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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 4, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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pews are packed but not for a church service. the message people have about worrying about safety after several houses of worship were turned into crime scene. >> get ready for weather and will it feel like winter. >> a motel mystery after two men are found dead in a room. police are trying to figure out what happened behind closed doors. detectives are only sharing a few clues about the case.
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good evening everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> and i'm nicole brewer. jessica is off tonight. police are calling the death of the two men suspicious. >> day of david spunt has the latest on the case from state police barracks in wilmington tonight. david? >> reporter: ukee and nicole, good evening. the troopers here were some of the first on the scene this afternoon after that call from dispatch came in a lot of questions tonight but unfortunately not a lot of answers from authorities. detectives rushed to day one motel on govern prince blfrld in wilmington monday afternoon. eye wetness news has learned two men were found dead. >> reporter: maurice wright was a motel guest he says he did not hear anything suspicious. >> i was just doing homework for school and i hear a knock on the door and it was one of the detectives asking me questions. and i didn't know about it. >> reporter: but suspicious is
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the word authorities are using in this case. a motel employee said a man in a wheelchair was staying in the room. now a crime scene. forensic crews spent most of the night on scene. >> we want to make sure that we do a proper thorough investigation. >> reporter: two tow trucks removed a jeep and this white van shortly after 5:00 p.m. detectives will say definitively that there is not a suspect on the run and the public is not in any danger. >> two male victims and they're the only subject that we're looking at at this point. >> reporter: no suspect on the run. i asked if this would be considered a murder-suicide. i'm told at this point authorities are not prepared to call it a murder-sue site. detectives are also not releasing the name of the two men inside. they said they are making identifications and notifying family members. reporting live tonight, in wilmington, david spunt, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> david thank you. three teenagers are facing charges in the beating death of a man in may fair and police say
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they may be connected to other assaults. 17-year-old emanuel harris, 16-year-old malik page and 14-year-old brandon conrad are being charged as adults. police say the teenagers attacked 57-year-old kevin colin in order to rob him. investigators believe the same teens may have been involved in other crimes. a 23-year-old woman is facing murder charges after she stabbed her 65-year-old friend during an argument. it happened early this morning in south philly. police say the victim was found with one stab wound to the chest and pronounced dead at the scene. the woman was charged with homicide. >> members of a south jersey church gathered tonight to learn how to deal with one of modern-day grim realities an active shooter situation. hundreds participated in an emotional training session. alex?
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>> reporter: during the holiday season church attendance rises and clearly so do concerns over safety inside places of worship. the parking lot at bethel church in blackwood neared capacity filled with those who are ready and willing to face a worst-case scenario. on november 5th of this year, 26 people were killed and 20 injured when a gunman opened fire at a church in suterland springs, texas. it is the most recent massacre carried out within a place of worship. >> you need to know how to secure doors and you need to know how to use improvise weapons. >> reporter: 1,500 miles away the faces of lives lost were displayed as hundreds attended this active shooter training seminar with a focus on churches. >> i think that perhaps maybe the churches were something that people feel safe and they should and obviously with some of the events that have happened made them feel vulnerable. >> pastor joyce warnington
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traveled to the seminar saying she owed it to the congregation to come. >> i'm very encouraged. i can take it home to my chief of police. >> reporter: what is the take-away? it comes down to the ride, hide or fight principal. law enforcement advises to first run if you can. don't let the indecision of others slow you down. run in a zig-zag pattern. warn passerbies of danger. call police and be drippive. if you can't run, then hide. silence your phone, lock doors if you can and make a barricade out of furniture. as a last resort, fight. act with aggression, throw things at the gunman, yell. improvise weapons. commit to taking the shooter down no matter what and choose to survive. this training seminar was hosted by the gloucester township police department. reporting live in camden county,
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alexandria hoff, cbs news. >> a south jersey school closed for mold will reopen. classes will resume at white hall elementary school on january 2nd. district officials say the cleanup at the school will be complete by then. for now students will continue to attend class in a section of williams town middle school. holly glen elementary which is also in the monroe township district remains closed for mold. it's unclear when holly glen will reopen. >> lawyers are once again calling for the judge who sentenced him to step aside pointing to what they call an fbi investigation into her conduct in the case. it comes after the judge denise brinkly denied a bail request for mill today. the entertainer's legal team urged her to reconsider a two-to-four year sentence she handed down last month for probation violations. today the judge called mill a danger to himself and the community because of what she
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says is a history of continued drug use. she also claims he is an increased flight risk. mill remains behind bars in chester. seth will yaments has been moved to a different prison. this one in oklahoma. williams was recently relocated to a federal prison in oklahoma city to serve his five-year sentence for accepting a bribe. he had been behind bars in a philadelphia area since he pleaded guilty in june. his lawyers think he will eventually be moved to west virginia before his sentence is finished in 2021. >> former tv host billy bush is speaking out about the 2005 access hollywood tape where donald trump talked about assaulting women. he tells stephen colbert is using revisionist history. >> he last week for some reason came out with that's not my voice on the tape. like i said, you can't say that. that is your voice.
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i was there. you were there. that's your voice on the tape. enough's enough. stop playing around with people's lives. [ applause ] here what else bush says about that conversation with donald trump and the women who accused him of sexual assault. that's tonight on the late show with stephen colbert coming up at 11:35 right after eyewitness news. president trump has formally endorsed roy moore in the alabama senate race. he's looking past sexual allegations arguing his vote is needed in the national. the special election is tuesday. the president will headline a campaign style rally in pensacola florida less than 20 miles from the alabama border. >> the nation's highest court is hearing a case that could make sports betting legal in the garden state. new jersey voters approved a resolution in 2011 to allow gambling on sports. since then the effort has been tide up in court.
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governor chris christie had a front-row seat at the u.s. supreme court today as the justices heard arguments. >> new jersey wants to appropriately regulate sports gaming, and here's why. we want to do it because 65% of the people in the state of new jersey voted they want to do it and we already have a long experience of over 40 years of casino gaming in our state where we've shown that we can very appropriately regulate gambling in the state. >> making the case against sports betting, the ncaa argues that it undermines the integrity of sports. also today at the supreme court the justices allowed the latest version of president trump's travel ban to go into effect. seven of the nine justices the ban can take effect despite the continued challenges. issued in september the latest version of the ban applies to people from chad, iran, libya, somalia, syria and yemen. >> get ready for some drastic weather changes.
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>> tell us a little more kate. you're talking snow flakes by the end of the week? that's right. and you would hardly believe it because we're talking 60s before that hits, but once this cold front comes through, we're going to unleash some big changes. winter is coming. i'll tell you which day will stay in the 30s and when you can see a few flakes. >> plus take the headache out of holiday shopping p the inside info to make it easier to cross those items off your list including what to buy for that one person who's always hard to shop for. >> so proud of these people, what they did for somebody they didn't even know. >> he's alive today thanks to strangers. how they saved his life in the stands of a high school football game and the way they were recognized tonight for their heroicism. >> what's missing and when it will be back where it belongs. >> and who's in the running to be named time's person of the year. all that and more when we come back.
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proposed legislation in philadelphia on nuisance businesses is calling for the removal of bulletproof glass windows that act as a barrier. a city council committee heard testimony today from more than a dozen witnesses both in support of and against the proposed legislation. the bulletproof window ban is in a bill designed to regulate so-called stop-and-go businesses. a member of city council says the ban is meant to target businesses violating laws or using loopholes but stone owners say they can mean the difference between life and death. >> they're not a restaurant at all. what if a customer is choking. what if there's an elerge i can reaction. >> it's actually threatened my life, not only my life, my
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employees, but also the general public. >> city council is scheduled to vote on the legislation next thursday. >> a school board in bucks county honored several people tonight for their heroic efforts during a thanksgiving day football game. penn ridge fans sitting in the stage came to the aid of 35-year-old peter mahan who collapsed just before the game. mr. mahan and his daughter thanked the good samaritans. >> it is evident to us that we are blessed to be a part of this very special community called penn ridge. >> you people are true representatives of our american fabric and we, my family, and all in the audience, all in the room tonight, are very, very proud of you and you should be very proud of yourself. >> mr. mahan also told the crowd that his doctor credits his recovery on those four bystanders who helped him out.
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>> time magazine will name the person of the year later this week and today the magazine revealed its ten finalists. last year's winner president trump made the short list once again, so did one of his political adversaries. also on the list robert mueller, saudi aabia's crown prince and china's president. the other nominees the moo too movement, dreamers, amazon founder jeff bezos, colin kaepernick and wonder woman director. the winner will be announced on wednesday. >> do you hate the crowds at the mall this time of year or maybe you just don't want to buy your loved ones, you don't know what to buy them. >> now there's a way to avoid the holiday shopping headaches or get the advice and how to make that list and check it twice. like santa, some make holiday
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shopping look easy. >> bargain one-stop shopping. >> reporter: for the rest of it it requires more effort. >> i try to do my best in picking out the right guest for the right person. >> i'm going to be one of those last-minute shoppers for sure. >> reporter: what if someone could do it all for you. >> that would be easy. >> not at all. i don't think it's personalable. >> it's still coming from a thoughtful place. >> reporter: susan is a stylist who doubles as a personal shopper. she works with clients to learn about the recipient before finding a perfect gift but also passed along so from advise from picking up on hints to deciding on a budget. most importantly she says you should consider lifestyle and interests. >> you need to really think about that individual. >> reporter: and focus let on what you like. we all know that person. >> another insider tip, shop local. >> it makes a little more special to know that you're receiving something that you're
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the only person in the world that has it or you're one of very few people. >> you're not going to see it somewhere else. >> you're most likely to always remember it and to remember where you got it from. >> i also asked people if they would rather get what they want or get something their loved one choose. >> and? >> very interesting. it was split. half and half. some people just want what they want. other people just want something that their loved one picked. >> not like my man, oh look at that maserati. don't forget to pick up a present for our joy of share fest. you can visit for a complete list of drop-off locations and details. >> just a flurry of activity today in ocean city. workers are busy replacing the
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boardwalk between 10th and 12th streets. you can see them drilling in the piling for the new boards there. this is a final phase of a 5-year plan to rebuild the boardwalk. this stretch of the boardwalk should be finished next march in plenty of time before the summer beach season starts. it seems so very far away. especially as you talk about this arctic blast. >> right. we're teatering on the brink of winter and by the end of the week and the weekend it's going to feel like we dive head first. >> snow flakes? >> possibly. i don't want to get anyone too excited. there's a chance a couple of chances this weekend to pick up a snow shower or two i haven't seen much in the way of the white stuff yet this fall into winter season. it's not technically winter just yet but it is going to feel like it and we may have the chance to see a couple of snow showers by the end of the week. but first we've got to talk about the other kind of showers, rain showers headed our way tomorrow. let's take a look outside right now. we'll take you out to our parkway central library camera
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which isn't showing too much, although not a whole lot of stars or moon visible tonight thanks to the cloud cover. clouds have moved in as our next system approaches from the west. take a look at storm scan 3 and you can see where that front is. you can see a lot of cloud cover starting to move in across the area. it is dry for now but as we zoom back to the west, this is the system bringing all the changes. the center of the low right here, here's the cold front extending across portions of illinois down into missouri, much colder air already starting to make it into portions of the upper midwest. we're seeing warm air out ahead of this front but a few showers could get here in the morning. heavier rain tomorrow afternoon. quick look at the boardwalk plaza a little foggy out there tonight, not quite as foggy as last night but watch for areas of fog if you're out and about. otherwise temperatures are still mild. 46 in philadelphia right now. 47 in allentown. still hanging on to the 50s and as we head down south it's mild
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as well even in the 60s in nashville and birmingham as well. cold air carves out a foot hold. minneapolis was just in the mid 50s a couple of hours ago. now down to 30. teens in rapid city. we hit 54 today in philadelphia, a full 5 degrees above average and tomorrow looks to be more than 10 degrees above average as we await the arrival of this front. but it's not a very nice day. clouds and drizzle, a couple of showers around in the morning. steadier rain comes through in the afternoon and evening. look at all that to the northwest tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. it comes through the city around 9:00 and at this time tomorrow we'll be tracking active radar, especially down the shore as that front starts tomorrow work its way off the coast. once we've got that front through, we've got a 2-phase cooldown. the first batch comes in wednesday into thursday but a stronger sharper push of cold arrives by saturday and that's when it's really going to start to feel like winter.
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mainly cloudy overnight, not as cold. 45 is our overnight low and by the end of the week we'll be hard-pressed to get to 45 for a daytime high. that's the big change that's headed our way. watch for that lane late tomorrow. clearing, cooler wednesday, thursday sunny but chilly and then if we do pick up a snow shower it would be friday night into saturday morning. there's another chance sunday morning to pick up snow showers but temperatures this weekend may not make it past the 30s. >> as long as it's just a snow shower. >> thank you. >> hi, don. >> hi. we're talking about the birds tonight. learning from losing. doug pederson stays positive. and a 21-year-old guard goes off in south philly.
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>> the eagles are still one of the best teams in football but success is fragile. at 10 and 2 they're tide with the vikings for the best record in the nfc. but because of tie breakers they actually fall to second place. a quick recap of last night's 14-point loss. we fast forward, carson wentz, eagles trail 17-10. back on the seahawks. russell wilson with his third touchdown toss. the birds fall 24-10. doug pederson believes this loss could be a positive thing. >> we need games where we get in the mouth and we have to fight and battle and scratch and yesterday's game was one of those games. and you know, you just have to understand that the preparation, there's no substitute for the preparation, the hard work.
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you can't substitute that. and the guys have to know that and that's my job to make sure that they understand that. >> after the game, the eagles flew from seattle to l.a. they'll play the 9 and 3 rams on sunday. we're heading west as well. our live reports from southern california start on wednesday. i will not be doing the heismans, i don't think. finally an easy match-up, the phoenix suns only have 8 wins. they have the worst defense in the nba. no way the sixers would lose to them. >> don't say it. come on. >> second quarter ben simmonds playing with the flu. home team down by 4. joel embiid had 22 pounts, 12 rebounds and four blocks. but the sixers couldn't cover devon booker.
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he was balling putting on a show in south philly. the sixers lose 115-101. it's broke and they're twriig to find a way to fix it. the flyers visiting calgary tonight. the head coach switching up his top line trying to promote some scoring. brian elliot facing his former team. the flyers trying to snap a 10-game losing streak. flyers take the lead 25 seconds later. they strike again. his third of the year and right now in the third, the fly guys leading the flames 5-2. come on! let's break that losing streak. >> let's start a winning streak. >> it's a wrap. up next why you won't see some major hollywood stars around the philly area
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it's a wrap for the philadelphia filming. >> film crews finished shooting today. bruce willis is tracking a man with more than 20 personalities. the movie caps off a trilogy of
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thrillers that includes "unbreakable" and "split." it's set to be released in late 2018 or early 2019.
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our morning team is back tomorrow. for kate, john, jessica and everyone here, i'm ukee washington. >> and i'm nicole brewer. we're always on on
11:35 pm >> have a good night family and sleep well. captioning sponsored by cbs >> and now to celebrate the holiday collusion season, the "late show" choral ensemble. ♪ on the first day of christmas bob mueller gave to me a michael flynn guilty plea ♪ on the second day of christmas my mother gave to me, two officials and a michael flynn guilty plea ♪ ♪ on the third day of christmas three panicked trumps an and a michael flynn guilty plea. ♪ on the fourth day of the christmas, four charges, three panicked


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