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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 2, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. bitter blast is >> good evening everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. sdwrchlt. unfortunately it doesn't look like we'll be getting a break, as the bitter blast, we're now watching a nor easter expected to bring us accumulating snow. colder temperatures, kate. >> nicole, it's hard to imagine the temperatures can get much colder, but that's what we'll feel after the storm comes and goes. right now, temperatures are frigid, it's 12 in allentown, 14 in trenton, 19 in philadelphia. 8 in mount pocono and that cold extends down into the deep south where temperatures in the 20's and atlanta charles ton and
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birmingham possible across northern florida, it's three in columbus, 13 in minneapolis and seven in milwaukee. here's what it feels like, six is what it feels like in the city, three, the current feels like in allentown and lancaster, mount pocono feels like 12 below zero. a winter storm watch has been issued with this impending system, portions of ocean city through sussex county delaware, under the winter storm watch and continuing to thursday. can't see much of this system just yet on stormscan 3. but the pieces are coming together. there's an arctic cold fronted we'll watch for whether these two systems can stay together and produce a storm system and how far west that precipitation will get once that happens, if they stay separate. those systems will have less snow and take a look you can see
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it's a very, very close call, this particular model brings precipitation right along the coast, others a little further inland we'll talk about some of those model discrepancies coming up. you can see how strong this system is and it's going to be a brush of snow for iaccumulating snow especially along the coast, strong winds as well. and of course, the track of that storm will determine the exact impact and just how much snow will fall. we got our first snow map coming up, i'll tell you likely amounts you can expect as of now and we'll talk about some of the challenges and forecasting the storm plus the even colder air that follows it. ukee. >> those in charge of clearing roads across the region are playing close attention to your forecast. our greg argos talked with them about how they decide where, when and how to deploy their resource, greg, good evening. >> beginning, ukee, really is a waiting game for officials there at penndot. officials in south jersey, all of those folks looking at kate's
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forecasts and also taking data. trying to pinpoint exactly where the snow will fall. >> that will change as the ingredients come together. >> the question is, exactly where will the storm hit? and who is going to see the most snowfall? >> we're in the monitoring phase >> crews are on stand by. manage managers monitors. >> at this point in time, those type of decisions aren't being made. what will happen tomorrow on wednesday, certain potent, each of our county maintenance managers will make the decision how much equipment they're going to use. >> the same is true in camden county. especially since current forecast show jersey may see e
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brunt of the snow. >> they're saying neighbor easters can be unpredictable. the county is replenishing its salt supply >> we'll get about 500 tons of salt to prepare for the system. >> reporter: all the while officials monitoring multiple forecasts. preparing to move crews to part of the county which hey need them most. >> we have a 12 snow zone per se and we will always constantly monitor that around and ship workers. what we're doing is expecting the worst case scenario and hopefully we'll get the best. >> back here live, other variable the bitter temperatures and snow, of course, has been here a few days, the ground is just ice cold, anything that falls tomorrow will stick and that is why it is so important for these crews from penndot these crews to know exactly where to send their trues, their salt plows and of course their
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sa live here along the schuylkill, greg argos cbs3 eyewitness. >> thank you this bone chilling cold is taking a toll on underground pipes as well. results in an increased of water main breaks repair crews are hard at working. alexandria hoff joins us with the latest on the progress there. alex? >> reporter: to give you an idea of the raging a force of this water main rupture, it was enough to snap a you don't want to pole. peco crews have been on scene. repairs will be taking place throughout the night. >> as several were left without power, about 1,000 pennsylvania customers continue to struggle with low water pressure, due to a massive break in conshohocken. the power that came with the flowing water was enough to push a dumpster out of place, according to an employee with the summerwood corporation >> it's a big inconvenience
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we'll get through it >> the corporation which runs more than 100 fast food restaurants suffered flooding when a large cement pipe ruptured sending a water fall of icy water and mud their way. >> mud stopped most of the water from coming in. the water got this high, crews continued to work around the clock to continues normal water and power service. >> they expect to have the water pressure back to normal by tomorrow afternoon. reporting live in west conshohocken. alexandria hoff cbs. . water has been restored to more than 100 hometowns in the parkwood section of north and east philadelphia, a broken eight inch water main sent water flooding over sidewalks and into homes early this morning, they got the water back on shortly after 7:00. we asked aqua pennsylvania what homers could do to keep their house pipes from bursting.
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here's tips. make sure your basement or crawl space is heated so the water pipes don't freeze in the first place. seal up basement windows if you suspect your pipes are frozen, use a hair drier to heat the pipes up to get the water flowing. sure to wake up with "eyewitness news" in the morning team. they will be closing monitoring. the news starts at 4:30. authorities are working to determine the cause of a three alarm fire at a montgomery county car dealership. chopper 3 over jenkins town, no one was hurt. the extent of the damage is unclear at the moment. bensalem police looking for four men involved in a bar brawl. officers it start weather one of men got into an argument with a bartender on street road last month and threw a punch. one of the men swung a bottle at an employee's head cutting him.
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the four men then took off in two older model gray vehicle >> a new era begins with a new district attorney and city controller. larry cras mer was sworn in. he ran on a promise to reform criminal justice system. >> being the city with the highest rate of incarceration of any of the ten major cities. today, we start the long road towards trading jails and trading death row for schools. >> rebecca behind heart was sworn in as the first female controller and promised change >> at a time when the trauma from gun violence is felt across the neighborhood -- we need to be using this money in the best way possible. >> reporter: ryan heart said she
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will scrutinize city agencies budgets and policies. >> president trump issued a warning to north korea's kim jong in the latest war of words. he declared america's nuclear button is bigger and more powerful than north korea's and unlike kim's his works. it's in response is to the button to unlock the arsenal was always on his to desk. this comes as north and south korea consider having talk to ease military tensions. north korea can talk with anyone they want but the u.s. is not going to recognize it or acknowledge it until they agree to band the nuclear weapons they have. >> u.s. officials say north korea resumed missile activity and appears to be in the early stages of portfolio launch. the u.s. is expressing support for protesters demonstrating against the iranian government. but stopping short of calling for regime change.
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called for u.n. security counts and human rights counsel to hold emergency meetings. sparked by economic grievances more than 20's people have been killed and hundreds arrested the longest serving republican in the u.s. senate will not seek reelection, or en hatch made the announcement on social media. senator hatch was elected to the senate in 1977. his retirement paves the way for former republican presidential candidate romney who is reportedly interested in running for the seat. can you imagine a world without chocolate? >> scary thoughts? scientists say it may just happen straight ahead, why they predict chocolate may become extinct in 30 years, and what they're trying to do to save it. carson wentz responds to criticism, what the eagles quarterback posted on twitter that caused some negative tension. >> forced out into the cold.
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>> what woman said an oil delivery company did that left her home badly damaged and how she said you can prevent it from happening to you >> they're making snow at jack frost and big boulder, late tomorrow and thursday, how much snow is expected to fall in the colder temperature, that will follow.
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. a delaware county woman s she was forced out of her house and still unable to live there, she said just before christmas a driver for oil depot accidently pumped heating oil into her house instead of her next door neighbors, it seeped into her carpet. she hopes people can learn are from what happened to her. >> if your house use to have had oil in the past, just make sure that there's -- if there's a pipe still on the side of your house, make sure that it's kept in cemented all the way through >> a representative with oil depot says they're still looking into how the mix-up happened and the company plans to pay for all of the repairs to her home carson wentz is responding
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to criticism over a picture he posted. it reads happy fifth birthday to mama henley. best dog and hunting buddy i could ask for. a twitter user responded saying people could take offense to the dead geese in the picture. >> wentz responded two of the main thing i tweet about a jests and hunting. when you love something you talk about it stay convicted and don't worry what others think. >>'tis the season for new year's resolution and one of the top ones is giving up alcohol for the month of january. #dry january is popular on social media right now. some say giving up alcohol is a way to detox. for others it's a way to drink less. doctors say abstaining can improve liver function and reduce anxiety.
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cocktails are full of clears so it can help in weight loss. for all the chocolate lovers, you may want to start hoarding >> scientists say that chocolate may be extinct by 2050 >> when you think of extensive what comes to mind. >> dinosaurs >> common sense. >> what about chocolate >> doesn't come to mind jb i could stand a lose a few >> scientists claim that climate change could make it extinct by the year 2050 >> chocolate. >> ok. >> wow. >> i mean, that's -- honestly, devastated, you'll get used to it >> no. >> reporter: according to a report by the oceanic atmospheric administration it will make it impossible >> the chocolate producing
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plants grow 20's degrees north or south of equator, ma i gradually get pushed into higher less heatable areas resulting in less chocolatey goodness. >> chocolate chip cookies. >> keep chocolate won't cut it here >> mix could be anything more important >> what's a chocolate lover to do? >> accepting the fact that this is happening. trying to do something about it. >> scientists at the university of california doing that, team and up with candy maker mars hoping to make it more resilient. the concern is it won't happen fast enough to prevent extension. i think it's scary to think that scientists out there are saying climate change. >> peanut butter with chocolate, i'm cool.
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>> indeed. >> 32 more years of chocolate. >> scary. i'll tell you what's serious, i looked at your modelling and kind of reminded me of the perfect storm. >> we need things to come together, what i do want to stress is this isn't really our storm, this is it going to be a major storm for new england, major storm for canadian maritime provinces, it will be kind of a tight call and i'll be honest, there is a lot of volatile tea in the forecast, even 24 hours out, because it depends on just how far west that precipitation shall get. it's not going to be a far cry from light snow and flurries to some significant accumulations. we have to watch what this does. let's talk about what's happening and what could happen and what's likely to happen with the system. stormscan 3 is relatively quiet. it's a clear night. it was deceptively sunny out there today. very, very cold once again. all our ingredients, players are
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on the field. the arctic cold front. a disturbance toward the gulf of mexico and a he potent. and portions of the gulf of mexico, that's the southern piece of energy, we need the to phase with the northern piece and depends where and how quickly that happens. that will determine how far east or west the precipitation will get with this next storm. i'll show you what i mean, let's take a quick look at temperatures, it's 12 in spring city, 21 in atlantic city, 19 at the airport, 15 in new castle. feels like the single digits, another bitterly cold night. drop down to 14, tomorrow, not quite as bad, we may hit the freezing mark, we'll get close if we stay below it will be possible until monday before we hit freezing again, not as harsh with sun giving why. i want to show you two different model, the gfs is the american model, brings the system up the
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coast. you can see the precipitation getting far to the west. and encompassing much of the eastern sea board light snow in the city and northwest suburbs, heavier down the shore and again on all-out blizzard for northern new england into the maritime province, if the system presips stays offshore, here want could happen, this could brush the coast bringing some significant snowfall to the immediate coast not much inland thursday and then heading up and becoming more of a snowstorm for northern new england. depends how far west the snow gets. here's our first call, coating to an inch in the northwest suburbs about one to three inches i think closer to an inch or two in the city, higher amounts possible along the coast. we're three to six inches could fall. bigger story here may be what happens after the storm, winds how old as that storm departs, and on friday, with that high pressure gradient, it will feel as cold as ten or 15 below zero,
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that is dangerous potentially life-threatening cold for anyone that's out in it friday and saturday, this doesn't look like a major storm for us here in philadelphia. i do think we have a chance of picking up a couple of inches along the coast we'll have more information tomorrow katie of course tomorrow morning we'll break down the latest developments. still a developing situation, but the cold is definitely happening and it's going to be brutal. >> stay in touch. thanks, kate >> don is here with sports >> talking about football. what a surprise. should nick foles be looking over his shoulder? r the latest on the quarterback situation and the flyers hooking up with the
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flyers one points behind the penguins.
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it's early. down one nothing in the second. checked out the direction. we are tied. later in the period. ryan reid in front of. he likes. the penn regaining the league. 40 seconds later. conner sheer repeating all the flyers defenders and he scores. the flyers allow four goals in the second and they lose five to one. today, doug pederson raised eyebrows when talking about nick foles, over last two games, nick has been suspect, he's only completed 46% of the -- and eagles offensive has been a disaster. backup quarterback is nate sudfeld. he literally threw it first nfl
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pass three days ago. >> it's hard to say right now, until in that situation, quite honestly. listen, it's a one game season. it's hard to be in desperation mode but if you're in that mode, you know, who knows? i do know this, it's not about one guy, one guy, it's about, you know, 11 on offense, defense and special teams. a lot of contributing factors go into -- go into winning a game. >> it's that pause that makes us nervous. doug appearing luke warm. he may have realized since his answer came out, this is a tweet from nfl roaster. doug pederson texted me after the press conference, he said my guy is nick foles. end of story. second straight year, brian
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dawkin is a finalist for the hall of fame. includes terrell owens who is a finalist the third straight year, five modern candidates can be elected. the announcement will be made on february 3rd, the day before the super bowl. u.s. hockey announced the roster for the winter olympics in south korea. a 30-year-old journey man by the name of bobby butler made the team. breaking the news to his dad. butler plays for the milwaukee admirals and the national predators, currently nhl players are not allowed to play >> your dad got to smack you in the helmet pushes you around. right there. jerk there's a lot of love right there. >> thank you >> a new year, and resident at the venture a
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. new baby sea le it made its public debut. it will spend close to on the turtle's name. the o davy, maverick.
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d february. the snow will be behind us but the arctic air will be inl both saturday and sunday. but highs on saturday only in the te be breezy, it will feel like the sile sub freeze sunday baum me in comparison with highs
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. morning team back tomorrow >> the late show captioning sponsored by cbs >> well, new york is feeling the cold. >> that's right, danny. it is chilly out there. >> brrr! >> brr is right. >> for more let's check in with our weather reporter standing out there in the frigid temperatures. jack, how cold is it? oh, i hear you, jack. it's not fit for a penguin out there. >> oh, i'm glad i'm not out there! >> me, too. >> now, jack what, does that wind chill feel like? where is your hat at, jack? >> good point, deborah, have to dress for the weather. hey, jack, can you give us any information on school closing? >> oh, looks like that child was running away from him. >> too cold for an interview.


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