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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  September 25, 2017 3:05am-4:00am EDT

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career touchdown 15 yards out and tied 21. >> he has speed. >> he does he's sturdy runner unique scheme they played guard and center and clemens got be able to make guys miss. that's what he does. >> after giants field goal eagles answer jake elliot we know your name 46 yards out. we missed one from 52 earlier is that the good with 56 seconds left. giants would be forced to punt and after only 28-yard punt birds with 7 seconds left nice pass toal shawn there. >> beautiful. >> and that sets up this from 61 yards, john. >> a prayer that i thought we had no chance at hitting, jake elliot many wept into this game thinking this guy will get cut he messed a 52 yarder. he put the team on his shoulders. that is up believable kit for a young, unknown kicker. has a part of this squad now i'm glad for it. >> eagles wentz 2-2 4 lesley
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van arsdall in the lacker room. >> eagles dominated game through three-quarters and nail biting last second knock out win delivered by rookie kicker now absolutely the most popular guy here is philadelphia. >> 61 yards is a long kick man. it's a really, really long kick. >> 14 years plague football one of the greatest wins if not the greatest ultimate team vick ore i've been around. >> everyone is talking about this. >> everyone in this locker room what do you have to say about that. >> i'm super excited. obviously all the little things that go into. it donny, rick do a heck of a job for me blocking up front and you know getting down into field position it's unbelievable. so super thankful and glad it went through. >> definitely biggest star in the locker room now. we believed in him once he had a chance get that foot under him. >> it was awesome first nfl
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touchdown for native korey clemence. >> in front of the whole crowd and home game touchdown not a preseason i'm still dreaming when i wake up to tomorrow i have to hit reset and look for another one. >> it's not just about the eagles wild wind. they handed division lost lands 0-3 dead last in ffc east. reporting from lavrping on financial field lesley van ar arsle eyewitness sports. >> unbelievable we can't fathom what we saw in that kick. >> yeah, that kick was culmination of game that def defied logic in a lot of ways. this eagles team is banged up. this young kicker missed one earlier comes back and shoots that thing through the up rights from 61 yards. that's a heck of a kick. you do not see that often. you don't see a team with injuries we have on defensive
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side of the ball be able to timey offense with the power giants have on the skill position. >> indeed gutscy win for the boards. oui we're taking a break. when we come back what was the mythical thing they did today. they hand the ball to a guy and he runs forward, what was that tell me more doug pederson. that tell me more doug pederson. we'll be back.
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today, we spend a whole lot of time like this. so at citizens bank, we've created banking tools that fit how you're living today. from advanced atms... to online banking... to our award winning mobile app. and if you prefer face-to-face, we have that too. ask me, terry goggans,
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how our balance of technology and people can help you. ask me, terry goggans, >> welcome back to be sports zone. don bell happening out with john richie. ooinglees first time this season showed a commitment to running the ball. who knew? were i surprised? >> i was surprised. doug, this week gave lip service to the run game saying
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it was important that they didn't run the ball enough in kansas city. and really against red skips for that matter. it seems leak he gets so caught up in the content of giving young quarter back a chance to getle ball down field. i did not think we would commit. the first series or two when she scripted fist 15 plays and keep uing up to handle ball out and it would dissolve as the game got heated. i'll tell you what, today i was thrilled with the outcome. 39 rushes. >> yes. >> i would be so satisfied if this is the way our offense functioned every game. because what this does is it gives defense more of break. you look at time of possession today you had the ball in 38 minutes. that's nice. that's nice for those guys on defensive side. it's great for offensive line noon know that he's going to
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be able to fire out. you're my enemy i'm lining up across from you every snap. this snap is run play and i get to stick my helmet under your chin and drag you offer the ball instead of retreating and playing patti cake. >> kick step kick step back up. >> you don't want to do that. you want to physically dominate a guy and do that in the run game. that gives you confidence that are you controlling that dynamic between you and your enemy and it carries over, you end up pass protected better because it takes a little edge off. they're worried about run lanes instead of exclusively getting up field and getting after the quarterback. it makes everything better when you run the ball. >> as you said 39 runs for eagles today against cap can city had only 13 and against washington 17, 30 total first two games in 39 today that is commitment to the run and it worked out pretty well for them. listen, yes there's a lot of
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positive things happening in the game. one thing was incredibly puzzling. doug pederson going for it 4th and 8 around mid field and here's what he had to say about it. >> i trust those guys to the stand point of they're going to give me every piece of information that i want because i have to me being the head coach has to make the decision and it's ultimately my decision like going for two you know. i want to know what it says analytics say. i still interest to trust by gut inyou sinkt and look at a lot of factors to make sure it's right to make that decision. >> those guys. he's talking about the guys that had their very precious possession the analytics. >> number crunchier guy. >> told him 4th and eight of first half up 7-0 you should go for it around mid field. >> i have a problem with thi this. if he would have -- when he said those guys i trust those
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guys. if they would have been talking about his guys on field then maybe i would feel a little better about this when he says i have to trust them and what the ratios and you know probabilities show, that ruins it for me. i was offensive player. every time it came up to 4th down i wanted to tell the punt to get offer the field i thought we would get a first down. i want my coach to stay that about me. not he has number crunchers that tell him probabilities and that's what he trust. i thought it was dumb decision at the time and despite the fact i'm offensive guy and i want to go for what every time on fourth down you have to do it within reason. you're mid field an you can pin them at the 2 yard line give your offense a better chance in short measure with the way your defense is playing. >> it's interesting on the one hand he went for it twice fourth down on initial scoring drive for eagles.
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and he went for it and it came from carson in the game of quarterback sneak there's a differenceth and 8 the mid field. very different. >> i like that his sticking with carson that's a positive. you look at what new england patriots do with tom brody, consistent. >> all the time. >> the thing i worry about is center being a little light and not taking push necessary. he did a good job getting after the offensive line in fopts of him. >> one hing that they say they were able to get it back and fight through. carson said after the game this is one of the games they would have lost last season. you see any progression in terms of confidence and how they're able to execute down the stretch. reason a week ago in kansas city this was not what they d. >> right. and this is a -- if there's one thing i know about this
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team it's that they will battle and they are resilient. and you could sense the confidence that this team has. i think in their signal caller not necessarily play caller. i don't know if i'm projecting here but that's the way i feel. >> okay. >> and i'm assuming guys in that locker room know what's up. and they assume that they can get it done if it's in carson wentz's hands he has the weapons to do that and now that they're balancing things out things get starey for defenses you don't know how to play this so i do think it's a better team improved across the board personnel-wise and i think today showed us they may be a better team outlook wise as well compared to last season. >> outlook wise speaking of. >> i wanted saind yaiing owe but they're at la. >> that will take a minute for me -- >> that's -- they're better
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that people think. >> better than win loss record and better than score against the chiefs. >> one thing we have to discuss and because this has been a topic all throughout the nfl entire day you may want to call it protests but demonstrations on the sidelines from teams all over the nfl and started in london earlier today with ravens and jacksonville jaguars and here's what the egg eagles have to say. >> i was happy we did it as a team. you know it's tough because you get backlash and a lot of things you know kind of people start judging you a certain type of way and to do it as a team that's a credit to our owner and i appreciate that. >> guaranteed to keep one piece out. you know what i mean once it starts faps don't look it it
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or turn on the national an app them and we're still maying hard look how must some that guy was. >> the league came together on issue and engaged in fans and to have everybody really just show their sign of support and know it's not about the military and about being deviceive and it's about us all americans using platforms to better communities and that's something we should support and truly american and patriotic and shoulding celebrated what he werd ha from malcolm jake on a response to what president trump said on friday at a rally in m pa bam calling some of the players sob s for not standing doctor the national anthem. what was your 'rx to what we saw around the nfl. >> we created this nation under the premise if you
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lipingt like the way things are being. >> app love the fact we have this unity. i don't know if many people are happy with the way president trump is running things. and i think he deserves to be aware of that. >> yeah he's definitely been made aware of that even twee tweeting today throughout the action in the nfl. it will be interesting to see how this moves on as we go if week to week because this is the largest demonstration we've seen in the nfl thus fa far. there's some people say sprts and politics should not ev ipt secretary and those tiles were done. what do you think about that. as a person that has to talk talk about this stuff on the airways good well we have a crisis. i mean we have a crisis upon us in terms of social inequityy in terms of law
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enforcement and handling of groups expert dprupz in our country app i have a upon him with waff we can do to raise aware information that this is not right and we need to make change and afford change at every turn. i think that's the greatest things we can possibly hope for. >> it's important to note as you look at demonstrates they said guys like malcolm jevrpingens said over and over again this is not anti-police or law enforcement that type of thing this is about soyrnl equities and social justice. >> of course we'll do it again next week talking about bird and charmers. when we come back an action packed surprised in the nfl. lot of games coming down to final mintd. we'll look at that and also fullys with final road gale of season hoping to end on a high
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note. season hoping to end on a high note. highlight after the break
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sfwhv let's talk about baseball. final road game and phils tying to avoid a sweep. so we do to highlight. no score 5th. franco at the dish. you know he got into it by the way he looked at it. 21 home run of season phils taking the lead. a strong outing for 1
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8 pl. beating some insurance. airedal steptive stk my and when the final gold game of the season 2-0 the final core. >> week three of nfl. chiefs to remain undean and controversial inding between the lid any kline and bears player gets a lesson about show boating. let's go around the nfl. chiefs at chargers. remember the eagles playing changers next first quarter down by 14 handoff he's a good one. 11 yards to outside and trail with. >> reason him? yeah, he purnd ut. >> 61 yard field goal and chiefs remain unbone beaten
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and charm rz remain 0-3. eagles take ton another team. matt stafford. eight second left. but they reviewed the play. and down before the ball cross the plain. rest of you utilized sent second runoff rule and since 8 second to left the clock ran out. falcons beating lions in controversial fashion. both endings tend to follow the line 10-36 the nineal core. >> steelers at bears. pittsburgh has a field goal blocked final second of the third half. ball goes to marcus cooper. marcus cooper. he is off to races. thinks he's about to slow dow down. dude, what, how embarrassed are you. don't show off pro. game wept to over time.
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jordan howard takes happened-off 19 yards for whi whipping score bears beating steelers 23-17. time now for weekly temple football update. it was not a good week for owls as they placed south particular day thursday night. second quarter darious tight. 47 yards up the gut he goes. 10-0, south floor ga. >> you can run right there. stay in, get in and he good. >> 2-2 all this season losing 3 3-. huingt at the laiching. >> top three plays
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>> it's that time of week. here now is the ram top three on three >> across the middle. touch down. gentleman juan johnson. penn state wins it walk off
3:31 am
touch down. wow. 80 yard drive. 1:42. >> quite skleently. going up high. did he get it? he did. wow. what an ak row matic catch going up dpeps. >>. >> kick is away and kick is, it's good! and the eagles win! this is that dream i talked about! they win. he's had this dream before. 61 yards! the longest kick in eagles history.
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>> did you believe in miracles? >> oh, my goodness! >> merrill reese and mike quake with the call on wip. we hope you enjoyed your time in the zone. for the producers i'm don bell thanks for watching have a for the producers i'm don bell thanks for watching have a great night
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but it might well be unaffordable. and finally, i'm very concerned, both with the current law, and with the proposed law about the impact on premium costs and on the number of people who will be covered. >> there was a deadly mass shooting to day at a church in antioch, tennessee outside nashville. seven people ere shot before the gunman shot himself. demarco morgan has the the latest details. >> sirens blags, sunday morning before noon. after a 25-year-old african-american gunman wearing a mask walked into the burnett chapel church of christ firing shots. former pastor, bill hunter. >> just came in. started shooting.
3:37 am
i don't understand this. >> calls immediately started pouring in to 911. saying multiple people were down at the place of worship in antioch outside of nashville. the pastor of the church. joey span and wife among those shot. a person its dead. a woman shot in the church parking lot ach church service with 50 people inside. wrapped up for the afternoon. seconds after the shooting started. a church usher confronted the gunman pistol whipped. the member had a lice ns to carry went to the car to get a gun. during the struggle between the two men the suspect shot himself and subdue until police arrived. >> you hear about the things on television. don't think it gigs to be here. >> reporter: the gunman according to metro nashville police department left his car running outside the church. investigators believe he may have been planning to get away and was not trying to commit suicide when he shot himself, elaine. >> demarco, thanks.
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>> announcer: this is the cbs "overnight news." the biggest museum for modern art in africa opened this weekend in capetown, south africa. a sight to behold. located in renovated grain silos, the museum getting high marks from art critics around the world. a thumbs down from locals. debora patta paid a visit. >> reporter: from the glittering opening in cape tun to jaw dropping atrium and special blessing by noble laureate, archbishop desmond tutu, there its nothing ordinary about the moca. bringing together artists from across africa, the continent's first conpeople tore ear african art museum. british architect, thomas hitherwick, transformed the city's 100-year-old grain silo
3:41 am
complex into an awe inspiring con kreelt -- concrete architectural wonder. >> there was a risk people would come. look at the outside. take a photograph of themselves. buy a postcard. go home. say they saw the museum. so we got interested in it how you could make the inside, super memorable thing. >> memorable it its. instead of destroying the structure, hitherwick cuts through the silos inspired by the building's ridgeal purpose. grain storage. >> we found that there was still a little store, of some of the original corn stored in the building. and we got one of those grains of corn. and we, digitally scanned it. so we had the exact shape. and then enlarged it to be ten stories high. and -- that's what you see here.
3:42 am
>> artist, art pataruga's work never displayed in a museum before. >> this time its the first time it will be seen by the public. i am quite excited. >> how do you feel about that? her is your art. >> he cannot forget over two decades ago, black south africans were not allowed into art galleries in the country. >> there is that memory when it comes to architecture and public spaces in south africa. it is an invisible. so, i feel that a new building that is, it is like literally carved from the past. and democracy in it. >> the museum has opened up exciting possibilities for african artists. it has also raised some contentiouser use. capetown is often seen as a playground for wealthy locals and international visitors. so that the decision to locate the museum here, at the waterfront, a popular tourist attraction, has been met bit
3:43 am
some criticism. and like everything else in south africa. need to, need to, be cognizant of the fact. everything else happened along racial lines. those remnants are still there. right now. >> art historian, is painfully aware of the fact that even though the museum might be free for a couple hours a week. it is located miles away from poor black communities. >> the museum that is an area where, it is not necessarily accessible to, to, in a certain class in a certain race. then there are questions. >> they are uncomfortable questions. but the museum has already answered. saying education will be key. starting with plans to regularly bus in school children. >> my passion its the experience. experience, we we share together. >> hitherwick believes this is the start of transforming the art world in africa into a space
3:44 am
no longer just for a privileged elite. for cbs this morning, saturday, debora patta, capetown, south africa. party perfect. almost everything. you know, 1 i n 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x.
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it says you apply the blue one ok, letto me. this. here? no. have a little fun together, or a lot.
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k-y yours and mine. two sensations that work together, so you can play together. if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer the best selling female country singer ever. her fans have been waiting 15 years for a new studio album. well the wait is over. her album now is available. and, twain discussed the long
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wait with lee cowen. ♪ ♪ >> i like being close to the fans. physically i like touching them the i just like that. ♪ you know i want you >> i am just one of them. then i forget who i am. ♪ no no no >> reporter: the fans have waited a long time for shaniya twain to put out new music. series of personal set backs left the mega star feeling less like songwriting and more like hiding away. ♪ ♪ >> getting a divorce with the person that you work with for ten years of your life is getting a divorce from every element of your life. >> reporter: personal and professional? >> that's right. >> reporter: legendary producer mutt lang, known for work with def leopard and ac/dc had been her partner in music and marriage.
3:48 am
>> reporter: the best thing about being a woman. >> reporter: together they created some of the biggest hits of the 90s. many of them empowering anthems. fans at this year's stagecoach festival still couldn't get enough of it. ♪ love the way i feel man i feel like a woman ♪ ♪ whose bed have your boots been knocking ♪ >> she was the queen of country pop. ♪ this time it feels like thunder baby ♪ >> reporter: blending her lyrics with lang's southern rock roots that earned her five grammys and unrivalled popularity. to this day. she remains the best selling female country music singer ever. but, their hit making collaboration ended. and so did their marriage. after twain says lang had an affair with one of her best friend. >> i was now for the first time of in many years, standing on my
3:49 am
own as a creative artistic recording artist. >> reporter: was there a part of you that wondered if you could do it? >> there was self-doubt for sure. i was going to overcome. that was my determination. i am not going to let that stand in my way. i just have to try this. ♪ life's about joy >> reporter: the result now, twain's first studio album in 15 years. the first single is aptly called "life is about to get good ♪ ♪ life's about to get good that's right. >> i just sort of wrote myself out of, out of my misery. >> sunset is my favorite team of day. >> reporter: she spent two years working on the album at her island get away in the bahamas. she wrote mostly from behind that second floor window. >> this is my other studio. >> really? >> yes, her bathroom. not about the acoustics in here
3:50 am
or the view, it is about the solitude. >> isolation so you can -- sing it out loud and have nobody judge, hear. >> exactly. exactly. i need to just make mistakes. >> this is like the cadillac, to get around. >> a lifestyle doesn't just look exotic, it is. she makes no apologies. >> do you pinch yourself that this is your life, this is where you live? >> i do. but there is also another part of me that says, you know what i worked really hard. and, i, there is a part of me that feels like i deserve it. >> reporter: she grew up eileen edwards in ontario, canada. her family had little money. she went to school hungry most days and her mother sharon suffered frequent abuse at the hand of her stepfather. >> i remember so often, you know, the police coming in, and, you know banging in the door. and, you know the radios going. and, the guns. and -- i mean, just a child.
3:51 am
is this like -- a war zone. >> is all of that going on, it didn't sound like you really told anybody about it? you just kept it all inside? >> you are afraid to tell any body you think you are going to get taken away. >> as therapy, grab her guitar head into the canadian woods. by the time she was 8. her mother had her singing in dive bars. >> performance scared the heck out of me. >> didn't like being on stage. >> didn't like being center of attention. i was an ugly kid. i really was. >> i have seen pictures you were not. >> teeth were all spaced out my hair was frizzy. >> reporter: did you feel as if your mom was, pushing you on stage? >> yes, of course my mother was pushing me. my mother was definitely a stage mom. >> when twain was 22, her mother and her stepfather, were both killed in a car accident. a blow that almost stopped her from pursuing music hall together. >> very shortly after my parents
3:52 am
died, a friend of my parents, said you can't quit music. we got to do something about this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ how the story goes ♪ >> eventually moved to nashville. she wasn't like most country artists at the time. she had a different sound. and a different look. ♪ any man of mine >> did you feel like it was a risk? feel like you were on a limb? >> i was told out on a limb. belly button. all this stuff. >> midriff. >> yeah. >> topic of a lot of conversation. to say the least. >> had no idea it was going to be such a problem. >> okay, so you're brad pitt. that don't impress me much. >> cocktail of sex, songwriting worked. her career skyrocketed. but she wasn't feeling it. >> i was confused a lot of the time by, why am i so unhappy? why am i so miserable? i have everything. that anybody could ever want? >> don't impress me much. >> actually. should be jumping for joy out of all these thikz. >> reporter: instead of enjoying the success. she worked harder and a wake-up
3:53 am
call. she noticed her voice wasn't sounding the same. >> i couldn't get any volume. when i did it was just this really, witchy, sort of, plieg sound it was awful. y'all liked that. do it again. condition called dysphonia, a side effect she thinks of lyme disease. it almost ended her career. >> i went through a phase of letting go and grieving over that loss. that i would never be a singer again. >> that's huge. >> it is huge. it was terrible. it was really, really, really terrible thing. ♪ they said i'll bet >> years of vocal therapy brought her voice back. ♪ just look at the story now >> it is a little lower than it used to be she says, but good enough she mounted a successful two year run in las vegas. and her voice wasn't all she
3:54 am
found. ♪ you're the still the one i run the one that i belong to ♪ >> she found love again too. but with a tantalizingly complicated twist. >> in 2011, she married fred, the former husband of the woman she claims had an affair with her first husband. >> i didn't feel like jumping back into marriage myself. >> no. i was a little careful too. where is this going. >> was there a moment that you remember, that it switched from being a friend to something more? >> there was a moment. there was a moment for sure. that, we, we -- it was the first time that we kissed. i just never felt like that ever before in my life. i thought to my sef. how could i have not seen you this way before? and i said that to him. how could i the have not seen you? all these years? he said because you weren't looking. >> reporter: after a patch of rough sailing, at 52, shaniya twain seemed to have found some calmer seas. a chance to find her course
3:55 am
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"the big bang theory" is one of the biggest hits. tonight the spin-off. young sheldon. tracy smith sat down with the young star of show. >> why are you crying? >> because i'm stupid! >> that's no reason to cry. >> it doesn't take a genius to see jim parson's character, sheldon cooper is a crowd pleaser. >> everybody excited to start school monday? >> i am. >> so a new series about sheldon's nerdy childhood might be well, a no brainer. >> how about we lose the bow tie? >> why? >> look around money none of the other kids are wearing one. >> please trust mommy. >> young sheldon is 9-year-old, ian armitage. >> had you seen the big bang theory before all of this? >> it isn't exactly appropriate
3:58 am
for me. so i don't, i don't really follow it, no. >> this boy is wearing sports attire outside of a designated area. and this girl's blouse is, i can see her brassiere. >> ian is new to show but not the spotlight. >> hi, this is ian. >> son of broadway actors and producer, ian went viral age 6 doing broadway show reviews. >> it was a great show. >> sheldon! >> that's nigh father. >> reporter: but this home made audition tape changed everything. >> steven molario, and chuck laurie run the show. >> his mom sent the home video. >> in his grandmother's living room. >> the biggest head i have ever seen. not kidding. >> this is funny. it is intriguing. he was clearly a remarkable talent. >> camera is good. all right. here we go. and action. >> this is serious. sheldon, you got to tell dad that recipe.
3:59 am
>> sorry. >> line. >> now pressure is on. but he seems up to it. >> how do you not get upset itch you don't get it right? >> i'm not exact low not getting upset. >> some how you manage to keep going, right? >> somehow. >> what do you have the on the side there? >> this? >> ian is about as there mall as a kid with a network tv show can be. he is partial to the health drink kambucha and has eyes on a career away from hollywood. >> so what do you think you will be doing in 20, 30 years? >> i think, i really, hopefully doing magic tricks in las vegas. >> oh, yes. mima used call you mr. soggy pants. >> seems like he is making magic already. >> that's the "overnight news" for this monday. for some of you the news continues. for others check back later for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city. i'm elaine quijano.
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captioning funded by cbs it's monday, september 20th, 2017. this is the "cbs morning news." ♪ home of the braves football gets political. they kneel or lock arms during the "national anthem." mr. trump signs a new travel ban skbanlding restrictions bee beyond muslim countries. and a


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