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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  December 27, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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♪ñf= tonight -- hollywood beauty secrets revealed. >> what's the craziest beauty trend you have tried and regretted. >> the tips to make all women feel more beautiful. >> the sky's limit. then courtney cox's injection confession. the moment she decided to make radical change to her face. you treatment once a month. why some clubs arec using charcoal to look better and this is treatment of all, meet the masseuse who bites -- this isentertainment
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tonight." >> welcome, everyby, from rihanna to christie brinkley, hollywood beauty school is in session. >> we're getting the tricks of om carpet. let's kick it out with kim kardashian west. >> kim is cashing in on and that is cashing with "k" on her beauty empire. >> what's the craziest beauty trend you have tried and regretted. >> that facial. that was really like the most painful thing ever did. >> keep going. >> youuys signed up for five five years. >> you'll be doing this sho until you're he 2, i think. >> yikes! i like being busy. when i'm not busy that's when i start to get uncomfortable. >>ow did kim manage to buic a
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$175 million brand? not just from posting shots lik this, she's also superopen about ngeverythi even her surrogate. >> viously, you pick someone that you completely tru but it's still knowing that i was able to carry my first two babies and not, you know, my baby now that it's hard for me. >> kim'sragrance sold out in six days and herbrand-new appscreenshot any fashionista. >> ybody's calling at this time shazam of fashion. that's really cool. greatest things in pop of the history, jennifer lawnce interviewing you. >> she started , like, text me, hey, should we do? honestly, don't ask me anything,
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let's wing it. >> i really want kanye to style me and i said, okay, i come back in -- y have full range to ask me anything. okay, got it. i loved it. >> meanwhile kim's younger sister kiley is dominating the cosmetic line. th, there's riri, she launched her beaut line this year. she admitted to me that she doesn't always feel beautiful. you're one of the most beautiful women in the entire world. when you look in the mirror, do you feel that beauty? >> i'melative when i look in the mirror. i know if i'm in shape, out ofs. i'm not lying to myself and i'm not feeling bad about that,
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either. it is what it is. you got dark circles? i just wear more makeup. >> that's how she handling insecurities. love it. lace-up stilettos?ese sparkly the boots, thisns when youeminating. ♪ >> worth reported a million, she's adding to her beauty line. the 29-year-old made headlines telling"elle"agazine she wants to tvel back ten minute before she lost her virginity. >> as a kiall, your moms never want you to grow up too fast. now, it's like, sky's the limit. no rules. i can do whatever i want. ♪ >> this line you said is very
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important to you to create beauty for all women. why is that your manifesto, because all women teel autiful and have a choice and an option when they go to the makeup counter. women love makeup. >> and other rihannas new i'm excited about, she's co-charg next year the met galwith amal clooney. courtney cox, america fell in love with her two decades ago on "friends." and now she's gettiabout her be. >> my outlook on beauty has changed. i would say, less is more. >> no more injections and courteney. everything is going droppy was trying to make it not drop but that made me look fake.
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she described the turning point, saying, que, i have one friend who was like, whoa, no more, i thought i haven't done anything in six months. realize. courteney isn't the only star that regretted using injections. the doctor warned me about side effects from the botox. i'm feeling like my eyes are on fire. >> i got that botox a yearago, i'm started to look like. >> you casoverdo and fillers are removele and courteney had her . this doctor says it's done with an enzyme solution. >> we inject it into the areas where ty had fierit take ras co. >> courteney came to one more
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realization about aging i think we all should keep in mind. they're not wrinkles they're smile lines. now who better that the stars to tell us their red carpet secret. beauty hacks at any age. >> i just stay consistent. consistency with products that great for your skin. >> tons of water. >> great advice for the 20-something crow keeping their tone figure has nothing to d with food deprivation. instead it's all about portion control. >> we have our salads. next up the flirty 30. the 33-year-old has some simple beauty rules. >> i drink water and get sleep and don't drink a lot of alcohol or sugars. i'm obsessed with yoga. that's like my b beside the horse and and 40 has never looked so fabulous.
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>> one ar do a good detox for maintenance. >> people always say i'll sleep when i'm die. no, sleep when needed. >> love yourself, be kind to yo. as women we're really hard on each other. so, how do you glam at 50? michelle pfeiffer says there isn't a big secret. >> there's no magic cream. it' diet, exercise, your stress levels. >> i think that people are just astounded you can be pushing 60 and still be okay. glassf wine eve day, i don't know. >> and finally, 60-plus. this is the ultimate in beauty advice, how you look on the outside really depends on what you put inside. >> i haven't eaten meat, rely,
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since i was 27, that's 4 years ag >> i love a cocktail. i love peanut butter and jelly. if you're blessed with good health you should take advantage of it. >> okay, clearly in hollywood it's all aboutut your best ce forward. >> and a good cleansing face will do just that. the go-to faal treatments. my daughters are doing a face mask. i'm obsessed with that. >> i put it on time d my skin has never looked better in my life. >> i do use them especially on a long flight. >> if i was flying i'd probably take one of these with me. >> i for sure have done a face mask on the airplane. >> this celebrity et situation
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tells us what to look for. c is. it's great forinflammation, pig minati mination. it great for anti-aging propert the stars' most bizarre treatment yet. the beauty benefits of charcoal. then, we'll show you hollywood's favorite n procedure to get rid of cellulite. >> you can do it on the back of the thigh, the front of the thigh. and beauty treats frombrink she swears by
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annett benning talk about their character's may to december romance. >> it was very quick
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♪ yeah, take it from khloe kardashian a good mask will go a
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very long way. a must for any red carpet. >> now, some say it's especially true if it's me from one this key ingredient, i'm talking about charcoal. >> charcoal eye patch on. charcoal all theway. >> yes, i'm into it. >> always a remedy at our house. >> woodley and gwyneth have been very vocbout using charcoal. you can think of charcoal as it will act as magnet for dirt and oil. it won't irritate your skin. itd into a drink. >> i have had it in a lemonade. >> i like it. >> a little gritty texture. >> some beauty gurus believe it redu reduces, mroeting lowers cholesterol.
7:44 pm a charcoal lemonade >> her bestie, priyanka use >> i keep it with me >> another added benefit,ome can even whiten mom gave a lit all of her kids for chma pearly whites. right, nischelle turner. still ahe brinkley's go-to beauty treatments. her tips look l at . then, forget deep tissue, this hollywood masseus sierks has some which pop star bit back at her. >> was like, oh -- losed captioning provided by --
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♪ two, three. >> how cute that's justin timberlake getting a little assist from his 2-year-old. justin knows an interesting masseu masseuse. >> this masseuse to the stars is all about helping celebrities to relax. she really sinks her teeth into her work. >> when they hear that i bite people first that's myppof the . they're like, i definitely have to dry that wh i massaged katy perry,he was walking around naked in her dressing room, gorgeous, i was like, wow. them all.octor said she's seen
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she's giving back-biting in hollywood a whole new -- she's cut her teeth in the business. >> my mother thought my hands weren't strong enough when i was five. she said, bite me. justin tim bear laikas with insync. i knew he would make it big. >> doctor saidanye west is a fan, too. >> he loved it. >> after all that talk about biting we triedt out. how does it feel at first. >> it hurts. >> the doctor claims her approach. >> probably the most massage i ever had in my life. i had to wait in a room full of food. the manager waslike, eat whatever you want.
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her favorite chocolates. . she flipped out. >> her sessions start at $150. nibble includ. >> i never advertise it's just through word of mouth. >> her clients feels like aeep tissue massage. okay, let's talk about a beauty fix that's angel approv. new celeb treatment that gs catwalk problem areas runway-rdy. >> this is what it's like to stand next tohe hottest woman in the world. >> oh, my gosh. >> the $2 million fantasy bra during the victoria's secret show this year, this back shot made the twittersphere explode. she has stretch marks. >> you ladies work your off. at the gym, the weights, the rope. >> i want to look my best, of course, i think the impression
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is trying to look best. >> she they get ready runway ready at era spa. it can be done on your lunch break. after six sessions to could be bye-bye sell yllulite. >> any imperfecons they're going to show. this treatment definitely tightens it up. i love it. >>ther celebclientele include serena williams and la la anthony. >> if you leave here and you go on a cola and eetos binge all the cellulite is going to come back. >> i wouldn't mind a little >> every woman wants tha treatment. a supermodel like christie
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brinkley aood beauty treatment and paying it forward. >> alt 63, she's sharing her beauty wealth. s shes's not afraid to get a little help. >> you know what, like, who couldn't use a little tightenening? i'm going to give it a go. >> she's fabulous 63 years old and not shy about sharing her high-tech beauty tips >> i just think 's so crazy that women feel like they have to feel guilty about taking good care of themselves. know, and if they want to go to dermatologist and get a little, you know, fluff and buff,ou know what, why do they have to feel they have to sneak through the back door? no. >> kim and kourtnekardashian have have it done. >> i just need neck tightening. >>ou really only have to do
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this treatment maybe oyear. same injectable christie got to soften wrinkles. >> tell m trying the injections? who wants a frown line sn it getssóny rid your frown nes. so, tt's one line i say good riddance. in literally two minutes. done. >> the beauty mogul has her own skin care line and creates her diet and exercise as her keys to good health. >> i could run and bike all day. kayak, paddle, dancing. >> i'm tired. i think secret is she's happy on the outside. it can be down right crazy. why jennifer aniston
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it not just something we say when yourrive. . the warmth of an iricome stays with you long after yoleave. so come we'll give you the inside track. and let you into some little secrets that wiltake you back through history, bring r landscapes to life, and make your evenings last longer. welcome to ireland.
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i'm not going to lie, that felt good. promo consideration provided by -- all right, before we ,go one last beauty and wellness trend to talk about. deepywood's obsession with the freeze cryotherapy. >> why stars are obsessed wh the big chill. >> all right, here we go. >> inside the cold therapy chamber, temperatures drop topr degrees. if you can last, 2 1/2 minutes of sub zero temperatures can help stimulate tissue healing, reduce inflammation and help koll jcollagen rejuvenatio.
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it's practically a "dancing with the stars" staple. pro dancer maks swears by cryo to help heal injuries he's suffered. >> it's like what an ice pack does times a billion. >> i was a g wn i d it. 16 seconds. >> a whole 15 seconds. >> pretty cold. >> freezing. you freeze your behind off. freeze all that excess stuff off. >> bye,
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hi, everybody, and welcome to the 50th anniversary celebration of the carol burnett show. i'm not your host, stephen colbert, but i am a lifelonfan of carol burnett. it's hard to explain how huge the carol burnett show was. every saturday night, people didn't go out. they stayed in and watched carol. in fact, when the show ended in the late '70s, to do on weekends. just to g carol felt like a friend or a family member. and we thought we knew her, because, at the top of her show, she used to answer questions from the audience. it was like a press conference, only funny on purpose. ♪ announcer: cbs presents this program in color. (applause)
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