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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  December 9, 2017 2:07am-2:38am EST

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ah, here we go. 60 second rotini hi, honey! hey mom! are you eating well? umm...yeah i'm actually making something right now. new barilla ready pasta. deliciously al dente in just 60 seconds. simply add your favorite ingredients... that looks amazing! ...and enjoy. hey, there you go. i can almost smell it. new barilla ready pasta. 60 seconds to wonderful. um, elbow! oh, sorry mom! . at 11, ready or not, winter arrived. snow is falling in parts of our region. a light coating covers the grass in sea aisle city. south jersey expected to get hit hardest >> but snow expected to fall in pennsylvania, getting the salt trucks ready, a live look at stormscan 3 shows that storm
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moving in from the south. and tonight, we have crews all across the region as we prepare for a snowy saturday. good evening, i mean jessica dean. >> i'm nicole brewer. in for ukee washington. across the region people are getting ready for the first snow. we have live team three coverage from the shore to the city. let's start with meteorologist kate bilo tracking the storm >> it's moving in at a pretty good clip but it will take awhile for the snow to start to spread. right now and through the next several hours this is a shore and delaware beaches storm. that's where the snow is coming down right now, look at this red shading over maryland, i'll zoom in, that is very, very heavy precipitation, headed toward the delaware coast line, heavy snow and rain you can see the mix line along the coast to very tight gradient heavy rain out to sea, heavy snow back inland and we're seeing some of the
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heaviest in our region over sussex county delaware and moderate snowfall into portions of cape may county you can see the darker purple continuing to lift in and the problem is, the snow is expect ed ed to continun this area for the better part of tomorrow all night and thousaro tomorrow. here's a live look in rehoboth beach where the snow is concepting to fall heavily. you can see the boardwalk. see the footprints? it has been coming down heavily for hours and we're seeing a good coating of snow in rehoboth beach. a winter storm warning is in effect. that's the pink, shade r for south jersey. you see the purple there thanks to the mix threat along the immediate coast line, purple denotes the advisory for philadelphia, bucks, montgomery, chester, delaware and new castle counties that starts overnight tonight and will continue into late tomorrow night, between now and day break we'll see the snow
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continue to spread northwest across the region, the heaviest snow 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. tomorrow and then it will start to taper tomorrow evening. here is our forecast snow map a coating to two inches in our far north and west suburbs areas not under the winter weather advisory, two to four inches along i95 we're pretty good for three, four inches in the city of philadelphia, this is a heavy wet snow. four is it six inches plus across south jersey and delaware, interior south jersey cumberland county, atlantic, there could be a few spots even down into delaware where we could see upwards of seven inches of snow on and treated and agrees surfaces some of the heavier bands especially across south jersey quickly become covered and lead to very sloppy conditions for travel, i'll tell you where you can see the first flakes after the storm, nicole
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and jessica back to you >> as you know it is snowing at the jersey shore, alexandria hoff is live for us in ocean city with a look at the conditions there. alex? >> reporter: we're here in west huff in ocean city and still dealing with a mys rich snowfall so it's really not sticking to a whole lot as of right now officials across south jersey are prepared for accumulation and residents are getting prepared, we stopped into hammonton going on in lots and sidewalks and like many others and the reaction to the snowfall is well mixed. >> reporter: what's your favorites thing to do in the snow >>
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>> grandmom better bundle up. while we were driving down we saw the faint lines, that means it's been pretreated with brine. a de-icing technique, they're still talking precautions on the roadway, we were talking about accumulation and we found some, this is what we found so far here so i'll there we go, first one of the season, we're reporting live in ocean city, we will send it back to you. >> thanks so much. let's go down to natasha brown with snow preparations in the city and suburbs. >> reporter: no sign of snow just yet here in the city of philadelphia, but we can tell you tonight the city officials have already been preparing for any accumulation comes our way
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penndot will deploy 250 trucks and more if needed as the snow begins to fall overnight into saturday. >> we had our crews out and applying salt bryan to our routes in preparation for the storm. both city and state officials are gearing up for the first significant snowfall of the season >> we're fully stocked and over 120,000 tons of salt on the ground across the five county region. >> reporter: car batteries are one of the top reasons people call us during the winter. >> reporter: aaa is urging drivers to be prepared by filling up the gas tank, and keeping emergency supplies in your car >> pack a vehicle emergency kit, nobody ever plans to get stuck and it may into the be your car that breaks down but it could be another car that jams traffic. >> reporter: they have a gay la to attend on saturday and not going to let a little snow get
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in the way. >> it's an annual ago la and we're going because we work there >> it will be great >> i'm from atlanta, so getting ready for tomorrow i was just talking to autumn about wearing appropriate clothing and making sure i'm bundled up. >> reporter: that's good advice whether you're going to a gay la, make sure you got the snow boots on, penndot is telling us they will be keeping a close watch of the weather throughout the night none tomorrow, if they need to, they say they can always add 180 more trucks to the roadways to make sure everyone stays safe. we're live here in center city tonight, natasha brown. >> be sure to stay up to date with the forecast and the latest on the snow totals by tuning into "eyewitness news" tomorrow
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morning, they get started at 5:00. a philadelphia police officer is out of the hospital tonight after getting accidently hit with a bullet from another officer's gun, this is video of 24-year-old officer kevin fay leaving temple university hours after being shot. fay and another officer responded to the home of the 2900 block in north philly, a pitbull was malling an 80-year-old woman. other officer opened fire killing the dog but one of the bullets ricochetted and struck him in the shin. 80? rd woman was seriously injured and remains hospitalized. a tragic accident, that's what investigators are calling the fire that killed four elderly people at a west chester senior living facility. the five alarm fire at barkley farms started on a patio. they ruled out arizona and investigators continue to work on what start inferno.
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it's time to head out west where the eagles are inching over closer to the match-up against the la rams on sunday, don bell is live with one rams player the bird will have to keep the eyes on. >> reporter: todd girly is not a household name. he's one player the eagles will have to contain >> it will take more than one guy to stop him todd girly is healthy and picking up yards. he's 61 shy of 1,000, the birds are ranked second against the run, that means a show down is on the horizon. >> he's impressive kid, good running back, i respect him, we'll have to obviously do our job up front in the back end we'll have to rally and try for an open space >> we got to stop him in the run
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game, whoever is matched up on him in coverage got to hold up, he's proven to make that very difficult. so we got our hands cut outer when it comes to stopping him >> not only is he a runner, he's a receiver. he has 48 catches, for perspective, that's more than alshon jeffery and nelson agholor >> he's been very productive. that's something that went unnoticed from me until started dividing into the film. averaging double digits in average perry ception for a runningback that's impressive >> i think that you know, him being patient and the way we're in the line of scrimmage. >> reporter: no doubt todd girly is one of the best runningbacks in the nfl, but if there's an issue, he's tied for second in
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the league in fumbles along with carson wentz. now, coming up later on in the show, the eagles got a special motivational speaker by the name of coby bryant. don bell for cbs3 "eyewitness news" >> quite a speaker to just stop by. who will be our three cheers person of the week? i sat down with one woman who said it is never too late to make your dreams a reality before the army/navy game takes off femur in south philly there's fierce competition today: raging wildfires out west. showing no signs of slowing down. the new obstacle firefighters are dealing with. a live look at ocean city on this snowy friday night. you can see a cover of white on the boardwalk there. kate bilo is tracking the snow.
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we'll be right back. watch the late show tonight i got the lovely and talented mark hamels from star wars i will make him tell me what happens in the movie >> go force yourself. >> the late show with stephen colbert is all new and coming your
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. it's a snow what was scene at the shore. areas will start to see snow, kate bilo has the updated forecast, she'll break it down for you coming up in about four minutes. the southern california wildfires have turned deadly. officials now say a woman found in a car earlier this week was killed by the flames. the newest fire is in northern san diego county less than 24 hours at least 85 homes and buildings burned. the largest of the wildfires is in ventura county. 400 structures have been
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destroyed. the massage envy fire scorched at least 130,000 achors and threatening thousands of homes, strong santa an in wind expected. trent franks abruptly made his resignation effective today after a former aid who accused him of sexual misconduct broke her silence, she said the republican asked her four times to carry his child, at one point offering her $5 million. he announced he would resign in january. a philadelphia tradition continues when the 118th army/navy football game. the battle kicked off with patriot games competition on the art museum steps and that's where cadets and mid shipmen face off for the relay event and competed in a good old-fashioned tug of war near the battleship new jersey in camden. the team with the most points after two days of competition will win. at the army/navy ago la,
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eyewitness at the pennsylvania convention mayor jim spoke to the people. tomorrow's army/navy game we'll salute the men and women who serve. when you talk with members of the armed forces you quickly realize there are so many incredible stories behind those uniforms. in an effort to stay neutral we sat dune with the uso of the air force service member of the year, four year into her military career, yvette gillin is proof it's never too late and tonight we give her three cheers. ♪ >> it's never too late to change what it is that you want to do. >> you could say that's a life motto for senior air man yvette gillin. >> around the age of 35 and by that time a lot of people think
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things are set they can't change their career path, but you're proof they certainly can >> enlisting in the air force completely changed the whole rest of the scope of my life. everything is different now. >> before enlisting she change r trained to be a nurse, she never dreamed she'd leave that behind to become an operations intelligence analyst and instructor. she was open to what life would come her way. she was named the u.s. o. pennsylvania and southern new jersey air force service member of the year for her exceptional worth ethic and performance >> i tend to operate outside improve rank, i was doing a lot of things that air men wouldn't typically do. leading things being an instructor. >> reporter: this is a leader. someone who pushes themselves and turns others to do more, learn more and be more. >> i've always kind of been that way. i need to be the best at
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everything that i do. i will, you know, approach every new thing and i just need to be outstanding at it all the time. >> reporter: she could have let her age scare her away. convinced herself change would be too hard. but that would have been a lot for her. and our nation. instead, yvette gillin chose to pursue excellence and serve her country. and for that, we give her three cheers. >> she will be watching army/navy and because the heritage stems from the army that's who she'll be rooting for. you can see them battle it out at 3:00 here on cbs3. >> good way to play it >> exactly. >> diplomatic. >> we may see flakes on the field >> it may be a little bit of a
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snow bowl if you're cuddled up on the couch on cbs3 that may be a better location but if you're headed out make sure you got at least a hooded coat or winter hat. it will be cold and actively snowing at the time of the army/navy game. here comes the storm. let's take a look at the snow moving in on stormscan 3, it's not going to start several hours, i'll show you here in the city of philadelphia. we're just seeing it along the coast. we really have to wait for that moisture to override the dry air, there's a lot of dry air in place. and the snow can't really begin to fall until the dry air is thwarted and the moisture takes over. once it starts to snow, it will continue to snow for an extended period of time. but right now, we're just mainly seeing it along the coastal areas, steady snow coming down across southern delaware, you can see the darker purple along the shoppers from atlantic city down to cape may, not much happening to the west. trying to see light flakes creep in in the western suburbs but this will all fill in and
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everyone in the area will get in on at least a little snow for tomorrow. temperatures right now still 37 in philadelphia. 32 in allentown. 35 in millville. temperatures will be marginal through the tomorrow. that means they will likely be above freezing, we got a lot of water content in the snow. this will be a heavy wet snow. great for snowballs, snow men, not the best for shovelling. it's heavy wet snow and could clinic to tree branchs and power lines, especially across south jersey and delaware. that's where the winter storm warmth is in effect through the day tomorrow, those are the areas that we'll see the heaviest snow. the purple shading around the city and nearby suburbs is a winter weather advisory, let's time this out, next couple hour, here's 2:00 a.m., a break in the action, not a whole lot handying happening. by 6:00 a.m. we start to see the
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snow and blossom further to the north and west, by mid to late morning, snowing about, i was. mixing could hold total downs the immediate coast line, in any of these heavier bands we could see steadier snowfall. we start to see the back edge move through late tomorrow afternoon and evening, still snowing at 6:00 p.m. finally coming to an end late tomorrow and will be out by midnight, this is an all day event tomorrow, the first accumulating snow. the totals i'll show you mainly on untreated and grassy surfaces but may stick to the roads in the heaviest bands especially across south jersey and delaware in this four to six plus range, two to four inches in city of philadelphia and the nearby suburbs and a coating to two inches of that heavy wet snow in the north and west. overnight we got temperatures down to around 32 degrees, snow developing from north -- from south to north and periods and
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snow all day, clears out sunday, chance for rain or snow to the north tuesday and much colder again by wednesday. this is very similar to a system we had in january of last year, it was a saturday, very typical setup and we had the heaviest snow along the coast and in delaware it's like a repeat of that >> thanks. time to head back to southern california where is live. >> reporter: mamba the ♪ music guys, i'm good. say goodbye to distractions. now you can last longer with new k-y duration spray.
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lower merion and met with the eagles at the hotel took a bench of pictures and answered a whole lot of answers, five time nba champ also an mvp. here's what he had to say >> i always know, you know trust a the little things work on the little things and those were, you know, the things that help him get >> what was the message about >> i mean, basically just work on the side of you. that's it and no elaborating, nothing else. that was it. he had great words for us. and obviously, a legend was in front of us. that was a great opportunity.
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>> i got a lot more respect for him and what he said. >> reporter: after the ma before a motivation the team took to practice field at angel's stadium for third time this week. it was a pretty good session we're told they had this week. in fact, doug pederson said they were pretty focused. he had a midnight curfew on the team all week long. he said they were better in practice this week than they were a week ago. >> better. i would say better. guys really embraced the week, no distractions. and you know, they came, they came ready. they understood what happened last, you know, last sunday night and they want to do better by that, and make sure to take care of business this week. >> reporter: switching gears to high school football. state championship game between archbishop wood and gateway. hand-off, people, goes to the
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right. tiptoes down the side line, 68 yard touchdown for the virginia tech recruit. he ran for 266 yards and four touchdowns as archbishop wood wins the fifth state crown in last seven years. 49 to 14 is your final score. in southern california big game sunday between the ten and two eagles and the nine and three rams. just so you know, la is a one point favorite virtual a pick here
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. eyewitness at the to john allen blue awards gala, it's the first organization in the u.s. to address the impact of hiv and urban communities of color. ukee washington was one of
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late show with stephen colbert followed by the late late show with james cordon, the morning team is back from 5:00 to 7:00. tracking the snow for kate, don >> i'm nicole brewer we're
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