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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 1, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> ringing in the new year with a bang. fireworks danced in the sky over penn's landing at midnight, and soon mum letters dance down the street, too, we're live with a look ahead at the new years tradition. the nypd kept everyone safe here in times square to watch the ball drop.
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but it was not an easy night for the crowd. i'm wendy gillette in new york , i'll tell you about the frigid conditions everyone had to endure. >> and a live look at center city this morning, much of the area is waking up, yet again, single digit temperatures it, as new year with the same old same old cold weather. katie here with your forecast, and today is monday january 1st, 2018. happy new year, i'm rahel solomon, katie is here with your first forecast cast of the near yu. >> very cold one, not ideal. this is one of the coldest starts to the new year that we've had in a century. i mean, it has been a while. you expect it to be cold in january, obviously, but this, yes, pretty harsh. windchill advisory posted right now, you still need to go by the windchill values as opposed to the actual air temperature, and i say this the morning in the headline there, because there are some different expiration times, in the poconos windchill advisory will last until 11:00 a.m. everywhere else primarily until 10:00 this morning, but
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it is still, you know, cold enough through the better part of the morning, that this needs to stay in effect region -wide. so, here are the numbers for you right now. it feels like it is sub zero, almost everywhere. ten, a whopping ten, is the current feels-like value at dover. actually i want to double check that. we are feeling sub-zero everywhere else, more like six below in trenton, wilmington, sandwich inbetween i-95, more like four below zero at philadelphia international airport. so, this is really harsh. and i want you to keep this in mind. if you are waking up, going out to either be a part of a mummers day parade, or stand on the side lines and watch everything going past in the fancy brigade, you need to make sure that you are adequately bundled up for this keeping in minds, that the win chill is still a very, very harsh chill. and it could lead to frostbite in in as little as 30 minutes on exposed skin. so cover everything up, if you are smart about it you will be okay, but still really harsh. storm scan quiet. it will stay that way, we do have the possibility of some snow, looking ahead to
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wednesday and specially thursday, as a nor'easter starts to get its act together talk more about that track later in the show, rahel? >> kate, see you soon, thank youment looking outside, multi-vehicle accident involving overturned vehicle on the northbound roosevelt boulevard just past ridge avenue, all northbound lanes are closed. and the ramp from i76 on to the boulevard are closed. you can east hunting park avenue or broad street as alternates. >> and here is a look at i95 near cottman avenue. no incidents or delays there, traffic looking actually relatively light. this is the schuylkill near route 202 in king of prussia, the roads are also cleared in this area. no one shopping this morning. >> we do have some breaking news, gunman opens fire killing four people in new jersey's monmouth county. the shooting happened shortly after midnight on wall street and long branch. officers arrived, the arrested a suspect. so far no word yet on motive or the victims. stay with us, to mower details >> and new this morning, power is up for four apartment buildings in northeast philadelphia. thanks to a water main break
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in the parking lot. >> this happened about 12:30 this morning, and at complex, 9600 block of ashton road. residents in 33 homes have been forced out until further notice. >> well, the show will go on. the mummers will strut down broad street later today despite sub freezing temperatures, "eyewitness news " reporter c ahantee-la there. s where preps are underway. good morning. >> good morning, rahel, standing here along the parade route, here at 16th and market there this is one of the four judging stations, there will be heated tents available here , and warming buses following the mummers after long their route. freezing out here, but i've just been out here for few minutes, but performers will be walking in the frigid temperatures all morning, that's exactly why some of them are concerned. >> performers in the big mummers parade on new years day, spent much of new years eve in the bitter cold. >> we work so hard. we invest a lot of time, money and effort.
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>> the city decided the frigid blast sweeping through the region this week wasn't going to postpone the nearly 120- year tradition. so, many mummers, like those with a south philadelphia string bands, were forced to figure out last minute how to make their performance cents possible, and what feels like sub zero temperatures. >> it will be exposed to the weather such as we're seeing today it is a challenge. >> one challenge the south philly string bands faced in practice, instruments like the sack phone, freezing. >> as the musicians are blowing the saliva through the saxophone, it turns into icicles, freezes up the pads, pads don't work. >> had to be thousand dollars out with a heat gun, but there is no real solution for those who have to use their exposed hands to play instruments, like the banjo. >> well, it is difficult to feel. it is, to feel, the string, to strum, because your body, you're just frozen. >> to accommodate the mummers, there will be warming tents and buses following the performers along the route.
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>> we do it for the fans and weather conditions like this, not expecting a large crowd. >> this is family tradition of ours going back to my grandparents. they got us into this. i wouldn't miss it for the world. >> and if you are like that woman, it will be down here, regardless of the temperatures , just make sure to bundle up and wear lots and lots of layers. reporting live in center city, chantee-lans. >> very good advice, worth repeating. thank you, chantee. >> check out these fireworks over penns landing, hundreds of people welcomed 2018 as the skies were lit up over the delaware river. first set of fireworks went off at 6:00. another show dads the recalled the crowd at midnight. some say standing outside in the sub zero temperatures was worse it. >> four layers. >> four layers. >> yes, we're from costa rica actually. >> the fact it is 2 million degrees below zero, everybody was still out here
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enjoying. >> i feel good. >> you feel good? >> well, people of all ages came out to watch the show and ring in the new year with colorful lights and lot of optimism. >> well, frozen night, security could not stop the revelers in new york times square. correspondent wendy gillette, all of the action, and looking back on the night's celebration to welcome in the new year. >> three, two, one! a massive crowd braved the bone chilling cold in times square to say hello to 2018. by the time the ball dropped, the temperature had fallen to just 10 degrees. not since 1917 had new york running in an in you year in such frigid conditions. >> bucket list. >> definitely. >> yes, we always watch it on tv. so we figure why not? >> super cold. >> security was tight. roads were closed. bags were searched. and extra police were deployed
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to keep the crowd safe. undercover officers and snipers monitored the hotels surrounding the square. it was with all of the cops i see around here, and since the heat is coming up and down here every few minutes with dogs and everything, i feel pretty secure. >> in the end, the weather turned out to be the only threat that emerged here in the big apple. >> so far, so good. no frostbite. >> i stopped feeling my toast about 30 minute ago. i don't know if they're there or not any more. >> the party ended soon after the clock struck midnight. an army of sanitation workers moved in to sweep away tons of confetti and debris. once they're done, the festivities will be just a memory. much like 2017. happy new year. wendy gillette, cbs news, new york. >> and then chicago, tens of thousands of people braved the bitter cold temperatures to celebrate the start of 2018. we're all layered up for the fireworks and big countdown at the navy pier. >> and flashing lights over las vegas, over 300,000 people watched as the city put on a
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eight minute fireworks display the fireworks sparkled from the tops of seven casino hotels. >> now, to the birds, eagles leida egg at the linc, they lost their final game of the season, shut out six to nothing to the cowboys. here is lesley van arsdall dale with more from coach peterson. >> this game really meant nothing to the birds, except the chance to win 14 games, with which set franchise record, and being unbeaten in the division. but for the second week in a oh, the offense sputtered, and they were shut out at home for the first time since 2005. angels out fielder and millville new jersey, bundled up to see the birds for the second game in a row, nick foles struggled, played one quarter, going four for 11 for 39 yards. this interception into double coverage to alshon jefferies, finished with 9.3 pass rating, birds have gone one for 20 on third down with nick under center. not good. no score in the fourth quarter the cowboys break through jack prescott to butler for the touchdown. this is the only touchdown of the game. the birds get shut out six- nothing, the final, but doug pederson says he's not
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worried about nick foles in the offense. >> this is tough. am i concerned? not concerned. still got a lot of confidence in our offense, again, not one person, one guy, there is enough to go around. you know, it is tough in a situation where you know you're kind of maybe only going to get a quarter maybe couple of series and coming out. but still got a lot of can confidence in the guys. >> we as offense expect to execute better. that's the thing. this wasn't acceptable. but we also know what we're capable of, and what, you know , how talented we can be, because, you know, of how we play together. >> the eagles will be off until wednesday. they will then have two days of practice to start preparing for their playoff game which will be january 13th, at 4:35, at the linc. that's all for sports, i'm lesley van arsdall, have a great day, and happy new year. >> well the game was was not as exciting other games, but fans not down on their eagles, the crowd enjoyed postgame snack at chickie's and pete's' in south philly. fans showed up to thawing out
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from the freezing conditions, but also, to talk over the cowboys game in the future. most that we spoke to say they're okay with the loss in the last game of the season. >> it is pretty sloppy game. honestly i'm pretty psychs dollars for the playoffs. we got some of the backups in, get some reps in for the game, two weeks from now, pretty excited for it. >> i feel like they played down to their opponent. instead of above. >> i'm in the frustrated. i think this is just a throw away game. and we will be all set come playoff time. >> fans now focused on the playoffs, many still hoping for a run straight to the superbowl. february 4th, in minneapolis. >> center joel embiid said he's not worried about his hand injury suffered in last night's win over the phoenix suns. embiid injured his right hands going after an inbound pass, late in last night's fourth quarter at the center, after the game he told reporters it was cents not broken, and says , he'll be fine. embiid had 22-point as the sixers beat the phoenix suns
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123-110. sixers say the san antonio spurs tomorrow night. >> well, new year, new prices. still ahead, some of the places and products where we could see cost increase this is year. plus this. >> the president returns to to washington wash today after closing out the year with a tweet storm. ahead of his annual new years party in marrero a lag owe, i'm diane king in new york, with the details. >> that's an end care they're dropping to countdown to the new year in end after list, show you other unique celebrations ringing in 2018. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> here is hoping. however you are starting your new year off, if you are just getting to bed, or maybe you're just waking up, we hope this year will be your best year yet. we appreciate you starting your new year off with us here at cbs-3.
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>> at pier park, 10,000 colorful beach balls were dropped, this unique event allows paris to enjoy without staying out too late. >> check out this fireworks, in downtown los angeles, compared to the arctic temperature we've been telling you about, at new york times jar, low 50's. >> and, thousands of people, in rio de janiero brazil ring in the new years with massive fireworks display at the copa cabana beach. onlookers watch as the multi colored sky celebrate the sky. starting out the new year. i'm guessing that's why, guessing, a lot warm nerve brazil these days than it is here. >> i can almost guarantee it, yes, unless you're in the real high mountain tops, it is
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summer south of the equator. so yes. >> very nice. >> must be nice. we'll have our do, as soon as we, you know, hit that season, but nor now, yes, just stuck, still stuck in that really vicious chill. starting offer the new year on very harsh shall note, but the chill will get reinforced yet again, we may see some snow, wednesday night, into thursday , which we'll discuss, but we get you out there for now. there are no precipitation chances whatsoever today, but isn't that abut full looking shot, at least, and big shout- out to all of our field crews that are naught this. because it really is just so harsh, and we appreciate what you guys do. but yes, it is really cold beginning to the morning. and it looks can be very deceiving, even though not even any snow on the art museum stems, certainly, still lit up there very nicely here. and there is no snow either out on the boardwalk where we go next into the neighborhood knelt work, things nice and clear, but we had to start looking at the actual values on the thermometer, more importantly the windchill, still winds chess z chill
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advisory posted at least for the next four and a half to five hours, and when you are considering that kind of a windchill, you have to go by these values, when you prepare to walk out the door. it does feel more like it is sub zero almost everywhere, up at mount pocono, 20 below, is what it currently feels like. all very calm, east of, actually, for good portion of the us, i was going to say east of the mississippi, almost everywhere. windchill advisories, warnings , posted almost across the entire eastern two thirds of the us. you do not see that every day. so, that's a big deal. today's high, harsh, brutal, whatever you want to call it, 19 degrees, again, you have got to go by a windchill. not going to feel much better than single digits much better than that throughout the entire day. shear look ahead. we have the possibility with nor'easter brewing off shore to see snow wednesday night into thursday. specially true near the shore. i don't think that will amount to much right now. look what it does to the temperatures here, rahel, back to the teens all over again. by friday.
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>> oh, boy, around and around we go. thank you, katie. looking now, multi-vehicle accident involving an overturned vehicle, in the northbound roosevelt boulevard just past ridge avenue. one left lane is now open. and the ramps from i76 on to the boulevard are back open. that's an update there. also, watch out foreclosures south broad street today because of course between nine a.m. and 6:00 p.m. the mummers parade will i can kick offer despite cold temperatures, parade will go from city hall to washington avenue and several bus routes will be detoured. >> and taking a look right now , ben franklin bridge, no delays, looking like a postcard. the latest travel between camden and philadelphia. >> now, for look at newspaper headlines from across our region from the press the of atlantic city, the first african-american professional hockey player has died. he moved to atlantic city in 1950 to play for the eastern hockey leagues atlantic city eagles, became the first professional black hockey player when he signed with the new york rangers. art was 87. >> and the front page of the reading eagle has cents a look
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at the expense that is are expected to go up this new year, from travel, to food, even gas prices. some expert perth say the average cost per gallon could go above $3 pretty soon. >> and the delaware county daily times salvation army merry christmas fund ended the year with more than $22,000 in contributions. newspaper co-sponsors the fund with the newspaper, or with the organization i should say, by providing ties and food, and continues the work the organization does throughout 2018. that's look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. up next, convicted killer david sweat struck a nationwide manhunt when he escaped from prison. now, he has cents newest cape plan. you might be surprised who he is sharing it with. then alarming discovery inside texas hotel. authorities discover several weapons at a man's room. find out why he says he had assault rifle there when we
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>> authority say they arrested this suspect, russell, officials say the 49 year old was cents drunk and belligerent toward other guests yesterday morning, when police asked him to leave, an officer spotted the ammunition and three guns including assault rifle. he told police he was afraid the guns would be stolen, from his truck. well, the convicted murderer whose prison break captivated the country in 2015 says he found another way out of another maximum security prison, david sweat and another inmate escaped from new york clinton correctional facility, other he is cabby fled and recap captured. he told authorities to way to escape from new prison and asked for extra weekly visits in exchange for the information, instead transferred to even higher security new york prison. okay, president trump wraps up 2017 with a party. and a tweet storm about several of the new year's hot topics. correspondent diane king hall shows us how the president
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offered response to reports that democrats will see success in 2018 thanks to him. >> president trump spent new years over celebrating at his mar-a-lago resort alongside family in some of the 50's who among washington elite. >> we will have a great year, it will be a fantastic 2018. we're offer to a very good start as you know with the great tax cuts, and getting rid of the individual mandate, which was very, very unpopular as you know. but we are going to have a tremendous year. >> before the event the president tweeted more than half a dozen times about several topics, he did wish a happy new year to everyone including quote enemies, haters and even the very dishonest fake news media. he also cents sent condolances to the victims every yesterday's shooting in colorado. one officers was killed and four others were wounded while responding to report of a domestic dispute. mr. trump also gave his take on predictions that democrats would see resurgence in 208 which the la times says was
5:26 am
quote largely driven by president trump's widespread unpopular at this. the president's response in part, quote, why would smart voters want to put democrats in congress in 2018 election when their policies were totally killed the great wealth created during the month since the election. before heading into new years party, mr. trump was asked about kim jong un's claim he has nuclear button on his desk and capable of hitting anywhere in the u.s. >> we will see. we will see. >> president trump at least temporarily seemed to brush off the north korean dictator's comment. die ainge king hall, cbs news. >> chief justice john roberts says he expects a full report by march on how the judicial branch handles sexual harrassment allegations against its own judges. robert say the judiciary will evaluate whether its standards are enough to ensure an ex preliminary workplace. last month prominent federal judge alexei announced his retirement, after he was accused of sexual misconduct. the new year ushering in new mayor for atlantic city new jersey, mayor-elect frank
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gilliam will officially be sworn in later today. democrats defeated incumbent mayor don guardian and the november election, swearing in is her moanly take place at atlantic city city hall at noon. >> well, coming up the in next half hour of "eyewitness news ," more new years celebration frost all around the worlds, plus, we're live with a preview of today's mummers parade here in philly. plus this. >> gunshots rang out in a colorado apartment complex, this morning, we have new details about the shooting, with left sheriff deputy dead and six other hurt. >> and marijuana now legal in california. we will tell you some of the steps some businesses are taking to get red when we come
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." good morning, i'm rahel solomon, katie will be along in a moment. first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. today is january 1st, 2018. >> (fireworks). >> philly welcomes 2018. >> favorite part? >> are you cold? >> yes. >> time to go home? >> yes


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