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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 27, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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tonight. >> reporter: yes, this has been an emotional land to go say the lee and for the first time in a week, tears of happ iness, have been flowing. now passengers on the flight 740 out of san juan puerto rico just touched down and getting off the plane right now. we have been told priority was given to those with medical need so among people getting off of this plane are some of those struggling to get memorandum access, while they were back in puerto rico. that includes one man hoist from northeast fail, we spoke to his son a little while ago. he said that since maria hit on wednesday of last week, he has not hurt from his father. his father is again from philadelphia but down in puerto rico helping a family member. his son tells us that his father was there without his medication and they have not herden anything until they got a text saying he was on a flight to philly international >> it is first we hear from them. >> first you have heard from them. >> yes. >> reporter: what has this been like not hearing from him
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>> horrible, horrible. we could not communicate with none of our family members. >> reporter: how are you doing , right now. >> i don't know, excited. you know, he didn't have his next or nothing over there. now we're happy, he is here. >> reporter: there have been just so many of those moments, we did speak with a man who told us that it was first hit by maria. he said biggest issue right now is that water is becoming sparse and even being here at philadelphia international airport is such a departure from where they came from in san juan where airport they have gotten are even navigation and radar backup airport is still without lights, air conditioning. so it has been a struggle to get here but for those who made it home, welcome home. reporting live from philadelphia international i'm alexandria hoff now back to you. >> alex, thank you. also a bucks county church is mobilize took send help to puerto rico. volunteers from the international temple of
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restoration are filling up a truck with critical supplies. "eyewitness news" in levittown and tonight the truck will be driven to miami and then put on a ship to puerto rico. church plans to send a total of 40 trucks, packed with donations. >> is there a big need for water, lot of people are letting us know that they need water. they need water. so we want to provide that need and also medicine, some food, you know, all that kind of stuff that is needed at this point. >> in a few days the volunteers will travel to puerto rico to distribute at toms residents. "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves is on her way to puerto rico to try to track down some of her family members who are there she will have live reports from puerto rico in the coming days right here on "eyewitness news". "eyewitness news" on the scene of the deadly crash between a car and septa route 15 trolley in northern liberties. the driver of the car and woman was kill. two children were in the car their injuries are not believed to be serious this
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happened in the 400 block of west girard, girard avenue was closed in the area right new in both directions. it was the kick eagles fans will be talking about, all season long. if not longer. many seasons to many company. >> for sure. but it was the quarterback's side line comment, that gave the story more legs. today we have learned carson wentz will be giving his game checks to jake elliott for drilling that 61-yard game winning kick, against the giants. >> that is right, don bell has the answer. >> that is right, i see what you did there. it is 2017 and in this era virtually nothing is private especially conversations on the sidelines of an nfl game before jake elliott 61-yard field goal kick that gave eagles that win over the giants, carson, he had this to say. >> i will give him my game check if he makes it. >> wow. >> carson wentz do you really mean it? elliott made history with the
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kick, as you know, carson made news with that comment. we hear wentz game check is 31,000, originally believed to be 98. there is confusion on. that here's how they will settle this little situation. >> i mean, i will not accept that. we will do a little research and find a charity that we can make a little contributions too. >> i knew, i was mixed up but i didn't think bit during the game, and afterward, we were on mike, it was all fun. >> i don't know who we will give it to. there has been a lot of natural disaster over last couple of months here so that has been huge and they could use some help. is there children's hospital back in memphis i'm close to we will figure something out. >> it is cool opportunity to give back at the end of the day, that is why we have this platform, why we play this game. i never lose sleep about helping others. >> isn't that an interesting twist. >> yes. >> well handled. >> yes, indeed. >> nicely done.
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>> keep us posted. great job. city of philadelphia is launching a new effort to combat climate change in philadelphia we necessity climate change is real and it is already having an impact on our residents. we know as our climate gets hotter, wetter it will harm our most vulnerable residents, such as the elderly and low income families report. >> mayor kenney announced philadelphia municipal energy master plan atop the art museum steps. it calls for a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by half, by the year 2030. it also calls for city to generate 100 percent of electricity from renewal resources by 2030. philadelphia police are investigating a quadruple shooting that claimed the life of the teenage boy just steps from his home. shooting happened around 8:30 along 100 block ofe pastorius street in germantown. police say 16 year-old jai cussus was shot in the back running away from the gunfire. he later died at the hospital. relatives say they are heart broken. >> this can happen to anybody,
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another family standing here among millions of families with kid that are killed and tragedy like this. something just has to stop. >> victim's 13 year-old cousin suffered a grazed wound to her arm, and 18 year-old man and 19 year-old man were also shot the 19 year-old remains hospitalized but police are searching for suspects, and a motive. philadelphia police are also investigating a series of knife point robberies, the suspect hit two businesses in juniata and one in port richmond this week. the first happened on sunday afternoon at texas chicken and burgers on kensington avenue. overnight monday police say the suspect robbed jimmy's house of pizza on el street. then on tuesday night police say that the same man held up little caesars on aramingo avenue. the suspect got away with cash in each incident. if you recognize the man police want to hear from you. cities and towns are compete to go lure commerce giant amazon, to camden, new jersey ace monk them.
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cleve bryan tells us leaders across the garden state are working on a pitch to make camden the winner. >> reporter: with several billion dollars in new developments here or on the way, camden, new jersey has its eye on the biggest prize of all landing amazon's 5 billionth headquarters. >> amazon is a game changer whether it comes to philadelphia, camden city, either city is fortunate enough it is a game changer for this region. >> reporter: as camden puts its pitch together rest of the country is competing to so leaders in new jersey are taking a statewide approach they called candidates vying to replace him in november to be unified in pursuing amazon, he asked state law make tours pass a tax break package that that would draw amazon headquarters to the garden state where they have several distribution centers. >> 50,000 jobs, $9 billion of revenue is important for the state of new jersey and certainly worth have the conversation that trans send party politics between republican and democrat. >> reporter: west afternoon democrats and republicans release aid joint statement saying we will work together and with amazon on a plane that serves the best interests
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office people of new jersey. but some people worry that the tax breaks might go too far. >> it starts getting incredibly expensive when you talk about hundreds of thousands of dollars for one job. >> reporter: new jersey policy perspective sees christie's idea increasing what they already consider as overly generous tax breaks as potentially short sighted. >> we think new jersey has a lot to offer and we don't think it is necessary to really go out of control with additional tax breaks. >> reporter: so far republican date kim guadagno responded to the call saying she would whole heartly support the pursuit of amazon. phil murphy said they will respond by friday. deadline for proposals to amazon is october 19th. in camden, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and still to come on "eyewitness news" a home groin star coming right here to cbs-3. >> david boreanaz and his famous father discuss the new show seal team and what they are saying about the impact of the premiere, lauren? powers park in port
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it wines fall seasons most anticipated new shows and it is on cbs tonight. >> that is right seal team starts philly's own david boreanaz and our vittoria wild not only talked to david but his famous dad. >> his dad, you guys, you know hoe is. that is right david boreanaz daddies dave roberts philadelphia tv legend and the weatherman, how sweet is that? david and his dad met me on the u.s.s. intrepid this week to talk about his new show, u.s.s. intrepid is for world war two and it serves as a special screening vessel for seal team. the military drama follows the professional and personal lives of the navy seals, as they plan and execute life or death missions. dave roberts says that the
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show will speak for all kinds of veterans. >> i can recall world war two, in our neighborhood when families with their sons and daughters would go off, to war and they would put a flag in the window and then many of them didn't come back and sacrificed that they made, that is what this show will touch. >> blessed, humbled to be here with my parents, and my wife, and my friends and to be able to be part of the show that really, strikes a cord with our veterans. >> it is going to be a powerful premiere, tune in tonight to "eyewitness news" at 11:00 to see more of a very emotional interview and surprise david had for his, dad. >> yes. >> but before you see my story tonight at 11:00 catch series premiere of seal team tonight at 9:00 right here on cbs-3. fantastic. amazing things about the show.
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>> yes. >> the show is powerful. when you have a father and son hoff military ties. >> sure. >> you will see at 11:00, it really gets you. >> i know them well. >> thanks, tori. summer is over philadelphia's traveling beer garden is nearing the end of the 20 week run. >> meteorologist lauren casey took the mobile weather watchers to the final parks on tap destination, powers park in port richmond. say that three times fast. hey there, lauren. >> hey guys, yeah, i'm here at parks on tap it is warm, obviously humid evening, but pleasant evening. the beer garden is picking up with busyness. tables, chairs filling up. everyone is relaxing, actually and now a game. i'm best bingo announcer in the history of the world. i may be made that up but everyone is having fun tonight here at powers park in port richmond. they have visited 20 parks, throughout the summer season
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and early fall, this will be the last park though, but this evening everyone will be here until 10:00 o'clock this evening, chilling out like that little guy and this young lady hanging out in the ham mock, relaxing. and they have stuff for kid as well, obviously. they have beer for the adults and barbecue sandwiches but they have hot dogs and gold fish snacks for the kid as well. so come on out, multiple beers are on tap opened until 10:00 o'clock this evening and tomorrow evening, opened this weekend saturday until 11:00 p.m., 10:00 p.m. on sunday. sunday they will be the last day of parks on tap but we do have other fun philadelphia activities that are just getting kick off for this season. some of those include, if you are sad, because beer garden is closing, and you need a doughnut to help you feel better, federal doughnuts is hosting a free block party on sunday october 1st from 1 to 4:00 p.m. there will be live music and doughnuts, do i need to say
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more? also the free first sunday at the barnes foundation if you want to get your learn on, art on, october 1st, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. they do say first come first serve so get there early for free admission. also opening up tiny, titans, dinosaur eggs and babies. that is at the academy of natural sciences that begins saturday september 30th, saturday runs until january 15th. you know i love my science. so i will definitely check that out. kate, you asked me earlier in the 5:00 o'clock show how it felt to be on the clock and be in the park surrounded by beer , snacks, and fun. i said it was torture. but guess what, i'm done my day, i'm off the clock a in about 30 seconds so i'm out on have here no more torture. i'm happy. so back to you, i got to go. >> i love it. go get your beer on, lauren. that looks like so much fun. thanks very much. lauren, like she said she will do bingo. it can double as what we have
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been taking in our heads, be 70, it will be zero seven by the weekend. it took me a while to come up with that, sorry. 85 degrees at kutztown, middle school, b72 be anything but 85 90 degrees. that is what we have had all weekend long. it has been sweltering, not anymore. this is going to save the day. save the season. we have got maria off shore. maria will get pushed out to sea. these band just missing the coast. we have had pop up sprinkles. that is bit. cloud down the shore, rough surf but the arrival of the front north and west that we are waiting for. we have had pop up sprinkles before, those have since diminished and most of us won't see much of anything unless at 3:00 a.m. you may see a stray shower as actual front moves through and that is when winds switch happens. temperatures right now look at these numbers, it feels like august, july, 84 degrees in philadelphia. eighty-eight in allentown. 87 degrees in reading and it
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is starting to, get a little cooler to the north and west. you can see that front. yesterday was just minneapolis and des moines enjoying that nice fall weather, now chicago ,alpena, entire state of michigan, and even cleveland is down to 76. all that cool air is permeat ing eastward and will get here soon enough. take a look at this stretch of above average days. since september 14th it has been above average and we have put together a string of well above average days in the past week or so, peeking on the 24th, when we are 15 degrees above average. frontal passage we have pared our radar model with our wind speed model so you can see what happens. showers coming through, not much with this front, thankfully but you can see how wins pick up from the north and west around 5:00 a.m. behind the frontal passage. six or seven, wind from the north and west, it is a breezy day, winds at 17 miles an hour take your hat off your head in the afternoon but will feel very nice. that wind is wind of change
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bringing cooler, dryer air our way, dew points will be in the 50's tomorrow which is a huge change from dew points in the zero seven's today and that oppressive range and we will keep dew point is very, very low, friday and saturday. as well. so, overnight, that is the transition night, warm, humid when you go to bed. breezy and more comfortable. tomorrow looks great sunny, breezy, still warm at 77 degrees but you're witness weather seven day forecast cools it down even more, over the weekend we will struggle to hit 70 both days, next week , looks gorgeous, this seven day forecast is one for the ages. we will close down september on a high note. >> thanks, kate. we have some breaking news to tell but right new there is no service on the septa regional rail lines through center city, we are also told for an unknown reason passengers, selfie vac waited from one of the regional trains. chopper three is live over the rails between suburban and 30th street stations, where we
6:20 pm
are told because passengers are on the tracks, service has had to be suspended: septa tells us there was an equipment problem but no emergency and there nor injuries. we're working on trying to get more information, we will stay on top of this breaking story, have it on air and on cbs up next though don has got sports. >> we're talking football. six time pro bowl quarterback is waiting for the eagles, bird are getting ready for a match up with chargers and malcolm jenkins is saying about philip rivers in sports up next.
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get four unlimited lines for just forty bucks each. taxes and fees included. and now, netflix included. so go ahead, binge on us. another reason why t-mobile is america's best unlimited network. there are 32 teams in the nfl, only five of them are win less. eagles just played giants and now, they get the zero and three chargers. not only is l.a. win less they
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are zero and two at home. philip rivers has been good for a very long time this season, has completed 65 percent of his passes but only four touchdowns to go were four picks. malcolm jenkins talk about that match up. >> he is competitor. not many quarters backs out there that, you know, compete, you know, make all of the throws. he is a throwing motion is un orthodox but he makes it work very accurately. he has control over the owe fens. they are very balanced. >> on to football, philadelphia union rounding out the last few games of their schedule, tonight they will travel to atlanta to take on united fc. they have four games left in their season. they will get a decent test tonight against atlanta hoist currently ranked third in the mls standings. phillies taking on the nationals last night and it was meek full for phillies. meaningful win.
6:25 pm
it was their 63rd of the season meaning that they cannot lose 100 games. that, of course is usually the bench mark for a really, really terrible baseball team. they avoid dubious distinction with the four-one win. tonight mark leiter, junior takes the mound for phillies. sixers training camp now brett brown, keeping a close eye on joel embiid, the big man did shooting and one on one drills as part of his plan to rebound from surgery. brown spoke to the media today about a little shindig he had at his house and special guest charles barkley. >> charles barkley, was kind enough to come inside and come over and have dinner with us. he was interacting with everybody just fine. a great night. he was able to just talk and he talked so freely. >> i'm sure there are stories that he cannot share. berlin boro, police,
6:26 pm
patrolman steve, visited the flyers skate zone with his new 18 month-old k-9 partner, radko. it is that name sounds familiar it should, duo met with flyers tough guy radko gudas and the dog was name after. the 75-pound german shepherd is from the czech republic just like, gudas. >> how about that. >> how about that bone, it is giant. >> it is enormous. >> oh, man. >> for radko. >> thanks, buddy. when we come back an important lesson. >> where these children were getting tips on fire safety from the pros.
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philadelphia charter school students took to the streets today for an important lesson about fire safety. >> kind gander, first, second grade classes at global leadership academy went on a walking tour this morning. they visited engine 16 in west philadelphia, fire fighters interacted with the students showing the kid what they do to keep everybody safe. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on our sister station cw philly. we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". more on president trump ease newly unveiled tax plan and why the health care failure could make tax reform tougher for republicans to pass. from new york here's anthony mason. take care family, we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> mason: relief out of reach. >> we have plenty of food and water. >> mason: trucks in puerto rico are ready to roll, but no drivers. >> we can't find them or reach them. >> mason: doctors are forced to improvise. >> all we had was our clinical sense. very, very old school. >> mason: also tonight, the tax plan cometh. >> this is the right tax cut and this is the right time. >> mason: who wins and who loses? work begins on the president's wall. and the swiss hit the span-- the newest and longest suspension foot bridge in the world. >> there are lots of other bridges, and this one is


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