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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 2, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EST

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two days into the new year and temperatures haven't gone much higher than 20 degrees. "eyewitness news" out overnight where people moved around in their most bulk coats. they have no time to stop and smile for the cameras, and we can't blame them. temperatures right now in the teens, and if that's not bad enough, katie has her eye on a nor'easter. also, this morning, travel troubles. we will tell you what caused major flight delays, and major headaches for travelers all across the country. >> and swearing in day here in philadelphia. among the new elected officials respect district attorney, soon to be, larry krasner, will tell you who
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else will be taking office. >> today is tuesday, january 2nd, 2018. good morning, jim is off, i'm joe holden. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie and pat keeping an eye on things on this very frigid tuesday. >> good morning. >> happy new year, guys. >> not many people out on the roadways, but we do obviously this happens account cold, couple of water main breaks to tell you about. >> it doesn't seem any time it gets this cold out there, but we are stuck in the chill. it looks like for the next, really, better part of the seven day actually. >> oh, boy. >> yes. it is not ending unfortunately , any time soon. but there is at least light at the end of the proverbial tunnel in the seven day. stay tuned for. that will but let me get you out the door right now. storm scan, quiet for one more day, you go see more sun than anything throughout the course of the day, if you can't bank on that to help warm you up at all, at least it is quiet, promised beautiful sunrise, also some sun glare, as a result of that. but for now things are nice and clear. and tranquil. say for the chill. that continues to be the main headline in the weather story. and it will be at least through tomorrow before this
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nor'easter decides that will take over the headlines. we look at the temperatures, though, for now. in the low to mid teens generally at best. and it certainly is a lot cold near place like mount pocono, lancaster, keep in mind, that even with a modest wind, out of the northwest it, will make it feel so much colder, and this is bad enough, but we are talking sub-zero territory for yet another morning here across the region in terms of feels-like values. thirteen palmyra, 13 mt. holly where the national weather service regional headquarters is located but again bank on sunshine here today. just easier looking at the gorgeous sun from the comfort after climate controlled studio perhaps. it is going to be very misleading. so, the highs only hid the mid 20's, pat, will feel colder than that, but you need sunglasses and a heck of a lot of layering today. that's the way do you have dress. >> even out there more than ten, 15 minutes, with layers, a we were on sunday, for the final eagles game, did nothing i mean, really does nothing for you. so you have to move around. warm up little bit. get the blood flowing, that's what it is all about. >> this is the vine street expressway, looking nice this morning, at two minute after
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5:00. but we know that these volume levels will begin to rise if you go between 95 and the schuylkill expressway, 95 at girard, calm, cool, collected, nice and smooth sailing, as we head toward the city of philadelphia. and then the new jersey 42 freeway headed toward 295, we're okay here, though, not okay with these water main breaks, that i just told but, one in roxborough that happened yesterday. jamestown avenue, right near henry avenue, this is near walnut lane golf course. they're working to clear that out of there. so might be some icy conditions. same here, northeast philly right by the northeast philadelphia airport. ashton road, near grant avenue still working on this one. so again, keep an eye on the icy conditions. these are smaller roads but still could be some problems, and then the river line, new jersey, debris on there, still , still working to get that out of there, joe, rahel? >> pat, thank you. frigid conditions aren't making it any easier for those getting back into their daily routines. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live at frankford
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transportation center where people are bracing themselves for the bitter cold. trang, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, a hell, joe. yep, at this early hour, not too many people out here right now, but in a hour. that will probably change, people have to head back into work. look here, very cold conditions. i know you can't feel it, but you can see it, because people are bundled up, before heading to workment some actually overnight, they actually were out here because they wanted to take a look at this video. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> leaf letters party partied well into the night on two street. there were plenty of hats, scarfs, and heavy coats: according to the national weather is verse, lows hid seven, high of 20, felt even colder than that for the mummers parade yesterday. all of the cold weather accessories and layers will certainly be needed this morning as thousand of people head back to work. now, we talk to a few people
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overnight about how they're handling the cold. >> couple of different layers, yes, my long johns on. three pairs of socks. i stay warm by having a hood and then i have this pea coat which is very nice, and then a nice sweater underneath. >> and with these frigid temperatures, the city of philadelphia is actually under cold code blue. so city off the irma are urging people to check on their elderly neighbors, and also, contact the city if they happen to see any pets or homeless who may need shelled err. but for now live from frankford transportation center, trang do, cbs-3, " eyewitness news," joe, rahel, back to you guys. >> trang, thank you. keep warm. >> i was going say, shock, surprised, they each had long johns on, very intimate conversations for them. >> thank you, trang. >> well, despite the frigid temperatures, crews seem to be finishing repairs on ruptured water main in roxborough. pass hand belling -- telling
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us about the traffic. 600 block every jamestown avenue. leaving 20 properties including roxborough ' seafood house without water. crews worked through the night in hopes of having service restored sometime this morning we just had a photographer check it out. he said it looks like the work is wrapped up. >> the new year begins with gun violence in philadelphia. overnight a drive-by shooting sent two people to the hospital in germantown. the shots were fired in the 6100 block of germantown avenue. they say man was shot in the head and neck. a woman was shot in the leg. both are in stable condition. so far there have been no arrests, noon clear motive. >> and more gun violence there is time, 19 year old man fighting for his life in north philadelphia. the shooter opened fire, and the 2200 block of north 23rd street, just before 11:30 p.m. . police say the teen was struck six times, including once in the head. the victim remains in critical condition. >> happening today, inauguration ceremonies for some of philadelphia's new leaders. larry krass america will be sworn in as philadelphia's new district attorney, at 10:00 this morning, at the
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kimmel center. krasner is a long-time civil rights attorney, the democrat, interim da kelly hodge, took over for seth williams. >> williams resigned last summer, after a guilty plea to a brewery charge. >> the city's first female controller will be sworn in at the kimmel center as well, rebecca rhynhart overwhelmingly defeated republican mike dom lynn son 82% to 18%, last november. that was after she upset incumbent allen butkovitz in the democratic primary. rhynhart's inauguration party tonight will benefit the city 's mural arts youth program. >> smooth sailing at the airport this morning, after apparent computer glitch caused long lines, big headaches on new years day, for two hours last night the customs and boards err protections processing system was down nationwide. all passports had to be check manually. as a result, some travelers in miami, and at other international airports across the country, wait in the line
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for hours. >> everyone is very flustered, running, seems like, there is some crazy end of the world thing going on. >> they all had to stand in line for hours. >> frustrated and rightfully so. says all travelers were screened according to security standards, also say there is no indication that the service disruption was malicious in nature. >> philadelphia tradition there is year's annual mummers day parade, didn't disappoint. >> hundreds of mummers strutted their stuff down broad street to welcome in the new year. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> mummers and spectators braved the cold in center city yesterday, that's after officials decided the parade must go on. after almost postponing it over the weekends, due to the frigid conditions we're dealing with, but some of the mummers we talk to they didn't seem to mind the deep freeze. >> we are prepared for the worse, and it just wasn't that bad. we thought it was going to be
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a lot worse. we got on our buses, warning up the horn, came out, and we rocked. >> yes, you did. afterward, hundreds of parade goers headed to the convention center there. they watched the mummers fancy brigade finale where dozen teams competed for mummers glory. this year's performance cents were packed with breitbart colored costumes, and some jaw -dropping sets. >> and joe, the results are in want to see who won? just head to our website. full list of all of the big winners from the 2018 mummers parade. it is cents all there for you at so, it was cold on broad street, as we know, but even colder, make that, in the atlantic ocean. still ahead: we will show you the brave souls who weathered the frigid temperatures for a good cause yesterday. >> also ahead, learning more about a deadly shoot inning monmouth county. we will hear from a family friend about the teen gunman. plus this. >> with the new year comes some dangerously low temperatures. i'm mola language any
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washington with a look at a nationwide freeze. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i don't know, i mean, i don't need to be like the cool kids today. i like to be like the warm kids. >> honestly. >> well, there will be a lot of cool kids out at the bus stop this morning. bitterly coal morning. >> he will up, guys. >> katie has your forecast when we come back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ cbs presented by target.... there's nothing more rewarding than achieving a hard earned goal. that's why target supports students run philly style. we work with kids
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to teach them the skills they need to achieve and set goals through marathon training. giving back has been part of our dna, so, the more we stay involved, the more we're being true to ourselves as a corporate partner. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target.
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>> hole a lanky tells us extreme temperatures are causing problems for areas not used to this kind of weather. >> 90% of the nation's started 2018 with temperatures below freezing causing all sorts every dangerous conditions. these are firefighters in the hot massachusetts, fighting flames, while icicles form on their helmet and runnings of their ladders? the water freezes on our equipment and and on our air packs, on our massing. >> in houston temperatures in the low 20's, far from normal. residents like simon are still putting their homes back together, after massive flooding from hurricane harvey many without full walls, let
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alone insulation, are having trouble keeping the warmth inside. >> no sofa, no chair, no heat. >> public schools in indianapolis are closed because of the extreme temperatures, over at the wheeler mission shelter mad rush trying to get the homeless off the streets. >> this weather is not just, you know, cold, it is -- >> chunks every ice seeing watters in lake michigan to the stretch of the mississippi and missouri, even many of those traditional new years day polar bear plunges were canceled due to the cold. at one of the nation's largeness jackson port wisconsin it was negative 20 degrees, with the windchill >> i think we, as humans, we like a challenge, we like to see if we can do it. >> in a weather system on the east coast moving in, that could bring snow, with all of this cold, from as far south as south carolina, all the way up through canada. mola lenghi, for cbs-3, " eyewitness news." three, two, one ... (
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cheers). >> just cold looking at this video. dozens every people in new jersey defied the bitter blast for the annual atlantic city polar bear plunge yesterday. this is yearly trade anythings atlantic city on new years day , hundreds braved the 32 degrees water temperature, their bodies feeling numb. >> probably the worse, i can't feel my skin. >> well, city off initials some shore towns did cancel their annual dip in the ocean, frigid temperatures, the plunge in margate has been rescheduled for january 7th, and january 13th, for brigantine. >> okay. he was wearing boxers there? >> not saying anything here. >> it is cold, kate. >> i katie, how are you today? >> very obviously cold. you know? , and we will keep that very obviously cold air around. and actually that system that mola lenghi was just talking about is, in fact, going to deliver at least a glancing blow to our area, too, we will show you what we currently know about the storm, which actually at this point you can't even see on the radar satellite. we look at this very wide zoom
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on storm scan, and there is nothing to track just yet. that is what going to be so interesting about forecasting this storm, actually, a lot of consistency for the most part there is will develop off the southeast coastline, move to the northeast, and produce at lisa dicioccio g blow for the mid-atlantic. this is monster after storm system for new england and atlantic can't d but again nothing to track just yet. i'll take you all the way to future weather at 11:00 p.m. tonight. still, no real signs every a big storm system developing. and then all the sudden things start to break out. you see some ice. see some snow. as far south as south carolina , down to the georgia, northeast most florida could get in on some ice out of this , then skirts the coast, we get clipped, as early as late tomorrow night, and then into thursday, but these storms tend to generate their own cold air. this is going to really usher in a harsh chill, even if we only get hit with a glancing blow, the track is critical, as it always tends to be with coastal storms, but your best bet, to look for any kind of substantial snow, will
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certainly be at the shore line look how this things wrapping up. this is monster. by the time this is rolling in to those north and east most states, and then newspaper canada, so, we can be grateful that we are only going to be getting this much. this is current call. is this needs to be adjusted, then it will, but right now your sweet spot will certainly be at the shore line, coating to 2 inches, right now the expectation for large portion of the urban corridor, might end up with a coating but the worse of it, further inland g so maybe little fresh powder for the slopes, but this is one that's likely to bypass the majority of inland pennsylvania, at least. let's talk about the seven day , though, because the coldest is still the theme. we almost hit freezing, not quite, still not the call for tomorrow. we get close though. but we finally break out of the worst of this, next monday so, still, you know, the rest of solid week left here, some really brutal cold with the snow again expected late wednesday night, through thursday, and then the most harsh air that might end even be for the entire season as it currently stands, pat, friday
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and specially saturday. >> how many days until spring? >> no kidding. i can finds that out for you. >> i would like to know. can't come soon enough. here is a nice look at the ben franklin bridge between camden and philadelphia. so i just wrote nice up there. the boulevard at the schuylkill, though, do have disable vehicle, that is just hanging off on the shoulder not causing any problems or delays, and, you know, at five , what is it, 5:18 a.m. in the morning, volume levels aren't quite there yet, so no problems there. then is 422 near oaks, dark out, there but as you can see, not many cars on the roadway. we do have those water main breaks, up up-to-date g you on , real bad one, trang do on her way to see this one, medford road, right near dunks ferry road. way up there in park wood, this is a terrible one. so we will get you updated on that one very soon. then ashton road, near grant avenue, also, northeast philly there is one right by the northeast philadelphia airport this is still out there. so definitely some icy
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conditions. minute -- minden smaller side street, causing big problems for people in that area. new jersey river line, still out on the tracks between hamilton avenue and trenton, suspended. >> guys, out over to you. >> pat, thank you. >> for look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> from the press of atlantic city 14 people took part on 7- mile hick in the vast river state poor else. temperatures are in the low teens with steady wind. it is part of first hike day. which is supposed to promote healthy lifestyles and year around recreation at state parks. the morning call, alec town mayor ed took the oath for his fourth term, couple of weeks before he goes on trial. he faces 44 counts including bribery, conspiracy, fraud. and then alleged pay to play scandal, he has pleaded not guilty. >> and from the delaware county daily times, 12 year old jake kutcher becomes the younger he is captain to ever lead a string band in the mummers parade. his father, former captain teddy kutcher, passed away in
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october. >> and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. coming up: college football national football after exciting games, details next in sports. >> also ahead, deadly plane crash in costa rica has connection toss our area. we will tell you when we have learned about the victims when we continue.
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>> welcome bamm. we are glad you're with us. >> good morning, pat is here with sports. college football national championships is now set. hey, pat? >> that's correct. yep, next monday, college football national championship is ready to go after yesterday 's semifinals. and as usual the sec is
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involved. big man, pain, of alabama, had game to remember. he intercepted the passes from clemson quarterback kelly decline in the thirds. that's not all. on the ensuing drive, the 308- pound lineman comes out of the backfield, snatch, a 1 yard touchdown pass, you got to love this big man. crimson tide, defense, also returned another interception for a score. alabama, is the sugar bowl winner. twenty-four to six. they move on to the title game >> to the highest scoring rose bowl in history, georgia bulldogs rush for 317 yards, as nick rushing for second score here. to over time we go. make that two over times, in the second, oak home, a going for the 27-yard field goal, it is blocked by lorenzo carter. later in the second ot, john a , sony michelle on direct snap. he's gone. michelle runs for 181 yards on the day with three touchdowns, georgia wins, 54-48.
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over oak home, a they head to the national championship game the now years tradition of college bowl games rolling on. how about notre dame and lsu in the citrus bowl? fighting irish down three. with under two left. iaian book goes to miles boy ken, nice catch. one hand. that's all he needs. he breaks through tackles, he goes 55 yards, for the game winning score. the fighting irish ends nine- game new years bowl game losing streak, no interest dame loses, meanwhile, penn state junior barkley has declared the nfl draft. barkley put up 24 total touchdowns this year. he could be top two, three pick, he was once in the heisman conversation, but did finish the season as the big ten offensive player of the year. the birds will play their first playoff game, a week from saturday, at the linc, and there is a lot to talk about over the next two weeks or so. birds lost to the cowboys, six -nothing in the regular season finale.
5:26 am
nick foles, played first quarter, did not look very good. over the last two games, foles has completed just 46% of his passes, the birds have just one touchdown in the last 18 drives. foles is optimistic. >> i feel great. i feel real confident. i know the guys are confident in me. i played with a lot of these guys. a played with a lot of the coaches. and, you know, i'm excited to get to work, get ready for the playoffs, keep this thing rolling, and you know, playing in the links so i'm real excited about that. >> if you would like more on the bird get the latest eagles info any time at our website that includes how you can get tickets, to the birds first playoff game. just go so get a little bit of reprieve. little bit of a break. >> well needed. well deserved. >> definitely need it and will be red any two weeks, i think. >> feeling good. >> feeling okay. >> yes. >> thank you, pat. appreciate t. >> well, coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news ," are you playing by robo calls, well, you're not alone, we will tell you about the
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number of complaints, and it is growing. plus this. >> i want my protection order. >> the accused gunman in sunday deadly shooting in colorado, videotaped his rampage. we will show you more every his bizarre behavior, and hear from the family of sheriff's deputy who was killed. >> president trump is back at the white house, we will tell you why his lunch meeting today is so important. when "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30. one heto save snack time. watch babybel in the great snack rescue. you want a piece of me? good, i'm delicious. creamy, delicious, 100% real cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger.
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good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm joe holden. katie and pat will be along in just an employment. first, what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. today, january 2nd, 2018. >> the holidays are over, but the bitter cold is not. >> i'm a pro at this by now. several layers on, you guys, my rule every thumb, usually two complete outfits. >> and it could get worse before it get better. >> if you thought yesterday was cold, that's not even the coldest it is going to be. not to mention, a large storm system, we are watching a nor'easter. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> whether it comes to the cold, everyone who is out here , along this parade route, in it together, in a way almost added to the comradery. >> we got on our


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