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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 15, 2017 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, september 15th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news from london as a bomb injuries passengers and starts a stampede. police are treating it as triple. south korea fires back after north korea launches another missile. the north defies new u.n. sanctions. and harvard said it made a miss steak as it withdraws a fellowship to chelsea manning. mike pompeo refused to visit there and called her an american traitor. stephen colbert is hosting
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sunday's ceremony and he's also a nominee. he said lit not be just another song and dance. but today we bring you today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> they talk about flames, some sort of an explosion. >> a tear terrorist attack targets london's underground. >> we heard the loudest scariest screams. >> it was quite serious. north korea firing another missile over japan. >> the u.n. security council is gathering for another meeting. >> emergency workers are working round the clock to restore power in florida. >> we love the people of florida, and they went through something that i guess the likes of which nobody has ever really seen before. >> i know you're angry about the deal the president is working on with the democrats. >> we were going to have the rolls-royce of a big beautiful law.
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the rolls-royce has turned into a jalopy. >> they're investigating a deadly tragedy on an army base. >> they will score. it's a walk-off for numb brer 22. >> final play. back to center. he got eliminated. game over. enough. >> and all that matters. >> new england patriots tom brady getting personal in an interview. >> is there any chance this is your last year? >> no, no. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> stephen colbert stopped by "the late late show with james corden." the two hosts talked about the broadcast. >> the central broadcasting. >> it's colombia broadcasting system. >> colombia. look at that. you learn something new every day. >> not new.
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>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning" on this friday. charlie rose is off so jeff glor is here. we're always glad to have you here. we're going to start with breaking news. a bomb went off in london at a station. one described, quote, a massive flash of flames. passengers stampeded to get out of the train. >> they evacuated the station and told people to avoid the area. charlie d'agata is at the parsons green station in london. that's where all this happened this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. sources closest to it says it appears the detonator exploded but failed to ignite the bigger
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bomb. otherwise we'd be telling a much bigger story this morning. social media pictures show what appears to be like a white bucket, a big paint bucket in a freezer bag with wires sticking out of it and it's on fire. sources close to the investigation say that bucket contained the same kind of skploesivs consistent with other terrorist incidents. as you reported, 18 people were taken to the hospital. they were treated for burns to their face, their hair. a woman's legs were burned. anywhere in the vicinity of the bomb. the subway station was injured. a stampede took place in a panic to escape. this area now under lockdown. there are police helicopters overhead. a heavy police presence here. what's important is it's not known the whereabouts of whoever left that device on the train. >> we've seen a number of terrorist attacks. what do you think it will be?
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>> reporter: moments ago the metropolitan police commissioner said for britain to expect increased police presence throughout the day, remind eed londoners to be extra vigilant. another terror attack is highly likely. >> thank you. president trump condemned the incident a short time ago on twitter. h wrote this. loser terrorists must be dealt with in a much tougher manner. the internet remain as recruitment, which we must cut off and do better. the intermediate-range missile traveled far enough to reach the military base on guam. north korea says it was their longest missile strike so far. secretary jim mattis called it reckless. they plan an emergency meeting this afternoon.
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the missile was launched near pyongyang, north korea's capital. it flew for 19 minutes over the japanese island of hokkaido before falling into the pacific ocean. ben tracy is in beijing with the latest reaction to this test. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. just yesterday north korea said japan should be is unken into the sea and it's now launch another missile into its airspace. if the sanctions were to force kim jong-un to take a break for a minute, it didn't work. sirens went off for a second time in three weeks warning of a missile flying overhead. just six minutes after the launch, south korea fired two ballistic missiles of its own. north korea has now launched 19 missiles this year. its latest flying further than
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any north koreaen missile has. if it had launched to the south, it would have been abe to hit military bases on the island of guam about 20 miles away. kim jong-un may be making good on his threat to attack the island. on august 29th it launched a missile over japan. five days later it conducted its six nuclear tests which experts believe was a massive hydrogen bomb. today seems to be a reaction to new u.s. sanctions this past monday and cutting off about 30% of its oil supply. >> i think north korea is attempting to play us here. >> reporter: defense expert tom coroc
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korako. >> the more that they can divide, so much the better. >> reporter: u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says it's now time for russia and china to take direction action against north korea. south korea has resisted an embargo and that's because it fears if the regime collapses in north korea, china would be dealing with a refugee crisis on its border or worse yet, a war. >> thank you. at least 56 of 639 nursing homes in florida still have no electricity. think about that. five days after irma. a facility near ft. lauderdale evacuated yesterday. nursing homes across the state are getting new attention after eight patients died at a facility. jonathan vigliotti with how the
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investigation is progressing. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they carried out a search overnight. we've spoken with many friends and family of those inside this nursing home at the time of the tragedy. they are demanding answers. >> what a price to pay. not just my friend but all the people. >> jean johnson was friends with betting for 60 years. >> she was so hot. when you approached her, she wasn't really crying but she said, i can't breathe, i can't believe jean. >> reporter: patients arrived with extremely high body temperatures. one of the nurses became alarmed and walked over to find out what was happening. >> i thought it was an extreme situation that we had to get people out. >> this woman's mother 87-year-old edna jefferson was one of the 45 patients
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evacuated. >> what do you say to the facility. >> we're coming for you. this is unacceptable. you mess with my mom -- you mess with my mom, i'm not taking it. >> reporter: the hollywood police department is now conducting a criminal investigation with the help of state, local, and federal agencies. >> we want to make sure we interview everybody and see what they did and didn't do to make a determination. >> reporter: a state inspection of the facility found a series of violations including multiple medication error, overflowing trash and bins and general disrepair. josh levy is with hollywood. >> at what point is it enough? >> reporter: they are key questions and now governor rick scott in florida demanding that this nursing home be removed from the medicaid program.
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we reached out to the nursing home multiple times. we have not heard back. >> jonathan, thank you. governor scott as jonathan just mentioned is returning to the florida keys tore for an update on the recoveriests there. 80,000 people live in the keys and we still don't know when all of them will be allowed to return home. the middle and lower portions o the keys have suffered the worst damage from irma and they've been closed for more than a week. manuel bojorquez is at islamorada. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. these planks, boats, and things that appear to be from inside people's homes like this mattress. crews say that have been making progress checking door to door to make sthur there are no
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victims. with food and water shortages, they're still not allowed back in. they're working to bring the florida keys back to life. utility companies are restringing power lines, transportation workers are clearing roads, and the national guard is rushing in food and water. in key west the coast guard is inspecting water ways for wrecked boats and floating debris. >> it sits right at the waterline and if it's covered up by weeds, you won't see it until you hit it. >> reporter: the ports at key west remain closed. >> there are no ports. it's critical to get this open and safe so thousands can come back in. >> reporter: satellite images have been the only way to check on the conditions of homes and businesses. >> when you look down the streets and other streets and down the keys, you hear the horror stories for people who
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have lost everybody. >> reporter: despair is giving way to a new resolve. >> i don't want to see this, but we'll pick up. we'll move on. it could be a lot worse. >> reporter: lucy morrill said picking up the pieces is key. >> it is us that work, not the houses, not the stuff, you know. it's us. >> reporter: that rebuilding process is well under way. when the three major hospitals are set in the key. and officials say their island will be ready for one of the year's biggest events on october 20th. president trump said he'll visit puerto rico and the virgin islands to see damage there. the president went to southwest florida yesterday to check on the response of irma. he and the first lady made a helicopter tour in naples. on the ground they handed out sandwiches to survivors and hit
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a hard-hit mobile home part. president trump promises he's not breaking it down. he said, quote, we will build a wall, not a fence along the southern board ore f the united states of america to stop immigration and keep mark safe. this comes after he made a tentative agreement with democrats that would push the border wall to the back burner. nancy cordes is on capitol hill. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the president went back and forth on thursday, at some points insisting there is no agreement and at other saying everyplace on board. he seems to be trying to do the impossible, secure an easy bipartisan win without angering the base. >> daca now, and the wall very soon. but the wall will happen. >> reporter: president trump promised supporters thursday he isn't going soft on immigration. >> we're looking at it allowing people to stay here. >> reporter: but democratic
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leaders said that mr. trump agreed over dinner to back the d.r.e.a.m. act, something that would give the citizens a path. >> this is a long path, an earned path. in the d.r.e.a.m. act it's about serving in the military or being employed or in school for a certain period of time. >> house speaker paul ryan insisted nothing has been decided. have you asked the president to at least check with you before he makes an agreement with democrats? >> first off there is no agreement. these with discussions, not negotiations. there isn't an agreement. >> reporter: both sides say any agreement will have to include more proposed security. there will be more for drones, air support, sensor equipment,
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and building along the border. >> a lot of people wanted this to happen. >> reporter: but even democrats are surprised at the president's new outreach. minority leader chuck schumer was overheard saying this on the senate floor. >> he likes us. he likes me anyway. >> many republicans are actually happy to leave this particular negotiation to the president because, gayle, it takes some of the heat off them on what can be a sticky issue for some of their voters. >> nancy cordes, e have to say, we all took a chuckle in the studio with your question. even paul ryan had to look at how to hold his face. >> some days you just have to laugh. >> nicely done. unfortunately this next story is nothing to laugh about. the u.s. arm identified the soldier who died at training practice in north carolina.
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his name staff sergeant alexander p. da lyda of massachusetts. he was killed yesterday. several others were injured. the army said it involved demolitions. this comes days after 15 were injured in california. harvard overnight rescinded an invitation to chelsea manning. she was charged with giving classified information to weekendy leaks. and former acting cia director and cbs contributor michael flynn resigned his post. he said, quote, december egg na designating chelsea manning for a fellowship was a mistake. jeff?
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>> it still stings. that's why reaction from the leader was so swift. they were injured by the leaks and to this day they're still trying to recover. >> i'm very sorry to announce the cia director will not be speaking tonight. >> the dean of harvard apologized yesterday for the absence of senator mike pompeo. a graduate of west point laid out his reasoning in a letter to the school calling chelsea manning a traitor. harvard's actions implicitly tell its students you, too, can be a fellow at harvard and a felon under united states law. chelsea manning was convicted in 2013 for looing clat feed information to wikileaks and sen sentenced to 35 years.
7:19 am
she served seven years after president obama commuted her sentence last year. >> it overwhelmingly focuses on the united states. >> reporter: earlier in day former acting cia director michael more michael morell submitted his resignation saying it was wholly inappropriate, adding, i cannot be part of an organization that hosts a convicted felon. manning tweeted a number of messages including this one which says honored to be the first disinvited transwoman. morrell called the school's dean's position right one and said, quote, real leadership, when it is real at any institution for someone to admit
7:20 am
making a mistake. norah. >> thank you so much. the massive data breach doesn't
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nasa puts a pioneering spacecraft on a crash course with saturn this morning. ahead, the fiery finally for the famed cassini satellite. >> you're watching "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by advil. fast, powerful, and proven relief that makes pain a disstand memory. nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil.
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>> more heroes from our area are helping out in the hurricane zone down south. the new jersey national guards is helping the us virgin islands recover after hurricane irma, 26 members of the guard will provide security for federal emergency management agent and local law enforce. , there the guardsmen will be deployed for up to 60 days. >> now to the eyewitness weather forecast with meteorologist, katie fehlinger >> jen, today all-in-all looking pretty good. i can expect we will see maybe couple of showers, but for the most part you can also get away without umbrella beautiful start to the day. pretty much nothing but sun everywhere, except few spot where do you have some fog. watch for, that this is not
7:27 am
example that far, clearly outside beach patrol headquarters in margate, pretty quiet weather right now , spec to see more sun than anything across much of the region even right to the weekend. monday night fu tuesday, we need to keep close watch on the path of jose, at minimum inch duct path from the storm, meisha? >> katie, thank you so much. still looking pretty busy outside with some accidents, so accident here 295 northbound before route 168, center lane block, now two lanes block, heads up, very slow moving around here, plus an accident route 30 bypass eastbound at route 332 is cleared, but take a look, at these backups, very slow, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. next update 75:00, a up next, look inside pasadena's jet propulsion laboratory as the spacecraft ends its missi cancer is smart. it pushes us. we push back. challenging conventional thinking. finding smarter solutions. that's what makes cancer treatment centers of america one of the leaders in precision cancer treatment. using tools like advanced genomic testing
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ripped to right, down the line. fair ball. riveras will score. it's a walk-off for number 22. >> wow. >> very good music choice, taylor swift. ♪ i'm feeling funny too the cleveland indians won last night. they won 22 in a row. they rallied to beat them, 3-2. now they're within four of the major league record of 26 set by the 1916 new york giants. i hear now they call them the
7:31 am
windians over there. >> i like that. that's really good. >> i'd like to say i made it up. i thought it was worth repeating. president trump is bringing back his claim about both sides being to blame for the violence from both sides in charlottesville. he spoke aboard "air force one." >> now because of what's happened since then with that, you look at, you know, really what's happened since charlottesville. a lot of people are saying -- in fact, a lot of people have written, gee, trump might have a point. i said, you've got some very bad people on the other side also. >> last night the president signed a congressional resolution condemning the violence and spoke on other hate groups. here's a look at some of the
7:32 am
headlines around the globe. possible hazing may be the factor in the death of a fra teshty pledge at lsu. 18-year-old freshman max groover died yesterday. police are looking into allegations of alcohol as being a factor. all greek activity was suspended. >> that's exactly what timothy piazza's family is trying to stop and here we go again. we have a story on a mother who survived the hurricane under a mattress. she and her husband and two children stayed under the mattress. she said it was the largest sound she'd ever heard. people in st. john were abe to go to nearby san crow, they hope to make it to the u.s. mainland. "the new york times" says president trump humiliated attorney general jeff sessions.
7:33 am
it was shortly after he was appointed counsel in the investigation. according to the times they reportedly berated sessions and called him an idiot during a meeting in may and said he should have resigned. he accused him of disloyalty after he recused him from the russian probe. it's quite a read about the interactions with the president and his attorney general. >> he said at the time it was a little painful. >> and it's not other. "usa today" said equifax had two months to fix its data breach but failed to do it. they knew of it since march. anna werner is at a cyber security summit. she spoke with a former equifax employee who raised questions about the company's practices.
7:34 am
anna, good morning. >> good morning. behind me, you see this cyber security council conference getting under way. number one, the equifax breach. how did it happen and why didn't the company spot the problem earlier. >> reporter: chris mattmann -- he's with apashy foundation, a popular program used by equifax for building websites. in march his group discovered a bug that lets hackers tail control of the user running the software. a fix was issued the same day. >> if you don't apply the security patches and things like that you're sort of the subject of what can happen from that you're vulnerable. >> reporter: it's unclear why
7:35 am
equifax may have left its computers unprotected for months. on thursday the federal trade commission took a step in confirming this. maneesha mithal says the agency has sued about 60 companies that didn't take reasonable steps to protect private information. >> in many cases we found that companies had simple passwords, two-letter passwords, they didn't update their antivirus software or firewall. >> reporter: shawn frix says they unmatched social security numbers the company offers overseas. >> this is people's personal information, their socials, dates of birth which is basically being sent to a third world country. >> reporter: after eight years in the country, frix was fired
7:36 am
over overtime pay. >> you're basically a commodity. your information is a commodity. >> reporter: we asked equifax for a response to frix's allegations. they did not respond back. they settled the lawsuit, paying him $5,000 with no admitting of wrong doij. >> a lot of people need to check their credit reports. thank you very much, anna. a new class action lawsuit accuses google of pay discrimination. three women who used to work for google filed the lawsuit yesterday. they say, quote, paying female employees less than males with similar skills and duties. google responded with this. we disagree with the allegations and we have extensive systems in place to make sure we pay fairly. nicholas thompson is editor and chief of wired magazine. good morning to you.
7:37 am
>> good morning. >> one of the attorneys is saying about google its treatment of female employees has not yet entered the 21st century. first question, to you think that's true and how big a deal is this lawsuit? how significant? >> i think it is something that a lot of people in silicon valley feel about going and tech companies. there are a whole bunch of things happening right now. accusations of gender pay discrimination, sexual harassment. it's very hard to be a. wo in silicon valley and silicon vanly at this moenlt is so crucial. it's a big, big teal. this lawsuit is also a big, big deal. if google loses, that's a big payout. even if they don't lose and it's settled, it going to be a continued public perception problem for google and may make it harder to atact and retain qualified women who they
7:38 am
certainly need. >> yeah. it shows they only make up 20%. what kind of changes can a lawsuit make inside google? >> if they determine i it's fair and accurate, they can change their hiring practices. they can say, why is it that we put women on career tracks that don't go atz far. why do we as the lawsuit allege -- go if there the back end instead of the frontent? fwugle has thought about these things they don't tell the people determining someone's salary. they actually made conscious steps to try to alleviate this problem, but clearly based on the data that we've seen and the allegations in this lawsuit, they have not done not. >> nick thompson joining us from
7:39 am
san francisco. thank you. >> thank you. ahead, how nasa is ending a $4 billion space mission with a fiery crash. you're watching "cbs this morning." over the walks 26.2 miles,. that's a marathon. because he chooses to walk whenever he can. and he does it with support from dr. scholl's. only dr. scholl's has massaging gel insoles that provide all-day comfort to keep him feeling more energized. so he even has the energy to take the long way home. keep it up, steve! dr. scholl's. born to move.
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this is a live look this morning from inside nasa's control room. just minutes from now, the only satellite to ever orbit saturn will be destroyedet the cassini's aircraft has made countless discoveries about the second largest planet in our solar system, but in about ten minutes, nasa will send it crashing on purpose. jamie yuccas has more. we'll watch it come to a fiery end. jamie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nasa is usually trying to keep spacecraft from exploding, right? you can see people are here to watch one disintegrate from a
7:44 am
program they've worked on for so long. it's appropriately called cassini's grand finale. it took nearly seven years for cassini to make the 2 bi billion-mile trek to saturn, but it was well worth the wait. it's beamed bat over 400,000 stellar images. it's shown many moons, a monster storm and a glimpse of earth reminding us of how vast our solar system is. this is the room where you've been monitoring it for more than two decades? >> that's right. since 1997. >> why to you think the everyday person is so interested in these types of events? >> i think with a mission like cassini, you get a sense of being right there in the saturn's system, close enough to reveal this incredible world.
7:45 am
so there's beauty as well as science in the data. >> more than 600 led to a discovery including one of saturn's moons has an ocean. now after running 300 orbits, its fuel is low. nasa was afraid it would crash into one of the potential life-inhabiting microbes. >> shake my hand? you've got my microbes and you've got mine. >> high five? now i've got more. >> now you've got more. i don't want to infect them with our life because we want to go there and we want to discover them. >> reporter: even though it's the grand finale, cassini's mark lives on. >> it's sort of the beginning
7:46 am
for looking at all of the data for cassini, the people to go out and support other missions and they have a beginning. the cassini mission is snow exception. >> reporter: cassini is traveling as a relative velocity of 77,000 miles an hour, so it's quick. the burnout will be quick. it might be around noon. to ensure it goes off without a hitch, scientists are going back to a tradition that dates back to 1984. they're eating lucky peanuts. >> that's why you're holding the peanuts. >> they're very good with raisins. >> one of gayle's favorites, raisins and peanuts. salty and sweet. >> that's right. two parents who lost their
7:47 am
children. ahead, their bike ride to honor their sons and oth >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by walgreens at the corner of happy and healthy. dollars with most insurance. just walk right in o plus, when you get a flu shot at walgreens, you help provide a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need
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quarterback, sticks to a strict diet. in norah's sunday morning interview, how many times he's tried coffee, salt, and sugar.
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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news ". >> good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. the phillies host the oakland a's tonight in south philly as reese hopkins continues his assault on the records boards, hoskins hit one of four phillies homeruns, and they beat the marlins. hoskins 18th homeruns in 34 games. he's reached that number faster than any other player in major league history. good for him, rhys hoskins. a look at katie for a look at the forecast. >> telling you, we're going to the world series with this, guys. pretty pleasant weather all-in-all, craving summer warmth, it will feel late august for the next couple every days, while you see more sun than anything today, notice a lot of moisture still working it way out to sea, irma ace renmant moisture,
7:57 am
expect to see more sun than anything, possible shower, under this earl storm popping up through the weekend overall it looks sunny then we have to keep close watch on host say's track early part of next week. >> absolutely, katie thank you so much. looking outside right now, still looking pretty busy, we have accident here 95 south approaching cottman, left lane , compromised you can see that, from woodhaven to the vine, it will take you about 30, 40 minutes, factor that into your morning commute plans. also accident here, has cleared, but we still have this downed pole here, route 563, ridge road, closed between county line road and thousand acre road, jim, over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. next update 8: 25, coming up c bs this morning, nora o'donnell talks to patriots quarterback jim brady. i'm jim donovan good
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
are you feeling tgif? me too. it's friday. welcome back to "cbs this morning." ahead, setting a generous example after hurricane irma. a florida businessman takes a woman and her kids in when they had nowhere to go. and a mom and dad get to honor their sons lost in battle. first your "eye opener" at 8:00. >> the bomb started a fire. >> they were told to avoid the area. >> it appears the detonator failed to ignite the bigger charge. >> yesterday north korea said
8:01 am
japan should be sunken into the sea and now it's launch another missile through its air spice. >> the hollywood police carried out a search as the criminal continues this morning. >> without stable sources of food, fuel, and clean water in parts of the keys, not all residents are being allowed back in. >> have you asked the president to at least check with you before he makes an agreement with democrats? >> even paul ryan had to figure out how to hold his face on that question. >> he got a laugh. >> he recently gave his first stump speech. >> got some folks in disarray. wait till they hear kid rock for president of the usa. >> yo, i'm not going to lie. i think i would like to see a kid rock presidency, yeah? have him at the podium going the
8:02 am
state of the union is bow, bow, bow. i'm gayle king with jeff glor and norah o'donnell. trevor is on fire. he's signed a new deal. the police launched a new manhunt after an improvised device explode on a subway train. it went off but did not trigger the main explosive. at least 22 people were hurt. witnesses say it was chaos. >> it was like piling out. they were falling other each other. >> i felt a bang on my left-hand side and i turned my head. i saw a big fireball. >> first responders evacuated the train at southwest london. if this is confirmed as a terror attack, it would be the fifth in
8:03 am
brittain. charlie d'agata is at the scene of the fire. it's blocked off for the investigation. charlie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we're learning more about the device left behind on that subway train. it now turns tout have had a timer and screws, the tame of thing used at shrapnel in similar devices as this. pictures posted on social media appear to show the device on fire, a bucket inside a freezer bag with wires sticking out of it. now sources tell cbs news that that bucket contained powerful explosives found in recent terrorist attacks. london am ambulance say a number of people have been hospitalized from the initial blast in a stampede to try to escape the packed train. none of the injuries is said to be life-threatening. there's now a manhunt under way for the person who left the device behind. you hear the police helicopter
8:04 am
overhead. no arrests have been made. jeff? >> charlie d'agata in london. thank you. north korea's missile test is bringing a furious response. it fired two ballistic missiles. south korean president moon jae-in said he would quickly respond to any threat to his country or to his allies. the missile flew for 19 minutes, flew 2,500 miles over the island of hokkaido in northern japan and landed in the pacific. >> that's the longest launch it's ever done. secretary of state rex tillerson said russia and china need to take direct action against north korea. the u.n. security council will discuss the test this afternoon. russia says russian president vladimir putin is expected to attend the massive exercises in eastern europe ride now.
8:05 am
they're staging a simulated test. it involved over 100,000 personnel. moscow claims the war games pose no threat. elizabeth palmer will travel over the weekend with the russian military for an up close look. she joins us now from russia. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. russia stages these military exercises every four years but this is different and most provocative. they'll be stationed outside of russia and that means they'll be almost along a thousand miles of border with nato countries where there's already a beefed up military presence including 4,000 u.s. personnel. it will involve its army, navy, and air force and electronic warfare troops. the kremlin insists the exercises are defensive, not
8:06 am
cover for an invasion like we saw in cry the u.s. believes it's true but it wants to flex its muscles as a warning, if push came to shove, it would be a formidable opponent. jeff? >> thank you. president trump said he'll soon go to puerto rico and u.s. virgin islands where hurricane irma caused major damage. we have heard many kind stories. dozens of foster kids left behind got a huge surprise. >> the sos children's place in ft. lauderdale had to close and that's when a businessman and his wife invited all 60 kids to
8:07 am
stay at their boca raton mansion. >> we are fwishing them love. they fell for it very quickly and i don't think they wanted to leave. >> a nice way to end the night. >> i want to go there. the kids spent their time playing arcade games, basketball, and even celebrating birthdays. they have returned to sos village but they say they've invited the kids back for a pool day. i think he's right. they didn't want to leave. what a nice thing to do. >> another case of the worst bringing out the best. >> well said. ahead, how a pair of gold star parents accepted an extreme challenge to keep their sons' memories alive. it's par
8:08 am
stephen colbert shares his story where he's an emcee for
8:09 am
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our series "a more perfect union" shows what unites us as america is for greater than what divides us. this morning two people united by sacrifice. they lost their sons in war. they have spent the summer biking across the country to raise awareness for families sharing the similar pain. dana jacobson joins us. good morning. >> good morning. it's part of a nonprofit legacies alive to support gold star families, those who have lost loved ones to service for our country. they have daily rides totaling as much as 100 miles. >> i think about austin all the time. he's on my necklace.
8:14 am
when i'm going up hills or having a hard time, i kiss his dog tags and he motivates me. >> i think about my son every day, but this is just a little bit more. he's gotten me up many hills. >> i'm ready. are you ready? >> reporter: for three months kaye jordan and michael perich have battled those hills along with muddy trails and the desolate open road. they both lost sons in the war on terror. the memories of them are fueling this solemn journey. >> he loved life and he loved making people laugh. that's austin. >> how about michael? how do you want people to remember your son? >> his smile and his quietness. he was a real quiet guy. >> reporter: strangering at the start kaye and michael are now bound by a common goal, a 3,700
8:15 am
cross-country bike ride to raise awareness for gold star families and honor all though whad the ultimate sacrifice. >> it's almost like our kids' hearts are in it. >> and we're riding because they can't live. >> in 2010, 90 days, he was killed by an afghan soldier. >> i didn't believe it. i didn't want to believe it. i grabbed his picture in the house and i just fell to the floor, you know. a lot of denial sets in. and for your a year and a half, i isolated myself. i didn't want to be around people. >> how did you get ourselves out of that? >> i knew that's not what austin would want me to do.
8:16 am
>> reporter: the death of michael's son is classified. >> i don't know. it was just -- it was a nightmare. it's still been a nightmare, you know. it will always be a nightmare. >> how has this ride helped with that? >> it's just -- you can talk. talk freely about, you know, your kids. it's been a good journey. it's been really healing. and we got to meet a lot of good gold star families that just want to talk about their kids. >> reporter: connecting with those families, making sure their children aren't for gotten is central to kaye and michael's mission. more motivation has come from a member of the support team, chris ring. this decorated former navy s.e.a.l. completed his own challenge two years ago when he swam the mississippi river to honor the fallen. >> i love being out here as long as i can.
8:17 am
i want to protect them as much as i can. i don't want them to be uncomfortable at all. >> he has his little ways. here's your water. you ee about got to drink this. he just takes care of us. >> there was no quit for him in the mississippi and there's no quit for us either. >> what does it mean to have each other on this ride? >> you go to any doctor, they give you pills and they talk to you. but until you talk to? who's gone through it, that's the best thing you can do. >> you were total strangers going into this. can you describe what the bond is like between you now? >> well, we're family. not a family we wanted to be a part of. and for the worst reason we're family. we lost our children. but without each other, it would -- it would be hard to survive because we get each other, we understand each other. >> kaye and michael will finish their challenge ride tomorrow
8:18 am
morning in new york city at ground zero. and this trip to new york was one that kaye had planned to take with austin when he got back from after began stan, even putting money in a makeshift coin jar once he got deploy. she said she's taking him in a different way. >> i'm a puddle. it's such a beautiful story and wonderful tribute. we're all so sorry they have the make this journey. that's what's so painful. >> i think kaye said that. they're sorry that they're family. nobody wants to be a pa of this gold star family. >> she said i kiss his dog tags in the morning. it helps me get up the piece. beautiful piece. beautiful sons. >> it's a reminder, greater than what divides us. what a great story. thapg you. who produced that with you? >> that was molly. >> great job. >> very nice job. new england patriarriots quarterback tom brady said he's faster than he was at 18. in our srnd morning interview he
8:19 am
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8:22 am
new england patriots quarterback tom brady will play on sunday. s he ooh chasing his sixth super bowl ring this season. his first book "t.b. 1 the
8:23 am
steps" in this preview for sunday morning he tells us he's getting better with age. >> is there any chance this is your last year? >> no, no. >> reporter: at 39 the new england patriots captain became the second oldest quarterback in the nfl history to win a super bowl. now 40 and entering his 18th season, brady is an expert at beating the clock in more ways than one. >> i would say i'm faster now and quicker now than when i first started playing football. >> you're faster now at 40 than you were at 18 in. >> yeah, i am. >> reporter: the five h time super bowl champ gave me a little tutorial. >> get the ball at your feet, your left elbow pointed at the target. let's see. good. >> reporter: even more difficult
8:24 am
than throwing like tom brady is eating like him. >> i'm going to list some food. you tell me yes, you eat them, no, you don't eat them, or maybe you eat them sometimes. >> okay. >> coffee. >> never tried it. >> salt. >> a little bit. >> sugar. >> on occasion. a little bit. >> dairy. >> almost never. unless it's really good ice cream. >> no cheese in. >> i don't think so. >> no cheese. oh, my gosh. but he really does believe he's better at 40 than 18. it sure looks it. >> it's not what he believes. his stats. you can look how quickly he runs the sprint and how he's playing too. >> he didn't stutter when you said is this your last year. that was a definitive no. >> he'll probably tell you he'll play ten years if he could. >> it's a really interesting report. then on monday here on "cbs this morning" we'll go inside brady's
8:25 am
good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. you have never seen a parade like this on the ben franklin parkway. last night, colorful pedicabs lit up the parkway. it is the grand opening for a new art display to celebrate the parkways' 100 birthday. the colorful lights are supposed to remind you of fireflies, starting today you can ride the pedicabs for free , they're available thursday through sunday night for the next four weeks. now, to the eyewitness weather forecast with meteorologist, katie fehlinger hi, kate. >> i good morning, jan, today ends up being pretty nice day for the most part with sunshine, stray shower, some point through the afternoon, but we turn our focus quickly here to the tropics. we do have three separate areas to watch. one of which is a pretty minor problems right now, the one in
8:26 am
the middle. we now have tropical depression 14, just off the shores of africa, and the other of course is tropical storm jose. that is the one that may pose threat to the area. looking ahead to next mid week , already, brought some stronger surf, you can't really tell by looking at what looks really like very tranquil start to the beach day here in rehoboth. but, by the time we hit monday night, tuesday, jose may be making it closest pass to the area, bring at least some indirect impact, meisha. >> okay, thank you so much, katie. looking outside right now in terms of our commute, looking okay, but we do have couple every accidents out there, 59 north, girard point bridge, left lane compromised, little slow moving as you travel on past there, plus another one in springfield church mill at mill road. lanes block herement you can see some slowing, traffic, see the orange, and the red, letting us know we're traveling slow, springfield, also accident in lower moreland, huntingdon pike, lanes blocked here, as well, jan, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you very much next update 85:00 #, ahead on
8:27 am
cbs this morning, stephen colbert on his emmy nominations hosting this
8:28 am
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senator, i hate to pry. did you have one scoop or two? >> i'll have to tell you. it looked like an egg. i thought why am i getting an egg with my dessert. it was a beautifully sculpted ice cream. >> he went on twitter to defend himself. he showed the world how to make a quinn elle which is a fan see name for that ice cream presentation. >> first of all it's been brought to my attention people
8:31 am
were making fun of me that i could not tell the difference between an egg and ice cream. when's the last time you saw ice crem that looked like ice cream? i've done some research. it's a french quanell. he did not get an extra scoop up. you go senator manchin. i love that he's so ee fusive about it and he gives such a descriptive explanation. >> you remember the president describing the chocolate cake he made with zxi jinping in china s doing a fabulous job snow now we know what aqua knell is. >> did you know? >> i did not. >> did you, norah? >> i did not. i've seen it. didn't know. >> thank you, senator manchin.
8:32 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." "usa today" acknowledges removing one-star reviews of hillary clinton's new books. the online giant is defending its decision. it had meccas in place to make sure the voices of many do not drown out the voices of a few. "what happened" is published by simon & schuster. season 8 will film multiple endings to avoid leaks. they released them early when hbo would not meet demands for ran some. nobody will really know the true ending until the end. >> very smart to to several options. and "the new york times" reports on a new product. it may reduce peanut allergies. they're allowing that claim.
8:33 am
it's called hello peanut. it can be mixed into babe foot and expose infants to peanuts. recently the top experts reversed long-standing device and is now in faber of early exposure to the peanut. the senate intelligent committee is looking for answers to some of the questions about the russia influence in the 2016 presidential election. this following facebook's revelation that it found about 3,000 ads containing messages about those issues. they were linked to about 370 inauthentic accounts and russian trolls. r.t., sputnik, and the new theory of war. how the kremlin built the most powerful weapon os the 21st century and why it may be unable to stop. it explores how it uses igs in ter actional cable, r.t. and sputnik news to spread information and enhance
8:34 am
political agendas. author of "the new york times" media, wow. what did you find? >> i was very interested in the public face of this campaign. i mean half of the report that several u.s. cable agent is put out was r.t. that michael vicars called it the political ee kwiv legislate of 9/11. how did they do it? >> whether they swayed the result will be debated for years to come. but what definitely was going on was the russian media plus pro-russian activity mixing it up in major way. that we know. that's kind of unprecedent in my
8:35 am
lifetime covering politics. >> russian media is controlled by the government. >> yes. >> we heard steve bannon tell charlie rose the other day, no, there's nothing to the russian hacking, it's all a beg farce, people don't understand. to you think we the american people really unhow serious and how big this is? >> i really don't think we to. investigations are ongoing. we're only starting to understand this beyond just this russia story we're talking about, so i think this we need to know a lot more before we say dismiss this. >> what's their end ghosoal, ji? >> it toews pressure the establishment governments throughout the west. >> it says rush's goal is to denigrate secretary hillary clinton and. >> so there is a cam paeb and
8:36 am
it's often about putting pressure on the center, the establishment, the geopolitical foes of russia from its own flanks. >> and reinforce and rebuild the russian empire, at least some feel that's how putin wants to operate. putin's secretary said this is a down tr campaign. >> for euyears we've heard out russia, you guys in the west are causing problems in our backyard, o, hey, we have to come back, fight back and get in this game. i document think they often distinguish between cnn globally and state media. >> so most of the americans voting are not watching, but they are on facebook and they're on social media. we heard hillary clinton in an
8:37 am
interview last night blaming facebook in ways. she's suggesting that they're complicit. what role does facebook play? >> i think facebook realizes it now. it has to tell us a lot more about what it knows and it has to keep finding out and disclosing and disclosing and disclosing. if you had a connection to a contact, don't you deserve to know that as a facebook user? hopefully they get to the point where they can say, hey, that person was a fraud or that account was a fraud. >> they can be really specific who they target. they can target female voters between 35 and 40 in ohio. facebook targeting can be scary. >> on its own, i don't think it would get half of it. >> thank you. >> great read. great reporting. >> we should mention we reached out to rt and sputnik.
8:38 am
we have not heard back yet. stephen colbert hosts the awards on sunday night. ahead yousam homegoods.ed it frome.
8:39 am
it reminds him of bennie. only quieter. you can't have this frenchie. but new finds are always arriving. so you can find something so you, for less. at homegoods.
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our veterans have have and we enjoy today.e ready. aim. fire. and it's important for us to let them know that we will never forget their service. fire. it was steve's idea to have this cemetery. this was supplied to the veterans, giving us a final resting place. we owe everything to steve for what he gave us here. i wanted to make sure that we just didn't say thank you to veterans, we had tangible things to show, and i think we've accomplished that. [ "taps" playing ]
8:41 am
stephen colbert has help the "late show" become the top rated late night program on television. colbert will host the 6 9dth
8:42 am
annual prime time emmys sunday right here on cbs. he's also up for two awards for his show."cbs sunday morning's" smith is with him. >> you are good atting so and dance -- >> i really consider myself a hoofer. i'm a comedian miami but i'm a hoofer. >> reporter: president trump has late show host stephen colbert on a roll. >> i inherited a mess. >> no. you inherited a fortune. you made a mess. >> free at last, free at last, thank god almighty, free at last. do you like that? melania wrote that. >> this is a big moment.
8:43 am
>> it's an honor to host the emmys and it's fun because if you lose, you still have something to do. the same reason i like waiting tables on new year's eve. if i didn't like the party, i still had a job very he'll enjoy his biggest television audience yet. but while he's busy moving the show along, he's also a nominee and could become the first in history to win multi. awards. >> history. write it downing put it in books, teach it to children. >> i would love to do a good job and win an emmy. but i have to do a good jock over hosting the emmys. i don't have control over it, so i don't want to think about it unless i have control over it. do i have control over it? they say i do, so i would look to win. >> do you prepare for the show in the same way that you prepare for your nightly show whether
8:44 am
you're writing shows up to the last minute? >> i think so. i work under pressure. >> you seem to work well under pressure. >> the pressure is fantastic. it's wonderful. >> not funny. >> hey, hey. >> i am a fear. that's why i'm in comedy. >> from "feud" to "big little lies" and "witz ard of eyes." but colbert's pick isn't even nominated soo the biggest tv star of this year? >> the biggest star? donald trump.
8:45 am
not even close. donald trump is the bible of the 2016/2017 television season. if you don't include donald trump as a television star this yearing you're lying. >> reporter: at the traditional rolling out o the red carpet, colbert mate a revealing announcement. while the emmy host wouldn't share what's sure to be a big opening number, he did give me the naked truth on one sketch. >> seriously, come on. like i juiced for a couple of day days and then they bronzed me. they used one of these -- courage. it took courage to be buck naked in front of the camera and now cbs is says i can't show certain parts of my body. >> of course, no matter ho you dress it, there's still no substitute for raw talent. for "cbs this morning," tracy
8:46 am
smith, los angeles. >> and he's definitely got raw talent. i can't wait. that's definitely a good tees for steven kobe. of coursing you can watch the 69th emmy awards at 8:00 eastern. >> cbs. >> all right. next we'll look at all that mattered this week. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:47 am
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8:49 am
well, that does it for us. be sure to tune in to the "cbs evening news" tonight. it os been a great week and we ended it with you. >> thanks for having me. it was fun. >> looking forward to the weekend. all right. as we leave you, let's take a look at all that mattered this week. have a great weekend. >> people are advised again to stay out of this weather because this is the worst that they've seen as far as wind.
8:50 am
the high is 80 miles per hour. i'm so sorry. it's so hard to look at this camera right now. >> this enormous storm continues slicing its way up the state of florida. >> rescues are currently under way. >> you could probably hear this emergency siren going off. >> what does your home look like? >> it's gone. >> they touched down in puerto rico with the national guard where they expect 300 to 400 americans. >> 40 years of my life was here. >> restoring power has been the biggest challenge across florida. >> i don't know if this will be mine again. >> why? >> it may be just undoable. >> do you think the party would be stronger if several are unseated? >> i'm supposed to comment on what steve bannon believes? good night. >> $3.7 billimillion. >> does it give you the --
8:51 am
>> did you see that? >> like yes that 45 seconds. >> remembi just remembered it's ex-husband's birthday. thank you for watching "cbs this morning." hope it's a good one. dan brown joins us on the table. no, not on the table. at the table. >> you talk about being on the plane. you grabbed his thigh and didn't let go even after the turbulence ended. there was a connection clearly between the two of you. >> i am going to try it. >> that's good. come on, do it again. >> i'm not a busy body at all. i'm southern. we're real friendly. >> and now the gainesville police didn't says it will make a police calendar. >> when will we have a charlie rose calendar. >> 12 months is not enough. >> is this from experience,
8:52 am
gayle? >> was the dinner -- was it a good dinner? >> it was. >> what was it. >> deep medallion. >> i hate to pry. did you have one scoop or two scoops of ice cream? >> no, no. let me tell you. the ice cream was so perfectly prepared it looked like an egg. i thought why am i getting an egg with my dessert. >> athletes and artists took part in new york. it was very nice. >> were they excited when you said i'm charlie rose? >> no. they said, as you know, can i speak to oprah? >> it was five years ago that you joined us at the table. where has the time gone? >> five years? >> i'm so grateful to get to work with the both of you every day. >> somebody the other day said i love the three of you. i love the three of you, the interaction between the three of you. i think it's like a three-legged stool or menage a trois.
8:53 am
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>> good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan, deadline today at five p.m. to smith an on line suggestion on what to do with center city statue of frank rizzo. there were more protests yesterday at the municipal services building where the statue ooh of the former police commissioner stands, demonstrators want the statue removed over rizzo's ration relations and supporters say it should stay where it is. now a look at the forecast with katie. >> today looks pretty good, all-in-all, even though irma's renmant might tour, very un impress of batch of moisture at this point, as it pertains to our area, still have some steady rain working it way off shore, that's still trying to make its full departure, may still be a stray shower, but most of the day has sunshine.
8:56 am
next facing from the tropics, what is currently tropical storm jose. already bringing in some larger swells, and helping to kick up that rip countries being along the shore points even though this is still hundreds of miles away, however, in the days ahead, it will start to turn north, and maybe have some interaction with the coastline, at least indirectly, so monday night into tuesday, rain, some thunderstorms working their way in specially the closer you get to the shore, strong surf continues, and we may have some strong winds to deal with by then. >> thank you so much, katie. looking outside right now in terms of congestion, actually looking okay, do have accident here in new jersey, 295 south, the ramp blocked at route 130, heads up if you are headed out there right now, police disable truck here, ramp 202 north to the schuylkill eastbound, see it pulled off to the far right shoulder, also see here, how it actually slow moving it is through the area, so 202 north to the schuylkill eastbound, heads up on this, plus, disable vehicle here, 95 north, near the betsy ross bridge, although congestion here as well, 95 north not really playing any
8:57 am
sort of issues, jim, back over to you. >> thank you shall meisha, that's "eyewitness news" for now. join us for "eyewitness news" today at noon, i'm jim donovan
8:58 am
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>> today on the doctor's friday newsfeed. >> that's why i came to the doctors. i want to stop. >> announcer: has aaron carter checked into rehab. we have the latest update. and we have the latest details on the nursing home nightmare in florida. and in a bachelor exclusive. this bachelorette has a secret she hid from show producers and the world. >> and then -- >> dr. travis: would you "glitter bomb" your -- >> whoo, whoo! >> sounds like a bad idea to you and a good idea to you. >> good morning, doctors. >> welcome everyone to the doctors friday newsfeed. this week we had an exclusive interview with aaron carter, concerning his rumored drug use and shockingly gaunt appearance. re


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