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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 6, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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this story, alycia? >> reporter: well, ukee and nicole the bus company and school district admit this was a mistake before that mother she says it was a mistake that could have cost her special need son his life. for two hours yesterday afternoon, the joseph h brown elementary school student was missing, that student, marcus simmons, he is six years old with special need, he can barely talk. >> i can imagine how terrified he was. all he kept thinking is he thinks i forgot about him or wondering who will take care of him where is his mother. >> reporter: marcus mother chefon simmons was at his school bus stop on roosevelt boulevard but marcus was not on the bus at 3:30 in the afternoon. >> i was sick to to my stomach he cannot tell people where he belongs. >> reporter: this mother says the bus driver didn't know where marcus was even though he was escorted on the bus by a teacher. the bus company allegedly hung up on her twice, because she
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was raising her voice, demanding answers. >> he was there with no arm or anybody could do anything with him and this transportation company could careless. >> reporter: we went to yellow bird's bus depot the company refused an on camera interview and would only tell thaws marcus quote, slipped through the cracks. the school district of fail elaborated said marcus was allowed to get off two stops ahead of his normal one. the driver was a substitute driver who did not know that the six year-old had special need. district policy is that the driver should have known, that this is vital information. >> it is unacceptable for this thing to happen. we have procedures in place. >> we're making clear to all of our vendors what our procedure is. we are reiterate ago this to our vendors, our drivers, whether they need sub tooth drivers, full-time drivers, it does not matter. >> reporter: school district says it did meet with the bus company, this afternoon, to go over those policies and this incident. as for marcus simmons how he was found, well, a stranger
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noticed him walking down the street of northeast philadelphia and noticed he looked lost and that stranger called 911. marcus mother does not mow who that stranger is but hopes they see that story. she wants to say they are so grateful they took action and got her son to her safely a leash a nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". tropical storm nate is latest storm to hit, the u.s. it is a storm that has already taken 22 lives in central america. but it is gulf coast that is preparing for it tonight. new orleans is already under a state of emergency preparing for the war, because of drainage issues, in the silt i last august, the city was overwhelmed by eight to 10 inches of torrential rain with pumps and turbine stations, stopped working. fears over storm surge have also forced residents to already evacuate some low lying areas of louisiana. meteorologist kate bilo is tracking the storm as it moves this way and kate, where and when will we see land fall.
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>> this storm is slow moving or has been over the pennsylvania several days that is why it has been producing devastating flood ago cross central america. got news this storm will speed up, as it head toward the u.s. , and hit very quickly over the weekend. it it may speed up enough it will not form in the hurricane it will be a strong tropical storm or weak category one hurricane upon rainfall. here's the storm right now, cloud top blowing up here approaching cancun and peninsula heading in the gulf of mexico. tonight here are latest stats on nate. current wind sustained at 60 miles an hour moving north/ northwest at 21 miles an hour speeding up as it head toward the gulf coast. if it spends less time in the gulf, warm waters of the gulf it will have less time to strengthen moving toward the gulf coast. this is expected to make land fall again as a strong tropical storm, strengthening tropical storm possibly strength evening in a category one hurricane upon making land fall right around new orleans. you can see red shading there
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along the coast, that is a hurricane warning issued for this region. the exact track does make a difference. fit makes land fall west of new orleans that puts the storm surge in the city. fittings slightlye of new orleans that is a better track for new orleans as storm surge will be furthere around gulf port and biloxi, it is a very delicate situation depending on the exact track of the storm. strengthening, perhaps briefly to a category one hurricane, once it moves inland it will rapidly weak tone a remnant low but it will move quickly right up through eastern seaboard and into our region as we get into early next week here's a lot at rainfall expectation here. four plus inches of rain across portions of alabama and mississippi then that rain quickly by monday spread up the eastern half of the country. heaviest rain through the side of the appalachian is here but as we head in our region we will pick up some rain possibly as much as an inch in spots. we will have more on the timing of that and heat and humidity coming up. for now, back to you.
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>> kate, thank you. authorities are investigating a deadly shooting in trenton, new jersey. chopper three over the scene near carver lane and north willow street, a 58 year-old woman was pronounced dead at the hospital a 14 year-old girl was shot in the torso and arm, and she's being treat at the hospital. >> circumstances surrounding the shooting, are unclear. las vegas strip is now opened for business, but investigators are still searching for answers, after sunday's deadly mass shooting. crews are working gathering abandoned personal belongings while combing for evidence. today las vegas metropolitan police say they have gone through thousands of lead but still motive for the shooting is still a mystery n a four hour interview stephen paddock 's girlfriend mari lou danley said she was worried about his mental stability. former special agent in charge for bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms and explosives here in philadelphia tells us that he believes mental health must have played a big factor in the massacre. >> this incident is so out of
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left field essentially what i believe you have is an individual with some type of mental illness and he is going out there trying to kill literally, kill as many people as he could. >> people in and around las vegas are working to heel to day a massive memorial of white crosses stand at welcome to fabulous las vegas sign. fifty-eight crosses will be in place there for the next 40 days. in the wake of the tragedy in las vegas the gun october fest gun show kick off in time today in montgomery county. organizers say that gun safety will be on the agenda. gun october fest occupies three rooms at philadelphia greater expo center in oaks and one of the largest gun shows in the east coast this year as in years pennsylvania organizers say there will be safety classes available for patrons and vendors, focused on keeping guns locked and put away properly. a new jersey man is facing charges tonight for allegedly throwing a puppy out of the
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third floor window. chloe was rescued from a boarded up home on machine mouth street in trenton. according to police her owner 19 year-old anthony math lock threw the door out of the window and puppy fell through the collapsed roof next door and fell through two collapsed floors down to the basement. cares veterinary hospital in langhorne oversaw the care, the surgeon's pinned the puppies leg back together. neurology tech michelle murphy fell in love with the dog. >> i'm amazed how fast she's recovering. my hope that she rises back that she has a mom that loves her and that will be here for her and give her everything that she need. >> mattlock is due in court on animal cruelty charges. a philadelphia sheriff's office made history today. it is the first in pennsylvania to implement a policy on how deputies interact with transgender inmates to make sure that they are treated fairly. they will the option of filling out a new form, during
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processing. >> the community will now know that these are some of the things you need to talk to law enforcement about, you know. i don't want to be searched by a male. i don't want to be searched by a female. all we are saying is you have that listening ear to make it a safe and convenient through the whole process. >> sheriff williams went on to say that the new policy will prevent fights on the buses and cell room. amtrak has finally committed to renaming 30th street station. they will now be known as william h gray the third 30th street station. u.s. senator from pennsylvania bob casey made the announcement today, gray served philadelphia as u.s. congressman for 13 years. after a death four years ago congress decided to honor his contributions to the city. they passed the bill officially renaming 30th street station in gray's name. bill was signed into law but amtrak failed to act on it until right now. amtrak showed off its future fleet today in
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philadelphia at 30th street station amtrak revealed a model of the next generation acela trains. trains featuring a new paint job will operate along the northeast corridor, amtrak says they will feature one-third more passenger seats then current acela trains as well as bet's meant and smooth er ride. >> this will be very smooth and on the new light weight wait train and first class, business class on this train same as acela now, it will be a slightly quicker journaly new trains are said to be rolling down the track in 2021 some sad news today philadelphia music legend buddy zigler passed away. singer song writer and helped create the sound of philadelphia in the 1970's. as a performer zigler was men for such hits as let the good times role and feel so good he was survived by his wife and two children. bunny zigler was 76, a gift to so many, including myself.
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still to come on "eyewitness news" serious condition affecting a new jersey man's way of life. >> i could not walk 15 feet without running out of air. >> but now he says he is back to his old self thanks too doctors at a local hospital. our stephanie stahl explains new procedure that he says, got him back on track. hey alex. hey there we are here at moorestown high school for this weeks friday night football frenzy tonight, quakers will be taking on wood row wilson tigers, both teams undefeated, i won't want to miss this. it was never a big deal, it was never we have to treat her different but it was just like any other game. >> just part of the team on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 see how this bucks county teen is showing you don't necessarily have to hear to cheer, and unique way that she works with her teammates tonight at 11:00 n
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this is a treatment for people hoff a heart volume virginia problem that cause takes feeling and difficult tell breathing. instead of surgery now patients can get heat with this clip. >> allen clark is able to walk without losing his breath, thanks to a device smaller than a dime. >> i had no life. >> reporter: six five-year old has a history of heart disease and most recently a problem called mightal regurgitation. >> it shows you the valve is leaking severely. it is going backward. >> reporter: the doctor at lordes medical center says traditional treatment is open heart surgery but that is not a option for patient was a leak, because of being too risky. >> up until now it was not in
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the goal. now, it is different. >> reporter: that difference can come with a clip inserted in the heart valve through the groin similar to a cardiac catheterization. it is designed to bring two flaps of the valves together more closely so that they no longer leak blood. >> look at this here. >> reporter: here's alan's valve with the clip more normal blood flow is restored, compared to this, before the clip, when there was severe leakage. >> would i do anything i want to do right now. >> reporter: allen who has been in conn getstive heart failure says his energy is back and getting ready to get back on his motorcycle now after he has his life back after getting the clip. >> it is worth it. i have been through heart surgeries. i have been through other surgeries. this is, a walk in the park. >> now allen says he felt better almost immediately, after spending just one night in the hospital, and there can be a variety of risks, linked to the mitral clip but doctors say most of the patients who are mainly elderly have
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improved health. like allen said it was a walk in the park. >> walk in the park. >> yes. >> it is all relative. >> thanks, stephanie. first friday is back in philadelphia's olde city which means more than 40 art galleries are opened late tonight. >> the event comes around, every first friday of the month, and runs all year round it is a night for artists to show off what they have been working on. galleries like the center for art and wood and the clay studio will open until 9:00, and then be opened until 9:00 o'clock this evening. >> we have been talking about this hot weather, kate, but you know what later at tonight , it is pretty nice. >> yes. >> it is perfect temperature. >> once sun goes down and sunsetting earlier and earlier now it is dark by 7:00 o'clock . if you outside the temperature does drop. it is in the like july nights when it is 80 degrees until 9:00. we will see it drop back in the lower zero seven's and 60 's in the bad to be outside but not a lot of crispness in the air. instead it is a bit muggy and
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will stay that way throughout the weekend. lets look outside to a beautiful shot here, on our library camera looking toward western sky trying to catch that sunset but there is just not enough clear sky out there a lot of cloud cover seeing beautiful color trying to peak through the cloud and nice toned what has been all and all a very nice day. we have not had much wet weather today and it looks like a beautiful evening out there but look at how quickly it is getting dark outside now and we are not far from right now, only a month from end of daylight savings time where we have to fall back and sun will set earlier. storm scan three is showing some cloud as this front hangs out overhead. not a whole lot here going on, couple spotty sprinkles possible overnight but more and more looking at a few cloud and kind of breaks of clear skies, through the overnight hours. possibly fog into tomorrow morning. tomorrow is a dry day as well but it is sunday into monday that we will see chances for rain returning to our forecast it is very warm outside right
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now 79 degrees. you don't need jacket heading outside to first friday or heading out to grab some dinner tonight good night to sit outside. seventy-five allentown. seventy-eight in millville. 79 degrees in dover, delaware. here's what to expect as we head in the weekend. front will lift back north as a warm front, showers with that will miss us for the most part. we will wake up tomorrow morning to a nice amount of sunshine but warm, muggy day, but few more cloud roll through in the afternoon so we will be in and out of the cloud like today, clear it out in the evening, and then tomorrow around 8:00 o'clock, it is when nate a strong tropical storm or hurricane will be making land fall along the gulf coast, hopefully slightly east of new orleans because fittings west, of new orleans that will pile storm surge in the city which was compromised back in august. that storm will then get pick up by this cold front and get spirited right up the eastern seaboard very quickly late sunday into monday. so sunday we will get a couple of showers but it is really monday that this system comes through especially early monday and especially north and west, the good news, it is in and out pretty quickly so
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heaviest rain likely to the north and west, will be quick hitting and then just a few lingering showers. it has been pretty dry for a while though. last time we had rain over a tenth of an inch way back on september 16th when we had over two and a half inches. we do need some rain and it looks like we will get some but in the city on south ande it doesn't look like much of the rain event. we will get clipped but the north and west, will see more. heading to the eagles game, showers with the tailgates, warm at kick off maybe dodging a few rain drops but definitely don't need jacket. eighty-two sunday. monday rainy day. tuesday cloudy and warm and we will stay above average until wednesday, end of the next week looks nice back to the lower zero seven's with some sun feeling more like fall. >> love it, thank you, thanks, kate. >> hey leslie. >> we are talking basketball sixers hosting celtics at pre season action but brett brown won't be shorthanded. we will tell how is in and out for game. eagles running game could be missing a vital piece of the puzzle we will tell you, in
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eagles defensive line will be shorthand for second week in the row all pro tackle fletcher cox is out for sunday 's game with the cardinals way calf injury. no word if he will be back next thursday's game against the panthers. wendell smallwood missed his third practice with a knee injury. he will be a game time decision. bird will have lagarrette blount and ken yan barner and corry clement with the card but corry's ready to pick up the slack. >> anytime, when certain things present themselves, i got to take advantage of it. at the time they need me on third downs i will be ready for it. >> the confidence goes through the roof just the fact that you can run the football. even if it is no the breaking long runs every game just the fact thaw can run the ball effectively it shows a lot. >> it cost boil down to how well we do run the ball, again >> so can the eagles move to four-one on the season. we will let you know about the
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battle of the bird on chevy sunday kick off, sports director don bell, pat gallen and voice of the eagles melrose with yours truly will be live at the link to break down the game for you sunday at 11:30 right here on cbs-3. and second game of the pre season tonight for sixers, down at the center against the celtics. no embiid, no dario saric and this years number one pick markelle fultz will not be in the line up either. he ace sore right shoulder. michal neuvirth got the start last night for the flyers, taking on the kings in the west coast. this was a scoreless game until the second period, and only goalie justin quick stopped 35 shots but they beat out orange and black two to nothing. and okay we're about 35 minutes, and, kick off friday football frenzy game of the week between wood row wilson and moorestown. alexandria movies live at moorestown high school with a preview of tonight's big game of the week, hi there, alex.
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>> hey there leslie big game indeed we have moorestown quakers facing off against woodrow wilson tigers, teams warming up, where did they go? somewhere around here. warming up given the weather to help pump it up. we have moorestown cheer leading squad here trying to clap along at 5:00 and disappointing, my high school cheer leading coach. i will leave them up to them for now. they have a great game. we do these friday night football frenzies from the home team's turf but like the quakers, the tigers are also undefeated. so we wanted to check with their head coach preston brown for his take on tonight's game >> we have a long history, rivalry with this team. we look forward to playing, you know, elite competition. so we try to affect us on one game at a time, it is a completely different team then it was last year on both side. our job is to come out here and play tiger football. that is all we ever focus on and all we ever care about. >> reporter: and it is big time football, they have had
6:26 pm
brutal match ups last year. this will be a show stopping game, tonight is also senior night so senior parents get in the game for free. reporting live from moorestown high school i'm alexandria hoff new back to you. >> it will be a good one, thanks, alex. >> friday night lights. good luck to all of the teens in the tri-state area tonight. >> yes, have fun. >> when we come back quite a display by students in south jersey. >> what these kid were spelling out today, up
6:27 pm
it's been on the decline with the closing of the refineries and there's no jobs in the community. if there's no jobs, there's no education, there's no food on the table. what's important is the children. steve sweeney... he fought for 'em. this is where he's from. steve sweeney's been here since the beginning. steve spearheaded the whole project and really brought it to fruition. it would've never been done without steve. it was a pride in building this port and then knowing that we're coming back.
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students in camden county get create turf show how much respect means to them. >> check this out chopper three over bell oaks school in bellmawr this afternoon. the entire class of fifth to eighth graders gathered to spell out the word, respect. there it is, that is more than 500 students. spelling out that word. >> respect, all right. >> nicely done, guys. >> thanks so much for watching "eyewitness news". you too. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. "eyewitness news" returns at 10 on our sister station wpsg and cw philly. we will also be back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. coming up next "cbs evening news", and of course it is friday and on cbs that means it is time to go on the road. tonight steve hartman with a reflection on the tragedy in las vegas. from new york, here now is anthony mason take care family we will see you tonight.
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>> mason: the mystery deepens. >> i don't know what he was going to do with all of that tannerite. >> mason: paddock's car was packed with explosives that may have been primed to blow up. also tonight... >> i thought guns are bad, people with guns were bad gee, i just didn't want them in the house. >> mason: but now, what changed their minds. nate takes aim at the gulf coast. >> maybe it's the calm before the storm. >> mason: what storm is he talking about? >> you'll find out. >> mason: and steve hartman on a recurring nightmare. >> i keep hoping that someone in this endless procession of funerals will make us say, "that one, that one theres


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