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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 28, 2017 11:15pm-11:51pm EDT

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jim: we have a camera right down the line here. tony: you can't get a better camera spot of. that cbs spares no sfens. we're like at the super bowl, all these cameras all over the place. we do this unique thing. we have a guy run down the field and just keep going to the first down and keeps it static, doesn't move much. look at. that jim: it's a good half yard short, i think. tony: i can't believe they gave him. that ok, let's pretend he didn't get it and you've got fourth and two feet, we'll say. what are you doing if you're mccarthy, jim? jim: i think he's going to go for it. tony: he is that kind of coach. he loves to go for it.
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jim: you're talking about a 51-yard field goal if you go that way, on a slippery field. tony: he's a little downwind. jim: it's kind of cross, isn't it? tony: it's kind of cross. you do live at pebble beach sometimes, you know the winds. is it a new long snapper? jim: it is. taybor pepper taking over for brett good. had to go on i.r. this week with a hamstring injury. there he is. from michigan state. new long snapper. referee: after review, the runner was short of the line to gain. we'll put the ball at the 32 1/2-yard line. it will be fourth down and chicago will not be charged a time-out for the successful challenge. jim: all right, this is jay feely zone. jay? jay: jim, i kind of agree with
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you, i think they're going to go for it. tough in these conditions to drive through the ball. new long snapper. last week, taybor pepper was working at his parents' consignment shop when he got the call. tony: well, based on, that i'm going to go for it. jim: so they've kept the offense out there. so going for it here and they really do have to get right on the 32 for the first down. tony: you think it's a run? i think he bootlegs here. i like the bootleg. jim: ok. tony: mccarthy is one of those bootleg guys, isn't he? jim: seen it many times. could try and draw them off too. tony: watch randall cobb come right underneevet the quarterback. jim: here you go. bootleg pass and the first down to nelson. right again. tony: i could have bet you more
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than $5 this time because when randall cobb lines up behind the tackle, you ain't running it at randall cobb on fourth and 1. so that had a high percentage shot of being play-action. jim: and he goes to jordi for the first and they keep on moving now. tony: by the way, what you have great middle linebacker, he can call those things out and tell the guys. things like that are huge, as the quarterback on the field. jim: handoff to jones. gets all the way down to the 22. pickup of six. that's now seven carries, 2 yards and a touchdown. -- 23 yards and a touchdown, for a young man who could be a waiver wire sensation in the fantasy world come next week.
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tony: a lot of people are watching tonight. i've seen guys play with broken ribs. tougher for running backs just because they get hit so much at that position. jim: second and 4. up the middle, jones. he's driving and he's a yard short. tony: this takes so much pressure off rodgers. these two tackles. just to be able to hand the ball off, shorten the game. jim: the two tackles, bakhtiari and baluga such an essential part of this offense and they both have injuries they should be able to return from soon, maybe the next game. and getting a little chippy out there, as they say, between floyd and richard rogers. back tashy played the last couple of games with a hamstring. baluga was playing on sunday then reinjured an ankle. third and 1. and jones.
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hole on the outside. great block by lane taylor. we haven't talked enough about him. moving over to starting left tack. . the normal left guard. that picks up 11. tony: you have three blockers. the center is going to get the middle linebacker and the left guard, bam, right there. they just trust their guys and to trust taylor, run right at him on an inside zone and let your rookie running back get it in a big game, mccarthy is showing trust. jim: first and 8 at the 18 and they empty the backfield. rodgers, quick flick and a catch and no gain for ben net. when bennett does get into the end zone, tonight or whenever,
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he'd be the first ever tight end score a touchdown for five different teams in the nfl. tony: an incredible stat. he's bounced around. he's been good. gone pro bowls. won a super bowl with brady. jim: held also be the first player if that happened to have a touchdown pass from both brady and rodgers. second and goal. they go ground and it's jones getting popped a couple of times. gain of two. so third and goal at the 5:20 mark, third quarter. so the packers tonight, 78 yards on the ground. tony: you found a -- really the way the game goes sometimes dictates -- when you get turnovers early and you're up points, it's easy to stay committed to the run. last week they got behind 21-7. but the game dictates that so
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much and you're going to see rodgers here. if he doesn't have the guy open right away, he's going to extend this play if they don't blitz him. jim: there he is extending the play and throwing for the touchdown! to adams. but we do have a flag. flag back in the area -- referee: holding, offense, number 64. 10-yard penalty. third down. jim: the holding call wipes out the touchdown. tony: and you're going to see mccray, who's had a rough game. rodgers just pump fakes. he's dying to get out of the pocket. looks at one guy. no, he's not open. mccray has had a tough matchup with north carolina fee throughout this game. mccarthy says oh, shoot, darn
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it. thought that was ok. jim: yeah, i read the lips exactly as you did. third and goal from the 16. tony: this might be a screen or a draw and if not, rodgers -- yeah, it's a screen. jim: up the middle. middle screen to adams. he got popped in the face, the mouthguard comes out and they're asking for help right away. tony: oh, no. jim: and a flag. tony: that looked bad. rodgers is in the next -- mix. jim: it's actually been adding up to this. it's been getting chippy since the second quarter. tony: you're right. it's been going all over the john. trevathan makes the hit. trevathan goes in and just -- jim: imploring everyone to go to their sidelines. you saw the mouth guard pop
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out. tony: when that mouthguard goes out, you know they got in there and just knocked you silly. that's got to be a defenseless receiver. you can't hit to the neck. or helmet. jim: trevathan and rodgers are still jawing. rich: personal foul, defense, number 59. hitting a runner in the helmet area. half the distance to the goal. automatic first down. tony: that's a backbreaker for chicago and that's a silly play. you got 10 blockers. he's already hit down. that's your frustration being taken out right there. that's not ok right there. this guy is already wrapped up. oh. and you stick your helmet right
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tony: i just want to see some movement. that's great news. that's good. jim: thumbs up. thank goodness. tony: let's just hope he's ok. jim: so first and goal. after the penalty on trevathan. rodgers, complete. touchdown, green bay. with jordi netsen. -- jordy nelson. his 10th touchdown in the last seven home games for jordy. tony: this might be the easiest touchdown aaron rodgers has ever had. you're going to throw the football, jordy is there, you throw it to him.
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martellus with a great job setting the pick. and making jackson go over the top and fuller needs to communicate with jackson. they have to know where to do. in and out him or fight through that screen at the outside level. jim: crosby's extra point delivered. 13-play drive. rodgers with his third touchdown pass of the night. ♪ ♪ ♪
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announcer: you're watching "nfl thursday night football." jim: green bay picked up six first downs on that drive. three of them by penalty. and they increase the lead back to 21 again.
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cunningham back deep. each team only one possession this third quarter. it has dragged on for a while. sunday at 7:00, dez bryant goes one-on-one with michael irvin. they discuss the cowboys' big monday night win in arizona and this weekend's showdown with the rams. nfl game day morning, sunday at 7:00 live on nfl network. ok, the bears' first series of this quarter they drove it but missed on the long-range field goal. that's cunningham. boy, there was a whole lot of moving around and a good job by
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cunningham. picks up nine. we were expecting all these things out of tarik cohen and he hasn't had that many handles. he's caught two balls for eight yards, carried it twice for one yard. tony: green bay, when they want to play base defense, it's hard to run the ball on them. jim: second and 1 and glennon got a completion to thompson. tony: this is a hard thing to watch. they have seven points and he's actually playing pretty good now. this offense, there's not a lot of skill outside. it's going to be tough sledding and -- whoever is playing back there. jim: the packers trying to rush five. gives to miller and he's brought down right away by jones and we're due for another flag. tony: we're due for another flag? i just got.
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that three seconds late. that was actually really funny. jim: it had been three plays. rich: holding, offense, number 65. 10-yard penalty. first down. jim: you're talking about green bay's base defense. dom capers, the defensive coordinator. we met with him last week before the bengals game. when these coaches know they have two games coming up in four days, they're juggling a lot of different schemes and game plans. on friday, six days ago, he was coming out of a meeting with us and they were going to have a two-hour meeting with the coaches to take bears. this was 48 hours before they were to play cincinnati. it's interseptembered again. that's briles. and the packers, who did not have an interception through the first three games of the season, have two tonight and one of those who helped force it was matthews with the pressure on glennon.
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it's 100% thrilling. we are ordering you to land immediately. alright boys, let's land. tom cruise delivers his best performance in years. we recognize the dangers involved here. shoot the gringo! no you don't. american made. rated r. jim: we're back after the fourth turnover committed tonight by chicago. two glennon passes intercepted. he's been also involved in the two fumbles on a strip sack one time and threaten a mishap on a shotgun shotgun snap.
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four takeaways by the packers, set up at the 42 of chicago. et-up screen ball deflected and false incomplete. what happened on that pick, tony? tony: watch clayton matthews come off the left side. glennon is going to know he's come nfplgt he feels him. the window is right there. he's right in the way so he's going to have to throw higher than him before he gets hit. the ball has to come out. he has no choice. when he does, that he lets it go high. the ball should go to the back under pressure. jim: that was cunningham who was open underneath. second and 10. and jones churning down to about the 37. tony: the time that interceptions happen the most is when you know the ball has to come out a hair earlier than the route usually takes when you're just throwing it on air.
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when you have to throw it earlier, you usually put a little touch, try and make it a little different and now it's not the same rhythm you always have. that's when errant throws come into play and it's always predicated on the defensive guy about to hit you, making the quarterback throw earlier than you would normally want. jim: third and 5. rodgers. and that is caught! that's cobb. perfect pass. just the right touch on it, too, by rodgers. tony: it's an out and up. cobb goes to the sideline. fuller buys it a little bit. cobb is a little guy slot receiver. they're throwing him fade routes. does a good job, floyd one-on-one. floyd has to handle that in order for them to be a dynamic
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defense. had a big sack earlier in the game but didn't quite get there that time. jim: geronimo alison has come in cobb with four catches. and that's jones. takes it to the 8. a minute to go in the third quarter. tony: feels like the seventh quarter. jim: it does. game kicked at 4:30. tony: yeah. jim: close. :28 eastern time. -- 78:28 eastern time with a 47-minute thunderstorm delay. tony: the packers may call the exact same play again. let's bring down jordy. no, i got you. jim: rodgers. again, bennett. he's caught a couple tonight. right on the line of scrimmage.
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bennett with his sixth catch for 389. tony: that was good. let the clock keep running. better than throwing the ball away. safe throw. well done. jim: he's looking as though he's going to run another play before the end of the quarter. tony: she not going to run this play. he's trying to draw them offsides. jim: third and 6 and through go, tony. we'll head to the fourth quarter here at lambeau with the packers in control 28-7.
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jim: head to the fourth. the packers have scored in
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every frame and they're on the brink of putting points on the board here. will it be touchdown or field goal? they have third and 6 from the 8. jim nantz and tony romo, tracy wolfson and jay feely at lambeau field. jim rikhoff, mike arnold and all the top-notch crew on "thursday night football." rodgers. wide open! and it's nelson again for the touchdown. tony: you saw that one clear as day. you didn't see jim nantz up here but he pointed to the corner of the end zone and called. that jim: i have to start verbalizing these things. tony: i know, jim. you're going to see jordy head right to the corner and it's a walkin because somehow chicago has nobody defending that. if the corner outside drives on martellus bennett, it's a simple zone defense and if he's in man, which is entirely
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jim: aaron rodgers for the first time in his career was over 300 yards the first three games of a season. 179 tonight and four touchdown passes. two of them to jordy nelson. cobb and adams the other recipients.
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tony: when you get short fields and you throw touchdowns. you only get 10 yards passing. tracy: i have an update on davante adams. he was taken to the hospital and is being evaluated for head and neck injuries. i was told he is conscious and has movement in all extremities, feeling in all extremities as well. that is good news. jim: boy, it is it. thank you so much. tony: that's great news. he's been playing really good. best football he's played in his career i feel like through the first few games here. jim: here's howard, who's been contained tonight. other than one 16-yard carry. now 13 carries for 34 yards. coming off, again, a 40 performance. tony: green bay is not scared. their middle safety is now getting involved.
11:49 pm
the guy who's supposed to play 10, 15 yards deep in the middle. it's going to be hard to run the gall. they have to get in two-tight end packages they like and then throw in front of them down the field. watch the safeties in the middle. they're both right there with base defense on the field. jim: second and 5. howard again. good block. and then runs into a wall. a couple yards short. third down coming up. you were high on this tandem of howard and cohen but tonight in green bay we've not seen anything close to what they had at soldier field against pittsburgh. tony: yeah, i call them the "blues brothers." they're going to have the blues tomorrow. the safeties are both on them inside of five yards. it's hard to block one much
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less both. you have to challenge them vertically. they know you're going to throw it now most likely. jim: third and 2. to howard. he falls for the first. should have it. and he does. tony: a good job of getting through the progression by glennon. jim: and howard make shaken up on that tackle. tony: looks like his shoulder. didn't he ha a -- have a shoulder injury? jim: he did. that took him out late in the game against tampa. which has fallen into a similar story line as that game. to cohen. steps -- stems out after five. they turn it over four times in their first road game against the buccaneers. they were down 26-0 at they were down 26-0 at halftime.


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