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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 1, 2018 12:35am-1:36am EST

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the end of scandal. you see this look on my face? i'm upset about it. i hit the set to talk to kerry washington and the cast about their final season. >> why? >> why what? >> why do you have to go? why does it have to end? >> you don't just move on. you don't walk away. >> are you going to take something? do you want anything? >> i don't think i want to admit that on television. have you seen olivia's closet? i'm going to take a few things. >> i don't have that authority. >> there are a couple of coats that i was like, oh, kerry, get that. >> but i don't own them, so we might have to figure that out. >> one thing for sure, olivia will continue to slay her style this season. but how will the series end? the cast maintains they don't know. >> the best thing about being on the show is being surprised. >> selfishly, i would love to go shoot another scene on the island. >> with your wife or with olivia? >> i want olivia to drown.
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>> oh, i don't like that ending. >> unless they're going to make a scandal movie, then suddenly -- >> yeah. >> now it's up to me. >> and because this tight knit cast will become the graduating class of 2018 -- >> we were like, no, no, shonda, not senior year. >> it begs the question, what superlative would they give olivia pope? >> most likely to scare my children at 3:00 a.m. >> most likely to cause deep mischief. >> based on that picture? >> based on that picture. >> most likely to be committed. >> oh, kerry, you know what i love you but you did look a little cray-cray. no one from the cast is clear on how the show will end. darby stanfield told me at one point she was taping three episodes at a time so she was always confused while filming. up next, the musical mamas
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going out on tour. fergie and pink on trying to balance it all. >> she said, i never thought i'd have to beg you for a cuddle. >> j.lo talks a-rod. >> i couldn't have asked for a better partner. >> and celine dion. don't even try to keep her from singing. ♪ >> closed captioning provided by -- fast like stop staring atcaps help youthe clock fast,st, like stop worrying about your boss fast, like wow, you're already asleep fast.
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♪ you know what? that is our jam. >> yes, it is. >> singer pink is headed to a city near you in 2018. her tour kicks off march 1st in phoenix, arizona. >> pink is wrapping up a great 2017 with her new album. with that came the all too familiar struggles of every working mom. ♪ what about us >> i want my kids to see what it looks like tow have a mom that's a boss. i want to be the best mom in the
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world. i put way too much pressure on myself. that's how we mom now. it's just never good enough. >> pink is thankful her rock star schedule allows her kids to travel the world with her. ♪ >> how proud of your mommy are you? >> very. >> is she the big sister? >> she is. finally she likes him. now that he can laugh, she likes him. [ laughter ] she thought he was very boring and annoying. at one point she looked at me and said, i thought i'd never have to beg you for a cuddle with crocodile tears in her eyes. >> did that kill you? >> yeah. it took about six months. >> channeling that pain into art, pink's seventh studio album, beautiful trauma, debuted at number one. ♪ >> beautiful trauma. i love it, and i need to know where it came from. >> i look at my husband, who is
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this beautiful man, who is covered in scars. and every scar is just -- it's an incredible story of intense trauma that he survived. >> pink's husband of 11 years, form oh motocross rateser carey hart. he's been her musical muse through thick and thin. ♪ >> you said in an article you don't hand your wedding ring back. >> i feel like we've come a long way. i used to throw it. i think i threw it in the pool once. >> saying to all his friends, i'll never see you again. have a nice life. but he's a good man. >> he is. >> and he's super cute. >> aww. >> and another thing we are excited to cheng out in 2018, j.lo in concert. if you want to see her, you've got to head to las vegas. >> you might see keltie and i there. planet hollywood in february, and you better believe a-lod ro
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going to be from cheering on his lady love. they haven't been together a year yet, but j-rod has formed their modern family. ♪ >> it's got to feel so good how people just love you two as a couple. it's incredible to see the reaction out there and how much people are into this. >> i think we're very alike in many ways, and i think that's what makes it work. i think that's why people respond. >> we're alike except i can't sing, dance, act, and i don't look like her. besides that, we're twins. ♪ >> their romance, which seemed to come out of left field, all started with a bold text to j.lo, which said, quote, you look sexy as -- yeah, we can't finish that sentence on air. jennifer tells "vanity fair" she received that text on their first date inside the hotel bel air. during dinner alex excused himself from the table and sent that sexy message. when she read it, j.lo says, quote, the fire alarm went off, and we had to evacuate.
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♪ behind the scenes of the sultry malibu cover shoot, their chemistry was undeniable as alex held tight to jennifer's enviable curves. what makes this couple work? alex says, quote, we are very much twins. they are both proud latinos raised in new york city, and as we discovered in our "e.t." archives, years before getting together, they shared a near verbatim stance on career gratitude. >> i think how lucky am i. >> how lucky am i. >> i find myself incredibly blessed. >> every day i count my blessings. >> call me crazy, i root for her. i love her. >> i root for them. i love them together. this is my favorite version of the j-rod or j.lo or whatever it is by far. >> jennifer is going to have a real busy year ahead because she's kicking things off with a performance the night before the
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super bowl at directv now super saturday night. >> meanwhile fergie is expected to hit the road touring in the new year. she is ready for a fresh start after her very surprising split from her husband of eight years, josh duhamel. when i sat down with the double duchess back in september, she didn't shy away from talking about her ex or their plans to co-parent their 4-year-old son, axl. ♪ >> you decided to go public, but it's been since february. why the wait? >> you know, you don't owe it to everybody announce something the second you decide it. it's a process. really, i don't even know if we would have announced if it wasn't for all the press that we're doing. but it just became time. we're ready to have a big release. >> fergie was a complete pro when i sat down with the 42-year-old to promote her first album in more than ten years, double duchess. she told me there is nothing but love between the exes. >> we're great friends. josh and i, there's so much love that we have for each other.
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we really like each other. we have fun with each other. but we're just not a romantic couple anymore. ♪ >> that sentiment is shared with josh in his first interview post-split with "e.t." he was overcome with emotion while coming to fergie's defense against internet trolls. >> she's an amazing mother. but i've heard that there's been, you know, things said about her. and it, uh -- she's an amazing mother. >> they're going after her, and you're just -- >> yeah. >> why? >> i don't know. >> i'm sorry. >> after taking a moment to collect himself off camera, josh returned. >> axl is doing great. he really is. he doesn't -- you know, the kid gets so much love. he's flourishing. ♪ >> as for life after josh -- >> could there be new love? >> i'm open to love. everything coming from love. love, love, love, love. >> we know 2018 is going to be
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very busy for miss fergie ferg. she's hosting the four. she looks good. >> she looks the best i've ever seen her. let's talk about celine dion. she has added 26 new shows to her las vegas residency at caesar's palace in 2018, and celine is clearly living her best life. >> we are not just talking about her singing voice either as we break down the many -- and we mean many musical sides to queen celine. ♪ ♪ put your head on my shoulder >> let me tell you there is never a dull moment interviewing the incomparable celine. ♪ stayin' alive, stayin' alive ♪ >> this year at paris fashion week, she was giving us light. this snapshot captured by vogue was called the pinnacle of
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celine's sexy reinvention. ♪ wherever you are >> the 49-year-old mother of three catapulted into icon status with that titanic ballad. her son was her date at the billboard music awards in may and reflected on the song's 20th anniversary. >> do you understand how popular and what that song means to this entire generation? >> oh, it's crazy. such an iconic song. it's very special. >> 20 years already. i'm like, oh, okay. i think we're going to need to hold on. i don't know. >> that night celine unleashed the style statement of the year. that amazing dress pretty much had its own weather pattern. celine, celine, are you there? >> it was iconic, wasn't it? if you need even more proof celine is a cool mom, she threw her twins a michael jackson themed birthday party. check out that fedora. >> she's bad. >> on the way, peta, maks, and
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val. news on their tour and what it means for their future on dancing. >> then what it's really like working with oprah. >> we're going to wake up at 5:00. then 7:00 we're going to hike. >> how reese witherspoon got the most out of her on-set experience with lady o. >> plus
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welcome back, everybody. we have been going over things
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that we cannot wait for in 2018. in terms of movies, there's so much excitement coming from disney in the new year. >> including a little film starring this lady, oprah. >> we're actually friends. >> you really are friends? >> take that, ellen. >> these two, oprah and reese, along with mindy kaling give us an eyeful of futuristic makeup in a wrinkle in time. it hits theaters march 9th and the ladies told us what it was like working together. >> we wake up at 5:00. then we're going to hike at 7:00. >> what are you doing? >> i got to squeeze the juice out of this orange. >> squeeze the juice out of this orange every minute, every day. >> then there's the avengers, infinity war. >> get these men. >> at disney's d 23 summit,
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chris hemsworth and robert downey jr. were together on stage. that blockbuster is out may 4th. disney fans will have to wait until next christmas to see emily blunt in mary poppins. >> are they excited? >> my 3-year-old, she hasn't seen the original mary poppins yet. i'm selfishly waiting for my version. >> julianne hough coming back to the screen in a new project called bigger. >> julianne has to transform into the first lady of fitness, betty wieder. >> i'm not as lean as i usually am where i'm super defined. i wanted it to feel more curvy but still fit. so i took back my cardio quite a bit and did more weight training. yeah, i'll have an extra, you know, cookie or two just to, you know, add to the hip.
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>> who knew cookies could do that? julianne recreated this iconic photo of the women's fitness pioneer and did her best to model betty's 18-inch waist. >> how cinched was your waist when you did it? >> i don't have as small of a waist as betty, but we want it to feel as real as possible. >> bigger chronicles the life of betty and her husband, joe weider. the couple co-founded shape magazine. you can call it a full circle moment for julianne, who has been the mag's cover girl four times. >> without them redefining what fitness and health and beauty meant back then, i mean that's what we're relishing in today. so it's pretty amazing. >> also in the movie, callen von moeg ur who plays a young arnold schwarzenegger. >> have you met arnold before? >> i met him the first time at gold's gym actually. he stopped and helped me with some poses.
12:55 am
>> your favorite arnold one-liner? >> put the cookie down. >> okay. that's that. >> i couldn't get past this. >> no one can. >> back to "dancing with the stars." maks and peta along with val are heading on tour in 2018. >> lauren zima was invited behind the scenes of their photo shoot. >> yes! ♪ >> one, two, three. >> what did you get yourself into by going on tour with these two? >> i don't know, but i'm actually very excited. working with these guys on "dancing with the stars" has been so amazing. >> working with these guys? you live with these guys? >> well, i live with one. >> where would you be? why wouldn't you go on tour with me? why wouldn't you be like -- >> i could name you a couple reasons why you wouldn't go on tour. >> baby shai is going to be on this tour. how are you going to deal with baby on a bus?
12:56 am
>> talk to me the first week and see how it goes. >> maybe that's because the 11-month-old just started taking his first steps. >> he toholds on to the oven ba. >> starting in march they will hit the road for nine weeks, stopping in 49 cities, and there's just one tour must-have. >> definitely not sharing a bus. 100%. >> yeah, we shared a bus last time. >> val's girlfriend, jenna johnson, won't be touring with them, but she does plan to visit. >> would you do a big wow proposal. >> we're definitely going to have a lot of wow moments. i don't know if they're going to be in the form of proposals. maybe. >> may be. >> what about the pro's future with dancing? >> i will be gladly returning as many times as they ask me back. >> honestly i can't say this year. we'll see what happens. maybe there will be another baby. >> they are not joking. peta says they want to extend
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the family. it's all about finding the right time. still to come, chris hemsworth mixing business and pleasure while working with his wife, elsa. a look at their first movie together. >> like a working holiday. very little prep time needed to form that chemistry. >> then -- tom cruise after his stunt for mission impossible went wrong. see his attempt at an even crazier scene. >> that's ahead. but first this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which transformer star did not have to audition for his role in the film? is it shia labeouf, josh for his role in the film? is it shia labeouf, josh duhamel, or afi sure had a lot on my mind. my 30-year marriage... 3-month old business... plus...what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i made a point to talk to my doctor. he told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots.
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to remove soap scum and grime. try mr. clean magic eraser. welcome back, everybody. it's kind of hard to see there, but that really is tom cruise clinging nearly 2,000 feet above the ground in norway last month for the sixth mission impossible film. we cannot wait for it to come out in 2018. but it was quite a different scene during filming back in august when the 55-year-old's stunt didn't go exactly as planned. the point of impact on top of a six-story building in london. the hard body hit resulted in a broken ankle that occurred when tom hit the mark at the wrong angle during a rooftop stupt. we've learned cruise is back on set and shooting in london. in the dramatic footage, tom does pull himself up within seconds of impact. he limps towards the camera operator, waves his hand and pulls on the safety harness. after catching his breath, he is
1:01 am
pulled back to the other side. tom can be seen holding on to a crew member for support, then staggers off unassisted. paramount tells "e.t." the film remains on schedule and will open next july 27th, adding, quote, tom wants to thank you all for your concern and support and can't wait to share the film with everyone next summer. and check this out. we obtained footage from an earlier attempted stunt. that time tom's torso hits the side before he hangs suspended in the air. he does not appear to be in pain or limp once pulling himself up. >> how do they allow to you do this with the insurance. >> i don't even ask. >> tom is an action star that insists on always doing his own assistants. >> what were you thinking? >> i was thinking [ bleep ]. you're thinking, i don't want to fall, you know. i don't want to fall. but you're so focused at the task at hand. >> this summer, "e.t." was with the 55-year-old star. he discussed the stamina needed to complete another onscreen stunt, a zero gravity airplane scene in the mummy reboot.
1:02 am
>> i feel it when i'm doing it. just physically draining doing that. you can't prepare for it. you just don't know what's going to happen. >> tom's injury is not expected to have an impact on shooting of the top gun sequel. that film is expected to start filming sometime next year and won't premiere until july of 20 19 19d. >> i wonder if that man will do a movie where his two feet are on the ground all the time. >> let's talk about chris hemsworth. expect to see another side of thor in 2018 as he star as long side wife, elsa pataky. here's a look at 12 strong. >> the 12 of you will be the first ones to fight back. >> chris plays a special forces operative who leaves his wife at home to go off and fight terrorists. >> i don't care how long you're gone as long as you come back. >> 12 strong is based on a true
1:03 am
story. i hung out with chris on the set in new mexico. >> what was it like having elsa on set? >> very little prep time needed to form that chemistry. we're big fans. we'd love it if your wife was in this. it was like a working holiday for elsa and i. >> elsa was safe at home the day chris went to war. >> we're outnumbered. 50,000 taliban and al qaeda fighters. we're on our own. >> it's an explosive. that wall will completely explode. throughout the film, they used about 8,000 pounds of explosives. no messing around. >> finger on the trigger. >> oh, god. >> whoa. >> i'm coming home. >> now something else we're looking forward to in 2018. the golden globe awards.
1:04 am
dwayne "the rock" johnson isn't nominated but his 16-year-old daughter simone is about to rock a hollywood tradition. >> simone garcia johnson. >> the high school student was selected to be the 2018 golden globe ambassador. >> i am excited. i'm nervous. i'm a combination of all those things. but i'm so excited for the experience. it's going to be amazing. >> my beautiful daughter. >> simone attended the awards with her dad last year. next sunday she'll help present golden globes onstage during the awards. the rock couldn't be a part of simone's event because he was shooting skyscraper in vancouver. >> i've been talking to him. i face timed him yesterday and he's so excited for me. >> simone is the daughter of the star and his ex-wife dani. we've seen her on carpets since she was a little girl. >> as she gets older, you start to realize how crucial but
1:05 am
awesome the daddy/daughter relationship is. i'm always going to be daddy in my mind. so it's very, very cool. very, very proud of her. >> the best advice my dad gave me was to have fun and live in the moment. i'm keeping that in the back of my mind. >> in the past, the honor given to sons and daughters of hollywood royalty was known as miss or mr. golden globe. sylvester stallone's three daughters were the previous honorees and had this advice for simone. >> be confident and don't trip because that's the one thing that we were most scared about. so practice the walk in the shoes you're going to wear. don't fall. don't fall. you got this. >> you can see simone during the 75th annual golden globe awards. they air live january 7th on nbc. >> she's going to do so great. >> of course. she's the
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travel considerations provided by -- a few stars with birthdays this weekend. my friend joey mcintyre is celebrating turning 45. tracy ulman is 58. and meredith vieira is 64. take a final look at your choices. which transformer star did not have to audition for his role in the film? well, that is tyrese gibson, who is 39 this weekend. happy birthday, tyrese.
1:09 am
monday on "e.t." our countdown to the golden globes. >> i mean it's crazy. >> awards season is officially here and we are hanging with the front-runners. >> a dream come true. >> then the bachelor is back and we have six things you should watch out for. monday. well, we are almost out of time this weekend, but for all the late-breaking hollywood news, go to our website at before we go, check out a music video from another star we're expecting a lot from this 2018. miss demi lovato. >> we're going to leave you with her video for tell me you love me. it's off the album of the same name and features "grey's anatomy" star jesse williams. >> enjoy it and enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend. happy new year, everybody. >> happy new year. >> bye. ♪
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[music] >> the james brown show is brought to you by geico. >> at the age of six, today's guest dreamed he would be playing for the dallas cowboys. unlikely, you say? he was drafted by dallas in 1990. then, the rookie set a goal of passing walter payton, of all people. the nfl's all-time rushing leader are youed 125 yards a game for 13 years. impossible? it was, but he did that, too, while breaking many other records as well. folks, it's my pleasure to welcome one of the greatest running backs in nfl history, the hall of famer, mr. emmitt smith and still the nfl's all-time rushing leader.
1:13 am
please tell me you had no idea that was going to be the case. >> well, i wish i could say i had no idea. i always had a dream and a goal of making it happen. the reality is you have to go through the process in order to get it done. so, believing that it can happen, yes. will it happen? don't know. that's part of the process, part of the process of life. you want to achieve certain things, you have to set a goal. you have to set a goal further. i'm glad it did happen. >> dreams and goals seem to define you. i don't know all that well, but certainly those play prominent roles in everything you've done. talk, first of all, about the family life and when dreaming and goal setting became so important to you. >> well, i would just say my mom and dad, mary and emmitt.
1:14 am
my mom tried to instill in all of her kids that you could achieve anything you want in life if you work hard and are willing to pay the price for it. it's okay if you don't achieve it. if you get close enough to it and you feel some kind of satisfaction or some kind of reward because you worked hard to get there, you know you need to work harder to make sure you actually obtain the goal and perhaps go through and set another level. >> early on, can you remember some of the early goals you set in your life? in junior high and high school? >> i needed to get out of my hometown. no disrespect. >> out of pensacola, why? >> everybody that i saw around my that left, when they came back home, they were driving nice things. they were living in nice houses and so forth. i felt like in order to be successful, you need to look beyond your current circumstances. knowing that living in a 3600
1:15 am
square foot home, which is much different than the home i grew up in, just to grow and allow my wings to spread. in order to do it, i felt like i needed to get outside of pensacola to make that happen. >> what did it look like for you? as a youngster, were you thinking business? academics? when did football come into the picture? >> football was the first thing i ended up doing. i found out i was pretty good at it. when i started playing at the age of 8 at the salvation army, i started playing quarterback wearing number 12. >> hold tight. you were playing quarterback. how good were you? >> i never threw a pass. take the hand-off and take off running. >> being able to run the football and having that confidence at a very early age that i could play this
1:16 am
tim time, could you play at the high school level and compete and still be effective? >> what did you realize about yourself as a player then? did you have strength? did you have power? did you have speed? what did you recognize as a skill? >> at that early age, i had a combination of everything, speed, power, vision, agility, the ability to make people miss. i was pretty creative as a runner. and so, seeing the things i saw on television whether it was watching jim brown, walter payton, eric dickerson or anyone, watching guys run and somewhat emulating their style. seeing things on the football field, angles that's coming at me and avoiding those things and figuring out how to beat someone in a football situation, all of that was happening in my behind as i was playing the game. >> emmitt smith not only watched, but he applied.
1:17 am
we'll find out more and how he did it after today. >> portions of the james brown show are brought to you by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. visit
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[music] >> here's what a college recruiting expert said about emmitt smith. he is a looker, not a runner. he is not bad.
1:19 am
he can't get around a corner. when he falls flat on his face, remember where you heard it first. holy cow. so, emmitt, i ask you before, did you realize the limitations you had as a football player? >> no. i didn't. people had more limitations on me than i did on myself. >> others. >> others had more limitations than i did. i go back to what my mom said. you can achieve anything in life if you really put your mind, heart and soul to it. it's just a matter of mental toughness. mind over matter. if you don't mind, it don't matter. you have to do what you have to do. as a running back, you have to produce positive yardage and create the right distance for the coordinators to call great plays. if you do that on a consistent basis, then you are allowed to get the ball more than two or three times a game. >> so, help me draw this point
1:20 am
out, emmitt. how fast were you in the 100 whether it was a dash or meters? how fast? >> well, two different things. >> go ahead. >> a dash, i think the fastest i got was probably 10.3, 10.4. >> meters, the fastest was 10.5. >> put that into perspective. is that fast? >> not in florida. it's dead last, probably dead last in texas as well. >> you didn't let that affect you. >> football is not a track. ate not a track sport. football is a football sport. you have to have the ability, agility. you have to have these other attributes. you have to be able to see things and process things quickly it's one thing to get out of the starting line and run to the end when there is nothing in front of you. it's another thing to run in the
1:21 am
backfield when you have 10 or 12 guys in front of you and you have to zigzag and make them miss. track is when you can get out and run freely. football, you can't run as freely as track. >> i have to keep from laughing. it's so true. i worked with your coach jimmy johnson when i was at fox. i asked him, why emmitt smith? he said, when i looked at him and what he did in college, clearly, was superior. i went back further. i looked at what he did in high school. he was a winner. i went back further. i went back to pop warner. the man won everyplace he was. that's why i wanted emmitt smith. >> i appreciate it. that's someone that recognizes a football player. to me, there is a difference between a statistical player and a football player. >> statistical player versus a football player.
1:22 am
>> you can have someone produce all kinds of stats. run this, field like that, have these sizes and everything that fits the criteria of a professional typical player. you can have someone like antwan bolton. he doesn't fit that mold, but he knows what to do with the football when he gets it. he knows how to compete. he knows how to run routes and make things happen. the only thing they truly measure should have been measured with how effective this guy is in that position. >> clearly, you guys possessed an awful lot of talent. you guys dominated. you won superbowl after superbowl. there is no telling how many you could have won. in about 30 seconds -- it may seem like a stupid question -- why were you guys to good? it's not just talent. there is more to it. why were you guys so good? >> i think we were good because we all grew up together. cowboys was 1-15.
1:23 am
jimmy and jerry both came in. they fired tomorrow landry, and the whole cowboy nation was upset. we go 1-15. everybody was saying, i told you so. just like the guy about me, i told you so. then, all of a sudden, we come together. i think we had this belief that jimmy and jerry and our coaching staff knew who we were doing. we building something special mere. if we could keep this on, we could do this for a long time. jimmy made sure all of our practices were just as tough as any game we played in. that was a fact. when we walked on to a football field, we didn't feel like we were going into a knockdown draggout fight. we were actually knocking people out along the way. we knew when the 3rd and 4th
1:24 am
quarter came around, we had so much talent we were throwing at you, you couldn't hold it up. >> i told you so. look at emmitt smith's life now. i told you so really emanates. >> enjoy the manhattan experience of the rooftop lounge 30 floors above is the oasis overlooking the chrysler building. there is a lot o
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[music] >> portions of the james brown show are brought to you by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. visit us on to see how much you could save. >> hey, folks, i'm back with the pro football hall of famer himself. his records include 18,355 rushing yards, 164 touchdowns, 4,409 rushing attempts. and as troy aikman said, emmitt smith wanted the ball. because you felt you could deliver, right? >> yes. >> we talked about dreams and goals. you had no problems asking other superstars a lot of advice. >> yes. >> like who and why? >> the reason why i reached out to other superstars or people that had achieved a great deal of success is because they did it somewhere where i'm trying to
1:27 am
go. there was already a trail for michael jordan, roger stalbach and others right back to me, magic johnson. we're all linked through sports. their level of success and what they did to overcome challenges as well as preparation for the game itself varies. the consistent part about all of these individuals are not only were they passionate. they loved what they were doing. they were extremely hard workers. they were students of the game. they were guys on a serious mission beyond just winning games. they wanted to leave their mark on the game. they wanted to leave a legacy within the game. they did it through winning. so, understanding where they were at, those things. most importantly, these were individuals that transitioned in the game into other areas of
1:28 am
life that would carry them for the rest of their life which is more important than anything i was able to learn while i was in the game. >> we're going to here about that. these were elite-level athletes were crossed through decades. what did you learn from walter payton? >> a lot of things, number one, his training regimen, his recovery regimen. how did he take care of his body throughout the course of the season and during the off-season, how he handled himself around crowds and how he handled himself after he transitioned from the game. >> you told him you wanted to do what? >> oh, man. i told him -- i was so inspired, i told him i wanted to break his record. at that time, he said there was only two guys that had a chance of doing it. eric sanders was one, and i was the next. >> what did that do to you?
1:29 am
>> i was already motivated. that fueled me up more. i told him point blank, i don't know what barry wants, but i want to break your record. >> what did you learn from michael jordan? >> mj, i said, i need to talk to you about business and other things. he said, meet me in san francisco on this day. i went to the hotel, booked a room. we sat down at the ritz carlton and had a conversation for about two hours. >> he marvelled at the fact that you showed up. >> that and i reached out. same thing with magic johnson, same thing with roger stalbach. roger stalbach was great as well. the great thing about that, i didn't have to take a flight. >> he was right there in dallas. >> the nfl's all-time rushing leader. we'll explore those conversations more, as you said,
1:30 am
in terms of what he is doing in the game of life which seemingly is better than what he did in the game of football. more with that cough doesn't sound so good. well i think you sound great. move over. easy booger man. take mucinex dm. it'll take care of your cough. fine! i'll text you in 4 hours when your cough returns. one pill lasts 12 hours, so... looks like i'm good all night. ah! david, please, listen. still not coughing. not fair you guys! waffles are my favorite! ah!
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[music] >> i'm back with emmitt smith who in 1993 became the only running back to win the nfl rushing crown, be selected nfl m.v.p., win a superbowl ring and to be selected superbowl m.v.p. i must give credit. thank goodness from our audience here, the pro football hall of fame, you went from feeling low to kind of high. it was a new england patriots fan who put some things in perspective. >> yes. we were talking about over 4,000 carries. i wanted to know how many fumbles i had. >> he told you 38. >> yes. on average, i'd say about every 116 carries or something like that -- >> but, he put it in context.
1:33 am
>> a.p. had 34 and 2,000 less carries. >> what more do you need to say? >> after that, my spirits rose pretty high. >> and you played for 15 years. >> yes. >> welcome back. we talked about all of the things you did. you hoped and dreamed to play in the rose bowl. tell us about the rose bowl story. >> in the southeast, at that time, the sec never travelled out of the west unless it was a bowl game. in 1987, my senior year in high school, i was national football player of the year. i had the opportunity to go to my very first superbowl ever out on the rose bowl and watch the denver broncos play the new york giants. six years later, the cowboys played in the rose bowl. i played in my very first
1:34 am
superbowl. >> magic johnson often commented as great a basketball player as he was, he wanted his second act to be better than the first. >> yes. >> you are in the process of doing that. you are a businessman. you talked about diversifying. give us a feel for what you are doing now. >> right now, i have multiple companies. i have a development company called e. smith legacy. i have a real estate construction company. we're starting up another company. it is a roger stalbach company. i'm taking the things i learned on the football field and in life and translating those things into this area of business. i'm surrounding myself with great team members. and so, at the end of the day, it's not about me. it's not about us. it's not about the money we make.
1:35 am
it's about the service we provide to every client that we're working with. and so, it's important that we do what we say we're going to do when we say we're going to do it and do it on the budget. very important. >> i heard when i was in dallas recently from a number of people in the real estate environment that you are a much sought-after speaker for not only substance, but you fire them up as well. you are delivering what you are doing. you're carrying the ball like an nfl all pro. i love it. we'll come back with our final segment. i want to know about the journey. if you look back at things -- and i know you're not done -- what has the journey been like for emmitt smith? >> hotel accommodations offer spacious suites in the heart of midtown manhattan. chosen as one of the top 15


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