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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  September 24, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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judge it is game day, eagles welcome the new york giants to their home opener today at the linc, but it is all a mid controversy after president trump criticizes some top athletes. >> shots fly and miss, some philadelphia police officers, what we're learning this morning, about the search for the gunman. >> and crews rush to this building fire overnight, massive flames there. just how long it took to get those flames under control. >> today is sunday, september 24th. good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. it is a big day for football. and the philadelphia eagles but it won't feel like football weather. here's meteorologist, chelsey ingram, good sunday morning,
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chelsey. you said it before, they will they'll be wetting out there at the linc. >> specially in direct sunlight, not much winds, it will be a hot one for sure. let's look at the temperatures across the region. already warm start to the day. in the 70s here in philadelphia. 71 degrees, until the low 60s, in wildwood, and atlantic city , 61 degrees there. sixty-seven in trenton, right around 63 in allentown, 64 mount pocono. sixty-three reading, 62 degrees in lancaster, so for the home opener, down at the linc, i'm forecasting kick off temperature right around 87 degrees. and as i mentioned, if you were in that direct sunlight, for the entire game, you're likely sweating out there. make sure to bring the shades and latter up the sunscreen we will be climbing into the 90s, to 90 degrees throughout the game by the ends of the game likely around 90 degrees in philadelphia, unseasonably hot , going to be another warm afternoon down the shore, you can look for high temperature right around 80 degrees, then sunny, warm for the poconos,
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83, but a bun dan sunshine across the entire region. so the records it beat today, 95, setback in 1970. forecasting high every the degrees, near the records monday, as well, i'll have detail coming up in your full forecast, for now, jan, sending it back to you. >> thank you. excitement is building for eagles fans, as the birds get ready to take on the new york giants, in the home opener today. anita live at the linc, responding to president trump 's latest comments about the nfl. >> we'll let you know what some of the fans said about those comments in just a bit, but i want to show you the activity picking up here at the parking lot outside of the link. >> having good time ahead of the game this afternoon. some say tradition of theirs for 20 years, others say, they've been waiting to get
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into this parking lot since 4:30 a.m. this morning. many eyes also watching the fall out between president donald trump and some of the nation's top athletes after some of the recent comments that he made. he said nfl players who disrespect the flag by kneeling during the national anthem, in protest, should be fired. >> my thoughts are, i really don't get into the political game. america is free country, everyone can do what they want unstopped p for what they want , kneel for what they want to. >> parking lot activity really picking up here outside of the link. now, dow want to mention, a group called standing for kaepernick will be protesting outside of every nfl stadium ahead of the first game of the season. and they'll be doing so here at 11:00 ahead of the game at
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1:00. of course we'll keep you posted on those development. for now live outside of the link, anita oh, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." >> anita, thank you be sure to keep us to up dathan see in you 30 minutes. >> philadelphia police investigating after they say two men opened fire on officers overnight. the shooting happened near 13th and york streets, in north philadelphia. very active scene there overnight. police say around 10:00, two men started firing rounds at police officers in the area allegedly on some folks, officers did return fire, but were told no one has been injured. both of the men got away after that exchange of gunfire, police will not confirm this morning if the suspect are in custody, however, they do tell us, they're not looking for any suspect right now. >> women recovering after she was shot in east germantown there is shooting happened around midnight, along the 5600 block along stokes street woman shot in her left thigh, stable condition, so far no word on any arrests.
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>> large fire broke out at building in south philadelphia this was just after 2:00 a.m., near water and morris street, take a look at the huge flames , shooting from the roof there. firefighters battled this blaze, for just about an hour before placing it under control. thankfully no one was hurt, no word on what sparked that fire this morning. >> at least 300 people are dead, in mexico, after last week's powerful earthquake there. more than half of those deaths were in mexico city. and rescue efforts actually stopped yesterday after the country was hit by another earthquake, this time, a magnitude 6.1 after shock. correspondent manuel is in mexico city. series of after shocks south of mexico city sent people once again running into the streets. closer to the epi-center the 6.1 magnitude quake brought down this bridge, near wah
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a/k/a. once the grounds stopped shaking, crews returned to what's left of six story offers building in mexico city where more than 40 people were listed as missing. >> cammed out since wednesday, her cousin, and the an account and the, working on the fourth floor of the building when the quake hit though they found people on the fourth floor. i think that they found like two different groups. and that some of them, like, they showed they're like -- >> there are signs of life? >> uh-huh. so we're like hoping, working to be one of those. >> parts of the city trying to reopen for business, leading to tension, as officers tried to reopen a busy boulevard searches and family members who wanted silence protested, still hoping to hear sounds from possible survivors under the rubble. the number of people rescued from chanced buildings like this one has reached nearly 70 , but as the days go on, the
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hopes of finding others diminish. they'll continue to search. cbs news, mexico city. >> meantime, puerto rican leaders warning people about a dam that's at risk of collapsing there. the dam, in the northeastern part of the island, a spillway easing pressure on the dam though, but at one point about 70,000 people who love downstream from the dam have been ordered to leave. now it became compromised after flooding from hurricane maria, storm being blamed for at least ten deaths in puerto rico alone, people still without power. >> jenkintown community doing it part to help with hurricane relief efforts. >> yesterday at the piazza an end the square, restaurant donated food, drinks, with people enjoyed while listening to music. all of the donations will be
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sent to the brothers, brother foundation, which is based in pittsburgh win of ten charities rated by forks with 100% fundraising efficiency. well the recovery continues in texas after hurricane harvey, and about a month after the storm, still things very difficult there. the incredible number of people who are still in shelters. and what officials say they're doing to make sure the disaster doesn't happen again. i a philadelphia woman is turning t-shirts and hats into meals for the homeless. see how she turned $100 of her savings into a homeless outreach initiative. >> and here is a live look outside this morning, the sun is coming up. it will feel hot today. meteorologist, chelsey ingram will top us house high the mercury is head in the our forecast. that's when "eyewitness news" co
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>> this morning, teenager in custody after acid attack in a london mall, video on social media shows emergency services there responding. officers called saturday night after two groups of men started fighting. that's when officers say, someone through some sort of poisonous material, six people were hurt, initials concerning that this was an act of terrorism, but officers say all six people were part of the original fight. and this is not being investigated, as a terrorist attack. >> well the tough talk between
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president trump and north korean leaders continues. overnight, president trump called kim jong un little rocket man on twitter. yesterday, us air force bombers escorted by fighter jets flew into air space east of north korea, a calls the flight a show of force. they say the stem on straight the military options available to the u.s. and president trump, the planes flew further north of the demilitarized zone than any other us fighters, since 2,000. recovery continues in texas after hurricane harvey. the storm made landfall in the houston area, as a category four storm, just about a month ago now. it would become the largest flooding event in north american history. correspondent courtney shows what people who live in texas are finding, the recovery difficult. >> has texas sized problem, sitting on her front lawn. >> it is not acceptable.
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i mean, we are trying to move forward as a city. and this to me causes a health hazard. >> one month after harvey hit, and three weeks after she cleared out her home, she still is looking at mountains every molding memories, complete with horseflies, and constant smell every mildew. >> county judge is helping lead recovery effort in southeast texas. >> even if 09% of it is pick up at some point, if you're still in the 10%, you're not happy. i understanded that. >> household debris, ends up in larger piles like this one, houston officials say, trucks have only removed about 5% of harvey's wreckage. in southeast texas, close to 800,000 people have applied for fema assistance, the agency has already paid out more than $570 million, to individuals, the insurance council of texas estimate there are about a quarter million flooded cars and trucks, insurance companies have already taken care of a billion dollars worth in claims, and that number is expected to triple.
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on top of that, at least 2,000 people remain in shelters. and some schools have not yet started. local officials say, they're looking at revamp old floodplain maps to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> we have to make sure people no longer build in areas that are subject to flooding. >> for michelle frankford, she can't even think about the future until the past is harder to be weighing, and that -- until this is carted away. cbs news, houston. >> a lot of work still to be done there, chelsey, and you're still tracking hurricane maria spinning in the atlantic, right? that's right, category two storm, let's show you live look at the kutztown area. look at the sunrise, very quiet, very beautiful start to the day there, in kutztown, temperature checking in around six off degrees, we'll show you live look at center city as well. look at the a bun dan sunshine , see that all throughout the day today. current temperature, 71.
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very mild start, and those numbers are going to heat up very quickly throughout the day. 65 degrees in millville. down the shore, wildwood, 61, 61 in atlantic city, as well. we have 63 in allentown, mid 60s in mount pocono. sixty-two in reading, and lancaster, it is 67 degrees, currently, in wilmington. humidity level will be in check throughout the day today yes, hot one, forecasting high temperature of 90. but, we're not going to see that steam factor really returning to the forecast until the start of the work week. with those dew point on the rise, then by tuesday, i mean, all of that drops. it will feel hot. it will feel humid. and at times, even oppressive with the combination of heat and humidity. meanwhile, on storm scan3, here's what we have going on, whole bunch of nothing across the eastern portion of the united state. high pressure is in control. the jet stream pushed well up to our north. not just allowing that warm temperatures to creep on in. really not feeling like fall.
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feeling like summer throughout the day today with 90 degrees, numbers in the forecast, can you believe it, do have system located out to the west. that's not going to be impacting us until later on this week, then, yes, we are indeed watching hurricane maria, right now, located well off the coastline of the united state. as i mentioned earlier, the category two storm, was w winds of around 110 miles per hour. as of the latest update from the national hurricane center moving to the north, at nine. expected to come uncomfortably close to the outer banks of north carolina, as we head into the middle of the week, category one storm, winds of around 85 miles per hour. but then, cold front will be swinging on through, we have very good model consistency, and that's going to push maria out to sea, so that will leave us with just few impact here at home, mainly along the coast. so we will be talking rough surf, also the risk for rip currents, maybe even some coastal errosion, but otherwise, other than outer
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rain band or two, things are going to be rather okay here in the tri-state area. we have that high risk for rip currents, down the shore, throughout the day today, even though it will be an absolutely stunning beach day, the ocean water can be dangerous at times, so be careful to remember that. on the sands, temperatures in the low mid 80s, see winds up in the northeast at five to ten, and in addition to the high rip countries being today , we have that very high uv index, as well, so latter up the sunscreen. here is your forecast for today, sunny, unseasonably hot you can look for high temperature right around 90 degrees. that's significantly above average for this time of year. and tonight, it will be a mild one. overnight low temperature right around 70 degrees. mostly clear skies. overall, very quiet night. setting up. your eyewitness weather seven day forecast looks like this. it will be a hot one today at the linc. then, 89 on monday, so hot, humid, clouds moving back in, really tuesday through thursday, that cold front then swing on through, takes maria
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out to sea, and drops our temperatures. look at this, jan, 73 degrees on friday. seventy on saturday. back to you. >> thanks, chelsey. it is now 7:18. time to see how traffic is moving along out there. here is amanda mueller in the cbs-3 traffic center. good morning, amanda. >> good morning, jan, traffic moving along out there just fine. but so are the construction crews there. very active this morning. however, crews on 76 eastbound will wrapping up. this is live look at 76 eastbound past route 202. look at the sun. beautiful shot. might want to bring along the sunglasses, that glare looks blinding right now. told the westbound side of the schuylkill schuylkill. very zero expressway totally clear, and crews working to get the eastbound side clear out completely as well, be ready for residual delays in the area as crews tie up any loose ends that might crop up out there. as we mentioned earlier, turnpike work has cleared up for the morning, obstacles for drivers seem to be at minimum. but drivers in the city have their fair share of con vukovich ton to deal with.
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con going construction between 68 and 70 streets, that's set to last until october 2nd. that's because crews are, your alternate 66 street. live look at the vine moving just fine as the rest of the majors this morning. in the cbs-3 traffic center. i'm and a.m. did a -- amanda mueller. >> using fashion to help those in needs. that's the mission of one south philadelphia woman. "kyw news radio" community fares reporter cherri gregg shows us the remarkable way she is feeding philly. >> just out here, just helping the people. >> at 4-foot 11, alea is the perfect size for this old honda civic. >> i do everything for my car. >> and it is in this tiny car that she does good, big time. >> i get in my little car 11:00 at night, always to help people. yep. i get out there, i feed them people. >> alea the force behind i'm feeding philly, initiative she started last year with $100 of her savings, and the help after few friends.
7:20 am
she went out to feed those in need. >> i felt like we have like a forgotten community out here. >> fast forward, once month, she packs up lunches, packs up her car. and delivers them, funding her effort by selling a line of colorful t-shirts and hats she designed herself for ten bucks a pop. >> this line is slowly dedicate today feed the homeless, even if they don't sell, we still will feed the homeless no matter what. >> i saw her delivering meals alone on thursday night, was so impressed i took a selfie. >> if i don't do it, then who will? >> proud of your caughter? >> she has a beautiful heart. >> janice crawford said alea giving spirit started armet i age. by the time she was 12, she secretly took in a friends with no place to go. as mom worked the night shift. >> she was actually living there, yes, ala was clothing her, feeding her, making sure she went to school every day. >> at 29, alea is raising
7:21 am
money to do more. >> i want to have my own like girl shelter for teen girls. >> woman with big dreams, and even bigger heart. >> feeding philly. we're out here. >> i always just had like a heart for somebody else. >> in south philadelphia, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio ," for cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> and still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news," this sunday morning, a warning for young people, thinking about getting a tatoo or piercing. the three things doctors want teens and their par don't think about before heading to the salon. we will be right back.
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>> ying people should think about the consequences before getting a tatoo or piercing. and as health reporter stephanie stahl explains, the academy of the american academy of pediatrics is now releasing recommendations on those kind of body modifications. >> originally it was just the opposite. >> special meaning behind the tattoos, she got her first one when she was 16 years old. >> this one right here, my father's first name, ken. >> body modifications like tattoos, piercing, have become more accepted, the american add academy every pediatrics says young people need to carefully way the potential consequences. >> they tend to over estimate
7:25 am
the ease and the ability to remove a tatoo. and they underestimate the cost. >> spokesperson, doctor corrine cross, says teens and parent need to do their homework to avoid risks, like infections. it is important to choose a salon that is sterile and regulated by the state. also, make sure you're immunizations are up-to-date, know the laws. some state prohibit teens from getting body modifications, other require parental consent >> a place that's willing to tatoo a child or a minor without getting consent is not a reputable place. >> eleven years after her initial ink julia has this advice for young people. >> it is going to be forever, not just a symbol on your body , it will be forever, but the memories of how you got it >> the report says, 86% of people who have a tatoo don't regret it. doctors say, complications from tattoos and piercings are rare, and can include infections, allergic reactions or kel its, growth of extra scar tissue. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, " eyewitness news."
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well philadelphia's first responders save lives every day. and every year they spend one day putting on an incredible show. coming up: some of their incredible stunts and performances, as a heroes thrill show. all to benefit the families of fallen colleagues. anita? >> well, eagles nation is already getting the party started ahead of the home opener this afternoon. i'm anita oh, at the linc. the controversy that could steel the show.
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> today is sunday, september 24th, goods morning everyone, i'm jan carabeo. who said it is fall, right? approaching record heat today. meteorologist, chelsey ingram, is here with eyewitness weather. morning, chelsey. >> i know, the calendar says it is fall, but it is not feeling like that for the rest of the weekends. and also, the start of next week. so, let's take to you a live look, right now, you're looking at boards walk plaza in rehoboth. look at the beautiful, beautiful view. tons of sunshine, that's expected for our delaware beaches, also, down the shore, as well, we will see the board absolutely filled today. probably tons of people out there, enjoying the sunshine, as well. it will be a warm one, down the shore, 62, wildwood, 61 atlantic city, 67 in trenton.
7:30 am
sixty-three allentown, right around 63 degrees, currently, in reading. so we will be warming up very quickly throughout the day today. around 9:00 a.m., looking at mid 70s, here in philadelphia. by noon, lunchtime, 84 degrees heating up very fast. then we will be unseasonably hot as we head into this afternoon, so you bet, it will be a hot one down at the linc. and going to need to latter up the sunscreen, bring the sunglasses, as well, if you are headed to the game. we will be nearing record today, the current standing record, 95, setback in 1970. of course, we are forecasting high temperature every 09 degrees, then same thing goes for monday. the current standing record for tomorrow, 92, setback in 1970. that had to have been a hot year. forecasting high temperature right around 89 degrees, i'll let you know when we will cool down coming up in your full forecast, for now, jan, back to you. >> being look forward to it, thank you, chelsey. exciting day for eagles fans as the birds host the joined in the home opener today. but, the game does common the
7:31 am
heals of president trump's latest rant, targeting the nfl and the nba. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, is live at the linc this morning. where fans are not only talking about the game, but also, those comments, and it sounds like it is getting exciting out there. hi, anita. >> reporter: good morning, jan , yes, the party is already getting started here outside of the link see our friends grill master, the eagles grill going on, their eighth year tailgating, for the home opener, we've seen other fans here who say this has been tradition for 20 years, others say waiting with their rv's to get inside the parking lot since 4:30 a.m. this morning. as you mention many eyes are also on the controversy being sparked by president donald trump, between the nation's top athlete. he recently in just the past hour tweeted this, quote, if n
7:32 am
fl fans refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our flag, and country you will see change happen fast, a reference to n nfl players taking the knee during the national anthem in protest. and here is what some eagles fans think about this >> it doesn't offend me, i just finds it hard to take them seriously. >> as eagles fans begin to tailgate ahead of the home opener at 1:00 there is a group that's scheduled to protest outside of the stadium so, supporting colin kaepernick, one of the main nf l players taking a knee during nfl games to protest and to stand up for social justice. we'll have more on eagles, the eagles ceo, and his comments and reaction, to donald trump 's comment, that's coming
7:33 am
up in the next half hour. but for now live at the linc, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> see in you 30 minutes, thank you, and eat a new this morning, police responds to gunfire in center city overnight. officers in the area heard those gunshots, coming from the 1300 block of chancellor street. we're told the shots were not directed at police but were close by. fortunately, no one was injured. >> fire intentionally set: michael williams of wilmington has been arrested and charged with arson in connection to the fire. flames broke out at a home on saratoga drive in bear early yesterday morning, by the time that fire was put out, it had caused roughly $200,000 in damage. in addition to arson, williams is now charged with wreckless endangerment, and wearing a disguise during the commission of a felony. >> well, philadelphia's puerto rican day parade is taking place today. and organizers will be doing their part to help people on
7:34 am
the island still dealing with the effect of hurricane maria. this is video from last year's parade. organizers say puerto rican culture will still be celebrated, but they'll also be collecting monetary donations. that money will help people displaced by the hurricane, the 53rd annual puerto rican day parade start 10:00 a.m. this morning. and ends right around 12:30 p.m. this afternoon. >> local heroes put on show for a good cause yesterday. thousands turned out for the annual hero thrill show, at the well fargo center. it is a way to show the family members every local emergency responders, who made the ultimate sacrifice, that they have support, and their loved ones will never be forgotten. alicia with the story. >> the 63rd annual hero thrill show, philadelphia's finest performing. putting on a show, that shows those who have fallen, they're not forgot glenn just incredible tradition, very worthy cause, everybody pitches in, makes it happen,
7:35 am
real dow cents mean a lot to our members to know this great city, city every brotherly love, sisterly affection has their back, 24/7. >> emergency responders with the city give all they have at this show every year. because it raises money that pays for college tuition, for the children of philadelphia's firefighters, and police officers, killed in the line every duty. >> i don't even have the words , but i just want to tell you that we love you. >> every year at the show, there is this moment, recognizing those families whose loved ones sacrificed it all. >> good feeling we have has to these people to rely on. >> and the thousand who is attends. >> my father used to bring me down whether it was at jfk. just caring on the tradition my son. we support them as much as we can, whenever we can. they have a tough job, thankless job. >> your presence here today is a testament to the fact that we don't forget our fallen heroes, their families. >> we can't say enough about these family members.
7:36 am
we always celebrate them, lift them up. >> annually about 15,000 people attend the phillies heroes thrill show. everyone purchased a ticket, so tens every thousands of dollars are raised by family members of fallen emergency responders in the city. in the sat center, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." this morning, cyclists continue to ride for a good cause. the 38th annual bike ms ride continues today. thousands of cyclists began yesterday, there was fundraising minimum for this ride, all proceeds benefit the national multi recall sclerosis society. >> it can affect the way you walk t can affect the way you see. it can even affect the way you think, and you just don't know what going to happen next. none of the current treatments reverse the damage that's already been done. and none of them actually stop the disease. that's what you want to do. we want to stop ms in its tracks. >> and this weekend riders raised total of $6 million for the national ms society.
7:37 am
>> well fall is just arrived, but the snow is already falling, in one part of the country. i told you folks, that's why i'm hanging onto summer. we take you to a place where it is look being like the middle of january rather than the ends of september. hum. and the eagles are getting ready to face the new york giants in their home opener today. hear why eagles had head coach doug pederson says the giants o and two records makes them a dangerous opponent. we will be right back.
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>> oh, 10,000 feet high, good point, and more snow is expected tonight and into tomorrow there in colorado. our forecast though could not be any further from this, chelsey, thank goodness. people, just shake their heads at me when i say i'm hanging onto summer. a lot of people look forward to fall, it is beautiful, i know, but it is coming. >> it is coming and will be coming very soon. we have fall-like weather on wait. today, meantime, feels like summer and weather watchers checking in with temperatures in the 60s, at this hour. let's show you some of the numbers. a lot of people up early with us this morning. we have ed in chesterfields, 61 degrees, in his backyard. pete nerve new jersey, at 62. phil in philadelphia, 61. his neighborhood. we have barbara, she lives in willow grove, pennsylvania, right around 64 degrees, where she lives.
7:41 am
cool spot, newark, this is dolores, right around 59 degrees. and then in hat fields, jeff says it is 61 degrees in his backyard, let's show you live look right now at center city. it is a gorgeous start to the day. abundant sunshine in the forecast. but be aware, because it is going to be a hot one, and it is already a warm start to the morning here in the city. it is right around 71 degrees in philadelphia, weaver that wind on the light side every things, not going to see much in the way every winds throughout the day today. so if you are going down to the link for the home opener, just be aware, it will be a hot one, wear the sunscreen, bring the shades, wear sleeveless tank top if you can , because it will be hot, especially sitting in the direct sunlight. 71 degrees right now in philadelphia. low 60s down the shore, wildwood, 61 degrees, 61 in atlantic city. mid 60s mount pocono. in the lower 60s in reading. 62 degrees for those folks who live in lancaster. now, humidity will be in check today. we have that going for us, right?
7:42 am
it will be hot one. high of zero nine. at least humidity won't be all that bad. steam factor going to be returning to the forecast though as we start out the work week and specially tuesday notice that combination of both heat and humidity, it will feel oppressive at times. and just simply very uncomfortablement out there. the big picture on storm scan three shows, this roughly not much going on, across the eastern half of the united states, high pressure in control. so that's why the weather is very, very quiet. jet stream pushing well up to the north. allowing for these warm temperatures that we will be enjoying as we head into the afternoon. meanwhile, weaver system located out to the west, that won't be impacting us until later this week. and also, tracking and keeping a very close eye on hurricane maria there has been downgraded to category two storm, the latest update from the national update center winds 110 miles per hour, moving to the north, at nine. now it will come uncomfortably close to the outer banks of
7:43 am
north carolina, as we head into the middle of the week, still staying far enough off shore hopefully we keep our fingers crossed for, that but here we tuesday, 85-mile per hour hurricane just off shore, the outer bank, but with cold front, swinging on through, later on this week, there is good model agreement that that's going to kick maria right out to sea as we head to the ends of the week, will save us from any real director major impact, likely be getting some coastal impacts later this week, and that's going to be in the form of some rough surf and also the high risk of rip current. actually high risk of rip current today down the shore, so even though it will be simply a stunning beach day, you got to be careful, ocean water still very dangerous, so even the jersey shore down to the delaware beaches, down into the eastern shore of maryland, rough surround every out there. sunny skies down the shore today. on the sands, temperature low mid 80s, winds of the northeast five to ten, and in addition to the high risk countries being, very high uv
7:44 am
index. so you have got to latter up the sunscreen. for today, sunny, unseasonably hot, 09 degrees for the high temperature as we head into the afternoon, that's significantly above average for this time of year. then overnight mostly clear, quiet mild, overnight low, around 70 degrees. we show you your eyewitness weather seven day forecast, goes like this, 89 degrees on monday. still hot, humid, 86 tuesday, 88 wednesday, and we finally will pool that back down to more fall like norms, friday, saturday. so you love watching the weather you can be featured in our newscast by becoming a eyewitness weather watcher. sign up now at watchers. jan, back to you. >> chelsey, thank you. it is 7:44, and time to check the roads and the highways. let's go over to a.m. and doo mueller in the cbs-3 traffic center. hi, amanda. >> hi, jan, accident lansdowne west oaklane route 13, affect expect being traffic in both directions, traffic being differ earth dollars right now still waiting for more details just happened. you can use clifton avenue or
7:45 am
west ashland avenue as your alternate to avoid this in the meantime. turning now to bucks county. we have road work on route one southbound at i-95. this might cause some headaches for drivers, especially as it get later in the day, we start to see more volume out on the roadways, although right now not look be g too problem at you i can, traffic down to one lane there and taking live look at the 42 freeway in new jersey, as we mentioned earlier, might be good day to squeeze in that last trip down the shore, and roadways are looking just as agree recall as the weather. all of the majors including the freeway, a.c. expressway and bridges in and out of the city looking just fine this morning. in the cbs-3 traffic center. i'm amanda mueller, back to you. >> thank you, the eagles fails the giants in their home opener today. the giants, they sure are off to rough start this sees son, but could make them tough opponent. here is lesley van arsdall with sports. >> the calendar says fall, but will not feel that way this afternoon when the eagles host the giants in the home opener today. temperatures in the 90s.
7:46 am
it will be game time decision if rodney mcleod will start at safety, battling bad hamstring they're facing desperate giants team. oh, and two, head coach, calling out eli manning. they cannot afford to start the season at o and three, that could ends their chances at the post-season. and as we know, desperate teams can be the most dangerous teams, so the eagles are not letting their guard down. >> giant going to play, they know us, no matter what they've done the last two games, i know when they come in for us, they're going to come with their best. and we are planning to get their best. >> any time division owe pope, we know it is a must win, they're a team that struggled obviously, i don't think they'll come into the stadium and give up. >> i think they're personally better than zero and two, they feel that way, as well. this is a dangerous football team, weapons on offense, tremendous defense obviously, and our work is cut out for us >> we'll get you ready for the home opener chevy sunday crick
7:47 am
off, done bell and yours truely will be live at the linc along with the voice of the eagles, merrill reese, cast of hundreds that's today 11:30 a.m. today on cbs-3, to baseball, phillies look to win their final road game of the season when they play the braves today. nick on the mound for the fighting's, last night, the phils gave up two run lead dropped their third straight. no score in the first. rhys hoskins at the plate. fly ball to sentiment one hopper off the wall. nick williams scores from first on the play and the phillies take the lead. now the game tide in the eighth. at the plate, line drive to right. that will will score two runs , and the phillies will lose four-two the final. >> to college football, fourth ranked penn state began big ten conference play on the road against iowa. last year, the nittany lions beat the hawk eyes by 27-point , and had almost 600 yards of offense. to the game, third quarter, the nittany lions, up by point , hoskins pitched to barkley, bounce it is outside. dives into the ends zone. penn state goes up 15 to seven
7:48 am
under two minutes left. penn state up two. hand off to iowa watley, finds crease, and he's gone. 35 yards score. the hawk eyes regain the lead. penn state gets the ball back. drops back, finds, johnson in the end zone for the game winning score, penn state will avoid the upset 21-19 the final. pen at lehigh, and what a game for the quakers, brooks ran for 268 yards. three short of the school record. they scored six a point, the most since 1946. to beat lehigh, 56-47. the quakers two and zero for the first time in 13 years, they start ivy league play friday night against dartmouth at franklin field. villanova at albany, first conference game for the cats, this one went into over time. cats with the ball. zach takes the snap, fakes the hand off, strips, he fumbles, they take it all the way down to the score of the seventh
7:49 am
ranked wildcats, to lose 19-ten. >> now here is a programming note. could you listen to the eagles game against the giants, 1:00 on sports radio 94wip. you can hear the final game of the braves-phillies series at 1:30 p.m. on w ph.d. that's all for sports, i'm lesley van arsdall, great day, go birds. >> still to come right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news," cbs-3 pet project. animal advocate, carol erickson, is here and she will introduce us to this week's adopt don't recall pet. we will be right back.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
>> it is time now for this cbs-3 pet project with animal activist, carol err soak and the pspca. carol taking a look at real cute adoptable pets. >> we really are. >> dog owners do a lot of that , so do the cat owners, we will be getting the inside scoop on three great dogs, you know, a lot of these animals at the pennsylvania spc a and every other shelter, some of them stay there a long time. through no fault of their own. people just walk by those cages and walk by those cages. sometimes because the dog is jumping but if you wanted attention, you would be doing the same thing. they're anxious, great place, but dogs and cats want to be in homes. >> right.
7:53 am
>> they're domesticated. so, what we want to do is show you some of this phenominal volunteer tears, and their favorite animals that have been there a long timement take a look at these dogs, because there may be one that tugs at your heart strings then we'll talk more, and check this out. >> hi, this is coal, coal is a year and a half. and he's mix of some kind. we're not sure. he almost looks like he has a little massive in him. but he's very sweet guy. he's sometimes a little shy. but loves to cuddle. characteristics show that he has this beautifully big head, and yet, a matching heart to go with it. this guy loves dogs, he loves cats, he lovers all animals, and he's just been the greatest addition to our family here, but he needs a forever home. >> this is lie friends ashton, we love these older dogs, just mellow, and they know what
7:54 am
they want out of life. and he's sweet, a next sean at and he knows a couple of tricks. sit. give paw. yes. good boy. so sweet. look at the smile. look at the winning smile on you, ashton. >> six years old, pitty mix. he's been in and out of the shelter a few times through no fault every his own. he's good dog. he is learning all tricks, he likes other dogs, do not too much kit ills, chases them, he has a problem with strangers getting used to him so we would like him to go to a home with a experienced own here can do on training with him. he likes to sit on sofas, watch it. >> v with you more than anything else. he does like a good run if somebody has a nice yard for him. but he doesn't run too much. he is kind after couch potato. he's little bit chunky. so he should at least get couple of good walks a day.
7:55 am
>> very interesting, see these , they can describe their behavior, so if you go to the pennsylvania spca have all boone behavior ally assessed, you know what you are getting, we know that dog doesn't like cats, that dog does like cats. >> vital were you go into the pspca to know what these dogs are like. >> absolutely and the people there because the volunteers are so dedicated and show up and the staff at the pennsylvania spca so dedicated so they know each individual, you're individuals, as well, you have certain needs, certain size properties or you're in an apartment and you want a dog or cat, so that's what you need to do. if you want to volunteer, though, guck right onto their website. they'll train you, so you don't have to come in to some worlds famous dog trainer, just come in, loving animals, and want to go help and if you go there, they'll train you, if all you want to do is walk
7:56 am
the easiest dog in the shelter there are plenty of times that you'll be able to take that dog out. so or goo there, look up the information. >> information you note the ps pca does so much to help these animals, need monetary donations but need your time, too. >> and they need foster homes, as well. >> to adopt any pets go to the pspca erie avenue headquarters , 350 erie avenue saturday and sunday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. monday through friday one p.m. to 8:00 p.m. so many need a wonderful and loving homes. >> they all need loving homes. >> that's "eyewitness news" at 7:00. here's what we have coming up for you at 8:00. the birds are back folks in south philadelphia. we're live at the linc this morning. with excited fans. getting ready for today's home opener. we will also talk to them about the controversy now brewing between president trump and the nfl. also ahead, bucks county girl beating the odds. our stephanie stahl shows us her amazing story. and potentially deadly disease , she she has not off.
7:57 am
plus our stretch of very warm weather continues today. see how high the thermometer climbs, that's whether " eyewitness news" continues. stay with us.
7:58 am
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(all laughing) oh my.... the current chevy silverado. current chevy owners and lessees get a total value of ten-thousand, six hundred dollars. or, 0% financing for 72 months on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >> slots fired at police. an investigation is now underway, after bullets fly on a north philadelphia street. >> and the day philadelphia football fans have been waiting for, the eagles home
8:00 am
upper -- opener at the linc t does come with some controversy after comment made by president trump lead to an uproar with the nfl and some of the nation's top athletes. it is hot first few days every fall, right? climbing into record territory , when the temperature could even hit 90 degrees. today is sunday, september , everyone, i'm jan carabeo. let's get right over to the eyewitness weather forecast, here's meteorologist, chills i ingram, with eyewitness weather. good sunday morning, chelsey. another hot one on tap today. >> i know, not going to feel like fall, that's for sure. and temperatures will be soaring, as we head into this afternoon. let's start you off, with a live look, at beach patrol headquarters, in margate. this is likely going to be -- i expect to see ton of people on the sand, because it will be simply gorgeous beach day. the one thing you have to be aware of, high risk of rip current, even though it will look absolutely stunning, we'll have the risk throughout the day today, down the shore,


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