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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 14, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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and we have a description of the car, that is straight ahead. daca deal president trump and top democrats hash out a deal over dinner, more on the agreement to protect thousands of dreamers from deportation. today is thursday, september 14th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm jan carabao, rahel solomon is off. katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things, this morning >> good morning, guys. >> we are so close to friday, you guys. >> oh, i am, you know me. >> jim's counting down minutes , seconds. >> we have construction clearing out. we have fog. good news, no accidents. >> good. >> the fog is really scattered in nature. >> good. >> i worry about that because it is so scattered we don't this huge veil of thick fog that it could trip you up because it comes up quickly. just watch for that. it is very sparse. that is helpful. however, you will notice on storm scan some showers working their way in across western most suburbs berks, lancaster county, getting hit
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and heading to 95 south we will run into that outside of delaware but with time we will have a couple showers, very scattered in nature. another shot, outside rehoboth where sun obviously has yet to come up but will with time and i don't think we will see too much, unfortunately, it will be a dreary day for our area. current temperatures as they stand are in the upper 60's, little muggy as well to go witt with wind flow out of the south or southwest and, you know, it is not pretty. we cannot give you a great grade for the day here, but foggy start, damp, dreary conditions, yeah, i would walk out with the umbrella to be on the safe side even though these showers will be skat nerd nature. if you get stuck, you could get drenched. within of the things better safe then sorry. >> i will be outside on the dream drive katie so my fingers crossed right along with our drivers. good morning everybody. happy thursday. so yeah, we are looking outside right now things in
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terms of the on the roadways and your commute this morning, so far, so good. we're looking okay through vine, schuylkill, headlights moving in the eastbound direction taillights moving in the westbound direction. this is what you'll be working with. we will see brake lights but you maneuvering around just how i want. we are traveling around at posted speeds. ben franklin bridge has speed restriction in play down to 35 , ben, walt whitman, betsy ross, commodore barry bridge. we are heating up on the ben just a head up. malfunctionings traffic light. and we have another one on the boulevard, north and south at rhawn street, and no cross traffic ace loud because this is as a result of the accident that actually happen, yesterday. just a head up on those two places. plus we're talking about construction here we have route one southbound closed at saint georges and until around 7:00 a.m. your alternate route is 13 your best bet. we have two places of construction in delaware that we will talk about, coming up in the next 10 minutes. jim and jan, back over to you. well, america's young un
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documented immigrants could soon hear news they have been waiting for. >> top democrats say they are working with the president to protect the daca program, as "eyewitness news" reporter trang do tells us the announcement is turning head, trang do. >> reporter: absolutely, jan and jim. this is second major deal between the president and democratic leaders just this month. in addition to protecting dreamers, the agreement will beef up border security but according to democrats does not include funding for a border wall. president trump is once again reaching out to the other side of the aisle, aligning with top democrats, to broker an agreement to protect the nearly 800,000 young immigrants known as dreamers. >> i have a love for these people and hopefully, now congress will be able to help them and do it, properly. >> reporter: president's word just last week, as he announced an end to daca, obama era immigration policy that allow people who entered the u.s. illegally as children to remain in the country and work legally for renewable, two year periods. following dinner at the white
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house on wednesday night house minority leader nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer release aid statement saying in part quote we have agreed to protect daca into law, quickly. earlier in the day a reporter asked white house press secretary, sarah sanders, about the president's decision to bypass member of his own party in negotiating with democratic leaders. a move that has baffled g.o.p. insiders. >> i think it is less about him needing them but more about the president wanting to work with them and wanting to help move this country forward >> reporter: pelosi and schumer added they and president work out a deal on border security one that does not include a wall on the mexican border. >> the idea that the president , their president is going to cut deals with schumer and pelosi to protect the dreamers, and leave out the border wall is pretty astonishing. >> reporter: via twitter wednesday night sanders seemed to say in the so fast tweeting quote while daca and border security were both discussed
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excluding the wall was certainly not agreed to. in response to sanders tweet a spokesmen wrote president made clear he would continue pushing the wall just not a part of this agreement. but for narrower live from the news center, i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now back to you. well, police are investigating a drive by shooting that left four people injured in north philadelphia shooting happened last night on the 3100 block of north second street. police say a gunman in a white suv opened fire, striking four people. the victims are all in stable condition. if you have any information about the shooting please cat police. well, newly released surveillance video shows two suspects police say shot a 60 year-old man in west philadelphia, during an attempted robbery. it happened earlier this month on the 1200 block of north 53rd street. the footage is from inside of a nearby store where the victim and suspects were moments before the shooting. investigators say that the pair, that is seen here, waited patiently, as the victim withdrew money from the
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atm. when he walk out, police say that the suspect followed him down the block. >> they walk in front of him at one point and as they passed him they turned back toward him and as he is walking up the street, female offender goes up. she had a gun in the right hand. she puts to it his stomach a announced the robbery. she shoots him one time in the stomach. he falls to the ground. they try to go through his pock cigarettes police say the suspects got away empty handed the victim remains in critical condition. officials in northampton county say that blunt force head injury killed a lafayette college freshman, 19 year-old mccray williams was found unconscious, outside of the dorm room on sunday afternoon. the freshman lacrosse player died the next day at lehigh valley hospital. the coroner investigating the case is still waiting on the results of toxicology testing. a malaysia official say fire that killed 24 people in the school dormitory there this morning was avoidable. twenty-two teenage boys and two teachers, died when the
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flames block the dorms only exit, officials believe that the fire was caused by a short circuit, government minister there says the wall that was not in the building's original plans was blocking a second possible exit. in washington state now, dozens, gathered to remember victims of the deadly school shooting, investigators say a student opened fire, on classmates wednesday, killing one and injuring three others, this all happened at freeman high school in rockford. police say a school custodian forced the gun man to surround students who know the alleged gunman said he was obsessed with school shootings. president trump head to florida to tour damage left behind by hurricane irma. meantime a criminal investigation is underway into the death of several patients at a southwest florida nursing home after the storm moved through. eight patients died after irma knocked out power to the air conditioning unit at a facility in hollywood. investigators say at lee three were found dead when authorities arrived, and victims ranged in age from 71
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to 99 years of age. police say portable air conditioning units were not enough to combat the sweltering heat in that nursing home, lawmakers have expressed outrage and concern. >> we have so many nursing homes that do not have power and this tragedy could be repeated. >> the nursing home released a statement saying in part that the center immediately contact the florida power and light, and staff continually check on the well-being of the residents. florida governor rick scotties now calling for an immediate check of all nursing homes. well, there is still so much to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this thursday morning. >> mountain biking can have hazard, we will tell but the wild moment that took this rider, off course. >> yikes. and, helping keep seniors from going hungry, how a new program is using these boxes to make a difference in our area. what you can do to help, that is coming up. >> ♪
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someone from galway, island may feel about this fog katie will tell us bit. she may do an irish gig for us too. >> or not. >> we will be right back. you each drive a ford (all) yes.ght? i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. awesome. let's do this. the bed is made of high-strength steel,
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we're back on "eyewitness
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news" with video that shows a bear interrupting a mountain biker's cruz through a park in anchorage, alaska, wow. >> wow. >> there it is, there is the bear. >> the rider identified as james chavez caught surprise on helmet camera, a black bear and even though james crashed in the under brush to avoid it , bear just sat there, watching. james turned around and took off in the other direction, very smart move. >> a bear cannot be bothered. >> not at all. >> i don't think he has any food. >> i know, not the way he is moving. dodging bears. you might to have dodge some deer on the road with all that fog out on the road, you have to see. >> this is time of the year they start to show up and run across roadways or driving through fairmount park and that kind of thing. watch out for. that that is this time of the year. they will be out there i want to take you off to the atlantic, we are in the height of the hurricane season. it will gradually start to drop off, with every passing week here, but we have, three separate disturbance that is we are watching.
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we have hurricane help say still a category one storm still in the same location, but we have two other areas of showers and storms that bear monitoring here. this one has about 40 percent chance of development over the next five days, and this one just coming off of the coast of africa has lower chance at 30 percent but regardless they appear that they make west ward migration and they will need to be watched in time. next name on the list, as we had katia that would be lee next name on the list if any of these end up becoming, a named system. storm scan here's different view, satellite of jose, still well off to the southe of the united states coastline but that will make a right-hand turn and get to the north. we will need to machine for it for indirect impact here. we have irma's moisture to contend with today and even tomorrow, since it is all drifting through. there is in real force to shove this out of here. so taking its sweet old time, and we will have to deal with, granted, scattered showers throughout the day but showers nonetheless, that could be
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drenching if they hit you. would i walk out with the umbrella to be on the safe side, high of 81. we will drop down to a mild, muggy 66, with again some showers and then they are hit and miss the shower into tomorrow. saturday and sunday maybe a spotty shower or thunderstorm, p.m. hours but it looks like a very summer-like weekend in the mid 80's for both days, and come monday, it is still in the 80's but it looks like it will stay dry, meisha. >> looks good to me, thank you very much. very good morning. happy thursday, guys. all morning long, until 4:30 we have been talking about the speed restrictionness play on some of these bridges. that has been since cleared. ben, walt whitman, betsy ross, commodore barry bridge, speed restrictions because of fog have lifted. we are back traveling to posted speed. you can see ben franklin bridge is looking pretty g i want to call your attention to the accident 95 south at mlk boulevard, right now, it is closed, yikes, look at this it looks like a parking lot. this is just backup leading up to clearly where that accident is and oh, my gosh penndot just spun this around, right
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on coup, you can see, look at that, as far as the eye can see i-95 south at mlk boulevard, that is closed because of an accident right now. you want to use alternate 495. too bad these guys didn't hear that earlier because they will be just sitting there i will let you know when that clears or as soon as we have a lane opened but right now, avoid, that area, and speaking of that area that is where that accident is. this is construction around, around where that area is 495 and 95. we will talk about this more in the next 10 minutes. jim and jan, back over to you. >> thanks, meisha. numbers are striking one in five people in the philadelphia area don't know where their next meal is coming from. >> according to a new report by feeding america. the national number is actually one in eight, so philadelphia is especially struggling. were you there is hope. a new program by philabundance has started this month, to help a group of people who often put, everyone else first >> great. >> deborah has come to rely on
6:17 am
this box of food, each month, the usda donated box is delivered to her senior housing community in germantown. >> my favorite is when we get spaghetti. >> reporter: she uses the food to supplement her pantry and feed her children and their child ren. she knows how important these supplies are. >> i wouldn't know what to do without them. they are an essential part of our senior living. >> reporter: the need is so great is there a wait list for governmental box. philabundance is now stepping in with a new program called pantry boxes, to a grant from the ww smith charitable trust, 625 additional eligible seniors, in philadelphia and delaware county will now get this, 15-pound box of food once a movement philabundance say the program helps a particularly vulnerable group of people. >> trying to pay for your bills, trying to pay for your medical expenses, your prescriptions, food is one of the last things that seniors end up paying for when they
6:18 am
have to stretch their budgets. >> reporter: but grant for pantry boxes only covers six months and while pilot program is getting rave reviews more generous donors are needed to keep the program going, not only that even with the additional food boxes there is still a weight list. >> it just goes to show that it is really helping fill that gap but there is a much larger need then there is supply at the moment. >> here's some diced tomatoes. >> reporter: as for deborah she shows her gratitude by volunteering helping to organize, and hand out to others, the very same boxes that have made a difference in her life. >> because we want to give back to the community as well. that is why i volunteer. >> now, in september, it is also hunger action month and philabundance is trying to raise $25,000 to provide 50,000 meals, for those in need, in our area, to donate, log on to and jim, you heard there that new program fills this gap but is there so much need. philabundance is always looking for more help.
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>> they do an a nation job. we have partnered with them, in the pennsylvania and hopefully they can raise those fund as needed. >> absolutely. still head on "eyewitness news" this morning, a delaware county dog with a nose for crime, hear about her special ability to help keep children safe. plus pat gallen will be live to tell us about how a local bike event is helping honor a hero, as partner service dogs with military vets, we will be right back in a
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fnew jersey born and raised. like his father before him, he served our country with honor in the navy. came home and worked his way up from floor technician to supervisor at the salem power plant. as a husband and father, grenier knows how families struggle to make ends meet. that's why he'll fight to cut our taxes, and stand up to career politicians like steve sweeney. if we want to change trenton, there's only one way. fran grenier.
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welcome back everyone. we are looking ahead to the week end that will feel summer -like with daytime highs in the mid 80es a might see a spotty thunderstorm either saturday or sunday afternoon. we will brighten up. we will see sunshine. keep your ears perked for sunday birth afternoon, guys. battle over a controversial dune project in margate may be coming to an end. army core of engineers agreed to install underground drainage pipe system. access storm water will drain in the ocean, in return, margate will withdraw its
6:23 am
lawsuit against the state and federal government. now for a look at newspaper headlines across our region. >> bucks county courier times bristol township school board has agreed to sell foreclosed elementary schools for $950,000 to a developer and non-profit that plans to turn them into age restrict housing schools are john fitch elementary, lafayette elementary, abraham lincoln elementary and maple shade elementary. in the mercury, the pottstown boro council has delayed for another month, an adoption of the mural ordinance that sticking point seems to be ordinances requirement that the property owner where the mural is located must, under the new rules, sign a maintenance agreement so that boro taxpayers do not get stuck with the cost of painting over it. from the times herald, it is one of the largest one day community improvement projects , programs, in norristown, rock the block returns this saturday. and it will list more than 250 corporate volunteers, residents, elected officials and community leaders to
6:24 am
beautify private, public properties. that is a look at some of the newspapers headlines around the delaware valley. well, delaware county authorities are showing off their new weapon in the fight against crime. >> it is charlie, a two-year old lab retriever with the know for electronics, at four weeks of training charlie can sniff out hard drives, micro s d card, smart phones, tablets , lap tops, places where child pornography is often stored. authorities say that she will help fight child victims and exploitation. >> as technology advances the devices become smaller and smaller and criminals are better able to hide, their elements of their crime. >> well, charlie is one of only 12 dogs in the country and only one in pennsylvania now trained in this kind of an investigation. well, good for her. >> um-hmm. >> still ahead in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news" this morning talking to kid about money. >> how orally you should start having that discussion about spending, and saving it, whether you should give your
6:25 am
kid an allowance. we will talk about that and also this. today the president will travel to florida to get his firsthand look at the devastation left behind by hurricane irma, several residents at a nursing home in hollywood died in the sweltering heat. i'm hanna doba with more on the criminal investigation coming up. colored pencils, glue sticks. >> the essentials of school life, heading south in this weeks story of brotherly love. speed restrictions on the bridge have been lifted due to fog but we have additional problem spots out there, yikes , take a look, i'll have those updates coming up but first we will take a quick break stay right where you are , cbs you each drive a ford pickup right? (all) yes. i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. awesome. let's do this. the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. stronger the better. and best of all, this new truck is actually- (all laughing) oh my.... the current chevy silverado. current chevy owners and lessees
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i'm jim donovan. i'm jan carabao, rahel solomon is off today, just about 6:30. here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute, thursday, september 14th. >> four people hospitalized after a drive by shooting in north philadelphia, now officers are looking for the shooters and their white suv. >> pretty brazen shooting. >> and daca could be here to stay. >> this is second major deal between the president and democratic leaders just this month. now last week they made a pack to raise the debt ceiling. a fire killed 24 people in
6:30 am
a malaysia dorm, officials say a wall that wasn't supposed to be there blocked an exit leaving the victims trapped. family members are demanding answers, eight elderly people are dead today, after becoming overwhelmed by heat in a florida nursing home that lost power during hurricane i am. how they have those people , those old people, having problems breathing. >> to the air in left field, going back, he is going to be a spectator, it is gone. >> he did it again, phillies rookie rhys hoskins blast his 17th home run in just his 33rd game. >> wow. this has never been done before, his teammates are now affect nately calling him an alien. phillies won eight-one over the marlins. good news for the team. >> yes.
6:31 am
>> hey, he can hit. >> yes. >> we will take what we can get. he will take us to the world series now. >> clearly. >> that is what we will all think. >> clearly. >> that is like a trip to the moon for us. >> yes. >> all right, guys, we have wet weather to talk about as we go throughout the day here, some rain working its way in the western mess suburbs in the form of showers and i would walk out with an umbrella here today. you will see i do not have an umbrella on the sky deck but these showers have shade of yellow, darker green, radar 101 that means it is a little heavier. it is a brief but locally heavy downpours coming through with these pockets and even though it is scattered in nature anyone is fair game for this as the day goes on. we have been talking about poor visibility especially true looking back toward lancaster they are getting the hot spot where we see weather activity right now but you are up to 10 miles from philadelphia to wilmington. here's the thing that visibility is very much, ever changeable and you could see some fog coming up on you
6:32 am
quickly if you are driving mlk drive or near a riverbed there could be a patch of fog that creeps up on you. just be cautious and remember in the back of your head thaw might run into some fog, that arrives, and, stops your visibility. anytime we are in the 60's it is a mild start to the day. we will rebound then to about the lower 80's as the day progresses but we need this fog and le lying cloud deck to get out of here there won't be a ton of sunshine. i cannot promise that but we will see a bit of it. watch out for scattered rain showers to come through really at anytime, once they get underway, in the next couple of hours, meisha. >> all right, katie, thank you so much. and a very, very good morning to all of you. happy thursday. so, i want to call your attention to something, right now, right away, take a look at this, this is where we have an accident at 95 south at mlk boulevard. right now because of this accident, it is closed at 495. your alternate 495. but i want to call your attention to the fact that it is closed, at 495, so your
6:33 am
alternate is going to be 495 to avoid it. ninety-five south at mlk boulevard again, this is where we have an accident. you can see, you come up to this and you are absolutely just going to stop, and so avoid it, or if you can, just wait, until some of that clears off and backups are extending to delaware avenue. then we have some construction , not too far away , route one southbound is closed at saint georges until 7:00 a.m. your alternate will be route 13, you can see how slow moving you are going, bumper to bum perfect conditions around this area quick peak at the schuylkill at city avenue for those jumping off there, westbound, you are looking pretty busy. eastbound side you are also heed heating up as you head in the city. the construction northbound, that has, been since cleared, jan and jim, back over to you. meisha, thank you. president trump and first lady will travel to florida today to get a firsthand look at the destruction hurricane irma left behind. >> meantime a criminal investigation has been launched in the deaths of several nursing home patient ness florida. here's cbs news correspondent
6:34 am
hanna doba. >> immediate checks on all nursing home checks in floor underway after eight elderly patients range nothing age from 70 to 99 died after a power outage knock out air conditioning, in their nursing home. >> this is very tragic, it is very sad. >> reporter: dozens of other patients had to be carried out on stretchers and wheelchairs, many treated for respiratory distress, and dehydration. >> we also took the precautionary measure of checking although their facilities in the city. one of them was excessive heat in the home, due to power failures and we had them evacuate. >> reporter: in a statement nursing home said in part that staff set up mobile cooling units and fans to cool the facility, a most important concern to ensure that they were hydrated and as comfortable as possible. carmen fernandes lost her 899 year-old cousin. >> why you do not call me home
6:35 am
, by the time the air conditioning was up. >> reporter: it could be weeks before power is back on in some parts of the state, including the devastated keys where storm surge and high winds destroyed entire neighborhood, including sheriff deputy hard vin's home >> you have to keep you're motionness check as a law enforcement officer. just keep your sanity in doing your job. when it touches home like this , it is hard. >> reporter: hanna doba for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in an abrupt change president trump denied he reached a deal with daca with the democratic lead ever ship. president tweeted in deal was made last night on daca, massive border security would have to be agreed to, in exchange for consent. would be subject to vote. last night president trump had dinner with senator chuck schumer and nancy pelosi, afterward top democratic lawmakers reported they have reached a deal but president
6:36 am
trump saying this morning that no agreement was reached, citing the need for compromise on border security. well, now that the kid are back in school, it is time to have smart conversations about money. >> according to research money habits, start to form by the age of seven. it is imperative to develop all of those important savings habits, to help steer you in the right direction, cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins us live from new york, good morning, jill. >> good morning. >> reporter: so jill, how early should you start talking about money with your kid. >> reporter: i want to start this by saying no better person to give advice then person who does not have children. so i apologize in advance but i did, talk to experts and they say, you actually can start talking about money, when your kid are turning three. so maybe between the age of three and five. you just begin by identifying coins, and discussing their value. the difference between, something that is free, playing with a friend, something that cost money, that ice cream cone, and also
6:37 am
you want to introduce the concept of work, yikes, and the idea that you may have to wait for something you want, something a lot of us don't have been teaching about. >> i don't have any kid either but i will scoop up katie's daughter and teach them about money because as uncle jimmy, i have a responsibility there. what is a verdict on a longs. should parents do it and if so , when should they start. >> reporter: this has been a contentious issue but when i speak to the money experts and kid they say you can start paying your child an allowance at age six. but i would say that almost to a person they all agreed that the allowance, it should not be based on household chores. in other word you are a member of the household that is what you should do. choose an amount based on what you already spend on small discretionary items that your kid like but they don't need. like a toy, sneakers, make clear that the amount you are giving it replaces what you would have been spending on your child, encourage your kid
6:38 am
to save 10 percent of their longs. uncle jim will do a matching program maybe. >> okay, katie's kid will be happy with that. >> open up a savings account, he will explain concept of earning interest, and, you know, it is true, some people do a matching plan for their kid, maybe 25 cents for every dollar that they save. once your kid get in the teens , do introduce that concept of debt, the cost of college, about whether or how much the family's plan to contribute toward education, for more on how to teach your kid how to save and to talk to them in a way they can hear it , the cfpd has a great web site consumer finances dot gov /money as you grow. >> sound good, thanks as always, jill. >> take care. in other news today stage hands at philadelphia's walnut street theater are on strike, union workers walk off the job there yesterday over recent
6:39 am
firing of two of its members. union claims theater management terminated them for discriminatory reasons, in comment from the walnut street theater. today flags in new jersey are flying at half staff in honor of the late state senator jim whelan. a public memorial will be held the atlantic cities boardwalk hall. former atlantic city mayor and state senator died last month of a heart attack. some lawmakers say whelan was atlantic city's biggest champion and they are planning to introduce a bill to rename boardwalk hall in his honor. federal investigators say engine problems caused a helicopter crash in burlington count that i killed troy gent ry. it happened last friday, the country music star was taking a leisure ride from the medford airport where he would be performing later that night pilot reportedly noticed mechanical problems shortly after taking off, when he tried to land the chopper crashed, near the airport killing both of them. gentry was half of the country music dude owe montgomery gent ry. memorial services will be held today at nashville's grand old
6:40 am
opre. is there still so much more to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this thursday morning. >> local students are helping a school in houston recover from hurricane harvey and it is today's story of brotherly love, but first, here's pat. good morning, guys we are live outside our cbs-3 studio with special guests, cookie dough, and these are my friend from the foster 100 we will tell you how they are honoring a hero and how they need your help to raise money for wounded vets, say hi, to cookie dough, hi cookie dough. great name, i agree, i heard that, jim, beautiful dog can't wait for that story, pat we are tracking some showers and some fog issues as you head out and about for your morning commute, and then we're expecting a taste of summer here in the days ahead which we will discuss but first here's your cure auto insurance travel forecast.
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comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. sky scan looking down the shore in ocean city. sun peeking through the cloud thon thursday morning. well, some chester county preschoolers and kindergarteners are helping a flooded houston school get back on track. >> as ukee washington shows news this weeks story of brotherly love thinks a tangible project that they can see, and feel. >> they are young but understand what other children need and they understand brotherly love.
6:45 am
>> ♪ god bless america >> these singing preschoolers at assumption academy in stratford might not know everything about hurricanes but they know the important stuff. >> it breaks up peoples houses and schools and buildings. >> reporter: they learn when harvey blew in and rained on houston some classrooms were damaged. >> it got all ruined. things blew away like school supplies. >> but helping is on the way thanks to principal patricia welsh and power of facebook. assumption academy partnered with an elementary school with the houston independent school district to collect school supplies. that school bravard elementary got flooded and need to start over. the principal explains. >> we are talking to them about how children can help children just because we're little doesn't mean we cannot do big things. >> reporter: principal also says her 120 students have been eagerly collecting essentials. >> colored pencils, glue sticks and all of the other stuff.
6:46 am
>> reporter: drive just started and the first van is already full. >> we will send our supplies, as we get them, each week we will send a box. if people would like to contribute financially to help defray cost of shipping, of any of the materials that we collect, that would be fantastic. >> reporter: this tangible task helping them pictures how people get help after a hurricane. >> it feels like work and wonderful. >> reporter: houston independent school district says they need a lot of repair so the school will move to another building and start classes gannon monday. we have more information on our web site at cbs /brotherly. i'll see you tonight. i'm ukee washington for cbs-3 eyewitness news. >> kid helping kid. >> that is right, i like that. >> really nice story there. we are dealing with even some of irma remnant moisture right now too. we are, tis the season we are still in the height of the hurricane season right now. thankfully we are just dealing with nuisance showers of is what left of irma but here at home yeah, we have fog to start things off with,
6:47 am
moisture in the atmosphere and warmth as well. our temperatures feel more like late august at the on set here and will warm up easily through the afternoon as we progress. but lets look at the eyewitness weather watcher reports and we will start off with william's report in levittown. he has a couple cloud right now, pretty mild start to the morning for him. down in new jersey we are at 64 in andrew from medford and he has got some cloud, to start off the morning. we will take you into the western suburbs of philadelphia for one more look here and eileen is reporting 64 degrees in gilbertsville with lots of cloud, and she mentioned she has fog out there too but it is friday eve , and that is, you know, something to look forward to we have a weekend right around the corner here, and lets switch it up, take a look at a wide zoom on storm scan, irma 's remnant moisture sluggishly drifting through. we have steady rain across the pennsylvania and new york state border there but for us it is very scattered in nature and it will stay that way throughout the course of the day. i would still walk out with the umbrella because you could
6:48 am
get drenched by those pockets of showers even though they are scattered. then we have help say who at this point is just been stuck in one spotty sentencely. it has been moving a little bit and going around itself over last few days but with time this will eventually make a right-hand turn, head north and then how far west does it track? that is the big question mark, right now. so it could take us a couple days to completely distinguish where this is tracking but this is latest cone from the national hurricane center. it is bearcally a category one hurricane likely to diminish to a tropical storm before it, rises to a cat one. lot outer edge of the cone, it is not a guarantee it will make that close of the pass to the eastern seaboard but close enough that we have to keep an eye on it. stick with us on. that we won't to have worry about that until mid week but we have showers to day, tomorrow, probably spotty thunderstorm saturday and sunday. meisha, just feels like summer outside. >> it still does, in the 80's, thanks very much. good morning you guys. we are still looking at where
6:49 am
this accident is, backup shot, accident is at 95 south at mlk boulevard. so, it is closed right now at 495, your alternate is, 495, you can see that moving in this camera around for you but take a look at this, avoid this area, at all cost because you will literally come in and you will be just stopped. again 95 south at mlk boulevard is closed, closed at 495 use an alternate, 495 is your best bet and if you head out there we will give so time sensors there but just don't head out there because you'll be sitting in this and if you want to take your chances, would i add in an extra hour who wants to sit in that. but take that alternate. it will be your best bet. we have construction crewness delaware as well, route one southbound closed at saint georges until around 7:00 a.m. have your alternate route 13 is your best bet. another stretch that is very busy schuylkill at city avenue as we push in the westbound direction and eastbound side, we're not much better, slow moving over there as well and
6:50 am
then malfunctioning traffic lights here, on city avenue at monument road. we will see on the schuylkill, by wait how slow moving that is pushing in the westbound direction, jan and jim, back over to you. happening this weekend a 100-mile bike ride for a special cause takes place right here in philadelphia pat gallen is outside our cbs-3 studios with the special gets riding and a few others benefiting from this great event, good morning, pat. >> reporter: that is correct, good morning, guys, it is foster 100 check out this awesome jersey they have given me this morning. it benefits veterans and honors a hero. one of people who put this together is nick lear man, good morning. >> tell us about foster 100. >> it is hundred mike cycling event that starts here in philadelphia, finishing in cape may and money funds service dogs for wounded veterans. >> how did you come up with an idea for hundred mile bike ride. >> we found tonight honor of my buddy captain harris foster he was about pushing himself really hard and taking care of his teammates. that is what we do hundred miles is a long way to spend
6:51 am
on the bike but tough day for a good reason. >> talk about the aspect of it where the dogs come into play, you guys are specifically raising money for to give these dogs to veterans. >> we are. >> i'm sure everybody knows these days, powe traumatic stress syndrome and other combat related disability are a big problem. they are service dogs. they are not funded by pa or insurance company or the federal government. that is a way we can give back to teammates and take care of these guys we sent into harms way and they are now coming back and dealing with the issues. >> people want to ride can they still set up. >> sign up is closed but fund raising still opened, all of the ride have a fund raising requirement that they have to meet. we do have fund raising goals that we are trying to achieve. so there is plenty of opportunities to do had. >> how can do you it, where do you go. >> go to our web site team, and is there a donation site there and make a donation. >> what are you looking for? what is amount we have to hit. >> we're looking to average close to $300 per rider, so $30,000 for hundred riders competing in the event this
6:52 am
year. >> what year is this for the even. >> this is our third year that we're opened to the public, our fourth year officially. >> awesome. >> we are looking forward to it. these are service dogs right here. we have cookie dough, we have dyson, thinks mike. >> hi mike. >> how are you. >> how did you meet up with cookie dough. >> i went through process, i was on the list for about two years. i went to a placement process and i was link with cookie dough last october and we did our team training and now she's mine. >> she's a pretty awesome dog. >> yes. >> life safer. >> there you go. >> this is dyson over here with brandon. >> good morning you may remember brandon. difficult a store which him last year and dyson. how did you get link up with d yson. >> i went looking for a dog, to work with because of medical issues and injury and found service dogs. dyson has been invaluable. he can find my phone, go get help, he has become my shadow. >> pretty cool.
6:53 am
how important is this project and being part of the something lick a foster 100. >> very important, without support and funding to be able to get dogs, i mean, it can save a person's life, and having one of these dogs and the education is out there yet how invaluable the dogs. >> guys, thanks very much. go to the web site lets raise some money, it is not, per rider, that is nothing. crews out here early ready ride, rock, jim and jan let's throw it backup to you. >> continued success to mike, cookie dough, brandon, dyson and hopefully they will raise that money. very good effort out there. we will be right back with three to go. >> but first delays lot coming up on cbs this morning. here's charlie rose in new york with the preview. >> good morning, jan and jim. here's what we're working on. latest on the florida nursing home tragedy we will talk with hollywood's mayor and police chief, we will ask about the investigation into what patients were left in sweltering conditions. plus first on cbs this
6:54 am
morning new findings about the dangers that distracted drivers pose to your children as they leave school. also this reese witherspoon how she ended up producing and starring in big little lies, and she talks about her upcoming reunion with jennifer aniston for series about morning television. all of that plus eye opener your world in 90 seconds, see
6:55 am
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6:58 am
here's three to go. >> president trump denying he reached a deal with congressional democrats over daca, there were reports overnight that they came to an agreement on protecting so un documented immigrants they came to the u.s. as children. president trump travels to florida today to survey hurricane irma's damage. public meeting is taking place in colwyn boro delaware county. boro is addressing why a youth football team has to practice in the dark, the team says that the boro is in breach of its lease. that is three to go lets get a last check of weather and traffic. >> not prettiest thing we have ever seen, we have low lying included cover good example of what we will walk out to here in kutztown at area middle school you can see haze in the distance, quick hitting fog, not every where but lying in thick where you do have it. we will have some showers, off and on throughout the day and
6:59 am
that goes for tomorrow too, meisha. very sad news fatal motorcycle subsequent involving two vehicles on i-95 south at mlk boulevard. it is closed at 495. use an alternate 495 is your best bet. so, switching gears tomorrow morning we are back on another dream drive together and this time we are heading to a place with a secret. >> wow. >> which is, walled and locked you have to come to the office and get the keys. it is a special place. >> yep, we will combo there tomorrow morning a place that is very kid friendly and great mace to meet, some farm animals as well, love. that you and i tomorrow morning on dream drives rate here at 6:00 a.m. on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, meisha. next up, a new life, death safety concern as airlines shrink seats to fit more people on board. >> remember to join us each and every weekday morning right here on cbs starting at 4:30 a.m. have a great day.
7:00 am
♪ ♪ ♪ good morning, it is thursday, september 14th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." criminal investigation is under way this morning into the deaths of eight florida nursing home residents. the facility lost its air conditioning during hurricane irma. we'll talk with the mayor and police chief about it in florida about why the patients were who the moved to a hospital just across the street. >> top democrats in congress say they have a framework for a deal for president trump to save deportation for dreamers without paying for a border wall. the president says there's no deal. plus the data breach from


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