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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 25, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> the kick is away. and the kick is -- it is is good. and the eagles win. >> well the eagles take down the giants with a unbelievable last second field goal. hear from the eagles, i'm tongue tied it morning, hear from the eagles rookie who made history with the epic kick. >> how about this reaction from sixers joel embiid.
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when elliot made that kick! >> and nfl players, at the linc, and across the country a sharp criticism from president trump, hear how eagles players and fans are responding. well today is monday september g everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. it is great day in eagles nation. here the front page of the daily news, headlines lines reads, it is good. no, cross that out, replays dollars by great. also says: who knew a miracle could travel 61 yards? shows elliot and donnie jones in action, kicked the walk off field goal just as time expired. and over the years, a lot of great finish over the giants, that one, though, kind of springs right up there. we will hear from elliot in just an employment. >> first a check on the morning forecast with katie. good morning, katie, the sun certainly shining for eagles fans today. >> indeed it is. and another day, whereas at the linc, mother nature will do the very same for us here and warm things up for us throughout the course of the day. so another great excuse to get outside if you don't mind that
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heat. but, keep in mind, you know, all of those same rules apply if you don't have the benefit of air-conditioning. you know, you want to take care of your whenever it is this hot outside. storm scan clear though off to mild and comfort of the start. something that will change with time, humidity does seem to ramp up in time but for now really feeling pretty good all-in-all. feeling more like summer obviously with the casino every values we've got out there. here is what i expected to. as we flirt with record territory, specking the high to hit 90, yesterday we did hit 92, the records to beat 95 today, the records to beat is in fact 92. i don't think we will quite get there. see how we do. normal high though, don't tend to see these hot days late in september burr eventually things will change in the pattern, cool down, but along with that comes rough surf, with maria. still category one hurricane, meisha. talk about little later on.
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>> all right, katie >> see lots of brake lights, we are starting to heat up just heads up, southbound boulevard, you're busy. schuylkill near the blue route , what you are looking at both directions, starting to heat up here as well. now, you are still traveling at posted speeds, but i can almost guarantee we will slip deeper into the 6:00 hour specially busy monday morning. just heads up. lot of headlights, taillights out there on the schuylkill. then we've got some construction going on, burlington bristol bridge will be closed, closed overnight between 9:00 p.m., through 5:00 a.m. tonight and tomorrow night. so just heads up for those of you taking the bridge overnight. and overnight construction schuylkill west at 30th street one lane block between 9:00 to 11:00 all lanes closed 11:00 to 5:00 a.m. tonight through thursday night. rahel, jim, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you the delaware valley waking up
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little happier this morning, after a big and i mean big eagles victory pat gallen take a look, i'm wearing my suit, making multiple appearances, coming and going. >> it wasn't pretty, like -- the fourth quarter got dicey for the philadelphia eagles, giants mounted ridiculous come back. the birds needed a hero and got one. historic fashion. no score in the second, blunt force, right here, garrett, 1 yard score, zero carries last week, but had 67 yards on the ground. on sunday. the move to the third quarter, carson wentz, hits zach ertz. for 3-yard touchdown. birds in great shape here, up 14 into the fourth quarter. he would roll, for back breaking touchdown. back breaking, right? but wait. birds come back, glassboro,
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cory clemente shall scores his first touchdown, in his nfl career. 15 yards. that ties it at 21. one second left. tied at 24, jake from 61. jake elliot hits it. 61 yards out. the longest in eagles history. he'll never have to buy a beer in this town again. i might. eagles win 27-24. >> sounds like cannon off his foot, protection there, ya. awesome. awesome, awesome, awesome. >> given that situation, i casino every just ran up to the coach at the end, kind of prayed, asked for chance. i don't know. i just know the ball was in the air for real long time, right upright. >> how great is that? the eagles win, jake elliott is the talk of the town, speaking of talking one man who is never at lost for words , angelo cataldi from our sister station 94wip. angelo gave us his take on the sunday fun day for the birds.
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angelo didn't like the defense , of course. >> the defense, obviously, struggled between the injuries and the heat. they had all sort of problems at the end. and they gave up 24-point in the fourth quarter after giving up none in the first three. so could you look at it and go well, they wilted. i guess they -- or maybe eli manning woke up. i didn't expect the eagles to win when they fell behind. and they still found a way to do turkey guess that's what we take away from it. finished strong, to win, and i tweeted out about buying the town beer, but i meant jake elliot would never have to buy a beer again, and people took that as me buying people beer. >> twitter can be dangerous. >> it is dangerous. >> are you going to come through the? >> we'll think about it. >> we'll think about it. >> a win is a win. thank you, patrick. >> toll l politics, also
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dominated coverage sunday. >> trang do live at the linc now with more on the response to president trump's criticism of pro athlete kneeling during the national anthem, good morning, trang. >> well, good morning, rahel, jim. yep, during every single nfl game yesterday, more than 200 players participated in some kind of demonstration, during the national anthem. and that included the eagles here at the linc. >> eagles players and staff fighting back sunday, arms lock in protest, of president trump's criticism of nfl players who demonstrate during the national anthem. >> wouldn't outlove see one of these ffl owners? when somebody disrespects our flag? to say get that son of a (beep ) off the field right now , out, he's fired? >> many felt the president was referring to former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick, first nfl player to take a knee to protest brutality at the came of the hands of the police. sparking wave of activism. entire teams chose not to be
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on the feel during the anthem, coaches and even some owners joined players on the side lines in protest. >> i know mr. lori isn't on the field that much. so for him to be down there, obviously, showing their support, in their own ways, it is important. >> it is not just one thing. and guys are just trying to get active in their communities, and that's a shame that you're supposed to get fired for doing that. >> outside the linc, backing players right to protest. >> i think it is important that we all have to stand up, or take a knee in this case to show that it is democratic to protest. >> still, some fans questioned the timing and effectiveness of these displays. >> not doing the national anthem for the president, you're doing it for the entire country. >> taking away from the game. all about football right now. >> and president trump responds dollars, to the demonstrations via twitter,
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saying, that standing with locked arms is good. but that kneeling is not acceptable. and in response to reporters questions, he denied his comments were racially motivated. but for now, live outside lincoln financial field, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you guys. >> thank you so much, trang. meanwhile in other news this morning, police searching for 23 suspect broke into chester county home overnight shooting 17 year old boy in the chest. this happened on the 700 block of worth boulevard in pottstown, just after 11:00 last night. investigators say, two men and woman invaded the apartment, shot the teen, and then ran off. police do not believe this was a random break-in. they say at least one of the suspect new the victim. he's currently in extremely critical condition. meanwhile, police are investigating another home invasion, this one happened in west philadelphia. officers returned to the 5100 block of hoop street last night. a woman told police, two men wearing scarfs on their faces kick in her back door and fired a shot at her dog. the woman and the dog were not
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hurt. the men got away with a cell phone. so far no arrest haves been made. neighbors in montgomery county come to the aid of pilot who crashed his plane into whitpain township home. all unfolded yesterday afternoon, here on meade road. eyewitnesses say the plane hit several trees, before striking the home, one person was inside the house at the time, not hurt. pieces of the aircraft were left strewn across several lawns. >> i was out back, and i heard a plane, clearly, sounded like it was in distress, and i look up, it was flying way too close to our house. and then next thing i know i hear the crash. ran out front. and saw a bunch of debris. >> and the pilot was taken to area hospital. no update this morning on his condition. one neighbor recounted the moment he found the pilot unresponsive in a bush. >> next to the guy. kind of holding him. and there was no pulls. he reaches to find a pulse, then realize there was a seat back around the guy's neck. that was the problem right
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there we were able to cut that off. and by then, police and fire showed up. >> crash happened about a mile from the end of the intended runway, a wing field airport, the cause still under investigation. well, coming up on " eyewitness news" this morning , new travel ban is in place this morning. >> and the newman, we'll tell you which one. >> ♪ >> do you think -- >> oh, yes, i'm sure he did. >> a church usher is being credited with saving lives after confront ago gunman. we'll show you how parishioners are honoring the victims of horrific shooting, as we learn more about the suspected
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our veterans have have and we enjoy today.e ready. aim. fire. and it's important for us to let them know that we will never forget their service. fire. it was steve's idea to have this cemetery. this was supplied to the veterans, giving us a final resting place. we owe everything to steve for what he gave us here. i wanted to make sure that we just didn't say thank you to veterans,
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we had tangible things to show, and i think we've accomplished that. [ "taps" playing ] >> more on president's revised travel ban, new version now puts travel limits on eight countries. the president announced the ban last night. the previous, you may recall,
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focused on six mainly muslim countries, now suddan is no longer on that list, and chad, venezuela, north korea have been added. trump administration says these countries failed to smith sufficient information with the us or haven't taken necessary security precautions >> well, the president's son-in-law and senior white house advisor, jared kushner, is accused of using his private e-mail account to talk to white house officials. yesterday, kushner's lawyers said less than 100 emails went through kushner's account from january to august. and they were then sent to his official account. kushner has been under investigation ever since accusations that the trump campaign was working with russian government influencing the us election. >> tennessee honoring those whammed dollars after shooting at their church. >> chapel church.
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christ held this vigil less than 12 hours after the shoeing, the church located just outside of nashville. police in tennessee, brought 25 year old emanuel samson to jail last night, they say the mass men shot the woman in the parking lot for walking into that church yesterday. then started firing, striking several people inside, when an usher stepped into stop the attack. police say the suspect started beat that usher, with his gun, and then shot himself during the struggle, when eyewitness -- >> young man, even before today, but today just proved character. >> yes. >> doesn't surprise you at all >> no, it doesn't, not one bit >> do you think he's saving lives? >> i'm sure he did. that's been his nature. that's who he is, so i'm not surprised at all. >> understandably a lot of people calling that your area hero, six other victims in stable condition, facing murder charges, they think he attended the church year or two ago. well, the time right now,
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6:16. >> time for another check on the forecast. looks like the heat from the weekends, sticking around. >> sounds like you can't see your suit then, jim? >> listen? >> right now, lovely, the eagles suit that hurt my eyes >> no? stay away my camera shot. >> see what you did, katie? see what you did? >> right. >> so what's the weather going to be like kate think morning? >> oh, gosh. >> yes? >> it is like -- >> hideous! >> you're going to -- you're going to -- just stay away from anything flammable around this guy. all right, let's talk about the thermometer. it will be awfully hot outside side. yesterday very toasty day, as well, low 90s, 92 in philly, wilmington, trenton, mid upper 80s ac, even mount pocono hit
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eight a degrees. pretty much on par with those values here again today. the record to beat, 92, i think we will make a run for 90 though. meanwhile we look at storm scan, this very wide zoom. hurricane maria still churning at category one storm it, will barely glaze north carolina before it just is out to sea there is trough is the reason why. that trough is going to be the game changer, in our pattern, and where maria goes. so what happens, that trough addition in, the jet stream starts to drop south they separate the cool air from the warmest air. we will be back to dose of fall reality in short here in time. but you will see some stronger surf and rip current. notice, little hazy here though out at the boardwalk plaza in rehoboth. you have a lot of clouds out there certainly. but this is very much confined i haven't seen a lot of fog in most cameras. so just keep that in mine, you could run into it, in some of the more remote spots, but look ahead in the eyewitness
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weather seven day, we do return to what is seasonable for a change. by friday, and for the temple game saturday, meisha, yes, might be shower around. but just definitely looked and feels like football weather for a change. >> yes, it sure does, it was so warm yesterday at the tailgate. not that everyone was complaining, everyone so excited, now of course celebrating with good reason. good morning, happy monday to you. >> take a look at how gorgeous , that sky is, that pink, that blue, welcome to monday indeed. looking outside right now, 42, northbound, creek road, approaching 295 see how many, also, this guy, out front, pulled up on the southbound side,. >> also an accident, welsh rd. , we do have some lanes block there, we will be talking about some overnight construction on the schuylkill coming up in the next ten
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minutes, jan, back over to you >> puerto rico has been setback nearly 20 to 30 years. that's when the territory non- voting representative in congress says, about the devestation on the island, ten deaths in puerto rico, are being blamed on hurricane maria. engineers are still evaluating the area in puerto rico, in the northwest, where there is a dam, it became compromised after flood waters roast. spillway has since eased pressure on the damn. though the island in san juan now open. that means ship with water, food, much needed supplies are now able to unload their cargo philadelphia's annual puerto rican day parade, people celebrate their culture while holding out hope. they'll hear from their loved ones. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> thousands of proud puerto ricans crowded the ben franklin parkway yesterday. many showing their support for those in puerto rico. after hurricane maria devestated islands last week,
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many have already donated money to help. >> best thing we can do now here in the states is support. support, support which ever way we can. >> hurricane maria left the entire island without power. more than 3 million people there have almost no communication with the outside worlds. leaving many families at home and and he abroad worried p not hearing from their loved ones. >> well, philadelphia and pittsburgh are doing their best to woo amazon. >> the tech giant looking for new place to build new headquarters. but, pennsylvania's budget problems could spoil things for everyone. how state leaders are trying to re zero reassure leaders in both cities and the business community. we will be right back.
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new jersey born and raised.e. like his father before him, he served our country with honor in the navy. came home and worked his way up from floor technician to supervisor at the salem power plant. as a husband and father, grenier knows how families struggle to make ends meet. that's why he'll fight to cut our taxes, and stand up to career politicians like steve sweeney. if we want to change trenton, there's only one way. fran grenier.
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>> for a look at newspaper headlines. >> the news journal, day of remembrance in wilmington yesterday on the first anniversary of deadly blaze that killed three firefighters three flags were placed to
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mark the spot where captain jerry, lieutenant chris leach, lieutenant artist hope died fighting a row home fire. >> from the press of atlantic city margate doctor has pleaded guilty to a prescription fraud scheme. fifty-five year old john of lynnewood admit that he signed more than 200 fraudulent prescriptions for teachers, firefighters, police officers, resulting in 24 muscled. >> bucks county courier times schools are seeing up tick in bullying and inapropriate photo sharing, now district trying to get the words out. school resource officers are warning student about the dangers and legal implications of some on line behaviors. last year, one nude selfie of 15 year old bucks county girl was shared by student in three counties. >> that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware val. >> i what are kids doing these days? as pennsylvania struck billions its state budget, officials are worried business also now take notice. state government got hit with another credit downgrade as
6:26 am
lawmakers battled over paying for the budget. both philadelphia and pittsburgh are vying for new amazon headquarters. governor tom wolf's offers says amazon will evaluate the state's business environment and not its budget battle. the legislature could be asked to offer amazon economic incentives. >> well we are learning more about what happened moments before bullet flew right past philadelphia police officers over the weekends. >> one officer noticed on his shirt that made them think he was a target second before gunshot rang out. >> can you guess which billionaire was in south philly ordering late night cheese steaks? and more importantly, did he get those cheese steaks with or without? we will be back.
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♪ ♪ start your day with a new hash brown scramble bowl from chick-fil-a.
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ey is facing an epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. vanessa: in honor of september being recovery month, we want you to know that recovery from addiction is possible, but you need to know the signs. they can be hard to spot: social withdrawal, financial problems, irritability. christie: if you see these signs occurring together or suddenly, you may have cause for concern. the signs you spot today... vanessa: ...could save a loved one tomorrow. christie: call 844 reach nj or visit >> good morning, i'm jim done ran. >> i'm rahel solomon. just about 6:30, here's what
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you need to know to start your day in the morning minute, today, september 25th. >> one second, 61 yards. >> and the kick is -- he scores! it's good. and the eagles win. >> eagles fans are flying high >> eagles! >> 16 yards is a long kick, man. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> a show of solidarity. nfl players and teams respond to president trump's comments about players who kneel during the national anthem. >> a 17 year old boy is fighting for his life this morning after he was shot during a home invasion in chester county. >> president trump's revised travel ban now includes north korea and venezuela. >> mark zuckerberg just popped up at the window. >> pat's is the king of steaks
6:31 am
for facebook ceo mark zuckerberg. >> he was over the moon. he loved it. >> and zuckerberg by the way asked for wiz with. coming up hear from those pat 's employees are a little shocked that they were serving a billionaire. >> you don't want to get in on this? >> i am not saying which, geno's, pat's, no. always someone going to -- no. >> this is true. >> turning to less controversial topic, the weather, katie? >> yes, typically it is, i find, you know, but this is interesting to me. that this is the one battle that jim donovan won't join in >> i won't, no, because you can't win when this one. this one you can't win and no logic involved. >> katie, what say you? >> i actually don't have an opinion. i believe it, or not, and this is a strange, but maybe fun fact, i've only ever had a jim 's steak. never had a pat's, i know. >> what? >> i know. i've never had it. have to make a trip on down there and get one if not several. >> weather looking you have ally hot for cheese steak
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weather i might add. full sunshine expected here today. sun officially will be rising in about 20, 25 minutes or so. and as it does, it will bake us again today. at the moment, here, in storm scan3, all we have are couple every clouds, more than anything, just little bit of haze that you'll find out there in a couple of spot. seen some fog develop. for the most part call it generally clear. current temperature at the city airport, 70 degrees. mid, upper 60s around the region as a whole, warm start to the day. and it starts to feel a little muggy, for instance, but the heat is more noticeable, the sunshine, baking us here at the surface here today in the city, 09 degrees, will flirt with the record, up to 80 or 84, depending on which resort area you might be coming or going to. in the meantime, looking forward, i expect that eventually we are going to cool down. so it had to happen at some point. but i'll let you know when that will happen. meantime, several additional days of warmth are coming our way. also have to keep a close watch what's going on with hurricane maria, it does bring
6:33 am
direct impact to the area, we'll discuss that a bit more later on. >> very good to know, katie, thank you so much. and a very good morning, and happy morning, monday morning, to all of you at home. for those every you just waking up with you, boulevard, southbound direction, the schuylkill, what you are working with, there, actually the boulevard pushing in the southbound direct actually looking okay. but then once you jump on to the schuylkill, westbound, at city avenue, take a look at this, bumper to bumper conditions, obviously those mid lanes there, completely stopped. just snail crawl through here. so the schuylkill westbound, jumping off the boulevard, give yourselves extra time. you will most certainly need it. then we also have an accident, 309 southbound, blue route 63 welsh rd., moved out to the shoulderment actually looking at backups hine that. but you can see right now the backups are just really non- existent. 309 i would say factor maybe couple every extra minute, normal monday morning congestion. then overnight construction schuylkill westbound at 30th. one lane going to be block nine p.m. to 11:00 then all lanes closed 11 p.m. to 5:00
6:34 am
a.m. and this is tonight, until thursday night. just heads up on that, jim, back over to you >> that's crazy. eagles fans losing their minds , as the kick is up, and it is good to be, michael posted this seat from the link >> i didn't know he was at the game. good stuff. >> and insanity. >> still a lot of celebrating this morning. >> yes, the win against the giants almost didn't happen. the eagles had 14-point lead in the game. blount was more involved. scored the birds first touchdown. how about this, game tied with one second left on the clock. cue the heroics, eagles rookie jake elliot booted the team record 51 yards field goal. sent the eagles fans out of their minds. the birds win it 27 to 24.
6:35 am
>> one second, 61 yards. and it went crazy. >> place went crazy. crazy. absolutely insane. real good game, man, real good game. >> i think the place went crazy. eagles took on the chargers in los angeles next sunday that's 4:00 start. >> also, to the story a lot of people are talking about, nfl players, all responding to recent comments from president trump. >> well the president has called for teams to fire players who kneel during the national anthem. yesterday, at the linc, the eagles locked arms in response to the president, cbs news reporter hena daniels has more on a sunday where the field was filled with politics. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> players at every single pro-football game, participated in some sort of protest during the national anthem sunday. players sat. they kneeled. teammates locked arms. in pittsburgh, the entire team except for one former army ranger alantra dough, decided to stay offer the field during
6:36 am
the national anthem. a west point graduate, who served three tours in after began stand, stood outside the tunnel with his hand on his heart. >> they were not going to be disrespectful during the anthem, so they chose not to participate. but at the same time, many of them were not going to except the word of the president. >> those words started friday, and continued throughout the weekend. president trump urged nfl owners to fire the sob's who refused to stand during the national anthem. >> this has nothing to do with race, or anything else there is has to do with respect for our country, and respect for our flag. >> since the president's initial statement, the league, along with many players, coaches, and unions, have stood in unicent, condemning his comments. >> i felt like it was appropriate to stand up with them. >> though not all players agree the proper time to protest is during the national anthem. >> they've -- they're justified in their reason. but again, i will never agree
6:37 am
that it is okay to not show respect not flag of the united states of america. >> president trump also suggested that fans should consider boycotting games. hena doba, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> this morning also learning more about police involved shooting in philadelphia. authorities say an officer opened fire after being targeted by a lays fresh a gun that happened saturday night near 13th and york streets in north philadelphia. officers say they were interviewing the victim after cell phone theft, when two men approached and one officer saw a red lazer dot on his shirt. suddenly shots rang out. officers dropped to the grounds and one fired back. no officers were hurt. the shooter's got away. police will not confirm if the suspects are in custody but they tell us they're not looking for anyone right now. >> after helping get florida back on line, after hurricane irma, peco crews are back in pennsylvania today. "eyewitness news" was there yesterday afternoon, as two trucks rolled into the baldwin service building in eddie stone, for two weeks the crews
6:38 am
worked in restoring temperatures, cutting through jungle-like vegetation to make some. repairs, even though conditions were difficult, crews say, the work was rewarding. >> when you see people in these temperatures, with no air, some no water, because their pumps didn't work, no bathroom facilities, very difficult. and it is gratifying for the crews. >> now, in addition to making repairs, workers also helped hands out food and water. >> three weeks after hurricane irma, cruise ships are making their way back to margaritaville. >> the sounds of the steel drums welcomed cruisers into key west this weekend. the empress of the seas was caring just shy of 900 passengers on this voyage, while some key west resident and businesses are still cleaning up, cities i's mayor says this is huge step in returning things back to normal. >> in a tourist base economy, we need our visitors to come
6:39 am
to town, that's our primary economy, to come here, see our beautiful resources, beautiful town, and architecture, and the servers, the bartenders, the hostess cents, everybody, depends on them. >> now the key west airport is also back up and running, as are most of the hotels. dave matthews band helping their hometown of charlottesville virginia heal from music. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> the concert for charlottesville was held last night at the university of virginia. stars like for he will williams, justin timberlake, all took to the stage. while the show was free, donations were encouraged and directly benefitted the victims of last month's violent protests. >> i wish my daughter was here tonight with all of us for this evening of music and unity. tragically, because heather stood bravely against racism and hatred, she was taken from us. >> that there was susan bro the mother of heather hire.
6:40 am
hire was killed while protesting against white supremists in charlottesville last month. >> police say man arrested near the white house yesterday had a car full of weapons. the man reportedly told secret service that he was thereto speak with defense secretary james mathis, and national security agencies director mike rogers. he said he wanted, quote, advice on missing paychecks, and how to get the chip out of my head. he was taken to a facility for mental observation. >> well, happening today: former new york congressman, anthony weiner, will be sentenced today, for his role in the texting scandal. the former representative, and candidate for mayor of new york, entered guilty plea to charges that he made elicit contacts with a 15 year old site and snap chat. prosecutors want 27 month sentence, but weiner areas attorney said he's not a sexual preditor. they're asking for probation. >> well, take a look at this unbelievable video, yes, this is a man clinging to the
6:41 am
windshield after train going 70 miles an hour. we will tell you what happened to him whether the train finally stopped. >> that is incredible. also, he's been called a hunger hero. meet small business own here is helping to feed the people in need, throughout our region we will be right back.
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>> (cheers). >> that is new way of hearing jake elliot's record setting kick. >> that was wip's ricky ricardo with the call in spanish. all right, we send it over to katie. katie? >> (speaking spanish). >> using the words out of my mouth. oh, amazing, i love that. that's the best. you know, sometimes actually worth, we love soccer, watching soccer from all around the world, and watching soccer but listening to the uni vision version of it sometimes the most exciting. because those guys get into it it is fun. all right, so, taking a look at the eyewitness weather watchers, we are into the mid upper 60s generally region wide. we zoom in on couple of spots,
6:45 am
quickly zoom willing out. notice the anomaly here. already low 70s here. this is from charles up in bath, pa. let's zoom in a little bit. shall we? 66 degrees comes in this morning from aj. nice clear skies. he was sent in the last 33 minute, but starting to see the sun try to come up. beautiful morning, nice clear sky where he is located. so little bit further inland, and take you out to 64 degrees , which comes in this morning from kyle, who at the moment, also, finding nice clear sky. virtually no wind to speak of. 64 degrees for him. then we take you to one more, we go on out to the main line, where at 62 degrees from chris , he's in saint david's and under again clear sky. so everyone starting off with this. he's wishing he could go to the beach. but pool bells ringing -- school bell's ringing, have to head there. so something we have to talk about here, maria still category one hurricane. there is a trough dropping in, how much, this is what's going to be responsible for sending maria on the path it will take, and also for changing our pattern. from this heat, to finally
6:46 am
where we should be, seasonable fall-like conditions. now, the computer model is pretty darn consistent, can't go by this one. this one is just anomaly. this is not going to happen. take a look, though, at the very sharp right-hand turn that this makes. that is what that trough dropping in here. so that's why we don't have to worry about any direct impact locally from maria. indirectly speaking though, rough surf, rip currents, all every those things that tends to take place when you have a hurricane nearby chopping up the surround every and making things quite churning. now, as we look forward, mid 80s starting tomorrow, keeping the theme going through thursday, then the humidity starts to drop off nicely on thursday, but temperature, does the same, and friday looks like real nice day, meisha. >> yes, a lot of people would actually say it look perfect. katie thank you so much. very good morning, happy monday. happy indeed. lots of people, super excited to wake up this morning, after that big win yesterday. looking out at the morning commute, so far so good. do have couple of problem areas, do have accident, schuylkill eastbound past
6:47 am
girard. good news it is pulled off to the far right shoulder. but as you come around this ends, you might be tapping on your brakes, do see this, just obviously slowing everybody down, so the schuylkill eastbound past girard, give yourself couple every extra minutes, another accident on the schuylkill, schuylkill east past the turnpike, so heads up on this as well. see just how many vehicles are out there now. so, we're leaning toward the main hour of our rush hour, 7:00 in the morning, so we can kind of expect that. then we look at 295 past betsy ross, see how busy it is pushing toward center city. lots every vehicles out, there as well, lots of brake lights. no longer traveling at posted speeds there either. overnight construction the the schuylkill westbound at 30th streetment one lane block 9:00 to 11:00 all lanes closed between 11 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. this will be tonight through thursday night. so heads up for those of you overnight travelers. also, construction on the burlington bristol bridge. that will be closing nine p.m. to 5:00 a.m. tonight. and tomorrow. for those of you taking the bridge. then weaver some construction still out there in jersey, 206 north and south, closed between carter road and elm road.
6:48 am
reopened september 30th. rahel, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. please take a look at this unbelievable video, yes, shows a man clinging to the win shield of a moving train. this happened, saturday, man has one hands on the wiper, how about this? the train was going with 70 miles per hour. twenty-three year old eventually did get inside the train, and was arrested by waiting officers test zero at the next steaks, transportation officials say he would have certainly died had he fallen. >> makes you wonder why. >> people are crazy. >> back here to home, republican lawmakers making final effort to get rid of obamacare. effort to get more support. the it now includes almost $15 billion per state. republican senators john mccain and ran paul have declared their opposition. and senators susan collins said yesterday she is also likely to oppose it. republican leaders will need at least one of them to support the bill, since democrats are united in opposition. >> there is good news, food
6:49 am
carton mission. not only to fill bellies at lunch during the work week or tailgates on weekends, but also to help for the put a dent in philadelphia's hunger problem. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo takes us to south philly to show us one man's inspiration and his labor of love. >> what do you have today for us? >> his is is a quinessential philly food cart. >> yes. >> thank you. >> your welcome. >> the name, two stress sammy 's, the menu, straight out of south philadelphia. >> nothing but delicious. i like it. >> nathan has been in the food and restaurant bills for more than two decades. >> you learn to cook at local sandwich favorite, pie san owe in south philadelphia. where he was also the operating partner. it was there in the italian market, where fame founded inspiration. >> the italian market pro he probably one of the most unique places on the planet specially in south philadelphia. so i can see the interactions were inspiring to the customers and the vendors.
6:50 am
and that was a really inspiration for me to take what we were doing inside outside. >> thank you! >> so after this closed in south philly, bains took it to the streetsment finds philly favorites where ever two street sammy's pops up. there is slow roasted pork with brokery rain, italian long hots, plus the beaver brings kit, with roasted tomatoes. >> and then something i'm calling the yo dog. >> yo dog, please. >> smoke hotdog, then beef scrapple mixed together. >> so it is kind of like a sloppy joe, all right. >> two street sammy's often hit five different location as week in philadelphia, and including brewery's, and farmers markets. on this day, though, bains set up a philabundance. >> it is about giving back, trying to raise awareness. >> not only as a veteran, a american hero, also considered a hunger hero.
6:51 am
bains donates portion every his procedes to philabundance here year around. also gives whatever food he doesn't sell to philly area shelters, and soup kitchens. >> it feeds my soul as well as my belly. >> and september is hunger action month. finds out how you can help end hunger here in philadelphia, just visit to check out two street sammy 's full menu we have a link on our website at n south philadelphia, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> what a great story. time now 51:00. a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> charlie and gale join us live from new york with a preview. good morning to you both. >> good morning, rahel, jim. ahead the nfl today host james brown, with how the league is responding to president trump 's criticism. >> plus new spotlight light investigation reveals how criminals and people with potential ties to terrorism can easily register a plane here in the country. and last night's 15 minute exposed deep divisions among americans, this morning, more from oprah are and the conversation she had about finding common grounds. >> all of that plus the eye
6:52 am
opener. your world in 90 seconds. we'll see you at 7:00. >> sounds like a packed show, we will be watching, thank you , charlie, and gale. >> hundreds embrace the warm weather and stroll through chestnut hill for the 33rd annual fall for the arts festival. one hundred ooh artists work along germantown avenue yesterday. there were homemade jewelry, world class paintings, people enjoyed food vendors, live music while enjoying rides. >> mark suckering berg visited philly over the weekend and got in on the big cheese steak >> this is a picture of the founder at pat's kings steaks last night. he said he traveled all the way to philadelphia for the best cheese steak in the land. that's going to start a few arguments, obviously, pat's employees say they were stunned when the billionaire approached the window. >> he was just real normal guy i mean, you really wouldn't have known anything, guy's worth half billion dollars whatever, millions, i don't know, never would have known
6:53 am
it, just really cool just to find out guy larger than life is just a normal guy. >> big question, what did zuckerberg order? well, according to store employees he and some friends went for six steaks wiz with. >> i like wiz, too. fried onions. hot sauce. >> yum. >> fries on the side. >> i'm getting really hungry now, yes, okay. and for our food run. cbs-3 has a chance to win tickets, at the merriam theser >> kevin james word of the day tonight, the second season of kevin james show, kevin can wait tonight at 9:00 right here on cbs-3. go to enter your chance to win, i'll hook you up with another chance to win again tomorrow. >> and we will be right back with three to go.
6:54 am
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>> here's what you need to know as you head out the door this pederson speaks to the media today at noon, expect update on key win, watch it live on >> authorities in pottstown believe shot during home invasion, new his attackers,
6:58 am
the 17 year old is in extremely critical condition. >> and the new fall tv season kicks offer tonight at 8:00 here on cbs-3 new shows include be myself and i. >> that's three to go, let's get last check on weather and traffic. >> really looks like another very nice day, it will be hot , don't get me wrong. but look real closely here. if you look real closely, right in the for grounds of this shot outside kutztown area middle school you can see the fog rolling across the soccer field, look closely, but, more than anything, the sun is the story. it will start to heat things up now that it is officially rising even as we speak. and we're spiking to up 09 degrees yet again. few warm summer like days, then back to reality by friday meisha? >> thank you. looking at accident here involving tractor-trailer and trash truck, blue route northbound. right lane you can push off to the right, little compromised there. accident schuylkill eastbound past girard put off to the right shoulder, also slow moving around there. very slow here. and another accident here, schuylkill eastbound past the turnpike, overall, slow among. >> thank you shall meisha.
6:59 am
i have to tell you, we celebrated so much when the eagles jake elliot named the game winning kick. it was really hard prepping for the show this morning. >> yes, it was. check out the news room, we were stuck in the it's good position for hours. what a kick by the rookie. what a win by the eagles. >> great end to the work week for sure. may see a lot of people walking around town like that today. >> and i have to give it to our control room. here is a live look at them right now in the control room. they had to get through the whole show this way. hands in the air. talk about professional. >> roll pros in there. >> next on cbs this morning, air b and b may be expanding into the restaurant industry. >> and remember to joining us each weekday morning here on cbs-3 starting dark and early at 4:30 a.m. have a great day. >> bye bye! >> touchdown! >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
7:00 am
>> ♪ we join together in response to president trump's criticism. he said those who protest against the "national anthem" should be fired. james brown is here with a debate over what is appropriate. a church usualer is credited for stopping a gunman who attacked eight people after sunday services in nashville. we're at the scene where the fbi has opened a civil rights investigation. and calls for help intensify in puerto rico. a majority of sit extends are


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