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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 5, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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"eyewitness news" viewer curtis, posted this video on his facebook page showing how much snow fell during the fierce nor'easter. people digging out across tri-state area temperatures are not making clean up easy for anyone g afternoon i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. those, piles will stick around kate bilo has a look at a frigid weekend head, kate. >> that is right not getting better anytime soon but as we head in the seven day, i will have bet near bus we are under the influence of the powerful nor'easter. actual precipitation departed. you can see not a whole lot happening light snow flurries across maine but notice wind, cloud cover off the coast shows where the winds are coming from. you can see that effect indication of very cold air in the upper atmosphere and winds sweeping off the coast, it is a brisk northwesterly wind and making things feel so much colder then thermometer even would have you believe it. tell you what is on the thermometer isn't all that pretty, either. we have clear skies this
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evening. look at these temperatures, 16 in philadelphia, 15 in allentown, four in mount pocono. fifteen in millville. with the winds continuing to be strong here's what it feels like if you step outside right now. feels like zero or below, every where except for the shore. feels a little bit above 1 degree atlantic city, wildwood warmer spots, dover feels like two but philadelphia feels like minus one. 1 degree below zero, as well as allentown 19b low in mount pocono. wind chill advisory remains in effect for vast majority of our area going through to tomorrow, at noon new trimmed back just a little bit. that is good news but wind chill warning for poconos, that is where our wind chill values could reach as low as 20 or 30 below. as far as traveling is concerned for afternoon commute tonight we are giving you yellow light, still slippery, and on the account of the road around the city if you were out and about where we're still not seeing things completely treated. there are slick spots blowing
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snow, same story overnight an for your saturday very windy and still slick with temperatures lock in the deep freeze, it is not going to be feeling much better for a little while. meteorologist chelsea in grammys, and, she's live in the skating rink, hi there, chelsea. that is right, hi kate we brought mobile weather watcher as well easily feeling below zero out here, and if you think it feels bad now just wait until, tomorrow morning, take a look at this graphic, and, and, winds, and, i can hardly feel my face out there, and, feeling, and, and, and, and anywhere, from ten, 20 degrees, and, in the suburbs, and we're talking five below, to ten below, and, tomorrow morning in delaware down the shore, anywhere from zero to five below. nonetheless everybody is for tomorrow morning is going to be feeling sub zero but there
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are some people, that would really like this cold weather. we will talk about why the cold weather is so important to this homemade backyard ice rink coming up in just a bit. for now, back to you, ukee and jessica. >> they are none in stop. >> yes, they are. >> thanks, chelsea. >> you have to be careful out there we found two guys bunled uptaking a risk on the schuylkill as they walk their dog across the river. strong wind helped blow them and snow across frozen water and while that might look like fun officials say it is not a good idea to walk across that frozen river even if you tested it to see if it is strong enough in the area where you are currently standing what you don't know is if the isis thick enough to hold you make your way across, so, maybe just stay on solid ground. it makes me nervous. >> i'm glad they made it across. >> reporter: after every snowstorm comes the clean up local crews have been walking around the clock in birthly coal temperatures clearing road so drivers can get where they need to go safely. >> "eyewitness news" reporter
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greg air ghost spent the day checking out conditions than local streets and joins us from northern liberties with the look at the progress, greg >> reporter: ukee, good evening. looking pretty good right now on the secondary roads like this, this is second street in northern liberties. you can see it has been plowed , salted and pretty much clear. the issue happens on these smaller side road, rest decks road like wildly street in northern liberties, although city streets department says they are hoping to hit, each and every inch, across the cities roadways. regardless of where you are, in the city, the sounds of snow clean up, are the same. shovels scraping, snowblowers churning. while plows reload, navigate back through city streets. >> we have treated all of the primary streets that most of them are cleared, curb to curb >> reporter: city streets highway engineer steve lorrens say 800 employees manning
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these trucks haven't returned home since wednesday night. >> we do break them for rest, okay but we just bring them in , and we will rest the guys here. >> reporter: work that the men and women are doing appears to be paying off. >> i counted yesterday and it was five times that they came down this street. >> reporter: is in a fleischer has lived off this street in manayunk for three decade and seen her share of snowstorms. >> i saw snow when it was up to the roof. >> reporter: she says the city snow removal response has been well above par this time around. >> i think it is great. i'm very happy witt. >> reporter: same with he had hoy lives a few blocks away. >> once, that snow, stopped falling, they cleared everything up. >> reporter: but not everyone is pleased. smaller side streets throughout the city still need a pass through. what do you think of the roadways. >> it is horrible but it will get better because sun's out. >> reporter: he promises a plow is coming. >> there is a team of plows, and salt trucks, doing the
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residential streets. >> reporter: guys, the problem with these smaller residential streets like this one right here simply the size, these largest city plows cannot come through but they have contractors working with them, to get those smaller you mr.s down these side streets. coming up tonight at 6:00 on "eyewitness news" i will tell you what you can do if you live on one of these side streets, residential streets and need a plow to come through a pass through. that is very latest live from northern liberties i'm greg air guess for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> see you then, greg, thank you. lets go live to "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves down the shore in ventnor where sheer amount of snow is challenging road crews there, alycia. >> reporter: well, that is kind of snowfall that has road crewness this area trying to figure out where to put the snow. mostly moving it into mounds like this but in the gusty winds over here they are blowing that right back in the roadway and it really is a
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challenge to keep roadways clear out here. that is why so many towns around the shore have all their crew is still out and about. the jersey shore, looking far from the sunny summer retreat is known to be. you can easily confuse this bay near margate city for arctic terrain. parts of the water are solid blocks of ice with boats, froze men place. >> i got one of them. >> reporter: margate resident scott morgan not a fan of the bitter blast of cold weather recently and certainly not a fan of the snow that fell here , yesterday. >> the news i thought was going to over hype this but you were on point so i was mad at you at one point. >> reporter: as predict the storm slammed many parts of the shore with more than a foot of snow, margate city got 16 inches in less than 24 hours. so many are digging out today. >> i have been out here for four hours total so far this morning and i'll go until dark and then tomorrow again. >> reporter: dominic, had to shovel 20 homes for homeowners
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out of town. >> it is tough. >> reporter: john, digs his car out. he cannot believe it is completely covered by this. >> i almost turned around and went back inside. we had to get mobile to get things so we can eat, drinks, things like that but we were prepared a little bit but i was not prepared for this intense of the storm, not at all. >> reporter: so many people said they really thought we would only get maybe 5 inches of snow, they didn't believe we would get a foot or over a foot in the first week of january, now so many are hoping that eventually this stuff melts, and that is it for snowfall this year. reporting live, from ventnor city alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. near cape may take a look at this picture sent by joe armstrong, shift in the icy waters in the bay is yet more proof of how cold it is outside and how especially brutal, it is down the shore. gloucester city camden
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county fire fighters had to deal with extreme cold temperatures there. "eyewitness news" on the scene of the fire at vital's italian bistro on the 900 block of ninth street, it is unclear if anyone was inside at the time of the fire but we know no one was injured, the cause remains under investigation. hazmat respond to the university of pennsylvania, applied sciences, and engineering building this morning. the fire department says that the call was because of a situation involving chloroform just after 8:00 a.m. smoke or some sort of gas was seen coming from the windows of the building. no one was inside of the building at the time. major shake up is underway at the philadelphia district attorney's office. today, new district attorney larry contracts inner began firing dozens of assistant district attorneys. "eyewitness news" was there as fired assistant d.a. packeted up boxes and loaded them in waiting vehicles outside the office. contracts inner was sworn in this week, during the campaign he promised to make changes in the d.a.'s office in an effort to reform the criminal justice system. we will have a full report
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coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. as we continue tonight an explosive new book about the trump presidency is now on sale. >> that despite threats have the lawsuit. >> the war of word between president trump and the author of the critical new book, i'm moa leaning i in the white house with how the book's publisher responded to the president's legal threat. also ahead tonight it is not kind of publicity royals want before prince harry's wedding controversy over home less and vendors who congregate near windsor castle , we will have that story when "eyewitness news" at 5:00 returns.
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which may cause kidney problems. change the course of your treatment. ask your doctor about victoza®. pain from the extreme weather we have been experiencing is being felt and up and downe coast. >> in boston icy what ther from the harbor overflowed in the streets and submerged, subway station, now all that flooding is turning to ice. other parts of the new england first responders had to use raft, heavy machinery to rescue people stranded in their homes, this storm is being blamed for at least 19 deaths.
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two skiers were left hanging on for their lives when they are chair lift malfunctioned in australia they became stuck in the snowstorm with wind gusts up to 87 miles an hour, amazingly , nobody was injured. >> frightening. >> you have heard of snow boarding and skiing but have you ever tried para skiing. this thrill seeker got on board and let giant kite do the work in massachusetts making mess of the snow left behind by the nor'easter. now to amazing instagram video. this is secret, australia shepherd. not only does she sled but she actually carries the sled backup when she's done. this video from iowa, the dog really loves, to sled, going up and down the hill, at least 50 times in just one day. >> it is fun. >> yes. >> go ahead, secret. your secret is out. >> that is amazing. >> secret looks like a border collie maybe, they are so smart. >> yes. >> my goodness.
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>> look at him, amazing. >> she does seem to be having a good time. >> if you can find the fun in the cold and the snow, find it >> i'm still searching. >> a lot of people are feeling pretty miserable today. hard to find bright side when you have to go to work and travel on these road and get bundled up. weekend is upon us. if you don't to have work this weekend cuddle up by a fire, find a nice blanket and try to keep warm a lee we have no more snow but we are still dealing with the after effects of the snow from yesterday. lets take you outside and i want to take you down to ocean city. starting to get dark. what is interesting is this is the beach in ocean city and ocean city got about 15 and a half inches of snow but looking at the sand you might think there is no snow at all, east wind has blown and drifted almost all of that snow off the beach, blown it inland. there are drifts of three to 5 e shore, i was talking to kevin or floor director who said he
5:16 pm
had to dig out from 3-foot drifts on his car, facing east , you have big problems as all that snow has been displaced by those very, very strong winds off the water. take a look at your live neighborhood network and you can see whitefield elementary school in reading got decent snow. they didn't see as much across berks county as we saw in the city and down the shore but they had a snow pack on the ground, already and added to. that only 12 degrees there right now and winds west southwest at 13 miles an hour. taking a look at the poconos you can see snow, on the ground, but looks good there on our pocono peak camera but your travel forecast through rest of the afternoon commute, slippery with that blowing, drifting snow in a few spots, still icy, through the night tonight and into your saturday , we have got some slow downs, on area roadways, thanks to, of course, the cold , and the aftermath of our nor'easter. near record cold as we head in the weekend we are talking 6 degrees on saturday, 5 degrees for morning low on
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sunday. record for both of those dates are right around 4 degrees and they were set a very long time ago and that, cold all coming in around the back edge of the our potent nor'easter which has cleared area but leaving behind problems in its wake. 12-pint 7 inches of snow has fallen in philadelphia so far this season. that puts us eight and a half inches above the normal, year to date we should have about four and a half or so, 4.2 inches. so we are above average so far we have had a number of small but potent storms that we have had to deal with since december 1st and now we are just dealing with the aftermath. look at how cold it feels sub zero almost the entire region feels like 19b low in mount pocono where that wind chill warning is in effect and wind chills extend all the way back to the northern plains with wind chill values in the double digits below zero through the entire region. again, traveling tonight watch for those slick spots temperatures in the teens. wind gusts to 30. the shore still dealing with that blowing snow and as we take you through the future
5:18 pm
feels like overnight it may feel as cold as ten below, wake up tomorrow noon still feeling sub zero, possibly just starting to feel like two or three in the afternoon but still dangerously cold and highs only in the teens. for your overnight low we have got temperatures dropping down into the single digits again, bone chilling win, 6 degrees, plenty of sun, brutal wind chills at 17. you're witness weather seven day forecast well, does get better as we head into saturday and sunday, and wind dies down at lee and then monday watching for a wintry mix in the afternoon but by tuesday or wednesday things get a whole lot better, we have got temperatures heading back to normal, back to the 40 's, finally but we're in where near normal tonight. meteorologist chelsea ingram, live outside in the cold at philadelphia's fox chase neighborhood tonight. chelsea, a home owner there has something very special in his own bark yard. >> reporter: that is right, we will show thaw live in the
5:19 pm
elements. we have brought mobile weather watcher right behind me and while you know people are complaining about the cold they are kind of over it, aim here at one particular house, one particular family where they say they are absolutely, loving the cold. this is david, this is your, homemade, backyard ice rink why is this cold weather so important. >> well, we have had a couple years where weather wasn't cooperating and this year has been amazing with the cold. we're excited to have the cold a lot of people don't like this cold but we love it as you can see. >> you go to work every day. yes, it is coal. this is perfect. your co-workers are like i don't know about that. >> they are in the too happy over there, probably tired of hearing, you know, how cold it is and looking at weather apps >> reporter: so we have basically a whole hockey team out here. some of these are your children. how often do they get out here on the ice. >> my sonnies usually out here before school, after school,
5:20 pm
he sets his alarm to go out and skate. it makes all of the work that i do worth it to have all of the kid out there skating. >> reporter: they are certainly having fun out here even though it is cold they are moving around so that is helping to keep them warm. this is a great opportunity to talk about ice safety. so, here's some things to keep in mind because a lot of our streams, rivers, lakes, creeks , things like that they are all freezing over. you need to know isis never 100 percent safe. need to measure before venturing out and best that you have a local official that is measuring it so you should not go out unless local official does measure the ice, at lee 4 inches thick to support you for ice skating and walking. when in doubt stay off the ice this isis safe, 4 inches thick and some spots even thicker. >> almost a foot, yeah. >> all right, awesome. we are having fun, staying warm i might get on the ice in a little bit but sending it back inside to you, ukee. >> be careful, all right, thanks, chelsea.
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red cross is teaming up with the dunkin' donuts to increase blood donation this is movement they have kick off partnership at american red cross blood donation center in spring garden. winter months tend to present a challenge when it comes to collecting blood donations, donors will receive voucher for free medium dunkin' donuts hot coffee and classic doughnut. >> sounds pretty good. >> it does. despite incredible odd people are snatching up lottery ticket for power ball and mega millions. >> still ahead your odd of winning not one but both lotteries, one drawing is tonight, the other tomorrow, leslie. well, speaking of mega millions jon gruden just hit coaching lottery length ain't amount of the contract is staggering and we are getting ready for next weekend's playoff game, expect them to ramp up the running game and jay a jay i just can't wait, hear from him next.
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eagles players have the weekend off couple members of the coaching staff were interviewing for jobs. cardinals are talking to jim schwartz, and, quarterback coach john philipo for their vacant head coaching position. schwartz will interview for giants job on sunday and
5:25 pm
eagles vp of player personnel is candidate for houston texas 's general manager job. doug pederson say team has to run the ball more. first 11 games of the season they averaged 150-yard, a game second best in the year. and last four, 106. expect jay a jay i to be a feature back and he is ready for increased role. >> you know, it is going to be exciting to be out there and like i said, if they want to run me, and, use me in the game plan a lot, i will be ready for it. that is what i have been preparing myself for. basically, just, getting ready for the three game season. leave it all out on the line. so, i will have that be my main focus. our coaches, teammate's main focus, having everybody feel great to be ready to go out there. >> tuesday raiders will formal ly announce hiring of the jon gruden as head coach, he will reportedly get a ten
5:26 pm
year contract worth 100 million-dollar. this is longest, coaching contract in nfl history. his second stint with the raiders. he led them to the afc champion ship game in 2,000 won super bowl in 2003 beating the bird in the nfc champion ship. >> one hundred million-dollar. >> yeah, yeah. >> um, um. >> my goodness. >> go ahead, chucky. >> in a big way chucky's back. >> thanks, leslie. it is a case of he said, he said, coming up next new bomb shell book that criticizes trump presidency is on scale despite threats of lawsuit. and did you know there is a method to digging out why you should see if you are doing it the right way
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fire and fury inside the trump white house went on sale
5:30 pm
today four days earlier then planned and now retailers, just cannot keep tonight stock the book is a top several on line. >> president trump stopped to stop fire and fewer friday ever hitting store shelves but as moa leaning i tells us the book's publisher released it anyway despite threats of legal action. >> reporter: author of the explosive new book about the trump white house is defending his work from attacks from the president. >> i have recordings, i have notes, i am certainly in absolutely in every way comfortable with everything that i have reported in this book. >> reporter: president trump tweeted he did not authorize access to the white house, that he never spoke to the book's author and that it is full of lies and misrepresentations. but michael wolff tells nbc today's show the president is wrong. >> i absolutely spoke to the president whether he realized it was an interview or not, i don't know but it certainly was not off the record. >> reporter: president trump tried to stop the release of the book and had his lawyers
5:31 pm
send cease and desist letters to wolff and book's publisher threatening legal action. >> regardless of whether there is a lawsuit they should be concerned about peddling fake stories and putting out information that is not true. >> reporter: in response the publisher moved books release date from next week today citing unprecedented demand. >> not only is he helping me sell books but helping me prove the point of the book. this is extraordinary that a president of the united states would try to stop the publication of a book. >> reporter: fire and fury is already at number one on amazon's best sellers list. moa leaning i for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". joining me is cbs news chief washington correspondent and anchor of face the nation john dickerson. john, happy new year, thanks for being with us. >> happy new year to you, jessica. >> turf ask you first about this book, obviously there is gossipy bits in it that people focused on but at the even of the day michael wolff is making an assertion that the
5:32 pm
command inner chief is in the capable of doing the job to which he is being elect, what is washington thinking about all of this? >> reporter: well, you hit on the central point, and it is important to look at that bigger picture because, the individual stories in the back and forth about details while they illuminate that point real central one is whether the president is up for the job. that is a story that is not new with this book. you will remember that the senate foreign relations committee senator corker of tennessee made that claim a couple months ago and several different ways. and so this has been an opened question, again, raised by a senior member of the president 's own party, as well as others who have not done it on the record the way senator corker did. this book fills out that question, or talks about that white house, that is, whip sawed by the president's impulsive and also where staff ers are, trying to work to contain him as opposed to
5:33 pm
carry out his every wish. so, that is something that the white house has to answer for, individual cabinet members and so forth will have to talk about but it will be ongoing and is an ongoing question about the president, again raised not just by an author or by his critics by members of his own party. >> um-hmm, as out of this is going on there are serious issues that need to be addressed including north korea, what ising on in iran you will talk about this weekend as well. >> we are. we will have cia director on the broadcast to talk about what is happening in iran, those protest that is was largest protestness iran since 2009, they look like they have mostly been beaten back at this point but certainly a threat to the regime there. the u.s. has a number of issues with iran so we want to get latest on that from the cia director and is what happening in north korea, plus u.s. has now cut off funding to pakistan saying that the country is not helping u.s. enough with what the americans
5:34 pm
are trying to do in afghanistan. there is hot spots all over the world we will talk about domestic issues with senator rand paul as well, and yeah, in shortage of news again in this week. >> never a shortage of news, john, thanks very much, we will see you on sunday. >> sure thing. don't forget you can watch face the nation sunday morning at 10:30 it airs right here on cbs-3. president trump reportedly told top white house lawyer to stop jeff session from his reducing himself from the russia investigation. new york times and the associated press are both reporting that the white house lawyer spoke to sessions but failed to change his mind. special council robert muhler is investigating whether the order given by president trump and order actions could be considered obstruction of justice. well, is there word that north korea and south cover re air preparing to hold formal talks next week, break through came after u.s. agreed to hold off on routine military exercises with south korea which north korea has always
5:35 pm
viewed as rehearsals for an invasion. two nations are expect to discuss upcoming winter olympics in south korea and ways to ease tensions on the korean peninsula. when talks take place it will be the first between north and south korea in american two years. we just can't stop talking about it because it is hard to ignore biting wind outside, simply just freezing out there >> it is, "eyewitness news", all over the area today as people bundled up, and, and and, and, delivery in heating oil, in the neighborhood to day as well. how about this what sand dunes in north cape may winter wonder land of snowdrifts. "eyewitness news" viewer shared these and captured chunks of ice floating there, off the coast. well, pull together, "eyewitness news" photo journalist dennis richardson led a helping hand. he came across this woman to
5:36 pm
work to dig her car out in cherry hill, new jersey. a few pushes from dennis and little bit of traction and she was on her way, nicely done, d way to go. philadelphia is known as city of brotherly love and sisterly affection and community lives up to its reputation this week as bitter cold set in. as kyw news radio's john mcdevitt tells you many people are lending each other a helping hand. >> reporter: clearing snow in these weather conditions is no easy task. seventy-nine year-old nick man tone who lives near fifth and oregon is taking it all in stride taking it slow and not packing shovel with heavy snow >> never considered hiring some kid or anything to do this. >> no, if they come around i always feel i do a better job. after i'm done with this i'll throw some rock salt. i'm from the old school. >> reporter: those who could not shovel for themselves neighbors were helping neighbors among them steve thomas chef sky. >> not everybody helps their
5:37 pm
neighbors out. >> it is sad, because, you know, we're speaksed to do it. all my neighbors they are all great people. even fit is a strange fur someone needed help, something like this i would. >> reporter: knight with the shiny shovel was quick to help two women whose car was plowed in honor gone avenue. >> is there techniques, mess people say they bend at the knees, scoop, down throw in the street. where do i put it. >> oops. >> reporter: one of the challenges, many say is fighting the frigid temperatures. >> cold, very cold. >> reporter: felicia granger could not find her gloves so she put socks on her hand to clear snow from her sidewalk, car. >> i'm very happy that our street is one of the small streets that they do plow down so i don't have to worry about that. i just have to dig out after they are done and that is hard >> reporter: jon mcdevitt for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". shoveling is back enough but doing tonight sub zero
5:38 pm
temperatures in fun whatsoever >> we have many hours to go in this brutal blast, kate? that is right i'll tell you just how long wind chill advisory will be in effect how your weekend will feel and when temperatures finally head back the 240's. also the bitter blast by the numbers how long do you have to be outside before frostbite sets in, and whose most at risk health reporter stephanie stahl brakes down dangers of being out in the cold. and controversy straight ahead of britain's royal wednesdaying what should be done about the homeless, who hang out around windsor castle , controversy over so-called prewedding clean up, when "eyewitness news" and when youod sugar is a replace one meal... choices.
5:39 pm
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there's no way we could've designed it ourselves. no. just kind of ties in very well. we love it!
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for his personal challenge in 2018. zuckerberg admitted that the company is not doing enough to enforce policies and prevent misuse. he wanted the company to do a better job of protecting facebook users from hate and abuse on line. he also said he would convene a group of experts to help him work through those issues. long time jeopardy host alex trebeck is home from the hospital after suffering from complications he had from a fall in october. he updated fans on his jeopardy web site. >> surgery was performed, after two days in the hospital , i came home to start recovery. the prognosis excellent and i expect to be back in the studio taping more jeopardy programs, very, very soon. >> good to hear, trebeck suffered from a hematoma on the brain and is expect to make a full recovery. some food safety experts are warning against eating ro main lettuce until health officials find a cause of the e-coli out break in the can
5:43 pm
inadequacies and u.s. it had mace 60 people sick. canadian authorities identified romain lettuce as source in canada centers for disease control says is there not enough evidence on the source in the u.s., so it cannot recommend americans avoid a specific food. well, winter fountain is taking center stage on the ben franklin parkway tonight, we are shivering, through unprecedented cold, wind chills below zero in many areas, how long will this brutal blast, last, we will i have type 2 diabetes. i'm trying to manage my a1c, and then i learn type 2 diabetes puts me at greater risk for heart attack or stroke. can one medicine help treat both blood sugar and cardiovascular risk? i asked my doctor. he told me about non-insulin victoza®. victoza® is not only proven to lower a1c and blood sugar, but for people with type 2 diabetes treating their cardiovascular disease, victoza® is also approved to lower the risk of major cv events such as heart attack,
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500 sea turtles have been rescued along the texas coast. the national park service released this video of scientists documenting and tagging sea turtles before sending them for rehabilitation. when water drops below 50 degrees sea turtles can be shocked. the advertisements believe the lives of these turtles will be saved. >> bitterly cold weather dangerous for turtles and, of course, for people as well. being outside in the frigid blast can cause a number of medical problems. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has details in the einstein health care science center report. >> yes, it is crazy cold, scientists calculated that when the wind chillies sub zero, it takes less than an hour, to impact our it might look pretty but being outside at the art museum or anyplace else in the region is
5:47 pm
dangerous. with a sub zero wind chill, frostbite can set in if you are outside for just 30 minutes. it is most common on exposed skin and usually happens, to the fingers, nose, toes and face. >> ultimately you can lose fingers, digits or extremities often times the damage is more severe then it appears to be, initially. >> reporter: symptoms, include pain in the affected area as well as discoloration of the skin. >> you get freezing of the water, in the soft tissue and causes damage on a microscopic and mack scopic level. >> reporter: doctors say being wet increases dangers for cold weather injuries. >> conducts heat 30 times faster then air. once you are wet you are susceptible to hypotheria juror frostbite. >> reporter: hypotheria happens when body temperatures gets dangerously low. elderly close with chronic illnesses and people spending time outdoors are most at risk , shivering, confusion are common symptoms. when left untreated hypotheria
5:48 pm
can eventually damage vital organs an become deadly. >> prevention is key for hypotheria and frostbite, wear appropriate clothing stay dry, keep covered up, keep extremities covered and also cover your face when it is very cold out. >> reporter: people with symptoms of hypotheria or frostbite should get inside, get dry, and gradually warm up severe cases will require medical attention. this is serious weather we have been warning people about you have to be careful out there as kate has been telling us. >> in the just normal cold snap. >> yes, talk more about that serious weather right now. >> great point, as they were saying you do not notice it is happening until it is too late this weather is just so, different to what we're used to. >> very much so you cannot be out there too long even if you are okay. this is brutally cold and will get worse as temperature drops , now that the sun has set, coldest part of the cold snap is settling in right now and into early tomorrow morning, that is the war of it
5:49 pm
and advisories and warnings are posted for the area. it may look nice tomorrow but sun will be shining in the morning but it is going to be polar cold outside when you step outside the door. here's is what going on right now, roof cam friday night in philadelphia, heading out tonight you will want scarf covering whole face, fur hood, gloves, couple pairs of socks, you need the whole winter artillery out there tonight maybe two pairs, double up on every layer and if you are bundled enough maybe add another layer to each extremity because it will cut right through you tonight temperatures heading down to the single digits. eyewitness weather watchers braving the chill they are sending us observation from his their home weather stations. we are looking at basically 12 to 14 degrees across the map doesn't matter where you are tonight. our friend kenneth martin in willingboro at 14 degrees with the mainly clear skies, 14 as well at bob's house in sicklerville, new jersey, 14 with the clear sky there and
5:50 pm
heading down toward delaware we will check in here with 13 with greg mccoy in marshallton and coldest on the map here 12 w the teens as we check with lou , in eagleville, very cold night for him. i want to show this photo of little jack, cbs-3 weather watcher and enthusiast wearing cap to keep warm, good idea to keep them to keep your ears warm in this cold. lets look at our neighborhood network an area hit by heavy snow along rehoboth beach and sussex county, footprints in the snow on the boardwalk, still heavy snow out there, a blanket of snow on the boards a few people out taking a stroll in it but not best night to be out for too long. you can see where wind are coming around back edge of the departing storm system. that system still strong even though not producing precipitation any more you can see by the sponge painted look at the cloud here over the atlantic that is indication of
5:51 pm
very cold air in the up are atmosphere and notice draw where winds are coming from basically due west from the west, west northwest bringing that cold air dunn from the great lakes, canada. today's high 17 degrees, 40 is our normal, not enclose, record high is 66. we are not even in the ballpark and your low this morning was 12, little bit above that railroaded low of minus two. as we head in the weekend we will approach some record with overnight lows in the single digits. temperatures are in the teens in philadelphia, cold permeate s down into jacksonville florida where it is only 47 and up across great lakes where we are seeing temperatures in the single digits. bone chilling win tonight 6 degrees below wind gusts 25 miles an hour will make it feel as cold as ten below, tomorrow sun but brutal wind chills especially in the morning. coldest part of the cold snap will be early tomorrow morning or that will feel coldest with wind chill values as low as ten below. wind chills warning for poconos frostbite can set in
5:52 pm
faster with wind chill values as low as 30 below and that will be the war of it in the poconos, ten to 20 in the lehigh valley, five to ten below in the city and zero to five down the shore. we are watching a brief system next week on monday a quick look at quick hit of the wintry mix, monday evening, doesn't look like much we will keep you posted on. that once we get through that storm we will warm up back to normal by next tuesday, ukee and jessica. >> kate, thank you. controversy is brewing in the uk town where prince harry and megan mark will are set to wed in may. >> local politician is cracking down, ahead of the royal wedding. wrote a letter to the police asking for them to deal with people living on the street and panhandlers. royal family is has not comment budd couple is set to wed may 19th. odd are stacked against them but that is not stopping people from snatching up lottery tickets. >> for the first time ever power ball and mega millions jackpots are both over 400
5:53 pm
million-dollar so what exactly are the odd of winning? why you may be surprised after the break.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
lottery fever is sweeping the nation and our region. tickets are going fast for both mega millions and power ball jackpots. the mega millions is now at 450 million-dollar, the power ball has reached 570 million. hopes are high and dreams are big. >> but odd of a massive jackpot win are definitely against you. >> power ball. >> convenient stores are filling up with people hoping to strike it rich and pay off a dream. >> i would build me a serious concrete steel vault and put it there in cash and spend it. >> i will get me a cadillac gt
5:57 pm
s. >> what color. >> red. >> reporter: power ball and mega millions jackpots are both more than 400 million-dollar, for the first time, ever. or taking quick pick but carlos says he has a strategy for picking the numbers. >> my wife's birthday, my son 's birthday, the dog's birthday. >> reporter: there are plenty believe luckies on their side. >> buy one or two tickets, yes >> reporter: it will take a lot of luck. odd of matching all power ball numbers is one in 292 million. ites even harder to hit meg millions jackpot one in more than 302 million and chances of both hitting both of them one in 88 quadrillion to put those odd in perspective the chance of an amateur golfer hitting a hole in one is much better, one in 12,500. i got mine in june 2016, it took me 35 years though. losing your life in a fire works accident, one in 340,000
5:58 pm
the odd of being hit by lightening this year is just one in a million. and getting killed by a shark, one in more than 3.7 million. but that isn't stopping millions of players. >> you never know. >> reporter: they are encourage by past winners like mavis who hit 758 million-dollar power ball in august, many are hoping they can beat the odd. >> it is great to dream. >> if you play, good luck, good luck, got to play to win. average american spend $200 a year on lottery tickets. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. a frigid friday, latest in the stretch of bitter weather, as people deal with the brutal cold we can expect them to get wheres before it gets better, kate. >> that is right, we are heading in the coldest part of this cold spell, dangerous cold across the area we will tell you when wind chill warnings and advisory expire and when we will finally start to thaw out. >> reporter: still digging out day after winter weather
5:59 pm
stopped, shovels were out clearing away the snow, we will check conditions around the region. plus dozens of employees out at philadelphia district attorney's office, and tonight , we are hearing from the d.a.'s office about why those changes wer terrible. i don't like it at all. >> stay indoors, you dent want to be out here. but you have to do what you got to do and get back. >> fed up with fighting the frigid temperatures, and the coldest is yet to come. we are gearing up for a wick weekend. people who didn't clear that snow last night, battled critical conditions today. in cherry hill blowers were hard at work shift ago this snow off the sidewalk. hi, good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. many are wondering when will we see relief? we have team three coverage of the cold, clean up, begins with meteorologist kate billow
6:00 pm
tracking the frigid forecast for the weekend, kate. >> it looks like next 12 hours will feel the coldest that we have felt, all winter so far. we have wind chills diving down in the sub zero range, many spots down in the wind chill of ten below overnight but then after the coldest, is there only one place to go and that is warmer by the second half of the weekend and into next week but next 12 to 24 hearst will be pretty brutal thanks to the winds west north west at back side of the departing nor'easter, very strong wind bringing this cold air, all across region clear skies tonight as well, generally on a windy night not quite as cold as clear night as far as temperatures are concerned and we will see sunday morning might be the coldest morning of the next few, but wind chills are worse tonight then they will be saturday night into sunday. temperatures 15 degrees in philadelphia 14 in allentown. three in mount pocono. that is only half of the story , wilmington justro


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