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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 19, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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family and friend ball is expected to recover. radee prince of wilmington dell wear in this van heading to prison. thirty-seven year-old in custody charged with attempted first degree murder after a shooting spree that started in maryland and ended in wilmington. at the office of this used car lot. thursday the only reminder of the shooting here was this infectious leaving blood, friend and family say prince confronted lot's owner jason ball and shot him in the head. >> he is doing, i guess a recovery. >> reporter: mark brunell works nearby and known jason for years. he says his friend helped him get back on his feet after a stint in prison. >> i came out, halfway house, jason gave me a job. >> reporter: prince gunned down five of his co workers in advanced granite solutionness edgewood maryland around 9:00 wednesday morning. three of those victims died. prince then drove to wilmington delaware car lot
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confronted owner and shot him in the head police believe prince had some type of past relationship ball which led to the shooting in delaware. ball's family and friend say that they have no clue what issue would have led to this violence. >> i know him as a good man. i know him as a, good man, man that don't mind helping people , even in the financial situation. >> he never had a problem with nobody at all. very heart touching right now. >> reporter: they are simply glad ball is expect to recover >> i did speak with his mother yesterday and it is thumbs up for the fellow. >> reporter: as for prince, we did some digging in to his extensive criminal history and we found a fascinating connection between him, and, ball. we will tell you what exactly what that is coming up at 6:00 for now we are live at wilmington police headquarters i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we will seal you then, thank you. security is heightened and protests are underway at the university of florida, where prominent white nationallist
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richard spencer just finished a speech. hundreds of the officers are on campus hoping to prevent a repeat of the deadly protest that took place in charlottesville, virginia where spencer led a group of supporters carrying torches. hundreds of raw enforcement officers blanketed the university of florida campus to keep the peace during a speech, by white nationallist richard spencer. >> absolutely i'm not a white supremacist. >> reporter: at a press conference spencer defended his controversial right wing beliefs, outside police made one arrest as crowds of protester grew. >> we don't want him here. we don't want to hear him speak. >> if he is here we will be hear too. >> reporter: spencer rented space for a little less than $11,000 but security is costing florida taxpayers, $600,000. police intended to keep spencer support's way from protesters, if possible, but the alt white web site advice supporters to not talk to anyone and not wear white polo
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shirts and check he is a uniform that made them identifiable at deadly protest in charlottesville, virginia. it was that event that prompted the university of florida, to reject spencer's request to speak. but they changed course after spencer filed suit, citing freedom of speech. >> hate speech is nonetheless, protected by the constitution as long as it is in the realm of political speech and not actual violence. >> reporter: school advised students to stay away from the event but many still had to attend, on campus classes. meanwhile today a georgia student, filed a lawsuit begins penn state for not allowing spencer to speak at the university. georgia university student cameron paneling it claimed in the federal lawsuit that the school violated his free speech rights by denying spencer use of campus space this summer. penn state says it was concerned that a talk by spencer could result in disruption, and violence. well, police arrested gunman wanted in the sexual assault of the with man in chester delaware county. cameron johnson was captured on the roof of the house on
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the 100 block of 23rd street. investigators say he is man spotted on video carrying a rifle, along 23rd street on friday. moments later investigators say he robbed and sexually assaulted a woman in the nearby apartment complex parking lot. he is being held on 1.5 million-dollar bail. thirteen alleged members of the rival gangs have been indicted on federal drug trafficking, weapons and murder charges. today u.s. attorney lewis lap in announced charges against members of the pit organization and the grounds organizations. officials say that both groups engaged in retaliation shooting and drug sales in the mill creek section of west philadelphia. >> these indictments sadly show that we have neighborhood playground that should be there for kid, and families, to enjoy and in peace and in comfort, and instead, we have criminal defendants as alleged in these indictments shooting at each other, dealing crack cocaine, and then destroying the quality of life, for the
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citizens of this area. >> if convicted the defendants face a range of 10 to 30 years minimum sentences. we have breaking news just in former philadelphia district attorney seth williams has been disbarred, disciplinary board of the supreme court of pennsylvania made the announcement just a short time ago. williams is scheduled to be sentenced next week and prosecutors are seeking the maximum term of five years in prison. williams resigned from office after pleading guilty in his federal bribery trial. we are enjoying a nice stretch of sunshine, in fact, i posted a photo of the seven day and said is this even real meteorologist lauren casey's live on the sky deck and she can answer. that it has been picture perfect, right, lauren. >> i can confirm the forecast is real, it is gorgeous, right now, we have got sunshine, nice breeze, comfortable humidity levels just a perfect fall day with temperatures, running again above our average. we are sitting at 71 degrees right now in philadelphia with those winds south/southwest at
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11 miles an hour. we have a warmth but we don't have moisture dew points down in the 40's, made it feel nice , dry, comfortable sitting in the upper 60's down the shore and middle 60's in the poconos. as we head in the next couple months our average high temperature will be dropping. we should be at 66 degrees. temperatures will be well beyond that as we head into november 19th our average high temperature in philadelphia falls in the middle 50's and don't look at december our average high temperature falling back in the middle 40 's but nice and mild this edge. 67 degrees, clear skies, that breeze will die down after sunset, and then this beautiful stretch of weather will continue into our upcoming weekend, yes, i'll talk more about that in the seven day forecast ukee coming up in a bit. >> yes, okay, lauren, thank you. former president george w. bush discussed current political climate during a speech in insuring today. he had largely stayed out of the presidential politics since leaving office, until right now. >> the american dream of
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upward mobility seems out of reach for some who feel left behind and a changing economy, discontent deepened and sharpened, partisan conflicts, bigotry seems emboldened, our politics seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and out right fabrication. >> the forty-third president condemned bigotry and white supremacy as a threat against american values. former president obama is back on the campaign trail for the first time since leaving the white house, in january. forty-fourth president took the stage in newark just a short time ago. he rallied support for phil murphy, the democratic nominee for new jersey governor. mr. obama is also scheduled to campaign tonight for democratic nominee in virginia 's race for governor. new jersey lieutenant governor kim guadagno did not have a public appearance scheduled today, she's the republican date in new jersey 's governor race. last night guadagno faced off with phil movie any a live debate right here on cbs-3. they argued over various
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topics including the state's property tax and immigration. election day is tuesday, november 7th. new jersey state officials broke ground on a state of the art health training facility n today. "eyewitness news" at intersection of the martin luther king boulevard and broadway where the 70 million-dollar joy health sciences center will be built. innovative, unique building will house various students from rutgers, rowan and camden county college. governor chris christie on hand for the ground breaking. >> this facility will provide unique, educational training opportunities for a new generation of folks here in south jersey who want to make a difference with the health and well-being of our citizens >> the 95,000 square foot facility is scheduled to open in spring of 2019 and expected to have a 72 million-dollar economic impact, on the city of camden. well, students at west philadelphia school have a lot to be proud of. >> they received outstanding scores on the statewide exam, and a local music legend
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helped them celebrate. >> we did, we did we will do it again. >> they did it all right, fati ma and kenney game i am many hosted a pep rally at universal blueford charter school. they have seen two years of soaring scores, on the commonwealth pssa exam. the gambles who managed the school want to make sure that the students and staff were recognized for their achievement. >> it is important to support them and to continue to support their studies, and growing up, and it is as much support as young people can get, the better off it will be >> in addition to the pep rally the gambles unveiled the universal musical garden, and a new mural. very nicely done. great things. >> yes. coming up on "eyewitness news" he has faced adversity since he was born and now a young man who spent time in hospitals receiving treatment in our area is preparing to go home to puerto rico, his story
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at 5:30. how do you pick the best new toys? we will let the kid play with them of course. we will have results of the good housekeeping survey next. crash test results are out for mid sized cars what experts say need to be change in the cars that did not do so well. live look from high atop the apartments in plymouth meeting, clear skies all around as you can see, lauren has her updated forecast when around as you can see, lauren has her updated forecast when we come right oooooooo... awwwwww... around as you can see, lauren has her updated forecast when we come right yummmm... denny's new holiday pancakes are delicious. you guys can have some if you want. order now at denny'
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well, it is almost that time. have you started crafting your holiday toy shopping list? if not, it is time to start getting some good ideas for folks at good housekeeping. they have issued their best toia ward for 2017. >> three on your side jim donovan decide how do they decide which toys are in the top spots. >> these pint sized researchers are ready for some serious business. testing toys.
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>> what do we think of this toy do we like it do we really like it? ah, you did it. >> reporter: when it comes to the ranking best toys good housekeeping does not play around. it starts with more than 500 toys, of the good housekeeping institute. they screen them for creativity, educational value and safety. beginning with the drop test. >> we will drop it. and then once it lands, we will take a look to make sure that the plastic is intact. >> reporter: if the toy passed they bring in the pros, for honest feedback. >> did you really like it or kind of like it. >> i really liked it. >> really liked it. >> yes. >> twenty-four toys made it to the winner's table including build your own r2d2, two affordable options including crayola magic light brush and leap frog ice cream cart for under $40. and tyler the tiger earn the top toy of the year impressing engineers with more than 100 sounds and animations. >> it was numb one favorite from kid, from frustrates, we absolutely love it.
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>> but with the price tag of $130 tyler the tiger doesn't come cheap. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan accounts be sure to start your day with rahel, katie, meisha and me at 4:30 a.m. right here on cbs-3. >> how much. >> 130. >> that is a lot for one crazy tiger. >> yes. >> yes. >> come on, now. >> lauren has our forecast, wow. >> yes. >> wow, wow. >> gorgeous conditions. beautiful evening to be out and about, for the mobile weather watchers, you know it is on the move again. today we are at kimmel center home of the philadelphia orchestra and philly pops and this weekend pops is gearing up for a concert that is truly out of this world. our meteorologist chelsea in gram, she's live at the kimmel center right now. i have a feeling that the force is with you, and all of the orchestra fans tonight, chelsea? >> ♪ >> i think, you are, exactly
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right, lauren casey. let me take you on a inter galactic journey right now at philly pops as they are rehearsing for their opening weekend and their opening weekend is a tribute to star wars. take a listen to this music going on behind me here. >> ♪ >> that is a taste of the things we will hear as we head into the weekend. friday, saturday and sunday, not only music from star wars but other music from john williams, including songs from harry potter, jaws, among many other things including even really exciting weekend in store and you can visit the kimmel center friday, saturday and sunday, again, the opening weekend for philly pops. it will be absolutely extraordinary. i have to tell you i feel like
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one of the luckiest people in the world right now being able to get to sit through this rehearsal. these guys are amazing. is there a festival chorus right above them so singing and music, it is just really out of this world as you mentioned lauren casey and yeah i brought the mobile weather watcher down here to the kimmel center. i had to wear the shade the entire time because of the sunshine. it looks like we have more. >> enjoy that beautiful orchestra music, love john williams as everybody knows, jaws my favorite movie, my favorite jam, so what a cool event to check out. yes, beautiful conditions with all of that sunshine that evening. blue skies center city. wind southwest, so southerly component to the wind flow is ushering in this warmth. we don't have moisture to contend with. humidity levels very comfortable and gorgeous day in the poconos, broadheadville lot the trees nice, red, orange foliage turning over there temperatures right now
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in the upper 60's. we have 65 in mount pocono. seventy-one allentown. seventy at wilmington. sixty's to near 70's down the shore and no where to be found are chilly fall temperatures, it is well above average, check out minneapolis 73 degrees right now. st. louis near 80 degrees. we will keep things warm as we head in the upcoming weekend as well. also not in sight really a included to be seen, storm scan three showing us no precipitation to be had just a couple cloud closest upstate newark. we will keep high pressure in control, for tonight and over next several days, mostly clear, not quite as chilly only falling back down to 55. our average low for tomorrow's date is 47 degrees and then for our friday capping off workweek with another beautiful day, sunshine, 74 degrees, still feeling very comfortable and is there our high pressure, we have high pressure in control, that stable air sinking air we will keep sunshine around. high pressure will dominate all the way threw up coming
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weekend with drying conditions , very enjoyable but we will certainly need rainfall. down about an inch below average. no going to get it this weekend. we will get highs running about 10 degrees above average , but with clear skies, great viewing conditions for meteor shower running through the end of the month and one of the best. up to 20 meteors an hour will peak this weekend and orionid s are known to produce fireballs a meteor with a brightness of venous or three times of that. so something to cool to check out especially after midnight but for upcoming weekend beautiful conditions, for saturday, sunday, sunny warm on saturday. 78 degrees. that is more than 10 degrees above our average. mostly sunny 76 degrees. in your seven day forecast just seeing a string of sunshine over next several days, monday of course, bird game, we will see increasing cloud a few showers arriving overnight tonight monday and best chance for rainfall will be on tuesday. we have rain likely at this
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point and we do need rainfall but we will take sunny days too. >> but hey jaws is your favorite jam. >> jaws is my favorite movie and i love the jam. >> yeah, really. >> i just love that. >> i can dance to anything, ukee, my jam. >> still ahead, facebook infusion why some pennsylvanians have themselves a little out of sorts yesterday. >> it looks like a theme from the movie top gun a plane buzz ing a control tower why the pilot may have done it as a tribute to the airline, don. speaking of tributes ever lasting shout out to the founders of the flyers how ed snider will forever watch over orange and black, sports coming up next.
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local woman who lived her life in the service of others get some help in return. coming up iron witness news at
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6:00 the gift she was given and the way she said she will use it tune in tonight at 6:00 >> we have don bell. you talk about a legacy. >> talking about a legacy, perfect night for it, fly guys home, they will play tonight, and a little ceremony before the game. >> for sure. >> ed snider's legacy will last forever but just in case the flyers made sure he will never be forgotten. today team unveiled statue of the late great founder of the franchise, it was revealed this afternoon which is the 50th anniversary of their first home game, statue is 9 feet tall, and, 1300-pounds. snider died of cancer in april of last year. >> he was a man who was constantly, constantly in motion and that is how i'll always think of him and remember him and it will be a great tribute to him and all he accomplished that his image ry will stand here with us forever.
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the other thing that i think will live on for decades is something he told me, might be the thing that he was most proud of all, of accomplishing and that was snider hockey. >> that is the youth foundation. good stuff from the commissioner there from the nhl. sixers have the day off but justin anderson getting work in behind the counter at dunkin' donuts at their spring garden location. you walk in and that doodies like 6-foot seven, he is handing out glazed doughnuts. interacting with fans, employees, getting the crowd pumped for tomorrow night's home opener at the sent's begins boston celtics. >> oh, that is nice. >> boston cream doughnuts. >> don't talk to me about boston cream doughnuts, don bell. >> not to day. >> not today. >> he doesn't really blend, does he. >> you may notice him. >> big fella. >> lets go sixers. thanks, sir. coming up next, governor of puerto rico meets with president trump about relief efforts after hurricane maria
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we have details on that. also this: >> lewis is a teenager and spent most of his life at ronald mcdonald house in camden, i'm anita oh the bigger challenging is family is facing. another award taken from disgrace, movie mowing up harvey weinstein big time movie director decide to give away money he makes from old movies he made with the weinstein company. we will be right
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president trump met with the governor of puerto rico at the white house today, one month us, just one month after the island was devastated by hurricane maria. >> when asked by reporters how he would grade the government 's response to that
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disaster president trump rated it a 10. on the island relief crews are working around the clock to deliver aid, officials and service members loaded food, water on to trucks bound for people in need outside of san juan. meantime much of the island is still without power. the arrival of the new generators is expect to help power, 300,000 homes while repair work is being performed on transmission lines. >> the response is there, we do a lot more? of course, we do. i think everybody over here recognizes there is a lot of work to be done in puerto rico but with your leadership sir and everybody over here we are committed to, achieving that. >> congress is still working on a funding plan to help puerto rico rebuild. well here in our area a family from puerto rico who avoidedded storm are concerned about what remains as they prior to head home. anita oh tells us about the challenge they have already overcome and how they plan to face this one.
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from the young age 12 year-old louise has loved basketball. and he is good. unhindered by the fact that right now he has just one leg to stand on. lewis knows because he was born without a femur and fibula, shriner's doctors amputate add above the knee and fitted him for prosthetic leg which must be replaced as he grows. he is, a champion, for 10 years the family has been traveling between puerto rico and ronald mcdonald house in camden, a place they called their second home. sacrifices don't matter because we are looking at tomorrow for him. soon lewis will get a new prosthetic. >> speaking spanish. >> we hope he never feels limitations. but there is an added worry while the three arrived in camden for treatment before hurricane maria hit, their
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family is dealing with limited electricity, water and food. >> it is not easy. it is what necessities they can for their return but they believe like in lieu is favorite store where there are setbacks and there are losses, regroup, rebuild, and veterans stronger, and in camden anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" north cover reace warning u.s. could face what it calls an unimaginable, strike at anytime. new statement from kim jong un ridge i am criticizes on going joint military drills between u.s. and south korea it says two countries are the root cause of a nuclear war. the white house is debating whether president trump will visit heavily guarded de militarized zone between north and south when he visits the region next month. americans who are victims of sonic attacks in cuba appears to be growing. chris allen of south carolina
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said he developed numbness while on vacation in had van's hotel capri3 years ago where 22 u.s. embassy workers and spouses have been attack. allen is convinced that they are related and described what happened to him. >> that was happening, very quickly over the course of minutes where it went from the tip of my toes, through my toes, down through the arch of my foot, and then up to my ankles, and i could feel a little bit in my fingertips and it was so noticeable and it happened so quickly that it was all i could focus on and it really, frightened me. the state department is warning americans to stay away from cuba. twelve republican and 12 democrats signed on to legality nation that aims to sure up affordable care act to keep premiums from spiking next year but despite bipartisan support it still faces an uphill challenge with president trump leading the
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resistance. >> we're here today to present to the senate the agreement that we recommend. >> reporter: republican senator lemar alexander and democratic collogue patty murray introduce aid bipartisan bill thursday that would stabilize obama care. >> when members of the congress decide to get past our talking points and take a few steps out of our partisan corners there is a lot we can agree on. >> reporter: it plans to stabilize individual market by reinstating subsidies for insurance companies to bring down cost of coverage for low income americans for two more years. the president has gone back and forth on whether he will support the legislation, but he also says that the subsid ies are a bail out for insurance companies. >> i don't want the insurance companies making anymore money because, then they have to. >> reporter: senator alexander says without subsidies, insurance premiums will spike. >> unless they are replaced with something else temporarily, there will be chaos in this country and millions of americans will be hurt. >> reporter: despite bipartisan support there are
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those on both side who say the bill is only a short term fix. >> i'm still looking at it, i have concerns bit, it is not ideal. >> reporter: republican leaders have not yet said whether they will support a vote on the alexander/murray bill. a bipartisan group of governors signed a letter to congress, urging them to support the plan. more fall out for harvey weinstein today british film institute announced they are stripping the movie mogul of his fellowship. weinstein was awarded institute's highest honor in 2002. in recent weeks dozens of women accused him of sexual assault and harassment in, a statement, british film institute said in part that the allegations are in direct opposition to their values. meanwhile director kevin smith is reacting to the allegations the film maker says he will donate all future residual, from his weinstein produced movies to the non- profit organization, women in film. weinstein helped launch smith 's career with the independent hit clerks, smith says if the weinstein company
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shuts down he will give the non-profit group $2,000 a month for the rest of his life a facebook snafu why for a while it seemed like philadelphia was getting i an influx of visitors. you why might think twice before taking another selfie really disgusting danger that could be lurking just beyond the camera lens. they say imitation is the greatest form of flattery if that is true then this restaurant must really love a popular fast food chain. what they are selling when we come back, lauren. weekend is upon us and high pressure will remain in control we will keep this stretch and bring it out into saturday and sunday as well as gorgeous weather cool overnight but high temperatures during date running about 10 degrees above average, generally highs this weekend will be in the mid to upper 70's, we will be
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there are a new crash test results from the insurance institute for highway safety. >> they just did 13 mid sized cars 10 earned good marks when it comes to safety of front seat passengers. in those 10 cars only 25 percent of the front end was damage after crashing into a barrier at 40 miles an hour. meantime the chevy malibu is one of the cars that received a marginal rating, researchers blame the restraint system. and, passengers slid off the frontal air bag and contacted the dash which they considered the risk for passengers head. researchers are calling on manufacturers to improve passenger air bags and all of them tested receive good ratings for similar tests on
5:41 pm
the driver's side. ford is recalling 1.3 million of its top selling , pickup trucks over faulty side door latch that he is effects 2015/2017fy150 and super duty f series trucks. the auto maker says issues with the latch could prevent the doors from opening or closing. ford says it is not aware of any accidents or injuries associated with the problem. well, haunted or not, a restaurant says surveillance video shows some pretty spooky things happening. >> we will show it to you and you candy side for y
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glad you are with us. a fly by at a german airport that came too close for comfort, investigators say pilot of the air berlin flight from miami aborted his landing at last minute, to make a low pass around the airport control tower. officials will not confirm if the pilot was performing an intentional lap of honor, air berlin recently filed for bankruptcy and that would be last time the airline would make that flight. facebook users in western pennsylvania were probably a bit confused yesterday.
5:45 pm
>> a glitch on the social media site caused them to receive facebook notifications welcoming them to the city of brotherly love. facebook says that the bug on the site caused them to get posts about philadelphia. it has since been fixed. on the healthwatch, dread ed head lice something that millions of families struggle with, out breaks are mostly linked to schools and camps. now doctors say a favorite technology is also, helping the tiny bugs, spread. health reporter stephanie stahl, explains. >> reporter: huddling together for selfies, it is fun, popular but doctors say that the popular pictures can also, spread head lice, the tiny bugs are spread by head to head contact so infestations, increase when children are in close proximity to each other, school out breaks are common. >> just never know, i guess who has lice so take a selfie and they can have it and you have it and give to it other people. yeah, it is weird. >> reporter: stud friday oxford university found children who own smart phones are more prone to getting head
5:46 pm
lice, par side attach themselves to hair and feed on human blood. doctors say there is a common misconception that lice can ho p from one to the other. >> contrary to popular opinion lice don't fly or jump so it is head to head contact. for sure taking selfies and looking at picture after with your friend is definitely just high risk. >> reporter: centers for disease control and prevention warns against head touching in the lice guide saying head to head contact with the person who has head lice is most common way of contracting the pests. doctors say that kid who know they have head lice should be told to make sure not to touch head with anybody else, and when it comes to selfies probably best maybe to keep a little distance, so lets get together but not so tight. >> if you have lice no selfies >> yes. well, you know, no your tv is not upside down this water fall is going backward.
5:47 pm
this is incredible. this is yorkshire dale national park in england as the tropical storm came a shore. it cause that had water fall to go uphill, instead of downhill. >> wow. >> that is wild. >> that is very weird. >> pretty cool. >> i retweet that had earlier. >> yes. >> amazing stuff. >> that is. >> what is going on. >> yeah, what is going on. nothing for us. >> all right. >> nothing going on for us. >> lots of sunshine. >> beautiful, nice conditions, warm days, cool nights. >> come on. >> can't get better then that t lets check in right now on these beautiful conditions in the poconos. look at that, gorgeous, leaves , starting to change, the water is still nice, quiet conditions and foliage starting to turn over especially up toward the poconos and lehigh valley as we a preach peak foliage time north and west of the city, conditions right now beautiful and our weather watchers are commenting on that. we will check what is going on right now temperatures in the 60's and 70's not too bad for
5:48 pm
late october day so we will check in with new jersey and we are at 68 at weather watcher carry's house, sunshine in mount laurel and she said a beautiful day, absolutely i think we all agree on that but we are getting to the point where we need rainfall now. we are running at an inch in the deficit. we will check out photos, an adorable one from phil, this is his grandson, jack, picking some pumpkins and mapel acres farm stan. he has pumpkin in his hand there. phil caught this adorable shot of some youngsters right there , and they are playing on the tractor at mapel acres and beautiful day to be out pumpkin picking, sunshine, the nice temperatures and we have this warmth around, yep, winter it is there, and it is actually not too far away. 63 degrees, until winter officially begins. 67 degrees for christmas, so we have got two months to get that shopping done 74 days
5:49 pm
until new years, and then until our average high is 40 degrees, 79 days. still have a while for. that our average high temperatures are cooler and cooler by the day. storm scan three showing us quiet conditions high pressure remaining in control. hard to even find a cloud across the region eastern seaboard very quiet. we will keep it overnight tonight. mostly clear. our average low temperature 47 , falling back to 55, not quite as cool overnight tonight, still very comfortable great sleeping weather and then for our friday another round of sunshine in store, warm, high temperature, our average high would have us at 66. we will be up at 74 degrees with nice comfortable humidity values w that high pressure in control we will move off to the east very slowly over next several days but will come national weather pattern across the delaware valley. we will give dry conditions prevailing as we head in the next several days continuing threw up coming weekend nice, sunny and with high temperatures approaching 10,
5:50 pm
surpassing 10 degrees above averages specially as we head into saturday with high temperatures in the sit could near 8o in the poconos, gorgeous wet they are weekend get out there for leaf peeping , and doing some hiking 73 degrees an sunshine on saturday. sunny on sunday 71 degrees high temperatures in the poconos running well above average. yes, we are approaching that peak fall foliage time especially up toward poconos, lehigh veil, get up there in the delaware water gap enjoying beautiful conditions and in and around philadelphia , south jersey shore late october is our time we will see that peak fall foliage so we are nearing. that big game coming up on monday eagles/verse washington expecting conditions still very mild as we head into machine for kick off seven degrees. cloud increasing. by post game bringing on the wind cloudy conditions. 68 degrees at the end of the game on monday night but a beautiful weekend ahead well above average and then as we head into monday we will see increasing late day cloud
5:51 pm
forbidder game but wet weather will hold off until late monday night and we will have to break out umbrella, guys as we head into tuesday. >> golf, thanks lauren. owners of the southern california restaurant could have a case of paranormal activity on their hand. >> either that or victims of the really good prank, take a look, this is after hours security video from venture a a chair tips over for no reason at all, there are chairs moving during business hours. patrons who hang out there say it is kind of weird but they are cool witt, co-owners says it could be the spirits of the former patrons, trying to get good seat. >> um, um, um. >> how about that. >> that land it was built on, i have seen movies. >> could be something there, ukee, you are on to something. >> wow. >> oh, man. >> owner of the california restaurant is embroiled in a fried chicken controversy. >> kimberly sanchez admits she reheat pop eyes chicken and uses tonight her dish nets
5:52 pm
sweet dixie kitchen and now she is getting backlash because a customer noticed pop eyes and gave sweet dixie's a bad review on yelp. sanchez says it is never a secret that she uses popeyes. >> kitchen is not it up for frying. we didn't do anything wrong. i did something i thought was the best product that i could bring in, anywhere, anywhere. >> sanchez also says that she asked popeyes for approval but hasn't heard back. by the way each reheated chicken, cost $13, the dish cost 13 bucks. >> okay. still ahead on "eyewitness news" comedian is taking on not so funny topic putting down devices for family dinner billy joel better dust off his lull a by big announcement from the entertainer and his wife in the hot minute with be x up
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it is a big role. >> one of america's most respected actors will star as one of the america's most respected public servants. >> bex from our sister station
5:57 pm
96.5 has this and more in the hot minute. >> thanks, ukee and nicole. we are kicking things off with some major captain news, morgan freeman has signed on to play former u.s. secretary of state colin powell, in an upcoming bio pick. despite pair being the same age, the film will focus on powell's time serving under president george w. bush and in 2003, and release date for powell has not yet been set. on to something we don't to have wait long for the arrival of the billy joel's new endeavor, we're not talking about a new album or tour but congrats to the 68 year-old who is expecting his second child with his fourth wife alexa joel. they have a two-year old daughter and billy has a 31 year-old alexa ray with second wife christie brinkly. five time grammy winner and his wife are due next month. i know.
5:58 pm
>> and finally a familiar face to remind us all to put down those phones. >> this is a filter that makes me look like a cat. >> will ferrell and his comedy relief are featured in public servant announcements from common sense media advocating device free dinners. that is your hot minute i'm be x from today's 96.5. >> pretty good. >> i was wondering where that was going. >> yes. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 responding to racial tensions at a south jersey high school, how the community is coming together after text messages led to a fight at school. also he is accused of shooting six people in two states, tonight we are learning new information about radee prince's connection to one of those victims. plus returning the favor, a woman who has dedicated her life, service to others gets a gift of her own what she was given and how she plans to use it, lauren. we will stretch this sunshine in the upcoming weekend as we warm
5:59 pm
temperatures up i'm meteorologist lauren casey and i will let you know highs in the 80's degree. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. a community, coming together to address racial tensions, in south jersey, tempers flared as text message s lead to a fight in washington township high school. tonight, a meeting is being held in response to the disturbing situation. good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer in for jessica dean. natasha brownies live in washington township with more on how this all got started, natasha. meeting tonight will be addressing racial tensions that led to all of this, meantime, today, students did stage a peaceful protest, during school, they are hoping to shed light on this issue, hoping ultimately that it lead to change. normal school day in washington township high
6:00 pm
school interrupted by a peaceful sit in demonstration with students clad in all black. they are protesting racially charged text messages that surfaced between students. messages were laced with profanity and use of the n word, with one saying quote, y'all think you are cool because your skinnies black but i think we should bring the kkk back. >> we all came together and decided to protest because issue was so much bigger then just our school. >> i don't want my child or anybody to come here and feel threatened, intimidated, it is totally unacceptable. >> reporter: text prompted a huge fight on wednesday, with threats of more violence, today, leading to an increased police presence. some parents rushed to take their kid out of school early. >> kind of shaken up about it, i had like a little mental break down in lunch, where i was crying, all my friend where is trying to make sure i was okay. >> it is a disgrace what these boys d they should be punish. i don


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