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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  December 5, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EST

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2017. this is the cbs morning news. a dangerous and fast moving wildfire in southern california forces evacuations and cuts power to hundreds of thousands. the president's latest explanation of why he fired his national security advisor is raising new questions about obstruction of justice. and president trump formally endorses republican senate candidate roy moore amid a new allegation of sexual misconduct against him. good morning from the studio
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57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie greene. a dangerous and fast moving wildfire is ripping through southern california. firefighters say there is no way to control the fire which broke out yesterday. about 100,000 homes and a college campus were quickly evacuated overnight. one person died in a car crash reportedly trying to escape the flames. the massive fire is burning near the city of ventura northwest of the city of los angeles and at least two builds burned. the fire is also knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of homes as it burns down are m difficult. >> brush hasn't burned in 15 to 20 years so the fuel is tender dry and ripe as could be for fire spread. and really all the firefighters can do is get out ahead, evacuate people and protect
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structures. >> it could be days before the fire is under control. firefighters say a cause has nod been determined. president trump's latest explanation for why he fired national security advisor michael flynn is raising new questions over whether he obstructed justice. now one of his lawyers is arguing that's impossible for a president to do. >> well, i feel badly for general flynn. >> reporter: president trump empathized with his former security add sigh sore michael flynn who admitted to lying to the fbi about his contacts with russian officials. >> reporter: he fired flynn because quote, he lied to the vice president and the fbi. the white house had said the president fired flynn only because he misled vice president pence. the tweet sparked new questions about whether the president has obstructed justice. shortly after firing flynn mr. trump told james comey he hoped
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comey could let the flynn investigation go. the president later fired comey. one of the president's lawyers argued he cannot obstruct himself with the person of power and discretion over the justice department. >> it would be a shocking surprise to prt clinton that a president cannot be prosecuted for obstruction of justice. >> a former attorney general under george h.w. bush disagrees. >> the statements that have been made by president trump's lawyers basically amount to the claim that the president is above the law. that the president can -- is not bound by the constitution, is not bound by the rule of law. >> cbs news, the white house. >> president trump and congressional leaders agreed to meet thursday to work out budget differences to avoid a government shoutdown. funding for the federal government runs out on friday.
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the house freedom caucus pushed back against a measure. the conservative group wants the deadline set for december 30th. it wants to avoid a rushed bill. and president trump scored a victory after the supreme court allowed the latest version of his travel ban to go into effect. the ruling comes as challenges continue in lower courts. the ban targets 150 travelers from six mostly muslim countries. >> reporter: president trump returned to the white house late monday ignoring shouted questions about the supreme court's ruling on his controversial travel ban. in anrd oar issued earlier, 7 of the 9 justices ruled the president's ban can take full effect despite legal challenges. announced in september, the latest version of the policy applies to people from chad, iran, libya, somalia, syria and
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yemen, all countries with majority muslim populations and bars them from entering the u.s. justices were the only dissenters. >> president trump's lay mar legal victory come after months of challenges from the lower courts. >> reporter: those courts argued they could not be banned if they have close family members in the country. other courts had blocked previous versions from taking effect saying they amounted to unconstitutional religious discrimination against muslims. in a statement following monday's ruling jeff sessions called it a substantial victory saying in part the constitution gives the president the responsibility and power to protect this country and this order remains vital to accomplishing those goals. at least two appeals courts plan to hold arguments this week on the ban's legality. cbs news, the supreme court.
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>> the supreme court will hear arguments today on whether businesses can refuse to serve same sex couples if they oppose same sex marriage on religious grounds. the case involves a conservative christian baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a same sex couple in colorado. the baker appealed a ruling that it violated anti discrimination laws. and john conyers is reportedly planning on announcing today that he will not seek re-election. he's expected to make the announcement this morning. it comes after another woman accused him of sexual misconduct while he she worked for him. grubs claimed in an affidavit he groebed her while he was sitting next to her in the front row of a church. the republican national commit tease wi committee will once again
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support roy moore despite a number of allegations against him. president trump is now also fully endorsing him. the news comes as moore's accusers shared proof of their relationship when she was 17 and he was 34. brook is in new york with the latest. >> this alabama senate election is now a week away and moore has the lead. he's managed that despite many republicans keeping their distance. richard shelby says he wrote in another name during early voting but now the gop is unifying against this candidate. after announcing last month it had severed fund raising ties to his campaign. >> i would support him and will support him. it's a numbers game. i want republicans to maintain control. >> other republicans including the president also came out for
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moore. mr. trump tweeting in part, we need his vote on stopping crime, illegal immigration, border wall, military, prolie-lifepro- judges and more. moore said in a tweet that mr. trump told him, go get them, roy. the tweet went on to say in part, just got off the phone with president trump who offered his full support who said he needs a fighter to help him in the u.s. senate. >> we're going to have a tough enough time and being the party of roy moore is not going to help. >> all this as the washington post is reporting one of the women who claims roy moore dated him has proof he knew her. gibson came forward with a high school graduation card signed by moore. several have predicted if moore wins the election he'll likely
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face an ethics probe. that poll also asked voters if they believed the allegations against moore. 71% of republicans said they think they're false many blaming democrats and the media. >> thank you. a snowstorm hit the midwest closing schools and causing several crashes in south dakota. in chicago a wind advisory is in effect with possible gusts up to 45 miles an hour. the driver is okay. the wind also caused hundreds of delays and cancellations. coming up on the morning news now, a fugitive lawyer is caught. where they found the man who called himself mr. social security. and the clash over monuments. protesters speak out against the president's cuts. this is the cbs morning news.
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thousands of demonstrators took to the streets yesterday to protest president trump's decision to shrink the size of two huge national monuments in utah. the president signed the proclamations reducing the size of the two monuments which involve millions of acres. the federal land protections are needed to protect archaeological and cultural resources. a former quarterback is on the short list for times person of the year and a lawyer on the l lamb is caught. a fugitive kentucky lawyer was captured in honduras after six months. he was taken into kus bibby a swat team after he came out of a restaurant. he faced a dozen years in prison when he disappeared in june in a fraud case. he is expected to be transferred
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back to the united states today. the dallas morning news reports the u.s. supreme court let stand a texas ruling preventing gay spouses having the same insurance rules as their spouses. yesterday, the u.s. supreme court declined to take up the case. the chicago sun times reports on a controversial bus company ad that's touched off a political fire storm. suburban express sent out an e-mail ad to university of illinois students saying quote, you won't feel like you're in china when you're on our buses. the company apologized but some say the apology made matters worse. the illinois attorney general is investigating the company to see if it violated the state's human rights act. and usa today reports colin
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. on the cbs money watch, brexit stocks tumble. we're at the new york stock exchange with that and more. >> the european union and britain failed to reach a deal to move to the next stage of brexit negotiations. talks will continue before the end of the week. they need more time to negotiate after northern ireland's democratic unionist party refused to compromise on the irish border issue. both ireland and the eu want britain to guarantee there will be no hard border after brexit.
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tech shares fell after republicans passed their tax overhaul plan in the senate. it was a split finish for stocks. the dow gained 58 points. the nasdaq lost 72 points. youtube is hiring more people to screen content that violates its policies. the total number already more than 10,000 next year. the move follows a wave of criticism after a number of child abuse violence on the site. youtube will also plan to increase the learning system to remove inappropriate content. the system currently flags 98% of the videos removed for violent extremism. facebook is launching a new messaging app aimed at kids. it's for children under 13 who can't have their own accounts under facebook's rules. it comes with a number of parental controls. only parents can add friends or delete messages. this is considered an extension of their parents' account.
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here a here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. former access hollywood host billy bush says it was president trump's voice on a 2005 tape talking about groping women. bush wrote an op-ed for the new york times and appeared on cbs's late show after mr. trump reportedly said it wasn't his voice on the video. >> last week for some reason came out with that's not my voice on the tape. like i said, you can't say that. that is your voice. i was there, you were there, that's your voice on the tape.
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>> bush who was fired as cohost of the "today" show after the release of the tape said enough is enough to the president and told him to stop playing around with people's lives. the christmas spirit is being felt in one texas town. a group of people in the neighborhood of pecan grove outside of houston are going door to door to help put up holiday lights who can't do it themselves. and shoppers in western pennsylvania at a supermarket saw something just a bit unusual. a deer wandered into the store and was walking around the aisle in the refrigerated section. one of the shoppers pulled out her phone and recorded it. the deer was led outside and back to the woods. coming up on nbc this morning, three months after hurricane maria hundreds of thousands from puerto rico have come to the u.s. mainland. david speaks to some living in orlando. this is the cbs morning news.
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our top stories this morning, firefighters say there is no way to control a dangerous and fast moving wildfire as it rips through southern california. 10,000 acres have burned. about 1,000 homes and a college campus were evacuated overnight. power is knocked out to hundreds of thousands. high winds are spreading the flames. and president trump's latest explanation for why he fired national security advisor michael flynn is raising new questions over whether he obstructed justice. mr. trump is now saying he fired flynn because he lied to the vice president and the fbi. one of his lawyers argued the president cannot obstruct himself as the person with power and discretion over the justice department. in health news now, a look
4:26 am
at the racial disparities among cancer survivors and why opioid related deaths are up in hospitals. megaoliver has that and more. >> a new study at harvard finds people hospitalized due to an opioid related condition are four times more likely to die now than they were 17 years ago. before 2000, most opioid hospitalizations were for depen dentss and abuse, but in recent years admissions for opioid poisoning and heroin poisoning have grown substantially. the centers for disease conol and prevention say more u.s. women are surviving ovarian and colon cancer. black women have a lower survival rate compared to white women. and a new study finds men with intermediate risk prostate cancer may fare better with a shorter course of treatment. researchers at women's hospital say patients prescribed higher doses of radiation over fewer
4:27 am
days were 13% less likely to have their cancer return. those are some of today's top health stories. meg oliver, cbs news, new york. >> the los angeles times reports ball is leaving ucla. ball and two other ucla basketball players were arrested last month in china for allegedly shoplifting sunglasses from a store. president trump said he int intervened to get the players released in china. they were suspended by the team. ball's father said he's pulls his son out of the school to prepare him for the nba draft. the flu season is off to an early start and it may be a bad one. a top expert tells us why the yearly vaccine is often a poor match and what we can do to protect ourselves. plus, three months after hurricane maria, hundreds of thousands from puerto rico have come to the u.s. mainland. david begnaud speaks to some living in orlando.
4:28 am
and the ceo of clothing retailer ever lane tells us why they're opening their first brick and mortar store after years of being an online company. that's the cbs morning news. i'm anne-marie greene. have a great day.
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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philly. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news " this morning. breaking news from california. one person is dead as a brush fire spreads and this morning evacuations are underway. and an investigation is underway at a delaware motel. the disturbing discovery made in a room. and as we are headed for the 60s this december day, here is a live look from the parkway central library camera we'll tell you how soon until we return to seasonable december weather. do we have to, though? today is tuesday, december 5th , rape hell solomon. >> we will take those 60s, i'm joe holden in for jim donovan. now a check on the forecast with the 60s with katie and traffic with meisha. >> reality will eventually set in. >> yes, i know it, will december calls for. that will joe, how are the mornings treating you snow.


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