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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  January 5, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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right now at noon time the snow may have stopped falling but ice, slush, bitter cold winds remain. it can take your breath away nearly. >> mother nature has to figure herself out. >> now we may not have a direct line to mother nair but katie fehlinger is tracking this bitter cold blast to track how long it will stick around. >> good afternoon i'm rahel solomon. aim jan carabao. jim donovan is off today. nor'easter that battered thee coast yesterday has moved up and out but frigid temperatures are hanging around, all weekend.
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>> we have team coverage of the bitter winter blast we will begin with meteorologist katie fehlinger in the weather center. is what very latest now. >> we never got above zero this morning and we are not going to do it at the height of the afternoon, guys, so really, really bitterly cold outside. we will start off by giving you a visual of this, looking outside in the live neighborhood network there was just a, foreground that may have moved around on the playground here but you can see the shaking, cameras here, that tells the story, it is a wind flow that has been predominantly out of the west, but this one at 19 miles an hour. your actual air temperature is 12. imagine what that is doing tour feels like. here it is, it is making it feel like it is below zero every where, this isn't just confined to those outlining suburbs or higher terrain in the poconos, guys, this is every where, along most urban ized corridor of 95, it still feels at the airport for example like it is five below
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zero. this is a theme, right through , to tomorrow, wind chill advisories are now going to be, lasting us into tomorrow and we have wind chill warnings, as well, for the poconos region. we are spending quite a bit of time here in this territory. at least through tomorrow, so essentially we're looking at 60 hours straight of sub zero wind chill values, with time certainly that does mean that we will eventually rebound out of the war of this, but, we're still only going to be reaching, at least average for january standard. coming up later on we will talk about the timing on all this and even potential chances for wintry precipitation but for now, jan and rahel we are stuck in the deep freeze. >> katie, thank you. mobile weather watcher is on the road this afternoon surveying condition of the streets all around our area here, in philadelphia, many streets in the port richmond section are still covered in ice and slush. this is a live look right now you can only see tire tracks down this road still a lot of
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snow in the roads and on the sidewalks, you have to be careful out there. meteorologist chelsea in grammys live on the sky deck this noon with how these below freezing temperatures are impacting travel on those slushy roadways, chelsea. >> well, jan we are dealing with a mess outside still. we had a mess yesterday and it is sticking around throughout today. let's go through this graphic to show you travel wise. we will watch for more of those slick road especially those side streets, still very problematic, even as we head east of i-95 where we have had higher snowfall accumulations. main streets and highways they are looking pretty good but keep in mind those side streets are pretty much any road or surface untreated still can be very problematic, at this time. temperatures in the teens all day to day this means the snow is sticking around all the way into the weekend, we can see gusts to 40 miles an hour in philadelphia but even to 45 miles an hour, down the shore, so that means that areas of blowing snow, drifting snow, that is still
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going to be an issue today and that will cause difficult travel after those road, that have not been plowed those road that haven't been treated my main message while we still deal with the aftermath the wind, cold from this system moving on out give yourself extra time and help out your friends and neighbors, now back inside to you. >> good advice, thank you. lets check with our greg air ghost live from feltonville at streets department salt yard where city officials wrapped up a news conference on post storm clean up. greg, good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, rahel. they are calling this a major operation as you can imagine, that has been going on since wednesday night when those salting trucks went and hit the road. now it is all about cleaning, clearing the road. we are told 200 pieces of equipment are used. i want to show you just until about 30 seconds ago they were filling up salt trucks throughout the area. good thing you do not see here because we pan to the right here you can see almost everyone of the trucks right now is out, and on the roads,
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we are told once again, 200 pieces of equipment, 800 men and women driving these trucks and reaching all 2500 miles of roadways. we were told by steve, the highway engineer that there are 400 miles of residential roadways, those smaller side streets, he says, every single one of those roadways will be cleared, today, and if they have in the been already. but come 12:00 noon today right around now you can call 311 and get a crew to come out to your location. they are starting to process those calls right now starting at noon time today. if you do have untreated roadways, but i want to give you some sound that we heard from steve lauren during this press conference about how big of an operation this really was, lets take a listen. >> but in a snow event like this we operated our full deployment plan which is we tried to get to every street within the city of philadelphia at least once, some streets look like we may not have gotten to them but we may have gotten to them early in the event as snow was
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falling are right in the beginning. those streets we are attempting to get back to do a final treatment of, plowing and salting. >> reporter: back here live this is a truck that is waiting for salt right now basically everything else, out on the road, another interesting thing we have learn during this press conference is that the men and women working this event, they are not going home, they are working for about eight hours, salting and plowing the road and they are coming back in the depot here, they are resting for four to six hours and then heading out again. it is a continuing operation, goal, of course, to get these roadways cleared, it is so cold though, right now we are told that sometimes the salties not working, great news it is very bright, as you can tell, that is helping a little bit but these frigid temperatures are not helping with the salt melting some of the snow and the ice, that is very latest live from feltonville, greg air ghost for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now, lets take a look at our sky scan three shot in cape may and what a difference
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a day makes. yesterday you could not make out the ocean to day you can see the waves still dangerously cold out there, but it is a beautiful looking day with plenty of blue skies as greg allowed todd there. yesterday's winter storm dump high snow accumulation in the area along the new jersey shore. state of emergency was issued for entire state of new jersey we will take you back to the shore for how clean up efforts are going there later today on "eyewitness news" beginning at 5:00. pain from this nor'easter is being felt up and down the east coast, 15 to 20-foot waves pounded waterfront homes in coastal new england and now that flooding is turning to ice. correspondent kenneth craig has more from boston. >> reporter: massachusetts is frozen, over as new england find is it self in the grips of what could be a record setting, deep freeze. >> super cold. it is like sharp. >> reporter: arctic blast can make temperatures feel as low as minus 35 degrees in some parts of the northeast.
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freeze warnings extend down to florida where airplanes are being dized. >> very cold, i cannot feel my nose. >> reporter: deep freeze comes a day after a massive winter storm paralyzed the region. here in boston is there still plenty of clean up to be done, more than 13 inches of snow fell and now officials are concerned what is not cleaned up could turn to ice. the storm hit during high tide intensified by a super moon, icy water from the cities harbor submerged streets downtown and flooded a subway station if anyone wants to just see where the flood zones are they did not flood 30 years ago. >> reporter: crews used raft, height water trucks and front load tore rescue people stranded in their homes. record flooding, stretched up the coast to maine. >> where i grew up and my childhood memories are being washed away. >> reporter: weather toys blame for at lee 19 deaths, more than 100,000 homes, and businesses lost power. in new jersey, fire fighters, braved the bitter cold to
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battle a five building blaze and rescued several people. the water from hoses frozen and likely won't melt for days kenneth craig for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we have some breaking news now a two alarm fire is burning inside of the italian bistro in gloucester city camden county. fire fighters were called to the restaurant on the 900 block of ninth street about an hour ago. we are told, crews are having, difficulties getting a handle on the fire and they may need to be out there for a while. no injuries have been reported hazmat crews respond to the university of pennsylvania 's applied sciences and engineering building this morning. fire department was because of the a situation involving volume chloroform just after 8:00 a.m. smoke was coming from the windows of the building. so far the department is not saying what led to the call at 33rd and walnut only that nobody was inside at the time and no injuries were reported. many of had, day dreams today right now almost a
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billion dollars are up for grabs. >> a billion dollars. mega millions and power ball jackpot have a total of 950 million-dollar, and mega millions grand prize is 418 million-dollar, and if someone matches all of the numbers and takes all of that prize money at once they will get 261 million-dollar before taxes. the drawing for mega millions is tonight. in the meantime, the power ball jackpot stand at 550 million-dollar, and that has a lump sum value of 350 million-dollar, before taxes, and the next power ball drawing is tomorrow night, the odd of hitting the power ball jackpot are one and more than 292 million. all i have to say, that is still, a chance. >> there is a chance. >> still a chance. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this noon bedlam hat a washington d.c. book store overnight, book about the trump administration was released days ahead of schedule and it brought people out in droves in freezingtempern the he said he said surrounding the release.
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and if you are trying to lose weight, and your new years resolution you may want to wait a few days, risk you take by being too thin, we are coming right back.
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well, welcome back. tell all book about president trump's white house is flying off store shelves a week earlier then expect. fire and fury talks about white house by michael wolf is
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a number one best seller an amazon's best seller list. sources white house insiders drug trump chief strategies steve ban on and calls the administration chaotic. president trump has pushed back saying book is full of lies and misrepresentations. the president claims he never spoke with the author, michael wolf says that the president sat down with him for nearly three hours. more on that fire in newark, new jersey, fire fighters had their handful battling four alarm blaze overnight. authorities say that the fire started in a vacant home and then quickly spread to four more buildings, including two across the street. the bone chilling weather made that fire fight effort even more challenging, water used to put out fire kept freezing in the bitter cold and gusty winds, fanned the flames. >> but these kid running down the street with no shoes on, my god, just so sad, very unfortunate and we have been out here for more than 30 minutes now and fire spread across the street, you know, which way the wind is blowing in, it is just really horrible
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i hope everybody is safe. >> we're told at lee two fire fighters suffered minor injuries at that scene, the cause of the fire is under investigation. well, apparently the amount of body fat you have could affect how prone you for illness, we will explain just next. also ahead a health scare for tv game show host alex tre beck, what happened weeks ago that he is revealing and his prognosis, next, katie. we are looking ahead to an incredibly cold weekend especially tomorrow, where daytime highs are once again not going to break out of the teens, and it could even, be record low territory, for us, over the span of the entire weekend, so dangerous wind chills continue, at lee the sun will shine, and we will finally break this pattern in the seven day, we will let you
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back now on "eyewitness news" long time jeopardy host alex trebeck is home from the hospital after suffering from complications, related to a fall he suffered back in october. trebeck updated fans on his condition on the jeopardy web site. >> surgery was performed after two days in the hospital, i came home to start recovery, the prognosis excellent and i expect to be back in the studio taping more jeopardy programs very, very soon. >> now trebeck said he suffered from a hematoma on the brain and he is expected to make a full recovery. >> glad to hear that. diet, exercise are part of your new years resolution you might want to put plans on hold for a few days because people hoff less body fat are more likely to get sick in the cold, the health professor at boston university said body
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fat range of 15 to 20 percent is lowest you should go to remain healthy. >> if you have less fat, you have less insulation and too much cold inside the heart, liver, kidney and internal organs and then they do not function well. >> body fat study found white women especially those athletic or hoff been diagnosed with an eating disorder are at greatest risk of cold weather illnesses. i have been saying this for years, a little fatties a good thing. >> a little meat on your bones >> as if we need one more war toy go with this cold weather. >> i know, no kidding, we're talking about harsh stuff. we try not to hype anything up for you, unless it is necessary, this is dramatic cold, and we could end up with record cold in the next few mornings. we will flirt whitney way. but for now at least it is sunny outside, we have that working for you but solar angle is so low, it is doing nothing to help warm you up, unfortunately. lets look first at where our wind gusts currently stand,
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they are still really potent, it is like they have not changed at all, even since yesterday, and thankfully of course our nor'easter has long since moved away and barely visible on the radar but we have gusts as high as 30's and even still the 40's, in atlantic city and even though it is coming from the west it is not coming from the coldest place to the north, it is still, harsh breeze and with the kind of cold we're facing it will feel that much more worse. the storm scan is quieter by comparison to this same time live zoom you can barely make out is what left of the nor'easter but still rotate ago way from atlantic canada we're in the clear in that regard. but we have to focus to this cold. what's more feels like values could be even more harsh. places like state college, scranton are in the sub zero territory as well but even worse into the teens below zero and called a 17 below zero in buffalo and higher terrain is worse then that. today is a rough day, tomorrow , just as harsh, and
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look at the pocono range, this is blowing my mind here 20 to 30 degrees below zero is best it will feel throughout not just morning but good portion of the early to midday, now, here in the city more more like minus five to minus ten so i don't want to say less harsh but isn't as severe perhaps, and you will feel no better than zero for majority of the day. are we go to go see record cold? it is close. it will be a close call here. with our expected forecasted low into the say 6-degree territory, 5 degrees territory respectively saturday and sunday, record both daises four compared to the balmy by comparison 26 on average. we have got a shot at it. we will see how we do. even just record aside you have got to be smart about how you prepare for this. we still have snow removal to get done here, and my advice to do it in shifts because frostbite can form on exposed skin in as little as 30 minutes. if you are out there and you don't have everything covered,
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head to toe you really stand a risk of, a health hazard here. if you feel numbness, burning, of skin or your skin turns pale or red skinned those are symptoms here of a sign you have got to get inside. this is another thing that haze blowing my mind this is a camera shot taking up in the poconos at blue mountain where i cannot even believe there is this many people out there but they are out there, this is a live look for you, up at the poconos people are still getting in their skiing and camera is shaking on you. it tells you how harsh it must be out that way. we will look at different ski resorts though you have got ample trails opened at this point. so if it weren't for harsh cold it would be a fantastic weekend for skiing but one of these days clearly in the like the rest. if you get it in i would say try for sunday because that is a little less harsh but please , be careful how you dress for this it is just that harsh but we will crack that freezing mark by monday, trade off and potential wintry mix
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later in the day, tuesday looks awesome, 40 and sunshine >> yes. >> let's go 43. >> yes. >> breaking out shorts. >> can't wait. >> yes. >> well, up next how a retired k-9 put their skills to work to have fun in
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finally this noon k-9 police officers are very loyal to their families and their dogs. >> when they retire their hand letters often say they miss their work. so jack, got to use some of
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his police officer skills in yesterday's snow, that is him pulling his human sister, kay lenon her sled. jacks is retired from the aston, delaware county police department and now lives with his former partner and dad michael jones, and they are one big happy family as you can clearly see. michael says jacks misses going to work every day so this gave him a taste of the action and you can see there his sister loved every single minute of it. >> hopefully he is enjoying his retirement, well deserved for sure. that is "eyewitness news" at noon i'm jan carabao. i'm rahel solomon. for katie and all of us here, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00, we are always on line at cbs >> the young and restless is up next.
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>> previously on "the young and the restless"... >> abby: i cannot believe you told her we had sex. >> sharon: we're talking about you, abby, and your sleazy fling you had with my boyfriend! >> abby: aah! ugh! >> scott: it's an engagement ring. i was gonna ask you marry me. >> sharon: we're done. you can have him. >> scott: can i at least talk to you? >> abby: hah. >> chelsea: christian! he's missing! >> dina: this is my son! they want to take my jackie. >> ashley: she took a child. i don't know how to take care of her. >> jack: i don't -- i didn't want to admit it. i didn't want to face it. she needs more help than we can give her right now. >> abby: and...? >> lily: and nothing. i know cane. i could tell that hug was as far as he wanted to take it. >> cane: she is ready to move
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