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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  January 5, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> one day after nor'easter hits the region the concern now turns to the dangerous cold. >> sub zero windchills and temperatures, no better than the teens. after the winter storm comes the clean up. we will show you where residents are digging out from over a foot of snow. >> now a live look from the mobile weather watcher. be careful, any un treated surfaces have likely turned to ice. >> today is friday, january 5th, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jan carabeo. jim donovan is off today. school closings and delays are scrolling at the bottom of our screen right now, and there are a lot of them this morning all philadelphia public schools and archdioces schools are closed again today. >> now a check of today's
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forecast with katie and meisha >> good morning, ladies, happy friday. so on my way in this morning, i saw some spun out vehicles, and it is still very, very slick on the on and offer ramps. like we were talking about the side streets, as well, stowe will be another long morning. >> i won't be shocked by that at all. i wouldn't be shocked that a lot of schools are closing today. so much clean up needs to be done, then just too harsh for the kids. you don't want them out waiting for the bus in this kind of harsh cold. but at least the storm is gone , yes. first things first. i'm realist, we are seeing the end of this storm system, it is out of here at this point, the storm itself is actually still spinning away and churning across atlantic canada, at this point, but it is long gone from our area, and the sky has cleared out very, very nicely. but, the winds, that is not going anywhere just yet. of course it will knock your feels-like values down, now that the storm is gone, up next this is cold and it is harsh, with gusts still into the 30's, so they're not as
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strong as yesterday. but look at what it has done to your feels-like temperatures, this is the value you must go by. all day today, all day tomorrow. the winds is still going to be noticeable through that entire 48 hour stretch. and as a result, it may feel no better than zero throughout that entire time frame. anywhere, even here in the urban areas. so it is very, very harsh outside. in short, taking quick peak around the region as a whole, technically we are going to reach the teens on the thermometer, but this is actually, meisha, going to end up being the most harsh cold we've faced so far from this stretch of, i mean, of sub freezing, we haven't been above freezing since the day after christmas. >> been a while. >> freezing cold, and like you said, up at the desk, those little kids out at the bus stop, those animals outside, take caution for them. we are looking outside right now, take a look at the camera shot, all of the snow, anything, that may be melted from has now refroze end over,
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so the road surfaces will be again very dangerous today. even though we don't have the snow falling down, just heads up on this, this is spring garden street near the art museum, 95 south at cottman, seeing some activity here, pulled off to the shoulder, they've moved out of the way now, see what we are looking at, very light levels there. speed restrictions, still in play, on those bridges, so the ben franklin, walt whitman bridge, betsy ross, comedy barry bridge, 35, 25 miles per hour, and i would definitely stick to those speed limits. also, more speed restrictions still in new jersey, garden state parkway, and in delaware on 495, 50 or 55 miles per hour, plus we do have accident in new jersey, as well, route 130 at market street. rahel, jan, back to you. >> thank you, winter weather jess will affect your commute today. snow and the bitter colds are making for dangerous travel conditions. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do all bundled up this morning out there checking out neighborhoods today, and right now she is along chalfont drive near academy drive in the far northeast.
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how is it looking, trang? >> reporter: well, good morning, jan, rahel. it depend on where you look. take a look, i'll move out of the way. this is academy road, pretty major route in the northeast. you can see it is pretty much clean but you turn the camera on to the side street that we have been talking about, this is chalfont, and it is absolutely covered in snow. now, because of these road conditions, and the extreme temperatures, these schools are closed today, city officials really hoping to reduce the number of cars on the road, they continue to clear these streets. there is also a bus route here that we have been seeing go through here throughout the morning. so those who take septa really are going to have to be aware of number of weather-related changes. take a look, buses antiroll list run on normal friday schedule, but definitely expect detours as well as delays as again they will be navigating the philly street in pretty -- pretty handcuff shape. all kind of delays on the regional rail, they'll be operating on modified saturday schedule today. those lines will run at about 75% of what they normally do
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on the weekdays. they do not want to unnecessarily tax the aging infrastructure for the extreme temperatures. here is general manager, jeff from septa. >> because of the extreme cold winds could have overhead wire problems, we don't want people stranded in too many vehicles, or if we get into issues, so trying to limit the number of trains are out on the system. >> really encouraging people to really dress warmly, because there could be some delays, as they're waiting out here in the extreme temperatures. also, he's telling people, to really check their routes, make sure they're running, there are number every routes suspended because every these road conditions. so real dow that before you leave your house, you can do that on for now live in the far northeast, trang do, cbs-3, " eyewitness news," jan, rahel, back to you. >> trang, thank if you. well the shore took the brunt of the storm. this is a live look at cape may, near the beach. you can see the street lights
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there swaying a bit as the winds continues to whip. cape may reported nearly 10 inches of snow, nearby cape may courthouse, 17 inches. , and many of the shore towns will continue digging out today, and they'll be dealing with sub zero temperatures as well as strong winds. another difficult day ahead for those that have to walk to work or get to public transportation. >> atlantic county remains under a travel ban for all but non-essential vehicles until county deems roads safe to travel. >> if you're not comfortable, and you don't know how to take it easy, take your time, like you probably shouldn't drive. >> flooding also big problem as you can see, and " eyewitness news" viewer, from ocean city, sent us this cell phone video of her street flooding from the bay, the water has since receded. >> investigators trying pinpoint what caused a fire in atlantic city apartment building. firefighters returned to the jeffrey inlet tower on vermont avenue at around 6:00 last night, and went floor by floor to get everyone out. no one was hurt. there is no word this morning
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on damage. tenants were sheltered at the uptown school complex in the inlet tower. >> one woman is dead and weather-related crash involving a septa train in montgomery county. the accident happened yesterday morning in lower moreland, officials say an s.u.v. slipped through a gaeton red lion road, hit septa regional rail train. female passenger in the vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver also a woman managed to escape just before the suv hit the train. >> bitter blast keeping the philadelphia water department busy, crews spent much of the day yesterday, figuring a 16- inch water main that ruptured in the rhawnhurst section of the city. the brake at rhawn and castor left dozens of residents and businesses there without water for hours. italian bakery took the brunt of the hit. water flooded the basement of the small family-owned bits. a controversial new book that's critical of the president and his first year in office is going on sale today. a fire is hitting book stores four days early, made the decision after president trump
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's attorney sent cease and desist letter to author michael wolf. it demands manned the book not be released because it is full of false statement, also contains quotes from former chief strategist, steve bannon , according to trump's lawyer, found none disclosure agreement with the trump campaign. >> big picture here picture of a white house that is chaotic of the president whose impulses whip saw the white house of a lot of back stabbing, front stabbing. >> now in a tweet last night the president bash wolf in part saying i never spoke to him for the book, full of lies , misrepresentation, and sources that don't exist. the president also referred to ban on as, quote, sloppy steve >> so far no word on funeral plans for former new jersey governor brendan byrne. he died yesterday at his home in essex county. the two-term democrat authorized referendum that allowed gambling in atlantic sit, preserve the pine barons, signed new jersey first income tax into law.
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brendan byrne was 93 years old as if snow and winds from a nor'easter were not enough, coming up we'll show you where people were dealing with historic flooding from the very same powerful storm system, that's coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> you may want to think twice about that salad. the warning about eating romain lettuce, why the cdc is urging people to be cautious. we're back in two minutes.
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>> back now on "eyewitness news," the first major snowstorm of the year turns streets into rivers in many new england communities. this massive flooding is in massachusetts, prompted the deposition employment of the national guard. the flooding came hours after the resident there were asked to evacuate their homes. the storm also brought lots of snow in boston, prompting public schools to be closed again today. this is how it look in the city there at the height of the snowfall. much of eastern massachusetts got anywhere between a foot
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and 18 inches of snow. and, up north, new york city also got hit hard. tough conditions there, as well. take a look at this. many cars got stuck on unplowed streets, and it wasn't an easy for those on foot or wheels for that matter new york city got around a foot of snow. and, how about this? incredible view of the bomb cyclone from space. yes, you can see the massive storm there spinning offer the coast. incredible. >> such a big storm. we got hit, too, you know, the shore points got over a foot of snow. >> katie is here with another check of the forecast. of course the focus the snow, now talking about this cold, even colder than new years day >> absolutely, this is the most harsh cold, in fact, that we'll fails from the snap that we've been dealing with now for days on end. it was the day after christmas , that we actually bottomed out, or dropped below the freezing mark. we haven't gone past it ever since. now, snowfall totals from yesterday, clearly not exhaustive list here, but his gives you a sense of the spread that took place.
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atlantic city ended up with record snowfall, 14.2 inches fell there, toms river beating it out by a .10 of an inch. collingdale, half foot, bryn mawr even pick up 5 inches, and i believe that's about what we had at my place out in delco. then dover, 4.3 inches fell there. further inland you went, lighter the totals became. so it really showed you it was obviously a very much coastal storm. but the brunt of the storm was always going to go to the shore no matter what ended up happening with the track. near are actual air temperatures, what you want want you to do, knock off at least as many as ten, 20 degrees, right now feels more like sub zero everywhere. even in philadelphia. even at the shore. if you have to factor that in to the way you dress to be out in there is the way you plan your day, if today is a day that you are going to try to remove some of the snow, we all have to get out and take care of, that you are going to have to be smart about that. take freak went breaks as you shovel. and just make sure you are paying attention to how your body feels. keeping in mind here that
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frostbite can set in easily in as little as 30 minutes, with the kinds of chill we're dealing with, there is a windchill advisory, that actually lasts through saturday evening, so this is a twst incredibly harsh cold, everywhere. only into the teens at best t won't feel any better than zero if you're lucky during any of that entire stretch. but there is a breitbart spot. monday there may be a wintery mix. we finally rebound past freezing, and tuesday, really looking like a gem at this point, meisha, 40 degrees, it will feel like bathing suit weather. >> sure is, 40 degrees is going to be super nice to have that again, especially after yesterday and today and the freezing cold over the weekends. thanks so much, katie. so, i'm going to show this picture shot, spring garden street near art museum. >> this kind of gives awe snapshot what we will be working with today. so yes, most of the major road surface haves been treated. but some of those sidewalks, side street, the smaller roads , they may be extremely slippery. where the bigger roads even if treated will get slippery again is if we have exhaust
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that maybe loosen up some of the ice and then it refreezes over, that's where we get some black ice. just heads up on. that will you can see the snow, you can see how slick it still is, overall volume levels at this hour we know will be real light. ninety-five south at cottman, what we are looking, a and certainly starting to see movement around there. speed restrictions in play from yesterday: ben franklin, walt whitman bridge, comedy barry bridge, 35 to 25 miles per hour, then we also still have the a.c. expressway new jersey turnpike, garden state parkway and in delaware on 495 thirty-five, 250, 255, miles per hour, and you will have to travel those speeds. i would not be traveling around fast today. and an accident in jersey out there, still, route 130 at market street. rahel, back over to you. >> all right, meisha, thank up ment the flyers were awarding fans who braved yesterday's storm with fire pour in south philly. sean, opened the scoring, against the islanders on the power play in the first period the ivan was one of four flyers goals in the second
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periods. court air also had assist and fight. first career gordy, hat trick, goal, in the same game. flyers go onto win and host the tomorrow afternoon. >> later this morning, philadelphia mayor jim kenly proclaim thomas ed snider youth who can or foundation day in philadelphia. in honor of the late flyers founder. recognizes the off-ice educational programs and the on-ice excitement the team has provided the community of philadelphia. also activities at the city's five public skating rings all day tomorrow, which would have been ed snider's 85th birthday well, coming up: major security flaw that affect just about every computer, smart phone and tablet. >> still ahead, what you should do to protect your devices, we'll also have this. >> during the holiday break, i had a slight medical problem. >> health concerns for jeopardy host al trick he can, the medical problem that required medical
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>> if you have a computer your personal information is at risk right now, discovered flaws in processing chips that are in almost every computer made since 1995. the processers are also found in smart phones, and tablets. those flaws can allow attackers to read sensitive data stored in your computer memory it includes passwords. government officials say the best way to protect yourself is to update your software to the latest version. windows, apple, and google, all have released software updates, more are in the works officials with the centers for disease control say leafy greens may be to blame for deadly e-coli outbreak. that will outbreak happened in late november, early deals it, made 17 people across 13 states sick. pennsylvania was one of those states. one person died. cdc officials say they're not certain yet about the source of the infection, but they do say that signs are pointing toward leavey greens and romain lettuce, the cdc is still investigating. >> 4:49.
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time for check on business news. >> money watch's diane king hall joins us live this morning from the new york stock exchange, good morning. we know hiring typically ramps up in deals. how many jobs were added, diane? >> good morning, rahel, jan, employers went on hiring spree in the final month of 2017. processor adp say businesses added 250,000 jobs in december that was more than expected. the report is due to the precursor to the government monthly jobs report. that's out later this morning. economists predict that will show the economy added 195,000 jobs. and that the nation's unemployment rate held steady, at 4.1%. rahel, jim? >> so this sound pretty good, too. how would you like to wake up to the sound of bacon cooking, diane? what's this all about? >> right? for breakfast lovers, basically unique sounds to wake up to, einstein brothers bagels has replaced traditional alarm clock sounds with breck fag theme ones on their website. you can download mp3's for your phone, to be woken up by
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the sizzle of bacon or the drip of coffee brewing. i like both of them. yes! >> me too. >> both of themment and now we can get like a smell feature, if we could wake up to the smell every bacon? i would hop out of bed. >> oh, ya. >> oh, my god, yes. >> all right, diane, see you in the next hour. >> fans of jeopardy will be happy to hear long time host alex trebek on the mends. >> recovering after surgery. >> some of you may have heard by now that during the holiday break, i had a slight medical problem. >> alex explained the situation in a video on the show's facebook page. he told viewers that he underwent surgery for blood clots on his brain caused him to fall billion two months ago , he said he spent two days in the hospital, now recovering at home. he says he will be back soon but there is no official timetable for his return. glad he's doing better. coming up after the break, a unique marriage proposal at 30,000 feet, and not what you might think. >> and katie will also have the latest on this dangerous cold, and what you can expect
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> it may not be as harsh of conditions traveling around as yesterday, but you obviously will still be facing this kind of an issue when you get out the door, trying to get out of the neighborhoods, probably going to be pretty difficult. a lot of snow still lining, not just the actual road surface, but certainly, built up against a lot of these cars if anybody is trying to get out of those spots, they're all plowed in from the plow moving on through. this is live shot from the cbs-3 mobile weather watcher. we will be checking in on the conditions throughout the course of the morning, but you know, at least, again, the snow is done. that's long gone. now we've just got to deal with the aftermath in the form of very harsh cold and clean up. so, the clean up is one thing. but when you have got to be out in the kind of harsh cold to get it all done, that's where things get little dicey
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ment you really got to be smart about how you handle this. you might need to do it in shifts. but here is a look at the travel forecast for you. this morning, this afternoon, and then for the drive home. it is really just the caution lights. because the crews are out there, in full force, trying get the job done, trying to get it all out of your way. will still be blowing snow around, even through the entire day frankly. but, at least the snow has stopped. it is not going to continue to fall. now you have just got to worry about the left-overs, the slush, the slickness that can still be out there in the wake of yesterday. so, this is going to be stuck with us for awhile, especially places like jersey where you got slammed with two, 3-inch per hour snowfall bands. so you just piled it up through the course of late morning yesterday. storm scan, looking totally different. actually empty at this point. it will stay that way, even through sunday, but by monday, meisha, this is a total trade- off here. we finally crack the freezing mark. first time since the day after christmas, in fact, but we could see wintery mix late in the day at that point. for now, it is just freezing
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cold outside. >> sure s my eyes went right to tuesday, katie. >> forty and sunshine! sign me up. >> right? sign me up, too. all right, katie, thank you so much. we just have to get through another rough dom youth. it will be because of katie pointed out we still have all of the snow on the roadways, especially on some of the side is streets, sidewalks, smaller roads. all of the majors have probably been treated at this point. but you probably will still have some black ice out there. specially when you move off to the shoulder. so we are starting to have to take it real careful today. this is a look at new jersey, 295 at route 70. what you are working with. you can see some of these treated surfaces then off to the shoulder see where it gets little slick. then of course see the snow as well. ninety-five at woodhaven, kind of giving awe peak here, actually, the roads surfaces are actually looking okay on 95. lots of snow off to the side. going to be little bit slow and speed restrictions still in play. we are talking more about this coming up in a little bit. jan, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. and arizona couple is on cloud
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nine today after a marriage proposal thousands of feet in the air. >> cory gilbert, licensed pilot, took his girlfriends brittany sightseeing on new years day. they're flying around for a bit. he flew over a message on the grounds that red, will you marry me? brittany red it, bill bert pulled out an engagement ring and brittany said yes. >> i didn't even know what to think. i was completely floored. i kept staring at him, staring at the ring, want to go hug him, not wanting him to crash the plane if i did. >> good idea. the couple planning to tie the knot next november, maybe on the grounds, maybe in the air? >> unconventional. >> pilot, ya. >> coming up here on cbs-3 " eyewitness news," live at residents dig out from yesterday's snow. plus we're keeping an eye on the slick roads this morning. >> then, a cruise would be nice, wait until you hear where this ocean liner is setting sale for this morning and how much it cost to travel on board. >> and lady gaga has a new residency in las vegas, but we will tell you how you can see her at home. we're back at the top of the hour. stay with us.
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. a one-two punch, the area is blanketed in snow, and now the setting in. temperatures are dangerously low. and, from the city, to the shore. this is a live look at cape may, one of the hardest hit areas, you can see the street lights swaying. much. roads still covered in snow. the cbs-3 mobile weather watcher is out checking the roads this morning. this is a live picture, and you can see, plenty of roads are still treacherous today. today is friday, january 5th, 2018. good morning, i'm jan carabeo in for jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon for second straight day, all philadelphia public and archdioces schools are closed, more school schools and delays
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