospital or what may have sparked this fire. in other news this morning , in several major cities all across the country thousands took part in solidarity marches yesterday, calling for confederate monuments to be torn down. you'll remember last saturday a woman died when a self proclaimed white supremacist plowed his car in the crowd of counter protesters in virginia
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one of the largest protests yesterday was in boston and kennett craig was there. >> reporter: from dallas... to houston... and in memphis. hundreds of people rallied calling for confederate monuments tobe removed. >> we are here to protect the children. they are tormented by these white supremacist. >> reporter: in boston white wing activist gathered for a free speech rally but they were out numbered by counter protesters. army veteran stephen mcgraph says he for the, to protect free speech. >> everybody has different views. when you take it to the violence level you lose, 100 percent. >> reporter: tomorrow toll gallagher was promoting inclusion and tolerance. >> i respect free speech but that is not free speech that is hate speech. >> reporter: rally and protest was mostly peaceful and dramatic conn contracts to the week ago when hundreds of white national list violently
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crashed with counter protesters in virginia. heather heyer was killed when a white supremacist allegedly rammed his car into a crowd of people. >> boston police did not want a repeat of what happened in charlottesville so they intentionally kept the two side here separated, and they limited the free speech event to just two hours. >> we did a good job. the 99.9 percent of the people here are here for the right reason and that is fight bigotry and hate. >> reporter: several people were injured including this man whom police removed from the rally. police say more than 30 arrest where is made. kennett craig for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". sad news this morning, during the civil rights movement one of the most notable voices was dick gregory, the comedian and civil rights activist died late last night in washington d.c. he suffered a severe bacterial infection, and in the 1960's, gregory broke racial barriers using his sense of humor to spread social justice.
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he became one of the first african-american comedian toss find main stream success with white audiences. gregory also ran for president in 1968 as peace, freedom parity can kate -- candidate. president and first lady will not attend one of the washington's premore social event kennedy center honors. white house released a statement that read in part that the president and first lady have decided not to participate in in this years activity to allowed them to celebrate without any political distraction. ceremony honors individuals for their influence in the arts, three other presidents have skipped the ceremony at lee once but they all attended in following years. well, listen up, if you bought a power ball ticket you might be a million-dollar rich they are morning, however in one hit that big jackpot so it is once again rising. jackpot is up to 650 million-dollar. last night's winning numbers are 13, 19, 39, 43, 68 and
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power ball 13. tickets matching five numbers were sold in new jersey and pennsylvania those ticket are worth more than a million-dollar. check those tickets. 650 million-dollar grand pry is the third largeness power ball history and next drawing is wednesday night. fingers crossed. still ahead cbs-3 eclipse fest coverage continues with one of the best places in our area to watch tomorrow's big event in the sky. also ahead, businesses looking way up, in a small oregon town preparing for thousands of eclipse visitors. and this total solar eclipse will make history but not first time that this solar event. we will look at the last time an eclipse happened in our area and what people here
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small oregon town now reports from a town being called
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eclipseville, u.s.a. >> madres is epicenter for watchers in oregon, families coming to solar fest to get glasses and to learn. are you exited to see the eclipse? why? >> it is fun. >> sun and the moon. >> reporter: thousands are heading here. spectators, entertainers. and, vendors are all packing the small agricultural town. madres has better chance for clear skies then anywhere else along the line of totality, the mayor. >> you have never seen anything like this before. >> no, no but mostly seen probably 10,000 at the air show and that was over two days period. >> reporter: multiply it by 10 >> i know, isn't isn't that neat? >> reporter: wasn't just neat to lease a who is it i hired to plan. eclipse was an opportunity. >> there is a hustle, bustle, excitement and anticipation. >> reporter: in downtown madre s there is a new clothing
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store, arts and craft story opened and wine and craft beer store. >> are you fearing you will run out of beer? that would be a major problem for people. >> we're concern. >> reporter: are you are you really. businesses hope tourist come back after the eclipse. they do have the attention of the world. >> where are you from. >> hotels started to sellout months ago. so did campgrounds. >> we never knew, how many. >> there is no way of actually counting how many people will come. we necessity there will be a lot. we have planned, for a hundred thousand. >> reporter: there is a bit of the damper on the excitement here now that a small plane confirmed to have crashed in the embankment embankment. there are two people that died while we don't know exactly what happened witnesses say pilot was trying to turn and then make an approach to land on the runway when the plane stalled. jamie youkiss, cbs news, madre s, oregon. team of cbs news correspondents will be stationed in the path of
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totality and broadcasting live special reports tomorrow from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. right here on cbs 36789 coverage will be streaming live on cbs philly .com. so we have you covered, folks, matt, are you ready to see it. we have been talking about this eclipse for so long. >> we feel like we have been talking witt since beginning of the year. i'm ready to see it. it will be cool. it is something we don't see that often here, so anytime we can enjoy it. >> viewing conditions should be pretty good. >> i think philadelphia we will be okay. unfortunately some pesky cloud are in the forecast in the few areas south of the city. we will talk about where we will get best viewing conditions in the delaware val any just a second. outside here on sour sunday morning from our library cam, sky scan three live showing you a fan fast particular start to the day w that sunshine there, we hope it will flordia is to our monday and high pressure today is in control for time being but it will be breaking down as we get into the week ahead. this is what we are looking
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for, for the week. our outlook, it starts night on monday but as that high pressure that ridge breaks down on us just a little bit, it will allow a front to slide on in, and that will bring with it a chance for cloud cover in a few areas tomorrow, es bringing a chance for mid week thunderstorms but on the back side of that cold front a very, very, comfortable second half of the week. temperatures more than comfortable in the lower 80's and that humidity will be something that stays, very, very reas well. outside right now not too much happening on our satellite and radar picture. surface analysis shows that high pressure in control right now just over, western pennsylvania, and then eastern , ohio, it will track east as we go through the day-to-day but unfortunately it will break down through the night time hours, tonight and into tomorrow. as our next area of low pressure starts to filter in on the back side. temperatures this morning waking up to 71. right now just pennsylvania 8:00 here in philadelphia. seventy-one in millville. more zero seven's down toward
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the shore. atlantic city, wildwood at 70, 73 respectively. fifty's up toward the poconos. what you will feel as you step outside is lower humidity. dew points in the 60's. still might think to yourself that is high but compared to where we were yesterday? it is really very comfortable out there a few 50's down toward mount pocono as well. don't be surprised if we see dew points dip at lee later this afternoon in the high of 50's here in philadelphia much lower humidity is in store for us but things change as we go into the start of our workweek we will look for our comfort index to stay humid, to oppressive tomorrow, and then really a very, very high humidity day on tuesday. we could see dew points in the 70's. then that front comes through. wednesday it will still be warm and muggy but as we get into thursday and friday that is when things start look very nice. here's all important eclipse forecast starting tomorrow around 1:00, our excuse me 1:20 in the afternoon when moon shadows start to creep
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across the sun, and then by 2:44, we are looking for our mass eclipse time. thinks where we will see 80 percent coverage of the sun , and then still looking for good visibility here in the center city area. south and west of philadelphia we could look for a little bit more cloud cover, again as our area of high pressure breaks down. upper level moisture works its way n south of the city back down into delaware or out moving toward western, pennsylvania, we are going to be looking for that visibility to be decreasing just a little bit budd here in philly at looks like it should be good and all things looking to wrap up around 4:00. moon shadow completely moves off and then even at that point we are looking at relatively good visibility here in center city. overall it doesn't look like we will ab expected too much. planning to hoed further south , would i suggest, maybe staying here in town. eighty-seven for our high today. eighty-eight for the eclipse tomorrow. getting better toward end of the week, today. well, everybody is getting ready for the eclipse. while we will only see a
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partial one here in the philadelphia area it will still be a very cool experience. one of the best places thaw can see this stellar event is close by, it is in delaware. the observatory in greenville new castle county will telescopes ready for the historic event, first solar eclipse to be contained in the continental you had in 100 years. mound will pass between earth and son on the track in oregon to south carolina we are orbit ing around the sun and moon is orbiting around the earth but moon's orbit is tilted a little bit with respect to where the sunnies abe so every once in a while the moon passes through. >> reporter: here in our area only 80 percent of the sun will be covered but those who see total eclipse will view had corona. >> when moon is blocking the surface of the sun, when you can see all that, surrounding the sun. >> reporter: telescopes at observatory need to be protected just like our eyes do. so they will be fitted with a solar filter just for the big
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event if you missed this eclipse you have to wait until 2024 for next one but at some point solar eclipses will fade in history. >> in 500 million years there will not be any. >> reporter: because moon is slowly retreating from the earth at eventually will not be able to block out the sun. >> that will not happen for a long, long, time so don't worry bit but if you would like to view it of the mount cuba observatory give them a call, you will want to observe space because they have limited spots for people to enjoy it. >> i'm glad we will have good conditions because that would be a total drag if we had cloudy conditions across our area. >> i know, do think we will be okay here in center city. further south, mount cuba far enough in north delaware, but down in the rehoboth beach area that is where those cloud can move in. >> thanks, matt. time for check of the road with amanda mueller in the cbs-3 traffic center. >> taking a live look at 76
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westbound looking down at girard avenue exit. not much volume out there just yet. martin luther king drive is on the left there as usual that is closed for recreational activities. stepping back new for wider look across our area, everything is running at speed , slow down on 76 approaching city but nothing unusual there. suburbs including 202, 30, blue route looking good as well as turnpike and atlantic city expressway down the shore for the day. taking a live look at the boulevard running along as expect we are seeing a little volume pick up this morning as folks get a start on the day. in the traffic center i'm amanda mueller now jan, back to you. total solar eclipse is a historic event. david spunt looked back at the last time there was a total eclipse in the u.s. and what it was like here in philadelphia. >> 9:16 great falls, montana so dark motorist drove with their lights on. around the disk of the shadow you can see the center.
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>> reporter: february 26th 1979 a solar eclipse in the northwestern united states. philadelphians expected to see at lee something that day but had big story was what didn't happen. we fee tired it here on channel three. >> for is the big show went behind the thick gray cloud up there. jim hickey went there to see what we didn't. >> late george hamilton then director offer fels planetarium planned eclipse activities for months. >> very disappointing because i wanted the public to share a partial eclipse, even partials are exciting. >> reporter: almost four decade later. >> as an astronomer we are victim of the weather. >> reporter: matt is an astronomer in philadelphia and owns spectrum scientific a store dedicated to the subject he has been setting up to view the eclipse on monday. >> it will be noticeable in some fashion. you don't take away 4/5 of the sunlight and have not be noticed. >> reporter: last total solar eclipse over city of philadelphia happened july
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29th, 1478, long before there was a philadelphia. >> they are interesting because they are probably one of the first thing astronomers going back many century were able to predict. >> reporter: at a time when tools were primitive and these glasses didn't exist. lets hope monday isn't a repeat of 1979. >> if you make an eclipse watching devices would i hang on to it. >> reporter: next total solar eclipse in philadelphia, may 1st, 2017, start the count down, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". nice work to tell me that the weather is looking good for this one. we will be right back with a preview of this morning's
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back on "eyewitness news"
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modern form of bullying and harassment shaping people on line. as cbs sunday morning david poke shows us if consequences can be devastating. here's a preview what you will see later on cbs sunday morning. >> reporter: last friday night kyle quinn and assistant professor at university of arkansas, was enjoying a pleasant night out with his wife. >> we went up to beddingville arkansas a crystal bridge museum, i found some nice art exhibits with my wife, and we went to dinner up there and had a lovely evening. >> reporter: is what first, thing you had that something was amiss a lot of frantic e-mails from the university trying to reach me. i thought my weekend was about to be ruined. >> reporter: while kyle fin was at that museum in arkansas white supremacist were gathering in charlottesville, virginia. on the internet outraged on lookers misidentified quinn as within of the participants. >> you see a picture of the real guy do you think is there
8:26 am
a resemblance. >> i understand i have got a beard. i understand that some people could see a resemblance there but anybody knows me knew that wasn't me. >> reporter: people who didn't know quinn decided that he had to be punished. >> what sorts of messages were getting. >> really vulgar messages that you could never air, messages coming to me e-mail, on my work phone, things on twitter, instagram, facebook as well. >> reporter: can you give me a example this were all implying that i was obviously a racist. >> the personal cost of internet shaping. plus twilight star robert pattinson and inside tv show stranger things, those stories and much more this sunday morning right here on "eyewitness news" at 9:00 a.m. still ahead in our next half an hour we are following breaking news this morning, a worker attacked at a center
8:27 am
city 7-eleven. we will bring you up to date on the investigation. also ahead a terrifying ride over a local bridge, why a family says they were forced to drive over it as it opened. we know it is dangerous to look directly at the eclipse but what if you want tea a picture of the celestial event our stephanie stahl shows house to you safely snap a photo in that
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meteorologist matt peterson has eyewitness weather. great weather for now, matt. >> just fantastic. i don't think it gets much better then this especially for middle or almost second half of august. we have temperatures that are comfortable, but really what is more important is that just
8:30 am
how low humidity toys start out this sunday morning. of course, this sunday is shining. we ended up in the higher 60's a couple hours ago or we were just sitting at 69 degrees in philadelphia we have listen to 71. we have seen plenty of zero seven's from wilmington delaware through millville, atlantic city and wildwood as well. we are sitting at 74. sixty's toward trenton. fifty-nine in mount pocono. overall again these temperatures are just barely a would have seasonal range for this time of the year. our wind speeds are about five to 10 miles an hour. it really should not abe breezy dau but what we are concerned with or what we are watching that is northwesterly component to the wind. that is bringing in, not just some cooler air but really bringing in dryer air. at this time you see dew point s much lower then they were 24 hours ago. at this time yesterday we had dew points in the 70's where it was feeling extremely muggy abe soupy. here this morning it feels more comfortable.
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not too much happening on storm scan three, and as we look to our day planner here we will get to 75 by 9:00 o'clock this morning. eighty-three at lunchtime. we will top out at 87 this afternoon. we have a maybe a few cloud tomorrow and we will tell you where they are for eat clips and then thunderstorm chances, too. >> thanks, matt. we're following breaking news, this morning, a convenient store worker is hospitalized after being reportedly attacked in a center city 7-eleven. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live at 13th and juniper now and anita, what is very latest. >> reporter: good morning, jan very violent morning here for that store clerk who was stabbed this morning with a butcher knife by a suspect hoist still at large. it happened here at this 7-eleven, right here by city hall at corner of 13th and juniper street. man reportedly started arguing with the clerk inside, even asking for cigarettes and then jumped over and charged at the
8:32 am
victim stabbing him in the right side of the head and neck. he ran away while 58 year-old clerk is in stable condition at hahnemann hospital. police have been reviewing surveillance video to help them find that suspect. he is described as a black man in his 40's wearing a blue shirt with green details, red sneakers and jeans. victim who is stabbed inside of this 7-eleven is in stable condition but that suspect, he is still at large this morning police are looking for him at this time. of course, this is a developing story. we will bring you latest details as soon as we have them on air and on cbs philly .com. live from center city, i'm anita oh for cbs thanks, anita. a man is in the hospital this morning after a police involved shooting in north philadelphia this happened just after 11:00 o'clock last night. bicycle officers were on patrol near 2500 block of north alder street. they spotted a man with the
8:33 am
gun in his hand there they say officer chased him. man point that had gun at one of the officers during the chase. that officer then opened fire hitting him twice. he was taken to the hospital, he was in critical condition at last check. pennsylvania state police have yet to release names of the two state troopers shot in the line of duty on friday night. these two troopers were investigating when a suspect shot them outside of a grocery store south of pittsburgh. the 26 year-old shooter was killed at the scene. one of the troopers was shot and already released from the hospital. other trooper suffered more serious injuries, he was shot in the stomach and is still in the hospital in critical condition. he is expected to survive. meantime, former police officers in florida, also found themselves in the line of fire, friday night. as roxana saberi reports, two officers from one department were killed. >> reporter: police in florida say when two of their officers
8:34 am
responded to a call on friday night in an area known for drug activity they were shot in what may have been an ambush. kissimee police chief jeff o dell. >> it breaks my hard to have to speak to you tonight about another senseless tragedy. >> reporter: avenueser matthew baxter was killed, sergeant sam howard died saturday from his injuries. everette glenn miller was arrested and charged. later in jacksonville, florida two police officers were shot and wounded. the suspect was killed. tragic night comes just after fbi report that had 26 law enforcement officers were killed so far this year, as a result of criminal acts. >> it is getting tough to do the job that we have all sworn to protect, up hold, and maintain, livable neighborhood s, keep people safe and then the senseless act are going object. >> reporter: kissimee officers are believed to be 27th, 28th killed this year. last year, 66 officers were
8:35 am
murdered, highest in a decade. most of those fatalities were caused by firearms. roxana saberi for cbs news, new york. meantime a virginia state trooper, killed in a helicopter crash during a charlottesville protest has been laid to rest. >> reporter: bagpipes, drums, played in memory of lieutenant jay cullen, he was monitoring white national list protests, last saturday when his helicopter crashed, a second trooper on board pilot burt bates was also killed his funeral was on friday, and the cause of that crash is under investigation. following last weekend's violence in charlottesville there were concerns of possible violence in boston. thousands marched through that city in response to the self described free speech rally but as andrew spencer reports the demonstrations were mostly peaceful. >> reporter: despite fear of a repeat of charlottesville, the
8:36 am
peace held in boston amid a free speech rally and corresponding counter protest on saturday. group calling itself boston free speech coalition organized a rally before the violence in virginia tweeting this message a few days ago denouncing all violence and telling participantness to the to bring weapons on an antagonize anyone. rotunda was relatively empty compared to the throngs of the count are demonstrators barricaded a good distance away. thousands office people marched through downtown boston, speaking out against racism, nazis and price supremism. they carried sign such as united against hate while other criticized president donald trump. a few trump supporters could be found in the crowd amid sea of counter protesters. some in the front line of protests, at times got confrontational with police, and amid particularly tense moments, several counter protesters were taken into police custody from the sky
8:37 am
you can see huge presence some confrontation and handful of people pull in the crowd of police and taken away. i'm andrew spencer, reporting. overseas new police in spain continue their manhunt for van driver who plowed into a crowd along the popular pedestrian area in barcelona, 13 people, including an american were killed, in thursday's terror attack. dozens more were injured. police are searching for a 22-year old moroccan man suspect of driving that van. investigators believe they have disrupted and possibly dismantled the terror cell that was responsible for the attack. >> there is a motto that spontaneously heard in red and repeated in since yesterday. motto people coined and it says that we are not afraid and we will be never, and best example is coexist tense. >> police settle up roadblocks throughout the barcelona area
8:38 am
as that manhunt continues for the is us peck. is there still so much more to come on "eyewitness news" this sunday morning and coming up next, we will check in with face the nation john dickerson for a look
8:39 am
8:40 am
face the nation will be coming your way later at 10:30 right here on cbs-3. joining with us a preview live in washington is cws news chief washington correspondent john dickerson, john, good morning. >> good morning, jan. we will talk about the issues that have been raised in the wake of the violence in charlottesville last weekend and some other news big change s at the top of the white house. we will start our conversation with south republican tim scott says president's moral authority was compromised what does that mean? is that something a president can fix? also of course senator scott has historical perspective here, south carolina two years ago took down confederate flag
8:41 am
from in front of the state house. we want his thoughts about the debate over confederate monuments. we will then continue that conversation with virginia democratic senator tim kaine, number two on the democratic ticket, last time around but also a former virginia governor and mayor of richmond , which was, of course , heart of the confederacy, we want to talk about him about race in america and also his experience, with the conflict between those who still honor the confederate heritage and history and a changing nation. then, jan, we will continue that conversation with a special pan toll talk about white supremacist in america including with the correspondent from the vice news tonight documentary that has been seen by over 46 million people, documentary about that weekend in chas lot villain then we will have our regular old political pan toll talk about this and other news of the week a lot to cover as usual, thanks, john, see you at 10:30. still to come on cbs-3
8:42 am
"eyewitness news" beautiful today but what about tomorrow? matt peterson's back with your all important eclipse day forecast. plus a local family says it was forced to drive over a bridge as it opened, what exactly happened there and who police say is at fault, that is when "eyewitness news" if what you see then you've hit the jackpot.
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they were crossing a middle thoroughfare bridge that connecting southern edge of the wildwood to cape may. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos spoke with that couple who recounted the scary ordeal. >> heading to cape may for shopping and dining on august 1st, nathan family from west deptford paid $1.50 toll and crossed the middle they are fair bridge. >> family has had a house in north wildwood since the 70's. i have been on it newt rust
8:45 am
time ever since. >> reporter: jackie nathan said something didn't quite feel right. >> my wife says i think the bridge is opening. >> he accelerated and, of course, then we randed with a big impact on the other side of the conn crease on the other side. >> big et cetera impact i ever felt in my life without a doubt. >> reporter: inside car, couple daughter and friend bumped and bruised but not seriously hurt but their vehicle not so much. this is their suv, right here it looks okay but most of the damage is here on the under carriage. >> estimates of 10,000, without it being taken apart. >> reporter: family is trying to figure out how they were allowed to cross in the first place. >> keeps replaying in your head. would you never think this could happen. >> reporter: police investigate. police report says that the bridge operator did not notice family's car because of the quote strong sun glare. it puts blame on the cape may county bridge commission for not ago wear of the surrounding. >> has anyone reached out to you. >> not the bridge commission
8:46 am
in, one not a soul from the bridge commission. >> reporter: we have reached out to the executive director karen coughlin would release a statement saying that the incident is being investigated >> baycally we would like to see something happen. people cross that all the time we won't again but aloft people do. >> reporter: in west deptford, greg air guess for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that story is unreal, matt but for us in the weather department we have great weather today and for the solar eclipse tomorrow. >> we have wonderful weather. we are keeping our fingers crossed. here in center city, it looks like forecast should be good for solar eclipse but there is a chance for some cloud cover to be in the surrounding areas we will break down that eclipse forecast here, after we talk to our eyewitness weather watchers on this sunday morning. they are talking about temperatures in the backyard that are comfortable in the 60 's, now some lower zero seven's are already out there we will head over into new jersey this morning carrie at
8:47 am
70. mount laurel in her backyard. plenty of sunshine for her though. she said an awesome sunday morning. get out there and enjoy perfect weather. i have to agree. it will be a perfect day. and then let's head over to 68 n eagleville with plenty of sunshine and speaking about lou we will show one picture this morning who took a fantastic picture with his drone from the norristown area by eagleville. sun was out and it was a fantastic, fantastic morning. it will be a great afternoon, as well. of course we are all thinking about tomorrow, afternoon, and then when we are dealing with the solar eclipse. lets take a look at is what happening across the nation, with the solar eclipse, first you see path of totality, all the way from salem oregon, lincoln nebraska, back down into nashville, tennessee and finally pushing off the coast line of south carolina and if you are in the path of totality or no someone that is
8:48 am
it will be pretty good viewing conditions all the way from oregon through nebraska, and then back into south carolina in jefferson city, nashville things could get cloudy. here in the northeast it looks like it should good but what we are talking about is our area of high pressure we have today, it is going to start to break down a little bit as we move in the nighttime hours tonight and into tomorrow. what that means is our day starts out on the clear side. we will wake up monday morning and see clear skies, but, jab, cloud will start to work in the region as that high pressure continues to press further away and ridge starts to break down. while philadelphia and immediate surrounding areas should stay relatively clear, the better chance for some cloud cover it looks like to filter in and maybe even, probably obscure your view of the eclipse tomorrow afternoon will be south and west, of the city. further south you go and further west you go better chance for cloud cover you
8:49 am
will get. if you are in far southern delaware, moving into central pennsylvania, to go watch it, that is where we could run into some issues with maybe more cloud cover but here in philadelphia itself i really do think that we will remain on the generally clear side of things. outside here this morning we have a clear start to the day. neighborhood network palmyra cove nature park looking very, very nice. looking at our satellite radar moving in the surface analysis there is that high pressure in control but it is tracking east and it will break down that ridge allowing cloud cover to slide in tomorrow. stepping outside with temperatures in the 60's and 70's on our sunday here. seventy-one in philadelphia as well as millville checking out dew point is here, they are comfortable no longer in the zero seven's and back down in the 60's and will remain nice throughout the afternoon. eighty-seven for our high. generally clear on monday, tomorrow high of 88 degrees. we will see that thunderstorm icon. we could have a few scattered showers or thunderstorms in the evening and in the during
8:50 am
eclipse time but better chance for thunderstorms on tuesday with a high of 92. cold front gives us a chance for showers and thunderstorms on wednesday but jan, getting into thursday and friday it looks nice. >> not too bad, thanks, matt. time is 8:50. time to check road. lets go to amanda mueller in the cbs-3 traffic center. >> hi there, jan we have one accident on 76 westbound we are taking a live look at 76 from conshohocken curve this accident is right here. it isn't too major. you can see signs above it. this is tying up traffic earlier and volume increasing as morning goes on. things are not too backed up but they are not moving quickly either. mass transit looking g everything running on time. remind their septa's running shuttle buses between 30th street station and airport on weekends due to track work but bus schedules do not necessarily line up with previous train schedules so check on line before you head out this morning. taking a live look at ben franklin bridge all major are clear as well as bridges in and out of the city in the traffic center i'm amanda
8:51 am
mueller now back to you. >> very nice look at philadelphia, thanks, amanda. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this sunday morning we now know at lee we hope you know by now we cannot look at that upcoming solar eclipse without special glasses. so what do you do if you want to take a picture or video of the event. how to safely capture an image of this historic moment. we will be right
8:52 am
8:53 am
but what if you want to take photos or videos with phones and cameras. health reporter stephanie stahl shows us thousand make sure your effort don't put you or your camera in the danger zone. it is a once in a lifetime event for many and there won't be much time to capture the solar eclipse if you want a picture. jason parker is a professional photographer. >> you have 90, to enjoy this thing. one of my recommendtations was to shoot fast and a lot for
8:54 am
first 15 seconds and then sit back and enjoy the rest. >> reporter: these eclipse glasses are only way to safely protect your eyes. >> that is actual sun minus all of the radiational around it. >> reporter: doctor jack dugan says looking at the sun can burn retina and cause vision loss even more intensely if you look through lens of the camera or a phone. >> because that light will go right into your eye even to a higher degreen then if you were to look up. >> really big magnifying glass >> reporter: camera experts say eclipse could also damage equipment. >> the sun's sobriety that it is just going to fry your eye or your camera. >> reporter: special filters are recommended for cameras. if you plan to use your phone to capture images of the eclipse turn off auto focus and flash and then put glasses over the lens, like this, and in the this, but this. >> make sure that you are doing that and you are blocking sun with the smart phone so your eyes are not looking at the sun.
8:55 am
>> reporter: might want to practice before the big event, and figure out where the sun will be. >> once you put filter over the camera, you're not going to be able to see image of the sun on your screen unless you have it pointed at exactly the right location. >> reporter: same recommend cases for binoculars, filters or glasses over the end of the lens. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now if you are not able to girth hands on that protective gear, those glasses we have you cover. cbs news will be broadcasting from one to 3:00 p.m. right here on cbs-3. team of correspondent will be stationed in the path of totality where eclipse will be in fully affect. coverage will be streaming live on cbs stay with us "eyewitness news" is your source for everything on this eclipse, our day of coverage begins tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. right here on cbs-3. we are ready for it, folks and should be a good day for most
8:56 am
of our area in viewing that eclipse. >> i think so here in philadelphia we will be on the mostly sunny sunnyside. cloud cover not too much of a problem here, in the eat mediate area heading south or, heading wednesday of the city few more cloud will filth inner there. in south delaware, moving toward central pennsylvania that is where we could be looking at, for those cloud to filter on in. in general, though it is going to be pretty easy going for our viewing here in philadelphia tomorrow, for today though 87 degrees for our afternoon high. plenty of sunshine. that is nice way to wrap up our weekend. and now you see there we have an graphic that shows a few rumbles of thunder for our monday as well. what we are looking at there is a very scatter, chance, for a shower or thunderstorm in the evening hours on our monday, for the most part tomorrow will be cry, it will be relatively sunny. 88 degrees for our high on monday. all the way up in the 90's on tuesday, more showers, thunderstorm chances there cold front on tuesday and
8:57 am
wednesday, brings us a chance for showers and thunderstorms on wednesday and then jan, even of the week looks great. thursday, friday, sunshine low heat. humidity we have today, could be even lower bye-bye end of the week. >> i'm relieved it is not cloudy all over our area. >> me too. >> tomorrow. >> thanks, matt. that is it for "eyewitness news" for now we may be signing off on tv but we are always on line at cbs philly .com: sunday morning is next. have a great day, everyone.
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