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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  December 4, 2017 3:05am-4:01am EST

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got his heartbeating. he is okay. >> cvs reportedly purchasing aetna, a $69 billion megamerger. if approved, cvs could use 10,000 pharmacies to provide health services to 22 million customers. coming up. living with hiv the therapy helping millions stay healthy. later his books are out of the world. best-selling author, andy weir
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tells jeff glor he is actually
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thousand rallied in salt lake city this weekend to protest a trump administration plan to shrink two national monuments. mireya villarreal tells us the disputed land includes a dinosaur graveyard. >> that's a bone right there. the grand staircase national monument in southern utah. >> does it feel like, we struck gold.
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>> oh, my, guess. yeah. >> in the two decade since the 1.9 million acre patch of land was designated a national monument. new species of dinosaurs have been discovered. >> when created in 1996, it was envisioned it would be an outdoor laboratory. >> on this remarkable site, god's handy work is everywhere. >> but that designation by president bill clinton also enraged many residents of southern utah, who suddenly were limited in their ability to graze cattle extract minerals or build road. >> grand staircase national monument. one of the most volatile issues ion tau. >> people are angry. >> they're still angry, yeah.
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>> rancher michael knoll led the it was created. he was thrilled earlier this year when president trump, ordered his interior secretary, ryan zinke to review and shrink the size of the monument, opening the land up to more commercial development. >> more people can utilize the land in the future. does not mean selling them off. doesn't mean destroying them. all the laws, regulations, archaeological resource, protection act will all be in place. >> these fossils are around 75 million years old. >> i will put this back. all right. >> recovering specimens from the monument for years. if trump changes its status, he fears there could be more recreational traffic like offroad vehicles and more chances to suffer. >> possibility fossils may be lost, destroyed. once the record of the planit's history is gone. >> mireya villarreal, cbs news, southern utah. >> we are learning more about
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the secret relationship between a florida teenager and the high school soccer coach she ran off with. they were found friday in upstate new york, 1200 miles from home. the girls' parents gave only one interview this weekend. meg oliver has the it. >> your daughter was found safe. how was that moment for you? >> it was your heart pounding out of your chest. butterflies in your stomach. almost a frantic, can i get there quick enough? >> after an agonizing week, scarlet and ward reunited with their 17-year-old daughter caitlyn near syracuse, new york. >> how long did you hug her? >> i don't know. till we had to breathe i think. >> the ordeal began last sunday in florida, caitlyn snuck out of her house in the middle of the night and took off with the high school soccer coach, 27-year-old ryan rodriguez. at rest warrant for rodriguez
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shows a friend told the parents after caitlyn disappeared ryan wants her to leave the country it also reveals her parents the messages between the two. >> for the first time ever, i wasn't there to protect her. >> surveillance video captured the pair as they made their way up the east coast. late friday, a new york state trooper spotted them and took rodriguez into custody. >> could sunny have been leading a secret life? >> we don't know. that this point all what happened. all we know is that we have her back. and she is safe.h@ >> rodriguez faces a charge of interfering with child custody. a felony in florida. >> i think there is consequencc. >> rodriguez will be extradited back to florida this week. he faces up to five years is prison for the felony charge of interfering with custody. >> meg. thank you.
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♪ ok, let's try this. it says you apply the blue one to me. here? no. have a little fun together, or a lot. k-y yours and mine. two sensations that work together, so you can play together. this past friday was world aid day. a day to raise awareness, honor those who have died, and also note the progress in the fight against the disease. as dr. tara narula reports, millions of people living with hiv are getting the therapy they need stay healthy. >> these are individuals who in some way, shape form live a life with hiv. >> 37-year-old rosco boyd on an
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hiv awarenespo boyd became hiv positive in college. >> there was still this thing, underlying sense of shame and worthlessness. of not necessarily deserving love. >> boyd is on medication called anti-retro viral therapy, art to suppress the virus. >> for the last seven years now i have been undetectable. >> that means there is so little of the virus in his blood it can't be detected. it means something else too. >> being undetectable means yo cannot transmit the virus to someone else. >> boyd part of a new awareness campaign called you equals you, undetectable equals untransmittable. over 500 organizations in 68
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th with s endorsed the campaign. the u equals u message writing people who take art daily maintain undetectable viral load have effectively no risk of transmitting the virus to hiv negative partness. dr. barry zingman medical director of the aid center in the bronx. >> it adds a whole another taki medications is really good for them. it also adds an incredibly powerful tool that, we have now, to -- to directly prevent transmission. anal stigma. >> everyone can benefit. >> reducing the stigma might also help improve rates of diagnosis and early treatment. currently about 15% of americans are unaware they are hiv positive. which increases the risk for transmission. this is a game changer. particularly for stable couples with an hiv positive partner. but for many at high risk for
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lysol. what it takes to protect. the new crown prince of saudi arabia is ushering in a wave of cultural change. women will soon be allowed to drive. and the dreaded religious police are being reined in. holly williams takes us inside the kingdom. >> six months until saudi women will be allowed to drive. but she is already shopping for her first car. a 170,000 dollar mercedes-benz takes her fancy. this after all is oil rich saudi arabia. it will be a beautiful day, she told us. when women finally take to the wheel. women fought for the right to drive in saudi arabia. illegally taking to the road, and shaming their government with these protest videos. and some saudi women are fighting for other freedoms too. >> we are not victims.
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we are strong. >> this woman, runs a boxing gym called, fight like a girl. and told us she wants an end to saudi arabia's male guardianship system. which means all saudi women still need a male relative's permission to travel overseas or get married. >> you thinking that need to change. >> i hope that it does, yes. >> you thing the government is going to do it. >> i think we are going in that direction. >> god willing. >> by saudi standards the country's new crown prince, mohammad bin salman is a reformer. he allowed will known sports stadiums for the first time. and encouraged a stampede of saudi women to join the work force. it is not just women that feel more liberated. take a look at saudi arabia's stand-up comedy scene. in this closed off kingdom they still find plenty to laugh at. though this is no democracy. and there are red lines. >> the religions, and this,
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this, job. >> politics. >> yes. >> this man told us his comedic influences are all american.hap chris rock. >> you stole a joke from chris rock. >> i do it. nobody know. >> some here have told us they're disturbed by the speed of change. a backlash from religious conservatives is always possible. but these children, may one day live in a very different saudi arabia. holly williams, cbs news, riyadh. up next, the author of the martian sets his sights on the moon and sits down with jeff glor. tonight a rare super moon is
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tonight a rare super moon is on the rise. the moon is full, as close to earth as it gets. and appears bigger and brighter than usual. the moon is also the setting of a new murder mystery by best-selliut. his stories are out of this world. but jeff glor found him to be quite grounded. >> i went to college and was software engineering. writing ultimately was my hobby. bungled into success with the martian. now i get to be a writer. >> with no publisher backing him, andy weir self published the martian in 2012. the martian has sold 5 million copies and let to one very successful movie. >> i have no way to contact nasa.
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>> you have, a loyal following, and i know you hear a lot from the folks who read your stuff. you responded to every single e-mail and notes. >> yep. every e-mail. took the time to e-mail me. seems, seems only reasonable to respond. >> so what is your name? >> number of weir's fans came to an artimus book signing at the space shuttle pavilion. eager to hear more about a lunar crime novel in the late 21st century about a woman who tries to pull off a huge heist. >> tell me about jazz. >> jazz was born in saudi arabia, but when she was 6 years old she and her father moved to artamus only city on the moon. as an adult the story takes place. she is a porter but makes her money off illegal smuggling. >> would you go to the moon? >> no. >> you wouldn't? >> no. i write about brave people. i'm not one of them. i am afraid of flying. >> really. >> yeah, here in new york. i've live in california.i have here.
3:29 am
i have a general problem with anxiety and have most of my life. spent most of my life just thinking well i am broken there is nothing i can do about that. now there are med for that. >> how does that manifest itself in your characters? >> when you are writing a story if you are thinking of everything that can go wrong, that helps you write the story. >> whoo! >> especially when you are writing stories about everything going wrong. >> fans may be able to visit it the city of artamus in theaters fox optioned the rights to the book before it was released. >> what's next? >> immediate feature. i have idea of a sequel for artamus. book idea to last me the rest of my life. it's just what am i most excited by at any moment. what do i think the readers want to read. >> that's the "overnight news" for this monday. for some the news continues. for others check back with us later for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city. i'm elaine quijano.
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>> announcer: this is the cbs "overnight news." welcome to the "overnight news." i'm elaine quijano. hours before the rooster crowed sunday, president trump was ruffling feathers on twitter. he railed about the russia investigation, defended his firing of national security adviser, michael flynn, and unloaded on former fbi director james comey. the president also took aim at an fbi agent removed from the russia investigation, for sending anti-trump texts, but another weekend tweet is being intensely analyzed. there are even question as but who wrote it. here is errol barnett. >> mr. president. why did you fire general flynn? >> ignoring questions as he
3:31 am
returned to the white house, yesterday, president trump had just implied via twitter he knew general mike flynn lied to the fbi before making the decision to fire him. but that tweet sources tell cbs news was drafted by the president's lawyer john dowd who didn't mean to suggest the president knew of flynn's lie off to the fbi at the type. flynn on friday pleaded guilty to lying. >> the president of the united states with me alone. saying i hope this. >> the president's first tweet this morning, was a denial he asked former fbi director james comey to end his inquiry into flynn's possible crimes. calling comey's june testimony a lie. and saying the fbi is tainted, dishonest, with a reputation in tatters. >> you tweeted a comment, regarding ongoing criminal investigations at your own peril. be careful, mr. president. >> republican senator, lindsay graham says michael flynn is key to determining if there was collusion between the trump team and russia. >> if the was coordination between the trump campaign and
3:32 am
russians. i can't thing of a person who would know more than flynn all. i do not believe that general flynn was rogue agent. >> the ranking democrat says, her committee's investigation is also progressing. >> i think, what we are beginning to see is the putting together of -- of a case of obstruction of justice. >> of the fbi says it does not plan on responding to president trump's critical statements. but former attorney general, eric holder did. defending the agency, on twitter today, holding said it is apolitical, and that you will finden integrity at the fbi headquarters not the white house. >> alabama special election for the senate seat vacated by attorney general jeff sessions nearly a week away. our new poll finds 71%. among likely voters, moore now leads democart doug jones 49-43%. david begnaud is in birmingham. we melt penny lloyd who told us despite allegations against roy moore she will vote for him because. >> he is the lesser of two
3:33 am
evils. >> was there ever a hesitation. >> no, not after he won the primary, no. >> i recognized it as a railroad job, hit job. penny's husband. george lloyd he too is voting for moore. >> not especially, no. i believe it is very possible all the women could be absolutely truthful. on the other hand it is very possible the other camp could have motivate aid lot of women to, do and say, what they're saying. >> kayla smith says her decisions are based on policies. >> he believes roy moore's accusers and thinks roy moore
3:34 am
ought to step aside. today, mitch mcconnell changed his tune. and send the people of alabama ought to decide. the other u.s. senator from alabama is richard shelby, he voted he didn't vote for roy moore. he voted absentee. and he says he wrote in the name of another republican. elaine. >> david, thank you. >> john dickerson discussed the alabama election with two top republican senators, majority leader mitch mcconnell and lindsay graham. >> we have a poll out says mr. moore is up 6 points over
3:35 am
democratic opponent doug jones:in the poll it says that among mr. moore supporters, 56% say they were more likely to vote for him after you said he should quit the race. what do you make of that? >> people of alabama decide a week from tuesday who they want to send to the senate. up to them. pretty robust campaign with a lot of people weighing in. the president i of course supported somebody different. earlier in the process. but, in the end, voters of alabama will make their choice. >> i think the body can regulate itself. you know, at the end of the day, when he comes to the senate if he does. i think an investigation ethics investigation would be a smart thing to do. we'll see what the ethics committee decide as to whether they look at behavior before he came into the senate, does that matter if they do. what did they find.
3:36 am
we will see. >> could you have hibe senator? based on what you heard. be okay with him being a senator. >> we can't stop him from being seated. if there was an investigation in all six members of the committee said they believe he was a child molester that would be a problem. >> if you've haven't picked up your christmas tree yet you may be in for sticker shock. meg oliver reports. >> tips the season for picking out the perfect christmas tree t but for many shoppers, it's coming with a bit of sticker shock. >> it was higher than expecting. and i we paid about the same for a bigger tree last year. national christmas tree association says prices are on the rise, 5% to 10% in many states. blamed on a christmas tree shortage in certain parts of the country. >> speaking to my grower, said, john, not sure if i will be able to give you your entire order this year. and so you might want to start looking around. then all the growers are saying, we are shorter than usual. >> it takes, 7 to 10 years for a christmas tree to grow.
3:37 am
that's at the root of problem. during the financial crisis, nine years ago, cash strapped americans bought fewer trees. demand plummeted. growers went out of business or planted fewer trees. which trees are you seeing a shortage in? >> which type of trees? some of the larger trees. >> at fred's christmas trees in new jersey, owner fred dowd says people are rushing to get a tree. >> they're telling us they're afraid they can't get a tree. because of the shortage. >> he thinks he might sell out early this year. he can't get his hand on moore. >> have you been able to order more trees. >> this season, no. asked to get a few hundred more. the truck wasn't full. they just didn't have them. >> growers are planting more trees. it will take time for them to reach full height. which means next year prices could be the higher again. meg oliver, cbs news, clifton, new jersey. the cbs "overnight news" will be right back.
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buffett has his own views on the republican tax everhaul. he says american business has done sensationally over the past few years and that trickle down has never worked. instead, buffet incests the money continues to bubble up to the -- insists the money continues to bubble up to the top making the rich richer in clouding him. >> if you should be lucky enough to be invited to lunch. >> double hamburger with pickle. >> by billionaire investor warren buffett. >> double hamburger with pickle. >> that's so. mundane. >> that's radical. >> add a shake. >> stick with me, jane, your eating habits. you will go downhill fast.
3:41 am
>> warren buffett's secret to a long, happy life. >> if i want to live a long time. keep eating like a 6-year-old. which i do. and it works. >> here its another. >> big thing is if you are working at something you love, that has to add a lot more years to your life than, than doing a few extra sit-ups as far as i'm concerned. >> you have had stomach churning days? >> not very many, no. if the market was falling or something like that, that's opportunity for us. stock market never caused my stomach to turn. >> the stock market, warren buffett's playground. chairman, president and ceo of berkshire hathaway. so vast we can show you some of its holdings. in 1970, it began trading at $40 a share. >> what is the price today? >> probably around $270,000. >> per share? >> yeah. >> per share. >> warren buffett's current net worth, $83 billion. >> considered by many to be the greatest investor of all time. he says it is not rocket science. have 150 iq in my business go sell, 20, 30 points to somebody else. you don't need it. you need emotional stability.
3:42 am
off to detach yourself from, from fear or greed. when that prevails in the market. you have to be able to come to your own opinions and ignore people. don't need a lot of brains. >> it's more like baseball. >> i get to stand with a bat on my shoulder. wait for a fat pitch. if the pitcher is throwing them high and outside. i keep waiting. waiting. waiting. awe meantime you have a stadium full of people watching. >> yeah, sometimes they say, swing you bum. >> if you swing and miss. it is a headline. >> i have a few headlines too, maybe more than a few. in the end i know the pitch i like. i want that one right down the middle. you know. kind of slow. >> buffet built his fortune one
3:43 am
nickel at a time. beginning at age 7. >> my grandfather had a grocery store. he would sell me six cokes for a quarter. i would sell them around the neighborhood at a nickel each. >> make how much profit on that? >> 20% profit. >> there were paper routes. >> nobody gets rich pedaling papers. >> i deliver 500,000 papers, a penny each. about $5,000. i made. i had a pinball machine business. car polishing business. i had a lot of things. >> did you have a long term plan at this point? >> just having fun doing the businesses, buying stocks with the money i earned from it. read hundred of books. >> one in particular. the intelligent investor. by ben graham. >> that book changed my life. >> because. >> i finally found a philosophy that made sense. >> can you sum it of in terms i would understand? >> it really says that a stock is a piece of a business. if you buy a piece of a good business, and somebody is running it for you they're honest and able, and you pay
3:44 am
reasonable price, you're going to make a lot of money. >> for instance, berkshire hathaway has a lot of money $20 billion in apple. >> do you have a smart phone? >> i do not. >> with you or don't own one? >> i don't on unone. i've don't need to know things instantaneously. not making buy and sell based on instant news. i'm making them some times after i looked at a company years and years. when we bought apple. something i looked at a long time. >> thinning of the money you have made if you hadn't looked so long. >> true. people remind me occasionally. i say i make a lot of mistakes. an optimist even in turbulent times. the oracle of omaha says never sell america short. >> the country has 75 million 260 million vehicles. great interstate highway. it has, great universities that has superb, you know medical center where we are here today. >> he is talking about omaha's stunning new 323 million state
3:45 am
of the art, cancer hospital, and research center. it its the only building anywhere that bears the buffet name. but not warren buffett's. it is called the fred and pamela buffet cancer center. pamela buffet was lead donor. >> i'm just the luckiest girl in the world to be able to do all, what we do. and his wife susie, hired a 12-year-old babysitter. pamela bartling. >> seen him. in khakis, t-shirt. that was about it. >> worked in a little room off the bedroom. sewing room. >> a few years later, warren saw a merger opportunity. and called his cousin fr >> have i got a girl for you. they took it from there. >> and fred, was a savvy investor too. >> he made a small investment in
3:46 am
this partnership i ran in the 1960s. berkshire came out of that. >> fred held on to the stock. well that is an understatement. >> yeah. >> note. $10,000 invested in buffet's original partnership in the 1960s, would be worth $900 million today. fred and pamela buffet built a fortune of their own. until misfortune struck. of kidney cancer. >> i see his name up there. representing somebody who loved omaha, who cared about, so many other people. >> warren's wife susie, a social activist, was pamela's inspiration. >> susie buffet had a profound impact on my life. she believed in man kind. >> you are saying she opened your eyes and opened your heart? >> i think she opened my heart first. and then she opened my eyes.
3:47 am
>> after susie buffet died in 2004, warren decided to give away his entire fortune. >> susie made a humanitarian out of you. >> well she changed me in a lot of ways. >> he has already pledged $31 billion to the bill and melinda gate foundation. still, of a genius at making money, spending it is another thing. he lives in the house he bought in 1958. >> you are living in a starter house? >> yeah, living in a starter house the a happy house. >> a private jet is his only indulgence. he says he would like to be buried with it. >> but the rest of my life, could be lived by somebody that, earns $100,000 a year. >> which happens to be, his salary for running berkshire hathaway. >> get a salary of what? >> $100,000 a year. >> paid?ctors thinks you are worth $100,000 a year. >> i don't ask him actually. money has no utility to me.
3:48 am
that's why i am giving it away. it does have utility to other people. this country is fabulous. i have had this huge tail wind through my life because i had american business behind my back. and this country works, worked magnificently. overall the country,ur and up. and up. and now how it gets divided in the last 30 years i'm not happy with. the forbes 400 in 1982 had 9,0002 billion now $2.4 trillion. 25 times what they had. it's gushed upward basically instead. to the extent that people, tnk noncompetitive tin the world. they're wrong. you cut corporate taxes, make it easier to do business. you will grow the economy. >> american business has done sensationally in recent years. they're awash, generally, in
3:49 am
cash, dealt is cheap. conditions are terrific for american business. and the country is going to do fine over time. every one of our 325 million people do reasonably well. >> in american history few have done as well as warren buffett. who made the decision to get rich at age 21. ms. but at 87, he has redefined the meaning of rich. >> y w you are how many peo you. whether the people you care about loving you, love you. >> see, a great teacher. that is so true. that its what i learned as a young person from being around them. >> teacher. he would like that inscribed on his gravestone. >> i'm not in a hurry to do it. >> no. >> tell me what does it say on the gravestone? >> like to say here lies the oldest man that ever lived. but teacher will do fine.
3:50 am
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megared advanced triple absorption it supports your heart, joints, and eyes. and is absorbed by your body three times better. so one megared has more omega-3 power than three standard fish oil pills. megared advanced triple absorption. >> there is an obscure mineral that could hold the key to the future and in short supply. don dahler reports. >> this mineral, cobalt helps power everything from smart phones to lap tops to electric vehicles. it is a key ingredient in lithium batteries, a product that has seen an explosion in demand recently. but 60% of the world's cobalt comes from the congo where children often do much of the hard labor. because of that, apple and tesla
3:53 am
are among companies refusing to use what they term unethical cobalt in their batteries. 2014, tesla promised to use cobalt mined in north america. seeing it in place. not something you see every day. >> mining industry analysts say that's just not possible. >> it is highly unlikely that there is going to be enough cobalt to come out of here, in the next year, two years. that would satisfy any needs in north america. >> outside of the congo there are few options. 7,800 tons of cobalt for the half a million model threes the company expects to be producing annually by 2018. that its more cobalt than is mined in north america in a year. and not all cobalt goes into batteries. 56% of the world production is used in military and industrial
3:54 am
product like jet engines. batteries for electric vehicles require great deal more cobalt than other products. with the increase deed manned -- increased demand are we waiting to see a gold rush for the mineral. >> never in the history of modern mining have you seen cobalt as primary focus for us miners. >> first cobalt one of a handful of mining companies, hoping to breathe new life in an old canadian mining town. >> our only little property, itself that we have right now that we are focused on is enough. could produce enough cobalt to supply the factory that elon musk is building. >> another location is in idaho where prosecutors will barack -- will break ground within ape year. hedge fund buying up thousands of tons of cobalt waiting to spell. to protect the vehicle industry.
3:55 am
china is cornering the market, buying controlling interests in all of the largest mines in the
3:56 am
3:57 am
tough love at the county courthouse helped one young woman break her heroin addiction and reshape her life. steve hartman found her story on the road. >> all rise. >> reporter: as a drug treatment court judge in minnesota, the honorable chris wilton has seen pretty desperate cases. >> good afternoon. thank you. please be seated. none more desperate than the heroin addict that first
3:58 am
appeared. her name is jennifer jenson. >> remember when she first came in. >> i do. 8 months pregnant. and, clearly using drugs. that's as the bad as it gets. there is nobody worse than her. >> yet, woeful as she was. a smile still comes to his face at the thought of her. because, today. 24-year-old jennifer jenson is clean. 33 months clean. with the healthy son by her side and wretched past behind. hooked on heroin by high school. jennifer posed for more mug shots than yearbook photos. when she eventually landed in judge wilton's courtroom, he some how saw potential. he took a special interest. stayed on her. made her appearen court more
3:59 am
than any other. 27 times total. >> at first it is annoying i have to see this guy this much all the time. i dent want to see this judge all the time. >> but in hindsight. jennifer says he saved her life. >> i would not be here at all probably. >> that's saying a lot. >> uh-huh. >> jennifer's mom, carrie martin says she can't thank the judge enough. >> every time i see him. you saved my daughter's life. he is like no i was just the judge. no, she looks at you look a father. >> that's why, after her final appearance, jennifer approached the bench with a very special plea. >> she walked up asked me if i would perform her marriage. and i was there. >> there are no quick fixes to america's heroin epidemic. if there is a lesson in this happy ending it is that the solution is rooted in tough love and good judges. who know when it is time to go heavier on the tough. >> you are on thin ice. >> when it is time to go all in with the love. steve hartman, on the road, in minnesota. that's the "overnight news" for this monday. for some of you the news continues. check back with us later for the morning news and cbs this morning. and from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm elaine quijano.
4:00 am
captioning funded by cbs it's monday, december 4th, 2017. this is the "cbs morning news." presidential tweets. mr. trump takes aim at the fbi and the special prosecutors investigation into russian election meddling sparking a warning from some lawmakers. taking to the skies, the united states and south korea come together for a massive drill. and cvs is getting into the health care business. the drugstore is makin a big purchase which could radically change the health care industry.


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