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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 4, 2017 7:00am-9:18am EST

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have a great day. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, december 4th 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." president trump attacks his own fbi, calling its reputation the worst in history. fired fbi director james comey is among those hitting back. house and senate wor the gaps between their two tax bills. this morning we'll look at the perks and special interest. we'll talk with white house budget director mick mulvaney how the overhaul will affect your family. the u.s. and south korea launch a massive air drill this morning in a show of force against north korea. ben tracy flew with one f-16 squadron to see how they prepare
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for war. plus the high school student who fled from home with her high school soccer coach is safe this morning. the family opens up about the emotional reunion. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 tweet at your own peril. i'd be careful, if i were in thefbi probe. >> in the case of obstruction of justice. >> touse res]ckonheifference bill hoping to get the bill to the president's desk by christmas. >> this is going to affect american business, the economy, every for decades. >> it could be the largest corporate deal of the year. >> the united states and south korea have zbrun their largest air force drill. >> there's a real grave danger to all nations. >> the kennedy center honors took place. president trump and melania
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trump became the first presidentialgala. -- >> the pontiac silverdome did not implode. >> you hate it because -- >> you're putting all these women in aategory who could care less about your body you're insecure you have no of thisorning." >> it's going the wrong way. it's really going the wrong way. look at this.i! he's going the right way. touchdown, chicago. >> the head coach is on the sideline going oh no get down down, oh wait a minute. oh, yeah. just like we drew it up on the chalkboard. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this t$ rnksing. i's/m o'donnell with bianna e you thanks for having me.
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donald trump is lashing out as the fbi moves to the white house. he used twitter to attack its credibility. he said this weekend the fbi's reputation is the worst in history. he responded with a quote from his own capitol hill testimony this year. comey tweeted this. i want the american people to know this truth. the fbi is honest the fbi is strong, and the fbi is and always will be independent. margaret brennan is at the white house with this intensifying feud. margaret, good morning. >> good morning. it is stunning for any president to publicly rebuke the law enforcement agency but president trump has been harshly critical of the fbi's handling of the probe of his campaign's activities. >> what has been shown is no collusion. >> president trump insisted over the weekend that his campaign did not coordinate with russia to influence the 2016 election. >> there's been absolutely no collusion. >> his former national security had
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just pleaded guilty to lying the fbi about his russian contacts. the president then unleashed an attack on the fbi saying on s: twitter, its reputation is in tatters and accused it of a dishonest investigation of hillary clinton. former director james comey stop his request to investigate michael flynn. the president denied that account but seemed to suggest he was aware that flynn had lied to the fbi, tweeting saturday quote, i had to fire general flynn because he lied to the vice president and the fbi. which raises new questions about what the president knew and when. south carolina republican lindsey graham warned the post appeared incriminating. >> you tweet a comment regarding ongoing criminal investigations at your own peril. i were you,
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mr. president trump. >> he said in an unusual move it was the president's lawyer john dowd helped right that tweet. congressman adam schiff said it hurts the president. >> he wanted to protect mike flynn, lying on his behalf alose case of obstruction ofti for the white house to say somebody else wrote the president's tweet, but sources say in this case it was dowd who was the principal wordsmith and this is just a simple cause of sloppy phrasing. bianna we'll see what's happening here but the white house is clearly frustrated. this has created more confusion about what the president knew and when. >> strong rebuttal from james comey. margaret thank you. the agent was reassigned last summer after it was discovered he sent text messages that may have criticized the president. paula reid is outside the district courthouse with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this ajelkt was a top fbi
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investigator working alongside special counsel robert mueller. peter mursak was reassigned after politically sending text messages to another fbi lawyer lisa page. he was a key player in the investigation of hillary clinton's research. this was such a significant development the special counsel's office issued a statement saying immediately upon learning of the allegations, it removed peter strzok from the investigation. they're questioning the credibility of the e-mail probe and the ongoing mueller investigation. president trump tweeted over the weekend, now it all starts to make sense. attorney general jeff sessions who has recused himself from the russian investigation has always weighed in. he says he wants to ensure all federal investigations are conducted without bias or favoritism and that he has addressed this with the fbi
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director. >> all right paula. thank you so much. house and senate republicans are racing to combine their separate tax reform bills. gop lawmakers will work this week to try to sort out the differences in the two plans. republicans want a finished bill on president trump's desk by christmas. nancy cordes is on capitol hill with the hurdles they face and whether they'll be able to wrap a bow around it. >> good morning. house and senate republicans have been working behind the scenes to reconcile these two bills even before the senate passed its bill early saturday morning and they believe they can get that process done within a week. >> the middle income taxpayers, an overwhelming majority of them will get tax relief. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell insisted melding the two tax bills will not take too much time. >> i'm very optimistic about it. >> he'll be working with house gop leaders like steve scalise,
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highly motivated to pass a bill by christmas. >> when you look at the dichss they're not that big. >> there are some key discrepancyies discrepancies. the senate bill keeps the current seven tax brackets while the house bill condenses it to four. the senate bill eliminated the individual mandate, a move likely to end up in the final product, and it's unclear what will happen with the medical expense deduction. the house eliminates them but the senate suspended them tell particularly. susan collins was responsible for that last-minute amendment. >> the amendment i added on helping retirement security for public employees improved the bill. >> changed like those were made in pen just hours before the senate vote early saturday morning. >> this is a taxpayer. >> democrats took to social media to rail against the rushed process. >> can you tell me what that
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word is? if you can, you've got better eyes than corporation paren, dangerous? that can't be right. >> some of those last-minute revisions surprised the house. trying to meld these two bills is going to be a very delicate process because they can't do anything that's going to jep died gop votes in the house and particularly in the senate gayle, where they have just one vote to spare. >> all right. that's not a lot. thank you very much nancy. the senate tax bill has steps for provisions for special interests. car dealerships would be able to fully deduct car loans thanks to rand paul. and paul ryan suggests parents
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can pay for 1-12th grade private school tuition with tax-free college savings. >> some of the biggest winners in these bills are pass-through. hay don't pay corporate taxes. instead they file that income on their individual tax return. the senate's tax bill is a boon for oil and gas firms who would be able to take advantage of the lower tax rates on pass-through businesses. the provision was added by texas senator john cornyn whose campaign has received more than $1 million from the gas and oil industrial since 2013. >> we're going to find some stinky stuff in here. >> real estate organizations
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would also benefit. according to tax policy provider seth hannan. >> he's sort of the poster child of the wealthy businessman or wealthy billionaire who's going get a massive windfall from this budget. mick mulvaney defended the measures. >> a lot of the deductions are gone. >> the bill would open up some of the national arctic wildlife drilling proposed by senator lisa murkowski. >> this is good for alaska but more importantly it's good for the country. >> another amendment spared cruise lines from paying higher taxes. alaska senator dan sullivan said it would help communities and businesses that rely on tourism. >> this is slap/sloppy. i've never seen a bill like
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this. >> it appears a research and development tax credit was accidentally eliminated. norah, you can expect more surprises as the lawmakers finish the bill that they've already passed. >> thank you. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here with what this means for families. good morning. this is so important. let's talk about how it affects individual families first. >> we need to understand this is a bill that's very nuanced. it matters not just who you are and how much money you do earn but how do you earn that money? do you have a pass-through organization or do you live in a state where you're losing your state and local tax deduction. do you have a mortgage? it's a very strange bill that in the packet when we've done tax reform and deductions, i remember it was a much clearer this is a winner to take a long time to really uhsñrnderstand who who loses. >> the big difference in t two plans. >> the big differences going
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down, we know that the tax brackets are very important. so in the house plan they have four tax brackets. they maintain that top bracket at 39.6 -- the house plan goes to four brackets and the senate maintains seven brackets and the top bracket goes down. mortgage interest deduction. house plans say million. the senate plan says no we're going to leave it at a million. what we really know is around corporations. in corporations they both are slashing the corporate rate. it goes from 35% to ahead. >> e was going to say tax cuts historically are very popular. this one is at 30% approval. why do you think so many americans disapprove of this tax cut? >> i think it's becoming clear that it's very much tilted toward corporations and the wealthiest americans. if you're upper middle class, you could be a loser in this bill and important
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to put out there and if you're very poor you would be a lo have seen over the last at all-time highs, it's hard to understand in your belly why did corporations need this tax cut. making a better simpler, plainer, but at a moment where r market in the history of the united states economy, it's hard to that. >> it stileems very confusing. even the people who pass it are ill t figure out how they passe >> who really wins and loses? i heard you talking about two losing situations. who are the losers? >> if you're 10% of the earner you're a huge earner. the tax brackets are going to go down. i think those people win. i think corporations huge winners. pass-through corporations. that means you have a big law firm with lots of partners. money is going to pass through. they're winners. whether they take the money that they save and repsychet it into the economy and boost the
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economy substantially, i think that is a huge question yet to be answered. a lot of academics say they don't believe this is a long-term growth incentive. >> randall stevens the head of at&t promises more jobs. you have them on the record saying they'll have more jobs. >> we'll see where they come up with the jobs. in the next hour mick mulvaney will respond to criticisms of the tax bill only on "cbs this morning." >> only we can say that. only on "cbs this morning." a drugstore giant has announced a deal to buy aetna. the price about $69 billion. jericka done cab is here with a blockbuster deal and what it could mean for consumers nationwide. good morning. >> good morning, gayle. in a joint statement they call it a national evolution. experts say the move could reinvent the way you go to the doctor. for years cvs has beenor
7:16 am
health care with not jus clinicning forces with insurance giant aetna, cvs say they envision their locations becoming something of a community-based medical center that includes space for wellness, clinical and pharmacy services as well as vision nutrition, medical equipment, and beauty. >> a company like cvs has 10,000 brick and mortar locati aetna corner from where you live. >> they face new competitors which includes amazon which started inching into the health care business. >> that made companies like cvs sit up and take notice. >> still, the merger needs to be approved by anti-trust regulators who recently put the brakes on at&t/time warner merger and between anthem/cigna
7:17 am
corporation. >> do they end up passing those drug prices on to consumers? that's frankly the question regulators are going to look at when they scrutinize the traction. >> what does it mean for the aisles at the local cvs, experts say it could take years whether they'll take the place of wrapping paper and get well cards. bianna? >> potential game-changer nonetheless. thank you. longtime opera director james levine is suspended this morning over a series of sexual misconduct allegations. he's one of the most world renowned conductors. he's accused of sexually molesting boys from 16 to 19. cbs reached out to levine for comment, but we have yet to hear back. a florida teen who disappeared for nearly a week with the high school soccer coach is reunited with her
7:18 am
parents. >> what was it like when you first saw her? >> it was wonderful. she's just beautiful. just to get to see her and put our arms around her. ther >> meg oliver sat down with kaitlyn frizzcaitlyn frisina's mom and fs >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by toyota.
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> north korea's missile launches are keeping the u.s. air force alert and ready near the korean peninsula. ahead ben tracy flies on a training mission with fighter pilots preparing for a possible war. you're watching "cbs this morning." touch is how we communicate with those we love >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by taltz. altz. taltz is proven to help people with moderate to severe psoriasis achieve completely
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♪ now through saturday, get $10 off your'i disney pixar coco purchase of $50 or more. ru toys”r”us. toda mgç! ahead, three things you should know. >> dramatic surveillance shows one nanny that thieves don't want to mess with her. that's good. >> is that my nanny? >> your local news is coming up next.
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4b+v >> good morning i'm rahel solomon, no perfect ten for the eagles, the seahawks ended the birds streak at nine. eagles were training, 17 to three, in the fourth quarter when carson wentz passed deep left to nelson agholor therefore 27 yards, the touchdown and jake elliot field goal cut the lead 17 to ten, but watch this, russell wilson through 15 yards touchdown, with 7:29 left. that will sealed the deal for the seahawks. eagles 24 to ten defeat. >> hopefully better news now in the weather department. we send it over to kate. hi kate. >> i all in how you look at this one rahel places where we had some dense fog issues, since gun to thin out. but you haven't seen that take place just yet outside palmyra cove nature park, center city skyline somewhere off in the distance here but the fog really settled in. look at some of the visibilities they're not good the only place at all decent,
7:25 am
wildwood mount pocono, down to or even under mile visibility in the majority of those observations. that will does mean odds are you're going to have to run into it, by tomorrow rain's on the way shall meisha. >> all right katie thank you so muchment looking outside we have accident investigation new jersey, north and south closed at lower ferry road, you will have to use an alternate, in pa your best bet a hell, over to you. >> meisha, thank youment next update 75:00 a up next on cbs this morning exclusive interview with parent every missing florida teen who was found safe. i'm rahel solomon make it a good morning.
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night. there's a name for it. astronomers call it a super moon, and this is the only one we'll see in 2017. the phenomenon happens when the moon is full and reaches closest to air. a photo shows a plane taking
7:28 am
off. that's very cool. super moon seems to be about 40% larger and 30% brighter. if you missed it last night. you can see another super moon on new year's day or january 31st. >> i noticed that yesterday. i was like wow, the moon is out in full force. >> you need your sunglasses with that moon. >> it's nice. welcome back to "cbs this morning." here are three things we think you should know this morning. protesters are expected to m he announce plans to cut the size of two national monuments. the sprawling bears is kaonz'= lanty national monuments were barack obamac1 and presinton.vzt prent trump called national federal land grab by the governmentb that should haveo never happened. they say there will not be a shut down but the senate says protections for d.r.e.a.m.ers. it ends in march. lawmakers have until this week to approving new ng this year's college football
7:29 am
playoffs. two semifinal games will be played on new year a's day. number one, clemson plays alabama in the sugar bar, the rematch in the last of two championship games. georgia and oklahoma will meet in the rose bowl. they play on january 8th. big ten champion ohio state has been left out of the conference. it's the first time the team has not had a running, bad for him. a florida teenager is back running her soccer cool nearly a week ago. she's ryueunited with her in. ryan rodriguez has been we she's safe. ning to all of you.f the last fewçc days have been an emotional roller coaster for the frisina family. they say they're happy to have their daughter back safe in their arms and rodriguez will face consequences for taking their child away. >> when you saw her for the first time what was it like
7:30 am
>> like the wait of the world being lifted off his shoulders. >> reporter: he blamed himself for his daughter's disappearance. he encouraged ryan rodriguez to take the high school soccer coaching job. >> how does it feel? >> have her back and keep her safe as a father always wanted to do. >> reporter: ward frisina and his wife traveled a thousand miles to be reunited with their daughter in new york. >> how long did you hug her? >> i don't know. till we got to breathe, i think. when you go that long without seeing or talking to her, you don't want to let her go. >> reporter: police say a new york state trooper noticed rodriguez's car with the florida tag. the officer pulled him over in the shopping mall parking lot and arrested him without incident. frisina was in the passenger seat. >> did she tell you why>> we haven't gotten into all of
7:31 am
that yet. we will at some point. right now we're justs safe and that we're together agitain. >> reporter: according to the arrest warrant discovered sexualssag from snapchat confirmed a possible relationship between his daughter and rodriguez and her mother was told by one of caitlyn's friends rian wanted her to leave the country with him and she didn't know how to get out of it and was afraid he would mess up her life. >> what is the message to parents? >> because you don't know what tomorrow means, hug your babies every day and tell them how much you love them and make sure that they know that they can come to you with anything and that you can work through whatever it is. >> rodriguez faces a felony charge in florida of interfering with child custody and he could face additional federal charges for taking frisina across state lines. cials say nherel charges filed in
7:32 am
new york they expect rodrigu extradited to floridajt wee the family has a lot to she's safe and so mother th w her. but her mom said a very good thing. tellid no matter what it is, you can tell us what it is. my heart ached for she said, please call us and le g >> it appears she did. >> thank goodness her friend came forward. ws a and washington who was not aboutet st thiefag >> y w doing? be fex veeople nearby cl cee threat to that. >> she's another oklahoma. >> the deputies arrived and they're not endorsing whatm; >>w. the getaway driver. how about this? airmen and women to see how they ff the ground? >> 100. >> this is every roller coaster ride inre pilots
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♪ ♪ take a moment. to unwrap, and unwind... with lindor. mel chocolatiers. nc parings for takeof+f in"i south korea on a de lyio this morning. six of those raptors o force korea's test of its it's called an exercise onww
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all-out provocation. zj military should takeharm's way. >> given the walkts them to dependents. i think it's now time to start moving american dependents out of south korea. >>cy flew an airxw force squod ron to participate in the training. he's with us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the military under way involve 2,000 aircraft10,000 personnel. we flew with the5 increasing threatorea. i flew in the back seat of major richard richard richard smeeding in a fighter jet. he goes by the code name punch. seconds into our flight, he punches our plane straight up into the air. we climbed 13,000 feet at nearly 500 miles per hour. >> all ght. that's one take off.
7:37 am
>> reporter: soon we are soaringhe massive snowcapped mountain.tes later justce of ño>> pull are we?ver >> you are ruining every roller-coaster ride in my > what does this replicate inoht firing. >> if there's any barrier, there's no way for them much let shoot me. >> there are 44 war with north korea, they would likely beane sent in to take out enemy radar at north korea's air if needed and if called on we're ready, and we're ready to go right now, 100%. >> reporter: colonel scott jobe is commander of the fighter ring. he sai lead them to increase the number and trainingeady to prepare and respond to any sort
7:38 am
of testing. >> that readying means pilots like punch are spending a lot of time on the ground making sure their f-16s are ready for action and once in the air, that they're ready for a mission. >> what's the mission today? >> we're doing a simulated strike mission. >> in this scenario our plane flies low over the water until he spots the target ahead. we then pop up in the air and bomb on an enemy port where weapons or cargo may be located. on the base said they hope diplomacy works and it doesn't come into military conflict with north korea. they say if it does they're ready. as punch confidently told me inea handle that problem. s] nocan. ben tracy nice flying up there. great job. appreciate it. up next a look at this morning's other headlines including billy bush on the infamous access"access hollywood"
7:39 am
video. speak up this morning, he says yes, it was president trump. plus/ r ♪ ♪ >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsorqirêed by s go place ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪usoony now on the next page you'll see a breakdown of costs. what?
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or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. never give up. see me. see me. clear skin can last. don't hold back... ...ask your dermatologist if cosentyx can help you find clear skin that lasts. ♪ when food is gd clean and real óutkk to crave.óh and with panera catering there's more to go around. panera. food as it should be. welcome back to "cbs this morning." here are some of this morning's other head lines. "the new york times" says in an opinion piece by billy bush he
7:43 am
said donald trump did say hin by the private parts in a tape. billy bush said he and seven others heard mr. comment. he will be a guest on the "late show" with stephen colbert on cbs. i'm going to set my dvr. >> meantime stanford sex assailant brock turner is appealing his conviction and activists are outraged. he was convicted last year of sexually assaulting an unconscious frat woman. he said it was a detailed set of lice. they want a new trial. investigators found what they believe to be the remains of 3-year-old mariah woods. the body was found in a creek about 25 miles from the home where woods was reported missing in jacksonville, north carolina. authorities have not said how she died. earl kimrey her mother's boyfriend, is charged with
7:44 am
concealing mariah's death. he's due in court this morning. >> heartbreaking. the "houston chronicle" said charter schools are among the most segregated. at least 14% of charters had at least 99% my fwlort enrollment during the 2014-2015 school year. that number is also steadily rising. that means fewer students are meeting the state proficiency standards in reading and math. and the u.s. supreme court takes up the state's challenge of a federal law this morning. it prohibits sports betting outside nevada and three other states. among the officials, they want this law overturned. froegsal sports leagues and the ncaa want the law to stay in place. >> a dallas hospital just announced a pioneering transplant case that allowed a woman to have a baby. ahead, the benefits and risk of a uterus transplant allowing a
7:45 am
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>> good morning i'm joe holden. philadelphia arrest three teens who they say beat homeless man to death in may
7:49 am
fair. authorities plan to charge them as adults, 57 year old kevin cullen was attack, in the 4200 block of logger street on november 26th. neighbors say cull inch was a quiet man who roamed the streetsnd who did not bother anyone.hings to ever katie fehlinger in the eyewitness weather forecast center. katie, it is a little chilly out there. >> definitely chill toy start the morning off. but we will eventually rebounds to above average daytime high of about 54 degrees, five above what's the normal anyway. but the fog has been the immediate issue also frost on your windshield. you'll have to contend with that if you don't have the benefit after garage. you're at or under a mile visibility in many locations here. a little bit at ow l right katie tha accident here schuylkill at montgomery dh÷htto the p have residual gaper delay there. accident investigation underway in new jersey route 29 north and south closed at lower ferry road. back to you. >> next update at 8: 25 coming up on cbs this morning, woman who thought she would never car a baby is now the mother of a newborn. the medical milestone is next, i'm joe
7:50 am
rñ 7é
7:51 am
first apartment 60 second rotini ah, here we go. a% hi, honey! hey mom! you eating well? umm...yeah i'm actually making something right now. new barilla ready pasta. deliciously al dente ec ts mmw2 &j; good morning. 4ck tq? " ahead, white house budget things the president must have in the gop tax bill.8!c: cbplus the first birth from a
7:52 am
transplanted uterus. the pros and cons for other women. first here's your "eye opener" at 8:00. as the russian investigation moves closer to the white house he said the fbi's reputation is the worst in history. >> it's stunning for any american president to publicly rebuke the law enforcement .istrzok was moved. >> even before the senate passed>> some of its biggest winners are businesses that passed the income on to their owners dwhoenlt pay corporate taxes a big huge change in the tax code is around corporations and corporations they both are slashing the corporate rate. it goes from 35% to 20%. the two companies calls this a natural evolution as they seek to put the consumer at the head of the health care delivery system. >> cbs is honoring comedian carol burnett.
7:53 am
>> you've been in our lives for so long because you're more than care burnette.pace huge happens. >> jim -- -- it's so sweet. i mcean he said it just the way i wrote it. >> did y carol >> i'seek at >> i you'll take me. criticized the fbi this weekend on quote, its reputatio and the worst in history. atta clnetost honest robert mueller reassigned an have sent text >> comey responded with a this. the fbi is honest. the fbi is strong. and the fbi is and also will be independent. >> the tweets came after former national security adviser michael flynn pleaded guilty another weekend tweet that he knew flynn lied in fee lied to the vch and the fbi. cbs news the lawyer john dowd helped write that twee sloppy wording. republicans are pushing to get wants by onrencehe senate.
7:54 am
they need to work out big differences between the twoly saturday morning. na nanc >> good morning. rior hous through, and so t it's only going to take them about a week to iron out these differences. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has already been huddling with house republican that.useúry he call as once-in-a-generation opportunity. that means it's going ompromte 2025.bul would nato anoheirng can yor.k÷a thi thho eas some sete doe vice o law. president favor sevene favor whatever can pass. we'd like a keeping in mind that number of rates doesn't really cd%hange the e for ordinary folks thiefrm certainly g to turn to the back of the booklet ans: it's going to bex! very w is really indifferent. >> it seems the president doesn't mind what's in the bill. a bill. >> no. he wants bill that our principles. no no. it's a bill for the sake of passing a bill. we need the substance but those two principles what what would be driving it. >> let me ask you about one of
7:55 am
the principles. during the campaign he called it quote, a weight around everyone in the country is. this a concern that it's going to add $1 trillion to the debt? >> keep in mind the debt is a function of two different things, the amount of revenues into the government and the at of revenues out. so revenues and tax bill to grow the economy. a healthy american economy where everybody works, folks make more money, actually generates more money. >> both bills appeal it. last week republican senator chuck grassley told the moines register" i think it recognizes the people investing as every darn penny they have whether it's on booze, women, or
7:56 am
spending. is that the view of 99% of the households? >> i'm not sure where it comes from. we do not thinkirsht.hen you pass away it's a taxable event. we don't believe that's right. we do believe long term in taxing the assets that families have collected over the generations. we don't think it should be at the point of death. >> that's something the cbo said would leave 13 million americans without sneerns. is the president okay with that? >> think about that for a second. so what the cbo is telling you as soon as you don't have to buy something, you're not going to. is that necessarily a bad thing? do we want to have some law on the books? this goes back to tunlds lying health care and the fact that democrats have pitched health care as a tax. so it's entirely promote to deal with now. should the government be forcing you to buy something you don't want to buy? we're absolutely comfortable with that. the house had done it previously
7:57 am
in a separate bill. we're looking forward to that being part of the final legislation. >> so both bills have a cut for the corporate tax rate down to 20%. the president said he could go up to 22%. you have some republican senators who want to do that. they could help more middle-class families. is that something where there could be negotiation? >> sure. weed like love that 20%. if it takes a smaller change in there to get this across the finish line we're willing to work on the details with both the house and the senate. keep in mind it's not just us. they have to negotiate with the house as well. >> all right. mick mulvaney thanks so much for joining us. >> have a great morning. >> this week president trump could become the first president to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. the president is also considered moving the u.s. embassy there from tel aviv to jerusalem. in a rare public appearance jared kushner who leads the
7:58 am
middle east peace effort says his father-in-law has not made up his mind yet. >> you're still looking at a lot of different facts and when he makes his decision he'll be the one to want to tell you, not me. i think there's a lot of instances between israelis and palestinians. i think there's not a lot of trust between the leadership and i think that's what we've really been working on. >> seth doane is in jerusalem, the city at the heart of the palestinian/israeli conflict. good morning. >> good morning from a market where both mix here in jerusalem's owed city. this is a city claimed at the rightful capital by both sides. for the most partiehatheryed way keeping their embassies in tel aviv and allowing thef benks betweentoday. e six months to keep t tel aviv and some trump officials warn that it cou process momentum here. the word from washington is could see sort of
7:59 am
,fhalf step frlom president trump with the president making a recognizing the but does not f! jeopardize the talks and also warning of violence and across the region diplomatic posts have been put on alert and high norah? >> really seth doane in jerusalem. thank you so much. a texas woman who thought she'd never have as now the mother of a newborn. ahead, how a uterus transplant could help thousands of women like her try to bec
8:00 am
author jan brown is tackling gog versus vines. a little controversy. hello, dan brown. ahead, how he brought professor langdon back with artificial intelligence. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back.
8:01 am
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with advil's fast relief, you'll ask "what pulled muscle?" nothing works distant memr["0ory.hw
8:03 am
iven birth to a baby through a transplanted uterus. it was part of a clinical trial. in this country might be candida how does this actually work? >> it'sh calls it a and hope. there's essentially several ases.
8:04 am
first a a ho inan2÷ thion< hav ould take the w bed, fertilized and froze as part of thean from if she begins to have a menstrual cycle months that aisle implan e try and if she should become pregnant she'll be followed carefully with ob not permanent. >> it's's meant to be allow her to have one ortremoved so she immune ks and toxicity. >> we don't know the whomí: the 32-year-old nurse. >> who had two of her own kids. >> who would be igible? >> those who have uterine or don't have a uterus or re not born with however, there are wom 50,000 forcer f childbirth. >> assing as it i it's a seda.s these are >> a uterine to work. it is a gift to be able to deliver your baby. that is wonderful. thank you, dr. tara every h the kennedy
8:05 am
celebrates vievu: take control with ste"® had a vator of new or worsening p some serious allergic reactions can occur. do not take stelara® if you are we're fed up with your unpredictability. talk to your doctor today. janssen wants to help you explore cost support options r'ú9 prevagen is the number one sellinx4 in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.x couldn't keep up. so, i switched to tide pods. they're super concentrated better clean.ed. number one it's got to be tidwtw
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g2z president trump was from the kennedy center last night as five artists were recognized for their achievements. ♪ i'm easy easy like sunday morning ♪ steve i have wonder paid
8:08 am
tribute to lionel richie with "easy request. yts also norman lear ll cool j, carmen de lavallade and gloria estefan. the president trump skipp ceremony so as to not create any political distraction. you can watch the kennedy honors in a two-hour prime-time special at 9:00 p.m. 8:00 central right here on cbs. >> you were there, bianna. >> i was there for the first part and gloria estefan was there. she's the tallest 4'11" power house and her daughter. >> i lov >> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> good morning i'm rahel
8:09 am
solomon, a man is stabbed to death inside his home in south philadelphia. it happened on the 1200 block of south johnson street. just after 1:00 this morning officers found a six a year old man stabbed in the abdomen they pronounced him dead at the scene. investigators now trying to figure out a motive for the attack. we send it over to katie with a check on today's forecast, chilly start but warming up. >> it will certainly with time rahel. the immediate issue i think you'll have to face walking out the door specifically if you don't have a garage, frost on the windshield, followed up by this, still very thick fog, lying out there, it is 26 degrees at kutztown area middle school, there are places where you completely beat the fog but not everywhere just yet. still, down to below half mile even as low as 0-mile visibility you can't see your hands in front of your face up in allentown so keep in mind patchy fog but where you have it it is really posing problems. as we look ahead to tomorrow, mildest day of the bun. in advance however of potent colds front passage that's going to bring in some rain specially tomorrow night. that's when it will be at its heaviest but you can see the
8:10 am
raindrops as early as tomorrow morning, then it just gets colder meisha. >> yes katie look at this, talking about that fog yes can you not see driving out there, this is 422 headlights moving in the eastbound direction approaching trooper, yikes. and that's really slowing us down out there. so just pack your patience, and give yourselves some extra time. now we do have downed wires from an earlier accident in bucks county, 213 maple avenue between perry wing he will and bridge town pike. brownsville road your best bet there. plus accident investigation in new jersey route 29 north and south closed at lower road, 579 or 32, pa, will be your best bet rahel. >> meisha, thank you. next update ask isçú at davinci code.rnin gd ñc
8:11 am
çc michael: i'm thankful that i'm alive and have a second chance. and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankf be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm tful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey iscing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit w'
8:12 am
this was a sure thing. they had a pizza night.
8:13 am
it was the idea of the italian astronaut who had them bring in the ingredients on the easier to toss the pizza. the oked kind of cardboardy. >> that one was very tasty. >> what does your husband think of it? >> he throws pizza wherever it is. one of the greatest foods ever pizza. >> i agree. welcome back to "cbs this morning." let's stop as we always do at this time in the green room. here's the question, guys. one of these guys is a best-selling author the other is a new "cbs evening news" anchor dada da jeff glor. drum roll, please. looking forward to your debut tonight, jeff. first he's going to join us at the table. and dan brown. tan, you've got another page turner. i can't wait for you to come. thank you, both. this morning let's take a look at this morning's headlines. the flu season is prompting
8:14 am
visitor restrictions at mississippi medical center. mississippi and louisiana have the highest flu levels in the week before thanksgiving. patient asset the hospital will be allowed two healthy visitors at the time. visitors risk spreading the flu to people who are vulnerable. >> our partners at cnet say omg, texting is 25 years old. can you believe that? the first text sate merry christmas. today about 97% of smartphone owners use texting. estimates say more than 561 billion text messages were sent worldwide in june 2014. americans send and receive five times as many texts than phone calls. wow, wow. >> i was like what does that stand for. oh. it spells a word. >> i'm a little witty this morning. "business insider"s say walmart and amazon are locked in
8:15 am
a bitter war and than the risk of becoming clones. they both launched their in-home delivery program at about the same time and they beekt offer free two-day shipping. >> portland's oregonian said one more blockbuster is biting the deft. it's one of only ten blockbusters open worldwide. three of them are in oregon. in its heyday blockbuster had 9,000 stores. in 1989 a new blockbuster opened every 17 hours. >> and all-prorob gronkowski is apologizing for a nasty hit. he dove into white from behind after an intersection driving his arm into the back of white's helmet. he was dazed and evaluated for a concussion. gronkowski got a 15-yard penalty. new england ended up winning,
8:16 am
2 15-315 23-3. >> we like gronk but that's another nice. >> it may have been accidental. >> you always see the best in people. no accident. >> okay. >> you will see a familiar face tonight. anchoring news jeff glor is taking over the broadcast. jeff is now sharing some of his favorite stories ahead of tonight's launch. >> reporter: with nasa we went up in an f-18 to 49,000 feet. >> so we were inverted, went down, and came back up? >> yep. >> to try to create a sonic boom that's quieter than a normal sonic boom. i did not throw up. i got all kinds goodness i never an outsider has lasted inside the
8:17 am
chamminutes. so we let himsn me people worry about the> theconfluence of science and adventure, drama of how it all came to be. that was out of a movie. >> nothing made me happier than having a baby. >> has anything made you happier in. >> snow. >> nothing. >> no. interview searching as we go on. >> what does he hon? >> this is an eeg. >> bo >> if seet gun out, what do you say tit. it jeff glor sitting in that chair on cbs have no doubt you are ready. i am curious how you're feeling. i get a kic cronkite's mat but you're going the chair that -- you're holding the job wall that walter cronkite once had. >> yeah. some nerves are good. >> yeah. >> when i did stories for "60 minutes sports" i worked with one of walter's guys of the '70s and '80s and i got a chance to learn a lot from him and tried
8:18 am
to pull as much knowledge as i could. the roots run very deep. >> i found it interesting you reached out to other anchors. >> i spoke to all of them at this point who's had this job in the past this job or others and all of them have been extraordinarily generous with their time. >> what did you want to know? >> what i should be looking out for, what i should not be looking out for, what i should do. all of them have had different pieces of advice to sort of round all that out. i have to -- it's just been -- that's been one of the true joyce for me in this process is hearing from them and how they can help. >> what stories can we look forward to in the first week? >> well the president will be in utah talking about national monuments today. we're going to be dealing with that as about an 11-year-old girl who came up with a lead test after the flint water crisis. you'll hear more about that tonight and in the days and weeks to come. >> we've all followed your amazing career and anchoring chops and reporting chops.
8:19 am
you're more than qualified. everyone on social media know how you are as a family man your beautiful wife and your two children. how do they feel? >> they could care less. we took them by the white house briefing room yesterday, jack and victoria and i said for like 11 1/2 minutes can you cooperate and not yell and scream for like ten minutes of your life and it lasted like 30 seconds. >> how are you going to balance it all. >> good question. how do you do it? >> it's a different seg management. >> that's tough. that was one of the pieces of advice that i got is you have to find that off switch every once in a ile. you have to carve out -- you out the forous. it won't happetle while at least, but it's a trick. >> they may not understand the big deal of the job becausesaid when diaper and reading a book. hope that never changed. >> does notoitspúthat. >> did you watch>> i did afterlocalyou.
8:20 am
authored and sold more than million ea ço sn
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
made of ivory. >> no.bone. human. >> the with the black plague. >> tom harvard professor langdon in no "inferno." movie took in $216a@ million worldwide.ks have sold more than 200 million copes around his latest book"origin" features rob ttf langdon. it will help answer woenl questions ça existence, where did we come going. "origin" has been on the best-selling list for t r one elling. good morn >> good morning. this is great. "origin" is fifth novel.
8:24 am
how god will survive. how did th group up in a very religious household. my mom was an organist a and i grew up very religious and my dadrp was a persorney toonle two. >> my husband was a theology restauranteur. he loves the book. one thing you talk aboutjens. you defrl into i@ it's not only a thriller but you delve into the mind. >> a.i. is something thatscinates me deeply because scientists can't agree on whether it's going to save us or kill us. lot of scientists believe we're on the verge o solving us oon n wedld aoge so, so cleme that i thought i knew x artificial ao> nco lear powew.rful isccn and thrnsto i.urng we do is digitized. all of ourok; podcastsyoutube e-mossible for computers to how interacth the
8:25 am
vd best role model forw a tellecmp on book othe lotion has almost becomece ander er it add to your book? >> first of all, not going to li fre do i museum. these are acly and makes it very easy to excite a reader about it if i'm the funny thing about the googenheim is he's class i cyst. he knows about renaissance art. i wanted tol throw him into mainly modern art mainly because i didn't have these. it was hill larry yausçú seeing a wheelbarrow with jell-o. i rememberf walking through with a curateorcurator, a c hewid@thwo red and he said, but you didn''s th >> where are you trying to take us in the book itself dan. nearly every chapter end on a
8:26 am
cliffhanger and then the next chap tell begins in four, three, two, one. where are you taking us? everything is explained. >> i worked very hard to make sure there are no loose ends and all the twists a turns are explained. you know, at the core i'm trying to entertain, make sure have fun reading these bookthere's a second level where i want to inform about things that are interesting to me and a lot of these things i learn as i go modern art, the pull marian church artificial intelligence. my goal is you can't stop turning the pages but at the end of the book, you say, wow, i now i'm curious about the following 37 topics and i need to go read more books. >> you said something to me. in religion we're always looking up. and with the era of the iphone we're always looking down. >> that was fascinating and understanding that technology is changing the way we interact as humans. when i grew up my miracles wereinrth,
8:27 am
resurrection. nowadaysalk to urrection and it doesn't really register. their miracles are whatever snapchat can do this week or the ios can do and it's e talking ear technol withe used to be that there was a vetting process to information that rose to re in th understand that. >> there'sfiple areown the street looking at tsg[ interview. dan, "origin" is on sale inmorning." r#
8:28 am
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.sun >> live from the cbs broadcast
8:33 am
to be your best bet. joe, over to you. >> that's some fog out there meisha. thank you so much. that's "eyewitness news" for now. join us for "eyewitness news" at noon. w 7 dzhwk'[
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>> announcer: nfl legend, eric dickerson comes to the doctors for advice on his banged up back! >> anything can trigger it, you can't do anything, especially when you can't walk. >> announcer: a doctor, turned drug pusher. >> i understand why addicts kill themselves. >> announcer: will she take the help you need >> are you done? >> announcer: kim k, justin beiber, move over, there's a new celebrity lookalike, turns heads around the world. >> plus the meghan markle cinderella story you can't get enough of, that's today! ♪ ♪ [ applause ] ♪ ♪ >> dr. travis: welcome, everyone. one oregon school district is receiving backlash, after man dating all employees report to state officials or will law enforcement, if they feigned out students are
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