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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 13, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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well, days of darkness and devastation, this is what lies ahead for hurricane irma victims, millions of people have in power, no running water and no gas. we will have more on the rush to get those supplies, to those who need them the most. dramatic cell phone video shows a fireball, erupting from a home in northeast philadelphia. where this happened, and the one thing that made this fire especially dangerous. grab your umbrella and keep it handy, katie's tracking showers for several days this weekend. today a wednesday, september 13th. good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm jan carabao, katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things this morning. and we are looking outside, things are looking g we have construction, we had an accident. disabled vehicles out there. good news they are dry roadways and i have seen that through the morning rush at lee but late this morning is likely when we will see wet
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weather taking over the map here. when lou at storm scan, i have got to say, it is lackluster what we will find out there, very, very light rain, granted a more wide swat of it down toward, the western maryland, northeast virginia, but at the moment i'm not expecting more than a couple scattered showers, guys. they are not the worst idea but you will in the need it for good portion of the day as well. sixty-five is current temperature at the airport. sixty in trenton. mid to upper 50's from reading back to allentown and mount pocono. and then wind flow is turning more southerly as well. normal daytime high on this particular day of the year 79. we will hit it dead on, 79, scattered showers in the city, 76 with scattered showers at the shore, 70 at best with the shower here and there up in the mountains. so a lot of consistency with that said as a whole, when it comes to what we're expecting here wet weather-wise but that shower pattern as we have mentioned is taking over and it will be with us for a couple of days here.
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i will let you know which day looks like the wetest of the next several. in the meantime we are watching jose, still a category one hurricane and whether that is going to make any kind of a close passage to the eastern seaboard and we will have that latest track later on. >> keep an eye on that thanks very much, katie. we are looking outside right now and we are looking pretty good although we are heating up levels as we have a disable vehicle here 95 north before betsy ross bridge. they are pulled off to the side, north bound too. i'm not too concerned bit. just call it to your attention since it is still early, dark out there. our friends are working to get that remedied for you. schuylkill westbound approaching king of prussia we have an accident pulled off to the far right and you can see right now how slow moving there they are moving pennsylvania this. you can see both directions how many vehicles get on the roadway here as well. for those of you around king of prussia area with this accident, this is one of the things that will start to slow us down in the 6:00 o'clock hour when this gets cleared out of the way. if it doesn't you will quickly
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be adding time on to your morning commute this morning. again that is schuylkill around king of prussia area in delaware all this construction our crews are moving out of the way, big thumbs up there. plus more construction on i-95 that has also been cleared, we do still have construction new jersey and 295 by trenton north bound between sloane avenue and route one, one to two lanes blocked there, jim, back over to you. with irma behind them folks in florida are realizing that the hard parties far from over as they begin heading home to see is what left. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live from the cbs-3 news center this morning with the very latest on the clean up efforts and how hollywood is lending a helping hand, trang do. >> so many people are still without power and that is causing problems, even death, but help, again is pouring in, the stars came together last night for benefit concert that raised millions of dollars. >> ♪ >> reporter: one star studded
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hour network, celebrities, musicians united for one cause hurricane relief. >> we have incredible people in the house tonight. is there oprah winfrey, there is so for avergara, justin beiber on the phone right now. >> hand in hand tell-a-thon went on to raise more than 14 million-dollar to help victims of the hurricane harvey and irma. meanwhile, scenes of clean up efforts like this one are playing out across florida. this video taken just outside miami of a nun with the chain saw going viral. >> it sounded like a freight train. >> reporter: in the hard hit keys people are returning to find within quarter of all homes destroyed. twenty-third of the rest have major damage. >> is there three of us here disappeared in the ground or behind it, i don't know how it collapsed. >> reporter: twenty homes were destroyed at this rv park north of orlando. officials blame irma for two dozen deaths across florida, georgia and south carolina millions of people remain without power, in florida, creating dangerous conditions.
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a man died in merion county after his car collided with another at a intersection without working traffic lights >> people are blowing through these intersections here just like this jeep here not stopping. >> reporter: president and first lady are scheduled to visit florida to tour damage on thursday, they have not yet announced which area they will visit but for now we are live, i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", jan and jim back to you. week after irma ripped through the caribbean saint martin residents say they have a very long road to recovery ahead. crews began assessing the damage on the dutch/french island yesterday. officials say 90 percent of the buildings there on saint martin were damaged from the storm. irma slammed the island last wednesday leaving a mess in the wake. >> you know, we need water right now especially the drinking water. we need water to survive. hopefully we will pray to god that we will get water restored and electricity can
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come later, in problem but water is main thing to survive on, you know. >> four people died and dozens of others were hurt on that island, nearly 200 people are still missing. not far from saint martin relief efforts are underway in saint thomas after irma lashed the u.s. virgin islands. authorities deployed u.s. marines and sailors to try to help those affected by powerful winds and torrential rains there. storm devastated the caribbean island last week destroying some parts. and, of course, hurricane irma's effects will be felt for a very long time. stay with cbs-3 "eyewitness news" as we continue to follow recovery efforts from this historic storm. you can always fine more information on cbs dramatic cell even if video shows flames erupting from a home in philadelphia's mayfair section. this is on the 7200 block of cottage street near cottman avenue. video was posted overnight on facebook. fire broke out around 10 last night. you can see the flames coming
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from the second floor of the home. at one point you could hear a popping sound, as electrical wires overhead exploded. we are told that everyone and their pets got out safely no word on how that fire started. mixed reactions after a judge dismisses charges in the deadly 2015 amtrak crash. thinks train engineer brandon bostian walking in to court yesterday, inside the courtroom judge dismissed criminal negligence charges against bostian, may 12th, 2015, he was at the controls as train 188 sped through port richmond at 106 miles per hour on a curved track. eight people died, and 200 others were hurt when that train derailed. we spoke with both side after the judge's decision. >> brandon bostian's only job was to get people from one point to the other safely. he didn't even need to steer the train. >> these charges should have never been brought. this was never a crime.
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this was an accident. >> the case was initially dismissed by the philadelphia district attorney's office. then the pennsylvania attorney general picked it up hours before the statute of limitations was set to expire. the ntsb had previously called bostian's error a quote , loss of situational awareness. meantime there is a preliminary hearing this morning for brendon hey who surrendered to authorities last week in connection with the deadly hit/run. a woman whom police say was home less was killed when a white suv hit her near 13th and race streets in center city august 6th. that vehicle was later found in collindale delaware county. hey faces involuntary manslaughter and other charges authorities in northampton county are investigating the death of a college freshman just two weeks in the fall semester. last night students held a vigil on lafayette college's campus for freshman mccray williams. the 19 year-old lacrosse player was found unconscious
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outside a dorm on sunday afternoon. he later died at lehigh valley hospital, and officials from his former high school in massachusetts say williams suffered a major head injury. well, a man is facing attempted homicide charges after police say he opened fire in a mobile home park in morrisville bucks county. suspect 54 year-old jimmy stormantis behind bars this morning. shots rang out around 8:00 o'clock yesterday morning in the pen wood crossing mobile home park on old bristol pike. police say at least 10 bullets were fired at community's office building, the group of children were feet away while this all unfolded. >> what was most concerning to us was across the street from old 13 was a bus stop for young kidding to go pennsbury school district and some of the bullets did travel across old 13, striking trailers on the other side near where the kid were at the bus stop. >> fortunately no one was hurt but police tell us that the gunfire stems from a dispute over maintenance to stormant's trailer and he is being held on $750,000 bail.
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new this morning, five towns in camden county, did battle with mosquitoes overnight spraying for west nile virus. camden county mosquito commission began spraying around 2:00 a.m. and wrapped up a short time ago. targeted areas including barrington, cherry hill, gloucester township, waterford , winslow, officials say that the spraying is scheduled on a as needed basis and it is not harmful to human s or pets. we have been talk ago lot about hurricane irma but we cannot forget victims of hurricane harvey, it has been three weeks since the storm devastated houston. coming up a look at how people there are recovering and one of the biggest threats they face right now. also ahead puppies and pet stores nationwide are making people sick. what the cdc says is behind the out break and how to protect yourself. it could be a real game changer for retail, get this, empty department stores, see what shoppers would find instead of the merchandise, that is coming up.
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>> ♪ jan, are you a material girl. >> i don't think so, i don't need things. it just clutter everything upy don't like on line shopping. >> that is true i need to try things on and see them in person. >> i want to touch the material, see how it fits. even if these mirrors do distort what i look like in the dressing room. we will be right
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it has been almost three weeks since harvey hit the houston area and homeowners still have mountains of debris piled up outside their home. >> check this out crews spent at least a half an hour outside this one home in georgetown colony picking up
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scoop after scoop of trash yesterday. officials say there is a lot of debris there and they are asking residents for patients, they expect the removal process to take four to six months. meanwhile people are still shifting from debris left from the violent storm, is there growing concern over flood waters after they tested positive with lead and arsenic officials say some waters have bacteria floating around like e-coli, one level was 135 times is what considered safe. >> what we're seeing are bacteria levels that are roughly 20 to 30 times higher then what we are seeing right outside the same place. >> will it get worse. >> yes, i think so. >> in addition to the toxins floating around in the water authorities in texas say resident are having issues with exposure to mold, which that is understandable especially the amount of water and in these houses. it will take these folks, forever to clean up from this mess. >> just so many people, there in houston texas and then now
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in florida. >> men new orleans, after katrina they are still trying to get right backup and not just structure but population back to what it had been. it is unbelievable amount of time it takes to recover from a storm like this week or several days worth of that kind of weather and destruction can lead to years of recovery effort. now, we're going to get our own impacts from what is left of irma specifically, but it is just such a minor problem. no one is allowed to complain about this, i'll explain why in a second. beautiful view to start off way few high cloud outside kutztown area middle school, i love this shot before the sun comes up. just a really proud i shadowy foreground here facing east. we have hurricane jose, still a category one storm over opened ocean water but way this tracks, it is at this point something i need and want to keep an eye on. i would add vei you stick with us on this because there is not a total guarantee as to where this will go but we do also have remnant moisture
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from irma bringing in showery weather today, tomorrow and looking ahead to friday maybe a left over on saturday. it is a prolonged event but just a minor nuisance. lets look at modeling with this cat one storm. notice loop it takes. once it gets pennsylvania that loop and makes right-hand turn things will come into focus. these are models. i wouldn't go by out liars this one takes it way out to the center of the atlantic. i'm not sold on another florida land fall but these western branches of the spaghetti plot here, that is what keeps me, sort of like i want to keep an eye on this by the time it does head northward there may be indirect impact on our shoreline in the form of rough surf and rip currents. that is something we have to watch out for this weekend but in the meantime today seasonal seventy-nine. we have scattered showers. mainly we will stay dry tonight but then fresh rounds of showers for tomorrow. tomorrow especially i think looks on the wet side. keep an umbrella ready to go, meisha. >> will do, thanks very much.
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very good morning to all of you. so we are heating up now and with all of the vehicles on the roadways we can usually expect that we will have problem spots out there that is what we are seeing out there right now on the schuylkill a place we don't want to see westbound approaching king of prussia. we have a vehicle completely flipped on its side, pulled off to the right, see flares in the roadway here and you are slow moving, going on pennsylvania where that accident is, there are minor injuries involved, and so this is a backup shot, taillights are moving toward where the accident is and you can just see a, how many vehicles are out there. b, you are barely crawling by. and how much it is affecting as well. head up schuylkill westbound approaching king of prussia, would i avoid it if you can. wait a little bit longer. otherwise you need to add some extra time on your commute right now, would i say at lee, minimum an extra half an hour to 40 minutes if if you i were you and that is at minimum. disabled vehicle 95 north before betsy ross bridge, that has been since cleared looking
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at southbound side. we are starting to heat up this morning, jan, back over to you. meisha, thank you, cdc is investigating and infection out break. there are caseness at least five states where pup fridays pet stores are making people sick. the disease finds its way in humans when feces of animals is ingested, sounds gross but commonly found in those who work or shop at large pet chain stores like petland which, according to the cdc, has seen 39 cases nationwide in the last year: >> it is like the flu. it gives you diarrhea. if you have a compromised immune system you might be hospitalized. >> of course, it is hard to resist playing with these dogs when you visit your local shelter but experts say best defense is, of course, to wash your hands. most suspects on the run from police keep going but massachusetts suspect took time out from a police chase to fill out a quick job application. suspect jose jimenes is caught on camera in the pretty care free mood as he asks if oz
6:20 am
prayed wireless is hiring. the manager there takes jimenes in his office for an interview. it seems to be going well except for police presence, swarming outside. >> very interesting job interview to say the least. they grab him and he starts to fight with them. other two come in, guns in hand and they said to him you didn't think we weren't going to find you, did you. >> you have to give the guy credit. suspect was wanted for allegedly running over a state trooper's foot during a traffic stop last week. >> you can't make this stuff up. >> imagine this stopping at nordstroms and not being able to take home any merchandise. >> i don't understand this. >> okay, it is new merchandise , in it at all, it is called nordstrom local, it offers a team of stylist to help you shop on line and on site tailors to find you your perfect fit but "eyewitness news" talked with several shoppers who weren't quite on
6:21 am
board with the idea. >> i can see outfits put together, i really like to see on display specific designers. >> you have to get a chance to touch merchandise, see merchandise, feel it, try it on, so you don't to have send it back. it happens a lot. it happens a lot. >> you can also, get a manager , inside the store and they offer wine, and beer, but before you get too excited for now nordstrom local will have just one location in west hollywood, west coast stories set to open up october 3rd. i just don't get it, jim. >> i like judy at cherry hill northstrom's store. she takes very good care. i'm wearing one of her suits right now, on sale, of course. >> well done. up next finalist for national toy hall of fame are announced see fur favorite toy included. check out new sculpture that popped up in center city philadelphia, it is real talker but what does it mean? the significance of the
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now for look at newspaper headlines. >> year long project by news journal about teen gun violence in wilmington provoke elect officials ape community members to speak up. the three day series revealed, get this, children age 12 to 17, are more likely to be shot in wilmington, delaware, then in any other place in america. frightening. and bucks county courier times, once familiar sight in doyletown boro returns this weekend with a ceremony marking hanging of banners honoring bucks county men and women killed while serving in the military, since the 9/11 terror attacks. freedom square located at pine street and garden alley will hoe memorial flags remembering soldiers, sailors and marines from bucks county who died serving the country in the war on terror.
6:26 am
in the lower pots grown students at saint aloysius parish school moved in the new building the former saint pius the tenth high school building they open the doors to 239 students. >> that is a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. latest nominees for toy hall of fame are out. >> at least one of them, in our opinion, should have been in there before now. this years 12th finalists, include magic eight ball. hard to believe that has not been even shrined already. match boxcars, my little pony and simple favorites like the paper airplane, also up for induction, and sand, jim's personal favorite. >> most stupid thing. >> it doesn't make sense. >> playing in the sand box, jim. >> i just, i believe magic eight ball or paper airplane should go before sand. >> yes. >> just above sand on that list. >> now, come on. >> katie likes my little pony. >> winner announced november at strong toy museum in
6:27 am
rochester, new york. >> can we find out. well, coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news" daca discussions two political rival are meeting over fate of the hundreds of thousands illegal immigrants in the u.s. plus this. while drinking and kept being buzzed, i had to fish out with the fork. >> yeah, gross. it was a big talker all of those bugs flying around philadelphia and now we know what they were, and the reason , for this sudden swarm, up next, meisha. well, jan we have a busy wednesday morning so far, silver lining nice dry red ways but we have an accident on the schuylkill causing backups. another one in bristol. construction of course. we will have updates coming up but first stay right where you are, cbs-3 "eyew
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rahel is off this morning. it is 6:30. here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute september 13th, 2017. millions of floridaians are still without electricity. this nun with the chain saw just outside miami is going viral. for her efforts to clean up after hurricane irma. a judge tosses out criminal case against engineer behind the deadly 2015 amtrak de derailment. >> disappointed would be an under statement. >> try that again. >> oh, no. >> not as planned, why a minor glitch apple unveils their new iphone. in the air left field, that one is way back there, it is, into the second deck.
6:32 am
center field, toward the wall, into the fishes. >> down the left field line that will be a fair ball going toward the corner, and around third and this ballgame is over. >> what a game, young guys for phillies getting it done. >> rhys hoskins matches two home runs and walk off double by nik williams in the bottom of the 15th inning. well done, guys. winning performance there. katie, unfortunately not so much of a winning forecast. >> not ideal. it is not horrible, either, but we will see some showers, granted, and it is somewhat of a prolong period that showers are in our area for next couple days but notice i don't have an umbrella right now. good portion of the day you may not need it w that said there are a couple cloud overhead but you will see some sun out there as well. mainly late this morning into midday we will see main batch of showers coming through but then, even then, they are scattered, in nature. this is the leading edge of
6:33 am
any moisture remnants from what had been irma. it is a much more fizzled system at this point. that moisture is moving east and doesn't have a driving force, and that is why it is some what prolonged of a pattern that we will end up w it is a large batch that die send out to the mississippi river. we will see rounds coming through. mid 60's where we currently stand from wilmington if philly, wildwood area dover, delaware checking in at 64 degrees. as the day progresses we will warm up efficiently up to and flirting with 80 degrees but with those scattered showers and cloud that will come with them, that is where it is just too much warming. seventy-nine is where we should be. a few showers will be present at the shore, certainly up in the mountains soy everyone is fair game to see them. but scattered is the keyword here and that pattern continues into tomorrow, especially. now, we are also watching another hurricane a category one in jose that is out over opened waters of the atlantic right now. better sense of where we think
6:34 am
that is headed and whether we will have impact on the eastern seaboard, that is straight ahead, meisha. >> that is good to know, all right, thanks very much for that. good morning to you all of you , happy wednesday, so, we are looking at an accident right now you can see flares in the row way, this is schuylkill westbound approaching king of prussia, we are seeing a vehicle completely flipped on its side and you can bet it is causing slow downs and gaper delays in this area, gaper delays are so heavy, it is causing some delays on 202, as well, and, you also get a gaper delay going in the eastbound direction as well, taking a peak at what their seeing on the westbound side are going through. just a head up we have an accident out there and you will have to factor in extra time. so, this is a backup, headlights moving closer to that accident, bumper to bumper conditions around the blue route, would i say give yourself at leann extra 45 minutes, and at a minimum on the schuylkill right now. then a disable vehicle we were looking at, hard to see there, disabled vehicle route one
6:35 am
past route 332, plus another accident, we have two out there one in bristol, 142 north, and in the next 10 minutes. jim, back over. and, folks in florida are turning their focus to clean up and recovery. we have learned that 12 people are killed by the storm in florida up from the original, seven reported. in the u.s. and caribbean irma killed 55 people in total. almost half of florida remains in the dark, without power and utility crews worked around the clock. tomorrow president trump will visit florida for a firsthand look at the damage. president trump recently announced time limit for daca deferred action for childhood arrivals program, today, house leaders from both parties are meeting to discuss legislation to protect the program's recipients, here's john lawrence. >> reporter: eight days have passed since president trump placed a six month expiration date on the deferred action for childhood arrivals program , also known as daca.
6:36 am
what the president did last week was immoral and at best was cynical. >> reporter: but move appears to have motivated some to work for a quick solution. >> so while the president giving six months time for congress to act, we want to do that sooner. we will do it within six weeks >> reporter: house minority leader nancy pelosi, house speaker paul ryan and house majority leader kevin mccarthey will meet wednesday to discuss legislation that will protect nearly 800,000 daca recipient from his deportation according to the source familiar with the situation. while talks will take place in d.c., others are taking action into their own hands. two counties in california became so-called dreamer areas yesterday, monterey and santa cruz passed resolutionness support of undocumented youth and urged congress to move quickly in their defense. symbolic measures have the support of many local daca
6:37 am
recipients. >> i want to, have a life here , and, i think that the economic contributions is definite lay appreciated here. >> reporter: many of whom, know, no other home. >> i have been soluting the american flag from the very young age. so, i consider this my country too. >> reporter: john lawrence, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in other news a 14 year-old fresh man at west chester east high school is facing charges for an on line hoax, police say these students posted photos of other students to a now, deleted instagram account saying they would die. post included racial slurs, and some parents say that the school could have handled things better, the district, superintendent says that police quickly determined it to be more of a hoax then a threat, but he says that the district was taking no chances >> we take all threats very seriously, safety is our number one priority. we look at some of these things particularly with social media and try to purge purge if it is credible threat
6:38 am
or not. >> there was a lot of concern about the hate crime aspect of this the juvenile being an african-american is an african-american, 14 year-old juvenile. >> in digs to the charges that 14 year-old is suspended and could be expelled from school. police say this woman brought drugs into her child's delaware county school, 29 year-old beelynn a will yams is under arrest. williams accidentally dropped, 29 bags of fentanyl in the parking lot of saint bernadette of lords school in drexel hill last week. that is where williams child attends kindergarten. well, there has been a buzz about this story for a couple of days now, but scientists have cleared up confusion over the flying ant invasion in our area. people posted pictures of the insects on social media early they are week asking what is going on. researchers frat contacted my of natural sciences found hundreds of the bugs in the logan square fountain yesterday. they say the swarms were just looking to mate.
6:39 am
>> the males, females, rise up from the nest and it is their maiden voyage, they fly around , find a mate and then right after they mate, female will clip off her wings and then go find a place to start a nest. >> they say these swarms pop up from time to time and usually only last about a day. well, frank rizzo sculpture in center city has some company. this is giant afrotech that arrived yesterday outside the municipal services building. it is called all power to the people, and it is work of artist hank willis thomas. the times of the pick are to the surface of the plaza with clenched fist at the other end there is video of the grand unveiling yesterday, afropick stand 8 feet tall, weighs 800- pound and we are told this is a temporary monument. artist says it is meant to highlight ideas related to community, strength, perseverance, comradeship and resistance to oppression.
6:40 am
coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" a glimpse in the feud tour see a new car that would be part of your home. plus a case of who rescued who, two pups saved from hurricane harvey flooding are now in philadelphia helping others. find out how, pat? i'm peter pan here at peddler's village. wait, no i'm pat gallen, this is captain hook look at this big guy. this is part of the scare crow competition which is part of the scare crow festival at peddler's's village. see artistry of these. check them out.
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back on "eyewitness news" in the race to get aid to the caribbean after hurricane irma >> virginia lands are enduring catastrophic devastation, the destruction is being described as apocalyptic, we are told much of the island, is unrecognizable, many people were left stranded and they are running out of desperately needed supplies. >> here's an aerial view from
6:44 am
the florida keys, 90 percent of the homes there are damage, monster storm slammed the keys on sunday destroying nearly every property while severely damaging others. >> take a look, homes were not only things destroyed during hurricane irma, many resident found their boats submerged from heavy rains and rising flood waters. officials say they have crews out there working to get everything back to normal. this woman found unusual shelter in her own front yard in tampa in the aftermath of irma, home owner's sod lawn was uprooted when a tree was blown over by high wind. residents were without power for several hours but mayor says that the city dodged more serious conditions. two dogs after hurricane harvey are getting a brand new start in our area those very same two dogs are giving a new start to some philadelphia prison inmates. meet cosmo and aster, they are both of the new program called new lesion life, and, organizations, the pups will
6:45 am
be trained by inmates at the alternative and special detention facility on street road. now, at the end of the program the dogs will be adopted out and the inmates will be ready to return to the community. these dogs will be with us here for 12 weeks. our goal, it is to get them trained, with positive re enforcement method, all of the basic obedience training and get their ctc test done and pass the test so that we can ultimately place them in forever homes. >> new lesion life also brought up 40 other rescue dogs and cats from texas. good for them. >> good news there. >> yes, katie, a little rain will fall into our lives today >> yes, i think today and for a couple additional days there is wet weather to deal w it is a nuisance, minor problem, certainly but it is remnant moisture, left over from what had been a monster hurricane in irma. so no complaints. we will see these kind of pictures from the keys, we have absolutely nothing to
6:46 am
complain about here. we have a lot to be grateful for. would i suggest walking out the door with an umbrella in the next couple of days especially tomorrow but wouldn't be worse idea to have one on hand today. lets check with our weather watchers we will see a wider zoom, lots of report to get through here this morning, 62 here, from one of the most remote locations we have got in the entire network and that is from jamie in dividing creek who is at this point seeing a lot of cloud but she mentioned because of the cloud it is warmer for her this morning and there are some showers on the way. so, some fun pictures to share with you here, lou has got a fun drone, and it has been uptaking gorgeous shots like this one of the morning sky. he is in eagleville. this is overlooking norristown and i thought this was cute as the drone is taking those pictures it takes, a picture of the drone, and he has got moon in the distance there. so it is sort of like honeymooners sending him off here. lets look at one more picture though because this is a pretty picture anyway and comes from wayne hunter and it is a good reminder.
6:47 am
now is the time of the year we will see deer running around if you have traveled to fairmount park early in the morning, they are out there so be extra careful and watch out for wild life, that may spring up on you here, now looking at a wider zoom on storm scan lots to discuss. here's jose, category one storm, irma's moisture still very expansive but man has this weakened. i wouldn't even call it an organized system anymore but it will be what is bringing us wet weather in the days ahead. quickly checking the track on jose. the spectation is that it will stay out to sea but i worry fit starts to move more to the west here, you know, not necessarily meaning land full but could bring indirect impact to our coastline in the rip currents, strong is your f something we have to machine for. watch for those showers especially tomorrow lingering into friday and maybe even saturday but overall it looks like we will brighten up this weekend, meisha. >> well, that is good news, thanks very much. we are looking outside, getting busy, we know that now heading toward 7:00 o'clock
6:48 am
hour. we have an accident schuylkill westbound approaching king of prussia vehicle was completely on its side. that has been remedied there. gaper delays causing delays on 202 as well. when we look at the backup shot and, my clicker, there we go, at the blue route where we are looking at right here and you can see as we are traveling toward that accident , how slow moving it is, bumper to bumper conditions, we're saying about 30 minutes or so, would i give yourself at leann extra 45 minutes if you are heading out there right now. then's accident clear, at bristol pike and bat road. forty-two northbound before lower landing road it is moved all the way off to the shoulder. but again here, you will have slow downs and gaper delay there as well, jim, back over to you. thanks, meisha. if you are looking for something fun to do this weekend why not head to bucks county for annual scare crow festival, at peddler's village >> "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen is live in lahaska this morning to take a look at this years competition, it looks good, hi there, pat.
6:49 am
>> good morning, guys. family, parents listen up, if you are looking for something fun to do during fall season look no further to peddler's village. they already knew. that great place to come out, hang out and look at the details of the competition, here. you have got my friend the trolls. we have the hollow tree inn over here. just so beautiful. it must take weeks for this to get done. guardians of the galaxy, and batman, looking beautiful, lovely, it takes a lot of time and effort to get these done. it is in the house. also here joe albert from peddler's village with our friend big bird. how are you. >> doing great. >> tell us a little bit about the competition. >> we have about 200 in the competition. you can now start voting, so everybody can pick up a voting ballot. very important, because that is how we get winners that everybody votes. it is in hospitality in our cock and bull in the
6:50 am
buttonwood you can pick these up and in the giggleberry fair >> there air lot of these throughout peddler's village. how many in total. >> 200. >> they are quite impressive. this takes people weeks, maybe months. >> they do start thinking bit early. >> when people come out here to peddler's village for not only competition but festival itself what else can they sianni what else can they do. >> this weekend is our scare crow festival so we will get to learn to make a scare crow which we just finished yours. >> which is great. >> and we have a lot of things going on. we have face painters, juggler s, and just a lot of fun, fall, that fall festival, and so much fun. we have got everything going on here. we have got nut cracker. you told me it was a family affair. >> yes, they have a lot of fun creating. >> how about this within right here we have a mother, and look at the detail on these things. people going to do a lot. >> yes, they do. >> the unveiling of course,
6:51 am
joe, you and i put this together. >> did you it all. you pick your accessories. >> i wouldn't go that far. you guys want to see, this handsome fellow over here. >> yes. >> this is cbs-3 pat gallen scare crow. >> okay. >> is that not beautiful. >> i always wanted long hair but i decided to give my self some hair. we have cbs-3 microphone ready , ask questions, that is what i do. what do you think? >> i like it. >> yes. >> i will be kind. >> gentlemen. >> katie loves it. >> yes, it looks like you put on a little weight there. >> yes. >> gift guy a break. >> you say scare crow i say pumpkin pie. >> scarebro. >> come on out, to the peddler 's village. pretty cool, right. >> turf get out there.
6:52 am
don't forget, you can see 38th annual scare crow competition on display in peddler's village until october 29th, definitely a fun thing to do this fall. 65:12. there is a lot coming up this morning. >> gayle king joins us live from new york with the preview good morning, gayle. >> good morning, jim and jan. so nice to see both of you guys, ahead we will take you inside massive effort to restore power in florida which is dealing with one of the war in u.s. history. plus we're with residents who suffered massive devastation and they are trying to rebuild without power, internet or cell service. we will talk to the democratic senator west virginia joe mansion about last night's bipartisan dinner with president trump talking about tax reform. and nick thompson have you heard this, the iphone 10 what the thousand dollars device, yes, a thousand bucks, says about apple's innovation post steve jobs, all that plus eye opener, plus your world in 90 seconds. we will see you at 7:00. i will speak for jan here.
6:53 am
we would both like to have the iphone 10 and we know you are very generous. >> yes. >> all right. >> i will put that on the list >> thanks, gayle. what do these astronauts and meisha have in common. >> they all love selfies. >> yet, yesterday the astronauts had sometime waiting for new crew members to board the international space station so they snapped pictures. they took advantage of the lack of gravity and the camera 's self timer. french auto maker is building a car you can live in >> that is right, renoit's new concept car drives itself and front seat would, fully retait so, they can, interact face-to-face while carries on the road. it is kind of cool too owners would have a color coordinated concept house, where the car becomes a part of the living room. >> who does this. who makes this stuff up. >> credit sleet i have people. >> too much time on their hand
6:54 am
hundreds of people are demanding refunds after a botched pizza festival in new york city. >> police say this isn't the first time a food festival sent fans home hungry. i don't like this at all a tenth ease of the last weeks day long celebration, of new york's finest pizza, was anything but. ticket holders paid up to $74 for pizza, wine, we are, but what they got was an empty fenced in lot and last minute pizza delivery. >> i'm thinking wait a minute, something is not adding up, no crust, this is something they chopped up pizza and ordered it from where ever, chopped it up and serving that with warm wine and warm beer. it was just ridiculous. >> such a disappointment. >> look at that pizza terrible >> another powe by the same organizers say there is an upcoming burger festival at very same location. new york authorities say this is same guy behind a failed african food festival in brooklyn last year. they don't go to any of his festivals coming up. we will
6:55 am
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you each drive a ford (all) yes.ght? i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. awesome. let's do this. the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. stronger the better. and best of all, this new truck is actually- (all laughing) oh my.... the current chevy silverado. current chevy owners and lessees get a total value of ten-thousand, six hundred dollars. or, 0% financing for 72 months on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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lets get a last check of weather and traffic. >> we are looking ahead here to a day that features scattered showers but not too bad. i would still pack an umbrella if you are worried about getting caught in that if you plan to be out for any extensive period of time but at the moment we have a nice
6:59 am
sunrise going out at pleasant valley middle and high school. tomorrow looks like wetest day of the next several but still just some scattered showers for next few days, meisha. >> thanks, katie. we are looking at the schuylkill westbound approaching king of prussia gaper delays causing delays on 202 as well. quick peak at backup shot, tim , thank you, sunrise pennsylvania blue route, add an extra 45 minutes. while a woman on the airplane is getting big laughs on facebook but she doesn't think a disturbing trendies very funny. >> i don't think thinks funny either. people with bear feet are getting out offhanded, a woman named jasmine mays posted this video, she says woman sitting behind her stuck her bear feet between her seat and the window, and her expression says it all, it is priceless. they were on her armrest just inches from blocking her window. she was going to throw a blanket over those feet. >> i would have whacked them or hit them with something. >> unreal. >> get out of my face, lady. >> yes. >> cbs this morning is next.
7:00 am
>> 4:30 a.m., have a great one 23478 captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, september 13th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." florida is struggling with one of the largest pow outages in u.s. history. more than 14 million people are without power since hurricane irma. many will have to sur vibe for more than ten days. where irna made landfall. residents face total devastation. plus what they're doing to help those in northern caribbean where conditions are dire. president trump is trying to get things rolls. we'll talk with one


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