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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 18, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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also running for a job in the u.s. congress. he now says he is taking a step back from that congressional campaign. >> "eyewitness news" reporter chante lens is live at senator leach's office in king of prussia. as calls begin to mount for his resignation. chante. >> reporter: ukee and nicole senator leach was not in his office today, meanwhile, governor made it crystal clear that he wants him to resign. >> i don't care when are republican, democrat, but i think we need to make a statement about what kind/ commonwealth we are. >> reporter: governor tom wolf called on senator daylin leach to resign after hearing about his sexual harassment allegation. senator leach announced that he is stepping back from his congressional campaign, the accusations surfaced after a philadelphia inquirer article, highlighted an interview with a young ex-temp staffer claiming that the then five five-year old senator inappropriate inappropriately
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grabbed her thigh sitting next to her. other allegation where is detailed of different in a prep eighth sexual actions and remarks. the democrat has been a long time public supporter of woman 's rights, senator leach was not in his office, today but released a statement reading in part it is heart break to go me that i have put someone in a position that made them feel uncomfortable or disrespected. in the future i will take more care in my word and my actions , and i will make it my top priority to protect those who speak up to help change. we have to have behavior. >> reporter: senator leach says his whole situation has taken a toll on his family and he vow toss vet each and every allegations. live from montgomery county, chante lens for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. governor wolf was in philadelphia today to veto a bill passed by republican led legislature. it would have limited abortions to the first, 20 weeks of pregnancy. the current limit is 24 weeks. the governor signed the veto
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paperwork at philadelphia silt i hall where he was joined by mayor kenney and women's health advocates. the first trip with commuters on a new high speed line in washington state end in disaster after an many track train derails off and overpass and plunges on the highway below. at least six people died when train 501 went off the tracks this morning south of seattle. investigators say it is too early to know if speed played a role in the derailment. one passenger traveling to visit his mother described chaos inside the cabin. >> it was a whole bunch of turning, rocking of the train and i just grabbed on to the chair in front of me, my lap top, my phone went flying to the other end. people were screaming. it was crazy. >> the ntsb will lead investigation into the derailment. this latest amtrak derailment puts a spotlight on the use of positive train control and how it can help prevent these kinds of disasters. federal investigators every
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have concluded it could have saved lives during 2015 amtrak derailment here in philadelphia "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live at 30th street station with that part of the story, greg. >> reporter: nicole, beginning many commuters here at 30th street station speaking about that deadly crash there in washington, and also remembering a deadly crash we had here near kensington back in 2015 along those am trach lines. since then, positive train control, a safety system has been put in place along the entire amtrak northeast corridor. >> when you go around a curve or straight away if you are are going too fast for the control for the conditions but ptc, positive track control which slows the train down automatically. that is a error, something happens to him or her that they were not in control. >> reporter: representative bob brady says all of the amtrak's rails have it installed at our region but other systems by new jersey transit have until the end of
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2018 to have positive train control in place. in their case it may not be completed in time. positive train control and ptc is a safety system meant to override engineer's controls in dangerous situations like when a train is going too fast , that is exactly what the ntsb said happened along frankford junction in 2015, and amtrak train number 188 crashed on a curve, ntsb says conductor was going more than double the posted limit, eight people died and about 200 others were injured and tonight with another crash on amtrak's lines, passengers and commuters hearsay they hope pt c becomes a nationwide mandate. >> i'm concerned. i think it is a problem, infrastructure and train crashes in general. i'm not too worried about taking a train tonight because things do happen and chance of it happening again recently would be pretty slim, but on a
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emotional level it is really scary. >> reporter: ukee and nicole, ntsb is on the scene at crash site in washington state, right now is it too early to tell exactly what cause that had wreck there but representative bob brady says he does not believe positive train control was installed in that region. i've live from the 30th street station, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". greg, thank you. "cbs evening news" with jeff glor will have much more on the deadly train derailment in washington state coming up at 6:30 here on cbs-3 right here after "eyewitness news". new at 6:00 a center city lawyer is going to prison for sexually assaulting a 14 year-old victim of sex traffic king. brian meehan was sentenced to two to four years in prison. prosecutors say he met the girl through two of his clients who forced her into prostitution. according to prosecutors meehan had sex with the teen at his center city office on several occasions. lets talk about the bird now and the eagles did just enough to beat the giants yesterday in their first game without carson wentz and they
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lock up a first round bye in the playoffs. sports director don bell joins with us what the bird are doing to get ready, db. >> nfl mvp don't grow on trees , is there a universal grown of carson wentz acl. yesterday his replacement eas ed some fears. back up quarterback nick foles was brilliant in his first start. yes, he was facing one of the war defenseness football but cannot deny the precision. he completed nine out of 12 passes in the red zone, through four touchdown passes and zero picks. now that the eagles have first round bye doug pederson asked if he will rest foles head willing in the playoffs. >> you want nick to play as much as you can and get as many reps as you can and let him play and continue to work through some things and work the report with the offence. that is another one that, you know, when we, when and if we get to cross that bridge we will make that decision. >> eagles can now clinch home
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field advantage throughout the playoffs with a win, or a minnesota loss. nicole. >> don, thank you. a popular christmas tradition could beside lined because of the weather. actor cross the delaware river every christmas day to reinact george washington's famous crossing from pennsylvania to new jersey during the revolutionary war. but the river is so low it may not be safe to put the boats into the water. final decision will likely be made just before next monday, the rest of the events scheduled to commemorate washington's crossing will go on, as planned. holiday spirit of giving was out in force today with the toy drive, named for little girl, who lost her battle with cancer. >> health reporter stephanie stahl hires with more on that special mission. >> reporter: very special mission. even without the little girl who inspired this toy drive her parents and organizers turned out in her honor today and it was a big show of support. with the police escort a convoy of trucks filled with toys headed from ridley township high school to the
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children's hospital of philadelphia, for second annual sassy massey toy drive named for five-year old jillian massey. >> pray every child, will feel help. >> unaudible. >> reporter: this was jillian last year in her christmas finest enjoying the snacks. >> second breakfast, um. >> chocolate chip pound cake. >> reporter: sassey little girl who her bat to brain cancer air passed away two weeks ago. >> she came in the world with the smile and left with the smile. she was kind hearted. she just wanted everyone to smile and be happy. >> reporter: at chop where jillian had been treated there was an assembly line town load the gifts. >> it is beautiful to see the community coming together for this cause, we are just so thrilled and we cannot wait, to stuff our playrooms with these toys. >> reporter: ridley township corporal kevin ederly this was
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his last official duty after 38 years on the police force. >> just bringing some joy to some kid. >> reporter: joy inspired by little sassey girl who touched so many and wanted to make sure other patients at chop always had plenty of toys to play with. >> i think that she is watching all this and dancing, on the cloud and coming down every rainbow to watch us all, i think she's happiest girl right now. >> um, um, um. >> total of 10,000 toys were collect for sassey massey half went to chop, other half went to du pont hospital for children. her parents and other organizers have vowed to continue this holiday tradition, even without little jillian. sassey massey left her mark in this world and continues now. >> absolutely what an angel, stephanie, thank you. you can leave your heavy coat in the closet tomorrow. >> kate says it will feel more like spring, right, kate. >> that is right, you guys, you can leave the gloves, scarves at home tomorrow we have got temperatures heading
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toward the 60-degree mark i'll tell you how long they will stay there as we head toward start of the winter coming up. this is not your typical day at the spa, the very special reason these women are getting the star treatment during a day of pampering. our joy of sharing toy fest is in full swing we're collecting toys in the studio at 8:00 o'clock tonight for children in need and coming up next, meet some of the people benefiting from your generosity, stay with us. >> ♪
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after a special day of pampering. >> as part of the eighth annual operation holiday help, unity in the community partnered with the salon to give some deserving mothers a day they will never forget. photo journalist gentlemen connor shares their story with
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us. >> you know what color you want. >> tonight i just want people to come, relax, and just have fun. >> you cannot do that without glitter. >> what better way to celebrate holiday season then to give back. >> yes. >> this is so special. >> if i can do something for somebody, i just do it. >> so i'm just so happy to be part of it. >> we will be fierce, and i love it. >> we wanted to highlight five women hoff been through the fire and brush them up, make sure that they leave looking like diamonds. >> it makes me feel fabulous because it is something i wanted to get done and never had fund to get it. >> it it is wonderful to be treated like this. >> woman need to feel good to be confident about being good and one way to make sure that happens toys make sure that they look good. >> that is pretty. >> these women have always, always put other people first. >> i put myself last all the time. >> they are kid, family, community, which is great but
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some point someone has to pamper them and pay a tell to them and their need, and they will be pampered because they deserve it. >> take some shine with some b ling. >> all right, thank you. >> be fierce, ladies to day and always this saturday june in the community will surprise , five local families hoff gifts, food baskets, and so much more. that is great. well, speaking of giving back the drive through drop off for our joy of sharing toy fest campaign is in full swing , we have less than two hours left. >> time flies, cbs-3 has partnered with the salvation army, u.s.a. and boys and girls club of camden county to collect toys for children in need. >> kate bilo is live from the parking lot of the cbs-3 studios. we are down to the wire now. how is it looking? how is that truck doing? >> the truck is looking great, you guys, it is starting to come toward the edge, i'm hoping they need to bring a second big truck this year. they have increased the size
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but we can still take more toys. we are here until 8:00, if you don't have a toy to bring look at this big red kettle drop a couple dollars in the hole there or text the word joy to 41444 and instant ten-dollar donation from your couch, with the blanket, on while watching cbs-3. doesn't get any easier then. that joining me now we have bernadette shanahan from the boys and girls club, i have le a griffith and her daughter here and i will start with you , i see you are holding the thank you sign. >> yes. >> tell us why this is such a important day for boys and girls club. >> i cannot even tell you how important it is because it just means happiness, joy, and little extra for our family. so we are so grateful and so happy and thankful. >> such i great program there so many kid love to go to the boys and girls club. it must be great to see smiles on their face after this. >> it is pure joy when you walk in the club anytime of the year but especially this
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time of the year and we know our parents and kid will be super happy, come the christmas or holiday party. >> fantastic. >> speaking of those parents l ea how does it feel knowing that your daughter will get an little extra something this year. >> it feels very good. we love boys and girls club. we appreciate them, all that they do, they are like a big family. really. really is. >> chloe you were saying you love going to the boys and girls club. do you your homework there you got pick out a toy here what did you pick. >> i got to pick out a gift that involves slipper, body wash and lotion and body mist. >> my gosh, i'm jealous of this gift. good choice. but when i asked you inside what your most looking forward to about christmas i can tell you were a girl after my own heart what did you say. >> i said safe family and
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eating food. >> i love it. i hope your christmas is awesome. lea thanks for being here and bernadette, thank you for all you do in our community. again, come back dunn here. we are filling the truck. we are here until 8:00. stop by and say hi. isn't it a great weather night >> yes. >> it is fantastic. lets talk about the weather outside right now. it is gorgeous. don't even need gloves or the heavy coat or the scarves. you can see on storm scan three everything is quiet. couple of sprinkles trying to pop up here and there off to the north and west, a lot of those will die before they get here but if you have to flip the windshield wipers once or twice don't be shocked tonight heading into tomorrow warm air surges from the south and look at these temperatures, 58 degrees in philadelphia, 57 in wilmington tomorrow, 58 in atlantic city. even mount pocono near 40. you can see how that mild air lifts in on your tuesday, colder air does start to flip in just briefly here thursday
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but watch the surge of warmth heading in to the christmas weekend saturday. we have got temperatures heading for the 60's. maybe rainy and 60's but we are heading to the 60's. winter does begin this week. it begins on thursday, at 11:28 a.m. eastern time that makes thursday the shortest, darkest, day of the year. only nine hours and 20 minutes of daylight but here's some good news friday we will add a couple extra second and by next week we will add two or three minutes. overnight mostly cloudy just spotty sprinkle here or there, 38 degrees is our overnight low, warm tomorrow, cloud in the morning, increasing amounts of sun in the afternoon, 58 is the day time high and you're witness weather seven day forecast doesn't get much better then this we're 15 degrees above average tomorrow, seasonal wednesday, now thursday, the start of the winter fittingly is most winter-like day of the week, showers arrive late on friday and it looks like rain showers and we will be in the
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50's, saturday 62. warm but wet and there is a chance for a few showers on sunday and a sneak peak into christmas day the chance for rain possibly could start as a little snow would be great to wake up to flakes christmas morning but way too soon to say that with any certainty. coming back here live you can here beautiful sound of the salvation army band and there is the truck behind them and i also want to draw your attention to what we have in front have the truck the not only do we have smaller toys but look at these bikes. we have three bikes, we have a ride on toy and i have seen some really awesome stuff inside that truck and we're still piling up the goodies. lets take a peak inside. we have iron man, we have storm troopers, we have a little bit of everything. this is all to make holidays brighter for kid right here in our area, thanks so much for all who have donated if you with like to donate we still have time. we will be right here in this parking lot 1555 hamilton in
6:21 pm
the city until 8:00 tonight. for new backup to ukee and nicole. >> kate, thank you isn't that great. >> yes, wonderful. >> a lot of smiles. >> don bell has your sports. >> speaking of lots of smiles with the game on the line eagles fans making the difference. plus malcolm in the middle what jenkins told his teammates about yesterday's win in the meadow land. sports coming up
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fresh prince of bellaire home improvement and cheers. last time nfl team block three kicks in the game all of those shows were starring in prime time. the year was 1991. the eagles, battering the giants on special teams, yesterday, they blocked an extra point, a punt, and malcolm jenkins blocking a field goal. special teams rescued the defense. the win gave bird a first round bye and jenkins gave a powe game speech.
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>> we have an extra day going in to this long week, take sometime to evaluate. that enjoy where we're at. we're still working, staying in the moment. we talk about that all year. lets not getaway. because we are close. stay in the moment. winning is great but you realize it ain't easy. ain't going to be no easier. focus on the process, enjoy every step, family on three, 123, family. >> meanwhile a theme continues for the bird, yesterday eagles fans rolled into the meadow land and brought the noise. with the game on the line giants had a false start on fourth and goal at the five. that pushed them back to the 10. and manning's pass, falling incomplete right there and eli says you made the difference. >> it was a tough situation, you know, at home, it was loud brent generals could not hear me call the plays. but i guess when you are only winning two games you have a lot of eagles fans and they are loud and we could not hear and that is why we jumped off
6:26 pm
side. >> loud and proud. >> flyers host kings tonight at center looking for their seventh straight win. sixers are on the road in chicago as they take on the bulls, no joel embiid tonight, he is getting a maintenance day. highlights for both games tonight at 11:00. cole and heidi hamels are giving during this holiday season. couple donating their 9.75 million-dollar mansion on the rock lake in missouri to a non-profit organization called , camp barn a bus. they serve people with special need, and chronic illnesses. hamels starting building the home while he played here in philadelphia, but, after getting traded to the rangers they decided to move to the dallas area. >> way to go heidi and cole. >> pretty amazing. up next, we will check back with our joy of sharing toy fest.
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bring a new toy to our studios 1555 hamilton street here in philadelphia if you cannot make it, always text, text the
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word joy to 41444. captioning sponsored by cbs >> amtrak 501 emergency. we are on the ground. >> glor: a deadly train wreck in washington state. >> we're coming around the corner to take the bridge over i-5 and we went on the ground. >> we could hear and feel the cars crumbling and breaking apart. >> glor: also tonight, the power is back in atlanta, but more flights are canceled. >> this is a nightmare. >> glor: a modern-day cold war. >> there's almost a mini arms buildup going on. >> glor: rhode island's charlie brown christmas. >> i've killed it. oh, everything i touch gets ruined. >> glor: and unidentified flying objects. the pentagon's secret program to identify them. >> this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor.


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