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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 3, 2018 5:00am-5:30am EST

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something to get salty about but we are expecting several inches have snow soon. area agencies are getting ready for what could be a tricky commute this time tomorrow morning. katie fehlinger is here to tell us how much snow to expect. and storm scan is showing parts of the system that will come together to bring us a nor'easter but after the snow it will get even colder. whatever that means. brace yourself for wicked wind chills. and pushing buttons, the president trump fires off a tweet about his access to nuclear weapons as north korea dictator brags about his country ease arsenal. latestes lacing in their war of word. today is wednesday, january 3rd 2018, good morning
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, i'm jan carabao, jim donovan's off today. i'm rahel solomon. kate up and meisha are keeping an eye on things on yet another brutally cold morning. >> by the way, happy new year. >> happy new year. i haven't seen you in a year. >> yes, we are looking outside right now and we are talking about the cold and we are seeing water main break, again , after water main break. we will talk about that coming up in a bit. >> it is not as harsh as it has been but it is so persistent. it is not as harsh as yesterday, it is still below freezing, again today and that will continue to be the theme through the weekend, so, hopefully this isn't going to be, a continuing thing with these water main breaks every single day but that is the deal, storm scan, wide zoom, once more to show you the storm that is starting to finally take shape. yesterday we had nothing to show you, nothing that started to form, now it is, and because of the cold had plunged so far south, you have got icing in florida.
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and snow that is trying to come down right now. this will rapidly intensify, primarily off shore but it is just close enough to the shoreline that the carolinas, virginia, certainly our area will eventually get in on some snow. we will have a lot more on that throughout this half an hour and entire hour, stick with me. but storm scan is clear, it is quiet. it is currently in the teens on i-95, colder to the north and west and as day progresses our high, well, it is in the quite as harsh we are up to 30 , meisha will be moving in late tonight we will time it out later on. >> all right, katie, for our overnight drivers be very careful with that snow moving in, what we're looking at is water and, this video that happened around 2:40 a.m. crews are still out there by the way route zero seven eastbound past route 41 kings highway that left lane is compromised. since road is still opened you can use the road but if you can avoid it, i would suggest
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doing just that. two more breaks in cheltenham we will get to that in a bit but first, 95 at allegheny headlights moving in the south bun direction. i-95 will heat up but deeper in the 5:00 o'clock hour. ninety-five southbound is looking darn good but blue route same story here, blue route near mid county pushing in the southbound direction, both directions we are looking good there as well and then we have some construction crews out there more coming up in the next 10 minutes, jan and rahel, back to you. like it or in the we are bracing for our first snowstorm of the 2018. >> road crews are ready to tackle anything mother nature throws at us, "eyewitness news" reporter frank does live with more on that, trang do, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jan, right about this time tomorrow morning these drivers here on 76 could be driving through, snow, in those, it doesn't appear to be a major storm for city and suburbs nor'easter can be predictable. officials here across our area
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are bracing for the worst but hoping for the best. so to prepare penndot has more than 180 trucks and 35 stockpiles of salt accredits five county philadelphia region which includes bucks, chester, montgomery and delaware counties. department has 250 contractor trucks on stand by and across the bridge over in new jersey, camden county has stack up on 500 tons of salt, it has hundred trucks on hand, right new jersey shore is forecasted to be impact the most with three to 6 inches of snow, other areas are in the taking this threat lightly. >> we have over a hundred thousand tons of salt on the ground we will be ready to handle the storm, if it is a major event then we will have a full call out, all of the veilable equipment. >> we are monitoring everything on a hourly basis and we're making sure that we are treating our road, ahead of time, by pretreating our road ahead of time at least we will snow before the storm
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comes, before the snow comes, or even sleet, whatever the combination that we will be trying to do our best to be prepared. you can see, show you this schuylkill river just frozen over, this nor'easter coming in the middle of the deep freeze for our region and biggest concern is following the storm, when temperatures are projected to dip lower. right now it is feeling good comparatively guys, new back to you in the studio. >> hits just keep on coming, thanks, trang do. water main break in montgomery county continues to inconvenience hundreds of homeowners, break opened up, early yesterday morning, it left more than a thousand residents with low water pressure in three counties. crews are repairing the main this morning. residents should have their water pressure back to normal today, officials say water is safe to drink. eyewitness videos shows flooding from another what the are main break in montgomery county, yet another day with these issues. this one happened in cheltenham township just after
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11:00. water gush out of the sidewalk at the intersection at coventry and cheltenham avenue the intersection is still open no word whether the break has affected any homes. and more than a hundred homes have their water back and running in the parkwood section of northeast philadelphia we brought you this scene live yesterday morning where trang do was as an 8-inch main broke near medford road. the water went flooding in the streets and into some homes. police are trying to figure out what caused a crash in south philadelphia that sent three people to the hospital, this crash, at forty-sixth and wood land avenue happened just after midnight, police say three cars were involved in the crash, and medics took two housing authority offices and one other person to the hospital for minor injuries. we are told they have all been treated and released. meanwhile in montgomery county investigators have yet to determine the cause of this three alarm fire at car dealership here, chopper three over bryner chevrolet on fair way in jenkintown last nights.
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fire fighters arrived to the showroom filled with smoke but fortunately no one was injury. new developments on the korean peninsula rhetoric from north korea kim jong u.n. and tweet from president trump are escalating tensions, while north korea is reaching out to south korea correspondent andrew spencer says that the communications came on a korean hot line that has been dormant for years. >> kim jong u.n. gave order to reopen hot line for communication, starting discussions on sending delegation to the winter olympics to south korea next movement call comes after a rare move by kim in his speech on monday offering an olive brand to much south korea. >> he started off his statement with the threats toward u.s. and then went on to make more conceal try gesture toward south. i think this was well played by north koreans, and i think this might be trying to drive a small wedge between the u.s. and south korea. >> reporter: trump administration has been skeptical tuesday about the
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sincerity of kim's offer. >> we won't take any other talk seriously if they don't do something to ban all nuclear weapons in north korea we consider this to be a reckless regime. we don't think we need a band-aid or smile and take a picture. we think we need to have them stop taking nuclear weapons and they now >> reporter: president trump responded to kim's threats as president donald trump oimften t ter. writing will someone from hisd regime, please inform him that i too have a nucle bger and morl then his and my but works. retired rear admiral john e under mining u.s. diplomates in foreign polic cnd hard to get clarity and blunt as president is. >> reporter: former secretary of defense leont given up on di. >> i wouldn't lose hope on frankly are unacceptable.
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>> reporter: andrew spencer ss news". meantime president trump is congratulating orin hatch in his career after hatch announced he would not seek reelectiolongn tot servingn the senate announced his wasirst electcial media in 1977, former republican presidential candidate mitt romney is reportly interested in running for the seat. iran's supreme leaders is blaming enemies for anti government demonstrations, more than 20 people killed and hundreds injured in protests just last month. demonstrators are protesting the nation's poor economy and high prices. the iranian tv station airs pro government rallies claiming that those rallies were protesting the violence in the anti government demonstrations. coming up next, road end on the runway passengers forced to deplane after a rat gets on board a flight. >> my goodness. we will tell you where this happened and hear from an eyewitness, plus this. relentless, dangerously cold weather that has blanket had much of the nation's, is
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being blamed for 12 deaths. i'm hanna doba with more on the wind chill, freeze warnings and major snowstorm heading up thee coast. >> never seen something like that before in my life. what in the world? we will tell but this icy mystery and what caused it when we come right back. >> ♪ we're waiting for snow, this view of center city philadelphia could be very different come tomorrow morning, katie's here to tell us when that snow may hit and where when we come right back.
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we have rats on a plane, seriously. it cancelled flight to portland that happened on board an alaska airline plane about to take off from oakland , california yesterday morning. airline says passengers were boarding the rat, darted from the jet way and right on the plane. >> they came out and say hey, i know you will in the believe
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me but a rat just got on the plane and we're going to try to catch it. >> my goodness. out of service and passengers were booked on another flight, fortunately. well, we are not only won dealing with the bitter cold, frigid weather throughout the country is creating numerous problems particularly for those down south whether or not used to icy road, as hen a doba reports frozen pipes, car accidents and power outages are widespread. >> reporter: three people were rescued from a car stuck in icy water in boyds maryland on monday. in a dallas suburb driving on isis clearly in the something residents here typically, have to do. much of the country has been entering a second week of record cold, which has freeze warnings as far south as florida. citrus groves are gathering ice. even in place is a customed to cold these extremes are out of the normal. >> proven across the lane of traffic and hit brakes and then, boom, right in the back
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of the semi. >> reporter: upstate new york, a 75 car pile up left at least one person dead, and, scenes like this in cedar rapid iowa are playing out as fires all over the country. >> we're fighting equipment freezing up because when it gets wet, we froze up like a pop sickle. >> reporter: for all of the danger and headaches this massive cold snap has been causing there are those, who are finding the fun, and beauty in it. teens in louisville, kentucky a city best men for baseball bats it produces are playing pond hockey. >> growing up here in louisville i have never done this personally before came out 8:00 a.m. this morning negative 1 degrees. it is incredible to be out here. >> reporter: one of the few places that is relatively balmy anchorage alaska where skaters were in t-shirts, temperatures tuesday were in the 40's and about twice as warm, hanna doba for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". alaska is experiencing unusually warm weather.
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>> you can say that again. 44 degrees in anchorage yesterday which had a record set first in 1981 and matched in 2011. some parts of the area even reached temperatures closer to 50 degrees, wouldn't that be nice. that is twice as warm as normal high as 24 degrees for this time of the year. >> i guess for january, it is pretty unusual, usually about negative 30 throughout this time of the year, january, february time frame. >> i'm heading home in the spring and i lived through winter but now it is like hey, thinks great. >> piece of cake. >> warm weather won't be long in alaska as temperatures are expect to drop. take a look at this, we are looking at an ice bike in north day coat, ice bike occurs when river bubbles and freezes over and over. this one standing at about 15 feet high is tallest ice spike ever rorrered in north day docete a history. >> i didn't know those were
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things. >> is there plenty of ice on the schuylkill that is for sure and we are in a number of different alerts in the delaware valley, winter storm warning, winter weather advisories, winter storm watch for one particular county in the localized area and one spot that is likely to see some of the heaviest snow is this one as we get outside live neighborhood network. not one flake has snow has fallen yet but out of the boardwalk plaza in rehoboth you will see a completely different scene this same time thomas snow buildness and we are back on the air with you. for now things are very, very quiet at home. but i have got to show you wide zoom to show you where things are starting to generate. we mentioned ice as far south as places like tallahassee, and jacksonville, florida, it is just, in the like it has never happened but it is pretty rare to see that it far south. but the kind of cold that plunged is setting the stage
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for precipitation to come through and bring this to you. this will move, very rapidly intensifying, northeast and as a result the entire eastern seaboard is included. in an advisory, winter storm watch or winter storm warning. look at how far north those warnings extend, this will effect millions of people, and , will end up with very impressive snowfall totals out of this in many of these areas but not necessarily, here. it is the way the storm is going to rotate through. yes, we will get some snow but we are going to see, the kind of amounts that they will find in new england where variable blizzard will break out there in the days ahead. high wind in those spots. but late tonight, say between 10:00 p.m., midnight or snow when the first flakes roll n net that is dark shade of purple, follow that it is mainly at the shore, midday late afternoon thursday, thinks all getting out, wind picks up cold takes over. heaviest snow is near the
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shore three to 6 inches or so out that way in the city more like one to 3-inch, and most of that is going to be falling through late tonight, and into the first half of tomorrow. up to the lehigh valley further north and western suburbs you are lucky to get an inch out of this. there will be a sharp cut off. i'll put it out there this is a bussable forecast because there will be such a sharp cut off. right now, that is our call, four to 6 inches in the place es where you will get the most and harsh cold every within gets in on that, meisha especially for friday. very good information. it can be dangerous with the snow and overnight drivers driving. head up on. that so boulevard southbound we are looking good. things are starting to heat up , we can expect that as we are pushing into the 5:00 he clock hour. ninety-five at the airport quick peak in delays at the airport, right now.
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if we have dilatation or cancellations we will let you any but movement around airport is looking good. 422 at route 29 headlights moving in the eastbound direction, but looking good here as well. we are heating up on 422 but we are looking good there. we have two water main breaks in cheltenham plus an accident very near bias well so head up on this. coventry avenue at cheltenham avenue where we have a water main break and accident right by each other, wood land avenue and old soldiers road. if you can avoid this, you can do so. road for water main breaks they are opened but because we will have crews out there and around this area where we have the accident as well i would say avoid area if you can. if you can't, the road is still opened. rahel and jan back over to you . daily times report on yesterday's historic swearing in of democrat, city council, five democrats won seats in county government lassie lex and they became first democrats elected to county
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office since 1980. courier post reports homicides in camden fell to a 30 year low in 2017 despite overall shooting incidents increasing. paper reports on the 7 percent drop in violent crime, numbers , however do show 10 percent increase in met or vehicle deaths. press of atlantic city reports high school senior, scored his 1,000-point last night during atlantic city high school's, 73-40 win over vine rand. after the win bethea was given game ball and posed for pictures with his family. that is a look at newspaper headlines around the delaware valley. up next, doug pederson tweet about his starting quarterback in sports. new spokesmen for weight watchers and it sent their stock soaring, we will tell you who it is when we come right
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but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in... and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it! welcome back. glad you are with us. doug pederson is text nothing his report for nick foles. here's don bell with your
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morning sports. >> you are head coach of the eagles people hang on tour every word. yesterday doug pederson raised eyebrows when talking about nick foles. over last two games nick has been suspect at best. he has only completed 46 percent of his passes and eagles offense has been a disaster. backup quarterback is nate sud field who threw his first nfl pass four days ago. pederson was asked if he would pull foles from a playoff game >> it is hard to say, right now, until i'm in that situation, quite honestly. it is a one game season. it is hard to be in desperation mode but if you are in that mode, you know, who knows, i do know this it is not about one guy, you know , one guy, it is about, you know, 11 on offense, defense and special teams so a lot of contributing factors go into winning a game.
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>> now doug appeared luke warm on foles based off that comment but may have realized how his answer came off and he sent this message, this is a tweet from nfl reporter iain rapport, eagles coach doug pederson just texted me after his press conference. he said my guy is nick foles, end of story. now eagles return to work today and nick foles will speak to the media, we will have his thoughts at 5:00. that is all for sports i'm don bell have a great day. coming up in the next half an her of "eyewitness news" we will tell you how much gas prices have gone up in the last week alone and the northeast is especially hard hit. we will also have to gas up snow blower we will have latest heading our way and how it could impact tomorrow morning's rush. justin timberlake release aid new video with a big announcement we will tell you when his next album is dropping, as "eyewitness news" continues after 5:30.
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i'm rahel solomon. i'm jan carabao in for jim donovan, katie and meisha will be along in a moment but first here's what you need to know to start your day on this wednesday, january 3rd, 2018.
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we have a nor'easter that will be getting its act together in the next couple hours and then jetting to the north. >> officials across our region are bracing for worse and preparing for the best. and relentless and dangerous cold weather that has blanketing much of the nation, is being blamed for 12 deaths. 30-inch water main break in conshohocken. >> to give you an idea of the raging force of this water main rupture it was enough to snap a utility pole about 1,000 aqua pennsylvania customers continue to struggle with low water fresh another. >> no one won big mega millions pry, power ball stand at a whooping 440 million-dollar. let's shake it with our weather reporter standing out there in the frigid temperatures jack, how cold


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