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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 4, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EST

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snow at the shore? this is a live look along the boardwalk this morning, that is part of the area under a blizzard warning, right now, trang do will be their life and update us on conditions in just a moment. storm scan three showing enormous size of this nor'easter stretching the mid-atlantic into new england. while we are bracing for several inches of snow the snow is bringing something more dramatic behind it. further north now this is the scene along the garden state parkway near long branch monmouth county, plenty of snow on the road there.
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today is thursday, january 4th , 2018. good morning, i'm jan carabao. jim donovan is off today. i'm rahel solomon. we have school closings and delays, all philadelphia public and archdiocese schools are closed because of the storm. lets get to katie for latest on the forecast. there was a bit of change of the forecast. the track has shifted west. that would up the ant any a huge way. that is exactly what happened. it shifted a handful of miles but that is all it took for weather service having to issue blizzard warnings along the shoreline, now winter storm warnings, even for philadelphia and you had an advisory yesterday in philadelphia those extend all the way into the north and western suburbs and out toward lehigh valley and poconos. just a modest shift in this track made an actually busting our initial forecast thinking because you have to essentially double expectation for snowfall.
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we do still have snow coming down. it is coming down every where, locally at this point. hint of dry air trying to move in here so maybe things stalled in places likely high county but heaviest snow, certainly at shore, dark shade of purple, heavier snowfall. you will end up with the brunt of this from wind and snowfall totals at the shore. here are your current wind gusts you won't get these every where but we have them into the 20's and flirting with 40 miles an hour at dover and that is what you will expect to see for rest of the day. it will peak higher then that their the shore again because of the blizzard-like conditions we will see. here's our current snowfall map, is there a possibility we exceed 10 inches at the shore now as it appears with the way things are timing out. now we are still expecting three to 6 inches in the city, one to three is call further inland. this is a pretty substantial storm system which we knew but now it is affecting us more
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close to home. we were seeing problems at 4:00 a.m. and they are just keep trickling out there jackknife tractor trailer here hit a guardrail, is there injuries. ninety-five south at route 420 one lane blocked but as you squeeze by these accidents and there are plenty out there, give yourself a lot of room between you, the workers as well as the vehicle or vehicles involved, it is so slippery out there. what we don't want to happies compilation of vehicle after vehicle. we have a vehicle off the road as well, clover mill road at route 30 bypass. we have a double accident extent here swede land road and belmont at rock hill road. very slick conditions around there. another jackknife tractor trail they are one caught on fire 295 southbound closed pennsylvania route 48, new jersey turnpike at route 130 is your best bet and that is not it. we have speed restrictions
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coming up in ten minutes, jan, back over to you. we have chantee lans in delaware and pat gallen tracking very lateness philadelphia let's begin with "eyewitness news" reporter trang do. you are under a blizzard warning and we can see that. how is that? >> reporter: oh, yeah, being out here you can tell that we are under a blizzard warning because not only is it snowing but we're talking about blizzards is particular about the wind, and the wind is just , blowing this snow around the snow is very fine, you can barely see it. take a look here the snowplows have been going through here, up and down the atlantic city boardwalk but this is a huge mound of snow piling up on the side of the boardwalk. of course getting up here to atlantic city we took the
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expressway. we were able to see road conditions and they are in the great. there were a ton of snowplow oz the side of the road, waiting, to go through, once it gathered. it is slushy. we were taking up the whole road. no one else was on the road thank goodness. when we got here road were not much better. we see municipal trucks going through, outside casinos and we still are seeing cars, get stuck. even in a few inches a small layer of snow can cause trouble. you can hear some sirens in the background, but lots of workers out here, casino workers cleaning up, making sure that the sidewalks, stairs, streets are cleared for people but again if you can avoid being out here at the shore, i really would suggest you do that. i really wish i had chantee's snow goggles. we are live from the atlantic
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city boardwalk i'm trang do for "eyewitness news". >> back to you. one of those examples of do as i say, not as i do don't be on the there although you are. >> yes. >> seeing and hearing the wind picking up there. >> thank you. well, weather is forcing suspension of services on the cape may lewis ferry. they have been contending with build up of ice in the canal, along the delaware bay. they are concerned about possible high wind. they have warned there could be suspensions and delays even after today. lets go down to delaware now there may not be blizzard conditions there but there is a winter storm warning. >> chantee lans speaking of, live, we no longer have snow goggles, how is it out there. >> there should be a clue. it stopped snowing but the win , just before you came something happened. the wind twisted me forward. it is windy, and it feels like it is going through your skin.
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i'm at wawa. i want to show you the accumulation, kyle, come down, not too bad, grassy area, which i will go to next is the actual roadways. this is a route that people take to get to philadelphia cars have been coming by. we have been seeing plows coming through here. notice the road are completely , full blacktop they are still slick because it is still below freezing. right now. you will want to take it careful. what i will do is swing back around, there were more cars here. you can see folks out, pumping up and getting gas, and stuff. they are having fun in the snow there. but i talk to other drivers, most of them weren't feeling it but take a listen to a few. >> leaf blower just to do the sidewalks. it is not bad. not a huge challenge. it shouldn't be too rough.
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>> it is not too bad, just yet >> reporter: we were driving through wilmington down i-95. ninety-five had much less visibility. here not too bad. when you are on the road just take it easy, slow just because it may not be snow directly on the ground it can still be very slick. that is very latest life from new castle delaware chantee lans for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". little moisture can cause a headache on the roads. storm impacting air travel in a big way philadelphia international airport has already cancelled and called off 120 flights in and out of philadelphia if you are planning to head to the airport be sure to check with your airline for its flight status. we will have a live report at 5:45. well, we are used to the winter weather parts of the south are not. >> we will tell you what one area in florida is forced to do for students there, pat. good morning, guys.
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is this a pretty shot or what? not me city hall behind me we are live in south philadelphia now in center city we have moved up from south philadelphia and we are tracking the snow and this snow emergency route that is broad street we will have an update on what you need to know about that coming up in a couple minutes. ♪ >> cbs-3 mobile weather watcher, is by the esteemed jimmy spearing cbs-3 photo journalist. jimmy has been with channel three for 34 years. jimmy, our thanks to you. where is he south philadelphia , north philadelphia, i cannot tell. >> jimmy, jimmy, where are you >> hi, jimmy, where are you. >> i'm in moorestown, new jersey beautiful downtown. >> not philadelphia, but moorestown new jersey. >> pictures risk there. >> road looking wet there. jimmy, thank you. we will check with penndot
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when what he come back in two and a half
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welcome back, if you are just waking up and realizing you parked your car on the snow emergency route it may there been may in the there been when you walk outside
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this morning. >> isn't that the war? pat gallen is live where tow trucks will be relocate ago lot of cars, good morning, pat >> good morning, guys, yeah, we started off in south philadelphia a long south broad street and we have since moved further north and we are along one of those snow emergency routes where cars are being ticketed at lee and not yet being towed. we have in the seen any tell trucks out here just yet but o h, hi, tommy, thank you. tommy g just paving away here on south broad street. >> hey, hey. >> anyway, as we said cars are being ticketed and probably towed due to that snow emergency route being along broad street and other major roadways here in philadelphia. city has enforced it. it began at midnight. all parked cars must be moved from those snow emergency route so when moving your car city asks pretty please, parkas far away from the corner as you can because when plow trucks start to come out
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they need to make wide turns and vehicles parked too close to the corner got in the way of that. for more information on the snow emergency, you can find maps, routes at philadelphia, again philadelphia to find out more about the snow emergency route. we are on one of them right now. it is getting worse, road are becoming more slick, sidewalk, obviously is slick as you can see city hall behind me, wind definitely starting to pick up , that biting chill out here and snow coming down harder then it did an hour ago, when we started. now i know rahel i know that she hates the cold and snow because my guess is she probably has a blanket on her lap behind the desk. now jan are you a fan of the snow? i'm sure you would rather be out here then inside. >> i love elements so much, i would love to be in sub freezing temperatures with you >> yes. >> you if you would like.
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>> i drew the long stroll today. >> jan, i cannot see your face but i'm sure you have a smirk on it. >> as always, thank you patrick. >> patrick knows us so well. >> thanks, pat. >> so people in the south aren't used to this, right a rare blast of snow, ice hit parts of the florida, georgia, south carolina savanna, georgia has not seen snow in eight years. community centers in florida are asking for warm clothing, donations for children don't have them. >> 5:15. katie, you have been talking about this for quite sometime, and it shaped up differently. >> we knew that is wild card. it has thrown us a wild card because it has now moved inland, a little bit. all it took was that west ward track for it to just up the anti. now we're expecting substantial snow fall totals twice what we were originally expecting because of the way
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this is shifting through. looking at large scale version of this you have got very, nice enhance and organization and circulation. we have a lot of power as a result and is there wind, chill and snow to track right now. that snow is coming down heavily at the show we have got plenty of snow that is accumulated multiple inches and we will check on snow reports in the next half an hour thus far so we are looking at substantial totals. now, preface this future snow amount graphic with the fact that this is a computer model, this is beyond that we have seen so tallying it up according to the gfs model, this would actually end up as a foot worth of snow for parts of the southeast coastline maybe more than that. you could end up with over half foot in philadelphia, before it is all said and done but much of this depends where that cut off ends up as to whether we get up to that amount. important to note it is a
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model but something we are watching and at minimum you have to shovel away some snow from philadelphia south and east. early afternoon snow will continue to fall. we are stuck with the current conditions we are facing right now basically right through midday. the high totals go south jersey and delaware, 40 miles an hour gusts, plus, through the course of the day so that means a lot have blowing, drifting snow, that will reduce your visibility. that is why we have blizzard warning posted for shoreline. we also have wind chill alerts that take effect into friday morning. a warning for poconos, advisory almost every where else, we are talking about wind chills my friends for tail even of the week that bottom out to these levels as low as 20 to not 30 below zero through the lehigh valley but could feel as harsh as 20 below in the city. if you thought new years day was rough this is way worse and we think we will end up with record cold by then too. current wind speed they are
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harsh in the 20's and teens and as high as 35 miles an hour, in dover, delaware so that will blow and drift that snow around and reduce your visibility. gets colder in the wake of the storm the next few days, meisha. >> katie, thank very much. our morning commute i'm sure you can imagine starting off at 4:00 and until right now has only gotten worse. looking outside right now we see flashing lights a pol guys about the bumpy camera shot here but jackknife tractor trailer hit a guardrail. there are injuries. this is i-95 south at route 420, one lane blocked, take it very easy as you try to travel on by. another accident in media route one media bypass southbound at state road this is where a vehicle went in the ditch and there are injuries as well. this is where a vehicle went off the road clover mill road at route 30 bypass. we have another accident as well, lets see if i can get that to work. belmont avenue at rock hill road and then another tractor trailer accident jackknife
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tractor trail their actually caught on fire 295 southbound is closed, pennsylvania route 48, so you will to have use the new jersey turnpike or route 130 as your best alternate. plus we have got speed restrictionness play. these aren't only places but these are bridges, ben franklin bridge, walt whitman bridge, betsy ross and commodore barry we are down to 35 miles an hour. by the way if i were you because it is so slippery out here why we are having all these problems with the spin out crashes, crashes that are going off in the ditches, it is all very, very slippery. bridges, bridge decks side streets, they can always be the most slick of them all so just take it easy. take it slower then 35. and speaking of which lets get an update on penndot's efforts to keep up with the storm, ann williams with me on the phone, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, how are you. >> i'm doing good. not so much for our commuters this morning. this is first big snowstorm of
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the new year, what we are seeing already like i was just saying, accident after accident. so what have you been doing to prepare since last night. >> we have been tracking this storm for a few days and we have been out since early this morning. as of yet there were anti icing and salt being sprayed on the expressway to help prevent the initial snow from sticking, but it is still cold , cold temperatures. it will be unfavorable this morning unfortunately there is nothing really to do to kind of help with the unfavorable ness of the commute unfortunately with the timing of the storm. there are trucks out but they have been trying to help prevent the initial snow from sticking and throughout the morning and day those trucks will continue to be out and before the actual times to begin with the accumulation of the snow, the plow will be continuing to put salt brine on the road. >> thanks so much for hard work you're doing and stay safe, we will catch up later. rahel and jan, back over to
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you. meisha, thank you. new for newspaper headlines across the region. >> mercury pottstown fire fighters battled flames and frostbite while putting out a house fire one eighth street. fire started in the basement and quickly spread to the first floor there. ongoing home renovations as well as cold weather proved to be a challenge for fire fighters, fortunately in one was hurt. delaware county daily times state department shuts down all work on sunoco pipeline, violations in multiple counties prompted the move. dep is demanding all problems are resolved. in the trentonian new jersey governor elect phil murphy labels new jersey transit a national disgrace, transportation experts say many of the problems including a poor safety record and reliability issues stem directly or indirectly from a lack of funding. fixing the system will be one of the murphy's top priorities when he has over in two weeks. >> that is newspaper headlines from around the delaware
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valley. we will be right back.
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president trump is fewer why is over comment attributed to his chief strategies steve ban on. remarks surfaced in excerpt from his a new book n book ban on reportedly said that the president does not understand the weight of his position among other things. lawyer for president is threatening legal action against steve ban on, meantime president trump released a statement saying among other things ban on quote lost his mind after being pushed out of the white house. in other news today there is still hope that the power ball jackpot is now $550 million after in one hit it last night. here were winning numbers, indication that some of them, two, 18, 37, 39, 42 and power ball was 12. non-jackpot prize is a cross the u.s. totaled 30 million-dollar. next power ball drawing is saturday. meantime mega millions jackpot has green to 418
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million-dollar, next drawing for that lottery is tomorrow night. turning to sports now sixers have now four of the last five games. >> they beat spurs team that rested manu, leonard, tony parker and danny green. joel embiid was doubtful with a sprain wrist until 30 minutes before the game but then was good to go. third quarter sixers up ten points. sixers to embiid to the alley hoop. joe joe put in for 21 points, 11 rebounds and a swollen hand ben simmons had 26 points, sixers did win 112-106 and break a 12 game losing streak to the spurs. embiid said he made sure he was in the line up, and brett brown says joel embiid is a tough player. >> it happened quick. it was completely unexpect. i give him a lot of credit for playing through complete pain and trying to play in front of the philadelphia fans and help his teammates. that is a gutsy effort. >> defensive coordinator jim
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schwartz has plans for eagles weekend off espn report ago this schwartz will interview for new york giants head coaching job. bird are off until week from saturday when they will play lowest seed remaining in the playoffs. our cbs-3 storm watch coverage continues in the next half an hour on "eyewitness news", trang do? the jersey shore under a blizzard watch i'm trang do live from the atlantic city boardwalk with a look at the brutal conditions. cbs-3 mobile weather watcher is out checking the road right now you are on board with photo journalist jim spearing on route 130 south in collinswood, meisha has latest on the road conditions when we come back.
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good morning i'm rahel solomon. i'm jan carabao in for jim donovan. here's what you need to know to start your day to day thursday, january 4th, 2018. >> being out here you can tell we are under a blizzard warning. >> the wind is just blowing all of the snow around, and. >> the snow stopped and then it is going but wind is making it feel so cold. >> chantee you should know everybody in the studio is very impressed with your goggles, shout out


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