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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 2, 2018 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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tonight -- hoda kotb replaces matt lauer. >> hoda is officially the co-anchor of "today." >> we're with her after the homework now. . matt's reaction after he found out she got the job. >> i did hear from him. >> it's complicated. a shocking confession from carrie underwood. the surgery to save her face. why her recent accident was way worse than anyone knew. harry and meghan's romantic vacation. flying coach? why the couple rang in the new year in the most unroyal way possible. >> then hollywood's baby boom. which celebs just announced they're expanding their families in 2018? and after her 300-pound weight loss, mama june tells us why she wants to be a beauty queen. >> do you think she has what it takes? >> well, she doesn't even have a talent. this is "entertainment
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tonight." >> a new year and a new team for the "today" show. matt lauer permanently replaced by hoe da kotb. >> this announcement came this morning. keltie knight is in new york. >> this is long overdue. hoda and savannah guthrie are the first female duo to host "today." girl power. the weight of the moment didn't show when we spoke to them on set. >> today didn't feel like the first day of school. it felt like it was meant to be like this. >> we're kicking off the year right. because hoda is officially the co-anchor of "today." let's give her a round of applause. >> reporter: it was just 34 days ago she filled in and helped co-host savannah guthrie break the news that matt lauer had been fired from the ""today"" show. >> it's a tough morning for both of us. first, it was, can you fill in for a week?
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i happily did it. how about next week? how about the week after? and something happened. and it was so weird. there wasn't like a magic moment. it just worked. you know what i mean? >> we were like, how about forever? >> reporter: hoda's solid ratings definitely helped. the "today" show beat rival "good morning america" after she started filling in. hoda tells us lauer reached out to her when he heard she was his permanent replacement. >> he texted me and he said, congratulations. and some really nice words. and, um, it meant the world. >> reporter: for hoda, a balancing act. the 53-year-old adopted a baby girl, haley, last february. she'll continue to host "today's" wine-loving fourth hour did with kathy lee gifford. >> you and me are together. >> yeah. >> forever. >> how are you going to balance all of this? >> i think we have it. >> it will be this in one hand and a drink in the other.
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>> we have our priorities straight. savannah and i. we know what matters at the end. you know? and i think that's what makes it work. >> reporter: and "today" is expected to get another ratings lift in february. that is because they'll be in south korea covering the winter olympics. kevin i know you're so excited about the bobsled. >> no, the curling. and the ladies of the nigerian bobsled team. meanwhile, let's move on. a list of actresses, including oprah winfrey, reese witherspoon, and halle berry have banded with other female power brokers in response to the sexual harassment scandal. >> the initiative is called time's up. we want all survivors of sexual harassment everywhere to be heard, to be believed, and to know that accountability is possible. >> the organization has already raised more than $13 million for a legal defense fund. they're asking that all the
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ladies at this sunday's golden globes wear black to raise awareness. >> as a show of solidarity. we also here the men will wear black as well. remember that fall of carrie underwood's in november? it was a lot worse than she let on originally. it's crazy how a freak random accident can change your life. that was carrie's message to her fan club on new year's eve as she revealed that the fall that left her with a broken wrist also injured her face, saying, quote, seven weeks later, i'm still healing and not quite looking the same. i honestly don't know how things are going to end up. days after co-hosting a november awards show, carrie fell at her home in tennessee. her husband, retired nhl player mike fisher, rushed home early from a trip. she says, i'll spare you the gruesome details but when i came out of surgery, the doctor told mike he had put between 40 and 50 stitches in. new pictures of her face have been absent from her account
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since november. she only posted her legs in front of a fireplace. and her face with a scarf. but three weeks ago, reality star adrian gaines tweeted this shot after a workout. you can't see scars. she's wearing a brace on her wrist. now she says, quote, when i'm ready to get in front of a camera, i want you to understand why i might look a bit different. even so, carrey's not letting the accident slow her down. she's heading into the studio to record her first album since 2015's "storyteller" next week. she says i'm grateful it wasn't much worse. >> we wish her the best. while she recovers, meghan markle is getting used to life as a royal. or maybe the royals are getting used to life with meghan. the future duchess and her fiance were traveling over the holidays, but not like you might expect. let's take a moment to appreciate this. sure, harry whisked meghan off to a romantic post-christmas
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vacay on the french rivera, they boarded a commercial british airways flight to get there. flew economy class. file that under the royals, they're just like us. the newly engaged couple sat in the back near the bathroom. the part where they're not just like us? they boarded before everyone else and took up three rows of seats. they had three bodyguards in tow. it's not the first time a royal has opted for less than glam travel plans. in 2014, brother william flew commercial from new york to d.c. on his way to meet president obama. >> it's refreshing. to be able to get to know someone who is not necessarily within your circle. doesn't know much about me. i don't know much about her. to be able to start almost afresh right from the beginning. getting to know each other step by step. >> reporter: harry and meghan have been bucking tradition throughout their courtship. meghan attended the queen's pre-christmas lunch. a privilege usually reserved for family members only. the couple rang in the new year in monte carlo. and according to kensington
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palace, they're due back next week. they're also busy making plans for the upcoming wedding in may. meghan has been in touch with several designers vying to make her gown. i want to tell you -- there's a lot of speculation that they partied with harry's good buddy, prince albert of monaco and his wife, princess charlene. >> maybe they were talking babies. maybe. >> hmm. let's not get ahead of ourselves. let them get married. >> until that day happens, we have star bundles of joy to speak of. hollywood's new year baby boom. jessica alba and cash warren welcomed baby boy hayes. on new year's eve. jessica says big sisters honor and haven are obsessed with him. from one bundle of joy to another -- america ferrera and her husband announced they're expecting their first child. >> excuse me? what? >> reporter: the "superstore" star is welcoming one more face to kiss this year.
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looks like they got a jump start on baby clothes. meanwhile, four months pregnant chrissy teigen tweeted up a storm last week. she and baby daddy tried to jet over to japan for his 39th birthday. the flight got sent back to l.a. because of a passenger mixup. and john ended up celebrating midair. they made to it tokyo and got home just in time to celebrate new year's eve. baby luna's mom and dad welcome kid number two this year. >> a little boy is next, for sure. >> and rounding out the list of full-on baby bumps for 2018, eva longoria shared the first photo of her growing belly. she's expecting her first baby, a boy with her husband. and mrs. adam levine showed off her curves with the help of daughter dusty rose. they can't wait to meet their newest addition in 2018. >> how cute. >> hollywood did a lot of lovin', didn't they? >> sure did! >> i like it. meanwhile, justin timberlake announced his new baby.
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simmer down, everybody. we are talking about his new album, "man of the woods." he released the teaser video with jessica and 2-year-old son silas. justin says the album is about them and it's most personal. drops february 2nd. before the big super bowl halftime performance. >> that album is going to be good. coming up next, is taylor swift's tour in trouble? why hasn't she sold out any of her shows? then -- >> it's a disaster. >> mariah just can't help herself. new video of mimi. how she got major redemption after last year's new year's fail. plus, new year, new star wedding plans. which two celebs are getting ready to say i do? and why justin and selena's romance looks to be getting hotter and hotter. pro tip: giant has great prices on produce. raspberries for john... strawberries for amy...
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♪ ♪ never be alone 2018 is off to a great start for taylor swift. her album, "reputation" returned to number one. it first hit the top of the charts when it was released in november. >> she's getting it done. she's hitting the road in may. playing 40 dates. check this out -- not one single show has sold out yet. which is hard to believe. >> some are suggesting the reason could be because of the high ticket prices. for instance, a seat that cost $150 for her last tour will now set you back nearly 500 bucks. >> my daughter better start saving her allowance. >> oh, yeah. meanwhile, we spotted a lot of couples ringing in the new year. where to start? where to start? how about justin and selena's cabo connection? new year. new 'do.
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selena back to brunette. in e- -- in a one piece, hit up the same town as justin. while he was shirtless and solo at an oceanfront resort, selena spent time with friends nearby. her kidney transplant scar still visible. the pair, who got back together nine weeks ago, seem to be taking it slow. a source tells "e.t." bieber knows he's lucky to have this second chance. another justin in cabo. justin theroux and jennifer aniston. they soak up some sun and weeks after breakup rumors surface, sen is seen sporting her wedding ring. love is in the air for paris hilton. over the holiday weekend, her younger man popped the question in colorado with a 20-karat teardrop rock. hilton posted, i said yes. they got together earlier last year. >> i'm so happy. >> billy joel and christie brinkley's daughter. ♪ singer alexa rae joel, who just
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turned 32 last week, said yes to her boyfriend of five years. ryan gleason. she instagrammed this shot of her rock, which she calls ridiculously exquisite. she has mama bringly -- brinkley's stamp of approval. >> i totally approve. the nicest guy. >> and finally, will smith's 20th wedding anniversary. >> true love is steeped in surviving. >> reporter: posting this throwback from his i dos. he's acknowledged how he has grown with jada. i have learned to focus on helping you to blossom into what you want to be rather than demanding you become what my fragile ego needs you to be. happy anniversary, my queen. >> wow. >> that is solid relationship advice. it takes a big man too recognize that, i think. >> sure does. >> way to go. i love it. still ahead, mama june with her beauty pageant coach. talking about daughter honey boo boo. why she's less confident after losing 300 pounds. then, we're with arie after the "bachelor" premier. interesting facts we have
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learned about the 29 contestants. vying for his affection. >> i brought 20 pairs of shoes on this trip. closed captioning provided by --
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you'll like them both but love our price. award-winning organic cheddar puffs from aldi. simply smarter shopping. i've been on the other side of the pageant world. i don't have any talent. >> now lead. you would never win miss america with that. >> honey boo boo knows best, right? now it's mama june's turn in the spotlight. her 300-pound weight loss the subject of her wetv reality series, "from not to hot." here's what i learned -- mama june is in it to win it. >> i'm sorry, y'all. i can't walk in heels. >> if you love me, you'll do this pageant thing. >> she thinks that she is like, the seasoned professional. >> reporter: if you have a coach this is the best coach to get. >> exactly. >> reporter: what better coach
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for her pageant pursuit than her daughter, alana. she was only 6 when she was killing it on "toddlers & tiaras." >> i'm ready to go. >> reporter: does she have what it takes? >> probably not. >> you thought mama june was rough? wait until you meet coach alana. >> if she had to work on anything, probably talent. like anything. she doesn't even have a talent. >> reporter: in june's favor, she's kept most of her weight off after her gastric sleeve surgery, she went from 450 pounds down to 160. she says she's put on about ten pounds since. >> you need the confidence that i have. >> why is that? >> i think she's less confident because she's smaller. she's gotten more hate. because everyone is like, oh, she's going to gain the weight back. >> i have been very good. it's been over a year and half. if you say gaining ten pounds in a year and half is bad, then it is what it is. >> reporter: another good thing for june, a new mystery man in her life this season.
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>> she's in heels. >> reporter: are you worried he's in it for the fame? >> to be honest with you, he didn't know who i was when we met. >> reporter: i'm not sure i believe her. i think he might be in it for the headlines. also i saw a preview of the first episode, and there's a lot of smooching in this season. smooching. >> oh, i'm going to do just like they do. oh, oh, oh. that sounds like another show. thank you very much, keltie. that show would be "the bachelor." and just like mama june, "bachelor" arie is making a triumphant return. we learn more about the ladies racing to win his heart. >> it was overwhelming. there was a lot of women there. it was a long night. >> reporter: shot back in september, he met his 29 women. and they didn't disappoint. >> there was so many incredible women. so many beautiful women. >> reporter: a front-runner, 27-year-old, becca, a publicist who staged a fake proposal. >> right when she walked out, i said, she's my type.
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she's beautiful. >> reporter: we can reveal she gets the first one-on-one date. but last night, first impression rose went to single mom chelsea, is shaping up to be this season's villain. >> when i see something i want, i go after it. >> reporter: she packed 20 pairs of shoes for her quest to win arie's heart. >> as a mom, i want to be fully prepared. >> reporter: eight ladies got the axe last night. including one of the four women named lauren. and jessica, who used to be an intern here at "e.t." >> reporter: he's not revealing if he got engage third down season, but tying the knot is what six singles will do on tonight's premier of "married at first sight." >> ready to meet my husband. >> that would be fun. >> reporter: after three years abstaining from sex, is 29-year-old shawnice ready to share her night with a complete stranger? >> i don't want to have sex with him. >> you may get to the altar. and see something so scrumpti s scrumptious --
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>> did you know the first time you saw your wife? >> i knew she was hot. i knew that. >> 1 of the 3 couples successful from the show -- doug and jamie, have a new baby and their own show that airs tonight after "married at first sight." congratulations. from a new daddy to an old one. anthony anderson. >> did you just call him old? i think you did. >> i called him old. >> the "black-ish" dad is hosting the naacp image awards. he's a great host. am i right? >> he's fantastic. >> not everybody is excited. >> guess who is hosting the naacp image awards? >> beyonce? >> no. the host is not a singer. think of an actor? >> will smith. >> shorter and more plump? >> kevin hart. >> i said shorter. not tiny. >> reporter: only i was on set as anthony shot his pro moe. he wasn't getting much love from these kids. >> do you have any hosting tips for me? wear a speedo and a hat. >> wear a speedo and a hat. that's it. and don't puke.
7:52 pm
i had to tell the kids, if i wore a hat and speedos, america would be puking. >> are you writing this down? >> i'm writing it all down. >> reporter: this marks his fifth time hosting lye on tv one. what does it mean to be back again? >> it means a lot. it means that i have fooled a lot of people. they have entrusted this awards show to me. >> you keep fooling them in a lot of different areas. >> it's all smoke and mirrors. >> and he's humble, too. a multitalented guy. >> he's such a good host. but he's stealing jobs. stop stealing jobs. >> meanwhile, tonight, he returns to his day job on "black-ish." and the "black-ish" spinoff, "grown-ish" starts. we're taking you there. coming up, mariah carey's new year's eve performance went off out a hitch. well, kind of. why everyone is talking about the emancipation of mimi and her tea. we'll explain again. next.
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provided by -- tomorrow on "e.t." -- aaron carter's first tv interview since leaving rehab. >> i suffer from ptsd. >> nothing is off limits from sobriety struggles to weight gain. has he made up with big brother nick? tomorrow on "e.t." we don't have a sound check, but it's new year's baby. >> nobody will ever forget mariah carey's self-proclaimed nightmare on new year's eve, 2016. that is because she said she couldn't sing because her in-ear monitor was not working. >> this year, take two. while the singing went well, there was still an issue. >> they told me there would be
7:57 pm
tea. oh, it's a disaster. >> she wasn't kidding about the disaster part of course. i think she did get to hot tea. we spotted mariah and her boyfriend just days before new year's eve. >> more than 50 million people tuned in to watch her. >> matching cowboy hats. what does that mean? >> they're in love. >> bye.
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