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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 1, 2018 7:00am-8:58am EST

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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, january 1st. let us be the first to say 2018, happy new year. >> happy new year indeed. >> welcome to "cbs this morning." wall street investors hope this, that the new year will bring gains just like last year. jill schlesinger shows us why we should make a plan for 2018 and simplify your life. >> tom brady takes us back to the super bowl. he shmoes us the fitness and diet plan that's keeping him on the football field in his 40s. he wasn't happy, so he walked away from tv stardom to find meaning in his life. he finds meaning in his life and
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out of the spotlight. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> the world brings in 2018. >> they did it against the backdrop of record cold temperatures. >> the weather is 14 degrees right now in new york. >> sorry. >> it will be a bitter cold start to the new year. >> the cold pattern is going to be in place. it's going to stick around for freezing. >> ten u.s. citizens klen costa >> police say the cause is unde deputy was killed and four other officers wounded in guan battle. >> protesting over the overthrow of iran's leader. >> you just can't tweet here.
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you have to lay out >> kyle williams, n 17 years. >> all that -- >> police in upstate new york a cookie-snatching squirre >> happy new year. >> president trump rang in the new year with his family friends at his mar-a-lago resort. fabulous 2018. >> -- on "cbs this m dreamer, be onlyone, no ♪ ♪ i hope some day join us and the world >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places.
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happy new year on this first day of january 2018. do you want to start the new year, norah, and say, this year i'm going get it right or this year i'm going to do bet e or last year was good but i'm doing to do okay. >> no. >> i don't make resolutions. do you?he two or three years ago on this show.o e new year as a way to remind myself of my core>> i think tha. i think another year, another ce you should know this, guys. we recorded parts of this broadcast in the days leading up to 2018. >> right nowo to the newsroom for news headlines. >> good morning. people around the world welcomed the start of2018.
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an estimated 2 million peo dro square on new york city's n yea century. they celebrated with in braza . >> kim jong-un said a nuclear tt my desk. chip reid is in florida with the goesident's reaction. >> good morning. when asked about kim plan, pres we'll see. he weighed in on anothery. police are clashing with demonstrators who are voicing their frustrations with president trump tweeted, the usa is watching very closely for human rightste the new year at his mar-a-lago estatefr
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cabinet members. he'll return evening to begin work on his 2018 agenda.ouery much. a private carry iing ten americans killed everybody on the sister says he and his wife and three children died in o ofe plane's burning bersta were als killed. authorities in colorado are trying to learn why a man erf's deputies. one dep wut killed and four at complex outside denver yesterday. twoil wounded. police say 37-year-oldired 100 s.w.a.t. officers shot him to death. man th weapons in his ro
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a hotel that holds one of the city's largest new parties. police say em ba had a rifle, a shotgun, and ame brought them inside the hyatt regency want t stolen from his truck. investigators believe he did not intend to useia's first recreational shops are opening this morning. the state's new lawral pot salet midnight. more than six dozen retle to se and more licenses are pending. it is 7:
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most americans like their odds of making more money in th. 76% in a new fidelity investment study believe they'll be bettera financial resolution for this year. that's an all-time low in this surv cbs news business analyst jilltn to improve your financial life. good morning, jill. >> good morning and happy >> happy new year. the study shows people are worried about unexpected tha m? what are you talking about that, and what can you dothat? >> unexpected we say what's your emergency reserve fund. my gosh, i got an illness.
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>> leaky roof. >> theryer just exploded, something bad happened, or a car we notice a lot of parents help their adult children with car repairs. so one of lways talked about especially after the holiday season in terms what you should be doing, you should be focused on the big three. did you incur some debt over the holidays. number one, let's pay that down. number two, did you andre some money out of your fund. i know you hate me telling you this. b kept safe. >> isave? >> six months. >> most people can't do strive something. the other part is once those two things are try to maximize you contribution. your 401(k) limit,
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$6,000 if you're over the age of 50. $5,500 in your rockei.r.a. or i.r.a. >> what do you think about coming off of stocks? >> this is a perfect time to say, let me look at what i have. let me look a my retirement account and should i rebans it. that means if o investor who doesn't love maybe you started by saying 50% stocks, 50% bonds. so good this year you might have done 70%. take some of it into the bonds and rebalance those allocations. the other part that's really t plans. they get company stock as part of theirncthat as well because you've had a great year mostly, you don't want
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risks unnecessarily. >> and the people that don't have stocks say, overspent this holiday season. getting back on track, you mos thing is to have an expense tracker. e' ones., you need a budget.e spending your money. go to your annual c reports, check any errors, and like your body. >> like the data >> is there something called you need a budget? >> you need a budget, >> okay. i like that. >> you don't need a budget. >> jil >> she said, you don't know what i need. that's true. nfl's regular seasd up yesterday patriots quarterback tom brady
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shows no signs of slowing it's fitness and diet it's described in hislish by simon & cbs. in the beginning he gave us ann his routine >> muscles at success. strong and active but also pliable. >> lengthening and softening of muscles. >> yeah. >> everybody muscles to be harder. >> i think that's what we've been educated i would argue differently. i've seen strong physically fit health who are injured the most. if i can keep my i can hopefully limit the intens altogether i do get
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some of this. >> compare that to brady who is just wrapping up his 18th regular season. longevity to a more holistic approach to fitness. w time, right? we get injured and go to relab. you talk about pliability in terms of >> yes. everyone can do it. my parents, my sisters. i did pliabilit this morning whose leg was sore. he's 8 year's old. >> you're tryto case that pliability is a whole different way to look at philod rlongtime trainer alex guerrero. >> you describe him as an he started lengthening and softening all the muscle in my
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tension in the muscle and i was like, god, that so muchuld incr strength while limiting the density of te dense of the musc the less pliable it all of our >> his sports center doesn't look like an ave90% orathe traih flexibility bands very specific massage techniques. >> i would say i'm quicker than starred playingn high school. >> you're fast ore at 40 you were at 18? >> yeah, i am. >> all of my friends who are moms are going to be saying to their husbands tom brady is better now his 40s than when hoe
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was 18. >> you want to play football in your mid-40s. >> yeah. >> gisele agrees with that? >> she would say, ten years ago you told me ten years and now you say another five years. >> do you worry about concussions? >> i'm not worried about them. yeah, i'm conscious of it, but i also love the sport so much that i want to keep playing and i'm going to do everything i can to take care of my body in advance of the hits i'm going to take on sunday. >> wow. >> that's a word i think, norah, for 2018. pliability. i know you like him. i like him too. he looks good, feels good too. >> i need to buy more bands. i have been doing it. >> it makes a difference. norah can throw a football. >> i try. this time of year many people want to escape the cold. for others, there's no better
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time to dive in. some tourists pay around $20,000 for a trip of the lifetime to antarctica. the money helps subsidize researchers who go on the expedition. mark phillips joins us. good morning and happy new year. >> happy new year to you. a lot of people go on tour. one big thing has changed, though, this year, the u.s. pullout of the paris climate agreement. it's made for a new kind of tourism and a new kind of science. ready for more than your average holiday. coming to antarctica as a tourist can be a truly shocking experience. it's a trip for the intrepid and not just you can do this.
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it's a full immersion experience in so many ways. the operators don't call these cruises. they call them expeditions, and that's not just a way of adds to the romance of following in the footsteps of the great explorers, of seeing things way off the beaten track. it's because these trips also involve science like the research that eric is doing. this documenting of the ever-increasing speed of glacial ice floe probably wouldn't happen if the tourists didn't come. >> here you get this hybrid mix where people are paying big bucks to come down as a tourist trip, but that also helps the kind of work that you do. >> i think, yeah, it is a formula that i would like to see continue. >> reporter: it may have to.
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with an administration of climate exchange skeptics in washington, the science that gets done on these trips might not otherwise happen. >> you can clearly see this big trend of increasing temperatures that has been happening. >> reporter: ken taylor is one of the world's eminent scientists whose work include the science history, and he said the writing about funding cuts has been o the wall since day 1. >> well, we've already gotten indications from our federal funding agencies that we should anticipate budget cuts. it didn't take very long after the election for that word to come down. >> reporter: even when research is government-funded, the money doesn't go far enough. job durban uses a drone to check on the welfare of antarctic whales in the changing times, but there's no way he and his co-researcher poly fernbeck
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would be here if they didn't get a ride who see, bringing natural scientists along as part of the appeal to their customers. >> it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. it's a wonderful relationship that we have. >> reporter: a relationship that has to continue if the work is to go on. >> this is the seventh year in a row we've conducted research on this ship. we've studied animals that are as old as we do. to understand them takes multiple years. >> reporter: the tourists are effectively underwrietding the science, part of the substantial ticket prices for adventures like this goes for the cost to cover the work done onboard and not only do the tourists mind, but they think it's a good idea. many like laurie fosten came
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here for more than the thrills. >> i think it's a shame that the skrie science is in the cross hairs of politics. it doesn't take much to understand we're having a detrimental effect on the world. >> reporter: they come here for the experience and leave with even more memories. they leave with knowledge. the scientists on board give the tourists a sense of purpose, and if it weren't for the tourists, the scientists wouldn't be here. it's a marriage made in heaven. the tour operators we went with and others say people that bring them come as tourists, but they leave as ambassadors. norah? >> mark, thank you so much. a beautiful study and great reporting. >> that sounds like a success. >> exactly. record-setting space
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the sky to show us how na is good morning, i'm rahel solomon, the annual mummers parade steps off in just about an hour and a half from philadelphia city hall. crews already out there this morning, preparing the route for one of the most spectacular parades in the country. this year's parade begins at 9:00 and travels down south broad street to washington avenue, and if you are going, please, bundle up, and it is very cold out there. on that note we send it over to katie and check on just how cold it is, hi, kate. >> i rahel, talking wind chills values region wide, that are sub-freezing right now. actually, sub-zero, in fact, so windchill advisories is still in effect for our entire area here. right through at least 10:00 a.m. so, that's well into after the mummers will have stepped off here. here is what it fells like, five below zero at the airport currently ten below in lancaster, 20 below in mount
7:27 am
pocono. you get the idea. it is frigid out there, and staying that way for a good portion of the forecast. as it all gets reinforced all over again this weekend. >> all right, thank you. we take you outside, an accident on route 422, westbound, at trooper, cars facing sideways as you can see here, and the off ramp partially block, there are injuries reported, also, quick look at the vine street expressway. at i76, schuylkill expressway, no delays or incidents reported here, the same true. ex update 7:55, up next, why nasa is changing the way planes are designed to bring supersonic travel to commercial aviation. i'm rahel solomon, good morning, and happy new year.
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." four top college football teams will be on the field later this afternoon in semifinal playoff games. number one clemson faces number 4 alabama. that's the sugar bowl. are you making any predictions? >> clemson. >> i am too. it's a rematch of the last two national championships. number 2, oklahoma and number 3, jachlt any predictions? >> oklahoma. >> was going to make a prediction. >> i'm sorry. who do you predict? >> oklahoma. >> yes. and ads you see, the rose parade
7:31 am
kicks off this morning in pasadena, california. each year the rose parade requires 80,000 hours of combined manpower. every float, think of this, gayle, it's decorated with more flowers than anyone will use in five years. that's a lot of flowers. >> remember when tom hanks was here at the table. whenever i think of forest gump, i think of tom hank. he can do no wrong in my opinion. and did you make a resolution for 2018? i'll go first. no, thanks. "the new york times" reports one-third of the people who make resolutions will not keep them. the reasons for failure, they're trying to do something people are turning them, it's too vague, or it's not realistic. >> that's a good point.
7:32 am
if you're going to set a resolution -- >> -- it should be something you want to do. >> -- it should be something you want to do, be specific, and plot it out. >> have a realistic plan. it makes sense to us. >> yes. all right. this morning in our series "note to self," we hear from astronaut peggy whitson. she returned after a 288-day mission. whitson has spent more time in space than any other american. while in orbit t 57-year-old biochemist started writing a letter to her 9-year-old self. she finished her note to self when she was back home in houston at johnson's space center. >> dear younger me. i've learned a few things over me that i would like to share with a younger version of myself. >> there it is. a u.s. flag on the surface of the moon. >> you just watched on tv as
7:33 am
neil armstrong and buzz aldrin took the first step on moon. seeing it with your own eyes made it real and believable and achievable. it made you feel small but filled you with excitement. that moment in time planted a seed of inspiration in you. now it's up to you to nourish that soap and grow it into more than just a dream. next year your dad will get his private pilot's license. you will get your very first ride in an airplane. the exhilarating few of the cornfields from above will inspire you to fly as well. however, it will take several years of raising and selling chickens to earn enough money to take your own flying lessons, but just remember, learning to fly with that chicken money will be the first step toward a
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higher purpose because one day you will become a real space explorer. the year you graduate high school, nasa will select the first female astronauts. you will dream of exploration. know that what you dream for might seem impossible, but you will be successful as long as you make your life decisions based on your own value system and not others. so ignore the naysayers, ignore the people who say you can't become an astronaut. instead, use it as motivation. it will be ten years of applying before ever becoming an astronaut. the rejections will be discouraging, but in your typical style, you will just keep trying. all those years of anticipation will be surpassed.
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the solid rocket boosters will ignite and you will literally roar into space. seeing the earth for the first time in orbit, you will be surprised that you never noticed the quality and texture of colors. high above earth, you will remember what your parents taught you growing up on the farm. problems don't always have elegant or expensive solutions. dad will teach you that number 2 wire and pliers plus a healthy attitude can fix almost anything. >> u.s. astronaut peggy whitson returned to earth today. >> believe it or not, you will spend more time in space than any other astronaut. >> and has now spent more than 655 days off the planet, more than any other astronaut. >> and earn the nickname space ninja. >> there's our resident space
7:36 am
ninja. >> you will grow soybeans in orbit while your father grows soybeans on earth. >> she now becomes the first two-time female commander of the international space station. >> you will walk in space ten times. you will find that living in space can actually become a home in spite of tools floating away. alien to all you know, you will adapt and you will love it. know that even though it is incomprehensible to you, you will be a role model. i'm still struggling with this one, so you need to step up a bit earlier than i have done. i will tell you to not underestimate your abilities. because i know you, i will say, challenge yourself.
7:37 am
you will learn you're so much more capable than you might have imagined or even dreamed. sincerely, the older you. >> i always love the "note to self." that was so beautifully done. not bad for what she's done with the chicken money. >> i have tears in my eyes. >> i was going to say, your eyes are glistening. >> it was terrific. she's such a hero in her own story. >> it's the type of thing you want everybody to know, peggy whitson. >> what the has achieshe has ac incredible. >> love you, ninja. ahead, the pie in the sky-research to make supersonic flights quieter. >> we're going to fly this airpane right here, f-18 hornet, and we're going to go supersonic a couple of times. >> i'm here with nasa heading up
7:38 am
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engineers are working to bring supersonic travel back to commercial aviation. just over 70 years after the sound barrier was first broken, space say jagency is pushing nee yours. jeff glor recently broke the sound barrier to learn more about it. good morning. >> good morning. the only plane that flew faster than sound was the retired concord back in the '70s, '80s, and '90s, but it was only allowed to do it over the ocean because the loud boom can be damaging. they're working to lower the boom so they can quietly hit
7:43 am
those speeds and tack travel that's less than half, 07 years after the first sonic boom. >> in 1947 i heard the sonic boo. we knew right there that he had brought in a new air forcforce, new supersonic air force. >> bob cardena. >> it was the gateway to space. >> reporter: that momentous event 70 years ago did lead to space travel but not supersonic air travel mostly because of this, the series of loud booms caused what a supersonic plane makes audio shock waves that sounds like bombs, shakes the earth, and can even break
7:44 am
windows. >> so they banned it over land. >> reporter: he's trying to fix that. he and his team are working to lower the blast force and ka cough news sound of sonic booms. >> we showed we can reshape the front of the plane to make it quieter on the ground. >> this is completely redesigning planes. >> right. >> they've designed a low boom demonstrator that can be released in four years. the ultimate goal to make supersonic flight a reality to everyone. >> if it takes five or six hours to get from new york to los angeles, how long? >> three to four hours. >> when it's done, it falls to test pilots to create low booms with today's aircraft. to do that he has to go through
7:45 am
complicated rolls. >> roll inverted, pull down to 50 degrees and start out to 3 1/2 gs. >> that sounds easy. >> it's not that hard. >> reporter: he's on a mission to show us how the lowest sonic can go boom. >> you're giving them the normal boom. >> this is the normal boom that both airplanes out there would produce today. >> reporter: back down on the ground, herring and his microphones are listening and collecting data. >> supersonic. >> supersonic. >> so we've just completed the normal boom. we're about to try the low sonic booms. >> reporter: but to execute the low boom maneuver, larson must
7:46 am
first climb to 49,000 feet. >> roll and three -- >> three, two, one, mark. >> whoo-hoo. >> that's one. copy mark. >> we inverted and went down and came back up? >> yep. that's exactly it. >> reporter: a few seconds later back on the ground. >> got a boom somewhere in the neighborhood of 0.4. >> it shows an 85% reduction in the power of the boom. >> nice landing. >> thanks. >> neysa will use their data to design the new planes. but unlike our planes it will not have go inverted and dive down. thanks to its shape it will fly level and really, really fast. >> kudos to jeff glor. i know they say never say never. i heard that on "the oprah show" years ago. never say never. i ain't never doing that. you say -- >> -- i would love to do that again.
7:47 am
i have done it once before. i went 7 gs. i love it. >> you have children and a husband. >> i feel the need for speed as they once said in "top gun." >> i'll be down here cheering you on. thank you, jeff floor. nice job. ahead, we'll take you to tennessee to hear from the former slave who taught daniel how to make whiskey and the
7:48 am
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7:56 am
good morning, i'm rahel solomon, besides the folks braving the cold weather to see the mummers today, they're even some braver folks down in atlantic city getting ready for the annual polar plunge, expect water temperatures to be in the mid 40's, and that's has forced ocean september i and event for to canning else their plunge, mark gate postponing next sun date, police and teen until january 13. oh, boy, cold just looking at at that video. now to katie fehlinger with a look at today's forecast. >> colds air the story we do still with have win chill advisory posted until 10:00 a.m., or places like broad heads ville, that sun glare is a issue too, it won't do much to help warm you up, but verbal is going to be disruptive if you're traveling
7:57 am
east, six below zero is the current actual air temperature , quick check on the other air temperatures sink digits almost everywhere keeping in mind it will feel colder, little bit after modest rebounds wednesday, maybe some snow into thursday, then it is cold all over again by friday. rahel? >> katie, thank youment looking at the roads, accident on i76 eastbound, at the conshohocken curve. vehicle, spun out in the right shoulder, block while crews work to clear that scene. also, 95 at cottman avenue, road empty, no issues to report there, looking all clear, 8:25, coming up cbs this morning, comedian dave shappell. i'm rahel solomon, good morning.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's new year's day, monday january 1st, 2018. welcome back to "cbs this morning." ahead, a rare interview with dave chappelle. he reveals how success with chappelle's show didn't feel right and how he's learned to balance his life and his comedy. but first here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. an estimated 2 million people watched the ball drop in times square, the coldest day in a century. the cabinet members will return to washington this evening. a private plane carrying 10 americans crashed in costa rica killing everyone on board twochl
8:01 am
crew members were also killed. >> a study shows we're worried about the unexpected. what can we do? >> especially after the holiday season, i know you hate when i tell you this. six months of your living expenses should be kept safe. >> you talk about pliability in terms of rehab, meaning pliability can prevent injury. >> not just athletes but for everybody. >> it reminds me, i have to buy more of those bands. i have been using them, but i probably could be doing more of it. >> the u.s. pullout made for a new kind of tourism and a new kind of science. >> in our series note to self we hear from astronaut peggy whitson. >> i would tell you not to underestimate your ability, but since i know you, i will say, challenge yourself. you will learn you're so much more capable than you might imagine or even dream, sincerely, the older you. i'm norah o'donnell with
8:02 am
gayle king. again, we want to wish you guys a very happy new year. >> do we really? >> yeah. >> as a matter of fact, we still have on our new year's eve clothes. >> i know. >> we decide dodd something sparkly. >> do you try to stay up past midnight? >> i do. >> you do. >> if you're not out in the streets, i do like to be up to see the ball drop. what about you? >> no, i'm usually in bed. >> i like to see it. i like to see it. >> we should let you know we recorded parts of this broadcast in the days leading up to the holiday. >> right now let's head to the newsroom for a check of this morning's headlines. >> good morning. i'm tony dokoupil. americans rang in the new years with festive celebrations. security was tight in new york city. hundreds gathered on the streets. in seattle fireworks lit up the
8:03 am
sky and a falling musical note marked the start of 2018 in nashville. it was the coldest new year's eve in a century in new york city's times square. nearly half the country is under windchill warnings and advisories this morning. whiteout conditions and icy roads in michigan caused a massive pileup of more than two dozen cars yesterday. president trump returns to washington after celebrating new year's eve in florida. family and friends joined him for an exclusive party at his mar a la ga resort. he's predicting a fantastic 2018. the stockmarket continues to gain and companies will return at a massive clip. king john ung says he has a nuclear button on his desk. in a new year's address, kim said the entire u.s. mainland is within reach of north korea's nuclear weapons. republican senator lindsey graham addressed that on "face the nation.." >> 2018 is going to be the year
8:04 am
to deny north korea the capability the ability to hit the homeland. sangs will never work completely without the threat of credible military force. how do you change a man's behavior who's willing to kill his own family, torture his own people to stay in power. >> kim also said the u.s. can never start a war against north korea. officials in colorado are investigating why a man ambushed sheriff's deputies, killing one of them and wounding four others. the deputy were responding to a domestic disturbance at an apartment complex south of denver yesterday. the suspect fired more than 100 shots. >> it was more of a -- an ambush type of attack on our officers. he knew we were coming. >> police killed the suspect identified as 37-year-old matthew riehl. a youtube use were that name recently posted videos criticizing police. a family of five from new
8:05 am
york's westchester county died in a plane crash in costa rica. a relative says bruce steinberg, his wife and three children were among ten americans on the plane. costa rican officials say there were no survivors. video of the crash site shows the plane still burning. two crew members were also killed. anti-government protesters in iran reportedly tried to take over police stations and military bases last night. police say 12 people have died since the beginning of demonstrations thursday. president trump tweeted this morning iran is failing at
8:06 am
8:07 am
when dave chappelle walked away from his highly successful comedy show -- remember that -- it helped him rediscover the world. ahead and only on "cbs this morning," how his small hometown in ohio helps him escape the pressure of fame. and why he's terrified of raccoons. yep, mr. chappelle don't like no raccoons. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. this thing is like... first kid here we go second kid you coming in mommy? ahh not a chance! by their second kid, every parent is an expert and more likely to choose luvs than first time parents. it's monday, january 1st,
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8:11 am
making everybody laugh for 30
8:12 am
years. he study at a performing high school in washington, d.c. and he started in comedy clubs when he was just 14. his career exploded after his show on comedy central. he suddenly abandoned his show at the height of his success and people were very confused. but now netflix has released his third comedy special. he often shies away from interviews, but he sat down with us for a rare conversation about his life and career. >> there was all sorts of speculation, was he crazy? was he on drugs. >> when we read your story, it was more about peace of mind than about money. >> i was talking to a guy. he said comedy is a reconciliation of paradox. when i think that that was the irreconcilable moment for that, that i was in this very successful place, but the emotional content of it didn't feel anything like what i
8:13 am
imagined success should feel like. it just didn't feel right. >> are you all ready? some sketch comedy? are you all ready to see some sketches? >> do you miss the "chapelle's show"? >> yeah. >> you do. >> chappelle is like breaking up with a girl. you still like her but in your mind you think, that bitch is crazy, i'm not going back. >> i do like to move around when i'm in thought. >> reporter: chappelle not only left the show walking away from a $50 million deal, he left the country, going to south africa to escape. >> did the fame scare you? >> fame. yeah, but not so much i gave it up to go to africa. fame is a horrifying concept when it's aimed at you. you know, at the end of the day, you don't have that much control. you try to conduct yourself the best you can. >> i started doing drugs when i was little. just like you. >> reporter: for two seasons his best was comedy central's "the
8:14 am
"chapelle's show."" critically acclaimed and wildly popular. >> is anyone up for a game of basketball? >> you talk about prince. that show is still one of the funniest ones. >> we tried to get prince. we said, it's about you. prince was like, no. but then he saw the sketch and he loved it. >> gay, blouses. >> the week the sketch came out he got inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. >> but even when you walked away in 2005 you were still working. it's just we didn't know all -- >> we stayed low. i found an altitude i was comfortable with, you know. i found a way to do what i like to do and avoid some of the parts of it that i was uncomfortable with. >> what were you uncomfortable with? >> well, i mean if you look at me physically, you know, now,
8:15 am
i'm like 40 pounds heavier than i was when i did the "chapelle's show." >> welcome, everybody to chappelle's show. >> they were like, how did you gain weight? i have actual relationships with my kids. i've been all over the country touring all my life, but i never saw anything. now i've seen everything. i can talk to people. i had time to stop -- i used to brush past them. now i stop. they say, you do? it was like the way i engage the world was important. >> i'm starting to think i'd like my life to mean something. >> reporter: like when he came to columbia university in south carolina to talk to students. >> it's okay to be afraid so you can be courageous.
8:16 am
the idea is you're scared but you do the right thing anyway. in 2004 i walked away from $50 million and in november i made a deal for $60 million. >> welcome back home, man. >> thank you very much. >> yes, sir, yes, sir. >> reporter: he went to the church named after his great grandfather, a piece of his family's history he wanted to explore. >> hi. i'm here to mail out my buddy. oh, okay. well, while you're here, you do fit a description. >> chappelle's own history is rooted in standup comedy. he started performing when he was only 14. >> do you remember when you got your first laugh? >> yeah. first laugh i was on stage. i can remember who introduced me, what my introduction was. >> let me hear, let me hear. >> j.t. newton.
8:17 am
he said, folks start somewhere. he's here for the first time. who knows. we welcome the birth of a star. please welcome dave chapel. he said that's all for you, that's all for you. they treated me like it because a make-a-wish foundation. it was good. you go through a million bad nights to get a good one. >> this was a place with animals lived [ bleep ]. tonight it's flas where human beings will get drunk and throw up. >> reporter: now his shows inreport part concert, part party all day. >> you go to a party where
8:18 am
everyone shows up at the same time. we start and finish the night together and it's like a very eclectic crowd. >> what do you want us to feel in there? >> like love and camaraderie and kinship, you know. just a reminder. my town is so small, you throw an event like that in town, it's the big dance. >> that small town is about 20 miles outside of dayton, ohio, far away from the pressure of big city life. are you ever out here at night walking? >> yeah, i walk at night, especially when i get back from the road. it's scary too. >> why? >> you hear scattering. raccoons. >> are you scared of raccoons? >> yeah. it's a rational fear i have. >> if we want to scare you -- >> if i see them up close, they freak me out. they're a little too bold,
8:19 am
they've got those hands. >> the town is progressive and artsy. >> hey, man, i'm sorry to hear about your dad. good to see you. >> reporter: a place where he's treated like a neighbor, not a big star. >> are you calmer here? >> generally speaking, yeah. i have time to think about things and i think for a comedian if you don't have time to think, you're not as effective. it gets a little corporate. >> it's that corporate feel he left behind when he departed comedy central where key & peele became the ones to watch. >> people think you don't like key & peele. >> no. i'm a fan of their show. when i did chappelle's show, there were certain conventions of the show the network resisted and i fought the network very hard so those conventions could
8:20 am
come to fruition. >> we're looking for clayton bixby. >> look no further, fellow, you found him. >> that black and white sue prechl cyst sketch, it's ten minutes long. it should be five minutes long. why should it be five minutes long. these types of things. so when i watch key and spiel and i see they're doing the format i created and then at the end it says created by key & peele, that hurts my feelings. >> i've been gone for a very long time. >> surprised. it's me. >> reporter: the signature piece of its highly anticipated comeback, three multi-million-dollar netflix specials. >> we can agree that hot seat is traditionally occupied by african-americans in general, african-american men in particular. >> do you worry about crossing the line or is there a line you
8:21 am
won't cross? >> although i can see in cent years that seat has been occupied by mexicans and i dare say arabs. and we the black americans would like to thank you both for your sacrifice and your struggles. >> it moves, it changes, but i think a lot of it has to do with intent. >> and your intent is -- >> -- to make people laugh, to reconcile paradox and just like openly -- sometimes openly vent. i think when you get to a certain altitude, there's more scrutiny over the things you say because the platform is so powerful. >> norah, he's still hilarious. after i did his interview, i went back and looked at a bunch of dave "chapelle's show"s, his comedy still holds up. you look at that supremacy show,
8:22 am
it's hilarious. >> i like how his comedy is to reconcile paradox. >> he's a very smart guy. >> very smart. >> i think most are. comedy takes a degree of intelligence to create funny. he's a smart guy and doing okay. >> kudos to you. know he does not give any interviews and you got that interview. >> that was two years of graveling. it was very effective. >> kudos. it was worth it. >> thanks. >> a very good interview. one of the famous names in whiskey, jack daniels. why he's talking about another important name from his past. you don't want to miss this story. you're watching "cbs this morning." graveling. story.
8:23 am
8:24 am
did you know jack daniels whiskey didn't start with jack daniels. ahead, michelle miller tracks down the whiskey. it's not the water. you can hear more on our itunes and apple's ipodcasts
8:25 am
today. get advice on the best ways to >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news ". >> good morning, i'm rahel solomon, up a date now on this morning's breaking news, 16 year old is in custody after deadly shooting, in the community of long branch monmouth county. police say the teen boy shot four victims inside his own home on wall street before midnight news yee ear. authorities say the victims were the boy's father, mother, sister and family acquaintance at this time police say their investigation is not over. let's check in with katie and check on today's chilly forecast, hi, kate. >> i very cold one indeed. you're right, windchill advisory still in effect no less until 10:00 a.m. for most every you it will linger until 11:00 a.m. for the poconos. current feels like values, we finally moved past zero, and got into positive territory in reading, in terms whatever it feels like outside. but most of us are still in
8:26 am
sub zero territory. so again, it is still very harsh outside, at least the sun is shining, but, you know it, doesn't really do much to help warm things up throughout the course of the day, high officially reaching 19. don't bank on it feeling much better than the single digits. sun will even continue to shine through the majority of wednesday, too, that night into thursday, large storm mainly taught sea, could throw some moisture back, especially near the shore, you have decent chance to see few inches of snow out of that. by the weekends, colds reinforced all over again. rahel? >> katie, let's take a look outside, thank you. here is a look at new jersey at the route 42 freeway near route 1295. no issues to report here. also, the schuylkill expressway, also looking pretty good right now, the roads empty and clear, looks like a lot of people are sleeping in for last night's festivities. next update 8:55, ahead on cbs this morning, the secret to making jack daniel whiskey. dollars i'm rahel solomon, good morning.
8:27 am
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and welcome back to "cbs this morning" on this new year's day. there's no mystery about what goes into jack daniels whiskey. the popular drink has been around for more than 151 years. the recipe is actually on the company's website, but michelle miller has a story you may not have heard. how a man helped make jack daniel a household name. >> it's important to set the record straight because anyone who accomplished something like he did, should be honored. >> reporter: what neeris green a slave did was teach jack daniel how to make whiskey. >> it was on the cover of "the new york times" international
8:31 am
edition. it was possible he was behind it. it's never been spoken about until now. >> reporter: for author fawn weaver, finding the proof has become a passion bordering on obsession. over the past year weaver's collected a library of documents, letters, and pictures, hoping to parse the truth from folklore. >> finally one of the elders in the community said, you know his name wasn't neeris. his name is nathan and he's from maryland. >> reporter: after digging for more than 2,500 hours and speaking to relatives, it's starting to come together. jack daniel an orphan started working for a whiskey distiller, dan caul.
8:32 am
caul teemed him up with one of his slaves. >> after slavery he started his own kpaul and the person he went to first was his mentor and he did not see race as barrier. >> reporter: mark mccallum is the president of jack daniel's brands. >> when we know and understand understood the weight of this story, anything we can do to honor the name of nerist, we'll do. >> reporter: the company acknowledged him last year. >> reporter: there was an enormous amount of blowback? >> such as? >> from positive commentary to something very have vitriolic. it was the time we were leading up to the u.s. presidential election. i thought the last thing that america needed at that time was for jack daniel to come out again after all of his commentary and raise up this
8:33 am
story again. >> people had been saying this for a very long time, but there was not one shred of proof. and so if you have a story that you know will be controversial because most people don't listen to the whole story. >> what do they hear? >> immediately, jack daniel had slaves. >> reporter: by all accounts, he did not. it is believed daniel opened his distillery in 1866, a year after the 13th amendment abolished slavery. today green is mentioned in tours of the distillery. >> that's jack daniel himself and this is his crew back in the early 1900s. >> reporter: there's no known photograph of green. but this is his son george sitting right next to jack daniel at a time black employees were often relegated to the back. despite the deep racial divides of the american south in the 19th century, an improbable
8:34 am
friendship brewed, one at the heart of a quintessential american brand. >> for me this project ends when i can go anywhere around the world and say nerist green and everybody knows who he is. >> she can say mission accomplished. she' she's telling stories nobody knows. we all get it. thank you very much. as we start fresh in the new year, we're going to give you a peek inside our family album
8:35 am
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hundreds of people work around the clock to bring you the news every day on "cbs this morning." as we kick offer a new year of all that matters, we'd like to introduce you to our incredible team and they are incredible, aren't they, gayle? >> they are. >> the very best. >> i second that emotion. >> yes. happy new year from all of us at "cbs this morning." ♪ ♪
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>> parade stems off at city hall in a matted err every minutes, crews worked all night to get ready for all of the fun, mummers celebrated new years day in philadelphia for more than 100 years, parade travels down south broad street to washington avenue. and if you are headed you definitely want to bundle up. now checking the forecast with katie fehlinger in the weather center, very cold out there. very, still windchill advisory posted until 10:00 this morning, basically, region wide, extends until 11:00 a.m. >> clearly whole region involved in this, actual air temperatures are as such, primarily in the single digits , you have zero at mount pocono, feels more like 20 below zero out that way, lancaster feels like 11, 12 degrees, below zero.
8:56 am
and here in philly, it is actually in fact still feel sub zero because that wind flow again not really strong wind, but it is certainly enough that you will notice it so, please, make sure that you bundle up adequately. storm scan quiet. sunshine to work with out there throughout the day but just not going to have chance to warm up, really even in the next few days, despite it being a little less harsh, and we're still not even expecting to hit freezing, by wednesday, now, wednesday night into thursday, storm comes along may bring in snow wednesday night into thursday morning, rahel, over to you. >> katie thank you. let's look at the roads now. >> accident, two lanes block, no words on any injuries at this point. also another accident in new jersey northbound at the ramp north vie lands, no ford details at this time. on that, as well. that's "eyewitness news" for now, joining us, i'm rahel solomon, great day. happy new year.
8:57 am
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>> dr. travis: we uncovered a different drug that's being abused. >> it's frightening. >> announcer: the doctors investigate. >> that's a dangerous thing, you could have a seizure. >> dr. travis: what do people do? >> then the suicidad scavenger hunt. >> my daughter found a video. >> drinking bleach. >> what to watch out for. >> the last step is to kill yourself. >> announcer: the doctors. >> dr. travis: welcome to everyone, friends and colleagues psychologist dr. judy ho and crist dr. dominic sportelli. psychiatrist. we are in great company here. particularly for the topicings we are about to -- topics we are about to discuss. these effect each and every one of us. the country is in the throes of the worst drug crisis ever. you read the headlines and know this. al


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