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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 5, 2018 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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. the brutal cold will get colder, we'll experience temperatures we haven't felt in decades. latest on when we bottom out and when we finally get relief. the touch screen menu, quick, convenient, how clean are they? cbs takes samples and the results are in. new jersey is now the only state in the nation where drivers cannot pump their own gas. how will people feel if that ever changed? straight ahead, but we begin with the brutal cold and its relendless grip ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. >> it will only make the freezing temperatures feel worse, we go to her kate bilo who has more on the dangerous cold and what we can expect as we head into the weekend >> jessica and ukee, it is 12 agrees in many spots the single digits. as you mentioned we're talking about very severe windchills thanks to what's come around the
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back edge of that nor'easter. that storm is out of here but around the back edge of it, as high pressure builds in, winds are how long out of the west, northwest, a tight pressure gradient with the strong storm to the north and east and high pressure to the south and west. you can see the clouds out to sea. skies are clear, it's very windy, we'll get close to a record and possibly even break a record tomorrow night. here's the current state of things, current temperature map look at mount pocono. sub zero not even taking into account the windchill, it's 11 in the city at the airport, 11 in allentown, single digits already in reading, lancaster and wilmington, look at that wind, you can see those wind bars due west winds and winds in the 20 to 30 miles per hour range, here's what it feels like in mount pocono. like a brutal 25 below zero, you can get frost bite very quickly. feels like 7 below in the city
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and 11 below zero in lancaster. windchill alerts in effect until noon tomorrow, a windchill advisory for philadelphia and surrounding suburb, a windchill warning for the poconos and the 20 are in the 20 to 30 below range when we come back [tab] 2 you wake up, this will be the coldest it will feel for the entire cold stop. minds to 20 to 30 in the poconos, lehigh valley ten to 20 below zero and in the city and suburbs feels like five to ten degrees below zero. basically what it feels like right now, southern delaware and coastal new jersey, sub zero tomorrow morning then colder on sunday as we try to break a record more on that and the next system that can bring a wintery mix next week. i'm tell you when coming up. with these difficult conditions a lot of people are just choosing to stay indoors. david spunt is among those braving the elements outside. live overlooking the ben franklin parkway. david? >> reporter: jessica, as kate
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mentioned feels like negative 7 right now. it does feel like it. brutal wind right now, continuing to pick up but that has not stopped people from being outside. we just saw a group come up the rocky steps about half an hour ago, didn't seem to bother them. >> temperatures continue to plunged unrelenting cold, inside the homeless shelter. students from villanova university are take the lead to help those who don't have a home in these dangerous sub zero temperatures. they're also working to open up pet friendly shelter >> we have the same people coming in. you're building bonds learning name. >> reporter: it's much appreciated >> what you want when you come home, a hot meal, a decent place to lay your head and that's what she has given us. >> reporter: though the temperatures dropped, this afternoon we spotted a rare sight people walking their dog not along but on the schuylkill river. while it may look fun, emergency
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officials say it's not smart >> you really need to stay off the ice. it's not safe and frankly there's no good way of saying it. it could be the last thing you do. >> reporter: incredibly dangerous, also parts of the delaware river froze, typical with the low windchills and temperatures as kate mentioned supposed to be colder tomorrow. reporting live david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." thanks nor that h the philadelphia streets department say it's making progress clearing the snow. today was the second full day of snow removal operations for the streets department. plows weighed down with salts spent the day covering a lot of ground. there are still some residential streets unplowed. some people we talked to seem pleased with the response. >> i think it's great. i'm happy with it. the day that it was falling, it was very hard getting up the hill. but once that snow stopped falling, they cleared everything
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up. >> if you live on a residential street that is unplowed, the city wants to know where the streets are. you can let them know put by calling 311. the jersey shore was hit by the nor'easter making the clean-up especially difficult. those working on the clean-up had to contend with the high winds which made the job even more difficult. margate got 16 inches of snow yesterday. some say looks like they got more. >> that's because there's no place to put the snow, the wind piles it up. and we come with our plows and pushes it to the side, basically moving the snow from place to place till it's warm enough to melt >> the cheap will continue throughout the weekend with windchills that will make the feel well below zero. a major shake-up underway at the philadelphia district attorney's office. the new district attorney, larry krasner began firing dozens of assistant das and other employees. eyewitness news was there as the former staffers packed up boxes. krasner was sworn in this week
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and he ran on a platform of reforming the criminal justice system. the district attorney's office did release a statement, damage larry krasner promised to bring culture change to the philadelphia district attorney's office, this includes a broad reorganization of the structure of the dao, as part of that process, 31 dao employees were asked to resign today. >> new at 11:00. sixers legend julius irving was in the hospital. he was taken after getting sick a spokesman tells us doctors are checking him out right now and he's expected to be released after that. now, if any other information comes in, we will pass it on and lesley will have highlights from the sixers game and that's coming up in sports. espn fired donovan mcnab, follows an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct. they were named in a lawsuit for
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sending inappropriate text messages to a stylist when they worked at the nfl network. there are questions about the future direction of the russia investigation, "new york times" reports report president trump ordered his top lawyer to stop jeff sessions from recusing himself. for robert mueller another avenue to explore as his prosecutors work to untangle obstruction. they're looking into possible coordination between the trump campaign and russia >> new book critical of president trump has gone on sale. the author of fire and fury went on television to stand behind his word, but president trump is attacking the book saying he did not authorize access to the white house, that he never suffolk author michael wolf and that the book is full of lies and misrepresentations. president trump's lawyers sent cease and desist letters to wolf and the book's publisher threatening legal action.
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in response, the publisher moved the books's release date from next week to today, citing unprecedented demands these arctic have many coming up with any excuse to stay indoor, if your warm takes you outside, you have to keep going and this week, we saw the philadelphia water department crews respond to multiple water main breaks, working in the subfreezing temperatures. when the conditions were the worst, they had to work their hardest and for that, we give them three cheers. surrounded by snow and ice, cold air stinging faces, philadelphia water department crews like this one just kept going. >> we do what we have to do >> we met up with this crew in northeast philadelphia. >> are you holding up ok?
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. >> reporter: you got your flyers. >> reporter: these crews have been repairing a up to 20 water main breaks a day. working at least 16 hour shifts >> they haven't stopped they will keep going and i think they just feel some sort of pride in what they're doing they know their work they're doing is restoring an essential so fast to customers. >> reporter: when the high temperature is around 17, few minutes outside and pretty much all of us just want to go back indoors. but these crews know this is the time they're most needed. they may be just as cold as the rest of us but they don't complain and they don't quit. for that we gift philadelphia water department crews cheers >> we were there during the warmest part of the day. >> i hear you. >> you can imagine what it's like in the morning and night. they did a great point when i was talking to the spokesperson he said, yes, the crews but also people outside chipping ice away from the river, there's people in the plants these operational
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crews, hats off to all of them someone could become $450 million richer, winning numbers from the mega millions drawing that just happened millions ago >> touch screen menus are quick and convenient, but are they clean? cbs3 takes samples in the most popular places >> new jersey is the only state in the nation with drivers not allowed to pump their own gas, what would people do if that changed? nicole brewer hit the road to find out. it's just cold and colder weather is on tap for the weekend. meteorologist kate bilo will tell you when the temperatures
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. convenience stores and restaurants. are we also ordering up a bunch of unwanted germs? alexandria hoff takes a closer look. >> food at our fingertips, customers increasingly tap into the hunger desire with a click on a kiosk, often the food is eaten soon or immediately after the order is complete.
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what else might we be picking up along with the meals >> with thousands of touch screen processed each day, we wanted to find out. >> i think about germs wherever >> armed with swabs and instructions, i set out on a nonscientific test to see what, if any, germs exist on our beloved touch screens. >> got my swab already >> documented with a camera phone we collected data by swabbing the menus inside three popular chain stores in our area, the locations were chosen at random and we did not hide what we were doing. >> taking a test of this. >> the samples were sealed as instructed and sent to a lab in south jersey. here are the results. only one of the three screens came back clean, the second menu
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turned up with fungus. which can cause allergy reactions. the third came back way bacteria common to plants and feces. the third turned a large amount of a bacteria that can prove dangerous to hospitalized patients. >> i think some have hand sanitizers next to them. i don't know if that helps too much >> i spoke with micro biologist about the findings. he said the same kind of bacteria can be found on other common surfaces, he added that the findings are not a reason to panic but a reason to wash your hands after you order off of the touch screen, alexandria hoff cbs3 eyewitness food safety experts are warning against eating romaine
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lettuce until health officials can find the cause of an e-coli outburst in the u.s. and canada. a dangerous strain made nearly 60 people thick. canadian authorities identified it as the snorts source in canadian. a new organ has people in our region talking >> the beaver state causes drivers in certain counties to pump their own gas, that means new jersey is the only state in the nation to ban self serve station >> how would jersey drivers feel? something tells me they have an opinion. >> on a day like today, i'd take any excuse to stay inside the car and not pump gas. that's just me. and while i think most new jerseyians have grown accustomed to pumping their gas, not everyone was outraged. one day they too, may have to
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pump their own gas >> in new jersey, it's the norm. getting your gas pumped for you. of >> always. since i was a baby. >> but on january 1st, the garden state became the only state where pumping your own gas is still legal, because oregon began allowing self-service this year, some are not having it in a now viral facebook post from legal tv station ktbl, many rejected it, complaining they soon smell of gas or worse become injured while fueling up. >> overreaction. >> hazardous or dangerous about it >> they don't want to get out and pump the gas. >> reporter: others claim they weren't capable >> when we go on road trips, pull up to a gas station, i ask my husband are you sure you can do it? are you sure you know how. >> reporter: made us wonder how would new jerseyians react if
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their state decided to >> it would be on social media >> right now, it's too cold to go out there and pump >> what is the basis for jersey's gas law? officially known as the reality gasoline dispensing safety act? well, the legislation cites personal safety issues and health concern, while there may no longer hold up, any effort to overturn it has been viewed unfavorably. it remains well in tact. >> as i said, if it ain't broke. right, jersey. people people spent the day lining up to grab lottery tickets over the next two nights, it starts with a 450 mega millions drawing moments ago, and here are the winning numbers. 28, 30, 39, 59, 70,
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ten. you can see them again at tomorrow's drawing for the $570 million powerball jackpot is coming up. if you're playing, good luck to you h >> my goodness. well, kate is joining us with a look at a record break weekend? possibly. >> i think on sunday morning, we have a good shot of breaking the record. that record is only from 2014. of three years. when you count the degrees on your fingers on one hand. >> then you know >> you know you got a problem >> tomorrow morning may actually feel a little bit colder than sunday morning, even though we likely won't break a record. the record for both days is four. even though we would likely won't break it because of the wind, windchill will be more brutal tonight into tomorrow morning than it will be tomorrow night into sunday morning. so whichever way you slice it. it's cold. and it's brutally cold and you don't want to be out in it. let's take a look outside right now. take you out to our library creamy showing, of course, logan
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circle and the fought is not really going, they might freeze mid fountain. the schuylkill river iced over. center city dealing with messy roads in the wake of yesterday's snow. we got about four inches in the city of philadelphia. more snow fell along the coast. here's a live look at the boardwalk plaza in rehoboth beach. you can see lots of footprints in the snow along the boardwalk and no more snow in the forecast this weekend but the winds do continue to blow that snow around. stormscan 3 shows again where the winds are coming from, they're out of the west, and northwest, making that temperature feel even colder than the thermometer indicates and the thermometer is nothing great either. we'll go down to about six in the city. skies clear, temperatures drop quicker on a clear night than cloudy. because all of that radiation just escapes. so far, with the 4.1 inches we had, we now have 12.7 inches so
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far this season, that is about eight and a half inches above the average year-to-date. usually by today's date. we only have about four, 4.2 inches. so we're running above normal and halfway to the annual average, the question is what does the rest of winter hold? next week looks like a warmup. doesn't look like we'll have much in the way to snow. future feels like temperatures as we take you through the overnight. you can see sub zero feels like by 1:00 a.m. noon the highest of the day, full sun shining feels like minus five in philadelphia, 16 below in mount pocono. and tomorrow night same story, once that sun goes down, temperatures plunge again, and sunday morning, once againing feeling sub zero we may finally see those feels like temperatures rise above the zero mark on sunday, tomorrow sub zero windchills dangerous cold, still some blowing and drifting snow, and records may fall. the record is four, both nights, both mornings, doesn't look like we'll break the tomorrow, sunday we just may at three degrees,
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early heads up, we got the next system heading our way, this is monday night. front moving through and you can see snow monday evening, transitioning to sleet and rain into tuesday morning moving out quickly. we will keep an eye on that and keep you posted as we head they don't next week, the seven-day forecast, bitterly cold tomorrow, not quite as bad sunday. despite the fact that it's 22 degrees. monday watch for the wintery mix late and next week tuesday, wednesday, thursday, at least looks quiet. seasonal, 40's, which will feel like mid summer after what we've been through. >> everyone stay safe. >> lesley up next with sports. >> the question is should carson wentz be the nfl mvp despite missing the last three games? one of his team mates think so, and wednesday the sixers threw a lead came back for the win, tonight another
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. tonight game against the pist ones, let's head on down to the center where julius irving was ringing the bell but felt ill and taken to a local hospital and is expected to be released. red cure in the first for the three it is good, then led by 16 jay jay with 21 points, sixers up by 26, ben simmons, defense gets the steel, stays inbound slamming home two. sixers up by 38. joel embiid jump for jo jo 23 points nine boards. the sixers win their fourth straight 114-78. beat-down of the pist ones >> it can go play with anybody. i think i, we're now at 500 be 500 on the road. 500 at home. i think going after detroit
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tonight, you know, one of those teams you saw earmarked with miami, you know, and the knicks and detroit and indiana that group is what we have to navigate >> when your tied for the best record in football everyone wants to know what's the secret? defensive coordinator jim schwartz and john dephillip interviewed for the vacant cardinal's headcoaching position. they will be talking to the bears and giants. the nfl all pro team announced for eagles for honor jason kels kelsey and lane johnson. carson behind tom brady. usually first team quarterback is the mvp but sources say carson should get the honor. >> carson able to make plays that, i mean, just athletically tom can't physically do.
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he's the best quarterback ever, carson plays the game differently. tuesday the raiders will formally announce the hiring of john gruden as head coach. he'll get a ten your contract worth $100 million. he led them to the affect championship game in 2000, won the super bowl in tampa in 2003 beating the birds at the nfc championship game. >> good for him. >> equal, wow. >> part two. up next, what's a
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. this isn't your average penny, it's one of the first cooper coins to come out of the u.s. minute in philadelphia in 1793, this is one of only about 500 of these pennies in existence. kate? >> the weekend is here but it may be a weekend for indoor activities with highs only in the teens. on saturday, we'll start the weekend with a windchill advisory, that will expire but we could be near record lows, both of the next couple of mornings and dangerous windchills continue again
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especially through the first half of the day saturday. sunday less wind but brutally cold highs in 20's, looks
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