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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 13, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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the cbs-3 sky deck with more on the arctic blast and our chance for snow, lauren. >> yes, guys, it is cold, let me come back in it is frigid out here but have notice aid difference in the wind speed. windy kline since i was last out here for 5:00 o'clock show and that is the trend in the overnight period after a day of brutally gusty winds and broughtal bitter cold and temperatures they are in the 20's right now. we are at 28 degrees in philadelphia 25 in allentown. sixteen in mount pocono. twenty's down the shore. feels like temperature in the, single digits in the poconos, feeling like 17 degrees at this hour in philadelphia feeling like 19 degrees in wildwood. nineteen in wilmington. cold air in place and now, we are tracking snow, national weather service issued a winter weather advisory for philadelphia, pennsylvania suburbs, lehigh valley, berks county, poconos until 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning and we are seeing some snow across central pennsylvania,
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so it will be arriving during the evening hours, so 8:00 o'clock we are looking clear but by 10:00 we are seeing flakes flying in and around center city philadelphia we will see a period of light snow before things taper off as we head in the overnight period. we will talk about accumulation by morning and if we can get these temperatures to warm up anytime soon coming up in your full forecast in just a few. >> lauren, thanks. now that winter is kicking in it is more and more tempt to go cozy up inside after work. a lot of philadelphians don't get a break from the cold. our greg argos spoke with some of the people who work to keep people out of the frigid weather, greg. >> reporter: that is exactly right we're talking about philadelphia's homeless population. of course you and i can go in and warm up after this but many people in philadelphia cannot do. that we are under is what known as code blue. that means there are teams of people you the there right new on the streets helping out the homeless.
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most philadelphians are fortunate enough to enjoy this cold weather, then head back inn doors. >> good afternoon, outreach assistance how kaine help you. >> reporter: there are many in our city who don't have a warm place to go? fortunately the cities code blue program means is there help for the home less. >> do you know how long she has been there. >> reporter: calls come in there and advocates head out. >> african-american female, camped out on the steps near the corner. >> how are you doing? barbara, how are you. how are you doing. >> reporter: this woman doesn't have anywhere to go. she is one of mourn two dozen people hoff been helped out just today. >> we have had non-stop calls since we got in at nine. >> reporter: since she does in the want to move inside. >> you need somewhere warm. >> reporter: police will have to be called into help.
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>> the temperatures, i don't think she's dress warm enough and she will never come in on her own so unfortunately it is what we have to do. >> it is hard. you always go home. thinking about that one person who wouldn't come in off the street. >> reporter: while the city is under a code blue those phones are staffed 24/7. we have posted the exact number right on the bottom of your screen. if you see someone who may need help give it a call anytime day or night. we have posted that number on our web site at cbs that is very latest live from rittenhouse square, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thanks very much. right now urgent search is underway for a seven five-year old man with dementia has been missing in the cold for 10 hours now. francisco martinez of up are darby was last seen by his wife, police were called to the 800 block of providence road at 8:30 this morning. martinez was last seen wearing gray pajama pants and gray
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shirt, and police say that he is men to frequent and giant supermarket on oak avenue. if you see him, or have any information, call the police. just days after being injured, we are learning that eagles quarterback carson wentz is already on the road to recovery. our joe holden is in our satellite center with more on what we know now. >> reporter: it has been three days. we have reached out to the eagles and they are confirming carson wentz underwent surgery earl tore repair his torn acl. eagles owner jeffery laurie says surgery went and i quote very well, wentz, according to a report on the team's web site saw doctor james bradley a surgeon in the upmc hospital system in pittsburgh. wentz injured his knee on the scramble for a touchdown that was called back due to a penalty. in word on just when wentz would be ready to return to football activities. of course much more ahead in sports tonight including silver lining, good news on the injury front for zach ertz , i will see new sports.
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in the sat center i'm joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> jessica. >> joe, thanks very much. police are on the scene of the murder suicide. investigators say campus employee was fatally shot in her car by her estrange husband who then shot and killed himself. that violence happened near food services area around 4:00 investigators say no students were involved. house fire in montgomery county claims the lives of two young boys, and their father is a county sheriff deputy and he is recovering in the burn unit at lehigh valley hospital tonight. "eyewitness news" reporter chan t elans is live at the community of schwanksville with how the community is helping that family, chante. >> reporter: the community through go fund me has raised more than 60 you this dollars, this after they learned two boys who their lives inside this home. a state police fire marshall examines the damage from an early morning house fire on
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summit avenue in schwanksville that claimed the lives of two young boys. >> unfortunately there were two juvenile males on the second floor deceased. >> reporter: eleven year-old brian lukens junior and his younger brother parker were in their bedrooms. parker was only six. >> he would stood out front and if i was outside gardening he would always look over, wave, say hi. he would always, be very talkative. >> reporter: the boy's mother, father and sister made it out and they are expected to survive. the father, brian lukens, senior is a montgomery county sheriff's deputy. >> we necessity brian absolutely has not only a loving, care father but as a police office shore did everything he could to get those kid out of the house. >> reporter: her son grayson and brian lukens junior have been close friends and classmates since kindergarten. >> he just broke down immediately. >> reporter: as community begins to mourn an outpouring of support for the lukens. bolter start aid go fund me
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page hoping to raise $10,000 only to surpass that in a few hours and raise more than 60,000. >> we appreciate your support, family will need it. >> reporter: cause of the fire is unknown. >> it is being investigate by pennsylvania state police fire marshall's unit, assisted by montgomery county detective bureau fire marshall unit as well. >> reporter: and right now there is a makeshift memorial that started growing here at the house. counselors were on hand as schwenksville elementary school to offer support for students. live from schwanksville chalt elans cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it could be the death penalty for two men charged in multiple killings in bucks county. last july bodies of four missing men were found buried on a farm. prosecutors say cast mow dinardo killed them all but today prosecutors filed to keep the death penalty, and option in case dinardo stopped cooperating. his cousin sean kratz is
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charged in three of the killings, both men are expect to be arraigned in court tomorrow. well, delaware has recorded its first flu related death of the season. state health officials say new castle county man died was 47 years old and had several underlying health conditions. there have been 46 lab confirmed flu caseness delaware so far for the 2017/ 2018 season. but the numbers are slightly up, over the same period last year. now health experts are concerned that this flu season could be a bad one as they suggest flu shots for everyone over -- older then six months. well, a break through in treating a rare disease, still to come on "eyewitness news". >> it is happening right here in philadelphia our stephanie stahl explains how a new wave of medicine could now be helping people with a potentially life threatening conditions. also tonight. >> i'm cleve bryan in one of the most unique properties in new jersey, some call it our state's never land ranch and coming up i'll tell you how it could be yours this friday.
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health reporter stephanie stahl is here with those details. >> reporter: exciting new developments, guys. thinks a rare disease but for people with people feel use something like a paper cut or scratch could be life threatening. now gene therapy new wave of medicine could be helping patient was this inherited disorder. this holiday season brings a special gift to curt krause, hope and potential new treatment for bleeding disorder he has had his whole life. >> game changer. >> reporter: fifty year-old father of two was diagnosed with people feel use at birth, people with the disease are missing a gene that makes a protein needed for blood to cloth. >> little thing can cause a
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bleed or spontaneously bleed. it is a daily challenge. >> reporter: regular injections are needed to help control it and curt wears braces on his ankles to prevent bleeding. that could be changing with the gene therapy being developed by spark therapeutic is a one time treatment that improves to reduce risk of bleeding. new research shows it has worked on small groups that have tested the therapy. >> it is not a cure, but it is a way thaw can live, a normal life, not having to worry about infusing, taking injections, it is almost overwhelming to think what the end result could be, so very exciting. >> reporter: this research is still in the early stage, curt , involve with the national people feel use foundation says many people with the disease, live in the philadelphia area, because there are four hospitals with dedicated people feel use treatment centers right here in our area another thing i found out people feel use strikes mostly men. >> interesting that is. >> that is a lot of new hope
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out there. >> thanks, stephanie. you can too live like a south jersey mansion. >> unique landmark is up for auction in tuckerton. our cleve bryan takes us on a tour. >> reporter: if you drove pennsylvania and wondered what lies behind the decorated walls around this property just north of atlantic city on route nine we're here to satisfaction your curiosity. some call it new jersey's neverland is about to be auctioned off on friday. this is exclusive access to one of the most unique properties in all of new jersey. let's check it out. 10,000 square foot home was built in 1907 through kitchen is an indoor spa oasis with stars above and grotto style walls reminiscent of the playboy mansion. over side dennis adorned with stain glass, and full bar. up the grand staircase the owner, shows off his mastery of tie kwan do and billiards room. the third floor is a 2600 square food master suite whose
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bathroom is complete with a beday and lots of unique artwork. hello. but what sets this apart is outside, 1 million-gallon pool has a three story watch tower waterfall. >> really one i have kind place, 54 acres and easily accessible location, and millions upon millions of dollars was invested in it. >> reporter: then the artwork, planes, boats, jungle animals, dinosaurs, the statue of liberty. >> we like this one. >> ground keeper, addlee gomez built many of the statues, along the road. >> reporter: kim's keeping artwork bureaus ann mangold is looking in the auction's pre qualifications. >> i like it, i do. i always admired this place. >> reporter: property was previously listed for more than three million-dollar but if you'd like to own it feel like you are living like a king, opening bid on friday starts at $450,000. in talk are ton i'm cleve bryan for cbs-3 "eyewitness
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news". >> cleve dig ago this chair. >> he must be comfortable. >> yes. >> how about. that. >> yes. >> all right. well, old man winter, mother nature is taking a piece of us >> they have team up and they are like, yeah, they are mad at us or something i don't know what we did, but it is brutal today. just brutal. but wind speed are starting to slowly decline. even in the last hour we went from wind speed of 17, now down to 13 miles per hour but it is still, pretty terrible outside. looking live at center city philadelphia, 28 degrees our wind chill temperature, 17 degrees, check out our high temperature today, didn't even make it to the freezing mark, 31 our normal high temperature , 45 degrees, we started off at 21 this morning we have whipping wind and single digit wind chills for good chunk of the morning. cold air entrenched across the northe and mid atlantic.
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thirty-four in d.c. thirty-four in richmond, virginia. nineteen in state college. eighteen in buffalo and getting a live look at rehoboth beach, quiet conditions but no one out and about, not a great evening for a stroll, even though those wind speed are starting to re relax. we had wind gust that is were awful today. wind gusting 22 in wildwood, 18 in trenton. check out wind through the day today peak wind gusts of 51 miles an hour reported in stone harbor also in cape may, gusting in the middle 40's in newtown square and high wind gusts of 40 miles an hour in philadelphia. less winds tonight. good news there still cold. 25 degrees. period of light snow developing as we head in the day tomorrow turning sunny, very quickly, blustery conditions once again but temperatures improve a little bit. we are up to 39 for tomorrow. storm scan three showing us cloud deck is quickly increas ing from southwest to northeast and already starting to see some returns, coming in toward lancaster county. we have snow up wind across
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central pennsylvania and in association with this clipper system, clippers are men for very fast moving and having limited moisture. this will not be a major snow event for us but road will be slick, while snow is falling throughout the evening and overnight period. future weather showing us snowflakes falling around center city philadelphia, south jersey by 10:00 o'clock hour spreading off to thee/ northe as we head into about 11:00 o'clock midnight and then by 2:00 a.m. snow wrapping up for philadelphia and points southward, snow off to the north, falling lehigh valley and poconos where we could see higher accumulation in the 5:00 o'clock hour, maybe a few lingering light snow showers scattered in nature with the wrap around moisture as system exits off to thee. by 7:00 o'clock a couple of flurries, and clearing on out, sunshine returning by lunchtime and quiet afternoon in store. falling snow won't impact our morning, but roadway can still be slick on the untreated surfaces. snow will definitely stick to
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the ground overnight tonight. looking at snow fall accumulations about a coat to go an inch, far north and west we could see two or 3 inches, locally, through morning hours tomorrow, so what to expect? early morning snow showers before 7:00 a.m. and quick clearing as we head in the morning hours, breezy northwesterly winds but not nearly as gusty as what we had today but wind chills in the 20's through much of the day tomorrow. and then, friday we are still cold, 34 degrees with a few late day snow showers, not expecting much in the way of accumulation quiet weekend ahead, still chilly on saturday but 45 degrees, heat wave, by sunday, and then, for our cbs-3 toy drive on monday, closing in on 50 degrees. >> all right. >> that is what i'm talking about, thanks. >> appreciate it. >> gentlemen holden joining with us sports what is coming up next. >> we have a hoops rivalry coming to north broad fill nova taking on the owls tonight and eagles, preparing today to take on nfce rival
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giants, just because giants are struggling, eagles are overlooking them, that is ahead in
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joe getting us started. thinks the beginning of the recovery process. >> indeed, this would be that road to recovery. as we told you at top of the newscast carson wentz had surgery on his knee today and it reportedly went well. there is some good news. more good news from the eagles zach ertz has been cleared in the league's concussion protocol and on track to play on sunday. season doesstop for eagles with the wentz injury they were back at work in south philadelphia getting ready for the giants. thinks third straight road game for the bird and it is a game, that they need, as they try for home field advantage and bye in the playoffs. they will face struggling giants team but it is an nfc east match up, so bird are not taking the giants lightly.
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>> in the nfl, teams that are struggling or eliminated from the playoffs, everybody is playing. everybody is playing as hard as they can to try to be the best they can be. is there always something to play for. thinks a tough group. when season started out they were talking about competing for the division. they got good players. you know, it is a tough place to play. we have to go up there and be at our best. >> and big five, battle tonight, number one ranked villanova travels to temple to take on the owls, temple has started their season six-two, wildcats are a perfect 10 and zero. villanova wins tonight they will sweep big five portion of their schedule for the fifth consecutive season. and, sticking with hoops, sixers with the big win on the road last night, in minnesota, joel embiid, had a big night for sixers scoring 28 points, and with 12 rebounds and eight assists, 118-112 win, snapped a four game losing streak for sixers. they will return to the court
6:25 pm
friday night when they will he the thunder. and speaking of streaking, after losing 10 in a row, the flyers have now, won four straight. the orange and black got the game winner with sean contact dover yah with three minutes left to go, they won four-two. they will take on the sabres at home tomorrow night. flyers turning it around there. >> yes, all right, cool. >> thanks, joe, appreciate it. >> "cbs evening news" is just a few minutes away. >> jeff glor has a look ahead, jeff. >> hi ukee and guess contact fall out from the special election in alabama, manual is talking to vote hours made the difference. we will analysis of what this means for closery divided senate. we have access inside most expensive american embassy ever, what that looks like in london. and the movie just add to the national film registry just ahead on "cbs evening news". blank. that is coming up but first celebrating the season, with the men and women in blue
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>> where neighborhood residents were joining officers to join on some holiday cheer. from or pumpkin pie with every $20 order you can eat it wherever you want, even if you are in someone else's house... santa. enter promo code, freepie, on your next order at
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toy if he is in full swing if would you like tea part drop off toy at our studios 1555 hamilton street in philadelphia. >> you can also visit cbs fest for a complete list of toy drop off locations, and upcoming toy fest events all around the area one of those events is tomorrow night at flyers game,
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it is their home at wells fargo certainty. game starts at 7:00. we hope you can join on the fun and bring a toy for a child in need. well, for most days out of the year police officers are very busy fighting crime but today a group of officers mader their mission to make local children smiled. >> third district hosted annual children's christmas part think afternoon. you see there officers dancing with the kid at mummers museum in south philadelphia. thanks to the face painters, the reindeer in the crowd. >> all right. >> very festive. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on our sister station wpsg the cw philly and we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, the "cbs evening news", from new york here now is jeff glor, take care family we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> i just don't know what the hell to say. >> glor: the political upset of the year. >> i would have liked to have had the seat. >> a majority of the voters in the state chose principle over politics. >> things are looking good for us. >> glor: also tonight, the anti-trump pac that got an f.b.i. agent booted from the russia investigation. interest rates are going up. a look at the first billion dollar u.s. embassy. words of comfort for meghan mccain. >> the thing that i found, and beau insisted on, and your dad will insist on, you have to maintain hope. >> glor: and... >> guess who is coming to din center. >> glor: guess who is entering the national film registry? >> who? >> glor: "diehard" fans. >> do you really think you have chance against us,


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