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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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and we're proud to now join all three of you, as you continue the greatest journey you'll ever embark on. aetna. you don't join us, we join you.
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. now at 11:00. reinventing retailer, a major department store trying a new look without clothes. new twist on shopping and what you will find inside instead. ♪ . ♪ . celebrities left hand hand in the after manual of hurricane irma and harvey. this as we begin get a better pictures over the devastation. tragic but not criminal. why a judge threw out case of the engineer behind the deadly amtrak derailment. the decision caught many victims off guard. i'm >> it was more likely than not an is accident. >> alexandria hoff is at 30th street station tonight with reaction to the judge's decision. alex? >> reporter: well, ukee, on the stand a philadelphia police
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officer described that amtrak crash scene as train cars crushed like tin cans and body parts strewn across the wreckage. gruesome and devastating, of course, criminal, no. according to a judge. it was a case dismissed by the philadelphia district attorney's office then picked up by the pennsylvania attorney general hours before the statute of limitations was set to expire. charging brandon bostian train 188 engineer with criminal negligence, charges that a municipal court judge now dismissed >> he's not going make statements >> may 12th, 2015, bostian suddenly propelled amtrak train 188 to 106 miles per hour in a set of curbs capable of handling speeds half of that. eight people were killed, dozens more gravely injured of >> disappointed would be an under statement. >> reporter: with blair berman an injured victim, attorney tom
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kline expressed about the incident. >> his only job was to get people from one point to the other. he didn't even need to steer >> brian mcmonagle spoke with gratitude. >> these charges should never have been brought. this was never a crime. it was an accident >> the ntsb had a determined eight loss of quote situational i withdrawn ness, what the attorney general's called junk science, they have the option to refile if they choose. >> get this, attorney tom kline told me almost of these civil suits have been settleded with amtrak, all but one which belongs to brandon bostian himself suing amtrak apparently for injuries he sustained in that crash. reporting from 30th street station, alexandria hoff cbs3. >> thank you. >> now to the long road ahead
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faced by florida after irma. we learned 12 people were killed by the severe storm in florida. that's up from seven. in the u.s. and the caribbean, irma killed 55 people. tonight, almost half of florida is without power and utility crews are work over time. president trump will visit florida on thursday for a firsthand look at some damage. cbs correspondent has more on the aftermath of irma from jacksonville. >> reporter: the gilbert family vacation home in bay key used to be three stories tall >> there's three units here disappeared into the ground or they're behind us. i don't know how it collapsed. >> reporter: they were part of the long line of upper keys residents allowed back in to survey the damage. in big pine key, irma turned a trailer park upsidedown and tossed hundreds of boats like toys, in lower cudjoe key. shawn street is still in shock after riding out the storm in
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her bathroom >> it's home, certainly different. it's not just us. it's everybody. >> reporter: crews have offhand out over the state, >> this is the first time in our company's history we've had all 35 counties, 27,000 square miles of her service area hit. >> reporter: the areas got northeast brunt of the storm, where winds surge and rainfall were the strongest, irma swamped the city with record flooding, more than 350 people had been to rescued, the neighborhood experienced the words flooding, folks who live here say more than three feet of water in this neighborhood, as the water reseeds here in and across the state, the massive clean-up effort is beginning. sister mar regret anne took a chain saw to down trees in the middle of a road. and stars pitched in too. participating in a hurricane relief benefit that aired on more than a dozen networks with proceeds going to survivors of both hurricanes harvey and irma.
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cbs3 news, jacksonville, florida. >> at last check, the telethon raised more than $14 million for victims of the hurricanes >> irma and jose were churning waves up and down the east coast. effects felt at the jersey shore. surferers showing off their skills, the storms are creating dangerous rip currents and the water was nearly up to the dune, beach erosion is a concern. in addition to the high surf, we'll see rain from the aftermath of irma, so when will you need the umbrella? how about it >> you'll needs it tomorrow and maybe thursday and friday, we're tracking showers associated with the circulation from what was once hurricane irma. irma is now extra tropical. no longer a tropical system, not even a depression, it doesn't have much moisture with it. few scattered showers over portions of kentucky and tennessee, back into our region, a few light sprinkles here and there. but once we get into the time tomorrow and the sun is up
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creating in stability, showers will redevelop under the influence of this broad area of low pressure. that does include us in philadelphia. clouds few sprinkles moving through portions of the shore points, it is mild, winds out of the south as those bands lift in, 67 degrees in philly. 65 in wilmington, and 65 down in millville. future weather shows clouds lifting in overnight. we'll start tomorrow morning with scattered showers at 9:00 a.m. continuing through the afternoon. not heavy rain, but you'll be dodging rain drops no matter where you go. coming up, we'll have the latest on jose, the rip currents and how long the showers will stick around. a lehigh valley college community is mourning the loss of a classmate. a crowd of students gathered tonight on the campus of lafayette college for a vigil for freshman mccray williams, the 19-year-old was found unconscious outside a dorm sunday afternoon and died yesterday at lehigh valley hospital. investigators are trying to
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determine what happened to williams. officials from his former high school say he suffered a major head injury, officials have only said he had a medical emergency. a man is facing attempted homicide charges after allegedly opening neighbor in bucks county. 54-year-old jimmy storement is behind bars, he started shooting around 8:00 this morning on old brittle pike. at least ten bullets hit the office at the mobile home park. children were nearby waiting at a bus stop. no one was hurt a 14-year-old freshman at west chester east high school is facing charges for an online hoax, police say he posted photos of other students saying they would die. posts were punctuated with racial slurs, parents say the school could have handled things better. the superintendent determined it to be more of a hoax than a threat.
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within hours police finished out who had made the post >> all threats seriously. safety is our number one priority. we look at some of these things particularly social media, and >> there was a lot of concern about the hate crime aspect of this. the juvenile african-american is an african-american 14-year-old juvenile. >> on top of the charges, the 14-year-old is suspended and could expelled >> today they remember the life of the legendry basketball coach. mass >> a funeral mass took place, in 1985, coach mass led the men's team to an unlikely national championship. he passed last month at the age of 82 after battle with lung cancer >> a philadelphia native who paved the way for legalizing
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same sex marriage passed. she grew up in philadelphia and graduated from temple university. she was 88. the national liberty museum hosted the awards of valor in old city as they were rewarded to 39 first responders from the delaware valley recognized for compassion, heroism and bravery, they were all honored, >> it's a whooper of a tale, packers rushed to the same burger king two straight days. plus, while i was drinking, the kept being bugs in my wine i had to keep fishing out with a fork >> people are still buzzing over a huge insect invasion in philadelphia where the bugs came from and the science behind it >> apple unveils its newest
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iphones the features included in most expensive iphone ever. and the one key item that's missing from the prices gadget. >> shopping with a twist. a new department store with no merchandise. what's in the store and how it could re i'm danny. you're danny? i'm steve. joseph, i'm steve. how are you? nice to meet you sir. no different from everyone else. they just want a job. they want respect and they want dignity. steve called fairly frantic. you know, he had a premature baby and i think he had just been given the diagnosis that she had down syndrome. lauren brought out the best in me. she made me a different person. lauren's the spark that started the fire. the goal is keep places like this open so all people, regardless of disability, have an opportunity for employment.
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now we know exactly what the wind gusts are. these flying ant is are covering cars flew into people's food and hair, they found hundreds of bugs in logan square earlier today. scientists don't know exactly how the ants decided to swarm at once but they do know why. >> the males and females rise up from the nests and and it's their kind of maiden voyage, they fly around, find a mate and after they mate, the female will clip off her wings and find way go start a nest >> another happened earlier this summer in philadelphia, the good news is typically these events only last about a day. a new sculpture is in place
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in center city philadelphia, feet from the statue of former frank rizzo, it's called power to the people. time in the pick are driven into the surface of the plaza with a clenched fist at the other end >> wait is over for iphone fans, apple's most expensive smart phone ever. the iphone 10 starts at $999. no home button. you users face to unlock the phone. iphone 10 goes on sale later this month. if that price tag is too heft tea, it unveiled iphone 8 and 8 plus that started at
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$799. a brand new nordstrom's is here to show us what you can't find in the store and how it could change. of >> i'll admit this concept sounds kind of cookie. but nordstrom's latest customer service model has many shoppers intrigued >> there's still something to be said for an actual store. >> i like to see outfits put together >> on display, specific designers >> you don't want to send it back, if it doesn't fit, which happens a lot. >> but how would you feel about a store stocked with nothing at all? >> stores stocked with nothing at all? >> i would be disappointed, probably a little freaked out >> i wouldn't go to a store with nothing in it >> that's the idea behind nordstrom local. a compact version of their traditional department store. >> definitely different. >> the retail giant will trade inventory for experience, offering a team of stylists to help you shop online and on-site
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taylors to perfect the fit. did we mention they do manicures and serve wine and beer >> ok. >> you can also ship to store same day they will hand deliver to your car. >> i love hand-delivery. >> makes me feel famous or something >> that makes it fun. special. >> wayne williams a business professor at the community college of philadelphia, says it might work. saving struggling department store from closing doors and offering customer as new way to shop >> imagine being able to go to a boutique but still have the range of just selection that you have at a large big box store like nordstrom >> there's nothing wrong with trying something new. of >> pampered a little bit and shop, that might be a hit >> for now, nordstrom will have one location and it's in west hollywood, the west coast store is set to open october 3rd
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>> i thought the curb side pickup was stellar. thanks nicole. a north jersey burger king in the spotlight >> packers were called to the parking lot last friday for a baby that just wouldn't wait for the hospital. the mom delivered in the parking lot. then the very next night, parks got another call to go to the burger king and the very same thing happened. another baby born in the parking lot. the babies and their moms, all four of them are doing just fine. >> whoppers. >> go to that burger king. >> kate bilo joins us with a look at the forecast >> not looking too great. we can't complain, our impacts from irma will be vvery compared with a lot of other folks. we will be dealing with clouds, showers and just an uptick in heat and humidity threw the end of the week, the weekend is
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looking better and that's thanks to jose doing what we asked him to do yesterday and getting out. let's start with a look at what today shaped up to be at the shore, beach patrol in margate all day, cloudy, sun came out but you can see the waves looking rough out there. and the rip currents threat will be with us right through the end of the week and into the weekend. thanks partially to irma, and partially to jose right now it's 61 there in margate, temperatures in the 60's across much of the area. not a whole lot going on. of light sprinkles trying to pop up here like we said over portions of atlantic and cape may counties. a moisture from irma will continue to remote through the entire eastern half of the country tomorrow. what we'll see when the sun comes out that destabilizes the atmosphere and with the broad area of low pressure in place across like we said the eastern half of country, showers and storms like to form during the day. in the afternoon you'll see them
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start to blossom. over portions of kentucky and tennessee, that headed our way by the end of the week. temperatures, mild, 67 still here in the city, is 64 in trenton, 65 in atlantic city, a little cooler in the out lying areas north and west of philadelphia temperatures dropping down to around 60 right now. future weather shows showers and thunderstorms blossom with the heating of the day tomorrow, 10:00 a.m., cloudy, scattered showers, through midday, it's not a total wash-out, it's not going to pour all day but we'll not see much sunshine and there will be showers any time through the afternoon and evening, this is not much. but just unsettled and with the prevailing westerly winds across the u.s., eventually that center of circulation has got to come on through, thursday is the day it does so. the center will be overhead, showers and storms break, out at all times, thursday looks like the most active day. friday showers and storms shift to new england, friday gets a little bit better, can't rule
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out a shower, but we'll see a little more sunshine try to peak through. we're not talking about a lot of rain, this is through friday night. generally about half inch, that's the less than a half inch to an inch and a half. there could be a few spots in pick up maybe a half inch day. heavier showers can produce steadier downpours, not a big deal. here's jose, it's a category 1, 75 miles an hour, we just got the latest update for the national hurricane center, better news, jose expected to weaken by the end oh of the week to a tropical storm, sunday at 8.will kick out the larger swells continuing through the week. it's mostly cloudy, mild, generally dry, better chance for showers on and off. thursday looks like the most active day, friday chance of showers and the weekend looks
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better, sunshine warm, steamy but still summer, >> it is, right. thanks kate >> don up next >> the eagles are looking ahead to andy reid and the kansas city chiefs, talk about that and the fightins, well, they're living output to their name, trying to avoid the 90'sth loss of the season,
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. phillies are in south philly >> it's an insane game. playing. the phillies are back home for a ten-game home stand looked like miami marlins were going to blow them out. the bats got hot.
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that is release hoskins get up and get gone. so just seems like it's, 7 to 3, the bases loaded rbi, here comes a run, looks like he's safe. williams scored but that's a further review he was tagged, so no, tied at seven. extra innings, hose kins again, the legend gross, deep center field, a wild one we're still tied at eight in the 13th inning. >> on to football's an day of for the birds, but it doesn't mean they weren't busy. of the eagles signed kicker jake elliot all the bengals practice squad to replace sturgis who was injured, or placed on injured reserve. the coaching staff is looking ahead to a tough match, you up to the chiefs on sunday facing
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off against andy reid, who has ten days to prepare after defending the new england patriots and jim schwartz knows that at least they're familiar and that's a good thing. >> a lot of similarities in the passing game, there's a lot of similar concepts. you know, they're team that uses multiple personnel packages like our offense, there's certainly carry-over the way our offense take r attacked us in training camp, there's going to be some, you know, similarities in the way they saw our defense and the way kansas would. i think it is advantage or it can be a benefit let's put it that wait. >> and the quakers are ready to start their season, the team hits the practice field this afternoon as had they get set to host ohio dominion university on saturday. the ivy league champs ready to role >> we don't worry about what's going to happen at the end of the year, we worry about what's
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going to happen in front of us. >> worry about the moment. >> franklin field, >> up next, rolling out the red carpet. here before a steven colbert it pushes us. we push back. challenging conventional thinking. finding smarter solutions. that's what makes cancer treatment centers of america one of the leaders in precision cancer treatment. using tools like advanced genomic testing
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. is getting ready for his next big gig. >> the host of the late show rolled out the red carpet for
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the 69th annual emmy awards in dismiss, he was asked how political it could get. he said the emmies are about celebrating television and the biggest tv star of the last star was donald trump. so if you want to see what steven colbert has in store, watch the emmy awards sunday at 8:00 here on cbs3. kate? with your latest weekend watch, we got better news, it is trending brighter toward the weekend, it is only tuesday, as of now looks like we will see sunshine saturday and sunday, we still have to keep an eye on joseph. it will churn up rough surf, keep that in mind if you're headed to the shore and maybe send showers back towards the coast depending on panel, but if it goes to sea, we'll have sunshine both days, great if you want to head to the pool one last time with you each drive a ford pickup right? (all) yes. i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. awesome. let's do this. the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum.
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morning back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00, for kate, don, everyone i'm ukee washington >> the late show with steven colbert is coming up next >> have a good night family and sleep well.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> president trump's chief political strategist, steve bannon, could be out of the white house within days. sources tell cbs news bannon is losing favor as chief of staff john kelly reorganizes the west wing. ( laughter ) ( laughter ) ( laughter ) >> announcer: it's the "late show" with stephen colbert.


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