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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  January 1, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." good morning, i'm rahel solomon, katie will be along in a moment. first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. today is january 1st, 2018. >> (fireworks). >> philly welcomes 2018. >> favorite part? >> are you cold? >> yes. >> time to go home? >> yes.
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>> happy new year! >> the mummers parade will take place on a chilly new years day. >> difficult to feel. you just are froze. >> just make sure to bundle up and wear lots and lots every layers. >> the cowboys take a sloppy win. >> the birds get shut out at home by the cowboys. >> it is tough. am i concerned? i'm not concerned. >> i've been doing this for 31 years. >> and i absolutely love it. >> you know, you don't come to the parade, you're not part of pasadena. >> today's morning minute part of pen medicine abramson cancer center, number one cancer center in the region. >> another new years tradition , the rose parade, some eager spectators have actually been camping out along the parade wrote overnight. turning to the forecast, katie , spectators for today's mummers parade here at home,
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ready for chilly wetter. >> absolutely true. you know, when going through those sky scrapes, just weaving inbetween some of the street of philadelphia, in center sit, and you have the tall buildings, it is a micro cost many of a wind tunnel sometimes. and it can be really really harsh. and on top of it, the actual winds is, in fact, blowing harsh enough,, to warrant a windchill advisory, will last us until 10:00 this morning, maybe later depending on your location place like the poconos goes until 11:00 but regardless the whole region is include in the. that will we could see wind gusts as high as 25 miles per hour throughout the day. and that is going to be noticeable. we look at the feels like values here, you are sub-zero everywhere, par shall in some spots rather than other, but it is still pretty brutal regardless of your location. now, it could be worse. we look at the live zoom on the feels like values, man, i mean, it is hard to even wrap your head around how cold in sioux city, 41 below zero must feel to be out in that.
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but safe to say, it is cold enough, that it is dangerous, as long as you are taking care of yourself, you'll be okay, but you have to be smart, about how you layer up here. nineteen is the culprit today. when it feels that harsh, rahel, frostbite can set in in 30 minute, so be aware. >> accident on the new jersey turnpike northbound, this is before route 541 mt. laurel township. the left lane block, and at this point, no word on any injuries. and one lane is now open on the northbound roosevelt boulevard, just past ridge avenue. crews are still working there, to clear a multi-vehicle accident, involving an overturned vehicle. we will keep you up-to-date dollars as the show goes on. >> and officials have decided to go ahead with a mummers parade today. that's despite the sub freezing temperatures that threaten to postpone the new years day tradition. "eyewitness news" reporter cha ntee-lans where preps are underway. and you're smartly bundled up. good morning. how is it feeling out there?
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>> reporter: good morning, rahel, it is freezing, i'm wearing gloves, my earmuffs, my scarf, and i'm still pretty coal. and i've just been out here a few minute. performers, how much, will be walking along this parade route, all morning. this is one of the judges judging stations, now, one of the main changes that is that there will be warming bus that is will be able to follow the mummers along the route here, philadelphia's goodry and tradition will go on despite opposition from s5 divisions decided in a three to two vote over the weekend. the parade route is lined with barricades, the city will set up heating tents, and warm buses, along the route, for the mummers, that we spoke with, a saxophone and banjo player, who expressed their concerns. >> as the musicians are blowing the saliva through the saxophone, it turns into icicles, it freezes up pads, pants don't move, can't make music. >> it is difficult to feel the strings to strung, because
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your body just frozen. >> i can believe that. frozen indeed f you're going to make your way down here be sure to bunt up, wear lots and lots of layers. that's the very latest live in santa err city. >> thank you, stay warm. >> new year, same tradition, in key west florida thousands gathered for the famous drop there. drag wean was droid in a giant shoe from the burbon street club at midnight. has been center stage for the shoe drop since the 1990's, that's a mainstay. national tennessee, highlight of the night was the signature dropping of the 15-foot tall red music note to ring in 2018 and fireworks display. country superstar keith urban headlined celebrations. >> and thousands of revelers rang in the new year at the drop in at lan tax the first year it was held at new location, and woodruff park, downtown, entertainers like tl
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c, young geez i anti-reese performed for thousands bundle up on the chilly new years eve night. >> back here at home, atlantic city defying mother nature and will have their traditional new years day polar plunge later today. forecaster expect the weather temperature to be in the mid 40's, that has forced ocean city and ventnor to cans em their plunges, margate is delaying it win to next sunday in sun row sunday and we do have other more serious news to bring this morning, man is behind bars after police say he stabbed two women to death and sent another to the hospital in collingswood. officer rushed to the 100 block every east narberth terrace, around 5:00 saturday night. neighbors called 911 when they heard screaming. police pronounced 48 year old colleen and 41 year old alicia dead at the scene. medics rushed third victim who has not yet been identified to the hospital. forty-four year old mark lysak arrested at the home now facing charges for murder and attempted murder. officials say did he know his victims. at this point it is unclear how he knew his victims.
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>> well, this morning, new details are emerge being deadly shooting at colorado apartment complex. that left one sheriff deputy dead six other injured. correspondent kim hutchinson has the very latest now. >> a community in mourning, after a deadly shooting at a colorado apartment complex. the suspect, identified as is 37 year old, matthew real. >> so it was more of an ambush -type of attack on our officers. he knew we were coming. >> police were called to the copper canyon apartments on a disturbance call, before 6:00 a.m. sunday. they found real barricaded in his room. they say he began shooting, firing more than 100 rounds, and forcing wounded dispute toys crawl for safety. real himself was killed about 90 minute later when a tactical team entered the apartment. the dee dee ceased deputy, 29 year old zachary parish, family man, with two young daughters. police formed a caravan to company his coffin to the
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coroner's offers, and citizens lined the way to show their respect. >> when one every them get shot, like we all get shot in the heart. >> the other officers injured in the attack, all in stable condition. they've been identified as 28 year old mike doyle. thirty year old taylor davis. thirty-two year old jeffrey pelll. and 41 year old tom o'donnell. two civilians yan also injured , memorials have sprung up with local people compelled to show their sorryo and their support. >> that police that died, and the people that were injured, or people who have fought for us, and protected us kim kim hutchinson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> ten americans are among the 12 people killed in a plane crash in northwest costa rica. officials posted video of the burning wreckage on facebook. the plane went down on new years eve. two costa rican pilots died in the crash. the crash happened ten minute after take off from an airport in western costa reek a now, there were reports of heavy wind in the area earlier in
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the day. investigators say they will try and figure out what caused the plane to crash later today well, more than six dozen retail verse been license today start selling recreational marijuana today in california. the owner of buddy's cannibis in san jose was making sure he didn't run out on day one. matt just bought another quarter million dollars worth of marijuana, he is former corporate lawyer working with state officials to craft marijuana legislation, and buddy as cannibis the first dispensary licensed. >> how does it feel to be first? >> it feels amazing, i mean, the culmination of lots and lots of hard work. so we didn't push our way to get to the first. we worked hard, hard long hours to get here. >> also working with local police, inform users of the dangers of using marijuana while driving, and other issues. up next: new mexico family lost a dog, and is found safe, just wait until you hear how far away it was. >> then, a christmas tree goes up in flames. we will tell you what caused this scary scene.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> new year, new you, and a new attitude. shear hoping you are able to stick to those resolutions this year. or at least a day. maybe this week. and we will try to keep it a a month. see in you just about two and a half minutes. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> stars wars the last jedi continues to smash records, the film already surpassed the 1 billion-dollar milestone at the global box office. one of only four move toys do so in 2017. here is the best part t hasn't even hit theatres in china yet the film opens there in this friday. so that means, even with its huge worlds wide numbers the last jedi, still has signs to soar even higher. reportedly helped boost box office numbers by 3% to record setting $39.9 billion for the year. >> and vendees he will spins his way to the top with forks
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naming him the top grossing actor for 2017. his films raid in $1.6 billion , and broadway ticket sales over the course of the year. by securing the number one spot he has knocked his co- star duane the rock johnson down to second top grossing actor with $1.5 billion. and wonder woman's came in third bringing in $1.4 billion >> and rock band u2 also celebrating global success, according to pollster. irish rockers tommed the world war floor chart for 2017. the group's joshua tree, 30th anniversary tour, made $360 million, making the most money out all all of the wards on tour last year, guns n' roses came in second with cold play rounding out the top three. >> new mexico family's missing dog turns up almost a year later nearly a thousand miles away, in kansas sit, missouri. it was christmas day when code a the husky appeared in jamie bergman's backyard. he was hungry, dirty and clearly a very long way away
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from home. how codea managed to make it to missouri a mystery, but believes had has a lot to do with fate. >> he came at the right time. at the worked o he is helping us heal from the loss of over other dog. nights to have him here through the holidays it is always rough. >> will head back to his home in new mexico. our producer just told us his whole back ends with a covered in ice. poor baby. kansas city has to be cold there. one of my friends is there, and says it is cold there. >> cold anywhere east of the rockies and really brutally coal, too, not talking just little below average. dangerous if you're not smart about it, and flirting at least with one of the coldest new years, days, that we've ever record in the philadelphia history. >> wow. >> yes, it says a lot. >> really does, our records go back to the 1800s, so, for us to be pushing it like that, that tells us something. >> yes, so let's go on outside
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we start it off with another very pretty view, certainly, you know, certainly cold up here in bethlehem, too, and the snow still on the ground up this way. not too much less in terms every snow pack, but we did have enough that it has left behind really pretty wintery scene. and at this point, there is not really a substantial climb expected any time soon on the thermometer. so just stuck in this holding pattern with fresh rounds of cold air, reinforcing the worse of there is and at least through this seven-day, we are still not expecting it to hit freezing. so, let me show you what's up out there. first view in our live neighborhood network, outside from palmyra cove nature park just near the betsy ross bridge, this off in the distance here, but center city skyline, still lit up from all of the party that took place, but we do, very pleasantly surprised, we do still have quite a few watchers that are up. and even braving the colds to check their observations for us this morning. it seems like there is cents a little of a plus, but for whatever reason across the
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border here into central west new jersey, a lot of folks were up, and reporting for thus morning, thank you so much for that, guys, and happy new year to all every you. sandra only at whopping seven this hour. she is actually one of the mildest spots of the bunch. but she did say happy new year to all, feels like four below zero at her house, and sending lot of warm wishes for the mummers day parade. also hands full of pictures came in this morning, beautiful, beautiful shot of the moon came in from phil, then alan also sends this looks like frozen tundra out here out in the delran area, looks colds, doesn't it? the caption he put with. that will back to the graphics, switch past the live neighborhood network, talk about travels, too, since through today as we had promised every single broadcast every every day we will gave you a travel forecast, at least locally, you should be just fine. but you really need the time to warm up your car and make sure that everything is running the way it should. with your vehicle. if you are going to be out waiting for treanor bus and you are coming in with mummers parade, whatever it might be
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being sure to bundle up adequately. still give you the green light that said for the next couple every days, storm scan quiet. you can understand why. but let's jump you all the way to wednesday. take a look at what starts to brew out to sea here, good news, there is more consistency at this hour add to the fact this should stay out to sea for the most part. this is wednesday night. there may be some snow. that nudges inland, across specially our south and east most counties. so, this is going to be a major storm. but if it stays taught sea it will be glancing blow here, that's the current call right now. but boy does that reinforce the chill, rahel, back to the teens all over again by the weekend. >> oh, boy. all right, katie, thank you ment let's look back outside. crews till working to clear an accident on the northbound roosevelt boulevard. just past ridge avenue. one left lane is open. and the ramp from i76 eastbound on to the boulevard is closed because after that accident on the boulevard. the route from i76 west is open. and there is an accident we want to tell but, new jersey turnpike northbound, before route 541 in mt. laurel township, left lane block
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there. happy new year from dubai, 2017 hit the history books nine hours before the year wrapped up here in the u.s. the city celebrated the new years with a unique lights show on on the tallest builds action in the world. buy by proclaiming 18 tore to be the year celebrating 100 years of the country founding father. >> and unique 2018 celebrations continued in tokyo japan. folks there released hundreds every white balloons into the night sky to ring in the new year. the release was followed by a fire show with music, many japanese are celebrating the arrival of the year of the dog , in the traditional way of praying for peace, and good fortune. >> thousands look on as images are projected and fireworks explode in paris, france. spectators gathered near the to watch the fire lights and program that celebrated the arrival of the new year. >> and in london iconic london eye helps spectators countdown to the new year by lighting each individual gondolla on
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the enormous observation wheel then it exploded with color and lights during the annual fireworks show. they've been famous chimes rang out in the background as the clock struck midnight. and the show must go on, in eastern russia. a giant christmas tree fire did not stop the new years celebrations cents there. you can see people still standing around, barely having a good time. despite the flames, the music continued to play, the tree pressured 85 feet tall. apparently caught fire do your firing works display. >> well the mummers parade isn't the only new years day tradition, coming up we will take to you california where people have been camping out overnight to get a seat along the rose parade route. stay with us, we will be right back.
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>> art museum stems, the christmas tree looking lovely. every new years day the rose parade takes over the streets every pass dean, a california there is festival of flowers owe big, even the prep are a
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site to see. the floats are assembled, judged inside this warehouse, once approved they head across town toward the parade route, in pasadena, traveling about 3 . folks who move along the route call this is the parade before the parade. >> that was spectacular to be up close and personal with it. and it is amazing. >> actually they had a problem with one float turning, from there, to there. so, it was exciting, though. >> the rose parade part of larger parried called the tournament of roses which includes the famed rose bowl. while the rose parade is the big event, for some, camping out for good spot and tailgating along the route the day before is even bigger. adrianna from sister station c bs2 in los angeles, some excited rebelers. >> the rush to get a coveted spot along the rose parade route started early, with families along orange grove chalking out their territory, hours before they were officially allowed to move in.
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>> keep brian came from fresno to campout. boy is he red. >> i tomorrow morning, i'll have french toast breakfast. >> with a hammock, heater, full stove and hot and cold running water, steve says, cam something almost better than the parade itself. >> i like the certain kind of camping, this is unique, plus , intrigued with the parade, too. >> his neighbor for the night damon james, volunteering with the turnment of roses for the past 16 years. this year, he and his wife will help get the rose queen and her court ready for their big day, but until his official duties begin,'s out here with his kids getting ready for night out under the stars. >> it is an experience. i mean, to be able to be out here throughout the night bring in the new year right here, all of these folks, incredibly fun atmosphere. >> security is tight. police say based on vehicle assaults this year around the world, they're not taking any chances here. >> we are taking extra
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precautions, we're shutting down the route which we hadn't done in the past, just to make sure everybody is safe knowing people like to camp campout along the parade route. >> folks out hearsays it is a family affair, everyone looks out for one another. darlene has lived in pasadena since 1960. the parade is a must-do for her every year. >> it is pass dean a if you don't come to the parade, you're not part of pasadena. >> adrianna wine hads gold from sister station c. bs2 reporting, the rose parade in its 129th year. >> welcoming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news,w years day in a century. now katie has her eye on nor'easter later this week. >> residents in northeast philadelphia start the new year without power. what caused the lights to go out. why exercise alone, the health benefit to group exercise, back at the top of the hour.
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>> live from the broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news " this morning. >> and the show will go on. philly keeps the tradition going, even as jack frost is nipping at your nose, how the mum remembers planning to stay warm. and fireworks from the delaware mark the start of 2018. the frigid weather fails to stop celebrations on both sides of the river.
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>> the birds lose to the cowboys in a sunday shut out. >> and today is monday january . happy new year, i'm rahel solomon. katie keeping an eye on things this morning, as you might have guessed it is coal. >> very coal. about a century since you've seen temperatures quite this low, as what we are calling for here today, really harsh stuff. and specially, for the mummers , i mean, i am a marching bands a lull, i know what can happen to the brass and wood wind instruments as it gets colds like, that so my heart goes out to them. i know they'll do fan that is inch job. but if you are either part of the parade or going to be headed out there to watch the fancy brigade from the side lines, really got to be smart about how you adequately prepare, to be bundled up for this. because, keep in mind, with the windchills, that we are are expecting this morning, it could in fact where a frostbite could set in in a matter of half hour as the wind chills drop and drop. please be careful, cover everything that is expos


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