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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  January 1, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> philly welcomes the new year, people gather in frigid temperatures under the fireworks at penn's landing, tell you how other big cities celebrated at midnight. >> and the show will go on, the mummers taking place despite cold temperatures today, how some of the perform remembers getting ready to deal with this cold. >> what to expect if you are venturing out for the mummers parade. >> good morning, aim rahel solomon, happy new year. >> good morning, happy new
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year. >> every's up late, and tucked away, where we should be, because it is freezing colds outside. >> incredibly frigid, we start off with quick view of storm scan, very quiet right now, will stay that way, the winds thankfully isn't terribly harsh, but it is absolutely enough that any time it blows you will notice it, talking the kind of colds you're dealing with, this is brutal stuff. now, here's where we've seen the drop off. temperatures drop to as many as 12 degrees, pretty consistent drop off across most of the region, as it actually translates to the thermometer readings, here's where you stands, these are actual air temperatures. that is rough stuff. down to nine at the airport currently, even though it is a modest winds flow at just 7 miles per hour, out of the northwest, and it is just enough that you notice it. so here are the values you need to be going by, feels like 21 below zero, currently,
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up at mount pocono, i guess the good news, is that this is about the worse it will be, we'll eventually begin to rebound, but man, rahel, getting 2018 off to very very frigid start. and there is no major break-in this really harsh cold. at least not just yet. >> fantastic. thank you, katie. >> all right, we have serious accident we want want to tell but, overturned vehicle on the northbound roosevelt boulevard just past ridge avenue, all lanes are currently closed at this point no word or any injuries but take a look at this, a look at the backups forming, hopefully, not really , at this picture here, but we will have a picture of the back up behind the accident on the boulevard. you can use hunting park avenue on broad street or brought street as alternatives , also there was disable vehicle, on the eastbound vine street expressway near i76 but it did clear, it was blocking the right shoulder. >> philadelphia knows how to
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have a my years eve party. fireworks up over the delaware not once but twice. >> along the riverfront last night, cameras captured both shows. hundreds gathered to see the first crowd at 6:00. others turned their eyes to the sky at midnight. we caught up with some people who braved to celebrate. >> four layers. >> four layers? >> yes. we are from costa rica actually. >> so million million degrees below zero, everybody out here still enjoying it. >> feels good you. >> feel good? >> ahh! >> well, may have been chattering in the sub zero, but those we talked to say it was all clearly worth it. >> four, three, two, one! (fireworks. >> and the frigid temperatures didn't stop folks from the big apple from ringing in the new year at times square. the crystal ball dropped with a burst of confetti and
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fireworks as spectators said good-bye to 2017. and in chicago, tens of thousands of people braved the bitter cold temperatures to celebrate the start of 2018. all layered up for the fireworks and big countdown at the navy pier. >> and over 300,000 people in las vegas watches as the sit put on eight minute fireworks display, fireworks sparkled from the thomas of casinos casino hotels. and overseas, in dubai, 2017 hit the history books nine hours before it wrapped up here in the u.s. the celebrated new year with unique lights show on the tallest building of whole wormed, pro claiming to be the year of sigh add, celebrates 100 years of the country's founding father. and the unique 2018 celebrations continued in tokyo japan, folks there released hundreds every white balloons into the my sky to come in the new year, fireworks, music, many japanese celebrating arrival of the year of the dog.
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traditional way. praying for peace and good fortune. in paris thousands looked on as images were projected and fireworks exploded in paris, spectators gathered near the to watch the light works to celebrate the arrival of the new year. and staying overseas now, fireworks lit up the skies over he had inch borough, as the scottish capitol launched their traditional celebrations , rebelers packed in to witness the extravaganza over a lit up castle to welcome in 2018. >> in london the countdown to the new year by lighting each individual gondolla on the enormous observation wheel. it exploded with color and light during the annual fireworks show, famous chimes rang out in the background as the clubbing struck midnight. and much closer to home now, the closer -- string bands getting last minute practice in new years mummers parade is a go despite sub freezing temperatures that
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nearly postponed the annual tradition. live on market street in center city where parade preparations are underway. good morning, and happy new year, chantee. >> good morning, happy new year, i can tell you it is bone chilling colds out here right now, i'm wearing gloves, ear muff, scar every and just not working right now. now i have been standing out here a few minutes with the mummers, they will be walking around the city all morning, this is a part of the parade route here at 16th and market, this is one of the four judging areas, now, one major change is that there will be warming buses that will be able to follow the mummers along the route here. philadelphia's glittery and eye-catching new years day tradition will go on despite opposition from some in the string band association, five divisions decide in the three to two vote over the weekend the parade route is lined with barricades, so the city will set up heating tent and warm buses along the route for the mummers. now, we spoke with saxophone and banjo players who expressed their concerns. >> now, there will be lots of
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spectators, down here, so if you are going to make your way down here, you just want to make sure you bundle up and wear lot and lots of layers. for now, that is the very latest, live here from center city, chantee-lans. >> thank you. turning to sports, eagles fans are hoping their first rounds playoff bye will give the birds a chance to get their game in order for the post-season. yesterday the eagles offense was as cold as the game time temperature. angels outfielder and native might trout bundled up to see the birds. but the offense did not finds a groove. nick foles played one quarter of yesterday's game against the cowboys, he threw for only 39 yards, won the reception on this pass, intended for alshon jeffrey. eagles have gone one for 20 on third down since carson wednesday went down with the season ending injury. no score until the fourth quarter, zach pegs could the hit bryce butler for the only touchdown of the game. cowboys even missed the extra point. eagles go onto lose it six to nothing, go 13 and three on
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the season, but coach peterson said he's not worried. >> it is tough. am i concerned? i'm not concerned. still got a lot of confidence in the offense, again, not one person, one guy. there is enough to go around. you know, it is tough in a situation where you know you're kind of maybe only going to get a quarter maybe couple of series and you're out. but still got a lot of confidence in the guys. >> we as offense expect to execute better, that's the thing there is wasn't acceptable. but we also know what we're capable of, and how talented we can be. because, you know, of how we play together. >> and the birds have a bye in the first rounds of the playoffs. their first playoff game will be january 13 at 4:35. still no opponent, have 13 days to get in gear for playoff one. >> the regular season finale wasn't the most thrilling eagles game this season but fans are still reeling, still feeling good about the birds prospect. rowdy crowd at chickie's and pete's' in south philly as there always be, fans showed
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to up warm up, to talk over the good, the bad, the ugly, against yesterday's lost to the cowboys, most seemed okay with the loss in the last game of the year. >> pretty sloppy game. but honestly i'm pretty excited for the playoffs. we got some of the backups in, get some reps in for the game, two weeks from now, pretty excited for. >> i feel like they played down to their opponent. instead of above. >> i'm in the frustrated. i think is just a throw away game. and we will be okay come playoff time. >> fans are focused on the place office, still hoping for run straight to the superbowl that's february fourth in minnesota. >> well, jumping into the water may be the last thing you want to do outside today. while some cities down the shore have canceled their polar plunges for today, one is not letting the cold stop. we'll tell you how cold the water is expected to be and where exactly that polar plunge is happening. >> take a look at this, driver gets stuck in his pick-up truck. the two mistakes police say he made that led to this. we will be right back.
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>> 4:42, burlington county man is facing murder charges after police say he stabbed two women to death and seriously hurt another in collingswood. officer returned to the 100 block of east narberth terrace at around 5:00 last night. neighbors called 911 when they heard screaming. police pronounced 48 year old colleen and 41 year old alicia dead at the scene. medics rushed the thirds victim to the hospital. police arrested the suspect, 44 year old mark lie sack when they arrived. authorities say he knew his victim, although at this point it is unclear how they new each other. twelve people including ten americans are dead following a plane crash in northwest costa rica. officials posted video of the burning wreckage and on facebook, two costa rican pilots died in the crash. crash happened ten minute after take off from airport in western costa rica, reports of heavy winds in the area earlier in the day. investigators say they will try and figure out now what caused the plane to crash
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later today. let's turn to colorado. tragic new years eve for law enforcement officials in douglas county colorado. five shot by a suspect, one deputy has died. this morning cbs news correspondent laura has new information about the gunmen. >> (gunshots heard). >> four sherrie deputies will police officer shot while responding to domestic disturbance at this apartment complex south of denver. twenty-nine year old deputy zachary parish died from his injuries, he leaves behind a wife and two young children. >> we are deeply saddened by the loss of zachary. when i sat with his wife and hell her hands, i could see in her eyes her life was over. >> this is a photo of 32 year old jeffrey pell, one of the deputies who was shot and is now in stable condition at the hospital. >> it was more of an ambush- type of an attack on
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our officers. he knew we were coming. >> sheriff tony says the suspect fired an estimated 100 rounds before being killed by return fire. that suspect has been identified by the douglas county kerr nerve as 38 year old matthew real. on twitter president trump wrote: my deepest condolances to the victims of the terrible shooting in douglas county, and their families. we love our police, and law enforcement, god bless them all. >> pretty sad that somebody took an officer's life today. i hate hearing that, man, just hate it. >> hours after the shooting law enforcement officials on motorcycles and patrol cars transported his body from the hospital. cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> the supreme court will look into how the us judiciary handles sexual harrassment allegations in his report yesterday, robert says, it is
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clear the judicial bran such not immune from allegations cents of sexual harrassment. this announce the comes just days after federal judge alexei announced his retirement after he was accused of sexual misconduct. police in wisconsin issuing warning to drivers after a man tried to drive his pick-up truck across frozen lake, and got stuck. take a look at this, this was at a lake, southwest of milwaukee, police say the driver was traveling along the shore line late saturday night when the front half of his truck sang into the soft ground at the edge of the ice. the driver was not hurt but police say that's because he got lucky. >> things you learn from there is definately first off safety , not only unsafe when things are frozen but to be on at nighttime another safety factor to it. >> authorities drained the lake and lowered it about 6 feet. while the lake bed is mostly exposed there is some water left, which is why authorities say it is not safe to drive on it. >> all right, time now is 4:45 , and katie is here with another check of the forecast, what are you laughing at,
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katie? >> just it is not safe to drive on a lake. just it sound fun toy me. >> i know. sometimes you just got to state the obvious. >> but that's very, very true. and i think the obvious story here today when it comes to the weather is that it is just freezing cold. now, this is the time of year where you definitely expect that. climb logically speaking january is in fact our coldest month, wrapped up december on much colder than average note, but typically over the span of the month, if you took all of the values and average them out, this is the colds he is month, where you would only top off at 40 degrees, in terms of averages, also, the second snowiest month on average, february is in fact the snowiest on average, but usually get about six and change inches worth of snow throughout the month. we have the possibility that far come thursday, by the way, but it is still just possibility. in the meantime, looks as though between the days 15 and 20, in the month, usually when you will have the coldest days
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of the year, we have definitely had our fair share of a preview of that, have we not? this morning windchill advisory still in effect now, depending where you are there is will go out in fact as early as 10:00 a.m., or as early or late as 11:00 a.m. that's true for the poconos, so you've got the windchill issue just little later in the morning, but the win chill advisory is going to be in effect, as the mummers are stepping off, too, you are one of those folks that is either in the parade or going out to enjoy it from the side lines, you really need possible spatter how you prepare for this. this is brutal cold. you have to be adequately layered up. frostbite can, in fact, set up in this cold, as little as is 15 to 30 minutes. so really harsh stuff. at least high pressure in place right now, tan will stay that way. here is the call for today. not a good one. if you don't like the colds just 19 for your high. we will see sunshine throughout the day. but the wind, certainly, making that harsh high feel even more harsh, rahel? >> oh, boy, thank you, katie. the show will go on in
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atlantic city, defying mother nature and katie fehlinger going with the traditional polar plunge, expect the water temperature to be in the mid 40's, has forced ocean sent i and ventnor to cancel their plunges, margate delaying it until next sunday, and brigantine until january 13, if you are headed taught ac today, good luck. >> people out west getting ready for another new years tradition, rose parade, we take you to california where the preparations are underway. we will be right back. my healthy routine helps me feel my best. so i add activia yogurt to my day. with its billions of live and active probiotics, activia may help support my digestive health, so i can take on my day. activia. now in probiotic dailies.
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here's your receipt. have a nice day! thank you. ♪ ♪ start the car! start the car! start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea. >> 4:50, time for check on business news, here is this morning's money watch report. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> most americans ring in the new year with a day off. and january 1st is also cents a holiday on wall street. financial markets are closed. on friday, the last day of trading in 2017, the dow lost
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118 points, the nasdaq fell 46 >> all 50 state will take part in a new nationwide broad band network for first responders. federal commission urged the networks formation following the 9/11 attack after first responders couldn't communicate well because various agencies were using different systems. at&t will spends an estimated $40 billion to build and maintain the networks over the next 25 years. >> and millions of minimum wage work remembers getting a raise in 2018. at least 18 states and 20 localities passed laws to raise the minimum wage starting january 1st. in california, some workers will earn as much as $15 an hour. the federal minimum wage has been 7.25 an hour since 2009. and that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to n new york, i'm roxanna. >> it is a california tradition, more than a century old. the rose parade takes over the streets of pasadena every new years day, and this new year
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is no different. our sister station in los angeles takes us inside this festival of flowers. >> the rose parade floats are ready for their photo op. every grain of rice, every pedal, in place. they've been look over, judged , and are on the move. all be it slowly. >> we get there, and there is almost no flowers come off. the worse thing that happens is we had a low tree branch because somebody hasn't trimmed a tree or something of that nature. >> that's because the float move at a glacial pace, guided by drivers tuck beneath the flowers, crossing a mere 3 miles an hour, and this is what they see, all along the way to pasadena. it is the parade before the parade. and local, becky guzman, takes in every detail of these works of art. >> spectacular to be up close and personal with it. it is amazing. >> ever think just wow there are people all over the
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country watching this and i get to see it like this? >> yes, we are privileged, we're blessed. >> those floats at this scale things can and do go wrong, just ask lucy diaz, has been watching them go by for eight years. >> last year they had a problem with one float turning , from there, to there, so it was exciting, though, you know, see the challenge. >> but despite challenges come new years day, thee show stop letters roll down the rose parade, the mosaic of flowers, grains, even spices, will dazzle. and as this float says: the story lives on. >> does it ever lose it luster for you? >> no, i'm here. >> that was christie from our sister station in los angeles reporting. coming up we are still talking about the bitterly cold temperatures, in fact, katie it, may even be cold this new years day in 100 years? >> i think so f we won't hit 20 degrees, that doesn't necessarily happen all that often. so, frigid cold continues, as we ring in this brand new year but is there an end in site? we'll have the answer to that
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question, plus the rest of your forecast coming up. yeeeea! uh oh...a painful sore throat? not now. take cépacol instamax. look! unlike regular cough drops it contains 2 max strength pain relievers and cools in seconds. bye bye sore throat. take cépacol instamax.
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>> welcome back and happy new years to you. it is a pretty quiet beginning to the morning on this new years day, out in the christmas city, still looks like little snow and ice left over on the side of the road there. luckily though at the wide zoom you had a moment ago you could not see the flags even barely moving. not too much after breeze up this way right now. doesn't mean it stays that way , how much. we actual throw have windchill
4:57 am
advisory posted, through the rest of the morning, region- wide. now we start it off once more to show you feels-like temperatures where it does feel very, very harsh. down to sub zero territory. dover is reaking out double positive digits here. you are lucky in that location it still feels, though, like below zero, pretty much everywhere else. the airport delays are virtually nil. you know, simply because you haven't gotten an lot of the flights offer the grounds, but so far nothing that is going to hinder your progress if you are traveling, perhaps. what i'm assuming somewhat light travel day, looks good nationwide, less than 15 minute delays if any at all, at all of the major hubs, and now, if you are going to be traveling, most of the eastern two thirds of the us, also sit in that windchill advisory, big stretch of blue with either warning or an advisory, and that extends all the way down to even texas, louisianna , and mississippi. so, again, locally the windchill advisory still in place. and with time thankfully the winds eases up, but rahel it,
4:58 am
will take some time for us to ease up out of the harsh chilly. >> coming up in the next hour, live along the mummers parade route with a preview of today's frigid, frigid festivities. also ahead, the subject of nationwide manhunt, now convicted killer david sweat has a newest cape plan, but there is a strange twist. also, we will have update on sixers star joel embiid, broke his hands late last night against the suns.
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>> ringing in the new year with a bang. fireworks danced in the sky over penn's landing at midnight, and soon mum letters dance down the street, too, we're live with a look ahead at the new years tradition. the nypd kept everyone safe here in times square to


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