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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  January 4, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> now at noon, winds whipped snow massive snow drifts pile up down the shore, this is stone harbor, this to us by eyewitness viewer, ze ke. >> nor'eother places down theas may. that's the beach, you can barely make it out because of all of the blowing snow. >> in wilmington, slow going on the sidewalk, as the snow continues to pile up there. luckily, this fluffy snow, easier to shovel but you still do have to be careful. >> storm scan3 busy tracking powerful nor'easter as it
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pulls away from the area, you can see just how big this storm really is. good afternoon everyone, i'm jan carabeo jim donovan off today. >> i'm rahel solomon. snow still falling across the area we're on storm watch this noon. >> live team three coverage, but we begin with meteorologist, katie fehlinger tracking this powerful nor'easter for us, katie, when exactly will this snow bego taper >> that's the thing stuck with it and specially of delaware, you are hitting a seriouss out of this. we start things right offight on out to the maps where you're currently still finding intense snowfall banding right monmouth county specially, so while it is a very light snow, if it is even falling at all at this point, farthest western suburbs still getting hit very hard. snapshot of the current radar slowing across eastern new jersey let's zero in little more in detail. around the toms river barnegat light for example that dark shaded purple area. that's moving through. is intense band of snow, with rates as high as two to 3 inches per hour.
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total it u in what you are seeing with the precipitation rate that's the liquid equivalent. we look at snowfall totals, you had the jackpot for the location currently with the highest total at 16 inches so far. that's in bay ville delaware, which is just outside of the bethany area in delaware, in case you're not familiar. now looking at the winter alert, still posted, very brightly colored map with warnings, whether they're winter storm warnings here in the sit and along i95 and adjacent vicinity, all the way out to the shore where it is a blizzard warning, and we've had verification of in parts of the area. place like bellmawr, near the asbury park avenue. so, this is still ongoing. we will have more a little later in the show, about whether it all gets out of here certainly and also, how much more we can expect before it is all said and done. and right now we do want to check in with meteorologist chelsey ingram, with a look at conditions in collingswood, camden county, chelsey?
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>> well katie hello everyone we're in collingswood, new jersey, certainly looks like winter wonder land out here but it is a dangerous winter wonderland. let me show you a look at what i am talking about here. we put our dash cam on here with the mobile weather watcher, conditions are terrible. you cannot even see the surface of the completely covered in snow, and i'll show you the ralph cam, too just so you can ieverything is covered in snow out here, we're even dealing with some blowing snow as well, so conditions are terrible. let me take to you graphic here show you our travel forecast. and things just do not look good. if you can stay home todaythat is going to be your best bet. you have the red light as far as travel is concerned we're going to be dealing with blowing and drifting snow. ng to be slippery and windy this evening. we head into friday morning little bit better. of course going to be dealing with still going for bome slick spots out there. and it is going to be very windy, gusts to around 40 miles per hour, will be a possibility. so we're out here driving around we're on haddon avenue conditions are not good.
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we're hoping to make it safely back to the station in just a little bit. we will be bringing you some shots from the mobile weather watchers throughout the show. for now, we send it youment be safe out there. parts of south jersey are just getting hammered by this storm , the snow has been piling up all morning long. >> the shore is taki big but some people still venturing out this video shows the wind-swept board height ocean county. our team coverage continues now with "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, live at farley plaza off the ac express juan hamilton good afternoon how are conditions there? >> reporter: jen rahel quite frankly, not looking good. there isin effect for count cars, not considered essential need to get off of the roadways. that's for very good reason, even the main roads here are looking very bad on our drive along the a.c. expressway, speed limits were limited to just 35 miles per hour, but honestly those seem to like racing speeds considering these conditions. you can see the wind, these wind gusts are terrible. there is extremely poor visibility, and a highway itself was just coated with
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snow. so, here in hammonton, at this service plaza, there are some plows coming through but we did see a car and a very large truck getting stuck as you can see in this video that truck was just stuck in the snow, still at this hour is not able to get out. meantime governor chris christie declared a state of emergency, for atlantic, cape may, monmout counrees closed today. meantime, the national weather is advice also increased its snowfall total estimate, saying that parts of t get up to 18 inches of snow. and still, though, we spoke to drivers this morning, who are braving thes conditions. >> it is up and down, getting worse and worse, trucks are coming, make a lot ofe >> now we're down here but kind of bad out. flying all place. >> and even though the snow is expected to the earl avenue noon, officials are urging everybody to stay off of the roadways, these wind gusts are brutal. at times i feel like i'm about
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to blow over, along with poor visibility and just snow covered highways, as well, roads not looking in atlantic county specifically there is now a travel ban in effect, so tial need to get off of the road for now live in hamilton township anita oh, cbs-3, " eyewitness n" >> anita we can see the winds in your life shot, but apparently someone behind you is enjoying themselves. good warnihank you. and from camden county. snow piling up in cherry hill. this is in the area of the 500 block of route 38, traveling isficult, you can see the snow along the shoulders of the road there justeaving one lane for vehicles. now, as the storm flies up the coast new jersey continues to get pummeled. >> yes the state of delaware has not been spared either. let's check in with " eyewitness news" reporter chantee lans live for us all morning long in sean tai lan, how are conditions there? >> i can tell you jan rahel earlier this morning, 3:30 a.m. 4:00 a.m., it felt warmer. as the winds pick up it is bone chilling colds. now the roads have not had too much traffic on them.
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they've been plowed properly but still very slipperiment another thing we noticed lots and lots of shove letters pedestrians, the buses were ru group of shove letters, and they're not happy about this. >> unfortunately, weaver to go to work. but, you know, it is what it is. i'm originally from cleveland so kind of used to being with, you know couple of inches of snow. >> this weather sucks! >> tell me why? >> i mean, just came out of no where.
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>> in you see salt or plow truck coming down your street our ' driving near one please give plenty of room. the salt that come off the back of them will pelt and possibly trick your vehicle if it is too close also as a trucut of
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the way. >> the winds also proving to be a factor you can see i've beenace. we had pretty horrible gusts a little while ago so really blowing the s kind of hampering your effort, as well? >> yes, it is. however, we've got the plows out there. and we will push it back, where it will hamper our efforts, after the snow is done, and then we get the drifting off of the wide open spaces, and off of some of the buildings. but we will get that taken care of, as well. >> steve, thank you so much. thanks for all that you guys do here, at the street department, to keep our city safe and street safe specially in these conditions, we appreciate. that will pretty much the latest now the operation underway, and the trucks have been just filling up throughout the morning the afternoon, and they will be continuing this as long as the snow continues to fall. reporting live here in feltonville, natasha brown cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> big job ahead thank you natasha. and the snow is still falling in montgomery county. this is live look at mall boulevard, and goodard boulevard, in king of prussia. steps from the mall there. you can see the roads are very
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slushy, if you have to drive through that area to get to the turnpike, take your time and be extra careful. >> septa's west trenton regional rail line shutdown following deadly crash in lower moreland. officials say a car smashed through crossing gaeton red lion road, hitting the train, one person in the car killed, so far no reported injuries on the train officials are investigating if weather pl crash. >> roads have just been a mess today. >> yes meisha johnson now with a check on what travel conditions are looking lhall meisha? >> and they're not great guys haven't been all morning long, we wouldn't anticipate they would be now either. what i want to pull your
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>> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ 12:15, back news," as storm coverage continues, snow cmorning long making it very dangerous to get around the region specially hilly areas. joe holden live in clifton heights now where drivers have been slipping and sliding all morning long, brutal conditions out there joe. >> reporter: jan rahel, we have the video to show you. visibility really tough outhere. the blinding snow just whipping around. we are rightp avenue,
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baltimore pike, there is series of hills here, and e, it is very difficult trying to get up it seems that if you don't get a running start roll that let's show you what we have been observing, all morning here, as the snow has been coming down ste get a gauge on how much hasn. roadway here in delaware county, no tore just in bad weather to be a tougho has challenge for cars get up, youg to push one of those cars believed to be rear wheel drive. we talked to a springfield, who is making his way home, about his commute go a listen to how he sized it up. >> you got to go slow. just definitely go slow. and you're coming from balance akin wood, back home to springfield, usually takes you what, 20 minutes? >> how long did it take you?'t >> for as the lastrm during rush hour,ut there weren't as many people out. >> and again, there are just tremendous snow drifts out i put this scraper down in some spots t looks to be no 2 inches, int goes, you k more. the veryavigating the mak this a challenge, even seeing, see up
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ersection behind behind the camera but from thereon i mean, it is just conditions here in delaw liveifton height joe holden,ewitness news." >> poor visibility, yet again joe, thank roads remain treacherous. >> let's head back out on the highways with the c mobile weather watch watcher. take it slow if you're on an >> absolutely. we'reotthe woods just yet. snow still there. bitter coal remains, and vicious windchills to boot. i'llhere wen that windchill some nice long cold coming our way.
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from the mobile watcher which is definitely still showing some snow covered roadways,doesn't look like a lot of now but you are going to have to slow down, regardless, of the
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volume that may be out there throughout the rest of the day even if thget rid oe to deal with the issue of blowing and drifting snow, so here in camden, from mole weather watcher, a shot from our very own station headquarters high atop our own broadcast center, visibility better than it had been, we throw the current conditions from the airport over top of this, 22 the current temperature, and that wind is harsh, it only feels like five currently, here in philadelphia anyway, outside boardwalk haven't one loan soul, vicious even tides thaalso the wind whipping here in places like re here it and some wind swept snow still lining the boardwalk down here , as women. let's look atl totals thus far for pennsylvania specifically. >> what we will show you here but in king of prussia over 4 inches so far hellertown northampton county 3 inches, as well as norristown, then very own cbs-3 morning 2.4 since i was able to stick my weather watcher yardstick into the snow see how much we have there. but new jackpot.
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although we did see higher total like we you earlier in the show here, 16 inches in bay ville delaware, new jersey the t plus north field outside of foot already. and the list goes here. we are at mays had over 10 inches, so you're getting intense snow bands right now in these areas. and even though the storm here center of circulation starting to pull away, we're still get that wrap around moisture in those areas much lighter the snow continues to be, stop this loop for you here, and you can see, it is radar 101, the darker the purpose old more intense the snowfall is, and of course, that's taking place the further east you go. >> empty/in the next couple of hours, we look at the timing on all of this, so up until obviously noon, the heaviest hand been in eastern new jersey from this point forward, the snow will continue to taper off from west to east then the rest of the day the snow is just going to blow and drift around so even if the snow has
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technically stopped falling still flying across your windshield, that's why we would rather have you just stay home, just don't even bother if you can help it. looking at the max wind gusts wind continues over 60-mile per hour gusts reported at both lewes delaware and dewey beach. out in cape may 50-mile per hour gust, tuckerton 48. those are the higher end but still gusting very well. these are the current gusts being reported and all of the different observ inland, out of reading you have gusts up to 30. that will blow and drift that snow around. now, keeping with that windchill issue right into the next couple of days, you are actually going to have windchill warnings and advisories take effect almost for wind chills that, get this, are at low as below zero, substantially below zero, in the poconos may feel as cold's over the span of the hours so may not be continually that cold, but not going to rise above zero for windchill any time soon. is there any good n
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forecast? we finally break past that freezing mark, monday, the flip shere cmix that comes along with that , but we're still expecting at least dry outs, an all the way to the balmy 40's by tuesday. >> can't wait. katie? >> i know! >> very exciting. >> thank you. >> in montgomery county, let's take live look, or a look at north wales. this is just a short time ago. in the area of north wales road, looks like scene from snow globe out there. >> the roads there lookwill more snow coverage, stay with cbs eye on the community... presented by target. there's nothing more rewarding than achieving a hard earned goal. that's why target supports students run philly style. we work with kidss through marathon training. giving back has been part of our dna so, the more we stay involved, the more we're being true to ourselves as a corporate partner. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target.
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>> video from down the shore brian shared this icy sunset lake in wildwood crest cape may county. >> you can see the snow blowing sideways there and just look at that wave action. wow. >> just looks cold looking at it. >> all right, stay warm everyone, we will be with you throughout this storm but that's "eyewitness news" at noon. i'm jan carabeo. >> i'm rahel solomon. for katie all of us here, thanks for watching. >> we'll continue our storm coverage this afternoon with updates for you, "eyewitness news" does continue at 5:00. of course always on line at have a good day.
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