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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  September 13, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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♪ hurricane survivor get a little help from hollywood's biggest stars as residents return home to survey the devastation in the florida keys. and remnants of the irma are about to make their way in our area, katie's tracking the rain when it arrives and how long you may need your umbrella. today's wednesday september 13th good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm jan carabao, rahel solomon is off today. lets check the forecast with katie and traffic with meisha, good morning. >> good morning, welcome. >> we're looking outside we have lots of construction on the schuylkill. we have an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike other than that things are looking
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normal, looking good. >> why do i feel like you are in rare form today. >> something's coming. >> just you wait. >> i feel like, something is coming. >> did you get an extra espresso. >> maybe an extra hour of sleep. >> that will do it. >> yes, i need that extra hour >> i know. >> all right. lets take a look outside as we digress, fasten your seat belts folks it will be a bumpy show or interesting one at least, so stay tune. we have quiet weather. we have been discussing irma's remnant moisture. there is a couple speckles on the radar right now not much of which is verifying at the ground level. so what we are seeing is moisture technically moving in , the rain itself has yet to do so. now, if you want to take an umbrella today it is not the worst idea in the world, however, this is whimpy, guys. a the this point that moisture is very, very much just fizzling and even though we are expecting a couple showers up in the next couple of days,
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not a major problem, whatsoever. now, if you walk outed door this morning it is a few degrees milder then this same time yesterday. every passing morning it has had a chance to moderate up. you are only in the 50's however through those north and western most suburbs, meisha so not the war idea to wear a swear umbrella but we are off to a quiet start. >> that is a good sign. because we, i should say, nice dry roadways because it has been very busy v good morning to all of. still very early, dark and early, 4:30 in the morning and we have a disable vehicle here schuylkill eastbound at montgomery drive, the two left lanes are block. we will not have bumper to bumper conditions yet but on the schuylkill we heat up early. we have been all week. we will see what happens here. turnpike and blue route and also on the westbound size, as well between gladwynn and turnpike this camera showing turnpike headlights moving in the eastbound direction. we have construction on the schuylkill westbound between south street and 30th street that right lane is compromised there, and then also some construction on the five north
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between route would be and 332 , one lane opened there. we have more to talk about the in the next 10 minutes, jan, back over to you. days after hurricane armored left much of the florida in disarray, folks are turning their focus to clean up and recovery. >> we have learned that 12 people were killed by this storm in florida alone, that is up from seven, in the u.s. and caribbean, combined, irma killed 55 people, this morning , almost half of florida is in the dark without power. utility crews are working overtime. president trump's visiting florida tomorrow for firsthand look at the storm damage. cbs news correspondent moa lenghi has more on the aftermath of irma from jacksonville. >> reporter: gilbert family vacation home in the keys used to be three stories tall. >> it is three store that is disappeared in the ground or behind it, i don't know how it collapsed. >> reporter: gilberts were part of the upper key residents allowed back into survey their damage. big pine key irma turned a trailer park upside down and
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tossed hundreds of boats like toys, in lower keys where irma 's eye made land fall shawn street is still in shock , after riding out the storm in her bathroom. >> it is totally different. it is not just us but everybody. >> reporter: power crews fan ned out all over the state working to restore electricity to millions of people. >> this is first time in our company's history we have had all 35 counties, 27,000 square miles of service hit. >> reporter: areas around jacksonville got northeast brunt of the storm where winds , surge and rainfall are the strongest. irma had more than 350 people rescued. neighborhood along the saint john's river experienced the war flooding, folks living hearsay more than 3 feet of water in this neighborhood but as water recede here and across the state the massive clean up effort is just beginning. >> ♪ >> a little help came from some of hollywood's biggest
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stars during a hurricane relief benefit that aired on more than a dozen networks, including cbs. beyonce, oprah and cher, asked viewers for donations, stevey wonder, usher and blake shelf even performed, dozens of other a listers work the phone banks taking in 14.5 million-dollar, in donations, for survivors of both hurricane harvey and irma. >> moa lenghi for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". hurricane's irma and jose are sending waves churning up the east coast the effects are even being felt at new jersey shore, to the delight of some surfers there. the storms are also creating dangerous rip currents and in some spots, water yesterday was nearly up to the dunes. beach erosion is also a concern. and in other news this morning, camden county mosquito commission is spraying five towns for mosquitoes this morning. spraying began around 2:00 a.m. and will wrap up around 6:00 o'clock this morning. areas in barrington, cherry hill, gloucester township,
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waterford and winslow will be all targeted. officials say the spraying is scheduled on a as needed basis and not harmful to humans and pets. they do recommend people with less try concerns or sensitivity to irritants avoid direct contact. well, mixed reaction following a judge's decision to dismiss charges against the engineer behind the deadly 2015 amtrak crash saying it was an accident, not a criminal matter. here's brandon bostian arriving for court yesterday, flanged by his attorneys. inside a municipal court judge dismissed criminal negligence charges. on may 12th, 2015 bostian propelled amtrak train 188 to 106 miles an hour into a set of curves capable offhanded deling half of that speed. the train flew off the tracks in fail's port richmond section, killing eight people and hurting 200 others. >> brandon bostian's only job was to get people from one point to the other, safely.
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he didn't even need to steer the train. >> these charges should never have been brought. this was never a crime. this was an accident. >> the case was first dismissed by the philadelphia district attorney's office, and the pennsylvania attorney general pick it up hours before the statute of limitations was set to expire. the ntsb had previously called bostian's error a loss of quote situational awareness. well, just a couple weeks in the semester students at lehigh valley college are mourning the loss of their classmates, students held a vigil on lafayette college's campus for freshman mccray williams last night. the 19 year-old was found unconscious outside his dorm on sunday afternoon and died monday at lehigh valley hospital. officials from his former high school say that he suffered a major head injury. college officials have only said he had a medical emergency. investigators are still trying to figure out what happened to williams. a man is behind bars this morning after police say he opened fire at a mobile home
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park in morrisville bucks county. the suspect 54 year-old jimmy stormmans is facing attempted homicide charges. police say he started shooting yesterday morning on old bristol pike in the pen wood crossing mobile home park. we're told he was upset about maintenance on his, trailer. police say at least 10 bullets hit the mobile park office. children were also nearby waiting for a bus stop no one was hurt. a 14 year-old freshman at west chester east high school is facing charges after an on line hoax. police say student posted photos of other students to a now deleted instagram account saying they would die. the posts were punctuated with racial slurs, the district's superintendent says police quickly determined it was to be more of a hoax then a threat. within hours police figured out who made the threatening post. some parents say the school could have handled things better. >> we take all threats very seriously. safety is our number one priority.
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we look at, we look at some of these things particularly social media and try to determine fit is credible threat or not there was a lot of concern about the hate aspect of this. juvenile being an african-american. it is an african-american 14 year-old juvenile. >> beside facing those charges the 14 year-old is suspended and could be expelled. we have been buzzing about this story for a couple days now but it appears scientists have gotten to the bottom of our area flying ants invasion. people started posting pictures of the insects on social media earlier this week , asking what is going on. researchers from the academy of natural sciences found hundreds of the bugs in the logan square fountain yesterday, scientists are not sure why ants decided to swarm all at once but they say it is not unusual. >> the males, females, rise up from the nests, and it is their kind of maiden voyage, they fly around, find a mate and then right after they mate the female will clip off her wings and then go find a place
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to start a nest. >> learn something new every day. >> scientists say these swarms of ants take place from time to time and typically only last about a day. well, a close call in tropical storm irma conditions >> still ahead on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning , terrifying moments on the road, incredible there, hear from the driver after a huge tree falls right in front of her suv. dogs rescued from the flood waters in texas will find new homes in our area, how a special program is giving these animals a new lesion life, that is when "eyewitness news" this morning when thyou remember. here, quilted northern is designed to work so well, you can forget your bathroom trips. but sir froggy can never forget. "i used to be a prince.
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but no princess would kiss me now."
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check this out amazing video shows frightening situation many people were in as hurricane irma tore through georgia, this is incredible video this scene was caught on camera by dash cam following a woman's suv as storm battered the town of griffin, georgia. >> tree falls and vehicle hits , lifting back end of that suv right off the ground.
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the driver, april baxter is okay, that is one heck of a close call there. >> i closed my eyes and then air bags popped, so it was all so fast. it is very scary. just scary. i thought this is it, this is the end, i'm done. >> april suffered a seat belt burn on her neck and other minor injuries but she's expect to be okay. another woman found herself in an unusual, place, in the aftermath of hurricane irma. this home owner's saab was uprooted when a tree was blown over by high wind and formed an impromptu shelter underneath the front lawn of her home in tampa. residents were without power for several hours but mayor says there the city got a glancing blow, from irma. incredible. >> wow. time is 4:43. >> katie's back with another check of weather. we will see our own moisture rain system in our area today. >> it is remnant moisture from irma but it is so far from
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impressive at this point. you know, it is just a couple left overs that come with irma at this point. you can still make out a little rotation with what is left of this but it is not really an organized storm, that has weakened to that point. we have a hurricane right behind cbs-3 eye here that is hurricane jose still category one storm and still at this point too far out to make it an official call as to how it will interact with the u.s. coastline if it does at all. general expectation though is it does stay out to sea, i don't want to completely guarantee that just yet, but we still have a few days before it is, in fact, going to be totally clear, what ends up happening. for now we have a few little speckles of green showing up here, quite a nice sized batch of them crossing the virginia border in to maryland here. that will lift in for the next couple of hours. with time we will eventually end up, with some showers. up but lets go over one more time speaking of jose here what the category means. we call that, irma made its
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land fall as what we would classify as a devastating hurricane a category four with wind speed as high as 156 miles an hour. as a category one it is far less by comparison in terms of the wind speed, at their max with the category one storm but that is helping churn up the surf up and down the eastern seaboard. if you have plans to go to the beach, it is not the best beach day anyway but a lot of people are water babies and they want to get out to the shore. please be smart about. that be careful coming in the what ther with jose still so close by many thone it is many miles away it is churning up the is your f looking forward in the pattern here you will see a couple showers rolling on through. that toys day, that is tomorrow, as well, since we are just going to sluggishly wait for irma's left over moisture to completely make it through and that will take a few days, meisha. >> katie, thanks very much. very good morning to you. happy wednesday. we are at hump day getting over that hump together, we have a disable vehicle on the schuylkill eastbound at
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montgomery drive two left lanes are block. that has been since cleared. so slow on the schuylkill in this area, we are looking g then we are also looking at that overnight resurfacing project we have been talking about all week long. that also just cleared eastbound between turnpike and blue route westbound between gladwynn and turnpike. that is all cleared. crews are moving out of your way at this moment. so you are looking good there. we have some construction on the schuylkill westbound between south street and 30th that has cleared. we are looking at construction 95 north between route one and 332, one lane opened there, hopefully that is clear out as well. we have a disable tractor trailer here. so new jersey turnpike north bound, off ramp to hightstown one toll lane block just a head up, in the slowing you down too much right now, maybe slightly a gaper delay but just make note heading out in the next half an hour and construction northeast extension, past lansdale right lane compromised there, jim, back over to you. two dogs saved after hurricane harvey flooded houston are getting a brand new start in our area. those same two dogs are giving
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a new start to some philadelphia prison inmates. meet cosmo and baxter, they are both part of the new lesion life organization. the pups will be train by inmates at the alternative and special detention facility on street road. at the end of the program the dogs will be adopted out and inmates will be ready to return to the community. >> these dogs will be the frontier for 12 weeks and our goal to get them trained, using positive reenforcement method, basic obedience training and get their ctc test done and pass the test so that we can ultimately take them into forever homes. >> great, new lesion life also brought up 40 other rescued dogs and cats, from texas. gloucester county animal shelter is going to the dogs, workers took a road trip to hurricane tossed areas of texas, south carolina and florida and came back with eight pups. hurricane dogs arrived saturday and have a temporary
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home in new jersey. they are all, by the way, available for adoption. glad they are getting help >> yes. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning apple unveils its new iphone. >> we will show you upgrade and hear about the hefty price tags when we come right
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>> i was going to say, pricey. time for a check on business news. >> money watch's roxana saberi joins us live from the new york stock exchange, roxana good morning. new survey suggest that more than half of americans don't have much of a rainy day fund, what are the details? >> reporter: good morning, jim and jan. that is right new go banking rate survey found 57 percent of americans have less than $1,000 in savings. that is actually up from the year before but on a more discouraging note 39 percent said they didn't set aside any money at all. older americans are better at saving, millennials are most likely to have nothing saved, jim and jan. >> scary. >> that is not good. i'm a safer. >> put ate way. good news for pasta lovers , i understand, what is there to look forward to. >> yes, olive garden is offering a limited pasta bowl if you buy a pasta pass, eight
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weeks of pass pennsylvania, they go on sale tomorrow at pasta but you'll have to act fast. last year olive garden say they sold out in less than a second. >> okay. >> also, offering, a $200 option for 50 people to get two months of unlimited pasta but chance of a trip to italy. >> okay, jim and jan. >> i do like those salad and bread sticks. >> me too, bread sticks. >> yes. >> all you can eat pasta. >> thanks, roxana we will check in with you next hour. >> you bet. >> coming up next katie's back with the latest on when rain will arrive. >> and meisha has another check of the road, we
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as we overlook high atop hotel bethlehem, bethlehem off in the distance here, the christmas city, i'm not sure if you can make it out in this particular shot but a shot of
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bethlehem high, split is, right on top of the mountain that little speckle of bright light that is christmas star they have at moravian college. just a beautiful area of the lehigh valley. i'm a big fan of this part of the town. but in the meantime we will see showers build in across a good portion of the area. this is not a wash out kind of a day, at all, folks but we will see moisture lift in. you can see speckles of green on the radar. that is not even verifying at ground level just yet but mainly through midday we will see a couple showers but keyword here is scattered, and in the meantime it will be a pretty seasonal day. up to 79 degrees. dead on with where we should be on this particular day of the year. we will drop down to just 69 degrees tonight. we have got a lot of cloud overhead, virtual blanket overhead to trap in any heat that we do build up in the atmosphere throughout the day. that will keep things pretty mild. in the meantime mild is word i would use for sure right through the weekend but you still have unsettled weather here that looks like right now thursday is likely the most wet day of the pack but even still the showers come through
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scattered and they are not with us the entire day at least. keep it at 80's right through sunday with each and every day likely getting brighter and brighter, and by the time we hit early part of next week the sun's back. we have to keep meisha, a close watch on jose as we can progresses so we will keep you posted on that as well. >> okay, great, thank you so much, katie. well, in the world of travel, good morning by the way, it is still early. just before 5:00 o'clock hour. we are looking outside. it looks g we have construction out there ben franklin bridge you never disappoint you always look so pretty, looking good for those in new jersey crossing over westbound in center city. overnight resurfacing on the schuylkill, our crews are moving around and about out there and it sounds like we still do have some cones out there, eastbound, between turnpike and blue route, you can barely see them still very , very dark, penndot is moving that camera around for you but they are, still out there, those cones in the road , just on the eastbound direction, again, that is between turnpike and blue route. construction 95 north between route one, and 332, you can
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see crews out there and disable tractor trailer new jersey turnpike northbound off ramp to hightstown, one full lane is block there. jim, back over to you. well, if you are head out ed door stay updated on our sister station kyw news radio 1060. also a meet to go day could be the first step in officially banning natural gas drilling and fraking in the delaware river basin. and environmentalist are concerned of a proposal wouldn't go far enough. well, receipt tremendous fitting your home to withstand a hurricane may not be as hard as you may think, and a suburban philadelphia college opens up a food pantry to help feed their students. check in two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial. well, coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", more than 5 million residents without power in the areas hard hit by irma, we will have the latest on the efforts to get them back on the grid. also ahead a meeting of will cat rivals today we will tell but efforts to work together on daca legislation.
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we are getting a clear picture of just how much damage has been left behind by hurricane irma, 5 million people are still without power right now, including places like flat keys. a judge throws out charge as begins the engineer involved in the deadly amtrak derailment. what is behind that decision and is what next for brandon bostian. a live look at storm scan three shows some rain out there, including, the remnants of hurricane irma, katie's here to tell us what to expect and how long you may need your umbrella today is wednesday, september 13th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm jan carab


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