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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  December 5, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philly. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news " this morning. breaking news from california. one person is dead as a brush fire spreads and this morning evacuations are underway. and an investigation is underway at a delaware motel. the disturbing discovery made in a room. and as we are headed for the 60s this december day, here is a live look from the parkway central library camera we'll tell you how soon until we return to seasonable december weather. do we have to, though? today is tuesday, december 5th , rape hell solomon. >> we will take those 60s, i'm joe holden in for jim donovan. now a check on the forecast with the 60s with katie and traffic with meisha. >> reality will eventually set in. >> yes, i know it, will december calls for. that will joe, how are the mornings treating you snow. >> i'm good.
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glad to be here. >> you are looking great. >> looking outside -- laughing (. >> i love how katie laughs when i stay. >> looking outside, construction, no accidents to report. really good, really quiet? we do have wet weather on the way. if this is is when your commute takes place, good timing on it, frontal boundery impact us later today. that's going to bring in some pretty drenching rain eventually, not just yet. i think the showers likely to develop even as early as say the next hour or two, seeing the moisture build up. but not seeing too much take place on the area radar just yet. you see few speckles, right on the tail end of the radar loop though down over parts of maryland, that's what what's going to start to fill in little bit on the radar. heaviest rain will likelyly hole off until the typical evening drive. meantime this is your surplus from the same time yesterday. it is incredibly milder by comparison. now, you're not running around in shorts and flip flops in this weather per say, but looking how this translates to the thermometer, now low 40's,
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even 50's, depending on location, so it is milder by comparison and again that surge of warmth is what's going to turn this into primarily rain event, meisha, but we will time the rainout just little later on. >> good to know as we walk out the door. thanks so much, and good morning to all of you. happy tuesday. still like i said, lot of construction, so schuylkill eastbound closed between the vine and south street, one westbound lane, that's also blocked, heads up on that, plus some construction schuylkill westbound between the blue route and 202, right lane compromised see the cones in the roadway there, volume levels there mild at this point in the morning we'll expect that. walt whitman bridge eastbound two lanes compromised because of crews out there. and in new jersey, we actually is a lot of construction going on, 76 westbound near 295, one to two lanes, 295 south, ramp to westbound is closed, 295 northbound also closed more construction in jersey coming up in a little bit. rahel, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. breaking right now, powerful
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winds are fueling a fast moving brush fire in southern california. the delays dubbed the thomas fire broke out yesterday near santa paula, about 70 miles outside of los angeles it, has since grown to nearly 10,000 acres. so far, more than 600 homes have been evacuated and thousands are without power. student at nearby college were also forced from their dorms. officials say one person has been killed in a car crash related to the fire. back here at home, delaware state police trying to solve the mystery surrounding two men found dead in a motel room. the detective returned to the day one motel on governor prince boulevard in wilmington yesterday afternoon. hotel employees said a man in a wheelchair was saying in the room. there is no word yet on how the two died. but investigators are calling their deaths suspicious. >> we want to make sure that we do a proper, thorough investigation. >> right now investigators are not calling it a murder suicide, add there is no suspect on the run and the public is not in danger. police charge three teens accuse of beating a man to death in mayfair. if convicted they could
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possibly spends the rest of their lives in jail. seventeen year old emanuel harris, 16 year old malik page , 14 year old brandon conrad are all being charged as adults. police say the teens attacked and robbed 57 year old kevin cullen on the 4200 block of luring street last sunday. investigators believe the same teens have been involved in other crimes. >> they don't have prior contact but certainly looking at them in conjunction with other assaults reported. there is one other assault, teens under arrest, all part of the same group. >> members of the mayfair community set up a memorial for the victim last week. those who knew cullen say he was well-liked in the neighborhood and didn't bother anyone. >> and man in critical condition after a shooting in the lawncrest section of philadelphia. police say the ma n in his 20 's was shot once in the back near loretto avenue in bridge street at about 8:00 last night. he was returned into surgery at einstein medical center, so far, police have made no arrests. >> members of south jersey church gather to learn how to deal with one of modern day's
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grim reality. an active shooter situation. "eyewitness news" was at bethel church in blackwood last night, hundreds of residents and clergy members took part in the active shooter training seminar with the focus on churches. just last month, 26 people were killed when a gunman opened fire inside a church in southerland springs, texas. >> basically what happened in the beginning, it was really just hi, you know, now teaching how to defends themselves and, you know, ten of the day get howling of the building, get away from the shooter. >> gloucester township ship police hosed the event. lawyers for philadelphia rapper meek mill are renewing their calls for the judge who sentenced him to step aside. now, they say there is an fbi investigation into her conduct , and his drug and gun case. the rapper's legal team has asked the judge to reconsider his two-four year sentence for probation violation. now, judge denise brinkly denied a bail request, for
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meek mill yesterday. brinkly calls the rap star a danger to himself and the community, because of what she calls a history every continued drug use. brinkly also says meek mill is an increased flight risk. former philadelphia district attorney, seth williams; now inch cars race aetna prison in oklahoma city. williams serving syringe fee year sentence on bribery charges he enters guilty plea to single count in june. williams' lawyers think he will eventually be moved to morgantown, west virginia, before his sentencing is finished in 2021. >> and we are learning that south jersey elementary school shutdown back in october due to mold will reopen after winter bridge. classes will resume at whitehall elementary school in monroe township january 2nd. school district officials say the clean up at the school will be complete by then. for now, though, whitehall student will continue to attends class in a section every williamstown middle school. holly glenn elementary, which is also in the monroe township school district, remains
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closed due to mold. unclear when holly glenn will reopen. >> u.s. supreme court hearing a case that could make sports betting legal in the garden state. new jersey voters approve resolution in 2011 to allow gambling on sports. since then the effort has been tide up in court. governor christie had front row seat inside the courtroom as the justices heard arguments. >> new jersey wants to appropriately regulate sports gaming, and here's why. we want to do it because six a % of the people of the state of new jersey voted they want to do it. >> and we already have a long experience of over 40 years, of casino gaming in our state, where we've shown we can very appropriately regulate gambling in the state. >> the ncaa is against sports betting saying it undermines the integrity of sports. well the republican national committee is following president trump's lead and supporting roy more for the u.s. senate seat in alabama. the financial backing reverses its decision three weeks ago to sever fundraising ties with moore. this folds allegations of
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sexual misconduct. several women claim he inappropriately touched them or tried to date them when they were teenagers. moore is battling democrat doug jones in the special election, which is next week. a divided supreme court has ruled to allow the latest version of president trump's travel ban to go into effect as legal challenges continue in lower court. as weijia jiang reports, the it targets people from six mostly muslim countries. >> president trump returned to the white house late monday, ignoring shouted questions about the supreme court's ruling on his controversial travel ban. in a order issued earlier, seven of the nine supreme court justices ruled the president's ban can take full effect despite legal challenges. announce in the september, the latest version of the policy applies to people from chad, iran, libya, somolia, syria,
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yemen, all countries with majority muslim populations and bars them from entering the us. justices ruth bader ginsberg and sonia sotomayor were the only dissenters, major legal victory comes after months of challenges from the lower courts. >> host courts argue the travelers from the targeted nations could not be banned if they have close family members in the countries. other courts had partially block previous versions of the ban from taking effect. saying they amounted to unconstitutional religious discrimination against muslim. in a statement following monday's ruling, attorney general jeff sessions called it a substantial victory for the security of the american people. saying, in part, the comes tuesday gives the president the responsibility, and power, to protect this country, and this order remains vital to accomplishing those goals. at least two appeals courts plan to hold arguments in week on the ban's legality. weijia jiang, for cbs-3, "
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eyewitness news." a school board honors several people for saving a man's life during a thanksgiving day football game in bucks count. >> i it happened during the pennridge high school game in perkasie. fans returned to help 75 year old peter ma hand who collapsed in the fans before the game's kick off of the last night it, ma hand and his daughter also thank the good samaritans. >> it is evident to us, though , that we are blessed to be a part of this very special community called pennridge. >> you people are true representatives of our american fabric and we, my family, and all in the audience, all in the room tonight, are very, very proud of you, and you should be very proud of yourself. >> and he says his doctor credits his recovery to those bystanders jumped in to help. wonderful. good job by then. >> nasty crash caught on dash cam video. >> let's go ahead and show you you here, happened in front after police cruiser.
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who investigators say was behind the wheel of that suv. >> and, a deer decides to go for some shopping in a grocery store, we'll tell you where the animal shopping spree unfolded when "eyewitness news " continues.
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>> police in conneticut looking for three teens. crash happened in front every police and was captured on dash cam video. you see it there. video also shows the teens running away leaving the stolen suv behind. the family in the other vehicle were taken to the hospital for treatment. >> well, you can file this next story under something you don't see every day. >> shoppers at a western pennsylvania grocery store got quite the supplies when a young deer wandered on in. now there is video was captured on sunday, at an aldi outside pittsburgh. as you can imagine, it's gone viral. there he is in the milk section. you can see the little guy calmly strolling about the fridge area, interacting with some other shoppers in the store. >> it was only like a year
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link, but i thought it was really cute. i was excited. nobody else pulled out their phone so i pulled out my phone >> so eventually an officer was able to lure the deer out of the store. it then wandered off into the woods. so i was curious what part of bit burying this was, i used to work out of. this was in beaver county. >> beaver county. >> little beaver county. >> appropriately enough. >> oh, deer. >> in aldi of all places. >> who knew? >> good for him. >> all right, asomugha our director joe suggested, maybe he was on next to the dollar store because he only wanted to spend a buck. >> joe will be here all week, as will you. >> yes. >> not this joe. director joe. the one some of the best puns. >> so 60s, rain? >> 60s and rain. >> then off to the races in. >> well, nosediving in a big way, we're going downhill in a big way, and where there is cold you have at least the possibility of some snow. so we will talk about.
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that will but for now, let me get you out the door, live look overlooking main street in bethlehem. where there is ever so slight movement on that flag over the hotel bethlehem. not much winds to speak of. you think that's something that will change with time? as is the scene, with time, see some rain come in here. even as early as this morning, but the heaviest stuff is going to hold off until later on today, and specially toward the pm drive. bad timing for that time of day. but here it is. it is a warmfront, lifting in right now, that's where some of the scattered showers come from. but it is pretty obvious where the colds front is park right now. that's what's going to really bring in the steadier rain. what we have working for us, in terms of travel, anyway, is that we don't have to worry about any ice withing this front. there is just too much warmth associated with the leading edge of it, by the time it crosses, though, the coal air will catch up. that's when, beyond that point , we start to see the potential for some snowflakes. so this really is strictly rain producer, making a mess, certainly, of our tuesday, especially pm hours. but by the time we hit 60, i
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think the radar will start to show some signs of life. >> this isn't enough to cause major travel headaches. but it will be out there. at least you won't have sun glare to work with. but you might find yourself licking -- flicking the windshield wipers as the morning progresses then the heaviest stuff comes n by this point up to five p.m. even in philly may not have anything of significance yet. but, toward the end of the evening, 9:00 p.m., or so, give or take an hour or two, that rain will come down heavily, as then it clears. so that's your cold front, now , this front is nearby into wednesday. but it should be far enough to our south that we're just left with some lingering clouds and a breeze, meantime, this isn't bad. we will not get much past this , try saying that five times false, for daytime miles in the next few days. enjoy this while you do have it. without too much wind, not much of windchill to factor in here. look at the cold that's coming currently down into single digit territory, winnipeg, baker lake, yes, cold being filed our way, meisha.
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>> no fun. we do not like that. thank you so much, katie. and, big heads up if we are walking on those roadways little later, katie pointed out something to take into consideration for today. yesterday visibility with that fog, that really slowed us down. we know what rain will do. looking outside, we do have construction, schuylkill east closed. one week lane was closed, that has now since been cleared. actually looking good on the westbound side. construction crews look like they're just getting this area cleaned up right now, schuylkill westbound between the blue route and 202, that right lane was compromised, but again, it does look like they're packing up and moving out of the way nowment construction on the walt whitman bridge eastbound, two lanes block, but we're showing on the censor map all green. so still clearly traveling around at posted speeds, which hopefully i can keep it deeper into the 5:00 to 6:00 hour. construction jersey lot of it, 76 west near 295. 295 north closed at 76 until around 8:00 a.m. 295 south, ramp to 76 westbound closed, 42 north the ramp to 295 north is also
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closed. rahel, joe, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. cbs has announced temporary replacement for charlie rose interview show. >> we'll tell you which cable news will take over the time slot when "eyewitness news"
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tyson any'tizers and crispy strips. [ sound of sports game ] you help fuel greatness. you'll just have to make the ultimate game day sacrifice... and be eaten.
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>> we're back this morning on "eyewitness news" with cbs plan to replace charlie rose late night interview program, replacing charlie rose, christie teen amanpour, staying will air amanpour on interim basis. network severed ties with rose following sexual harrassment allegations. >> it is now 4:50. it is time for check on business news. >> money watch's diane king- hall joins us live from the new york torque stock exchange, good morning, diane. real a wild ride on wall street yesterday with at one point the dow and s&p 500 rallying to new records, before investors then began to back pedal. what happened?
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>> reporter: good morning, rahel and joe. that's right, could you get whiplash with that market yesterday. ultimately stocks finished mixed. the dow finished the day up 58 points, nazdek fell 70. so really was a back and forth , back and forth. ford revving its engine in china us auto maker plans to launch 50 new vehicles by 2025 almost a third of those will be electric models. sales in china have weakened recently, and ford is in a race to electric and hybrid vehicles to meet strict chinese production for so-called new energy vehicles. joe, rahel. >> so we got the grounds covered here, for the people taking to the skies who want to get even more bang for their buck, jet blue we hear is out with a new deal. can you tell cents the details >> reporter: that's right, the budget friendly airliner offering a chance to win one of its all you can jet passes. those passes entitle the recipient and friend to take unlimited dollars flights for a whole year. here is the catch. you have to book a non- refundable flight by december 15th, that gets you one entry, if you book a round
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trip flight, that earns you two entries. rahel, joe? >> i never win these things, diane, so i wouldn't even try. >> down side. >> never know, i'm not saying go randomly spends money, but if you have to book a flight. >> why not? diane, see you in the next hour, thank you. >> well, grab the umbrella before you leave. >> katie apparently we're still in for that warm up. but now talking rain, too? >> indeed with are. the rain expected to come in on schedule here. but at least you have the trade off after day that hits the 60s. so we will talk about that, and time out the rain for you, also let you know about the possibility of some snow in this seven day. details straight
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>> ♪ >> traffic is certainly moving along okay at the moment at 15th and vine.
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this is take friend our headquarters here in spring garden section of philadelphia but, overlooking the center city area there. no wet roadways yet. that's something that will absolutely change. my advice, to walk out the door with the umbrella because you'll be thank willing yourself that you've got it later in the day. specially toward the early morning russian beyond. that's when the heaviest of this batch of rain that clearly is on the march will make its arrival here. we will likely even see some showers for the morning commute. but they're not here yet. you notice few speckles starting to show up on the radar across portions of the delmarva peninsula, that starts to fill in little bit here in the next couple of hours, but again, heaviest rain, drenching rain. that will holdup before that cold front gets here. that is when we start to really see the bulk of the steady rain that we are promised here today. for now, also, pretty mild start. notice the winds barbs coming in straight on shore from the southeast. so that's really helping to surge the warmth before this cold front crosses. ample more ties to work with. also, going to see daytime high that rebounds very easily
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, all the way up to 62. now, yes, that looks awesome at face value, keep in mind the breeze is picking up. rain will be developing through the day. so this isn't the prettiest day we've ever seen, granted trade off. the high of 62 will keep us having from to deal with icing potential. but that rain is regardless on the way. so, specially through the pm hours, expect the rain to be at it heaviest, and the breeze also will be quite noticable. now, by tomorrow, the rain is out of here, and the temperatures also are taking a substantial hit. by the time we hit friday night into saturday, possibility that south of philly we even see some snow showers, and that can't even rule it out sunday, meisha, sunday, we probably don't even hit 40 degrees. >> oh, wow it, will feel like a big drop specially from today. katie, thank you so much. very good morning, happy tuesday, guys. so, looking outside, lot of construction, good news the schuylkill, one of the areas even in the 4:00 hour can get kind of backed up with the closures. that's now clearing. so the schuylkill eastbound, was closed, between the vine and south street, looks like crews have now just pushed out
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of your way. so looking good there. and 95 south at cottman quick peak, looking good. take that all the way into center city, big thumbs-up there. and some construction heads up crossing the bridge, walt whitman bridge, eastbound, two lanes are block because of crews showing all green right now. it will start to slow down depending on when they move out of the way. then lot of construction going on in new jersey. seventy-six west, near (295)678-9295 north closed at 76 until 8:00 a.m. 295 south, the ramp to 76 is closed. and 42 north, that ramp to 295 north is also closed. joe, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. coming up in the negligence hour every cbs-3 "eyewitness news," a scary scene during monday night football. we've got an update on the steelers players who had to be carted off the field. >> also, following breaking news out of california where this while fire has take answer deadly turn. trang do has the latest. >> then we have new update on the political future of representative john conyers we're back at the top of the hour.
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>> get your animals, get your things and lever. >> it looks like hell on earth we are following breaking news on the west coast. where overnight the so-called thomas fire grew bigger, stronger and faster. burning embers swirling like fiery snowflakes spreading the flames. at least one person is dead. now the rush is onto prevent any further loss of life. and there are also new developments this morning surrounding congressman john conyers, as he faces sexual harrassment allegations, what may be in store for his political future. >> and on the lighter side every news, live look at city hall. the christmas tree there, this tuesday morning, while it may look nice, not going to feel so festive. katie, with the word on just how mild it will be, and then there will also be


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