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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  January 1, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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start the car! start the car! start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea. >> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> right now at noon the city of brotherly love welcoming in the new year with some chilly temperatures. katie has your frigid forecast for the first day of 2018. and the show must go on the show will go on despite the bitter cold. performers have strutting their stuff at the annual mummers parade. >> good afternoon and happy new year. i'm rahel solomon. jim is off today. mummers have planned and practiced all year for today's big show. it was almost postponed
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because of the bitter cold. "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves is live along the parade route on broad street where fans are braving the cold for a front row seat to all the action. hi, alycia. >> reporter: rahel, it is cold out here. we see people out here drinking their hot cocoa, drinking their coffee trying to stay warm. some even doing things like putting hand warmers in their gloves. others just o jogging in place all for this and it seems to be well worth it. 120 year administration unique to philadelphia is under way right now. >> happy new year to the delaware valley from your mummers. >> reporter: bands and performers dancing down broad street for the mummers parade entertaining a sprinkling of fans standing on the sidelines most of whom clearly decided not to let the subzero temperatures stop them from experiencing the one of a kind annual show. >> it didn't stop us. but it's really cold so we bought a lot of gear over the
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past couple weeks just so we could be ready. >> reporter: with fans coming prepared to weather the weather mummers made sure this morning they were just as ready to perform in case of philly tradition going strong. >> i've got five layers all the under armour material and it feels really good. they always say no cotton. the under armour feels really good and a lot of layers, a lot of insulation between and the air between makes you feel nice and warm. >> reporter: and this is my first mummers parade. the group just passed gave me this nice flag. this is quite a show. it is a bit cold but right now from the people we've seen here, these amazing mummers, it seems to be worth it. reporting live in center city, alycia nieves cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> love the enthusiasm and the guy behind you, too, looks like he's having a good time. thank you. well, 2018 starting the way 2017 ended cold. meteorologist kate fehlinger joins us with a look at the
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temperatures. i think a question a lot of people have is when is this going to end. >> it looks like it's going to be awhile at the moment anyway our forecast does not call for a day that hits the freezing mark yet. we'll come very close and maybe we'll get lucky and reach it. isn't it bizarre we're wishing for just freezing conditions at this point and right now it's still very, very cold outside. any snow that had fallen in the recent days that's not going anywhere, at least not yet. 13 is the current temperature at whitfield elementary school. school not in session right now but this is a good idea of what you'll see in a lot of different parking lots if you're going out doing post holiday shopping here perhaps you'll run into this. here are your actual air temperatures. you'll notice the wind bars coming out of the northwest. that northwest wind flow keeps things feeling extra chilly. that's what you need to count in for a wind chill here today but technically we're into the teens almost everywhere. as the day progresses, the daytime high, well, we're actually pretty close to where we connect to top off today. the temperature 19 for the high, in full sunshine at least but brutally cold air
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will continue to be a running theme for our area. now, in the days ahead, yes, there will be at least a modest retreat from the worst of the chill that we're facing right now but it will eventually get reinforced and we will in fact also have to deal with the possibility of snow come midweek, too. there's a nor'easter that's set to develop midweek. wednesday into thursday the possibility is there that we get clipped by that storm system. i'll have much more on the track of that as it currently stands and how much snow we might be talking about. >> katie thank you. hundreds of thousands of people braved the cold to watch the ball drop in new york's times square. some revelers ushered in the new year with a kiss. others seemed to just be happy to take part in the festivities. the security was tight during the event. revelers in los angeles said hello to the new year with a dance party.
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they counted down to 2018 with a video production on the side of the city government building. the crowds kept their eye to the sky as well for a fireworks show and the festivities also included live music. and pope francis celebrated his first mass of the new year at saint peter's basilica in the vatican. the pope's new year's day message offered words of advice to mankind. he asked that people forget life's useless baggage and focus instead on building a more peaceful and welcoming world especially for refugees and migrants. he urged the faithful to discover what really matters to them in 2018. a hectic start to the new year for residents in northeast philadelphia after they were forced to evacuate their homes following a water main break and power outage. david spunt is live with the latest. good afternoon, david. >> reporter: hi, rahel. it is a tough time for these people that live in this apartment complex behind me. this happened about 1 o'clock in the morning. we can take you to that video shortly after it happened. we're talking about two separate events a water main break also a power outage.
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about 30 units here in this apartment complex are without power and have been without power since a little bit after 1 o'clock just the first hour into 2018. we are in single digit wind chills right now, a miserable scene for the people that live here, probably over a hundred people if you figure at least two or three people live in each home. the good news, though, i spoke to a manager who works here at this apartment complex, he told me that most of the people have evacuated, have left this area, gone with family, friends, so it's not like many people are sitting inside these apartments without power right now. but being in the single digit wind chill it's very difficult. peco crews are here. they have been working here for several hours hoping to restore the power to this apartment complex behind me. reporting live in northeast philadelphia, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> all right, david, thank you. and authorities in monmouth county say a 16-year-old boy suspected in the fatal shooting of four people including his own parents will be charged in the
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killings. the deadly shootings happened before midnight on a home on wall street in long branch. the teen is accused of killing his mother, father 18-year-old sister and an elderly family friend who lived in the house. officers responded after someone inside the home called 911. the teen was taken into custody without incident. a burlington county man facing murder charges after police say he stabbed two women to death and seriously hurt another in collingswood. officers responded to the 100 block of east narberth terrace saturday night. neighbors called police when they heard screaming. police pronounced car lean barn nell and alycia dead at the scene. 44-year-old mark lizak was arrested at the home. did know his victims although it's unclear how they knew one another. a woman hit and killed by two vehicles in maple shade new jersey has been identified as kim jones of camden. a police investigation found that the 57-year-old was not in a crosswalk when she was hit on route 73 south last thursday. the drivers of both vehicles did stop and cooperate with
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police. no charges have been filed at this time. and firefighters battled huge flames and frigid conditions early today at a lehigh county manufacturing plant. crews responded to la far north american cement manufacturing just after 3:30 this morning. the fire broke out in the back of the plant on main street in whitehall flames engulfed several trailers but there are no reports of any injuries. turning to sports. eagles will play their first playoff game a week from saturday at the linc. at this point we don't know who they'll play. the birds wrapped up the regular season yesterday against the cowboys with an offense as cold as the weather. nick foles played one quarter completed four passes for 39 yards and threw one interception. the game was scoreless until the fourth quarter when dallas did score but missed the extra point. birds did lose six to nothing but coach pederson says he's not worried. >> i'm not concerned. still got a lot of confidence in our offense. again it's not one person, one guy. there's enough to go around. the thing that you can't -- you can't do is you can't -- you can't have -- you can't
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have penalties and those are things that killed us pretty much all day. >> coming up on cbs3 "eyewitness news" this noon a new year's celebration gone wrong. what may have caused this fireworks fire. and a vacation turned tragic. a dozen people are dead including a student at university of pennsylvania after a plane crashed in costa rica. more details
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the more we're being true to ourselves as a corporate partner. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target. >> fleas police in colorado
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investigating a deadly new year's shooting that left a deputy dead and six other people wounded. a s.w.a.t. team killed the suspected gunman 37-year-old matthew reel in a shootout. when officers responded to his apartment complex outside of denver, one deputy 29-year-old zachary parish died from his injuries. all of the others who were shot are recovering and are expected to survive. we are learning new details about a deadly plane crash in costa rica that killed 10 americans and two crew members. one was a student at the university of pennsylvania. correspondent john schumer has the latest. >> reporter: costa rica's public safety ministry posted video of the plane's burning wreckage. officials say the chartered flight was on its way from a resort beach town to the capitol san jose sunday afternoon when it crashed into a mountain shortly after takeoff. all 10 american passengers and the two pilots were killed. among the victims were a family of five, bruce
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steinberg, his wife irene and their three sons. they were on vacation from scars dale, new york, a suburb of new york state. >> it's so devastating because they're -- they're -- they're great people. and the kids are great and i feel like -- like they're the family you look to emulate. >> reporter: the director of costa rica's civil aviation agency says the cessna operated by nature air had passed a safety inspection about a month ago and was authorized to fly. he says strong winds had delayed the plane's landing when it arrived from san jose that morning. john schumer, cbs news, new york. >> frightening moments during the new year's celebration in australia when a fireworks barge goes up in flames: thought the huge explosion was part of the show but then onlookers soon began running from the viewing area. two pyrotechnics operators
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lept into the water to escape the blast. neither were seriously hurt. fireworks experts are speculating it it may have been caused by fireworks that exploded too early. cannabis in. at midnight last night california became the seventh state to legalize pot for users over the age of 21. the store owner say they picked up an extra quarter million dollars worth of marijuana so they wouldn't be caught short on day one. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this noon stars wars reigns supreme. the movie "the last jedi" just dethroned at the 2016 box office. katie. >> rahel even though it's very early in the week we still want to give you an idea of what the upcoming week is going to look like. we are likely to be stuck in the teens or the 20's at best. at least we'll get some sunshine. right now that's the call anyway. but we do have another opportunity for show in the seven-day and we'll talk much
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more about that scenario coming up. >> ♪
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. >> katie is back. still cold out there. >> still cold. this is where we thought maybe we would be bottoming out. looks like there's a few days down the road where the cold gets so reinforced it might be colder than it is now. >> i don't even know what that is. >> i know. at this point it's like you can't even wrap your head around. wait until i show you some of the feels-like values we're finding across the northern high planes and parts of canada. it's just ridiculous how cold it is but looking live right now at ocean city, i was interested in showing you this
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camera because are there still -- yeah, there are still folks wandering around on the boardwalk which i thought was interesting. it just goes to show, you know, the cold is for some people they love it to be out in it no matter how harsh it is and certainly if you are adequately prepared and adequately bundled up you can in fact handle this but i could tell in both david's as well as alycia's live reports their lips were starting to get numb just over the span of the minute that they were talking to us live on the air so it's that kind of cold that all of a sudden you start to lose sense of your own body because it's just so harsh. but let's move over, talk about a little bit in terms of statistic information when it comes to january. this is climatologically speaking the coldest month we get all year long. we would normally average out to a high of 40. doesn't that sound like the most balmy temperature that we've ever heard of right now. i mean, it's crazy that we're wishing for it just to climb above freezing at this point but that's where we normally will average out. it's the second snowiest month on average february is the first and january 15th to 20th
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are typically your coldest days of the year when we're bottoming out with that average high. so, maybe that's something to look ahead to keep in mind in mind it all boils down to a climate trend and if we are going to have an above average air mass come through, we may not see the coldest days come 15th to 20th this month. they might even be happening over the span of the next seven but the feels-like values right now have at least in most spots since gone into positive territory. everybody was feeling like it was below zero over the course of the early morning. the wind chill advisory has gone out of effect but this is still pretty harsh. still only feels like it's four at the airport, one in atlantic city, five at wildwood and mount pocono course takes the cake. difficult to grasp cold, this is it. it feels like it's 37 below zero mooseonee: i mean, you lose colors on the map. it's so cold.
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so, again, really, really brutal especially if you have flight plans, you're headed out that way for whatever reason. there's a really charge section of the united states that's still sitting in a wind chill advisory or warning right now basically to the center of the country but there's no major storm moving through right now. i had mentioned earlier in the show there will eventually be a new storm system that develops and that is going to play a little bit of -- just back and forth into the center of the atlantic potentially bringing us snow in the days ahead. right now there's nothing more than a little lake enhancement going on down wind of some of those great lake regions. here's a look at the storm. we're taking you all the way to thursday. as it gets early as wednesday night though we could start to see the storm system ushering in the potential of some snow. this is not a guarantee. this is a model run. that's important to note but it's one of the models that brings snow in for our area in the days ahead. wednesday night into thursday. that would be a very, very powerful nor'easter storm system. the models continue to differ at least a little bit on the exact track. the general idea is that it is
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going to go northeast but even a matter of a couple miles could really make or totally bust our forecast. so it's going to be something that needs to be monitored. stick with us as far as i'm concerned but behind all of this the frigid air returns on friday and you'll see that reflected in our seven-day. quick check on your travel forecast. this is the last day we're doing it through the holidays. if you'll be taking a flight the northeast looks good. it's just freezing cold and it's so cold you're only up to the freezing mark in atlanta and even dallas doesn't hit freezing. we're down only in single digits up in minneapolis chicago, lots of sunshine though at least so flight plans should be okay today. the warmest spot at least of all of throws goes to sky harbor the desert where july to find temperatures in the 70's. here locally you need to warm up your car. you'll see sunshine for the next couple days until that next storm system comes along and quickly checking for the rest of today, the high 19. later on tonight, we'll drop it down to 12, clear but very cold. and then again we begin to rebound but don't get too used to that.
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come friday and saturday, especially, we're right back where we started. and look at that, it will probably even be a few degrees colder than we're calling for today. >> thanks katie. >> i know, it's tough. >> just in the nick of time "star wars: the last jedi" has become the highest grossing film of 2017. it has brought in 13 million more than "beauty and the beast." "the last jedi" is expected to cross the $1 billion mark worldwide even before it opens in china on the fifth. i saw it opening weekend and of course it was amazing. >> yeah. >> not a surprise there. did you see it. >> i did not but you can't go wrong with these movies. >> no and apparently you still have time to see it. >> excellent. >> we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> one of your new year's resolution this year to lose weight but maybe you don't want to give up on wine. coming up later today on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 we'll take a look at so-called skinny wines to see if the calorie savings are worth the compromise. that's later today on "eyewitness news" at 5:00. the wordsmiths at a lake superior university have listed the words and phrases they wants out of the english language. the school's expert say one word nothing burger says nothing that nothing doesn't say already. they also want fake news banished. they say the current meaning of fake news is practically anything you don't agree with. they also say statements like let me ask you this and let that sink in are just unnecessary .
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>> [laughter] >> katie, let me ask you this. [laughter] >> all right. >> when is it going to get warmer. >> not necessarily in the seven-day unless you look at it from just an at face value approach here. we won't hit the freezing mark even by wednesday but we at least come close to it. so it's not as harsh for the entire forecast. we are going to see this just get reinforced again and we again are looking at the possibility, it's still a chance that we see some snow wednesday night into thursday morning from a very large very potent storm which thankfully it would bring only a glancing blow even at the worst case scenario so just let that sink in. >> let that sink in. i like it. thanks katie. well, that's "eyewitness news" at noon. i'm rahel solomon for katie and all of us here thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00 we're always online at >> the young and the restless is next. happy new year. stay warm. we'll see you tomorrow. >> ♪
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>> hilary: this is hilary curtis with your red carpet coverage. [ sighs ] pffft. pbbbbbtttt. >> howard: oh, come on. you got this, okay? just charm the rich folks, praise nikki newman's fabulous show, praise the big cheese, victor newman, but don't forget the most important part. >> hilary: that i should have left you in los angeles? >> howard: we're not going live. anyone tanks, we can fix it in post. >> hilary: i think we got our first mover and shaker now, so stop talking, start rolling. >> howard: rolling. >> hilary: hello. this is hilary curtis with your exclusive red carpet coverage. sir, how excited are you about tonight? >> reed: um, it's cool, i guess. >> abby: just get here. break land speed records, but do it safely. >> victoria: what are you doing? dad just said we have to cancel this concert. >> abby: [ scoffs ]


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