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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 2, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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frigid temperatures in the our only problem, now we are tracking a mid week nor'easter but i'll tell you when snow will begin and how much will fall and how much colder it will get once the storm departs. caught on video a brawl breaks out in the bensalem bar what led to this scene just days before christmas. it is 6:00 o'clock here's is what happening, hats on and hands in the pockets. that was a common site for anyone exposed to the elements people are her toying their destination as our frigid stretch, continues and now, we're tracking snow. we have a mid week nor'easter on the way. good evening aim ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer. jessica dean's off. ongoing blast is wreaking havoc on homes, businesses all across the delaware valley. >> we have team three coverage of the cold and consequences. we will check with "eyewitness news" reporter chantee lans in
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conshohocken a bit but first meteorologist kate bilo in the weather center tracking colder air and some snow, kate. >> that is right, hard to believe we could talk about anything colder then what we have already felt but on friday, wind chill, may be in the 15 below zero range, and that is making 22 in the sound all that bad. so we have, 22 is currently in right now. eighteen in allentown. and, colder air waiting in the wings. call than see cold made it all the way down to portions of florida where temperatures are in the 30's and 40's, eight in columbus and real core of the cold here over great lakes 11 in minneapolis and nine, in milwaukee. that is what is heading our way by end of the week. it feels colder then it is, it feels sub zero in the poconos. four in allentown. only feels like 10, if you are heading out this evening in philadelphia. winter storm watch has been posted, this includes shore points and delaware beaches this will go into effect tomorrow evening and continue into thursday afternoon, can't
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see much of this system just yet here on storm scan three. there is arctic cold front, disturbance near gulf of mexico and strong jet stream off florida, all these will combine to bring a storm up eastern see game starting tomorrow, with snow possible, even in portions of georgia and south carolina, that storm stays off shore but will bring in enough moisture back toward coast to give us a brush of snow on thursday, and especially in the morning and shore will be hardest hit. coming up we will tell you how much snow is expect where you live and tell you about the very strong winds that will follow, this system. for now, back over to you. you know this been chilling cold can be a shock to the system. it has been hard on underground pipes resulting in an increase of water main breaks. there have been several today alone in our area. water mains ruptured in northeast philadelphia, moorestown new jersey and west conshohocken. "eyewitness news" reporter chantee lans is at site of the west conshohocken break where crews are still working to restore services, chantee.
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>> reporter: ukee, it vice busy out here, crews are digging up this road what they are trying to do is make it safe for crews to get to that broken pipe, they want to replace witt a portion of the new pipe to get more than a thousand customers backup and running. water gushes out balligomingo road near 476 in west conshohocken. a 30-inch water main break tuesday morning caused lower water pressure for more than a thousand aqua pennsylvania customers, in montgomery county. >> the water took dumpster right out of the dumpster even close another. >> reporter: pete, an employee with sum americans wood corporation which operates more than 100 fast food restaurant in the region is one of them. he took us inside and showed us the damage. >> there is mud coming out of there. shut down our main in the building so we don't get all this mud through the system. that is all you have. >> reporter: resident across
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montgomery county face similar challenges although exact causes in the clear we asked aqua pennsylvania what homeowners could do to avoid their own house pipes from bursting. >> if you have any opened water pipes or meters in a basement, or crawl space make sure that areas heated, if you have any windows, they are sealed up. just try to keep the area warm to keep meter and pipes from freezing. >> reporter: if you suspect your pipes are frozen. >> use a hair dry, heat gun, and heat that line up to get water flowing. >> reporter: back live out here that water gush out of that pipe, snapped this pole and caused this power to be cut off. water company is hoping to get everyone backup at 100 percent , by tomorrow morning. that is very latest live from west conshohocken chantee lans for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> okay, back to you. >> thank you for that. crews are still working to restore water services to more than 100 moments in the park wood section of northeast
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philadelphia a broken 8-inch water main sent water flooding over sidewalks, and into some homes, on minden and medford road overnight. water service has been shut off until crews fixed the damage water main. there is no word when water will be restored. new at 6:00 unexpected delivery forced a family out into the cold, local woman says an oil company accidentally pumped gallons of heating oil into the wrong house. "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves is live in the sat center with more on the costly mistake and what you can do to stop from it happening to you, alycia. >> reporter: is there certainly a lesson to be learned from this homeowners experience but first i want to show you this map that i had to work to get in this woman's home that is strong smell of oil despite the fact that the spill happened more than a week ago. at height of the holiday season this delaware county woman said that she was forced out of perfect home. >> december 23rd i woke up, my two god daughters in the house and i woke up to fumes, i
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didn't know what it was. >> reporter: janel parker is still out of her home living in the hotel after learning that the fumes that she was smelling from a oil spill in her basement. spill was cause by a oil company. >> my neighbor said he saw an oil company, pump oil into my house. he saw the guy pumping oil and then he glanced at my porch and noticed he was at wrong house, ran to cut it off and left. >> reporter: parker does in the use oil, her heat has a old line that is sawed off. so when driver with oil depot realized his mistake it was too late. oil had flowed into the home, sawed off style in the walls of parker's basement. you can see in the photo of her discolored carpet oiled seemed in the flooring. >> environmental company came and ripped up carpet, there is oil in the concrete. i have to get tested for oil in the foundation of the house >> reporter: despite all that it will cost to repair damage to her home the fact that she
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may not be able to live here for another month, she at lee hopes her experience is a lesson to all home owner with old oil lines. >> if you used to have oil in the past if is there a pipe still on the side have our house make sure it is capped and cemented all the way through. >> reporter: we're able to speak on the phone with representative of oil depot who says company is still looking into how this mix up happened but it plans to pay for all of the repairs, to parker's home. company representative also reiterateded parker's reminder if you have a home with the old oil line unused it is so much safer to have the line capped and cemented. reporting live from the sat center, alycia neares for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. new era begins in philadelphia with the inauguration of the new district attorney and city controller. larry krasner was sworn in during a ceremony at kimmel center today. the oath administered by his wife. krasner ran on promised to go reform the criminal justice system. the demies looking forward to
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working with the police department to do it. >> the city with the highest rate of incarceration of the any of the 10 major cities. so today, we start the long road toward trading jails and trading death row for schools. >> rebecca rhynhart was also sworn in today as first female city controller. she also promised change. >> at a time when the trauma from gun violence is felt across our neighborhood we need to be using this money in the best way possible. >> rhynhart also says that she will cruit nice city agencies, budgets and policies. "eyewitness news" is in media today where delaware county held its induction ceremony, brian and kevin mad were even sworn into begin four year terms on the delaware county council, both democrats. sheriff jerry sanders who also ran as a democrat took the oath of office, as well. former pageant winner is now new leader of the atlantic
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city based miss america organization. former news anchor and 1989 miss america gretchen carlson has been named chair woman of the pageant board of directors three other former miss americas are also joining the board. organization's ceo and several board members resigned following a news report suggesting that pageant leaders wrote offensive e-mails that referenced the looks or sex lives of former winners. bensalem police are looking for four men involved in the brawl inside a bar. officers say it started when one of the men got in the argument with a bartender at big head's baron street road and threw a punch. it happened december 20th. when employees tried to get the group to leave police say one of the men swung a bottle at a employee's head and cutting them. they took off and two older mod him door gray vehicles. if you recognize any of the suspect cat bensalem police. still ahead tonight, old free or soon to be, a gloucester county school that, close add abruptly last fall
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is finally back opened, but why students and staff still cannot use the main hallway at white hall elementary. also this a vehicle is a vehicle you need to oil it so it can continue working, right >> taking care of your car, in the cold you might be surprised by how likely your battery toys die in frigid temperatures. what you can do to prevent that unfortunate outcome, kate today has been frigid, yesterday as well but would you believe the worries still to come we are tracking a mid week nor'easter snow for parts of the area and coldest air yet on the way behind that storm. >> don. time to get physical, the playoff game just 11 days away eagles are changing up their approach at practice, hear the reason why, later in sports.
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a monroe township school
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forced to close is now reopen. white howell elementary welcomed back kid. crews have been cleaning up mold since it was shut down in october. white hall's main hallway will stay sealed off as crews finished removing tile that contained asbestos. students attended class at williamstown middle school while mold clean up is underway. holy glenn elementary and other school in the district that was shut down because of mold remains closed. well, cold weather we have been dealing with is in the only tough on people but cars as well. >> kyw news radio reporter justin udo tells us car care in the cold is critical to keep you running down the road >> many can go inside escape frigid temperatures but most vehicles are not that lucky they spend days and nights taking a beating and that beating can have a big effect on their performance. >> cold takes life out of the battery at 30 degrees, 32 degrees, you lose 35 percent of your battery life and 0 degrees you lose 60 y life. cold weather makes it harder to start so it takes power
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have the battery to start your car. >> reporter: philadelphians like jamal are having battery issues due to the inclement weather. >> would i say, generally this weather is horrible, battery problems, waiting for the car to heat up. >> dan says that triple a mid-atlantic had more than 1,000 calls for battery service. >> i had five towings today when i walk in this morning that needed battery and just cold weather, just takes life out of the battery. >> reporter: dan says, it returns the keys in the car or signs you should get your battery looked at but he add there is a simple solution to keep this vehicle out of the battery trouble whether it weather is cold or not. >> if you have your battery in place within three years start thinking bit or have it tested more often. >> reporter: mechanics say believe it or not those jumper cables that you leave in the back of your car in case of the emergency may do more damage then g recommending that you use jumper box instead. >> i don't even have jumper cable in my car. >> reporter: jumper cables can damage car batteries or other
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accessories. >> newer vehicles like 17, 18, they dent like to be jump started, they really want to you service battery correctly. there is an issue if you mess up cables wrong you are basically going to damage the pcn or computer of the car and may see die owed in your alternator burnout. >> reporter: triple a offers free battery checks for members and non-members if they look to keep drivers on the road and out of the cold. justin udo for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". car care, and cars has come such a long way. >> yes. >> when it was this cold you just didn't drive because there was no way that sucker was starting. >> now you are remote starting , and, getting it all ready. >> it is cold weather though man, it is tough. >> it is really tough. >> to be out in it for a minute rips right through every crack in your coat, gloves, and it is just not comfortable and only going to get worse, once we watch this
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nor'easter that will stay far enough off shore it doesn't look like a major crippling storm for us, once that passes , we will look to get even colder, by friday, but take a look at this beautiful night. i got a even if call from our esteemed collogue chris braid hoy told me you have to show moon, on tv because i'm driving right now. just pulled over to call you. it is breathtaking. boy, was he right. this is the moon from our, cameras at plymouth meeting place one apartments looking up toward the sky and you can see that gorgeous, nearly full or full moon right now over philadelphia, and the area if you have a chance to check that out, i suggest you do it. we are showing you live right now. storm scan three we have clear skies across our region. good for moon watching. that will change tomorrow afternoon as the ingredient come together for our next major winter storm. this is not going to be our storm, so to speak. down the shore we will see significant snowfall but this is a storm mainly for northern new england and canadian maritime where it may be a
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full-fledged all out blizzard there with very, very heavy blanketing snow. we have arctic cold front moving through northern plains disturbance down toward gulf of mexico and strong jet stream. rain off the coast of florida. that will lift along eastern see board as we get into tomorrow night and thursday. it is going to bring some snow to many of us. ever night mainly clear, cold, 14 degrees. testimony not as harsh, looks like we will stay below freezing and if we stay below freezing the count continues. we have been below freezing since day after christmas a whole week over 170 hours below freezing in philadelphia , and my calculation is right if we do not hit it tomorrow it may not be until monday that would be well over 300 hours, below freezing, and almost two solid weeks. future weather shows tomorrow night by 11:00 o'clock when snow will begin to spread in the shore points, it moves inland not until early thursday morning but 7:00 o'clock thursday morning it is snowing, very slow
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moving commute and continues into midday and clears you the by thursday afternoon. here's how much snow. about one to 3 inches in philadelphia and surrounding suburbs but as much as three to six down the shore where that winter storm watch has been posted. lighter snow north west, coating to an inch and then wind pick up. take a look at this future win gust down the shore at height of the storm over 30 miles an hour. that will lead to blowing snow and very low visibility and as storm exits the wind really continue to howell on friday with gusting to 40 miles an hour or higher. that means friday's high of 17 , will feel sub zero all day , saturday will feel sub zero all day so the cold, and wind chill may be a bit of the bigger story then the snow, relatively light snow in the city but three to 6 inches can lead to slow conditions there. >> for sure. >> check on the elderly, these living along, children, pets. >> yes. >> thanks, kate. >> busy day in sports suiting up for success eagles are
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if you are an artist, paint. writer, writ. football player, hit. that is kind of important. over the next week and change eagles will go back to basics, the players will be wearing shoulder pad, and, getting into some physical practices. over the last several weeks the bird have gone with a lighter approach to help guys rest and recover. some veterans believed it mess ed with their m o.j. o. >> i think they understand there is a sense of physicality that we have to get back to, i'm in the saying we're not there because obviously football is a physical game but i think there is a sense, over the course of a few weeks when you have been shelves, pad level begins to rise, intensity, sometimes it can be minimized,
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you get back into pad refocus es the guys a little bit. >> we will wear shoulder pad during our next show. >> all right. >> game on. >> that is right. >> switching gears flyers host penguins tonight both teams who three of their last four. markelle fultz practice with the sixth tours day, yes, that is news worthy, team says he has been cleared to begin the final stage of his return to play program, fultz recovering from the shoulder injury and has in the played since last october, we still don't know when number one pick will return, but, brett brown says his -- they miss him. >> his skill set ties so many things together. he can make plays. he can make plays. when you are missing some of those qualities in a group things get exposed and he can do that. he can create a shot for himself, and he can create a shot for others. >> in other news, joel embiid
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is listed as doubtful for tomorrow night's game with the spurs, joe joe's nursing a sprained right-hand which he injured during sixers win in phoenix on new years eve, yikes. >> big fella going down hard right there. >> indeed. >> it is all bunch up, we are in good shape. >> thanks, buddy. cbs news just a few minutes away,. >> jeff glor joins with us a look ahead, jeff. >> hi ukee and nicole. wheat put this bone chilling cold enveloping the country in perspective. iain browner will analyze global threats in 2018 and fans in buffalo making a charity in cincinnati a high priority after a stunning football results. just ahead on the "cbs evening news". >> that is all coming up but first new years baby at the adventure aquarium. >> they're tiny turtle cam from and how you can help choose his name next on "eyewitness news" at 6:00.
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baby sea turtle at at the adventurer aquarium this four month-old hatch linc made a debut at sea turtle rescued by an quarter yum in north carolina and will spend close to a year here. little guy spent his days in a sort of survival school learning the skills it will need once he gets back in the wild. >> it will mean a thousand will make it to adulthood, plus we have a program that is
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important to us and to have one who supports it and so really helping giving these sea turtles a second chance. >> if you visit this month you can vote on the the name, the options are dark, daisy, tear any, after the game of thrones character and maverick as a top gun. winning name will be announced in february. >> how about toshay. >> okay. >> never mind. >> long story. >> we will move on. on the other end of the spectrum a very special laid any germantown celebrating more than 100 birthdays. >> she's 103 years young. staff and residents at new portland germantown home held a celebration and birthday party for miss powell to day. this is a beautiful woman who work at temple university for more than 30 years. >> ah. >> lets hear it for the birthday girl. >> yes, sir, she looks fabulous. >> fabulous. >> great. >> thanks so much for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 "eyewitness news" returns at 10 on the cw back here at
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11:00. "cbs evening news" is next , take c captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: frozen solid. the cold snap deepens. up next, a major storm, followed by an even bigger temperature drop. also tonight, signs north korea is preparing to launch another missile. >> i hope that does not happen. but if it does... >> glor: casualties rise as protests grow in iran. >> i shot him in the head and he's not breathing anymore. >> glor: swatting: a dangerous game turns deadly ( gunshot ) senator orrin hatch announce his retirement. will mitt romney replace him. >> daulton steps up. daulton throws, incomplete, t.! remarkable. >> glor: and the nickel city sends big bucks to a bengal. >> i think i'm the


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