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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  September 21, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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tonight -- >> josh and i just aren't a couple anymore. >> fergie after the split. she's telling "e.t." what went wroeng and why they waited seven months to announce the breakup. >> gwen and blake's big announcement. and -- >> we are behind the scenes with the voice, with jennifer hudson revealing her strategy. >> our demi lovato exclusive. her new interview on her personal life. >> then "will & grace's" memories and then -- >> will you marry me? >> the "big bang theory" proposal cliff hanger and how
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they changed after ten seasons. >> my eyes are getting worse, i'mi can't see anything. >> now, this is "entertainment tonight." >> we have two big sclufs tonight with demi lovato and fergie opening up like never before. >> let's start with fergie. she is explaining the real reasons behind their split to our keltie knight. >> you decided to go public now, but it's been since february, maybe? >> yeah. >> why the wait. you don't owe it to anyone to announce it the second you decide it. it's a process. i don't know that i would have announced it. >> i would have been like, how's josh? >> and you would have been like. >> i think just became time. we are ready. >> 42-year-old fergie is a complete pro. she didn't shy away from talking about her ex at all. >> we're great friends, josh and i.
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there's so much love that we have for each other. we really like each other. we have fun with each other. we're just not a romantic couple anymore. ♪ life goes on with or without you ♪ >> how are you balancing axl and being a mom? and do you have help? >> i do. i was just on facetime with axl on the way here. we are still axl's parents through and through. ♪ >> right now, josh is in l.a. with axl while fergie spent last night at the tuck room at ipic theaters in new york premiering her new visual album "double dutchess," out tomorrow. you broke the internet. ♪ your body, your look, the nakedness. what do you say to people who are like, oh, she's a mom. put clothes on. >> whatever with the mommy shaming. have a kid, walk in my shoes for a second then talk to me, okay? ♪ i'm falling in love >> as for life after josh -- could there be new love? >> there's-- i'm open to love.
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anything, we'll take it. love, love, love, love. >> tomorrow, fergie opens up about her first on screen love. what she learned about kissing. >> that should be fun. love is clearly alive and well, or mer are i and bright at blake shelton and gwen stefani are doubling down on the beautiful music they make together. >> gwen and blake were out in beverly hills holding hands yesterday, but nothing says i love you like this -- gwen's custom black and white vans with an image of blake printed on them. ♪ why'd you go and make me love you? ♪ >> a source close to blake tells e.t. after almost two years together the couple is still very happy. and although they don't talk about getting married, they do talk like they are going to be together forever. here's another sign of commitment -- gwen just announced a new duet with blake for christmas.
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she dropped a teaser on instagram this morning. ♪ i want to thank you, baby you make it feel like christmas ♪ >> it's a busy day for blake. blake retweeted the release announcement and responded quote, daddy likey. request gwen's new he will day album is out october 4th. it's not their first collaboration. ♪ why don't you do it? >> their duet "go ahead and break my heart" was on blake's solo album last year. >> started this song and wrote about half of it and sent it to her, and she wrote the other half of it. >> he's so talented, and he comes from such a different world. but to make music together, it was just so shocking. >> on to another cute couple. this one is janet jackson, a mother son lunch with her
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8-month-old issa. he is just as stylish as his mama with his denim shirt, camo pants and sneakers on. >> another woman's style i love, demi lovato. the "sorry not sorry" singer clearly making no apologies for who she is or who she loves. what is it like for you to open your world? scary? >> it's scary for sure. i talk about a lot of things i haven't talked about in interviews. >> tweeting, quote, if you're that curious about my sexuality, watch my documentary. her youtube special "simply complicated" will premiere in october. the topic of her sexual orientation became a source of speculation last week when she was photographed holding hands with deejay lauren abedini at disneyland. >> i'm a single 25-year-old woman living on her own and i really feel like an adult. ♪ feelin' like a 10, the best i've ever been ♪ i feel like i've done a lot of growing. my album is a result of that. >> making no apologies for what it took to get to this healthy
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place of strength and gratitude. ♪ baby, i'm sorry ♪ not sorry >> i was exclusively behind the scenes of demi's "vevo live" performance. it premieres september 29th, the same day her new album "tell me you love me" drops. there are some interesting song teatles. of course, you released the track list on instagram. ♪ you don't do it for my anymore ♪ >> so, "you don't do it for me anymore" is a song. for me it has a double meaning -- breaking up with my old self and my addiction and my alcoholism, not going back to those old ways that i always resorted to, because it doesn't do it for me anymore. ♪ stop feeling bad for yourself ♪ >> i used to feel sorry for myself. now i have a different perspective on life, where i'm feeling grateful and happy, and i'm just in a totally different place. >> so happy for her.
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i stayed and watched demi sing her songs over and over again. each take is better than the last. she is such a jokele powerhouse. >> she can sing. sang sing. >> take it to church. >> well, over 15 million people watched as 12-year-old singing ventriloquist, darcie lynn was declared the winner of "america's got talent" last night. is that how you are feeling? >> yes, i have no words. >> now darci lynne has her own vegas show and $1 million, but she's still only 12. >> i'm definitely going to get a pug, because i really want one -- if my parents let me. >> the ventriloquist made it to the show by mel b.'s golden buzzer. >> a proud mother of course, i was.
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>> mel wowed last night too, leading the ladies rocking bold finale fashions. >> well, this was a bit of a mistake. >> what do you mean? >> but it actually ended up being the perfect mistake. because even up until like an hour before the show i didn't quite know what i was going to wear. >> heidi highlighted herself in yellow christian siriano. tyra? poofy, pricey, and in pain. >> my feet hurt. what the studio audience saw was me putting on sneakers and then walking to my spot and putting on my heels and then taking the sneakers back on. >> every time? >> every time. >> and then there was shania. ♪ i did it to be wrong >> glittering in gold at 52 and still belting out new music. >> new album next week. are you nervous? >> i'm relieved. like, i just can't wait for it to come out. i can't wait to share it. ♪ life's ab >> oh, shania's album, it's so good. i heard the whole thing. it's honest. congratulations to darci lynne. it's adorable. coming up next, "big bang theory's" sneak peek with everybody, everybody wondering if amy will say yes to sheldon. monday night's premier.
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>> is bindi irwin engaged? >> you posted a certain picture with rings. ring was on an interesting picture. >> diamonds were a little bit out of our budget.
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>> i think if "60 minutes" comes a-calling and you haven't committed a crime -- you don't get more breakout than that. >> "60 minutes" is lucky do get oprah as part of the team. her first report airs this sunday night. and returning monday night on cbs, the gang from "the big bang theory." and right away, a big question
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will get answered. >> will you marry me? >> we literally pick up in matching outfit, hairdo, hair clip. we're right there. he's on one knee. [ phone rings ] >> one moment please. >> are you going to answer that right now? >> it's leonard. i don't want to be rude. >> so, will amy actually say yes to sheldon? >> oh, everybody in the super market has an opinion about it. that was my experience all summer. everywhere i went people were like she says yes, right? i said i don't know! i'm on vacation! >> fans aren't the only ones dying to know if amy accepts. the writers like to keep the cast in the dark too. >> they're constantly doing things that you never saw coming. i feel like she'll say yes too, but that may not be what they have in mind. >> i was having lunch with dr. nowitzky and she kissed me. >> excuse me, what? i'm sorry? >> it's a really fun episode. and we just kind of watch everyone's drama unfold while doing yoga and drinking wine.
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>> we get to eat cake. >> i eat cake in this episode. >> and after 231 episodes, kaley's earned it. >> if you could give some advice to younger kaley 11 years ago -- what would you say to her? >> get used to those stairs in the apartment set because they're going to get a lot harder to climb by season 8, 9, 10, 11. oh! and also, like, my eyes are getting worse. so, like, i'm reading scripts -- where i used to be so cool, and now i'm like bringing it up. i cant see anything. >> she's speaking my language. right, nancy? . we feel you, kaylee. the cast already signed on for season 12. >> still ahead, jennifer hudson takes "e.t." behind the scenes of the voice. how she's using the american "idol" roots to beat the other coaches. >> the "will & grace" cast, how far they'll go get an extra laugh.
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>> we would look at each other and say, are they going let us do that? closed captioning provided by --
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. ♪ what's best for me . >> he feels the dreams, to cross over. >> ♪ what about how i feel? >> i feel you, jennifer. jennifer hudson got the role and the oscar to show for it. that is an exclusive look at her never-before-seen screen test for the role of effie in 2006's "dreamgirls." >> now get ready to see j-hud stir up all kinds of emotion as a new coach on "the voice." and only "e.t." is taking you inside her winning strategy. >> do you think j-hud is going to be ready to battle this whole
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thing out? >> last year, a female won and i want to do that again this season. >> j-hud says to do that, she'll go with her gut! >> how i know when i see talent is i feel it. i go by my instinct and how that sound makes me feel. >> and if she has to, she'll put up a fight. >> you know what you want, girl. >> i do know. i pick jennifer. [ cheers and applause ] >> i have seven dogs, two pigs, two horses. >> well, hold on. i got three dogs and their name is oscar, grammy, and dream girls okay? i've done broadway. i've sang at the white house. >> she's also not afraid to sing her own praises. or call out her fellow coaches. >> y'all done. they do this every season. he going to lay across the side. he's going point at himself like this. >> and the "idol" alum isn't above reminding contestants she's been in their shoes. >> it's one thing to be on the coaches side of the fence, but
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because j-hud herself has had that experience, i can relate that much more to the contestants. >> i come from a reality show. and i was told, your voice is too big. >> i understand that. they won't. what else is there to say? >> if words fail, she'll -- ♪ oh, yeah >> my money is on j-hud. by the way, just three days after the voice premiers, it will be the return of "will & grace." i sat down talk secrets. >> brad and angelina announce their divorce the same week by relationship ends, >> denied, denied, approved. >> we would look at each other and go, are they going it let us
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do that? >> kiss it, kiss it, spank it. >> back in 1998, eric turned down the role of will, sean threw away the script. debra's laugh won her the role. >> we should be what we have always been. >> a sad middle-aged lady. and grace. >> who are some of the other cast faves? >> there isn't much better television than when jack met cher. >> i do a better cher than you? >> you think so? >> actually it's, you think sooo? >> it was wild. it almost felt like i wasn't there. >> what about when mate damon pretended to be gave? >> my hand seems to be traveling up your thigh towards your rocking asa!
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>> i loved doing that episode so much. he was so game. >> got uh-uh sick, straight, bastard! if i had to pick one guest star who was my favorite. it was him. >> thank you for the tea. and achlt. >> i'm so ready for you guys to come back. september 28th! >> you and me both. >> you got an exclusive with the late steef irwin's family. >> yeah, so i recently flew to australia for their annual croc trip where they research crocodiles and release them back and the river. it all goes down on the steve irwin wildlife reserve. that'll explain the uniform i was wearing. i talked to the whole gang, including 19-year-old bindi and her longtime boyfriend, chandler, about engagement rumors. you posted a certain picture with rings. i know it was international diamond day. you didn't have diamonds, but the ring was definitely on a very interesting finger.
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>> oh, it's so funny. diamonds were a little bit out of our budget. >> yeah, a little bit out of budget. >> so we decided to invest in our ring pops, and i think that if you can eat your ring, its not really a real engagement ring. >> yeah. not if you can eat it. >> a lot of people were asking. >> they've been together for over 2 years, travelled the world, and bindi calls chandler "my love. today, tomorrow, always." but will the 20-year-old wakeboarder make it official and pop the question to bindi, who's just 19? >> no, 23409 no yet. i'm the luckiest guy if the world, and one day i'll be blessed to do so, but just ring pops. >> i'm sure they'll call you first. >> hey, listen, you said that. i'm gonna hold you to that. >> honestly, we'll actually give you a call and it can be your exciting exclusive. >> "e.t. rocks! >> bindi's parents, terri and the late steve irwin, were married for 14 years. terri's remained single since his death, contrary to some
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reports. and one of the main things you have to deflect as far as rumors go about relationships and rumors of russell crowe. >> the men in my life are good friends, and i'm very blessed. for me, i felt like i got my happily ever after. i've had some very torrid magazine affairs, but they were only in magazines. one of the other things she says that i liked is she wants to get out there that you don't have to be in a relationship to be happy. she is very happy right now. >> as long as she's happy, that's all that matters. >> coming up, tyra banks brought us america's next top model and heidi klum brought
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tomorrow, kelly clarkson takes "e.t." on the set of her new music video. >> hey! >> why debbie gibson's dance partner was not her first choice. tomorrow on "e.t." >> before we go, victoria secret ainge gel adriana lima is hosting a special tonight on lifetime. it pits hair and makeup people against each other for street cred and cash. >> the winner of the competition, you walk away with $50,000 in cash. >> oh, my god. wow. >> here's the thing, adriana also recruited a real deal beauty team.
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camilla al ves and angel and mom to be bihati prinsloo. >> congratulations on your new baby. i will see you and pat the belly. i love the belly. so cute. >> she's the best. good night, everybody. >> bye-bye.
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previously on the big bang theory... i was offered a summer research fellowship at princeton. princeton. a fine institution. the place where albert einstein taught, and where leonard got his phd, so it may have gone downhill. and just remember, i'm proud of you. and i support you in all that you do. thank you. that means a lot. oh, and one last thing. if you find yourself working with a male scientist, who's as smart as me, as tall as me, and has hair like thor, well, then, i want you to step away from the situation and call me immediately. how are you settling in? amy: pretty well. princeton has a beautiful campus. now, i've learned some fun facts about new jersey to help you make small talk. would you like to know the state bird or the murder rate?


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