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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 25, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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destine nation. it is this week's stop on our summer fest tour good afternoon aim nicole brewer. ukee has the night off. good afternoon, aim jessica dean coming to you live from haddonfield, right here on kings highway where we have seen people walking by, stopping by, saying hello on what is a beautiful, summer friday. and while conditions here are great to be outside as you probably know they are not great down south, in texas. there is a serious hurricane headed that way this afternoon , and we have got meteorologist kate bilo here in had on field. we want to check with her now. kate, how are things looking. >> reporter: well, this is a very dangerous storm, it is not only dangerous in the fact it is a major category three hurricane poised to slam in the texas coast but what this storm will do in the days following, land fall, as it just sits and stalls over the gulf coast of texas. lets take you down to the texas gulf coast now, storm has strengthend in to a powerful category three storm,
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it is already packing max wind speed of 120 miles an hour, harvey is expected to drop up to 3 feet of rain in some areas and could deliver as much as a 15-foot storm surge. governor of texas has declared a state of disaster for 30 counties in the storm as path, harvey is expect to make land fall late tonight or early tomorrow morning. i want to take you out to graphics and see what harvey looks like, satellite enhanced satellite shows that powerful storm very well defined eye wall, just off of the texas coast, moving, very quickly, toward shore. if this storm had more time to strengthen it would justin to do so, water vice warm, the element really conn dues turf future development. it is a category three major hurricane sustained wind at 125 miles an hour as it sits off the coast of texas, central pressure 941 millibars and moving inland. by tomorrow afternoon it is inland and harvey could loop back around in the warm
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coastal waters of the gulf of mexico restrengthening and notice next wednesday that is is wednesday 1:00 o'clock it is still just centered over houston, texas. once this storm comes off shore the storm surge of course, winds biggest threat tonight and tomorrow but then of course it is a prolonged heavy rainfall that we will be dealing w take a look at these numbers, it is foot and a half of rain possible nor corpus christie. houston texas could see 2 feet of rain over the course of five days with harvey and this could lead to catastrophic flooding in south texas and louisiana. we will keep you updated on harvey's movement through tonight and of course back here live in haddonfield cloud have moved in. comfortable, cool, evening but showers are staying away and cool conditions will last news to the weekend. little taste of autumn. i will have your full seven day in a bit. for now back down the street to jessica. >> kate, thanks. we will check back in a little bit. as kate was telling you hurricane harvey is a very
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serious storm. american red cross is preparing to mobilize all of its volunteers april rat to us go down to texas to help people there. so far we know at lee one local volunteer has head that had way to assist, red cross is expect ago this number to grow in the coming days and even the weeks ahead you heard kate mention that storm could camp out there for a while. regional call center here in philadelphia is gearing up to handle a huge influx of calls from texas to louisiana this weekend from people who need assistance as the storm moves through. kate will have her latest forecast in less than 15 minutes and also ahead we will give you a live report from corpus christi texas at 5:40. this massive hurricane bringing back memories of super storm sandy. we will take you their life at 5:42. more to come on. that in the meantime back here in haddonfield, it is a summer friday we are doing what we have been doing all summer long, that is celebrating, the best of the delaware valley and how everyone in the delaware valley, celebrates
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summer. it has been fun getting to know these different towns and today we are in haddonfield, new jersey. from delicious places to dine to stylish shopping boutique this is camden county community has a very busy downtown and tonight we invite to you join us as we enjoy all of the charming places, of course along these beautiful tree lined streets there is history in this town. we have spent a lot of time here this week. all of our different crews myself included have walk street, met some of the people and we have learned about the incredible history here, in haddonfield. lets take a look. >> ♪ >> reporter: yes. >> it is type of community where one person can make a difference. >> reporter: haddonfield, new jersey is a colonial gem tucked away 10 miles from philadelphia, the stop along the camden and atlantic railroad has been a hub of activity for more than 300 years. >> goal to make this a haven for quakers, place where they could worship and in a new
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world and freedom of religion and thrive as business people. >> reporter: it was formally founder by elizabeth hadon in 1701 young quaker woman used her father's money to developed tonight to a transportation hub along kicks highway. far way from the country where her religion wasn't welcomed anymore. but it didn't stay peaceful for long. >> during the revolutionary war, when british and others were in trenton, the legislature met here at the indian king in haddonfield. >> quakers would have liked to have just gonna way, they referred to it as the commotions. >> reporter: while quakers may have protested war in the backyard today it is a celebrated part of haddonfield 's past during first saturday of june, every year. >> one of our major events we reinact a gunfight between the red coat and the continentals. >> unfortunately it is historically accurate so red coats win, but one thing to
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read history books and read about dates, and generals, it is another thing to actually see what life was like living back then. >> reporter: perfectly preserved. the indian king tavern still acts as a hub of activity for town history buff. >> it is where things happen. for example the declaration of independence in this area was first red from the indian king in the early 1900's i think about 1903, the state acquired this and this was fist historic site with the state of new jersey acquired the general to preserve it. >> sirens. >> just down the street second oldest volunteer fire department in the country is still, battling flames. >> first responders, i need a job. we run in when people run out. >> reporter: george cox became a fire fighter and later chief of the haddon fire company, taking steps to preserve the legacy of the 25 three-year
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old department. >> we have two old antique hand bumpers in our museum, weather buckets, some old equipment we use, we have a window from the original firehouse in there. >> reporter: small museum celebrates what would have been a treacherous profession in the 17 and 1800s. >> back in the old days you didn't have the mask, you just went in. >> reporter: from the inside of this firehouse to the victorian style homes that pepper the neighborhood no matter where you look the history of haddonfield is on display. >> you can feel history here, you can have a pleasant time with the restaurants and the stores and see what life can be like in a small town. >> quiet little town, everybody knows everybody, it is, a friendly
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>> joining me is mayor of the haddonfield neil, thanks so much for being with us. >> thanks so much for coming out we appreciate you you and your whole team from channel three here. i know you have been here all week but consider this your official greetings from the mayor of haddonfield. >> we are honored and i know you grew up here. >> i did. >> and what do you think we just heard a lot about the history of haddonfield which there is a lot but what about it is special to you. >> you know what i think is special, i grew up in haddonfield, so did my wife and so did my father but even people who moved in yesterday we are all invested in this town invested in our schools, business district and our homes and getting to no one another and having a sense of community. we work very hard. it is not by accident. it is through hard work. we have a lot of fun. we hopefully enjoy our visitors that come into haddonfield, visit our business district and taking part and haddonfield.
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>> we have had fun as well. we have noticed as people walk by it is a feeling of community with everybody saying hi, everybody knows everybody else his name, amazing sometimes a little too much but yeah. >> a small town. >> absolutely. >> we have got to sample shops around here we will tell you about people about that later but some of these shops have been here for 40 years. >> yes incredible. tell us about the small business district. >> you know what our business district is always growing. we lose a couple, which we're always sad about but we gain a couple. it makes it very interesting. if you were in town a couple years ago, come back again because there is new stores that may not have been here two years ago and we're very walkable and on saturdays we have farmers market, great place to start the day. why get on the expressway, why pay for a beach badge this is where you need to be on a august day in the summertime on the weekend. >> looking ahead to the fall tell us about something fun coming up as people start to plan their fall. >> we have our car show,
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antique car show will be coming up, we have our fall festival coming up, we have 5k runs coming up, we have a beer tap at the indian king restaurant even though we're a dry town we do sneak in a little bit from time to time you heard it from the mayor. >> just a little snip bit at indian king. check out our web site, we have a calendar on there and send out a town calendar and we have a lot of events coming up in the fall. gets very busy here in haddonfield. >> we are looking forward to it. mayor, thanks for having us. >> please come back very soon. >> we will. >> we love the whole team. >> summer fest is in full swing here and we have got a bride to be that found a special place to shop tori. >> reporter: i found a few special places to shop and if you want to be happily married like these two susan and jeff for 45 years you need the perfect dress and the perfect advice which is. >> visit. >> we will talk about the perfect advice for shopping
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for wedding dresses coming up, don't miss this, you are the best. >> i love it. if you know, haddie the hatsauer us was first skeleton excavated and put on display, in the 1800's, and kate bilo will explain that connection to haddonfield in our next half an hour. we will be live from haddonfield all night if you are around stop by and say hello. we will be having a baby. caring for your parents. learning you have a condition. these are moments when people realize that where you get your medicine matters. and they look to us. cvs pharmacy. for advice. and ways to save money. plus, get up to fifty extrabucks each year just for filling prescriptions. switching is easy. we're here for you. join us. at cvs pharmacy. ♪
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it is a summer friday in haddonfield, new jersey we are celebrating cbs-3 summer fest and we are so glad to have you on this summer friday, not many of these left so we have to make most of them, for sure here in haddonfield, it is a small town with a lot of charm but for being such a small town they have multiple bridal boutiques which makes it a perfect place for bride to be to go shopping and lucky for us we have one of those, she's our bride to be and resident fashionista vittoria woodill, what did you find. >> jessica, twist my arm, to go out, wedding dress shopping , right now aim in jay
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west, one of the bridal boutiqueness haddonfield and haddonfield just has so much to offer bride. it is a one stop shop, so, in this piece you will find some tips for saying i do, to the perfect dress. for the first day, starting your happily ever after, there is one town that has been for years, the perfect place, to find your perfect wedding dress. haddonfield, around here bridal boutiques are in bountiful supply, stop spark ling and ready to help you get ready for big day so as a bride to be myself, i popped into three of the best to get i do's and don't's for saying yes, to the dress because there is a lot to choose from. >> thin, flare, mermaid, ball gown, a line. >> reporter: heat are your shopping vowels repeat after me i vow to keep an opened mind. >> would i say definitely come with an opened mind because sometimes what you think you want in your head or perceive in your head that will look
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great, you will walk down aisle and envision the whole thing, it doesn't happen. >> reporter: i vow to come prepared and communicate with my consultant. >> you have pictures of what you like, bring picture, show consultant your pictures, so that will help them figure out what they should be looking for. >> reporter: i strow wear the right under garments. >> please never come with no underwear on. >> okay, yeah. >> that has happened. >> oh, boy. >> good underwear, you know, good structure, bra. >> reporter: so come prepared. >> absolutely. >> as if you were dressing for your wedding. >> reporter: and finally i vow to not put pressure on the feeling but let me heart do the picking. >> if you feel this is the dress thaw can see yourself walking down aisle with and want your fiance to marry you in then that is your perfect dress. >> reporter: i thought that was the best advice because i asked each boutique, i said,
5:17 pm
does the feeling exist? they all said yes, absolutely the feeling exist but every bride is different so don't put that pressure on yourself. so kate, i will be here shopping, it might take me a little while. i hope that i'm going to be available for my next hit but i have a feeling i will be in here for quite sometime. >> tori, you look so beautiful in those dresses. what a great little town not only bridal shops but great shops, restaurants and boutiques in haddonfield, it is a great night to check it out. what is happening if you see cloud in the sky after beautiful sunny day we have had all that is indicating is cool air aloft is moving in and that will reenforce the cool, low humidity as we head in the weekend. few instability cloud we have self-destructive sunshine, sun comes out, heat up ground, warm air rises and we get some cloud. maybe a few sprinkles. lets look at storm scan three to see if we have anything popping up just yet, we have not felt any rain drops here
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in haddonfield but not out of the question we could see a few as we go through rest of the evening. you can see cloud, you can see the sponge paint that is an indication of, cold air aloft and we are feeling outside this evening. lets take a quick peak at temperatures, it is feeling fantastic outside, for an august evening. could be hotter, and could be more humid. seventy-seven in the city. eighty in millville. seventy-seven in at plant i can city. seventy-seven where we stand here in haddonfield as we brought our mobile weather watcher down as well. dew pointness that pleasant to awesome range, 46 degrees dew point very dry air in mount pocono. 53 degrees the dew point in philadelphia. really this pathed earn will hang on through weekend with the dome of high pressure centered over region and it is not budging and this is taking over our weather pattern. sunshine low humidity morning lows in the 60's, in the city and 50's in other spots. but of course we have had some problems down south, take a look at this very impressive radar loop of hurricane harvey
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barreling toward texas coast, notice barrier island low lying land there looking at 129 feet of storm surge in some spots and those heavy rain band have started to move on shore, hurricane warnings are in effect, from the corpus christi area down toward brownsville. we have a few tropical storm warnings along the coast as well but hurricane warning extending from houston right down to brownsville, texas with the war of it right along corpus christi area we will have more on harvey and check in texas later in this broadcast. out grilling tonight or outside eating here in haddonfield at lovely little restaurant outside it is nice, few cloud, beautiful calm, comfortable evening and most of those cloud are not producing any rain. it is great weather for first day of the komen three day and will get nicer, tomorrow a hint of fall as we top out in the zero seven's cool, pleasant morning, sunday, sunny and beautiful at 80 degrees and your seven day forecast looks, similarly gorgeous, we have got
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temperatures below average right through the next several days our next chance for showers looks to be possibly wednesday, and certainly into thursday, there may be a better chance for shower down the shore coming up we will look at your shore cast as we head into saturday and we will have the latest on hurricane harvey, but for now right down the street i can almost see jessica in her blazer, bright red blazer, we will send it back to you down the street. >> just so close, just so close, thanks very much. looking like wonderful weather for weekend, certainly a beautiful night to get out take a walk, maybe go to dish and hey you can do all that right here in haddonfield. storm watch threw flew over main street. i'll take new to unique shops here at 6:00, don. they are tough to beat. coming up next in sports, we will show you why the haddonfield boys cross country
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team is a complete stand out, wait until you hear these stats, we will be right back.
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you know it is special when we have don bell. we have something special extra today, don's here in haddonfield with a great story don, we're so honored you joined us. >> jessica you are far too kind but i'm happy to be here because we have a great story for you n sports we always talk about winning streaks. that is one of the things we really love. here at haddonfield high school they are on one of the most impressive runs, you have ever seen. >> ♪ >> haddonfield high school has something special going on, the mens cross country team is on a roll.
5:25 pm
>> so you have not lost. >> no, never, this year, no. we have solid guys. we only graduated one next year. we're not expecting a loss. >> reporter: report haddonfield won 192 consecutive dual meets, that means they have not who, since 1997, with everyone on the team, wasn't even born just yet. richard wind says that the seniors had a message for the team, when he was a freshman. >> we graduated four of our top five i believe and they looked at us and say you better not lose this streak we have to keep this going. >> reporter: keep it going, they have, if they win every meet between the start of the season and september 26th, they will have won, 200 in a row. >> kid are totally responsible for success and a lot of that is though take that very personally. >> we can have fun, and everything. >> yes. >> but, come time for races, and, these big meets, that we
5:26 pm
really get serious and just take everything seriously. >> you see guys running the streets of haddonfield, you will necessity you're watching greatness in progress. >> well, fellas looked to kick off their season september 6th against collinswood, and they hope the streak, continues, some history, in their sites, jessica, back to you. good stuff, wish them luck , don, thanks very much. we have more coming up from haddonfield for our cbs-3 summer if he in the next half an hour. it looks like, a fun statue as you can see from drone watch three, but the dinosaur statue has a lot of meaning behind it , kate bilo will explain, coming up. very pleasant, place to visit, and very accessible, easy to get to. it certainly is, easy to get from anywhere in the delaware valley for shopping, food, fun all here in haddonfield and we will
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we are live in haddonfield , new jersey, a small town that has surprised us, kind of around every corner a little something for everyone and no one knows that berth than people who care for haddie, it is a sculpture a little bit of history and a lot of fun. our kate bilo has more on had die what did you find out. >> well, jessica if you have been to haddonfield you have seen haddie, many people probably just walked by and say is there a dinosaur statue , they pro pennies but would i like i don't dues to haddie this statue is a permanent reminder of the discovery made here more than
5:31 pm
159 years ago. now you may think haddie is short for haddonfield but works out great that way but short for the name of the dinosaur, which means lizard and when you see size that this guy really was, you'll understand why. >> haddie for short. this prehistoric beauty stands in the middle of downtown haddonfield watching overcomings and going of kings highway. void building monument to the dinosaur, dreams are made of stuff like this. >> reporter: breeze family takes care of the site where haddie the dinosaur was found nearby and memorial sculpture on kings highway and they have since 1984. their dino connection was part of the eagle scout project, dreamed up by butch's son chris. >> we could keep track of the visitors, and it is exciting to see where people come from, why they stopped here, and what they came to see, what they expected to find. >> reporter: prehistoric find was made long before the breeze family as one of the major scientific discoveries
5:32 pm
of 19th century. >> when i went to haddonfield you can imagine walking in the mud pit, just a big mud pit and they are bones like you have never seen before. >> reporter: in 1858 doctor joseph leady discover enough dinosaur bones to melt them making haddie the first dinosaur to would you crowd at the contacted my of the natural sciences. >> it represented a 25-foot long seven to 8-ton, six to 10-d looking prehistoric creature. people just kept coming, and to the point where scientists were saying we cannot get our work done. instead of charging this is why we charge, today, we started charging a dime to turn people away. they are charging for it. must be cool. >> it really was ground zero, pale to go. haddie, and, and, town of beautiful, statue, and of
5:33 pm
course, you can sigh the real dinosaur at the contacted my of natural sciences, right now center piece of the dinosaur exhibit. if you head to the academy of natural sciences just understand the bones you will see are a replica they are casts made from the real super fragile fossil bones, that are kept locked away at the museum we wouldn't want anything to happen to those but discover, not far from here in, downtown haddonfield and we have haddie who stand as a reminder of what happened over 150 years ago, jessica, you have to get down here at haddie now back to you. all right, go down there and check that out, kate, thanks very much. also here in haddonfield wonderful restaurants, whatever you might want to for dinner tonight they have it here. we have checked out one place where fish's always fried up fresh and the chips are freshly cut, vittoria woodill got her eat on, at the british chip shop, and it is a celebration, culinary tradition of the british aisle s brought to live by owner gary coleman.
5:34 pm
coleman serves fish and chips and more english fare like scotch eggs and scottish pie, the menu from his european upbringing. >> my mom's british, my dad was in the u.s. air force nearby in moorestown, new jersey. met my mom there it is a real small village, and it is a beautiful part of the english. >> british chip shop isn't only nod to the british crown here just down the street coleman opened up english gardener gift shop for trinkets from england. shop in the cozy corner for britain for food, parallel and decor in case you need that as well. speaking of tori i saw her walking down this way. lets talk with her now, where are you? >> reporter: you know, that salt, covered, perfectly fried fish, and chips. you are going to get some sweets and that why is they are ice cream. we are at grace ace ice cream and i'm standing here with
5:35 pm
devon, alan and dom. what flavors should i be looking at for. >> chocolate. >> cakes and cream. >> i like that. >> and chocolate also. >> chocolate also. >> we will see what flavors i pick out and talk to the owner coming up in a bit. but jessica we have, sweet tooth, and i'm looking to handle that. >> all right, tori thanks very much. we have so much to sianni eat, if you have not noticed in haddonfield, if you have not checked it out now is the time stop by and say hi to us, we will be here all the way through the evening. >> haddonfield is a unique town, unique shop, walking type of shopping area, that people come here just to shop, restaurants and just enjoy the ambience of the quaint, community. >> it is quaint, for sure did you note several movies in the halloween franchise are set in fictional haddonfield, illinois, which was inspired by haddonfield, new jersey,
5:36 pm
debbie hill co writer of the film grew up here in haddonfield, great place for our friday summer fest celebrations and we will have more for you when we com
5:37 pm
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5:39 pm
well, it is a beautiful calm, comfortable night here in haddonfield, new jersey but of course, all eyes are on hurricane harvey as this powerful major hurricane head toward the texas gulf coast, correspondent weijia jiang is live in carp us christie where the storm is expect to hit, and hard. weijia. >> reporter: kate, there is nothing calm about where we are as you saw, the wind is
5:40 pm
fierce right now, rain has been pounding done for hours but this is nothing, compared to what we are bracing for, simply put, a monster, still today we have found plenty of people who are staying right in harvey's path despite warnings to get out. violent surge crashing in the texas gulf coast as hurricane harvey whips closer to land fall. forecasters expected to bring at lee 20 inches on have rain in, sire yas much more, enough to turn towns into islands for days. >> brace yourself, prepare for the war and be ready to try to get out of town as quickly as you can. >> reporter: chris isn't leaving. >> i decided to stay to protect my house. >> reporter: are you worried about your decision to stay. >> a little bit. i'm mainly worried about my kid. >> reporter: governor greg ab bodies pushing everybody to head inland. >> you have the power and the ability right new to be able to avoid being stuck in a search and rescue situation,
5:41 pm
if you make the decision, to get out of harms way, before it is too late. >> reporter: meteorologist expect the storm to be a category three hurricane as it makes land. that would mean wind topping 115 miles per hour. >> seven coastal counties from here in corpus christi to galveston island ordered mandatory evacuations, officials say they cannot guarantee rescue for people who stay behind this retirement home loaded residents for ride to austin. >> i would have preferred to hon kerr down at home but my concerns are for people of corpus christi and our city. >> reporter: national weather service says that the winds could be life threatening but that the greatest threat is from potentially catastrophic flooding. and that is because harvey is expect to stall, and dump an
5:42 pm
incredible amount of rain in this area over the next several days and even after it weakens is there a chance it could spin out and regain strength and hit as a tropical storm. so a lot is happening here, kate, back to you. weijia, please stay safe, it looks devastating already and as you said impacts are still, expected to last right in the middle of next week as much as 40 inches could fall in parts of the texas. with the devastating flooding that is poised to hit gulf coast of texas residents here in new jersey are having flashbacks being reminded of the devastation caused by super storm sandy, "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live in brigantine with a report on the long lasting impacts that super storm sandy caused in that area, cleve. >> reporter: of course whenever we talk big storm at jersey shore it comes back to sandy who's affect is still linger to this day. we asked how are we better prepared in recent years for next big storm.
5:43 pm
>> it has been a mess for people. >> reporter: in some shore neighborhood hit hard the recovery isn't over. >> the storm working on things , you know, how many years later almost five years later. >> reporter: 400 homes and businesses in brigantine suffered substantial damage from sandy and as some people are reminded of the pennsylvania they wonder about the future, what if another major storm came like hurricane harvey slamming texas. >> devastating. >> reporter: the brigantine mayor says is there no minut ing word a category two or larger would be difficult as ter but they have done millions of dollars in safety improvements since sandy like new storm water pumps ander bulkhead to prevent bay flooding. around town 200 homes have been raise todd taller elevation standard. >> elevation is the best protection obviously against flooding, and as i said we embarked on mitigation project which is pumping, and bulkhead ing. >> reporter: atlantic county is better prepared since sandy
5:44 pm
using grant toss stockpile emergency supplies. >> this one here is a medical need shelter. it has cots, that we can actually put individual on if we have to hang iv's we can hang iv's. >> reporter: officials say that 13 and a half inches is most rain they have ever dealt with but they are prepared for much worse. using flood production maps like this from noah they can predict how bad it will flood in the category two, three, or four hurricane. it helps in ordering evacuations and mobilizing equipment. >> how ready would we be for a texas like storm. >> are we prepared to respond? we will. we will respond as best as we can. but again, there is still that unknown and for us, that is what makes the job difficult, it is unknown but we will do what we have to do. >> so local leaders tell us what they have learned since sandy but is there something all of us can learn, it is to make sure that we all heed those evacuation order because places like here in brigantine it can take more than a day to evacuate with a major storm.
5:45 pm
live, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". cleve, thanks very much. luckily it has been a quiet hurricane season for our area but peak is just happening now and as we know sandy occurred toward the end of the hurricane season so certainly it is not out of the realm of possibility we have to be prepared, this hurricane season. meanwhile pretty quiet evening here in beautiful downtown haddonfield. we will have the full forecast as we head in the weekend and tell you how cool it will be in a few minutes but for more on today's news, let's send it back to nicole brewer in the studio. >> thanks very much. >> we have some news to cover here, including a story about fire fighters, battling a three alarm blaze this afternoon. this is at an apartment building in delaware county. flames could could be seen shooting out of the roof on the 1,000 block of woodlyn avenue in sharon hill just a few hours ago. all residents had to be evacuated from the building and authorities say one person was hurt and was transported to the hospital. no word on that person's
5:46 pm
condition, investigators are trying to determine what caused that fire. a statue went missing from a civil war monument in philadelphia overnight, and right now city officials don't know fit is related to recent controversy about historical monuments but police are still investigation gating. "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves has more on what happened to the bust of general james beaver. >> reporter: century's old sculpture found this morning, and, found in a odd place i-95 under pass near a skate park. >> we are not sure what happened to the sculpture. we actual difficult not know it was missing. >> reporter: cities parks, recreation department says stolen sculpture is bust of general james beaver, taken from the smith memorial arch in fairmount park, a civil war memorial, whoever initially stole sculpture had to climb 15 feet and had to have help taking it down. it is over 3 feet tall, with secured on the arch and weighs
5:47 pm
several hundred pound. >> this is not kind of thing you can throw in the back of your pickup truck. so we are stunned. >> reporter: in recent weeks there has been debates all over about controversial historical statues and sculpture and the role they play on public property, in center city former mayor frank rizzo statue has been vandal ized, charlottesville virginia a statue over robert e lee, lee was a general for confederate army during the civil war. >> it is a very complicated issue with everybody in america. there is a lot of pain, hurt, harsh feelings. >> reporter: chris beach is a tourist in philadelphia was near skate park when bust of general beaver was found and loaded up on the truck by fair mount park officials. >> i don't think this is way to solve our problems. >> i cannot speak whether this has any connection to what happened. he was a union general and pennsylvania governor and i don't think he was incredibly controversial. >> reporter: philadelphia police still looking at who stole james beaver bust and why they dumped it here. anyone with information is asked to contact the
5:48 pm
authorities. in south philadelphia, alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". as always we have all of the news you need on our web site on cbs still ahead our summer fest celebration takes us back to haddonfield, new jersey, kate will have your forecast an tori checking out what else , would tori be checking out other t
5:49 pm
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you're looking live at a beautiful shot of haddonfield, it is a gorgeous evening, the cloud have moved in but it is comfortable outside not a lot of humidity and folks are taking advantage of the perfect summer night to sit outside and have dinner in this beautiful town, i'll tell you what i want to bring in a friend of mine whom i just met in haddonfield. this is making me miss me baby daughter at home i'm introducing to you baby ela, how old. >> five months. >> five months. is what your name. >> hillary. >> do you live around here. >> yes, in washington township >> you guys just here tonight to enjoy the cheerful evening. >> we were happy to see you
5:52 pm
back on the air so wanted to say hi. >> thanks so much for coming you make me miss my little baby, nice to meet you ela. she may have my job one day with beautiful bow and beautiful look. lets look at the forecast. we have talk about a few included here in haddonfield, right now and generally quiet, not that hot, sunnies not out but we are seeing breaks of blue through cloud cover. you can see the cloud with you notice on storm scan three we are starting to dissipate and that is good news, beautiful weekend for us. here's what to expect temperature wise, still mild but not hot, should be in the mid 80's, we're in the 70's. seventy-seven in the city. seventy-two allentown. sixty-six in mount pocono. cool pool of air centered around that high, that centered over great lakes, still only in the 60's inial pena and buffalo and that is reenforcing itself here in the weekend to create the cloud cover this evening. here's what to expect, comfort wise, humidity is very low, we
5:53 pm
are in the awesome range as far as dew points both saturday and sunday, and monday, starts to creep up a bit but still feeling very pleasant outside. good news locally where we are , everything is looking quiet, heading down the shore still folks on the beach in margate we have blue skies, beautiful down there going to the beach tomorrow here's what to expect on the sand, and it will be nice out there. we have got some sunshine outside, few more cloud in the afternoon and on shore flow possible a stray shower 74 to 79 degrees. we will have more on hurricane harvey coming up at 6:00 but the really take away from this system is that it is going to continue to sit, spin over the next several days, right in the middle of next week, right now category three storm but notice spaghetti plots just keep this center over coast of texas for next five days. coming up at 6:00 more on the latest track and intensity of the storm. as far as our area is concerned as we said weekend looks great, tonight quiet
5:54 pm
just a few cloud, cool, comfortable 61 is our low. tomorrow looks good in the city, lots of sunshine a few more cloud stray shower down the shore but feeling like fall at 79 and quick look at seven day forecast, looking pretty fantastic, this weekend into next week we have got highs in the upper 70's and possibly a sure by next wednesday or thursday. stay there more from wh
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
welcome back to summer if he my favorite day of the week and i know a few of you too because i met a bunch of you today and they are loving summer fest and i love to hear that speaking of summer, the quiessential treat, to have is ice cream and this place to come in haddonfield is at gracy's, this is nancy, the owner, thanks so much for having us. >> hi, how are you. >> i'm awesome. >> so tell me, nancy, is there something special about gracy 's and what was it about gracy's that you wanted to
5:58 pm
take over when you did. >> well, it is the town, the town pride, business, people love their town, and they love gracy's. we serve philadelphia ice cream, it is oldest ice cream company, and it is really delicious. >> i love you have a beautiful mural in your shop as well, gorgeous like a carousal but i love window. are you going to surprise me with a little something. >> i am what do you have up your sleeve, nancy. >> salted pretzel carmel in the pretzel cone. a flavor that we have this year. it is really popular. >> can i try some of that i'll wait right here ever so patiently. here's best thing about an ice cream shop because while you wait in your mind you're thinking of all of the amazing things it is going to be when you get it. and this is it, your ice cream dreams come true. look at. that can we get that carmel just coming down like that. nancy, this looks incredible.
5:59 pm
salted carmel pretzel. >> it is. >> get ready for brain freeze, jessica, i'm to it over to you so i can smash this into my face. >> it does sound so good, smash away go for it tori, thanks very much. we have taken you on a wonderful tour of haddonfield over last hour and we have more, to show you, coming up at 6:00 i will go to wonderful stores around here, i peaked in, browsed around a bit, we will take you along. also did you note that a public library, you can nurse your green thumb. we will explain that. you may even be hooked on a new hobby here in haddonfield. it is all coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 that starts right now.
6:00 pm
happy friday, everyone. summer fest is rolling into haddonfield, south jersey town is rich, in history, filled with charm, and so very well coming to those who stroll along its quaint streets, good evening everyone i'm jessica dean. coming to you live, from haddonfield, new jersey, every friday this summer we are taking to you wonderful places all across the delaware valley and showing you how we all celebrate summer and we are doing it right here in haddonfield this week. glad to be with us, hopefully you're having a good day. so many wonderful stores up and down this kings highway which is kind of main thoroughfare through haddonfield, and earlier this week i came into town, and browse aid few and found some history, lets take a look. drive or walk down kings high was in haddonfield and you will see historic homes lining the road. just up the way shops and restaurants wait to welcome you


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