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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 4, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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the clear and still windy cold,l could be treacherous on the roadways. the worst of the storm is ending but now we're dealing with wind, and blowing snow. >> good afternoon, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. there are ready school closing s and delays for tomorrow, which you can see at bottom of the screen. we also have live team three coverage for you from south jersey to delaware county, we will get started with meteorologist kate billow in the weather center, kate, snow 's tapering off so what do we expect for the rest of the night. >> jessica, snow is just punch one of the 1/2 punch that this storm will be delivering. now that the snow ended we will move to phase two, the wind and bone chilling cd,dangeo wind chills setting up through tonight and to the weekend. let's recap the storm. we will look at what it is doing right now, center of the low passing off the coast of cape cod, very heavy bands of snow in maine, canadian
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wrap around snowfall bands over new york city, long island and in our area it is still not done snowing. much of the air eighth is. much of the southeastern pennsylvania a light snow or flurries up toward lehigh valley. we have decent snow bands over portions of new jersey, one shifting north out of ocean county right now but another one has developed, here over salem, cumberland cou along i40, so that could slow out and about tonight. like we best, bet toys stay inside unless you absolutely need to go outside. i do have positive news, winttoning for adelphia has just been cancelled as well as winter weather advisory to the north and west what does remain is blizzard warning that is red shaded area along the new jersey shore and down into portions of delaware, reason they kept that in place because we have lowisability and very, very winds. you don't need falling snow for blizzard conditions occur. very difficult, if not
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impossible travel through much of the south jersey tonight. a lot of it is due to the win. winds gusting 35 miles an hour in philadelp 44 miles an hour wind gustness wilmington delaware, 37 miles an hour in atlantic city, picking up light, fluffy snow blowing it around, it looks as if snow is falling from the sky and white out conditions especially now that the sun has set, you visability down the shore, and wildwood visibility is still down to aale, philadelphia we have cleared out, for most part but take a look at our snow of prus. langhorne 3.8. were in the three to six range. did pretty well there over performing area capecourthouse , maate city, 16 inches. seaville at the inches. mount holly 5.3. delaware 8.9 and stockily 6.7 inches in lewis, daware. 4 inches at last check, bringing season's tot to just over a foot of snow. but, aga more
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problems on the back end of up i'll tell you how much wind chills will ing a major pun inch south jersey, snow is piling up >> "eyewitness news" viewer took thi video of the plow train clearing streets in wildwood crest cape may county earlier today. good news is the light fluffy snow moved easily. bad news is the wind j back on e street. >> "eyewitness news" an is in little egg township, ocean county in area under a state emergency, anita. >> reporter: that is right, ukee andght now snow isn't as bs it was earlier thi aon, ndertainly rough as they were toughout th especially on the roadways, main roads like ac expressway, they were covered with sw and very tricky, very slow ge earlier in the afternoon.
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here you can see in little egg harbor ouryeess weather accumuld 15 to snow here. that is how mu has accumulated on this flat portion of the ground but despite the steady a accumulation of snow, those heavy winds gusts that kate was talking about as well as poor visibility created tough conditions for crews, as well. >> piling up. >> reporter: work has been cut out for stone wall, company since 9:00 wednesday night. >> it is really, dense wet snow and keeps coming, very windy, it is thick, very thick >> reporter: spummeled jersey shore and state of emergency for atlantic, cape may, monmouth and ocean counties. >> road are terrible. very bad. i'm surprised people are still traveling still. >> rorr: by early afternoon road contions worsened so much that atlantic county issued a travel ban for all non-essential vehicles on county andal road but
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justin decided to brave storm to drive from avalon, new jersey to manayunk. >> appointment in the city, that have to head b >> reporter: you can see at this hour there are crews out and about, sta that 2300, crews, and contractors, are out tryg to cleardwayoa but officials are still urging, drivers, to stay off of the roads, if possib dangerous out there, as we can attest too that we were driving throughout the day-to-day, a lot of the road still are not clear or they are covering with snow, icy patches as be out better just ty home. live from ocean county i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". lets look live from sky scan three in cape may, it looks kind of picturesque but no day at the beach. snow started falling there late last night, still falling tonight, and, southern part of the delaware also been hard
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hit, this is video from lewis, delawarewe dana, sentthus shot w covered as you can sianni backyard caused drifts a few feet high in some places. weather is taking a toll here in philadelphia a 16-inch water main ruptured leaving dozens of homes and several businesses, without water, on this very cold blustery night. crews remain on the scene at rhawn and castor in the rhawnhurst section. "eyewitness news"orter natasha brownies there with the latest, natasha. >> reporter: good evening to you both. just to give you gravity of how cold it is at this point especially for these water department workers, take a look they have started a fire in that barrel that they are trying to whoever around and warm up to every now and again as they try to get to the bottom of fixing this water main. they will be out here for hours, and right new we can tell you throughout the night that dozens of customers and
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several businesses, will certainly be affected. water flowed like a river along rhawn and castor street, mixing with the falling snow, a 16-inch main broke thursday afternoon sending water gushing on to streets and into their by businesses. >> in this location there are actually customers connected to this 16-inch main so we have approximately 70 customers shut off right now. >> shut dunn for a couple days >> reporter: this cafe took the brunt of the hit flooding the basement of the small family owned business. >> i had an ordek up and then we had water coming from the street. i looked in my basement and it is full of water. >> reporter: philadelphia water department began working to repair main which may take hours with sub freezing temperatures continuing to grip the region water main breaks are more and more of a problem. >> certainly right now, water main breaks happening, and everyone should have at least a case of bottled water so if is there a water main break they can get through the day for drinking water and cooking
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>> reporter: water department officials tell us that at least eight hours just to work on a repair, of course, because it is so cold, because of the conditions, that they are experiencing, right now, it may take even longer. they have got their workers on 16 hour shifts, they are trying to, again get this water main repaired as quickly as possible. we're live from northeast philadelphia tonight natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> natasha, thank you. snowy conditions made for difficult driving throughout the city, morning commuters on ben franklin parkway saw streets covered in snow and enough snow fell, shoveling was definitely necessary. pedestrians were walking slowly and carefully, and they were quite bundled up as well. new lets go to the suburbs and check on the situation in delaware county. >> "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden has been surveying the snow all day and joins us live from clifton heights with how things are in that area, joe. >> reporter: hi, jessica and
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ukee. we're on baltimore pike in clifton heights. i can tell you from our survey across the county it looks like a general three to 6 inches of snow, fell here, it ended about 2:00 this afternoon but just bye a half an hour ago we had another snow squall, whip through here getting around delaware county tonight and earlier today proved to be quite a challenge blinding snow, poor visibility and a rough go on baltimore pike, the camaro struggles for traction up this steep incline in clifton heights. it took three guys to get the driver on his way. road were snow covered across delaware county. penndot worked to keep pace with the accumulation. >> you have to go slow. >> reporter: ray from springfield made the trek home from bala cynwyd and said his commute was treacherous. >> like riding nascar, side to side with the wheel, real slow turns to get some traction to move up the hills. slow and steady.
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>> reporter: day off from school for practically the entire delaware valley normally means the opportunity to go sledding but conditions, this day, proved to be just a bit too difficult. >> it takes too long to go down. you just don't stop. >> reporter: coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we will hear more from those sledding hopefuls and why they say conditions were less than stellar. we also checked in with delaware county officials, right now they say no major problems, to report, however, it is feeling more arctic by here by the hour that wind cutting through us like a knife. it will be a long, cold night, out here, and across the delaware valley, i'll be back here for a live report in an hour. live, joe holden, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that wind is something, joe , thanks very much. philadelphia international airport snow forced cancellation of the hundreds of flights, however some flights are arriving and departing. if you are traveling you are urged to check with your car year before heading to the airport. some airlines are waving
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change fees to allow pass evening tours rebook their flights. well, snow fell for several hours today leaving behind slippery road, all around the region. >> meteorologist chelsea in grammys live in the mobile weather watcher with a look at conditions in hamilton township atlantic county, chelsea. >> reporter: hi ukee and jessica. we are in the cedar point neighborhood, this is actually a neighborhood, and, and, and we have a chance to show you what is going on, our dash cam , take a look at this just an absolute mess. we have seen a lot of neighbors out helping neighbors. we have seen snowblowers out. we have seen plenty of people out shoveling. easily a foot of snow had fallen in this neighborhood. now, as far as traveling not just down the shore not just in atlantic county but region wide here's what you can expect. we are giving you the red light, for traveling tonight. if you can stay in, you need
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to do that. no need to ventur out. let crew does their job. we will be dealing with blowing, slippery snow. black ice will be a possibility as low temperatures dip in the single digits and teens region wide. as we head into friday morning we will be talking about some slick spots on the road, very windy conditions, gusts to 40 possibility. we will show you a look at our dash cam oncegain. you can see conditions of this road just awful, and as we head into the 6:00 o'clock hour later today we will show you conditions on the atlantic city expressway heading toward the city. i can tell you on our way down it was okay in spots but very bad in others, we will have a live report coming up in the next hour, back to you. >> chelsea, you and the crew slow your rel role as well. get back to you soon. our coverage continues. it is not just our area getting hit hard up and down east coast people are dealing with snow, blizzard conditions , ice, flooding, just about everything, we will
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take you on a tour. remember to be careful you need to clear car in the driveways and walkways, but you have to take precaution, coming up at 5:30.
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our viewers have been sending us photos, at joe star bucks tweeted this oneiving us a glimpse of the situation in sea isle city, photo of, high snowdrifts and cold visibility m hard to see other homes just dthe bl. amy posted this photo betinues to gram she calls itsn enjoying the snow warm, cozy, ir inside, that is a good. >> very gooda. people living i region won dealing with the dangerous cold and snow from this storm. >> boston area is taking a direct hit. this video shows near white out conditions in correspondt kenneth craig will have a live report from boston on what the nor'easter is delivering, to new england, coming up later on "eyewitness news" at 5:45. now the stormould not keep new yorkersnside,
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snowblowers cleared the way for those on foot, it is so cold fountain at over. some people did have trouble driving around the city. one man got stuck and had to dig ouhi car. time lapse accumulation in s berg, beg wednesday and continued through overnight hours, and then another inch came down this afternoon and aot temperats are supposed to last there for next few days. that snow probably not going anywhere anytime soon. >> um-hmm, our temperatu >> my gosh, it will be s c out there tomorrow atchoolunced a but so, bitterly bone chilling cold with the wind tomorrow that it will be dangerous to besi for any lengthf storm.ous to besi for it is not just sw. 4 inches in philadelphia we have seen snowstorms were 4 inches be couple snow
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with the whipping wind, sub not melt for days and days youave problems continuing, right into the weekend. letse look outside, , this is ocean city boardwalk, it is a ghost town tonight, that area picked up wthe coast, and some spots ther i oca county, atlantic county picked up a foot with this storm right a the coast, hardest hit area winds were a problem along the coast as a look at peak winds from the live neighborhood network. rehoboth beach our w to 52 miles an hour was measure. castler, atlantic school 49 miles an hour and airport in philadelphia a 45-mile per hour gusts was measured.gate cihi area measured about 16 inches of snow, you can see it just kept coming all day long, you can see flag flying
5:19 pm
there it is now 20 degrees with winds gusting to 17 miles per hour. storm scan three shows the system still has a lot of time across rthern maine, newick and nova scotwe are on ts winding down but still, last sne done with south jersey. look at this batch that has intensified moving over salem, gloucester, camden county. you can see intense snow bands comi downy goodple shading onditions on the roadsed area and adding another half inch to an inch of accumulation. what to expect after that snow finally moves out tonight? blowing and drifting will continue, it may look like eight or 9 inches of snow as we get drifts that could exceed a foot, and gusts to 40 t feel sub zero overnight and traveling very slow and very slick. as this storm continues to move, look at this tightly packed isobars, very tight
5:20 pm
pressure gradient, winds continue to howell and we will start tomorrow morning look at these feels like temperatures, nine below in philadelphia 17 below in mount feel much better an zero all day again, tomorrow night into saturday morning could feel as cold as ten below in the city. twenty below in the poconos. we could be hitting record lows, record low high i should say. forecasted high on saturday 16 coldest it has ever been for a high on that day is 18. that would be record high. our average 40. we are not enclose to average. coming up i will tell but another record low that may fall this weekend. overnight blowing snow. it will start to feel sub 010 degrees could feel as cold as ten below. for your friday blowing and , again, 17 but don't expect it to feel better than zero at the height of afternoon even with sunshine. bone chilling cold saturday. sunday morning low of four is close to the record. next week finally we will
5:21 pm
start to warm up but before the warm up comes in we may track another system with the wintry mix late monday into tuesday. next thursday 46. >> that is nice. >> one bright spot of the forecast. >> everybody in the pool, let's go. >> yeah. >> thanks, kate. still ahead on "eyewitness news" we are tracking this powerful nor'easter as the snow moves out and freeze moves in. check out this picture of the nasa satellite of the monmouth system hovering around eastern u.s. on their twitter page a head we will be live in the hardest hit parts of new jersey but it is not all bad, we will show you how or enjoying the snow day, eagles playoff tickets went on sale today, guess how long it took for them to sellout. plus how the bird battled the elements today as they get set for the
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headine for eagles fans
5:25 pm
today. >> um-hmm. >> was tickets went on sale. >> tickets went on sale and you had your guess, to you how longt took to sellout. you had your number in the head because it is coming up. >> i said five minutes. >> three and a half. >> bilo said, kate what did you say. >> ten minutes over there. >> all wrong. >> all wrong. >> ready for this eagles 10:00 a.m.kets went on sale they sold out by, 10:01. >> how about that. >> yeah. >> took 60 seconds on the 13th they will h their rst playf g in four years. no s dayer, for the second day in a row they practiced indoors. th were sheltered from the but o photographer there was no heat ub everyone else, who had to work today, if you did have to work to adjust on the morning commute. >> i can't drive my other>ñ car, so now i have a jeep, i got stuck in the snow a couple weeks, earlier, so i'm done
5:26 pm
playing with that snow. i'm in four-wheel drive and i'm good to go. >> i did leave a little earlier then normal but folks were out hard at work. appreciate all of the folks s freezing outside,eling, it definiteate them b i think the commute back, may be different. >> like the eagles newland had first round bye,om brady pad their way, practice bubble in foxboro massachusetts. there they are there, but paths looking for consecutive supk to back, last in 2003 and zero four. little bit.s uncomfortable. >> we heard from jay a jay i hav he was traded from miami in the middle of the season. he went from south beach to south philadelphia. >> he grew up in texas for a time. >> grew up in texas. >> yes. >> exactly. >> thanks, appreciate it.
5:27 pm
coming up next half an hour for some it was a snow day. >> but that meansork too, clearing off cars and shoveling sidewalks, how to protect yourself if you need to be outside, but for some, snow is all fun, right, tori. >> reporter: they were counting down until they were on tv, we are live in moorestown and it is a snow day. >> yeah. >> it is snow day could be more fun then this, this is one of the hottest hills to be sledding, we'rusing your trash can lid you found in the street before you got to your live shot. guys, show tmow they are let's . you guys go if this will work tune intos wasdea.
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snow may come to an end but don't let that fool you dangerous conditions remain in place down the shore thanks to the whipping winds, and this is sea sht of the storm. you can see snow blowing
5:31 pm
across the boardwalk there. now a live look at ocean city, new jersey where around a foot of snow is on the ground give or take a few inches depending on where youint can begin with the wind and extremely cold temperatures, it will be difficult. the storm is leaving its mark on the city of philadelphia as well. >> short time ago we have learn all fill school district schools will be closed again tomorrow, there are more closings and delays at bottom of the screen. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live in center city where it is tough getting around, alex. >> reporter: ukee and jessica we had to move from where we were near the septa headquarters on market street, because weitnessed a large sheet of ice fall off a tall we know that can be dangerous. we did have to move. that is something to keep in mind getting around on foot. when it comes to publish transportation, septa officials say that they have had some train cancellations and delays and will continue to throughout the routes are on
5:32 pm
detour. biggest piece of information thatame out septa's headquarters be running their regional rail service on a enhanced saturday schedule. d have overhead wire problems. we don't want people stranded, in too many vehicles orf we get into issues. we are trying to limit the number of trains out on the system tomorrow. we will also as we have had a couple different days this week, have rescue buses, in position in case something happens. >> reporter: septa says your best betgetting around will be those elevated lines, that you can get their full schedule of changes, on their web site they have all of that under a winter weather link, but again , as for people getting around on foot in center city, it is super slushy, we are skating a little bit before into that press conference. something to keep in mind
5:33 pm
especially crossing the street is just to keep very aware of your surrodings, we have witnessed both people and vees sliding so keepagain watch for that falg ice, because that can be very, reporting live, i'm alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> alex, thank you. with people out clearing sidewalks, parng driveways it can be dangerous. on the healthwatch tonight some local hospitals are starting torowi reporter stephanie stahl is here with more on at. a matter of time, guys. it happens every nor'easter when it is snowy,y, crazy cold people get hurt. we are talkingboraffic accident heart attacks and broken bones reled fls. hospital emergency departmen patients. >> there will be more accidents as people start to venture out.r: dtor catherine
5:34 pm
crowley of lancaster happen say the emergency depth busy when people are out in weather like this. >> sub zero wind chills all day all night. >> reporter: driving on snowy frozen roads bringing a number of injuries from traffic accidents. some of the most dangerous weather-related injuries come with heart attacks caused by shoveling snow. >> it is very important that you limit amount ofe thaw are shoveling snow. should not f you have a we existing heart condition or elderly. >> reporter: being outside in extended period of time for extremely cold weather increased risk of hypotheria when body temperatures drops and frostbite when exposed skin freezes. >> you only have to be outside for 20 oncer says broken bones common weather-related injury. people slip and fall on slippery surfaces. >> wrist, elbows ankles, you know, you brace yourself to see wrist, elbow fractures.
5:35 pm
we see dislocad shoulders. we see ankle fractures. >> reporter: in spite of the warnings about snowblowers, yes, those injuries are routine when it snows. >> we do still see people that attempt to unblock the snow blower even though it is not turned off and it starts again and that can be a pretty seriury for your and fingers. >> very serious. >> i checked with hospital region and they are expting ather-related injuries tonight, tomorrow andnthh the w. it is dangerous. once we get this snow out it won't be as slippery but it will be so cold, hype thermal, yeah frostbite a big concern now. >> yes. >> stay inn died. >> for sure. >> we have been keeping a eye all day lg willround the area, take a live look at conshohocken, this is fey yet street and eighth avenue. traffic is moving there clean
5:36 pm
up still to come. but they still got long to go on those side streets. >> well, some are making most of the winter weather getting you in the elements for fun. >> vittoria woodill is in moorestown, montgomery county, stokes hill, popular, sledding spot and we know she would have a good time out there, to ri. >> reporter: i always have a great time and i find the best kid. difficult find the best kid here or what. >> yes. >> straight a's. >> reporter: these folks are all in seventh grade. you guysave been coming to this hill quite sometime. why is this head the place to sled. >> well... it is very fast. >> it is very steep. >> what about you, aj what do you think the best sledding hill in the area. >> because sometimes i go really fast and it is really flying dn it is steep, it is fast and there has got to be a better way to do it. what are tips for going down,
5:37 pm
and getting, catching that air and going down not quite like him but going down sledding down the hill. >> what do you think. >> what is the key. >> well, if you go fast, if you go fast enough and it goes area to go sledding then you will go, very fast and you'll get to the end. >> reporter: i love that. probably could keep all hands inside the car at all time, all that stuff. do you think i cap get some good air with the trash can liddy found. >> yeah. >> raise your hand for yes. >> yeah. >> raise your hand to know. >> raise your hand if we should give it a go. >> all right, let's hit the hill. where is alan? you guys, i will watch you do it first see how you do, allen , an, you have sea goggles on. you are the pro. how should do i this thing. >> you should, while going down, like grab the, jump
5:38 pm
and throw your stuff with your board. >> good tips. >> should i try it. >> cool. >> let me toss this off. guys, i will see if this trash can lid will work. alan, i feel like i trust you. you say just go for it. >> i will go for it. >> this is one of the best times have the year when all of the kid are having most fun and i love being part of this. >> um, um, um. >> don't you too. >> yeah, she loves this. >> hold this for me please. >> i raised my hand on no, for the record. here we g >> she disappear. >> she wst in the pile. >> that trash can is not cutting it. >> wait a minute she took. >> now the young person is crying. no, no i'm just playing. >> would chill check on tori
5:39 pm
answer she slips in the dark ness. there she goes. but they are having fun. >> they are having a great time. >> this storm which is more than a thousand miles wide is barreling northward. >> in massachusetts the storm is churning up the ocean and people are dealing with sno cold, and flooding. our storm coverage continues in a live report from boston in ten minutes. president is trying to shut down a book reportedly detailing his first year in office. why his lawyers are issuing a cease and
5:40 pm
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5:42 pm
the dow jones industrial surpasses another milestone earning high price from president trump, this morning he tweeted, dow jones just crashes through 25,000, congrats, big cuts in unnecessary regulations, continuing. strong global economic growth
5:43 pm
has analyst predicting future gains. well, a controversial new book critical of the president and his first year in office has gone on sale, four days early. >> fire and fury will hit book shelves tomorrow, publisher made decision after president trump's attorneyent a cease and desist letter to the book 's author michael wolff, demands book not be released because it is full of they say false statements. former chief strategies steve ban on is quoted throughout. he obviously change his tune pretty quick. >> the big picture here is a picture of a white house that is chaotic, a president whose impulses, whip saw the white house of a lot of back stabbing, front stabbing. >> white house announced staff ers and visitors to the west wing will no longer be allowed to use personal device s, they say for security purpose, not to stop leaks. as we continue tonight on "eyewitness news", this storm is winding down but winds are kicking up and temperatures
5:44 pm
are plunging. >> that means blowing snow and that snow is turning to ice on the road, cbs-3 mobile weather watcher is out checking traffic. we also have kate's updated forecast in
5:45 pm
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5:47 pm
christmas tree was able to úwiepi snow.and, erika's i wildwood, these folks posted this photo to the cbs-3on't car. same storm that hit our region is churning up east coast paralyzing our neighbors to the northth conditions and coastal flooding. >> correspondentenneth craig is live inhere people are bracing for up to a foot of snow, hi kenneth. >> reporter: well, beginning to you, make no mistake it has been a rough in massachusetts for hardy new englanders, snow still coming down, pounding all day long and just have not let up.
5:48 pm
waves crashed oversee see wall in massachusetts on thursday as a powerful storm brought snow, win, and coastal flooding to much of the east coast. forecasters say new england could end up with a foot and a half of snow. in wooster massachusetts postal worker ryan toscano braved elements to deliver the mail. >> not a good day to be out there. >> reporter: snow came down up to 3 inches per hour in boston it is not just snow that is problem in bosto but this brutal winds, gusts up to 50 miles an hour. >> slippery, very, very slippery. i know friends of mine are shoveling, twisting around and landing, and hit their head and out of the game for the game report report on new york 's long island where wind tops 50 miles drivers were on the road. some long islandersed f as on to
5:49 pm
also caused accidents , on new jersey's highways, and, and while millions deal with this misery they were playing in georgia a day after it snowed there. >> what is really been incribll day long is just how quickly, all of this snow has come down, right now we have inches on the ground here in the middle of the city right now and as you can see snow has not yet stopped, yes. >> kenneth, we saw the win we are getting that wind down here in philadelphia, is it still doing that in boston right now. >> well, you can see it pick up, as we were asking that question. i'm protect by a kiosk in the middle of the park to protect us. but wind has been crazy today, 50, 60 miles an hour in and around boston.
5:50 pm
when we get to the coastal communities they have reported wind gusts up to 70 miles an hour. those are hurricane force wind , coupled with all of this snow and situation that exist outside are messy, dangerous situations for hundreds of thousands if not millions of people. >> absolutely. much.nneth craig, thank you so i guess it is able to start to move out up there as well. >> they are still seeing significant snow, but starting to come to an end as it shifts up in thead maritime provinces. as we have been saying 4 inches inlphia, foot in boston this is not unheard of snowfall but everything else coupled through, with th white out and the with after effects of this system forys upo the weekend. so even though for has coming to an end, still major problems out there on the roads or if you are outside at all for next couple days. lets look at our library
5:51 pm
camera which looks like a beautiful view, everything covered in white here, about 4 e philadelphia area, and right in our three to six range that is what we ended u w we added total the year up over a foot for this winter, 1.6 inches since start of the december, it looks nice butf you have to be out there on the roads thing are still mess a cross the city. please take it slow tonight. you don't want to be out in the elements american you have to. checking in with our eyewitness weather watchers we love having them as part of our team on a day like today, any day really but especially leill getsville gote.eck onsnowe william in levittown got four. gary had three. and a half in willow grove. ed in chesterfield 7 inches there chestnut hill had 3 inches of snow. chalfont at four. less in 2 inches in newark delaware but willingboro, new jersey, kenneth martin had 6 inches of snow.
5:52 pm
and they send photos as well. showing the snow today. this one from phil showing big flakes of snow that started to fall, as the storm began, we have had this one from wayne showing a, enjoying the snow, and how these bird stay and enjoy. he is outside in the elements. he looks okay. here's a beautiful sunset shop from tonight as the storm wind s it colors this one wt to expect moving forward? things are getting better as far as snow youanwhite out cond. this is a time lapse video from the boardwalk plaza in rehoboth beach. it was just, snowing, all day long, snowing, heavily at times, and white out conditions, continuing down the shore although things are getting better. long andee how the sea was boardwalk covered in snow. visability have improved just slightly but winds gusting to 52 miles per hour. storm scan three shows boston area still seeing those outer bans of snow, they are starting to see last bit
5:53 pm
across massachusetts. we are in the very tail end of this here's center of the storm heading up toward maine, and the canadian maritime provinces but still, seeing a little bit of intensification here of this ban over gloucester, camden county in new jersey, and, that will slow you down, and, recapping snow totals margate city, over performer at 16 inches. toms river 10.3. milton delaware seven and a half. norristown 3 inches, and, and, it may have been, and, the kid ; have been loving it, and, even wined. and, tire them out, and, winter break, goes little longer then expect with the snow day. overnight temperatures dropped down to 10 degrees, blowing snow, sub zero wind chill out there, and tomorrow, it will feel in better than zero all day, bitter cold and wind through the day. after the storm winds stay p outages are
5:54 pm
still possice over. we could be attempting record cold, and that would be on sunday morning but you see wind chills go into effect overnight. wind chill around city and suburbs, wind chill warning in the poconos where wind chills could reach 30 here's our possible record sunday morning 4 degrees is the low. record is four setback on that day in 2014. eyewitness weather seven day forecast wins stay wiy less win, 21 degrees and next system could bring a wintry mix late monday into tuesday but it does warm up next week. ukee and jessica. >> kate, thanks. taylor swift is hoping to shake off another lawsuit. >> why a girl group is taking on the pop star. and more on the rumors you'll seen the few weeks right here on cbs-3. hot minute with bex is
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in... and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it!
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5:58 pm
bex from 96.5 has it all in the hot minute. >> thanks, we are kicking who is taking on yetth lawsuit.pop star's lawyers have asked a federal judge to dismiss a copy right lawsuit over her hit single, shake it specifically to these lyrics. >> ♪ players going to play, play, play, and haters will hate, hate, hate, hate ♪ >> two song writers are claiming word were t from a 2001 single players going to play. >> ♪ there but taylor'sawyersargue ta musical cliche and you cannot have a monopoly of the idea players will play, and hate. ruo swirling around take already swift performing at 68th annual grammys, it has confirmed lady gaga, pink, and little big town are taking the stage, and james corden will
5:59 pm
take on hosting duties when the show airs january 28th, right here on cbs. and, grammys, trex will steel the show. that has been viewed more than 200,000 times. if you listen, king of the dinosaurs is leading a symphony playing jurassic park theme song. it is absolutely the best. they are trying to figure out why the costume one more question for you, why only one , doctor sues sues hat. internet is a great place. that is your hot minute, i'm b ex from today's 96.5. >> they are hot right now. >> every other week we have another video of one. if you have one, put it on the internet. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00, slammed down the shore this winter storm dealt many spots along the coast a big blow, dumping more than a foot in some towns, kate? we will recap just how much snow fell today as the snow moves, out and we will start to deal with the next round of problems, in deep
6:00 pm
freeze, and sub zero wind chills and wicked wind that is could leave the power outages. m the cbs-3 mobil weather watcher, making its way through the streets of new jersey. we will check with our chelsea ingram navigating those road. storm makes for quite a clean up, shovels, snowblowers getting to work early as we dig out from this nor'easter now, the winter storm hits the region packing a particularly hard punch down the shore. and avalon, no sand dunes on dune drive but drifts of snow, instead, and that is just part of the problem. ocean city, haven street covered in water as tidal flooding, spills on to the roads there, but it wasn't just the shore, from the first day to the city to the suburbs , everyone in our area got a little taste of this winter weather and we are not done just yet. good evening, i'm ukee
6:01 pm
washington. i'm jessica dean. the snow is on its way out but biting cold is back, and the wind is still whipping. >> we want to let you know philadelphia public and archdiocese schools will be closed tomorrow. you can see other closures and delays at the bottom of your screen. weteam three coverage with reporters spread all over the area we will check with them throughout our broadcast. >> but first our team of meteorologists is tracking had latest, chelsea ingrammys in the cbs-3 mobile weather watcher. we will begin with kate billow , kate, how are things shaping up for tonight. >> things are getting a little better as far as falling snow is concerned. most of the snow has pushed out although is there one batch over portions of south rs


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