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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  December 20, 2017 2:07am-2:38am EST

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why a well-known lawyer claims he was assaulted inside a philadelphia government bang. tax vote re-do, the house passes tax reform with one hiccough, the glitch. >> he loves all his family >> a family in pain after an
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85-year-old man murdered in his home. what investigators are >> good evening everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. >> in for those who knew the victim say he put his first, he was found unresponsive in a home on addison street in west philadelphia, greg argos is live at police headquarters with the latest on the investigation. greg? >> reporter: nicole, good evening, investigators say it appears the back door of that west philly was kicked in. an 85-year-old man dead, his family members said he was stabbed multiple times inside his back. >> everybody in the family. >> reporter: 85-year-old >> it's so hard to believe they would do that he is to him. >> reporter: found dead inside his home, stabbed multiple time.
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>> reporter: family members at a loss why he was killed but the memories they share of willie flowing freely. >> this was a great person to be around, i learned a lot. >> reporter: the 85-year-old was a normaler philly sanitation worker and spent his time caring for others and his beloved neighborhood. >> he was sweet. he would help us. >> reporter: around 2:30, one of us relatives found him stabbed inside his home. investigators say there was damage to the back door but would not say whether it was linked to a possible home invasion. they caught crime scene technicians focuses on a window, with no arrests and plenty of questions. >> why? this world is so cruel. >> reporter: loved ones are
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hoping police tracked down whoever is responsible. >> whoever did this needs to be caught. >> reporter: police have not made arrests. if you happen to know anything. pick up the phone and call the philadelphia police department. we're live at philadelphia police headquarters, greg argos cbs3 "eyewitness news." chopper 5 over south philadelphia where a 17-year-old boy shot in the head on dick consistent son street. police say the teenager was shot when he and others were trying to keep the shooter outside of the restaurant. that shooter fired through the glass doors striking the teen. he's now in critical condition. police are still looks for the shooter. a well-known attorney gets hurt in a scuffle with deputies at a center city courthouse and surveillance video records it all. that attorney is filing a lawsuit against the officers. alexandria hoff is at the
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criminal justice center to tell you more about it. >> reporter: earlier this year a new rule went into effect in allows visitors to bring their phones inside after they've been secured inside of a locked power outage so they can't be used. a local attorney explained to us that was at starting point what she calls a violent encounter >> if it could happen to him, a white man in a suit and tie, in front of cameras, who among sis safe? >> that's attorney patricia appears. back in august, she said haines was a client and had forgotten had his card meaning he had to enter into general security >> he realized that he had ledge the phone on. >> when he approached the
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sheriff's deputy to unlock the power outage to silence the phone, she said her client felt he was spoken to rudely and he said to the deputy, looking you know, that was really rude. you really shouldn't be talking to members of the public like that. >> reporter: video shows the deputy pushed haines everything else times >> he pushes his hand away and in the event everything breaks loose and five guards jump on him. one of them gets him in a chokehold around his neck. >> reporter: when he's taken to the ground his shoulder is dislocated and blown and he spent 18 hours in custody. while the district attorney's decided not to press charges he's now suing for the incident. alleging assault, battery. and emotional distress >> the spokesperson told me as of this evening they have not
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been made officially aware of the lawsuit therefore could not provide comments. reporting live outside of the criminal justice center we had a taste of springtime in december. meteorologist kate bilo is life on the sky deck. it's not too bad even at this hour. >> not too bad. for mid december where the week before december it could be colder the temperature is warmer. today was mild, as we head back to reality colder air is moving inform it's 47 in philadelphia. 47 in allentown, 48 in reading, temperatures may not even get this high all day long. that's because we got changes on the way. winds still brisk out of the south and west and coming in how have an advance, cold front, it takes us particular above
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average. we head into the holiday weekend we will see temperatures higher than what we felt. the front is off to the north. you can see showers across portions of upstate new york, nothing getting in for us except cooler air, as we head back. we'll be tracking rain and it could impact holiday travels. back to you. >> see you in a bit. construction of a new middle school will go ahead. residents participated in discussions. a newly elected school board recently voted to terminate contracts for school. a possible tax mike. the construction also would have cost the district millions.
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the republican tax reform bill could be on president trump's desk. because of a glitch regarding rules, the house has to vote again tomorrow. opponents condemn as a give away to corporations and the weather, republicans insist the bill will benefit everyone. they say they will save money but by 2027 more than harmful will pay more than they do now. federal investigators are looking into whether an engineer was distracted. they say the emergency brake was activated automatically and not by the engineer. crews worked into the evening removing train cars. witness it's ran to help victims described harrowing scene
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>> everybody was inside was either killed or pinned inside >> in addition to the engineer and the locomotive cab there was also a conductor learning the route. all of the the crew had to be hospitaled. three were killed and dozens injured on the maiden voyage of this newly opened train line at least 12 dead after a bus in mexico. the bus was taken to ship passengers to in eastern mexico. seven americans and two swedes are among the injured. royal caribbean said passengers from two of its ships were involved in the crash philadelphia police are searching for the driver. police say the victim was he was struck by an suv. victim was taken to einstein
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medical center with serious injuries. police say this may have started as a road rage incident between the driver of two vehicles and one lost control. . police are investigating the armed robbery of a contracted amazon delivery driver in delaware county. the woman was robbed at gunpoint around 8:00 on ok wood drive in darby township. man ordered that driver back into her van and made her drive into an ally way >> it's been a nice neighborhood. to hear something like that. kidnapping, we got a lot of kids >> i hope they catch whoever it is soon. >> police don't have any suspects and a statement amazon said, this is a terrible incident and we are thankful to delivery driver is safe. a am amazon will work with law enforcement as they investigate.
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. the manhunt continues for the masked gunman. after noon, man seen in this photo walked into the malvern savings bank on baltimore pike. police say the suspect left behind a device but they determined it was not a pawn. if you have information, you've asked to call police authorities are investigating the vandalism of flee manor are as. which were vandalsed some time between sunday and monday, the jewish center had several branchs kept. pieces of broken glass are still near the base of the third damaged at the municipal pier >> i was appalled and all the bulbs were smashed
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>> police are asking for help to report to it to authorities. mcdonald's is try, something new. robo calls reach record levels. why so many are getting through to consumers facebook and your face, why the social media site is now looking for your photos, even if you didn't post them the most annoying words of 2017 are revealed. we'll have a look at the list and the o
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it says you apply the blue one ok, letto me. this. here? no. have a little fun together, or a lot. k-y yours and mine. two sensations that work together, so you can play together. a report says americans got 76% morrow bow calls.
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experts say they do not call registry. it blocks legal calls and many of the robe calls are illegal. experts say if you do not recognize the number don't pick up facebook is now using facial recognition technology to letter user when is a photo of them is uploaded even if the user isn't tagged. members can message anyone who post as photo to ask that it be taken down. users can request facebook will remove a photo. social media said it's used this since 2010 but the new tool is aimed at preventing impersonation. fake said it will not use facebook recognition to target advertising. mcdonalds introducing a mcvegan. it's been tested at a handful mcdonald's locations in finland. mcvegan will become part of the
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permanent locations in finland and sweden starting december 28th. this artist rendering depicts a small format target store set to open near lancaster in july of 18. it will offer customer as question shopping experience, including grocery, it will employ 50 to 70 workers there's nearly one work that americans agree is the most annoying of all words. >> whatever. really. that's the word. >> it's not the only one in gets some people stirred. >> more than 20 years ago, the movie clueless made it cool. it tops the list of most annoying >> whatever. >> really?
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>> that's like an old word. people say it all the time. whatever. >> get out my space, leave me alone >> 33% of americans consider whatever the most word or phrase of 2017. followed by fake news. >> this is donald trump originate that. >> next up? no offense, but >> offend somebody. >> criticism >> don't say defense to that, but i'll tell you >> 11% think the word literally has literally run its coors >> you know what i mean >> really. that phrase was found equally frustrating. >> whatever. you know what i mean? literally >> what does this mean. >> stick with saying what we mean. >> put thoughts into it >> there you have it. i have to tell you if our
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newsroom had a vote, him ember at the word humbled, i'm him embered. your honored to receive the award. >> ok. ok. >> i use it from time to time, too. >> a lot of people do. >> back in the newsroom has come up >> that makes. >> for whatever the reason meaning we're like. no. >> it is nice. >> the next two days will be sunny. i'd rather have 45 degrees and sunny an 60 and raining personally. at least the sun will be silenting. it won't building quite as warm as we head into the weekend we'll see temperatures rebound.
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a live look outside. center city looking light up. a lot of folks out and about, maybe people are at home getting things ready nor the holiday, celebrating a holiday. center city looking pretty nice tonight not feeling too bad and here's a look at a time laps, started gloomy but once the concludes fertiled out. stormscan 3 shows snow showers across new england. it doesn't have a lot with it. showers and snow showers are limited. you can kind of see the cooler air moving in changing to snow. temps are still in the upper 40's and the city in in the 50's
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in atlantic city wildwood and dover, 48 in reading, temperatures drop and don't really rise much through the day tomorrow. you can see tomorrow we're in that cool flow. blue line there bringing cooler drier air in canada tomorrow and nurse really and in the event friday into saturday, milder i lifts up as another batch of cold starts to advance into the northern plains. cold and mild pitted against each other. you can almost visualize. it's a temperature roller coaster, upper 50's, mid 40's tomorrow, bear. hitting 40's he thursday. winter does officially begin by the way on thursday at 11:28 a.m. friday stray sprinkle to the north, saturday starts with rain as the cold front moves and few
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flurries here for christmas day, travel plans rain on saturday. red light, sunday looks ok for christmas eve, and a chance for snow shower, temperatures for the christmas holiday looking seasonal. 37 will be your low for wednesday, cooler and seasonal at 46. and your eyewitness weather seven-day forecast, theories the warmup saturday. sunday windy and cooler. monday christmas day, everybody will be traveling starting tomorrow morning, katie fehlinger, no matter where you're going we got you covered. >> thanks kate. . talking football. the rosters have been announced take a guess which eagles on the team. the sixers build a 16 point lead
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without jo jo.
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. in the second sharing is caring. simmons. nails a three. jay left the game. buddy with 24 points offer the bench, sixers lose third straight. lost seven out of eight. come on, man. killing me. the pro ball roster has been announced. we all hope that no eagles play as snap, because it's the week
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before the super bowl. a bitter sweet day for carson wentz, voted into the game as as the nfc starting quarterback. he had 33 touchdowns and seven picks. carson wasn't loan, congratulates, lane johnson, fletcher cox, malcolm jenkins and the steelers leading the nfl with eight. there's a concern about the defense, it could quite contain the giants, ronald darby. allowing six catches for 139 afterwards, darby didn't talk to the media but he did lash out some of his critics. jim schwartz talked about darby today >> i wouldn't say they were ron darby'sishes. he gave up plays in this game but i think everybody in our
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secondary gave up at least a play. he made that interception. we were struggling and that interception had a lot to do with us getting back in that game and winning. you got did give him, i give him credit for that. >> on the college hoops, congratulates to gino, the yukon women's basketball coach. picking up his 1,000th career win. it's the fourth women's coach to receive 1,000 win mark the overall record is 1,000 wins in just 135 losses. >> wow >> led yukon to 11 national titles. you're ridiculous. >> that is. that's fantastic. >> that is. that's fantastic. >> up next, not all fish oil supplements provide the same omega-3 power. megared advanced triple absorption is absorbed three times better. so one softgel has more omega-3 power than three standard fish oil pills.
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megared advanced triple absorption.
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that's mayor jim kenney. this santa is councilman. a fun night for all. kate? >> it's a big weekend. the christmas holiday weekend. temperatures in the low 60's on saturday. sunday look as little more seasonal, cool-down and slightly above average, but not the prettiest weekend. we'll see clouds an
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. morning team back tomorrow. i'm ukee washington >> i'm nicole brewer. late show is next >> have a good night - [narrator] the following is a paid presentation for luminess silk, brought to you by luminess air. watch how this touchless makeup appears to erase flaws like magic. it'll transform the way you look in minutes. - you're gonna see it just disappear.


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