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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 4, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, january 4th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." a massive winter storm explodes in force overnight bombarding the east coast with heavy snow and ice. wind gusts could reach 70 miles an hour. blizzard warnings stretch from north carolina to maine. our correspondents are up and down the coast with the latest conditions. president trump threatens to sue steve bannon after his former chief strategist talks about treason. hollywood stars promise to flood the red carpet at the sunday's golden globes with a
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c sea of black to campaign against sexual harassment. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> the snow is blowing sideways. >> very heavy snow. very dangerous driving. >> it's not going to get better. it's going to get worse. >> a powerful storm rips into the east coast. >> it's part of dangerous weather system that brought rare icy conditions to the south. >> i've never seen anything like this. this is crazy. >> across the country, thousands of flights have been canceled. >> travel will be difficult and dangerous. >> war of words between president trump and his former chief strategist. >> bannon accusing the president's son of treasonous behavior. >> trump responding by saying
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bannon has lost his mind. >> not even through the first of the year and there's so much chaos. >> he didn't hold back when president trump tweeted about north korea. >> this is dangerous to continue former campaign of child play. manager sued him over the russian investigation. >> all that -- >> curry for the win. >> -- and all that matters. >> a bizarre bonnie & clyde type of commute. >> crashes and then kiss. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> a bomb cyclone is what they're calling it. why do they make it sound like the east coast is about to get hit with a delicious dessert from dairy queen? >> schools were closed, thousands of flights were canceled. alligators were like, what the
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-- >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm norah o'donnell with jeff glor and alex wagner. gayle king is off. big weather day today. >> big weather day. >> tens of millions on the east coast are being pummeled by a winter storm that's being called a bomb cyclone. a powerful system with snow, ice, and lashing winds could bring more than a foot of snow to the northeast. you can see snow falling right now in atlantic city, new jersey. boston could get up to 17 inches and portland, maine, up to 11. >> red highlights show how blizzard warnings stretch from north carolina to maine. wind gusts of up to 70 miles an hour are predicted in some spots. >> our kronltd correspondents ae
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thick of the storm from georgia to massachusetts. we begin with omar villafranca in norfolk, virginia, where the snow is coming down hard. omar, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the city of norfolk is under a blizzard warning, and they haven't had one of these since the 1980s. the city is essentially shut down. city services, schools, even public transportation is all closed today. now, ahead of the storm, the governor of virginia declared a state of emergency overnight on interstate 264. cars became stuck in the snow. the virginia department of transportation has more than 1,500 workers and 1, 400 pieces of equipment work 1g 2-hour shifts, responding to the storm. now, high winds are another major concern. bridges are in a state of freezing. and the chesapeake area has over 90 of them. all have been sprayed with brian to keep them from becoming
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sheets of's. the government of the state of maryland has declared a state of emergency for three lower counties. some areas there could see over a foot of snow. at last check of dominion energy, 36 million people are without power because of the storm. that's going to be an issue because temperatures are only expected to get to 32 degrees. if they're lucky, 33 degrees. jeff? >> omar, thank you very much. over 8 inches could fall in new york city. classes are canceled for more than a million public school students. this massive storm is slamming the mid-atlantic states right now. tony dokoupil is in cape may. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, if you want to call it good. it is cold. it's been snowing for hours. they say wind gusts of 30 miles an hour. i can tell you standing here on the beach it feels much stronger than that. did i mention it's cold. about 150 feet out there is
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delaware bay. it is actually frozen over. you can walk on it. that is how thick the ice is. there's supposed to be a ferry out there. it hasn't run for a couple of days. they're not sure when it's going to run again. and in new york city, they've got about 8 inches expected, starting with the morning rush. worst time possible, right? 1,500 plows trying to make the city passable. they're working across all five b boroughs. even when the snow is gone, the eastern seaboard is going to be struggling with temperatures struggling to make it into the single digits. it's going to be a very long morning and could be a very long week. norah, back to you. >> tony, thank you so muching. >> tough weather conditions out there. our chief meteorologist lonnie quinn has more on where the weather is headed. good morning. >> good morning. whenever you see a storm showing this common shape, classic
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nor'easter brewing. it's the bright blue color around atlantic city showing the highest snowfall rate coming down. how much snow are we going to pick up? washington, d.c., in the 2- to 4-inch range, could be more. new york city, 12 inches. boston, potentially a foot to a foot and a half. portions of maine, could be more than a foot and a half of snow. there could be big winds. that's why you have blizzard conditions. visibility lis than a quarter of a mile. blizzards are possible out there anywhere from north carolina all up into maine. and where you see this orange color around norfolk, virginia, those are winds 60 miles an hour. that's up and down the new england sea coast and long island. if you can't heat your home, how do you stay warm.
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alex? >> thanks. the southeast faces dangerous conditions even after the storm moved on. roads are coated in ice after freezing cold overnight. drivers are urged to avoid unnecessary travel. manuel bojorquez is in savannah, georgia, where the temperatures are stuck below freezing. manuel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're at the foot of this bridge which is shut down due to ice as are many other bridges and overpasses like this one right here. it is hard to walk on these streets, let alone drive. many haven't been treated because they don't have the resources here. it is so cold that an amtrak train part tracks because the controls froze. >> stay home. stay off the roadway at all
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costs. >> reporter: more than 5 inches of snow were recorded in charleston, making it the city's third snowiest day on record. >> everyone is completely freaking out. as you can see, the town is shut down. >> reporter: more than an inch of snow blanketed savannah. on the city streets, police helped get traffic moving and back in the right direction. >> this is crazy. >> reporter: raven knight said she's never experienced anything like this. >> i really don't know how to drive on a road like this in this type of weather. >> this is the scene at our house. >> reporter: a rare sight in tallahassee, florida, where the city saw its first snowfall in 28 years. >> the last time i saw snow was about -- a long time ago. >> reporter: and so the concern now going forward is the wind and ice could lead to more power outage. in georgia alone, more than 9,000 people are without power right now. temperatures are expected to crawl into the 40s, but they will remain below average for a large part of the southeast
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through the weekend. jeff. >> all right, manny, thanks. more than 2,900 flights are canceled today as this winter storm bears north. the severe weather is hampering airports up and down the east coast. kris van cleave is monitoring travel conditions from reagan national airport outside washington. kris. >> reporter: well, good morning. here in the d.c. area, at least 254 flights or so have been canceled already. look at the boards. you can see in charleston, south carolina, there are a lot of cancellations and delays. philadelphia has canceled at least 250 flights. in the new york city area, more than 1,700 flights going through new york's three busiest airports have been grounded. newark is seeing the bulk of the cancellations up there so far. but we expect boston logan,
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hartford, and providence airports to see the most. boston alone, 680 flights alone are canceled so far. we expect that to climb. nationwide, american airlines and delta combined have told us they've canceled more than a thousand flights today, already cancel more for tomorrow. the airlines have waiver programs in place so you can travel when the weather's better. the airmens hopes to resume service as the weather improves. as the weather improves, the flights will continue. >> it's only going to get worse as the day moves on. in boston harbor, they're seeing some of the heaviest snow. think of it, blizzards in north carolina and south carolina. the only thing colder than the weather on the east coast is the relationship between president trump and his former chief strategist bannon.
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the president's law sernlt a cease and desist order to bannon overnight threatening imminent legal achlkts the letter accuses bannon of making defamatory comments about president trump and his family in a tell-all book. the white house administration is furious and disgusted. bannon accuses trump junior of treason. and he says, quote, it goes right through paul manafort, donald trump, and jared kushner. chip reid is at the white house with more revelations from the book. chip, what a morning. good morning. >> you bet. this bombshell book by author michael wolff has caused a dramatic split between president trump and man who used to be one of his closest political allies. the president said bannon only pretends to have influence to fool a few people with no access
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or clue. calling the move treasonous, they say they thought it was a good idea to meet with the foreign government inside trump tower with no lawyers. >> that's a ridiculous accusation. >> reporter: white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders fired back. >> it's a total and complete farce. russian collusion is a farce. >> if anybody's been inconsistent, it's been here >> the passing goes through them, adding they're going to crack don junior like an egg on national tv. >> steve's been a frochbd my for a long time. i like steve a lot. >> that friendship seems to have faded. at one point president trump
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fired back, he has nothing to do with me or my presidency. when he was fired, not only did he loose his job but he's lost his mind. bannon took to the radio for an interview. >> i support him day in and day out. >> the book paints an unflattering portrait of the president. he said he didn't want to win the election and assured his wife melania it wouldn't happen. his son told a friend he looked as if he had seen a ghost. melania was full of tears and not of joy. it was said he was no more than semiliterate and quick to lash out. katy walsh said it was like trying to figure out what a child wants. he alleges
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wolf had significant interactions and the cbs white house team has seen him frequently. a lot of people are wondering how in the world this happened under this happened. the white house staff will no longer be able to use their personal phones in the west wing. norah? >> all right. thank you. cbs news correspondent and white house correspondent and host of "face the nation" john dickerson. let's start with that news. a crackdown inside the white house led by chief of staff john kelly as the press secretary putting out a statement that the security and integrity of the technology system at the white house is paramount. no more personal devices for anybody, guests or staff. >> well, it is like sort of closing the barn door after the
7:16 am
horse is out of the barn. the book is out. sort of pre-john kelly white house will be a source of discussion for weeks, and also, you know, you can try to crack down. anybody with teenagers knows this. you can try to crack down, but people who want to speak will find ways to speak. why will they want to speak? because in a white house that is having trouble functioning -- and lots of white houses do, but this one has a particular charge, when they feel shut out and disgruntled, they seek a way to get the information out into the world. they don't have do it with digital means. >> there are a lot of gossipy and salacious details in this book. >> that's exactly the right question. there's going to be a lot of back and forth on a lot of tiny little details, but the big picture here is a picture of a white house that is chaotic, of
7:17 am
a president whose impulses entail a lot of front stabbing, back stabbing. they sate was a well oiled machine and everyone was saying things are working perfectly. then we see in the reaction from the book by the president and his staff the kind of over-the-top statements that sort of affirm the underlying story. and there's a context here. this is not the first time people have reported about chaos inside the white house. so it comes in that larger context. so while you say there are a lot of salacious details, the thing to look back at, this is the same office that ronald rang harksd fdr had, and has had episodes that are out of keeping with the other things at the white house. >> how much has it changed pre-kelly versus post-john kelly? >> that's exactly right. clearly john kelly has established some order. lots and lots of people have been fired or let go or pushed
7:18 am
out including steve bannon. there's more ship-shape going on. how much does he operate on his own timetable which nobody can control. we saw recently the president give an interview to "the new york times" that his staff didn't know about. so while there is more organization, there is still the person at the encentse center o helped him get elected but it also caused these problems. >> john, do youly are practical implications as far as the investigation goes. steve bannon quotes that some of what the top aides did was tr s treasono treasonous. >> it's not good for the president because he's spent so much time trying to undermine the investigation. here you have steve bannon saying somebody who had dirt from the russian government was treasonous. it gives validation to what the
7:19 am
president and others were trying to undermine. he's got lots of interviews going on with people in the room. i don't think this book really affects that. he's working on his own timetable. >> thank you so much. the president taunted north korea's leader by claiming he had a bigger and more nuclear power button, but it actually takes more than a button to launch an atachlkt ahead, the look at the nuclear
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ahead, three things you should know good morning, i'm rahel solomon. i'm jan carabao, jersey shore is getting hit with snow right now. >> lets get to "eyewitness news" report trang do in atlantic city where a blizzard warning is in effect, good morning. >> good morning, i wish i i cold tell you it is getting better but it is not. you can see judge why we are in the blizzard warning down here just look at this total white out conditions, here on the atlantic city boardwalk. the winds just absolutely whipping here, and it is just conditions have gotten worse and worse throughout the morning, and we have forecast ted that the war of it is right now during morning rush. here on the boardwalk not a lot of traffic, we have been seeing, a ton of, plow drivers coming through here trying to
7:27 am
clear this but it is just really a difficult job, here as we see this snow here is falling down at such a fast rate. for now we are live from the atlantic city boardwalk i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" very visibility so poor there. >> lets send it over to katie. when do you think it will move out. >> it will take until midday but even if the snow is not technically falling from the sky we have blizzard warning until 7:00 p.m. because it is all about, whether it is blowing and drifting, and continues, and also about the wind speed. it is criteria definition that must be met in order for blizzard conditions to continue. storm will be gone and we will be stuck with harsh winds. here it is still bringing in very persistent and intense snowfall bands right over trang do's live shot. further inland it is lighter. we will see a sharp cut off with this but we do still have winter storm warnings posted along i-95. i did a quick check on the cbs-3 sky deck we have half
7:28 am
inch so far so it is much lighter totals but we are hearing, of places that got half foot, already, now, behind all of this, harsh, harsh, cold meisha, we will settle in for next few days. >> yes, so i guess only good thing, katie, only good thing is we are in the seeing as many vehicles on the roadway but if you do get out there that is where bad news is, as well because then we are seeing accident after accident ninety-five north before columbus boulevard this is where we have 12 left lanes blocked there. we have another accident with injuries 39 southbound before paper mill road that is clearing out of the way and another accident new jersey turnpike southbound pennsylvania 195 left lane, rahel and jan over to you. we will have another update at 7:55. i'm rahel solomon. >> get more information at cbs i'm jan
7:29 am
7:30 am
even palm trees are being battered by snow this morning. here's a look from ocean city, maryland, where blizzard conditions are slamming the beach. let it snow, let it snow is not what they're saying this morning. welcome back to "cbs this morning." here are three things you should know this morning. the monster snowstorm pummeling tens of millions of americans has shut down offices in three states. officials in massachusetts, rhode island, and connecticut are telling nonemergency government employees to stay home today. federal offices in washington will be opened after a two-hour delay. president trump plans to meet with senate republicans today to discuss daca, the children brought into the u.s. illegally as children. it's part of a budget deal to
7:31 am
fund the government. gop leaders insist on dealing with immigration issues separately. congress must pass a spending bill by january 19th to avoid a government shutdown. and tobacco giant phillip morris says its new year's resolution is to give up cigarettes. the owner of marlboros and other well known brands ran ads in british newspapers. philip morris wants to replace tobacco products with e-cigarettes and heated tobacco. millions of people are dealing with dangerous wind, ice, and snow. this morning the brunt of the storm will hit eastern massachusetts this afternoon. parts of boston could see more than a foot of snow today with up to 3 inches falling an hour. don dahler is at boston harbor where temperatures are freezing the water. good morning very good morning. the snow has just begun in the boston area, but we've already
7:32 am
seen some amazing things. this is the "uss constitution," the oldest ship in the nation. she's completely encased in ice more than 4 inches thick in some areas. that's been a real problem in some arias. in fact, they had to suspend the commuter ferry system of about 5 5,200 commuter because of the ice. and there was a ferry dock pushed up in the air because of the ice forming underneath it. coastal flooding is also a major concern. high waves might be throwing ice as projectiles, causing a lot of concern. of course, people in this kind of a situation, if there's a weather system also venture out there. yesterday there were surfers out there explored slushy waves.
7:33 am
he did ask people to get off the roads. they want to clear these with the plows and the salt trucks. so there's 500 miles of streets in the boston area, and they want to make sure those are safe for everybody. but, of course, the biggest concern is the wind. they're expecting anywhere between 25 and 65, maybe 75-mile-per-hour winds along the coast and the cape. that, of course, raises the specter of power outages, and with temperatures plunging to zero degrees, the real concern is heating their homes in this area. alex. >> don, thanks. i can say with confidence, aisle never be one of those surfers. the baltimore school system is calling for closings for the rest of the week because there's no heat in the classrooms. schools are closed today. social media shows the students bundled up in winter coats and gloves in class. some say it was so cold they
7:34 am
kept their children home this week. >> it's unbelievable. there are icicles in the classroom. the water jogs are filled with ice. it's inhumane. >> pipes burst filling classrooms with water. temperatures inside dropped as low as 42 degrees. the superintendent said at least six schools have been impacted by the cold. >> if you go out in the hallway, you can see your breath. >> reporter: baltimore city schools are doing their best to keep the buildings as warm as possible, but many of the heating systems just can't keep up. we'll continue to track the storm as it moves up the east coast. this is a look at scituate, massachusetts, as snow is falling fast. president trump this morning tweet thad new talks between north and south korea are a good thing and suggested his stance against north korea made it possible. this week president trump tweeted his nuclear button is much bigger and more powerful
7:35 am
than kim jong-un's. for "60 minutes," david martin visited the military command cent center. he's at the pentagon with what must happen before a nuclear conflict erupts between the u.s. and north korea. >> it's much more complicated than pushing a button. but president trump's tweet that his button is bigger and more powerful than kim jong-un's is not an empty boast. this submarine can carry more nuclear warheads than king jong-un has in his entire arsenal. >> the warheads that can be carried on my missile are extremely competent. >> compared to the bomb that leveled hiroshima. >> much more powerful. >> reporter: freck and his crew
7:36 am
are at the tip of a chain of command which leads all the way back to the president which is never far from a briefcase called the foochblt inside are the codes needed to order the launch of the nuclear weapons. the older would go to the commander of the u.s. strategic command. >> who in the united states government has the authority to order the use of the nuclear weapons? >> only the president of the united states. >> does congress have to approve? >> no, congress does not have to approve. >> so these really are the president's own weapons. >> it's the nation's weapons with the president's authority, yes. >> he's now retired. last year he told a conference he would not carry out an order if it's unnecessary. >> i'm going to say, mr. president, it's not league and he's going to say, what's legal
7:37 am
and he'll come up with a policy. that's the way it works. >> there are only extreme circumstances such as a nuclear attack on the u.s. last year tom boyd told "60 minutes" that kim jong-un has more work to do before he has a weapon that can deliver a nuclear warhead to the american home led. >> probably several more flight tests, but ultimately if they want to have confidence that the system works as intended, they have to flight test it and prove that that re-entry vehicle can survive realistic re-entry conditions. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence estimates that that could happen as early as this year. if and when it does, two nuclear armed countries headed by two unpredictable leaders will be headed on a collision course. norah? >> let me ask you. if one of the chief of staff's top advisers like kelly oppose
7:38 am
the president in london. ing a nuclear weapon, would they have any say to do that or power to do that? >> they're not in the chain of command. it goes from the president to the secretary of defense to the head of u.s. extra teerjic command. they can offer advice, but they can't interpose themselves in that chain of command. >> and ultimately the president has the launch code. >> the president has the launch codes. he cares a little card with him called the biscuit which carries another code, which identifies him as the president. so it's not simply the sound of his voice that gives the order, but it's him identifies himself through that authentication code. >> all right. david, thank you so much. you've heard congress for the first time since the cold war debating that central command and how it's carried out. >> it's an extraordinary moment
7:39 am
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a new study out this morning shows hollywood is still place for men. women directs only 4% of the top 1,100 movies since 2007 and just 18% of top executives at major entertainment corporations are female. the report follows the launch of the times up movement addressing gender equality and harassment. jamie yuccas is at l.a.'s beverly hilton hotel where celebrity supporters will make a fashion statement at this be
7:44 am
weekends golden globes. >> reporter: this weekend this hall will be covered in red and celebrities will be dressed in mostly black. they'll be doing that in a sign of solidarity for victims of sexual harassment and assault. this year expect a more somber tone. many women nominated for golden globes say they'll be wearing black. >> i'm very excited to be a part of that and stand in solidarity with all of the women that are going to be at the globes wearing black dresses. >> reporter: allison janney is among those taking part along with reese witherspoon. >> reporter: this stylist has not only worked with streep but also oscar winners. >> i wouldn't be surprised if, you know, it was a sea of black on the red carpet, and i think it will be a very powerful
7:45 am
moment. >> reporter: the red carpet moment is part of a larger move called time's up. it's already raised a legal defense fund of nearly $15 million to tackle sexual harassment and inequal quality, not just in hollywood but women in all industries. >> as time's up has come to light, there's been more conversations. >> reporter: the conversations will likely continue on the red carpet. journalists will likely ask, why do you wear black. it's promoted by stars who wanted to talk about it. >> do you do that for the guys? >> reporter: they want to address a serious message of gender equal tigs. >> i don't think you can stop -- they're using their platform for
7:46 am
good and for change not just for themselves but for everybody. >> the women behind the time's up movement want people at home to dress in black and take a selfie. the movement tells us that its legal defense fund has raced funds for all 50 states and 60 different countries. jeff? >> thank you very much. up next, a look at other head lines. a new e. coli warning for lettuce lovers. and a big storm tracking across much of the country. but ahead, where to get some of
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7:51 am
lettuce because it may contain e. coli. 13 have become ill. five in the u.s. have been hospitalized. there have been two deaths, one in the u.s., one in canada. there goes caesar salad. last fall he was charged with money laundering and tax evasion. it also says the justice department granted mueller too much power. mueller's office declined to comment. the justice department called the lawsuit frivolous. the weathercast post says trump claims he lost the popular vote to hillary clinton in the 2016 election because of millions of illegal votes. it cited the cost of ongoing lawsuits. the commission met only twice. steve bannon's comments in
7:52 am
an upcoming book drew a sharp review. ahead, how bannon's words could impact the russian investigation. plus, new reports on bannon's possible future in politics. kelly! we're out of body wash! what are you doing?? i thought you had a cold?? i don't need all this. mucinex fast-max is powerful enough to handle pretty much every symptom. name one. how 'bout 9? sore throat, cough, even... yea--i can read, you know. we're done here. ahhh! boogers to betsy! mucinex fast-max. 9 symptoms. 1 dose. max strength. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. and for kid's multi-symptom relief, try #1 recommended children's mucinex.
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7:56 am
good morning, i'm rahel solomon. aim jan carabao. >> we are tracking very latest on our winter storm. >> lets get out to "eyewitness news" reporter chantee lans live in wilmington delaware, hi there chantee. >> reporter: hi jan and rahel, it is light snow falling right here in downtown wilmington, i will show you the accumulation it is like a winter wonderland down here just a few inches, not too much. people are out now and about here on market street near eighth street, this guy you can see him shoveling. people are just taking it easy when shoveling you want to be careful. the road, it has snow on it. it is still slick because it is in sub freezing temperatures so you want to be very careful while you are out there just taking it easy, and
7:57 am
the storm will pass. that is very latest live from wilmington delaware chantee lans for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" very very deep message there, storm will pass, thank you. lets send it over to katie fehlinger and eyewitness weather forecast. >> this storm will pass lasting impacts from it they are stuck with us for next few days beyond this point so yes, while snow will likely stop falling in mid afternoon from west to east maybe sooner later depending on your location this storm has some serious versace rossty and keeps arctic chill and the wind in place, for the next couple of days, the storm itself according to the circulation is still scheduled to bypass our area in the next few hours. we have decent snow across southern new jersey and delaware and the snow is much, much lighter as you go further inland. snow totals are not that impressive that far inland just yet. i check on our sky deck in the last her and we are up to about a half inch, since last check. 32-mile per hour gusts
7:58 am
currently, wouldn't be nice if the temperature hit that final ly but we have gusting to 41 miles an hour at the shore. blizzard conditions are ensuing that way, blizzard warning until 7:00 p.m. for shore points and winter storm warnings up to i-95 and vicinity inn harsh cold behind this, more than. we have been seeing a little bit of everything this morning, katie, thanks very much for that. looking at 42 visibility issues here not to mention the fact you are seeing snow, and slick conditions. forty-two freeway north bound approaching 295 not bumper to bumper but slow bird eye view of i-95 same story here, you can see picture tells the story, jan and rahel, up to you. >> our next update 8:25. i'm jan carabao. get more information on our web site at cbs i'm rah
7:59 am
8:00 am
group morning. it is thursday, january 40th, 2017. welcome back to "cbs this morning." ahead, a check of one city that expects a year's worth of snow today. plus, steve bannon's relationship with the president goes dramatically downhill. we look at bannon's acidic comments about the trump family. but first here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> the city of norfolk is under a blizzard warning. they haven't had one of these since the 1980s. >> it is cold. it is blustery. it's been snowing here in cape may for hours. >> the radar image.
8:01 am
whenever you see a storm showing this comma shape, classic nor'easter brewing. >> it's hard to walk on the streets, let alone drive. many haven't been treated they the resources. >> thousands of flights have been canceled. >> this bombshell book has caused a split between president trump and the man who used to be one of his closest allies. >> the big picture is a picture of a white house that is chaotic, of a president who has whipsawed the white house, a lot of back stabbing, front stabbing. >> you could call it the battle of the button. >> president trump touting his bigger button. >> there's no doubt that trump's button is bigger. >> all i hear is catching songs. my button brings the boys to the yard and it's bigger than yours.
8:02 am
i'm norah o'donnell with jeff glor and alex wagner. gayle is enjoying some time off. we've been talking about this, this monster winter storm that's being called a bomb cyclone, and it is slamming the east coast this morning. the massive coastal system is bringing blizzard conditions from virginia to new england. here's a look at conditions in new jersey. the storm is packing heavy snow, ice, and wind gusts of up to 70 miles an hour. >> bomb cyclone or bombogenesis. it's expected to dump a foot of snow. >> blizzard warnings are highlighted here in red. the southeast was already hit with its heaviest snowfall in almost three decades. 6 inches or more fell in parts of georgia and the carolinas. we have a team of correspondents tracking this storm. omar villafranca is in norfolk,
8:03 am
virginia, where the snow is coming down hard. omar, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it started snowing at 10:00 last night and it has not stopped. it's up to my shins. the city of norfolk usually receives about 7 inches for this season, but if everything goes as planned, they may get up to a foot of snow, and that may be the eighth largest recorded total for the city. you may notice the lens fogging up. wind gusts are brutal, up to 60 miles an hour in this area. overnight the storm was causing a major headache on interstate 264. cars had to be dug out or pulled out. virginia has 1,500 people working 12-hour shifts to clean up the snow and the national guard has been authorized to bring in an additional 150 personnel on active duty. other in maryland, drivers along
8:04 am
the shore are being told to avoid unnecessary travel. a blizzard warning is in effect in this area until 1:00. all the snow you see around me that's already on the ground, it's not going anywhere. people seeing it had boater get used to it. they're not going to see temperatures above freezing until monday. >> got the chills actually watching them. it got really, really cold. he's right. it's going to be cold here -- very cold this weekend. >> unrelenting bombogenesis. >> snow has also hit the largest city during the morning rush. the city could receive more than 8 inches. mid-atlantic states are getting slammed right now. tony dokoupil is along the coast in cape may, new jersey, with the wind-driven snow. tony, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, this storm is intensifying here in cape may. when we last checked in, we had
8:05 am
30-mile-an-hour wind gusts. it felt stronger. turns out it was. we could get measurements of 50 miles an hour. it is still snowing. new jersey is expecting up to a foot in this area, and the foot is a deep cold. this is delaware bay. it's frozen over, all the way out to that shadow out there, which is a world war i boat. people have tried to walk there, and these conditions are expected to stretch up through new york city, touching new england. new jersey has had whiteout conditions already. in new england, schools, forget about it. those are closed. 2,000 snow plows and salt trucks are trying to make the city passable. even when the snow is gone, frigid temperatures remain. we're talking daily highs. look at this wind, well below
8:06 am
zero. jeff? >> you said you felt cold then. >> we were worried he was going to blow away. >> nice work out there, tony. >> keep the mittens on. >> lonnie quinn of our station wcbs is tracking the storm and where it is headed next. lonnie, this is large storm. >> without a doubt. it's putting snow down anywhere from the outer banks of north carolina all the way up to southern maine. this is your nor'easter, your bomb psycyclone. washington, d.c., 2 to 4 inches. new york city, 4 to 8. hartford, 12-18. coast ashlgs 16 inches or more. pretty interesting setup. today is your snow day and wind combined. tomorrow, friday, the wind persists. the snow is gone, all right? but the temperatures drop. coldest air of the season for friday and saturday.
8:07 am
now you combine the winds. unbelievable stat to show you right here. we're talking 36 to 48 hours where every town shaded in pink will feel below zero. for you and me, that's 48 hours of feeling like 5 below zero. norah? >> lonnie, thank you. president trump is threatening to sue his former chief strategi strategist. bannon calls a june 2016 campaign meeting with a russian source at trump tower, treasonous and unpatriotic. he suggests robert mueller's investigation into collusion with the campaign is all about money laundering, the president hits back in a statement saying, quote, steve bannon has nothing to do with me or my presidency. >> and this morning axios says bannon said he would run for president if the president does
8:08 am
not. michal len, co-founder and executive editor of axios interviewed steve bannon last week. good morning, mike. >> good morning. >> lawsuits, statements, a lot of back-and-forth between the white house and steve bannon or at least from the white house. how problematic is this book for the trump administration. >> we can see from the reaction the fury now is by the president. i'm told yesterday in the west wing, people tried to avoid the president sort of the way you stay away from your dad when he's had it. he was so angry about this book and what did he do? he called lawyers. he called his outside lairs and said what can we do. they've sent a cease and desist letter. as you mentioned at the top, they gave us a statement saying legal action against steve bannon is imminent and the president's lawyers may now go against the author michael wolff. >> but are there tapes of these
8:09 am
conversations? >> there are. and that's going to make it so hard for these people who have been captured with these embarrassing and revealing comments to now deny them. now, a lot of these people thought that they were talking off the record, but what are they going to do now? we hear that michael wolff has dozens of hours of tapes of people from trump world talking about him that in a book gives him an unflattering look. >> katy walsh was quoted in the book saying working with the president was like trying to figure out what a child wants. i know miss walsh has denied that to axios, but there are tapes of miss walsh? >> i don't know of that particular statement, but, yes, we hear that steve bannon -- katy walsh, the former deputy chief of staff are among those taped by michael wolff.
8:10 am
we heard earlier there was little cooperation with michael wolff. michael wolff had unbelievable ak sechls we've been talking to him over many months. the white house said he was formally cleared in to the white house less than 20 times, but for somebody who's going into private areas of the white house including the then chief of staff's auvgs reince priebus's office, that's a lot. and during those early days, we know how much confusion there was. michael wolff would sit in the white house lobby and all of you have seen what the white house lobby is like. everyone comes and goes through there. if you're sitting there waiting for an appointment, you can catch up with a lot of people. michael wolff without get dope from people walking through. sometimes they would walk across the park. >> mike, despite all these bannon comments, he said last night he still supports president trump and he calls him a great man. what do we make of the damage
8:11 am
control that steve bannon is doing right now. >> good luck convincing the president of that. this is a divorce, a severing of ties. the white house knew the book would probably be bad, but they had no idea that steve bannon would say the things that he does. but as you mentioned at the top, he has a comeback plan. since he left the white house, he's been traveling the world, traveling the country, building his own base, and steve has told friends that if the president doesn't run -- so there's no suggestion he would challenge the president, but if the president doesn't run and there's a big field of republicans in 2020, that steve bannon would love to jump into that. now, where steve bannon was probably kidding himself was he also told friends that if the president ran again, bannon would like to run the campaign. well, good luck with that. hard to see steve bannon back in trump tower. >> yeah. i think the divorce is fine.
8:12 am
michal len, thank you so much. >> have a great day. if you plan to travel this year, we have tips on saving money. what data scientists found
8:13 am
coming up on a new installment of "a more perfect
8:14 am
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8:18 am
all the talk about dangerous winter may get you thinking about a getaway. a team of data scientists and experts analyzed the site's more than 1.5 billion searches on where to go and when to book. they find january is the least expensive month to travel within the u.s. for international trips, try march. and the cheapest days to fly domestically are typically
8:19 am
tuesday and saturdays. dave solomito is vice president of marketing. let's talk about it. maui, h, number one. >> absolutely. maui is very popular. quintessential trip. you have luxury and culture. airlines have added routes so it's become more accessible and more routes. it doesn't hurt that gayle's there right now. >> it is snowing outside. hawaii sounds like a really good idea. five of the top trending destinations are europe. it's a perennial favorite. >> it's surprising to see those destinations trending. the big thing driving that is the low cost carriers really driving down prices with competition. so last summer we saw flights to
8:20 am
europe 20% to 30% cheaper than the summer before. and for the summer of 2018, we expect them to be even slower. if you're thinking about exploring barcelona, the food scene in rome, this would be the time to do it this year. >> how far in advance should we be booking? >> it's a question we get asked often. is there a secret to the formula. for looking at the guide, about a month before your trip is a sweet spot and on the other end of the spectrum, if you're traveling to europe or africa, six months in advance. >> and kayak offer s tools. those are the general guidelines. >> what's the best bargain spot for people who have an open map in front of them. >> for sure. we carried a wallet-friendly list based on the kayak data, and americans looking for a bargain spot should think about
8:21 am
going north or south. the best was there. it's becoming a thing like wine tasting. the number two budget destination was calgary. and once you're there, you're not too far. >> tequila train, all aboard. >> all of it. thanks very much. >> you've got it. crews in colorado are detonates explosives to try to save lives. ahead, how manmade avalanches could help prevent a disaster. and youtube challengers want to keep nilogan paul off the si. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:22 am
if you're gonna be out partying tonight,
8:23 am
8:24 am
creating avalanches in order to prevent them. the goal is to eliminated the threat of an uncontrolled avalanche. >> we want to make sure that we're getting that base layer mitt gatd before any more snowfall comes and then that creates another perfect scenario for an avalanche. >> uncontrolled slides often cover interstate 70. in colorado, manmade avalanches lower that risk. we're continuing to track the snowstorm slamming the east coast. ahead we'll track down what makes a bomb cyclone and a blizzard. your local news is next.
8:25 am
good morning, everyone i'm jan carabao. >> i'm rahel solomon. >> it is a snow day for students across the area including right here in philadelphia. >> "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen is on the parkway with how the city is coping with this storm, hi there, pat >> reporter: good morning, guys, i know how i'm coping i'm very cold but people are actually out and about here on the ben franklin parkway, traffic is maryland rate not quite what it would be... as philadelphia offices are still opened, lot of businesses are still opened in the city. we do know that the schools in philadelphia are closed but it is not stopping people from getting out on the roadways. you can see road itself not terrible right now. could be better. the city, working hard to keep
8:26 am
them clean but traffic is still moving, slowing at a free pace and better than conditions were earlier when we were at art museum, win was whipping a lot harder in that area but still moderate snow in the city of philadelphia we are live along ben franklin parkway i'm pat gallen for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jan and rahel back to you. >> slight improvement but accumulating on the road. >> thanks, pat. >> lets send it over to katie for a check of the forecast. >> forecast we are stuck in the thick of things, height of the storm is taking place, through the next couple of hours, as core of the circulation with this rotates past us which we will show you if you didn't have a banner on you this wouldn't know what we are looking at. we are looking at delaware river it looks like a field of ice and snow though because there is so much ice on top of the river. just crazy. what we are going to find throughout the rest of the day certainly is very poor visibility, much like we have at that particular shot we have winter weather advisory in purple, storm warnings in
8:27 am
the pink and blizzard warnings , the dreaded blizzard warnings, down along the shorelines. here's the storm in the entirety, still monster and bearing down on us right now. darker shade indicating intense, more intense snowfall rates, so that is certainly taking place right new through eastern delaware and new jersey, where we already are in some spots have half foot of snow. this is still many hours from being completed. so here's thing even if the snow stops you will have blowing, drifting, wind will continue to whip throughout the day and it will do the same for the next two days, so both friday and saturday despite return of sunshine we will likely feel in better than zero and that is the best , it will feel, through that entire, time frame. that is dangerous coal. we have to clear out snow, in many spots in the next few days so you will to have take care if you must go out in that. >> big headache for people, especially for commuters heading out there we have seen it since four and still seeing
8:28 am
it now accident after accident , we have got one here 95 south before cottman block ing right lane, see flashing lights you can also see how slow moving these vehicles are going pennsylvania where that accident is. another accident schuylkill westbound ramp from the vine on westbound schuylkill pulled off to the right, be very careful it looks like they are traveling five or 10 miles an hour very smart to do so. tractor trailer accident jackknife tractor trailer new jersey turnpike southbound 95 left lane head up on that plus another tractor trailer out there as well 295 south at route 48. rahel and jan. >> we will have another update on our winter weather at 8:55. i'm rahel solomon. you can get that weather information on cbs i'm jan carabao have a
8:29 am
8:30 am
best day ever! >> it's the first time we're seeing snow. best day ever. doesn't take much snow in florida to get children excited. for many kids in tallahassee, it was the first they had ever seen. >> oh. >> the first in three decades. some kids made snow angels and some others enjoyed running around. one dad said his kids told him it was the best day in their lives. i grew up in texas.
8:31 am
i know. >> i grew up in buffalo. >> snow angels, what's better than that? i guess the cocoa afterward. >> lying on a beach. >> the tequila train? >> there you go. welcome back to "cbs this morning." >> blizzard warnings are in effect from north carolina to maine as this huge winter storm moves up the east coast this morning. drivers are facing a very difficult commute as you can see here. here is a look from the jersey shore. in a moment we're going to check back in with tony dokoupil who's getting hammered by blizzard conditions right now. first our chief meteorologist lonnie quinn of wcbs has today's science behind the weather. good morning. >> good morning. no doubt the two biggest terms you've heard about this storm is bomb cyclone and
8:32 am
the faster the air rises the more the storm becomes. the rapidly rising air has to be replaced from air outside the storm, so, in essence, they create their own wind and it needs to fw at least 35 miles an hour. the second exponent of a blizzard is visibility less than a quarter of a mile all due to blowing snow. both the wind and decreased visibility has to last for at least three consecutive hours. personally i think it's pretty interesting to note you do not need to have falling snow or large snow totals. when it comes to a bomb cyclone or blizzard, yes, you can have one without the other. they can be very dangerous. here in the northeast, they do tend to go hand in hand. norah? >> lonnie, that may be the best live shot you've ever done for us. well done with the smoke and it
8:33 am
all. let's go outside to see the real fog and the blizzard conditions. tony dokoupil is in cape may, new jersey, which is getting slammed by snow and wind. tony, how are you doing? >> reporter: conditions are getting worse by the minute. the national weather service says the conditions on the road are dangerous and impossible. if i were not wearing goggles, i would not be able to look into the snow. it's a deep down and thorough cold. the bay behind me is delaware basement it's frozen over. there are people out there trying to walk. i want to emphasize i'm in the mid-atlantic. you could be seeing a taste of what i'm getting right now. we've got blizzard warnings all the way up the coast. you could see 50 nilmiles an ho
8:34 am
and 8 inches of snoechlt once this storm moves, the temperatures are still going to be cold and may be getting colder. we're talk single digits, and with the windchill, what's left, it's going to be well below zero. i cannot feel my toes. i hope you guys survive it better than me. back to you, alex. >> we feel for you, brother. stay warm. >> reporter: i will. >> right now it's time to show you this morning's headlines from around the globe. the business company fast hijacks your password and covers its tracks. it's a new imposter ad for android. it resembles an uber logger screen and steals the name and password before showing the real uber app so the user won't realize anything is wrong. security advises you only install apps from trusted sources.
8:35 am
"the wall street journal" says merrill lynch has blocked clients and financial users who buy bitcoin. there are approximately 17,000 advisers who are prevented from pitching bitcoin investments. a spokeswoman cited concerns over its suitability for investme investments. the growing trend of drinking raw water could kill you. it doesn't go through a filtration process. advocates says filtration removes beneficial bacteria and probiotics from the water. raw water contains disease-containing organisms. >> and the "new york post" report oons study that suggests that millennials are total professional lists. researchers looked at more than
8:36 am
20,000 college students. majority showed signed of per flexism driven by unrealistically expectations that. could account for their record-setting levels of health issues. the study partially blame social media as young people feel pressured to measure up to their peers. youtube faces growing question about how it polices content after failing to remove a graphic video on its sight. logan paul showed a video of a deceased victim. it stayed on the site for more than 24 hours. paul deleted the video after a rising backlash and announced last night he's taking a break. youtube said in a statement if it's graphic, it can only remain on the site when supported by promote documentary information.
8:37 am
this followed reports of disturbing videos targeted at kids. nick loll stoms is editor in chief of "wired magazine." good morning. >> good morning. >> it was up for more than 24 hours. >> and viewed by over 6 million. what happens is it goes up on the site. northbound who saw this would have thought it was offensive and crazy. it went to youtube. a human then approved it and said it was okay. but because of so many reports or some other system it went to somebody else and youtube said, oh, we should take that down. that point is when logan paul took the video down himself. >> when you talk about the people set to northern this, right, 10,000 folks monitoring videos, but there are over 400 hours of video shared on youtube every minute. >> yeah. >> that is daunting. >> right. so there's this huge tension with all of these silicon valley
8:38 am
companies, whether it's a platform which allows people to publish whatever they want and there's no way to control it or a publisher like cbs with ethical standards and guidelines. truly there's somewhere in between. there's a big debate, where in the spectrum are you do. you allow people to publish what they want and have limited looks at it? you can see them moving across the spectrum. youtube's problem, they're probably too close to the platform site. there's a huge advantage to that. if you elementary people publish it as quickly as possible, you have more content. >> how does that score with -- youtube told us the company prohibits violent or gory video in a shocking, distasteful, or disrespective manner. as you say, it made the top ten list. >> there's a policy it's good policy. they should probably have a stronger policy.
8:39 am
the problem here is this just got through, right? i think it's probably a combination of complexity. he's mocking a suicide victim while wearing a hat with eye balls and it should have been knocked down. and secondly it happened on new year's eve. >> there are these extremely powerful and profitable online media agency if you want to call them that or they house a lot of content whether they're going to police or monitor that content. >> that is exactly what this is. they say this is a moment of reckoning. okay, we have a guy who's popular among kids mocking suicide, right? you don't get worse than that. it got through for more than 24 hours. so we need to develop a system. youtube needs to develop a system. it needs to have clearer rules, probably more moderators, maybe more transparency about how it works. put all these things together
8:40 am
and do it fairly quickly. >> it's not youtube. it's a lot of these sites now. you have to pay people to look at this stuff, and make these editorial decisions and say this should not be on. >> it's a mountain of data they're talking about they have to sift through even if they have to hire more people. >> it's also more algorithms. they use algorithms to knock out pornography and they do a very good job of that, so they need to do that. so there is a way to do this. >> again, your crazy concept that it might take more than algorithms -- >> it takes desire on the part of the company to do it. >> right. it takes desire, algorithms, people. i think, youtube, it's smart. they care about this stuff. they're going to lose money too. their financial incentives are that. youtube's going to be making less money than logan paul. so it's in their interest to fix this, but it's a complicated
8:41 am
problem. >> it's a very good point if they take a cut of this. >> in general, youtube gets a cut of all of the ads. >> something like 45%. nick thompson, thank you so much. ahead in our series, more perfect union, how a teenager who suffered years of bullying created an
8:42 am
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our series "a more perfect union" aims to show us what unites us as americans is far more that what divides us. we introduce you to a woman who takes on bullying. a lot of bullying happens at lunch. jamie yuccas met the teenager who's willing to put an end to it one cafeteria at a time. >> reporter: lunchtime bullying is a common hollywood plot line. but it's also a painful reality in school cafeterias throughout the nation. >> i was ostracized by everyone. i ate lunch alone every day. i was pushed into lockers, sent threatening e-mails. >> reporter: a reality natalie knows all about. >> i was physically attacked
8:46 am
three times in two weeks. came home sobbing with bleeding scratch marx. >> reporter: natalie changed schools but it tormented her. >> all i wanted to hear is, hey, are you okay, come sit with us. >> reporter: those four words "come sit with us" sparked an idea and eventually an app. >> reporter: there's a list of areas you can sit without any fear of rejection. >> reporter: it connects kids in need of company with welcoming students. >> come sit with us. >> come sit with us. >> reporter: the app now has over 100,000 users in eight different countries, giving natalie a megaphone for her message. >> i began to think -- >> reporter: she's become an outspoken leader of the anti-bully movement. she even gave a t.e.d. talk. >> was seen for the first time in two years and it saved my
8:47 am
life. >> reporter: its app and the message to be inclusive is inspiring other students like eighth grader lola clark. she created a "sit with us" club at her school since they don't allow cell phones. >> why do you think people join? >> because they don't have a place to is it a lot of them and they know here they can be accepted, not judged, and they can have a really good time. >> i was never exactly the same as everyone else. >> reporter: colwyn brainard is one of the club's members. >> sit with us, they're people you can sort of connect with if you're a little different and you can feel like you're part of something. >> do you feel different in school? >> i don't feel different in bad way. i feel different in a good way. >> reporter: for natalie us has given her a new purpose, uniting fellow tv shows one lunch period at a time. >> reporter: using my story to
8:48 am
help others has given me strength and confidence that i never knew i had. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," jamie yuccas, los angeles. >> i'm all for apps that promote kindness and acceptance in grad school and beyond. so good. >> fantastic. >> so good. congrats to her. a dramatic rescue of a moose is caught on camera. ahead, how it was rescued from the snow. >> it's awesome. >> it is so awesome. and how it surprised the good samaritans afterward. you can hear more on our apple's itunes and apple podcast cast. today finn shares "the woman in the window." he shares how it prepared him for his debut novel and how he plans to turn that novel into a movie. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:49 am
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8:52 am
a moose in newfoundland, canada, got trapped in thick snow. a group of snowmobilers jumped into action to jump into action to shovel him out after they saw his head peeking through the snow. afterward the moose turned around to the rescuers and said thank you. no, it didn't. almost. >> they can call themselves whatever they want. >> i see gratitude in that moose's face. >> awesome. happy snow day to all that are dealing with this and i hope everyone is safe on the roads. that does it for us. be sure to tune in to the "cbs evening news" with that guy, jeff glor. thanks for watching.
8:53 am
we'll see you right here tomorrow on "cbs this morn
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good morning, i'm rahel solomon. aim jan car way owe. >> we will continue to track very latest on the winter storm. >> lets get out to "eyewitness news" reporter chantee lans in wilmington delaware, hi there, shan take. >> hey there, good morning. the way it is looking light snow falling, and winter wonder land and lets check on accumulation again, stay a little more than several inches here, and, starting to pile up. the road you can see this car driving by there is snow on the ground, plows coming through, it is slippery. i want to show you people out and about on the sidewalk here , you can see them plowing in, front of the buildings. many don't want to come out. they prefer to look at it from their home window but that is
8:56 am
not real particular. that is not the case for us either. if you have to go out there bear with me and be very careful on the road. live from wilmington delaware chantee lans cbs-3 "eyewitness news" good advice, thanks, chantee. now over to the forecast with meteorologist katie fehlinger. >> you know do i think war of the wind is still awaiting us here we have already had a handful of, very, potent wind gusts recorded through delaware, cape may ended up with 50 plus mile an hour gust bus lewis and dewey, beaches, we ended up with 60 plus mile per hour gust from his this storm so far. so really is very, very potent wind that we are finding. the storm is very beautiful looking, system, but causing, so much headache, here, when you have got to deal witt. there is still very heavy banding coming in across ocean county down to the southern, burlington county and atlantic that is where we are hit the hard west continuing snow and at last check we have easily
8:57 am
got more than half foot on the ground in many spots, since last report, officially from the national weather service, came in a few hours ago. thirty-three current wind gusts at airport up to 45 in atlantic city and, winds blizzard warning in effect up and down entire shoreline, still going to have to contend with even if the snow wraps up in the midday, blowing and drifting, that will continue, and that is something that continues, well into the next couple of days, because it is going to take sometime to completely remove this snow simply because it will keep blowing, drifting and getting right back in the roadways making this what could be a prolonged plowing operation, too. meisha. >> no fun at all, considering that just 4:00 a.m. we have been talking about a little bit of everything and it is still, really bad it is not getting any better throughout in terms of your commute. we don't have volume we typically see in terms of the bum ber to bumper but vehicles that are out there on the roadways you are seeing major issues. accident here schuylkill eastbound off ramp, we have an accident here. we can see crews out there so as you travel by, take it very
8:58 am
easily because last thing we want is to be a pile up accident. another accident schuylkill eastbound the on ramp from belmont avenue, we will, seeing, vehicles stuck on that on ramp and they weren't able to get actually onto the schuylkill, head up those bridges, brick dennings, side road, coming on ramps and off ramp all that very, very slippery almost pure ice at this point. jackknife tractor trail are 295 southbound that right lane is compromised there and also we have got a whole host of speed restrictionness place take a peak at these we will talk about these in the next hour, jan and rahel back over to you. >> thanks, we will take a quick break but our storm watch coverage continues in a minute. >> we will be right
8:59 am
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state of emergency has been declared in four new jersey shore count ace expected by winter storm we are looking live at the snow in wind in the atlantic city boardwalk. and this storm is packing a punch along the east coast as well but not just the snow that is causing concern, it is also the plumetting temperatures and gusting wind. good morning i'm rahel solomon. i'm jan carabao, this is extended coverage of this snowstorm hitting tri-state region. >> lets get over to katie fehlinger with the very latest on the storm. hi katie. >> the bulk or war of this storm will be taking place over the span of the next couple hours with our closest pass, of the actual center of circulation from this storm to


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