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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 19, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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i mean i work at the post office. and, they are, full of package s, there is a lot of money in those things. >> pack of package thieves, strike in delaware county, woman driving the amazon van robbed at gunpoint. good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer. jessica dean is off tonight. "eyewitness news" reporter chante lens is live in darby township with more on the frightening incident chante. >> reporter: police say this has never happened in this town and for that reason they are trying to catch everyone hoist responsible. >> at gunpoint driver amazon delivery driver. >> reporter: female subcontractor amazon delivery driver was kidnaped and robbed at gunpoint in the briar cliff section of darby township. >> is what wrong with people today. that is awful. that woman could have been killed. >> reporter: brazen crime which happened after 8:00 started on oakwood drive near park drive. >> four males driving a dark
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colored sedan and block off her car exited the vehicle and proceeded to rob her. >> reporter: it didn't stop there darby township police put her back into the van and drove down oakwood drive. we have tracked some of the route detectives say they held her inside the uhall driving about a mile going in and out of side streets, and they were park in the 1,000 block of oak wood drive and left her unharmed with the van. they stole several packages and her cell phone, police say that the thieves then left in the same dark colored sedan. >> it has always been a nice neighborhood so hearing something like that kidnapping , that is, you know, we have kid around here and it is scary. >> reporter: amazon released a statement to "eyewitness news" reading in part thinks a terrible incident and we are thankful that the driver is safe. amazon will work with law enforcement and delivery service provider as they investigate. >> i'm so glad she was not harmed. i hope they catch whoever it
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is, real soon. >> reporter: and detectives are canvassing the area for surveillance, so far no suspects or arrest but if you have any information you are asked to contact police. live from darby township chant e len force cbs-3 "eyewitness news". right now in west philadelphia police are investigating the stabbing death of the eight five-year old man, who was found unresponsive inside a home on addison street. our greg argos is live at the scene there and greg what do you know so far. >> reporter: nicole this all happened 2:30 this afternoon we are told a family member of the victim arrived to the home here in the 5300 block of addison street when that person found a eight five-year old male stabbed multiple times, he was pronounced dead at the scene. i want to show you picture of the victim family members, friend whose gathered, identified him as eight five-year old willie cooper a former sanitation worker here for sit of philadelphia they say he was sort of the bedrock in this community of this block, specifically, he helped out so many people here. now right now investigators
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have been spending hours combing through the home trying to figure out exactly what happened to the victim here around 2:30 this afternoon, once again not much information as to what exactly happened but police investigator tells me it appears there might be a forced entry or exit into the home possibly by the person who may have committed this crime. a lot of investigators have been focusing on the basement window taking video as well as pictures of that window right now. earlier here this afternoon, on the 5300 block here in southwest philadelphia. but family members and friends once again say this was a member of the community that they cherish, love and they will miss, lets take a listen. >> everybody on this block loves all of his familiar and really turn themselves in, he never hurt anyone, he was a good person. >> everybody loves him on the block. did he everything for everybody. so it is just a tragedy, that we have to go through this.
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>> and, back here live crime scene unit detectives and investigators are here trying to piece together exactly what happened. they are looking at that window, earlier. police, focusing, on a entrance point for who ever may have caused this homicide here in southwest philadelphia we will continue to follow but that is very latest live from southwest philadelphia, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks,. a manhunt is on for mask gunman who robbed a bank in delaware county. state police tell "eyewitness news" around 12:15 the man seen in this surveillance video walked in the, malvern federal savings bank at 940 baltimore pike in concord township, armed with the handgun and that is not all. after demanding money police say, suspect left behind a device, telling people in the bank it was a bomb. entered the bank, and, demanded, a certain amount of cash and prior to leaving the device it was a bomb.
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>> we had a bomb squad come out and they cleared it. it was not a true bomb. >> police say there were no injuries, the bank was not crowded at the time of the robbery. the suspect fled in the silver pontiac. if you have any information you are asked to contact the police. controversial construction of a new middle school dividing a montgomery county community, reaches a boiling point, tonight's school board will vote on whether the project will proceed or not. "eyewitness news" report's leash a neares is live where residents are gathering before that meeting begins, alycia. >> reporter: nicole, meeting is scheduled to start in an hour around 7:00 at district headquarters. we are told it is expected to be a packed meeting. we are told and have seen people for the school still being built, they are showing up with green signs, and those who are against it, well, they are showing up with red signs, just a visual says of just how divided this community is over this middle school project. this has been a controversial
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middle school project in montgomery county. >> i think that this issue has absolutely divided our community. >> reporter: one in the upper perkiomen school district two weeks ago bowled over in controversy, when new school board members turn the tides and narrowly vote to terminate already started middle school project. doing so on behalf of concern taxpayers worried about their taxes going up because of the 55 million-dollar price tag of the new school. >> little more easier on the taxpayers budget if you just throw money it would have been regular standing school. >> reporter: school board members who vote in the five- four vote to term national project did so without knowing the cost to terminate would still to be taxpayers, something becoming more clear now. >> the buy out for the contractors, contracts as it is written is in the high 18 million-dollar. that is what it will cost to pay them to leave without any further litigation. >> reporter: district acknowledge is it already spent about 10 million-dollar
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on the site before halting construction. tonight a special school board meeting has been called for district to figure out how to proceed. >> i hope this evening they had two weeks to take an opportunity to assess facts and my hope is that they reinstate the project. >> i do hope they stay firm in the decision. i don't want a new middle school. >> at this point it is not a matter of for or against the school but what are all those millions of dollars in taxes going to buy us, something or nothing. >> reporter: and today we have tried repeatedly to reach out to the five members who voted to halt middle school project, tried to get a comment but none of the five members were available to talk with us. that meeting again is starting tonight at 7:00. the members are expected to be here and hopefully the people here can get answer from his them. reporting live from montgomery county, alycia neares for "eyewitness news". warm weather day, made for , quite the scene in the delaware valley. runners donned shorts for their afternoon jog at penns landing while at dilworth park
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people could ice skate with few layers then usual. meteorologist kate bilo's outside on the sky deck tracking our impending cool down, kate. >> that is right, starting to feel chilly out here right now mainly because of the winds, the wind is picking up ahead of the advancing cold front to knock the temperatures just back to reality for tomorrow. today's highs were well above average to the tune of 15 degrees above average across the area you can see temperatures have started to fall off now that the sun has gone down and we are in the lower 50's in the city. fifty-one allentown. forty-four mount pocono. wind making it feel much colder then term ter would have you believe. winds southwest at 10 to 15 miles an hour, that is making it feel more like 40's right now. you can see our average high his four. we were well above that today. notice we hit a val anytime for first day of winter, that is thursday when temperatures are below normal and then we will climb up for holiday weekend. coming up we will tell you how warm it will get on saturday
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and tracking rain and could impact your traveling plans. back to you. investigating vandalism of three menorahs a hate crime. they provided these pictures of the three that were vandal ized between sunday night and monday morning. the katz jewish community center one has several branch es snapped off, down the street menorah at ball field on jerome avenue was vandal ized. pieces of broke than glass are still near base of the third damage menorah at municipal pier. >> i was bald when i saw it laying on the side and bulbs except for one were smashed. >> police are asking for public's help for information and they want anyone to see anyone suspicious around those public menorahs to report to it authorities. well, caravan of kindness made its way to philadelphia today. >> coming up how a chart topping r and b group and reality tv star are set to change spirits in the silt i of brotherly love.
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also this. these talented kid got to part which police officers in philadelphia's third district today. how the celebration doubled in the lesson in community relations and civic engagement , up next on "eyewitness news" at 6:00.
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gift of music helped give local seniors in holiday spirit today. >> ♪ >> jingle bells. >> r and b group escape and few other special guests visited the senior center in west philadelphia. the seniors were treated to performances of holiday classics and this is all part of the fourth annual caravan of kindness and cariology for a cause. santa claus took sometime out of his busy schedule to
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vice variety special children in philadelphia. "eyewitness news" caught up with the big fellow, in northern liberties. this storm will enjoy festive holiday party and receive personalized gift, organizers say these children love this annual santa visit. >> and we can see, how they put out their hands and they clutch things, and you you can see from it their demeanor,. >> wonderful. frankie's world is non-profit, medical day care facility that , also offers services for medically disabled children. philadelphia police department is making the holiday brighter for members of the community. justin udo takes us inside a special christmas party, for residents in need. >> reporter: thanks to santa claus and police officers of the third ninth district 60 preschoolers in north philadelphia will have a merry christmas. >> it warms my heart for doing stuff for the kid, and see the smiles on their face it is
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touching, priceless. >> reporter: officer allen says all of the kid attending their annual christmas part your get a v tech tablet, color book crayons and personalized letter from the police in their district. for the kid, the gifts, party, and meeting santa claus is a christmas miracle that they need. >> i love santa claus. >> christmas is my favorite because you get to do whatever you want. >> reporter: officials say christmas season is perfect opportunity to hold event where they can build bridges with some of philadelphia's youngest residents, and men and women in blue charged with protecting them. >> i think it vice important. i think it should start with the young age with what they are doing now and it just build a relationship with the police and children and the community. >> reporter: filled with the holiday spirit hamburgers and hot dogs too, kid gave officers and police card filled with cancer something that they will treasure. >> i will keep it. >> reporter: party between police and community is not an isolated event. district all across the city are holding them to bring holiday cheer to the people that they serve.
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justin udo for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> there you go. >> party with the present right there i love that. >> indeed good stuff. >> i'm loving weather, even though it is, probably some people don't because it is winter. >> they want winter. >> we had winter last week. >> we had three snow events in one week. >> yes, you are right. >> we're good. >> after that people that were stuck in that traffic on friday with the snow coming down at rush hour probably don't want any. >> that was a mess. >> yes. this week has been better. feels chillier outside, wind picked up, my hair blowing around out there, and, the wind is in play but temperatures still well above average for this time of the year. when talking about a little chilly, on this, date, late december, that is not, and doing good. lets take a look in, take you to bethlehem where folks are walking around doing last minute christmas shopping and good stuff there on main street, as we look live from
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the hotel, bethlehem on the south side, we were there last week for holiday fess, and heading to bucks county this week. all around the area everyone in the holiday spirit and weather, well, it feels more like halloween time then it does, christmastime. storm scan three showing a storm moving n few light showers moving in across new york state, and, and, most of us, are dry with this front moving through. but that is going to knock down temperatures. back reality tomorrow with temperatures heading closer to where they should be. we can see bubble of cooler air, blue and purple but watch what happens as we head in the even of the week, temperatures rise once again as system approaches from the west. and, heading in to friday and saturday sem tours rise as our next system moves through. when you see cold, mild era begins each other like that, it can determine there is a system, storm right here. cold front here. this will unleash upon us as we head into next week. it will be colder just in time
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for christmas day. as much as i love temperatures above average you don't want it to be too warm. it should be chilly. it looks like it will be. winter officially begins on thursday, and that is the 21st of december, 11:28 a.m. is the time of the winter solstice. darkest days of the year, shortest daylight, nine hours and 20 minutes, and then we will start climbing again by friday. so we have got a couple systems as we head into your holiday weekend. mess of the showers here friday, are off to the north so traveling, take you up to new england, boston, a few slow downs here on friday. saturday, it is a day we will get dicey, very warm day but it will be wet, we have rain especially in the morning, showers in the afternoon, and then that clears out. once along the coast as we head into christmas day it depend on the set up but there could be a few flakes, light flurries or snow showers, possibly a rain shower depending on just how cold it will be, doesn't look like a big deal but a few flurries on christmas day wouldn't be so bad. rainy start to the weekend, 47
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christmas eve, should be cry trn sunday. christmas day a few flakes, temperatures are seasonalt about 44 for the high. overnight mainly clear not too cold 37 is your low, tomorrow, much cooler then today but seasonal december day, mostly sunny for your wednesday, thursday looks good, chilly but again 42 is right where we should for december. we will climb backup on saturday but rain with that 61 , cooler and then chance for rain or perhaps a few flakes on christmas day, i'll tell you after christmas it will get colder. everyone hoping for cold for christmas you will get your wish. >> just wait a little bit. >> thanks, kate. >> hi don. >> we are talking hoops tonight. he was scheduled to play and now he is not, why joel embiid is out begins kings. one philadelphia eagles take out his frustration on twitter what ronald darby's telling fans in
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don bell joining us now talk about the bird. >> all i want for christmas is home field advantage. >> within player, for everybody to shut up and get off his back. that is where we are. >> ter >> it should be all roses with you it is in the r now. little . >> the 12-two eagles are talk of the town. oddly enough not because they have a first round bye but because they could in the contain the giants on sunday. people are talking about cornerback ronald darby, he had a rough game in the meadow land allowing six catches for 139-yard. darby, didn't talk to the media after the game but today , he took to twitter. here's what he had to say. for fans that sit around and wait for mistakes to trash talk they will be getting blocked starting to day. block on twitter. we are nothing but human. much love to the loyal won we will continue to work, goal,
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to always get a w no matter how it looks. jim schwartz talk about darby today. >> i wouldn't say that ron darby issues but would i say secondary issues. ron gave up some playness this game but i think everybody in our secondary maybe other than corry graham gave up at least a play. he made that interception. that helped spark us. we were struggling. that interception had a lot to do with us getting back in that game and winning that game. you have to give him credit for that also. >> dude, everybody need to chill. they need to relax. couple games left, chill out. bowl season is underway in college football and temple owls are getting ready to take on florida international. owls are playing in the, bad boy mowers gasparilla bowl in st. petersberg, florida. they practiced in sunshine city this afternoon. temple is playing in a school record third straight bowl game, geoff collins believes his guys are focused.
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>> wer assignments, play clean football, play school and know that we will have an owe pope don't play, all about us and our preparation, and every day >> and sixers will be up, with joel embiid tonight. coach brett brown says he is in the playing against the kings due to back tightness. embiid missed last night game in chicago, load management. sixers are one-five when he does not play. >> flares are off tonight. listen, it is hard to gain consistency if you get to work every day and people you expect to be around you are not around. >> not there. >> it is difficult. team is in a tough position and so is joe joe. >> one-five. >> one-five without him. >> is that good. >> make that home field throughout the playoffs and a new back for joe joe for christmas, how that. >> yes. >> thanks, buddy. >> "cbs evening news" just a few minutes away. >> jeff glor joins with us a look ahead, jeff. >> tonight we are following
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that break news out of mexico after a tour bus, carrying americans crashed. we are looking deeper in the train derailment south of seattle yesterday, what wasn't being done and what can be done to protect passengers. getting robo calls you are not alone one study says they are up 76 percent year after year, and they are looking into why. just ahead on the "cbs evening news". and how mayor kenney and another local politician dressed the part, for a holiday lights show.
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well, philadelphia's franklin square is all a glow, for this season but tonight it is shining brighter. >> two special gets created the crowd at annual holiday lights show that is mayor jim kenney and buddy the el f and santa but he is hard at work, of course in the north pole. this santa is councilman mark squilla. >> they look alike. >> yes, they look good. >> yes, i'm telling you. through have it. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00, "eyewitness news" returns at 10 on our sister station wpsg the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". tonight ana warner explains why not just why rob on. calls are on the rise but why the do not call registry cannot dial back these scams. from new york here now is jeff glor, take care family we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> the conference report is adopted without on general election. the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table ?asm the house passes the biggest tax overhaul in 3 31 years. we'll look at the impact on homeowners and buyers. also tonight, a deadly bus crash involving americans in mexico. was the amtrak engineer distracted when he took a curb at nearly three times the speed limit? [phone ringing] robo-calls hit an al naim time high. why it's so hard to stop them. robo president, a new addition to the club. >> it's a privilege to sever as the president of the united states. a grocery store becomes an opera house. and taking selfies to


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