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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 30, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> right now at 11 the region rattled after a 4.1 magnitude earthquake strikes in delaware. >> i heard a loud bang and saw the feds right in front of us shake. >> new details on the rare seismic event for our area. it stopped a lot of people in their tracks. good evening, everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm nicole brewer. jessica dean has the night off. epicenter was six miles northeast of dover, delaware and shaking extended far beyond that. >> we have live team coverage tonight. let's stwart david spunt in smyrna, kent county. >> i'm standing 500 treat ep i center of earthquake behind me is bomb bay hook wild life refuge. it's closed now. marsh land here on the
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delaware bay and it ail happened this afternoon 4:47 p.m. >> and the whole house started shaking. >> linda dempsey and husband joe lived feet from the ep i center of thursday's delaware earth quake. >> and we're looking at each other like we thought maybe a big plane from dover air force base came sgloun a few miles away in dover diane well. was getting wrd ready for a busy night inside gray fox grill when 4:47 p.m. things took a bizarre turn. >> it was brief and very intense. we knew it was not a semi-. it was different than a normal semi-driving by. >> this surveillance shows people relaxing at the bar when 9.1 magnitude quake hit. you can see is heads turn before everyone quickly left. dover residents say the shaking lasted maybe 8 to 10 seconds. >> i looked around at co-workers and everyone was wide eyed and we all wentoids because we thought something hit the building.
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>> officials originally classified the quake as 5.1 and downgraded it to 4.4 before settling at a 4.1. officials say it originated 5 miles below earth surface. and those numbers don't matter. the to those that experienced a rare delaware earth quake. >> i thought it was really cool to be able to experience because i never experienced one. i'm thankful it was minor. so, i -- it was like wow, did anyone else just feel that. >> millions felt this all over the east coast. and no serious damage reported at this time. 1871, ukee, nicole, that was biggest earth quake in delaware history and what happened a few hours ago tied that record according to officials. reporting live there smyrna at the site of the epicenter david spurngts cbs. eyewitness news. >> david thank you for that. as is the case with earthquakes struck without warping. they are weighing in on the trem orthat shook the delaware
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valley. joining us now from northeast philadelphia with more on the science behind it all vrming alex we spoke with derek pit and he said it's not rare for earthquakes to happen anyone this part of can't yix the rare part when we see them. not everybody felt this myself included and all dependle where you were. i was walking down the street i could have assumed it as i bus rumbling by and others thought it may be a subway passing their their home. others in the philadelphia area knew exactly what they sglelt tyanna toyrn of north east philadelphia was in the middle of softball practice. >> we saw it shake and we like stopped and then my friend mia was like did you feel that? i was like yeah. >> i thought my neighbor was june isping up and down on the floor. >> you're probably ready to be mad at them. >> when did you realize it was something else. >> when i heard it on the news. >> tremors of the earthquake
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were felt around a wide area up to philadelphia for sure. >> derek pits, chief astronomer at the franklin institute said there's a good reason why smaller east coast earthquakes are often felt by a large geographical region. >> bed rock that under lies soil here extends up and down the east coast a fair degree. any violation that occurs in the bed rock can be felt up and down the east coast. >> this group of friends experienced the sway together. >> i lived in lower more land and we it from there. >> they happen every few years or so on average and typically tend to be around this magnitude four range. for us, that is intense earth quake. but on the grand scale of earthquakes it's not very intense at all. >> of course, this epicenter of this earthquake was in delaware and reports of it being felt extend all the way up to anyone land.
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derek pits also added he did not expect us to have any after shock activity. even if we did he said it would be highly unlikely for any of us to feel. it reporting live in northeast philadelphia, alexandria hof, eyewitness news. >> and meteorologist katie indicate bilo has been. >> it was a large area that felt the trem ors due not nature of the bed rock in our region. it's extensive and nat and the rock does not break up quite as much as you see out west. this was felt all across the mid-atlantic region for portions of the neighbor's capitol to new england as i'll show you in a moment. recapping stats on this early quik, 4.1 quake that ties
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record for strongest earthquake ever in delaware. it was a depth of five miles. that sounds deep. but in the grand scheme of things when you talk about earthquakes five miles is regarded as a shallow quake and that means again the shaking is felt even further because instead of going down, it goes out and spreads out across a large region. it was felt near the city within second. moderately intense quake as mentioned for our region. these are uncommon and they do happen not as common as they are out west where the fault lines and tech tonic plates are pronounced and we get these in our region usually not strong enough for us to feel. usually it is felt along the epicenter and you can he on the u.s. gee logical survey in new england and stanford, connecticut they had a report of perceived shaking from the quake. coming up i'll have the weekend forecast. nicole, back to you. >> kate, thank you. this is not the first time we felt an earthquake in the are area. back august, 2011. magnitude 5.8 shook most of
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the east coast including philadelphia. now that earthquake was centered northwest of rich mopped, virginia. and it it actually forced buildings in center city to be evacuated and shattered some windows. and on highrise buildings. >> right after today's quake struck in delaware social media lit up. i saw it firsthand. so many of you were posting comments to the facebook page. >> twitter, facebook, people react together earthquake. and coming up we'll look what the people were saying in the moments following the quake. >> all right we'll do that in a bit. other news tonight new information on the death of a 15-year-old in west philadelphia. authorities have identified the victim as sabria mc complain stabbed more than 50 times and body was then set on fire. mc complain pody was found behind a building tuesday 200 block of south 49 street. she met her alleged killer cold schwar ger herring through social media and he's charged with murder. >> they found the truck involved in hit-and-run death
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of jessica dmurts trevose where it was processed for evidence. they're looking for the drive driver. detectives are serving for a person of interest in the case. and on monday night authorit authorities say the truck hit durts and her boyfriend as they crossed street road at fillmont avenue. >> police in upper darby looking for a man they say posted threatening signs at a months being vowing to get even with muslims. take a welcome at surveillance video. the suspect was recorded posting signs at months being being 69 and walnut monday and found burned items near the education center at that movk. authorities are calling the suspect's actions a hate crime. >> former today show host matt lauer is making his first comments since fired on the job. executives received two new complaints about lauer. they terminated hiss $25 million a year contract wednesday after another employee filed a detail
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complaint about the anchor. in a statement lauer said some of what is said about me sun true or mischaracterized and there is enough truth in these stories to make me feel embarrassed and ashamed. >> final senate vote on president trump's tax cut plan is expected tomorrow morning. today the non partisan joint committee on taxation estimated 1 trillion to the deficit over the next decade. that conflicts with gop claims and the income and corporate tax cuts would pay for themselves. and democrats ago ulegislation will hurt the middle class. >> hillary clinton pays a visit to you philadelphia tonight. an event at the kimmel certainty. and tuesday skuss loss in last year's presidential election. some that attended participating in meet and greet and book signing as wel well. >> still to come tonight at 11 our coverage 469.1 magnitude earthquake in delaware continues. >> we've seen people's reaction as soon as they felt
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the quake. how did folks respond on social media. the interesting hot takes following this event. >> and also what american airlines is now saying about a computer glitch that has left thousands of holiday flights without pilots. >> and plus taste with. it ori heading to cape may to celebrate the season where you can dine on a male grown right on the farm and other surprises that go along with the festive feast when
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>> just before 5:00 tonight a earthquake hit our reeblingon. many were surprised about what sglapd not often an earthquake rattles major cities many tt east. >> in the grand scheme of seismic activity this may have been relatively small and social media impression was swift and sizable. twitter # earthquake became a trending topic with user at curd honey reporting earthquake now centered in delaware. either that or my desk is possessed.
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@dave leaveton came a question anyone else in the philadelphia area just feel a minor earthquake. >> i guess we want to validate what they sglelt matt higgins digital managing editor for people were searching earthquake moments after the ground shook. he pointed to twitter analytics to tell the story. >> people were wondering quite frankly what was actually happening. they went on top twitter that's what people do go to social media to find out what is happening at that time. >> discussion was unfolding on facebook thousands shared cbs philly posts or responded to our individual pages. carol brand of deptford, new jersey told met the whole house shook and the couch moved too. malvern, dan babo she he thought a truck hit the building. fortunately no reported damages or injuries which gave some the green light to rattle off a few jokes. >> it was shake ising shaking violently like this. >> from this tongue and cheek
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by caroline mc choir to joelen wallaces caption for collapsed nativety mary is okay and joseph painted and at may 610 is one of many to share this photo saying i survived the delaware earthquake of 2017. >> that might be my personal favorite. >> wow that's something i hear you. >> thankfully no one was hurt. >> i was getting ready to say out of all the messages i had seen no damages nobody hurt. >> it was something. >> nicole, thanks so much. >> american airlines is making major strides towards fixing a glitch that left thoughts of holiday flights in the air. we first told you about the issue last night. the company says only a few hundred out of 200,000 december flights have ar up assigned pilots and pilot un john disputing that saying thousands are listed as up assigned. americans says a software scheduling error gave too many pilots time-off during the
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holidays. >> who says the shore is only summer destination. >> in taste with torrey vittoria woodill has a farm to table feast fit for the holidays. get ready to get cozy in cape may. all is calm and all is bright at the beach plum farm. >> it feels like you're going grandma's house over the river and through the woods to grandma's house we go. >> this year why not go ahead and start a new holiday tradition. every friday night during the holiday season the beach plum farm hosts reservation only farm to table feast for 60 people were diapers enjoy the night under trivrpingling light and nraits served family style only ingredient praised and harvested from the ground. >> whether vegetables or animals we've taken care of them from the sglart from the start of the night you're in for surprise and delight.
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entire dinner moves location around the farm from dusk to dinner time in the hot or cold, rain or shine you. think, oh, we'll run righted in but we keep people outside and we'll have the fire and we give people hot potatoes to hold. >> for now i'm taking my seat for tasting of the holiday menu. starting butter dipped radishs with cape may sea salt so fresh you feel like you pulled it out of the ground yourself. >> a butter dipped radish >> surprise. >> i can have a moment of silence to reflect on how much gratitude i'm filled with right now. >> amen. >> for chicken pot pie with a biscuit crust. >> that makes you feel at home that is the holidays right there. >> every layer. >> it's just this creamy satisfaction.
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>> aside of braised carrots. >> you're getting carpalelizeed flavor. it's slightly smoky almost. >> timely a gingerbread roll. >> yum. >> with a spiced cream cheese filling for the finale. >> i love the core rot i see inside. if a la la la la, la la la la. >> and i think she loves her job. >> yeah, i'll say so. >> join us tomorrow as we take our holiday celebration to cape may. vittoria woodill and kate will be live as we celebrate the winter lopder land at congress hall and don't forget to bring a toy as part of our joy of sharing toy fest. celebrate cbs fest. and details on upcoming toy event throughout the area. >> and of course, torrey was talking about the holidays and you know it is we're in the season but so mild. >> it is. >> it doesn't really feel
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like winter out there just ye yet. and i'm not complying although i was talking to someone today that was saying i don't like this weather it's not cold enough it's supposed to feel like winter. let's hold on. not even december yet. >> we'll get talk to me in mayor march i should say and see how you feel after a couple months of. it it is almost december in 45 minute from now and starting december on a nice note. we is showers as we speak. the road is all glistening up there in bethlehem, northampton county now. we have a little rain moved through. showers have pretty much pushed out and you can see it's dam around the evenlys and on storm scan three the showers are pushing across south jersey. if you want to zoom in on a couple for you they cleared the city is that the good news. roads ai little damp. showers pushed out we take to you south jersey and we see the showers as they move towards the shore point there
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they could quick moving front. showers approaching accuweather, cape may, garden state parkway and down sussex county delaware as well. behind this front not a lot going on. once once the front moves out not a lot of cold air behind it. it will be pretty nice and seasonable over the next several days. front moving through right now. you can seat winds feeding into that frontal boundary back to the west we have temperatures dropping just a bit in the wake of showers back to the mid 40s. and it's 48 philadelphia still in the low 50s here in millville and wildwood. not all that cold tonight. and not all that cold today. 56 the high. full 6 degrees above average and seasonable 37. look at record 8 degrees back in 1875 on the last day of november. luckily we were nowhere near that number. showers pushing out as you can see. 11:00 now pushing down towards the shore points. by midnight leftover shower
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long the coast and sprinkle here or there for the overnight and heading to tomorrow morning clouds early. clouds will break up quickly and the sun will come out as we head into your friday afternoon and into the weekend. it's a seasonable start to the month of december with high pressure overhead for the weekend after those spotty showers tonight move through. quick clearing tomorrow then over the weekend we're in the 50s. it's sunny both days right about where we should thb time year. heading into next week a brief warm-up right here on tuxts look what's coming. see that pink arctic intrusion next week or next weekend over the great lakes and you feel the temperatures drop in long term it will start to get a whole lot more winter like around here. for now relatively mild overnight. should be mid 0s bottom out 4 43. shower over the next hour or two and clear it out. tomorrow, clearing skies. turns out mostly sunny and beautiful in the afternoon. 54 will be the a good time high. nice weather for holiday fest in cape may. and we've got temps in the
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50s. not all that cold i have not had to wear the heavy coat or gloves to any tree lighting so far this year. let me knock on wood for that one. i'll tell what you it will be beautiful tomorrow through monday and warm tuesday and late next week looks cold so. maybe next friday holiday fest will be cold you. mentioned arctic intrusion. >> i did say those words didn't i. >> it's coming. >> thank you. >> hi, don. >> we're talking football tonight. play you off atmosphere in seattle. eagles cannot be complacent getting ready for it and beef of the east. highlights from a bat until boston next in sports
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snv the world is flat. no, i don't believe that. celtics guard kyree irving does in boston fans believe
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the c's are platt out best team in the east they have best record in the league and sixers are trying to bring them back down-to-earth. 3rd quarter we go celtics move the ball around pretty well. kyree irving maybe the world is flat. jojo mr. embib didn't play in this it game the whole back to back situation and ben sim mondz did. and sixers down by three. an a little later the sixers down by ten. al horford stretching the game the older he gets. he had 21. sixers lose 108-97. >> south carolina facing temple at msg. first half, she's oughted with the pretty pass to our guy. quentin rose, ut, oh, equip tin rose for the land. you get 24 point. second half off the steel. obe eneciona kills me every
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single time goes on to win 7 76-60 they're now fourth and one. every time. eagles safety malcolm jenk does not for see raising fists in protests during the national anthem sunday. this after the nfl agreed to pledge 89 million towards projects dealing with criminal jistis reform and law enforcement and education. and as for the action opt field as you know by now the birds have the best record in the nfl at 10-1 they have tied franchise record with nine straight wins on sunday night they play at 7 and 4 seattle while trying to guard against complacency. >> the most important thing is to practice very hard and put yourself in a good legislation i'm going out to practice and keep on you know pushing each other making sure we make it about us and not about nobody else and you can
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listen to the noise and have fun but when it's time to work it's time to work. >> let's go to work. >> thank you. up. > next the new art display on
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>> winter fountains is made up of four architectural domz and moving images, it's part of
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parkway 100 the yearlong centennial celebration of the parkway 100 the yearlong centennial celebration of the ben franklin parkway.
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snv coming up next the late show with stephen colbert followed bit late, late show. nor kate, don, jessica who is off i'm ukee washington. >> and i'm nicole brewer and we're always on at >> have a good night family
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