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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  January 4, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EST

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good morning i'm rahel solomon. i'm jan carabao in for jim donovan. here's what you need to know to start your day to day thursday, january 4th, 2018. >> being out here you can tell we are under a blizzard warning. >> the wind is just blowing all of the snow around, and. >> the snow stopped and then it is going but wind is making it feel so cold. >> chantee you should know everybody in the studio is very impressed with your goggles, shout out to kyle
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hall. >> reporter: thank you. >> we are live on broad street in south philadelphia they are starting to ticket people and that means, your car will be towed if you are along that snow emergency route. >> this is our expectation up to 10 inches now essentially doubling the total we had this same time yesterday, the tracks did move west ward. >> it will be very difficult to keep the road clear. >> are you concerned about the morning commute tomorrow. >> absolutely, yes. >> i won't be driving in it. >> pennsylvania man turns his lawn mower in the snow plow with a empty tv that is certainly one way to do it. >> franklin county, pennsylvania came up with that creative way to clear snow from his lawn. >> his fiance captured it and
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posted it to facebook where it has been seen millions of times. you have to be creative when snow comes out. when we were kid, don't laugh but we would use top of trash bins for sled. we didn't have any sled. >> why not. >> that is a brilliant idea, greased up cookie sheet, flying down the hill. >> you are welcome, kid. >> now, we have a need to get create turf clean up the snow that we're expecting now. i just saw morning minute, thins have change if you have not check in since yesterday, track has now moved further inland and that does mean that more of us will see some substantial snow. we will look at current alerts in place here you have got not just blizzard warnings, even our own shoreline but winter storm warning extending into philadelphia and winter weather advisories further inland then yesterday you didn't have winter weather advisory in philadelphia which is lower even of the winter alert pole here if you will. things have shifted, with this
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wild card that the storm track decided to throw our way. we have heavier snow coming down with this very large massive storm, and also a very intense one no less but heaviest snow is falling in place he like southeast burlington, atlantic county, parts of the ocean county and that means you will hit sweet spot for snowfall totals. this is a model we use to make our forecast and it is important to note thinks one of the several models but i like the way thinks initial icing. it is possible that we will end up with a half foot in philadelphia, as much as a 11 inches out near atlantic city or between six to ten locally higher amount. so that is the story further to the coastline the more snow you'll sianni less further north and west you travel. chantee mentioned how cold it feels, wind chill alerts take effect as of friday morning with wind chill warnings in the poconos and advisory almost every where else.
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how does it currently feel? not great with blowing, drifting snow, poor visibility and poor travel with the snow you have to get through to make your destination, on top of these wind chills? if you are able to maybe just work from home i would advice it because you will just get slowed down anyway and it is pretty rough out there, meisha i'm sure you have a lot to cover. >> yes, ever since 4:00 this morning it has been accident after accident after accident and actually people are tweet ing saying they are staying home, like katie said, great idea because if you have to head out here in many spots not only will you may be likely pass an accident or spin off vehicle but it is no matter where you get very slick. jackknife tractor trailer here this is where a tractor trailer hit a guardrail injuries involve 95 south. two lanes block here. it was one. now two. you will be squeezing by, take it very slow through those
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area. another jackknife tractor trailer here 295 southbound closed pennsylvania lieutenant 48, new jersey turnpike route 130 is your best bet. another accident in media where vehicle went in the ditch with accidents or injuries rather route one media bypass southbound at state road and more to come in the next ten minutes, rahel and jan, back over to you. breaking news just into "eyewitness news" philadelphia fire fighters are battling a two alarm house fire in queen village. fire broke out a short time ago on the 100 block of pemberton street. there are in reports of injuries but we are told that the fire was just placed under control. we will continue to machine for the situation and bring you more information when it becomes available to us. as we have been reporting all morning long a powerful nor'easter is moving through our region bringing this years first significant snowfall. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live in atlantic city where a blizzard warning is in effect. you keep getting more snow covered each and every time we see you, good morning. >> reporter: yes, i feel like
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a snow woman. we have been seeing snow on and off overnight but let me tell you right now the snow is on. you can see why we are under a blizzard warning here at new jersey shore. i realize being here the boardwalk because you can see all of the lights, new ferris wheel, right. see how difficult it is despite all these lights on there how difficult it is to see it, in the visibility here with that with the difficult visibility and wind blowing the snow every where driving conditions are extremely difficult. we experienced that. take a look at this video driving up ac expressway in order to get here road are covered with slush, so difficult, for these crews, to keep up with the amounts of snow that is continuing to come down, we saw a number of cars get stuck when we were driving through atlantic city toy get here through the boardwalk. able to talk to those drivers, take a listen to what these days had to say about the road conditions.
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>> up and down, wheres and wheres trucks coming making piles on the street and everything more horrible. >> now that we are dunn here but it is kind of bad out here >> tell me about the road. >> i was flying all over the place. >> reporter: we are taking a look at this lamp over the boardwalk. you can see under the light how fast this snow is blowing, it is just really good indication of what we're seeing dunn here and because of these conditions fortunately here in atlantic city schools are closed. waking up, wondering you can keep your kid at home and please do that. for new war live from the atlantic city boardwalk i'm trang did for "eyewitness news",. >> trang did inn trip pid snow woman. >> yes, definitely seed road conditions out there in atlantic city. live look at cove beach in cape may that has been especially heart hit. you can see win whipping snow around in this shot, live shot there you can see how hard too
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, whipping back and forth. >> brutal conditions out there we have been in delaware all morning long as well keeping an eye on the snow conditions there. >> our own chantee lans is live in new castle where winter storm warning is in effect. chantee goggles are back on what does that mean. >> that means the snow pick up , and, looking at that. snow pick backup, it is windy still bone chilling cold. people are at this gas station really full, they are up, awake, people i spoke to some of them are okay. they are saying in big deal. others want no parts of it. one guy from north caroline's was like i had to come up here from work, terrible. kyle will swing around over here i will show you the accumulation maybe one or 2 inches, nothing too crazy here, light fluffy stuff.
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>> no audio. >> what do you think of the snow. >> i don't like it. >> tell me why not. >> i just don't like driving in it, working in it, i just don't like it, period. >> i love snow but i just don't like to be tonight. i like to look at it from inside my home. >> sometimes it gets cold and freezes up our technology. >> that was chantee lans in new castle. in fill we are dealing with the coating of snow at this hour. >> pat gallen live outside art museum, how is it looking out there, too snow toy run rocky steps, what do you think. >> very excited for you guys who are warm in that studio, it looks lovely, second very excited that i get to work with my friend tommy g, who actually brought this, i hope to get to use this later on here at art museum that is a
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sled. i will hold on. wins are whipping. that is third thing i'm excited about is win at art museum. take a look, i will move of the way, beautiful sight, except for right now because it has gotten crazy out here, snow is falling a lot heavier then it was previously. what we did was we started the day around 4:00 a.m. in south philadelphia along south broad street which happens to be a snow emergency route. we moved ourselves up broad street and then we got off of that came up here to the art museum where we are currently are new which again as i say beautiful in any weather and if i let this go, there you go , thank you, sir, would just blow away. as we are live outside art museum. reason we came here not only is it so beautiful but on most mornings ale see people no matter conditions working out. there are some crazy people in the city of philadelphia we certainly expect to see that.
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since we have not seen anyone just yet we invite to you come down here, work out with me, get warm but in the as warm as rahel, jan, katie and meisha are back in the studio. they are so cozy, they have not chocolate and coffee. >> we do, pat, maybe we do. >> but i just got to ask you something, you are saying people come out there you will work out with them because last i heard you were sore from your yoga work out yesterday. >> yes that was a pretty good work out, still sore but yeah if any within wants to come out, hang out i necessity this for i fact i was going to say this you mentioned behind the scenes here you really missing out and being in the elements because you are an anchor now. >> she didn't say that. >> consider our conversations off camera, done, we're not talking. >> off the record for a reason , pat gallen, learn it,
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live it, okay. enjoy the snow. >> well, coming up we will show thousand storm is impacting our neighbors up north. >> we will see how flights are doing this morning as much of thee coast gets battered by this snow, katie. >> it does indeed and it is not just snow, wind or even cold now we have to deal with the possibility of some tidal flooding we will talk about that and give you latest updates how much has fallen so far but first your cure auto insurance travel forecast.
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back on "eyewitness news" people are preparing for more than a foot of pounder in some parts of the new england. they grab shovels and loaded salt ahead of today's expected blizzard there. some areas could see up to 16 inches. >> this is a live look at
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route 47 in deptford, cbs-3 mobile weather watchers checking road with the photo journalist jim sparing, our thanks to you looking at new sharon volunteer fire company number one. >> every where kind of the same, snowy, messy on the road , a lot to deal with today >> slick potentially. >> lets get the latest on our forecast. >> katie has her eye on the storm track but lets start with matt peterson gathering fresh date a matt we have reporters all across the region but what are weather watchers seeing. >> weather watchers have snow as well, we are seeing anything from a half inch or so in some peoples backyard up to an inch as well. lets check with our weather watchers they are up early telling us what is going on, fran in nottingham has half inch of snow. glasgow, delaware john has an inch, three-quarters from phil in the philadelphia area chalfont, and mart which three-quarters of an inch, bill in cardington up to an inch of snow. cherry hill, lynn's house half
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inch of snow, for john in mullica, new jersey and back down toward cherry hill jenny has half inch in her back yard overall we are seeing these snow amounts creep up, southern delaware is still bull's eye area quick look at storm scan see you can see what we will call the eye of offer nor'easter but center on have that circulation off the coast, with heavier bans working their way in to new jersey and back down into southern delaware as well, katie so we are seeing that banding set up and that means higher amounts could be on the way. >> absolutely. just that minor shift of the track we have seen take place that means we will end up with essentially double figure we were anticipate ago cross these area. but on top of all of those amounts comes the how long wind. why do you have so much win with a storm like this as thesisobars get closer together the wind is a wind continue well this really tight pressure gradient. even though the storm will
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with time pull away we are stuck with a harsh wind right through the next couple of days let alone hours. so this is going to leave a very lasting impression for a variety of reason. looking at win gusts we need a wind gust that is frequent or sustain wind at 35 miles an hour or greater to classify, one of the criteria need to be met for blizzard conditions. we have blizzard warnings up and down jersey shoreline and delaware. as a result of all this flooding is another concern. next high tide coming between nine to 9:30 give or take depending on location but you could even up with minor tidal flooding on top of everything. that is something else we will need to keep a close watch on. coastal flood advisory posted from 8:00 to 2:00 p.m. for those coastal communities. here's are other winter alerts into place. you didn't even have a winter weather advisory yesterday. now up great todd a winter storm warning since that track decided it would move a
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handfull of miles inland and blizzard warnings, as we mentioned in that red zone. it is definitely upped anti for our expectation here. three to 6 inches around philadelphia, but you could see up to ten locally more, down near thorough shows points in the blizzard warnings. then comes the cold, wind will be persistent through this time frame but for friday, saturday we are not going to break out of the teens and with the vicious wind chill that comes with this it may feel in better than zero if lucky for most of that entire time frame, meisha. >> katie, thanks very much. i got to tell you this snow is causing a headache for everyone hitting the roadways basically. we have accident after accident. we have been talking about that all morning long. we still have this jackknife tractor trailer out there hit a guardrail this is involving injuries at 95 south at 420. two lanes blocked here and getting busy, see headlights traveling by take it very easy traveling on by there. plus another jackknife tractor
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trailer caught on fire 295 southbound closed past route 48, so you have to use new jersey turnpike or route 130 that is your best alternate. then we have another accident here township line road is closed at butler pike. use an alternate here as well. stenton avenue will be your best bet, and lots of these accidents where we have spin outs or vehicles that went in the ditch like this one in media route one media bypass southbound this one vehicle in the ditch and this one has reported injuries, as well. speed restrictionness play, ben, betsy ross commodore barry bridge, walt whitman you are down to 25 miles an hour. we have speed restrictions, would i say go slower then what is posted, also 495, 55 miles an hour, take it slower then. that new jersey turnpike, garden state parkway, a. c expressway, down to 45 or 35 e s. then quick peak out of the delaware county slick conditions, lots of snow out
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there and speaking of that snow that will wreak havoc not only traveling by gun but by flight as well, cancellations are piling up at airport so lets check with diana jarvis from philadelphia international airport. good morning, diana. >> good morning meisha, how are you. >> i'm doing good. >> we're hearing there is more than 100 reported cancellations, is that right. >> yes, that is correct. actually the airlines as early as yesterday started to cancel flights for today. so in a way that was a good thing because at least it alerted anybody booked to fly not to come to the airport and it gave the opportunity for the airlines to rebook these folks on other flights. that is correct. we have a good possibility that these cancellation numbers could even climb more as the day progresses and
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weather conditions, deteriorate. it is important that if you are scheduled to fly today, please keep in touch with your car year, and make sure that you check your flight status, and so before you come to the airport. >> i just to have ask i have a flight out tomorrow, so, what are chances of having it rectified for everybody who is push through tomorrow. >> again, you would have to make sure you keep in touch with your car year. airlines rebun from these situations fairly quickly but it is really difficult to tell at this point what if your flight is going to be operating tomorrow. so again make sure you keep in touch with your car year to check on that flight status. >> all right, diana, thank you so much. thanks so much. for all of you at home, we have plenty more coming up in the next te
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mobile weather watcher behind the wheel is jimmy spearing. hey jimmy, where are you? >> i'm in sewell, new jersey which is my home town. i don't know if you can see winds whipping around. might as well just go back to bed. >> we were wondering how you ended up in your hometown, jimmy. >> i'm heading down toward the shore, vineland and show you little towns going down 47. >> in the last half an hour the road really got bad they are covered and getting icy. >> all right, jimmy, thank you , be safe out there. >> we will check back in the 6:00 o'clock hour. >> talk to you later. >> we are not only won dealing with snow. >> chicago brookfield zoo are making best of it, zoo officials used zoos old christmas trees to give them something to play with in the snow. how about this, they seemed tone joy activity and so did b
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ison, other animals. brookfield zoo is in the suburb of the chicago. >> that is one thing to do with it. >> they are loving life. >> polar bears in the snow. >> all perspective, gloss half full, glass half empty. >> coming up on "eyewitness news" our live team three coverage of the winter storm continues. >> live picture from cape may and snow and winds kicking up at this hour, katie times out storm and meisha checks the road when we come right back.
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blizzard warning is in effect right now for jersey shore. take a look at the left side of the screen with snow and whipping wind of the atlantic city boardwalk. this storm is packing a punch along the east coast too but not just snow causing concern but plumetting temperatures and gusting wind. it is thursday january 4th i'm jan carabao in for jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. all philadelphia public and archdiocese schools are closed to day because of the storm and there are hundreds of other school chase and closing at the bottom of the screen or at cbs very busy day for katie and meisha helping us get out the door this morning. >> good morning, ladies. if you are heading out the door you have to pack your patients. we have had accident after accident, all morning long, it is not just affecting commuters on the roadways but over hdr


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